The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 26, 1961 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 18
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Thursday. January 26. 1961 •» 9i#*m *m H For CASH-IN-HAND Results, Call Want Ads Today Saijtmiw Want-Ad Rat«* « Ci.nser-utivo nays ... 3 Oman-litive nays .'.'."..' i« .Sin^lo Insertion .' '-"-•••'•• *v* PKR LINK psn DAY" T{ K^S^^^Z j^'-vl or JU 2-S235 Just lay -Clmrge 18 PT. SAME RATB »s 3 lines of ordinary typ» 12 PT .? AMB R * TB »« 3 1 *• ' ' • lines of ordinary typt CONTRACT HATES ON REQUEST For Best Resultt Use t':,, e^.nnn.iul B day rate. When you gel r«.iit«. cam-d the ad and b« '••'»«'*'';; onh /or the number of Caya that the M actually ran. THK CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT IB OPE.V DAILY FROM 8 A.M. until 5 F M. and until NOON on SATURDAY. CARDS 0? THANK8 AND IN MEMOKIAM 15 cents per lm« All Classifies appear un( j er .„,. Sun'TeHer'v Sm ' iltl am ' Tl " B«J"»»n ^ff^^^*-»-,ss»s: Classified Department JU 2-8234 JU 2-8235 Building New Hom«i Remodeling. Cabinets, Formic* Tops Asoeitus Bluing. Roofs. Free Eatlrnttes, A, J. N&lstr, Builder 1801 E. Texan ju 2-S4.73 16 Apartment* For Rtnt 1 . 008 r /"""'fed 3-room gar- apartment, bills paid. JU 2-2376. ~ 3-Room,, bath, Jur* rtme , nt ' 2 beds ' bill weekly. JU 2-8885. DYER, bath, 109 — Redecorated 3-room«, Baraffe apartment, bills paid, couple, jus weekly. Jll 2-8883. __ FORRKST, 4~07A. 407B - Two bedroom ™ ^JpSSB A N D UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS - 3 Rooms and bath • Ir-randitloned. |S5 monlh. no utilities San - - ° ULF ' S-1M4 apartment. Jor P * W - Phon<l OAU.LARli. .-(03 N'.—Furnished apart- tiient 1 •; blacks from main post l-e. |M per^ monlh. adults only. HARI.IJNG STRESTTenvT- Very ~nira 'irifk B.-iragis apitnment. partly fur- nishei! cook stove, refrlcerator, attic >. S'Jfi monlhly. JU 2-2344. JNIiIANA, 3106 — One 2-nedroom unturn- I'hcd riaplp.v. l-larnistifd apartment, «1! bill's pnhl, JU 3-3B4-I. ILLINOIS. 3103 — Furnished duplex, bills -aid. JU 2-1231 or Inquire 3109 Illinois. Lodge Notices _^ IVY APARTMENTS, 90o" E. Fayle— liariu-lnr ur rouplf. 3-room efficiency, ci>r:ip|oit]v fi;rt:i.ine.i inif.i nntl dra;x>s). '' CALLED A-7^7 ,,,..- •JAMK.'.-. SIM W. —3-riK.-m unfurnished Ke.-l-' '' M i i ' ( ' ?: - (ie^ir.-ible lr>ca:lon, washer j- , c>-ir;':'.^:l"r!s. 1^0 wirinK. garage, rea- , v .;.-isnnablo Phone JU 3-B2-13. 18. Btdroom«-Boir<i AT CREOER HOTEL AND APART- MINTS — Home atmosphere, tub and shower baths, good beds, gas heat, low r«t«s. Phone JU 2-2126. VIRGINIA. 2714 — Furnished front room, near shopping, church, schools. Plenty of closet space, «ir conditioned. Kmployed lady only. References. See owner, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. May call JU 3-3970, WEST BAYTOWN — Bedroom with private bath. Young man, no smoker. References exchangtd. JU 2-8028. THE SADIE M. BOND MEMORIAL HOME til E. Jarau "A Nice Plae* For Old Ladles" Air Conditioned — line Food Central Htat — Private Rooms JU 2 I2«» JU J-M9T LO 8-7624 19. Businwt Rentals Available Soon DOWNTOWN LOCATION Two adjolnlnr bu!ld!ng« in best of downtown locations. Lease either one or both. Approximately 20' wide and 100' deep. No Information given ov«r phone, call for appointment. Ruth Griffith, Realtor PHONE JU 2-201B 22. Rttt HomM MONKS REST HOME — "Keep this place In mind. For a better one is hard to find." MOO Dorrti JTJ 3-1130 23. Services Offered ,,., „„„ , SI2 N. — Clean turnlshed 4, ; ,, r ,,;..:,"rf';. i r " om apartment. 2 larire clothes :'. :,'.,'.'. R - ".''.-ifls 1 . uniiiie ki'.chen cabinet space, Karniie. water-earbage paid. ISO. in „.., ,. r ... . l ' n °'i i-Mn'llilon. Apply Abe Rosenzwele, MAFK.i M|..l-.Tl.\n ,,(;.ir -j.^!)!0. After 7. LO G-.1S18 i.iMar F.:i.yoj C!,aptPr Nn. ; — . . 11 O.ES. &'. ilw M:-.---. :i:.ii- It)N! - :s W* N. -- >\irnlshed duplex. H.ill. i-;-i|-sr iv-iv.,' Ti,-ir.i-| n "' e laree 4 rooms anil bath. Adults. • i-n Jnti-.inr.- 2rt, ipfii, i,tl A!f --''- tiirit nii-c furnished garage 7',''..i ji !:•.. Aji rrn'mhcr.^ -in- \ •'ir | .-..-':rTie::t; «pec;al price fnr one per- ur.-e.I :., :,ti c v.' j "•'•'• Atipk- 3u7 N'. Jones. JU 2-7S95. NevT'vo'l ! '' r s'-v W ' V " ! -^"n'' ^'l^W -irRoorrr^rnis"heir^a7 "Si- apartment, lars", clean, with gar- 4. Monuments-Lots Apply '.'01 v;. Lobit. JTJ :-PMO. i MAIN'. niSVJ W. — Large 3-room U'rn- i islied garage apanment. Garage, Bill* i I paid. Phone JU 2-522S. TR1-C1TY MONUMENT Co. — (Irimile. ;•'>'-'' I'-KKT STREET—Newly decorated, marble, broiue ninc.;:mirnlT ;ir.d i:rave i _-i-r'Lirnlshe'i npnrtnu-nt with Karape. markers. Cemetery work. Term*, no cor-j ^" ; ' ; *-f '"i'! Karbage paid. Across from " Paul P.-in-o Buick. Dial JU 2-773S. . chnr^rs. Market at W. next to Feoi'ie's State Bunk. JU 2-47U2. 5. Personal MAEYL.\Nn, lOTMi — Furnished garnce apartment, tile features. Karaite. Ideal for si:w;!e or rouplp. JU 2-4f)5<. MICHIGAN. 3416(4 — Unfurnlshed~apart- mtT.t uith naroKf. J'-5 month. Open. ARE Yui' r.oOKiNf; for a new bur-! Call JU 3-41M"after 5 p.m. Mea''iiy s-'liv' Oi'i'-V \'on'i i•• s '*•'•" ', • e- ^"-lAM, 8—2-room and batn furnished r'-L"< M"i 'B^M-- Iii-i-, e''i o' 11.77 "9 «;ment. Bills paid. Call JU 2-SI71 _____...'._ ,r.L !ll ._ __J.11_ '"•' M l'l' lv 91 3 S- M»'". Puller's. MIRIAM, 24 — Modern 4-room unfur- 1 niahed bnck duplex, hardwood floors. lor «:;> 'lely.s Venetian blinds, freshly papered and ., j.-lf'trr' 7.'l." f,'.':.'-!V '' ' " ' IMrORTK!' SiPKI.VC. ll\NI!HAf; >n r .ii,;i : If you will K've a sift partv !nr '<:: ! MINNESOTA. T|.|(n ~- Nicely furnished Un "s-'iiil ci't.« fur hnnie rfivo-" r-./i! '-u- ••ipartm'-nt Under new management. jewel'n. hsr.iihnKs. cti-. The Crow ''om- Bil " '' ai<! - rarkirc Incilllles. »40 month rnn> "JU iMS;;' | u "- Phone JU 2-7321. JNA/.r.o. n \v. -- Lower apartment, mi- f rn"^hr-d A rrvms. srrcerer] porrh, gar' WILL NOT RK >tfpnns:blK )nr <i«bls \ r,v JU S-21IS. P. T. rRl'ETT. S10 S. — 4-Koom furnished ;ipartmcr:t. private bnth. sen-Ice- porch, cnrngc. h!!!« raid. JU 2-21!7. NO MORE WAITING IN LINE- AWI'S Washaterin. T',^2?. Mimiesnly, o:-! B,T.- ton-.':, has ndtled enough new tip ers to rRUETT. 8".'m S.—Three-room furnished take c.ire cr jour dr;. :nf nerds' iraragc anartnient, near schools. JU 6. Lost-Found LOST . Ijjrti's «iM!l O:: Tex i a Avp. J!.' -J-!K)n(l. hills STKi; pulil. n.m. Nn pets or rnlstifd 3-room I.- conditioned, children. l.lN(;. ?.IK \V. — Furnished npart- M •} rtynr. 1 ; bnth. curate, utilities JU -7.-11 or ,7U 35643 before 10 and alter LOST: }{\K wM'.e nn-i yellow spotted ::'. • Ic r^r. Velinvv r'nK.'i ari,-u-:'l t:ii! Ar.-VM':C in name "l'.-.i!ierti:ill ' If p.m. ' 'N A;>i'l; nfior . larKO unfur- frpslilv pain!- t.-tnrn to town,!. S45.(V''. . jr 2-2893; BRAKE SERVICE, WHEEL ALIGNING — Balancing out-of-round tires made round. Clark's Wheel and Brake Sen-ice, 2400 Market Street, JU 2-9437. ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAlRS-Rewind- ing, any kind, she. Modern equipment, qualified mechanics. Massey Electric. 823 S. Pruett. JU 2-7231. FOR RELIABLE REPAIRS on your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher, call Baytown Washer and Dryer Service, 100 Live Oak. JU 3-3618- MOVTNG — Local, long distance. Experienced men, modem equipment, bonded. C. R Coker Moving and Transfer, days, JU 2-5055 or JU 3-2107. WATER WELL TVFnLLINO — Homes, Induitrial Irrigation; authorized dealer Berkley Water Syitemi; established 1901 Jame« Jennische. JU 2-9448. WATER WELLS DRILLED —For water well drilling, repairs. SUPERIOR WATER WELLS. G. H. Whltley, 1804 Amy Drive. JU 2-SJ69. WATER WELL DRILLING — Pump Mlei and lervlce. bank financing. Becker Drilling Co. Member of Tcxsi Water Well Drillers Auoclntlon. Phone Highland!, 426-221L WE WILL MANAGE YOUR RENT PROPERTY Sparky Bond « Realtor B07 S. Mala JU 3-8248 Coastal Armature Works Electric Motor Rewinding Repair nil types and «lzea. 1702 Carolina at Wrst Main Day or Night. Phone Jtr 2-SG70. 24. Soil Fertilizer TOP SOIL, FILL BAND. CLAM AND OYSTER SKULL — Hauling and small truck Jobs. OEOROE TORRES: JU 3-32SI. Alrwood Drive-In Grocery. 26. Plants-Seeds SALES AND SERVICE — Mixed soil for planters. H)e bushel. Free estimates to plant: Hedges, Grass. Trees, Roses. DAVIS NURSERY. Opposite Pecker Drive In ThMtre. I.O 6-7171. All 2<XX) RRASn NEW ROSE BUSHES I. I-'rei!o!i-,mnn'ly b!nck par" -'.' .'l::i' 1/iS'i' -At Chrlstmas:i!i!i', Yellow poM Mr j'.in ultii s;x |>i°arl;i. Se-;t::nent)il v,i,':w. lipnv-r,;. ><r.«. 1,. K. IHl.-Jiik. Jl' 2-Sn-Jll or Jll "-.V.'tO. -, j 17 Houses r-or Rent 7, Instruction Separ.lle e. \Vnier monthly. Unfunnshed 3-b*dioom FINISH HIGH SCHOOL !3«: ^r^l kinds. Including the new pal'-nts. Ola and pink Daffodil bulbs. Pansy, new cvrrbpannf hlnckbeir?', rnbb.ij.-c, Collard, Onion. Btrawberrj- planls. ("limbing Son- Jann Strawbern'. Ne» EverKrccnu. Japanese Persimmon. Pecan. Fruit Cocktail M-wny) Smoke and all kinds citrus trees. 16501 Market St. Road. Chani.M- view. 31. Article* For Sal* FREEZER, REFRIGERATOR—W «- rlfht deepfretxe. 11' Wtsttnfrjomn. For sale at a bargain. Excellent MaV dition, LO 6-M32. GET CALENDAR let ills and coroplett caltndari (or '81 now at M&therne'B, 207-211 Wist Pearee. Also new appointment books, lediers, ledger sheets. Inventory p»ds, etc., to start sixty-one off rlfht. RANGE — Detroit Jewel cook stove. Cabinet radio. Will sell cheap, JU 2-0031, 3401 Illinois. SPORT COAT — Boys like new white •port coat, Size 12, H.50. Ill Harvey. SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS — Typewriters, adding machines, cash registers and bicycles. BLOOM SALES CO., 3305 Market St. JU 3-2325. USED TV — 21-Inch Westlnghouse console, new picture tube, guaranteed on( . year, excellent condition, $70.95. Terms. WILKIE'S, 32-1 W. Texas. JU 2-8447. V" BELTS. PULLEYS — For refrigerators, air-conditioners, pumps, compressors, washers, attic-window fans. 3000 bells in stock Massey Electric Co., S. Pruett. Phone JU 2-2056. 31-8. Building Material PANELING 4x8 V-Croove Fir 4x8 V-Oroove Mahofeny 4x8 V-aroove A»ft ....... PLYWOOD Per Sheet tt.65 14.50 17.50 A-D Fir 12.95 A-D Fir $4.20 A-l) Fir fc.60 A-D Fir 18-90 ASH 115.95 MAHOGANY $12.95 EXTERIOR U.60 EXTERIOR H-75 SHEETROCK GRAVES WAREHOUSE 9 Ft. Refrigerator With Freezer 549.80 New Studio Couch $65.00 Nice Apartment Stove $ 5-Plece Oak Dinette $14.50 315 W. Main. Old Pelly Serve! Refrigerator Terms 1225.00 Maytag Washer Terms 1120.00 HOUSTON NATURAL GAS WAREHOUSE .'00 E. Republic JU 2-5384 USED AUTOMATIC WASHER — Ken- moro in good condition. S30. JU 3-1 SDK or ses at 913 Larffo. WILL TRADE — Norce gas dryer, excellent condition for Sears Renmore: ,ate model. Will pay difference. JU 2-6486. Special 20-Gallon Galvanized Garbage Can $2.59 Penman Paint & Hdwe. 118 E. Texas Jll 2-S711 WE GIVE TOP VALUE STA5JPS OUR PRICE Army Heavy Wool Jackets S 3.95 Tarpaulins, Up s 2,95 •>l!l3t!c 10 Ft. W(!e. Per Foot ..S .1 Ve«r Cotton Mattress S 12.95 1-Wheel Tandem Trailer, Steel Body. 4 New Tires S165.00 TACK HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 W. Defee, Baytown JU 2-1962. KITCHEN AID DISHWASHERS Undercounter and Portable J. W. AINSWORTH CO. DEALEP. & DISTPLlBUTOR 25M Mnrltet JU 2-8397 Graves Furnitur* Exchange 111 N. llaln JU 1-15M S' Deepfreene S125.00 ' Deepfreeze $ 79.50 7" RCA Televliion. perfect . .$ 3S.50 2-P!ece White and Blue Plastic Living Room suit* ..I 45.00 •flee 3-Plece Bedroom Suite ...f 37.60 W«»tlnthou.",o Refrigerator with Freezer f 46.00 Clean Apartment Gas Range . .$ 22.60 Highest Quick Cash For Appliances 4 Furniture CLOTHES LINE POLES Custom Trailer Hitches Baytown Trailer P.ental. Jl' 2-5815 REFRIGERATOR 8 ou ft. Kelvlnator, new paint, pushbutton defrost 189.95 B. F. Goodrich 14 W. Tenj JU 2-8254 28. Pets-Supplies Six lOdS— Fi-m.-ile B»«ton Rails. S26. weeks old. Mil IsinK nrlve. Or prc-tngli dchonl at hfirr s .f tn »pare time Writs for free booklet. AMERICAN SCHOOL P. O. Box 4198. OR 2-C8U 1312 \V. Harris. Pasadrna Member National Home Study Council 8. Beauty Culture KKKTJVAL COLO U'AVKS . . J5.00 fhiimpoo-set $1 .".'.'> -ll'ilrctit*, 51.On. POI.l.Y'S DKAt'TY SHD1' 10:'l Iinliey, Jt' 3-4SW). 10. Help Wanted AGK?\'T WANTIOP — Baytou-n. IIlKll- lamln. !.a I'urte. Full or pnit time. Home offire a.ifutrinre in field. StralEht^slon only. U'rite: Monument Life Insurntsre Cc ', Bnx S«2, Pasndena, Texas. 11. Female Help Wanted FOOI> MA:.'A';KH -• Wi-.ll exKnt-nre rtnd A-l riM^rpib'fa for Uicul estah- lUhrr.en! Apply Hnx £'•'• f:>rn r>f The' ."uv,. LICENSED HAmnP-SSSER VVANTKP Call for anpomlment or <ippl> In per- aon. Chris' Beauty Salon. !/> 6-7726. CKI'AR HAYOt'. '.':i7—JrllRlsche Artill- Ileyi t s!iei! 1 -bnlroorn liLMlne. Jj,''. fiirni^Me I 2-beilrooni bollfle. J65. J(! 2-944*. CF.I1AH HAYOl" KOAP. 2S19—V?-be,l- lootn h,i!:ii>. water fllrnislinl. 537.00 mnr.UiH'. J!.' L'-M'iiii after 4 pll'inn JK .1-3734. JCWSINC, OUT AQUARIUMS AND EQUIPMENT. Priceil to sell. MrPON- AL!> NEEDLE ARTS. Bob Smith Road, | phone JU 3-117'J. ^ POODLES —Champion stocK miniature French Poodles. For «a!e or will trade for Kooit piano, ^nll Llbert>'. Texas:. FE G-47tkS »Mer 4 p.m. KOKTIM:!'.HI:Y. block Air-\Vood HAUVEY LANK. "11 — VAE D1UVE. 5312 — Both very clean 3-bcilnwm homes, central heat, attic fan. fenced Kither JiO monthly. IX' 6-7415 or Houston Kl 7-4-110. HKIHLANI'S—One 3-room. S4ri. ntnl one 3-beilroom with 1'7 baths, 5"0. Cull 1i( i'-!)f4S. TWO JU 2-SS!<0. POXKR PUPPIKS. 29. Livettock-Supplie* HlilHLAXPS-— UnfurnlKhad 2-bedroom home; wall heat »ach room; air conditioning unit : f love, refrigerator optional: ennrrete drive; ilnuble gnrace; Inrco yanl: *!wde Trees; excellent neigh- Al-ply N. »lb. 426-3713. HlffhUndf. S-Hoom HOUKTO.V. Sftl \V. unfurnished house. Pay worker owner ri'ta:p< 1 heilmom. 5-Pav » board In ex- rlwnce for rent. Cnll 4M ?955 after 5 p.m. and ask (or H. A. Btlelcl. __ _ __ , 511 N.— LJITRO 6-room unfnmlihed house: redecorated, <Joubl« garage-wash house, corner lot. JU J2-SRS5. ___ KWA. :r.'2» - :i-bciiroom house, 14 Ii.'i! 1 ^, wash room. JI* 3-1406. I,.\K! WCOfi, Rent or Sell— 3-beiiroom ::'ifi:rninni'il home, yrre*n roreh, feniTil. In run lot. LO (1-7797. 12. Male Help Wanted CAUPKNTKKS \V\XTKP — Cull .Hi :'-";:-is nfter r> p.m. ICXPKKT I'l-llill.STI-'UKi: Piecework. Ln I'-.-irte !':Kll s ' ! "l'-,/*! Wn ' n Kt " I.-a Porle, pli.^ie liA l-'JI'.'.i. ^ PLAC.K^~Yoril APPLICATION for il Hmmton rb.-nmcle rout,-. Roys. 11-14 yesr.i of see Call JU .-M'-M". 15. Work Wanted iMAIN 3102 N. — Two-bedroom house lor i rent or for sale. 220 wiring. Small down 'pn-. ment. some trsde. What have you? JU .',-•-'•1111. MASSEY TOMPK1NS ROAD — Two bedroom ltoi:«' ivnsder ronnecllon. Waler furnished. Phono JU 144^0. PLEASANT PH1VE. 9»7—AttrHCtlve y-heilronm unfurnlshei! ho\ise, corner lot. $7(1 per mon'.h. .11' ;-S'.'l« nr I.O 6- PRITETT. 713 8. — Unfurnished 3-bedroom ',ome. 2-baths, close to (diool*. J60. monthly. JU 3-2S44. j KKXT OR BUY EQUITY FOR |M»-- HiJl L't.ili Prltton-Craven!', CATTLE — 3-milk rcws. 2-two year old white face heifers. l-whi(e far" bull. 4- calves, 4-months old or more. 5703 Martin Road. Turn riRht off LynchburR and Coady Road. HAY FOR LO 6-77M or LO B-liSW, HAY FOR SALE — 65 cents and 75 cents. H. S. Rea. 10410 Sralla Rd . north calde Highlands Reservoir. PRAIRIE HAY CALL JU 3-eSfltj>r JIJJ-5SS8 PRA1P.IE HAY B, r ic per b.lle a! Bright green hay. the harn. GENTRY AND XtEIGS HARnWARE. phone 2M1 Cro«by. COMPLETE LINE OF Lone Star Feeds CULPEPPER'S USED FURNITURE UahOKany Drop Leaf Table With fl ChRlrs ... J59.85 E.Ttr:i LonR Siifa With Rubber Foam Cushions . $Q& nn Oak Nicbt Stand s ,Y95 rK» HccllmnK Chair $15.00 9MU Ovni Rue SI9.9ft J-\iil Siie Panel Ked . s 7.80 Chrome and Yellow Stool 12.60 Gold Occasional Chair 5:4.95 15 North Commerce St. Phone JU 3-1476 H" 4 x S J1.28 H" 4 X S tt-74 CORRUGATED IRON 6' CORRUGATED IKON 51.37 sheet 8' CORRUGATE)') IRON $1.84 sheet 10- CORRUGATED IRO.V J2.25 sheet 12' CORRUGATED IRON >J2.7S sheet 14' CORRUGATED IRON ...... 13.15 nheet 40. Real Estate Wanted List With STEWART AND RUTTER JU 2-5950 18 N. Ajihbel JU 3-4CH2 LET US HANDLE YOUR RENT PROPERTY—We Collect Your Money, Pay your .\ote» and flank The Balance Keystone Realty JU 3-1728 or JU 3-4889 FAMOUS LAST WORDS "I can sell my home myself and save the agent's commission!" If you rto not understand completely such thlnw as title, abstracts, tax adjustment!, you are taking a big risk . . . The way property "moves" when it Is offered for sals depends a lot on how 't .Is han-lled. For this reaaon we urse you to consult our firm. Selling property Is our business KEYSTONE REALTY 20« E. TtXEl Av«. JU 3-172S 42. Acreage For Salt CEDAR LUMBER SPIB GRADE MARKED YELLOW PINE FIR-REDWOOD CHECK OUR PRICES TOP VALUE STAMPS TEMPLE LUMBER CO. — Very sult- jble for homesite — Inside city limits Steele M. McDonald, JU 3-17M. Gulf at Commerce JU 2-82M 32. Articles For Rent FLOOR SANDERS, Rug »nd upholstery shampoo machines, h&nds&ndftr. polisher, saw. Kuhn paints. Willlauru Rentals, S Moirell. JU 2-9498. FLOOR SANDERS AND JCDOERS— Shclty Lumber Co. 2209 Market St.. JU 1-1768. 33. Sporting Goods SPECIAL-SPECIAL — Lone Btar 18' Bermuda fiberglass boat, steering hardware. windshield. ONLY J89B. BAYTOWN MARINE SALES, JU 2-7916. 2700 Market St. CHAVERS, P.. V. — 511 Park- Mr. Cliavers. be our guest tn attend the showing of "Tomboy And The Champ" now showing at the Brunsor. Theatre. Take this ad to the ticket office at the Brunson for your two free admJs sions. SHOTGUN — 12 Gauge Stevens pump. Looks and shoots like new. 183.00 original cost, will sell for f50. JU 3-3334. 14-FOOT J10RFHEW. 12 h.p. Seaklng bis wheel trailer, S300. JU 2-9687. GUNS -- New and Used Authorized Browning Dealer MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP. 6 N. Main SEE Stripling Outboard SALES AND SERVICE Best Boat and Motor Deals In Town 71S E. Humbln at H»-y. Hfl, JU 3-20H PEEKOE FIBERGLASS BOATS For Cartop, Station Wagon Or PlcKup in Foot — S120.M 12 Knot — S132.9r> 14 Knot — $165.45 Witt Marine Bayway Drive at Crow Road In Wooster ALUMINUM SCREENS Custom made to fit your windows. Get nur estimate first! TREATED PLYWOOD Bnaketba:! Backboards. J4.03 Sholey Lumber Co. 2208 Market JU 3-1788 Whitcomb's Used Appliance Come In nnil see our selection of used dryers both fas and electric available. Prices start as low ns $19."?. All Appliances Rebuilt and Guarant»«d 700 W. Main JU3-I63I 31-B. Building Material GUN BARGAINS OFF SEASON DISCOUNT On New snd Used and Riflca JIM NELSON 101 N. Main JU 2-5307 Complete Rig $495 Real rjicp, 16-foot trailer. All controls. inc. running lights. boat, motor, elertrlc start- Hutchins Mtr. Co. Texas Ave. and Hwy. 146 JU 2-7158 35. Cood Eating OYSTERS PLENTY FRESH OYSTERS Open Daily, Coptaln Osgnod. ar Bnyou-Crosby Road. JU 3-14S7 FRESH OYSTERS Baytown Fish Market 07 \V. Main JU 3-5330 36. Insurance CERAMIC TILE aold and Installed. Kl«» tub enclosures, shower doors. The newest In tile for floors CHRIS HOLZAEPFEL. phono JU 2-7142. PAINT UP-FIX UP paint supplies: pnlnl. For the best In bnisbes roller or trays see BKITTOX LUMBER CO.. .TT' J-S.B.'S. RAYBORN JOHNSON AOEWCT Savlnss to policy holders FIRE. AUTOMOBILE, LIABILITY 2201 Market JU J-1784 39. Business Opportunity CRAVEN- TO MOL-ERNT7E Cabinets dcslenod and built. Add-a-room, den, patio, carport. Install windproof roof, tiding, paint. NO DOWN PAYMENT Ideal Builders Supply. JU 3-2127. TEXACO SERVICE STATIONS FOK lease In Baytown. Eicellent location. Financial assistance available to qualified individual. Call or write Texaco, Inc., P O. Box 21075, Houston 26, Texas. CA. 8-7471 or contact Mr. Magoulrk. JU S-5211. Norha n North Main HORSES BOARDED Stalls, pasture. Also sale. JU S-J4M or JU horse* for 3-2943. — $6 p»r hundrvd. Windows and doors complete with frnmeB. ». Will build 10X20- Karaee. «::.. or S- room house complete. J1000. Phone JU M7U3. For Lease LEE HEIGHTS STOP N SHOP Grocery, excellent retirement opportunity for someone who la w-lllinfi tn work and h is available cash. Apply ;2iH Lindbcg Ave. OFF WADE ROAD—North of Highway 73. 4'A acres, $800 per acre. Terms. ONE ACRE—On West Road Just off Cedar Bayou-Lynchburg Road. $1200. AVEY'3 REAL ESTATE 113 N Main, Highland*. SMALL WOODED ACREAGE—Close In. Easy terms. COASTAL LAND AND DEVELOPMENT CO., INC. 302 E Jamei, JU S4742. nite JU 2-5239 100 ACRES—Unimproved land, SO tun- Mrtd, 40 clear, near town. Romesite lots. In good location. TAN POWER REALTY JU 3-4773 Highlands Realty HIGHLANDS: 10 acres. 320' front on paved street, all utilities available, only $1000 per acre. Terms. HIC3HLANDS, on San Jaclnto River. 405' front on water, IVi acres, 2- bedroom home, paved street. A good buy. Terms. A. W. KAM1L Realtor, 115 I. Ifaln Phone 426-2411 or 426-34S4. 43. Business Property HIGHLANDS — 225 N. Main. Brick and tile building; size l«'j;4B' and lot 32.5' wide and 75.0' deep. Formerly Telephone Company building. For Information, eontact R. R. Cole, Ba.y- tovvn. Texas. JU 2-9097. Plans Are Being Made FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDING To b» built on Kast James St. near Highway 148. Ample parking apace will be provided. If you desire space, discuss ynir needs with RUTH GRIFFITH, Realtor PHONE JU 2-2049 43-A. Water Front LOTS AVAILABLE AT BAYRIDGE S13QO And Up. 10% Down—7 years On Balance George DeMent, JU 24030. PRIVATE, WOODED—Cabin site on Lake Magnolia. Also camp site In San Jaclnto recreation cenier: on East river. J10 down, $10 monthly. H. P. Coleman. Splendora. LY 2-2840. 44. Farms- Ranches CLEVELAND—60 acres. T-room modern home. 48 miles from Houston. IS ncres, 4-bedrootn home. 12 miles from Lake Houston. E. M. BACON. Cleveland LT 2-2nsi) or LY 2-4.1T1. 45. Lots For Sal« COUNTRY CLUB OAKS—5001 Loretta Lee, Beautiful oversized lot with trees plus club membership. All for price of lot. Terms if desired. LO S-7138. FOR LEASE OB RENT, WEST MAIN— Lot S0'\335.' Phono JU 2-5028. GENE MULLER, Agency RESIDENTIAL AREA -• Bfautlful wooded lots in Lakewooil. BAY LOT, 440 Burnet—Heavily wooded. LO 6-7551 Beautiful Brownwood Subdivision Big. pretty wooded loll. Paved streets ami all utilities. JH>0 down. Cnll KDD1E COX tod.-'.y, LO fi-50<50 or LO 6-7221 47. Houses For Salt HAVE BRICK • HOME TYLER- Will trade for Baytown property, Interested, call Jtr 2-6102. If 47. Houses For Sal* HARVEY LANK. 311--Own«r sacrl-, flcing. Juat taiie up payments plus BR1ARWOOD. 5100 for my equity. Call LO 8-7413. T. F, ODOM - BUILDER Re!laW« Bulldtnc Service not ivi. LM nr HIGHLANDS — Just off Jones Road, 409 Cenitr St. 1.66 acres with 3- bfclreom, 6-toom horn*. Double garase, with wa«n nouse. S20 wlrlne, 40 pecan and other fruit treea. Buv FHA. Call T, W. Wlllu. ACME REALTY, JU 2-6133. ILLINOIS, 3222—Nice, big 2-bedroom home. A real bargain for quick sale. Owner will carry own notes. Priced 55950. EDDIE COX. Realtor, LO 6-7221 or LO 6-5060. LIVE OAK. SOd—Nice 2-bertroora home, den, central hast. c«rp«t, drapes, blinds. Over-sized sarage. OI equity, pick up SM monthly payments. Call JU 2-7166. LAKEWOOD — 104 Timberlane. o year-old 4-bedroorn brick home. Two ca-npleto baths. $1200 down moves you In. Eddie Cox. Realtor LO «-7221 or LAKEWOOD — Spacious 3-bedroom norae. 2 baths, gas built-in kitchen with Island bar. Largo wooded lot. {U.950. Excellent terms. Owner would consider smaller home In trade MONTGOMERY REAL ESTATE JU 3-1213. LAKEWOOD, 505 S. Btirnet — This charming 4-bedroom home possesses worlds of eye appeal. A large family can live in comfort with this extra large den. 2 complete baths, air-con ditlonip.;-'. central heat. Beautiful over ilzeri lot. plenty trees. Drive by today for other information. EDDIE COX. LO 6-7221, LO 6-5060 McFARLAND, ITO'J—3-Bearoom home. excellent condition. Owner transferred mast sell. J800 down. Will trade, KEYSTONE REALTY 209 E. Texas. JU 3-1728. NEW HOME—8031 Ocean Drive, Bayridge. Sell, trade or rent. Houston collect MA 3-3118 after « p.m. NEW THREE-BEDROOM BRICK-Central heat, carpeted, built-in kitchen, large (Jen, 2 baths. $54.50 monthly. MONTGOMERY REAL ESTATE. JU 3-1219. NEW 3-BBDR001I BRICK, 2 full baths. double garage, separate dining room. Many extras. Excellent terms. MORRELL PARK — 2-BEDROOM, large beautifully carpeted living room, pan- elled den workshop, patio, fenced, trees, per cent loan. 57.930. MONTGOMERY REAL ESTATE JU 3-139. PAMELA. 702—3-bedrooms. kitchen bullt-lns, 2-car garafre. wooded lot. GI equity, owner transferring. JU 3-369-1 or JU S-23S7. PATSY STREET. 901 — Small equity. 3-bcdroom home, double garage, corner lot. Call JU 2-9749. FEARCE. ~6M E. — Clean 3-hedroom home, low down payment, carpet, ve- netians, and oversized garage, near school. JU 2-9311 after 4:30 p.m. PLUMWOOD — 2002 Chilton Drive, Section 2. Open dally, 3-bedroom homes. 2 baths, electric kitchen, carpet, heat, p.itlo. KEX>-ETH KRASOFF, JV 2-8417. PRICE REDUCED TO J7.950 — Buy equitv. assume 553 monthly payments. 2-i,«lroom horn? at 507 S. Fourth for rert ur sail' LO B-8365 FRUETT. 14130 N.—Large five-bedroom family Inme; living, dlntojr. rt»n. kitchen. I '•-. hatha JIB.OOn. HOB STEPHENS REAL ESTATE. La Porte. GA. 1-2111. GA 1-1176. Houston, GP. 9-2736. STEXVART. 400 —• "J bflroom.s. corner Int. shade tree,". OTMV.T win low dnwn payment JU 2-2353. . 402 — UK* J-btilroojn (or convert to 3> home, fenced yard, down payment with low monthly payments. STRICKLAND, 1301—W»1I k*pl 2-bed- roitm home in good location, large lot with fence. Bea Odom Realty 1702 Ivla Lea JU 2-5930 Kor Dependable Moving Servlo* Loc«l or Lung Distance, Call JU 2-20SO Hasty Transfer And Storage Gene Muller Agency LAKEWOOD 415 8. Bumec — Lanr» contemporary bay home, beautiful fireplace, 3-bedroom, 2-baths. air- conditioned, centrally heated. Shown by appointment. LO 6-7551 54. Automobili TH«d Felton A-l U«K» CAR! «03 W. Texan Volkswagen ; Autnor-itd VollMWifen t>tal»r Tex«« Motor Import toe E. -tna fU MM* 1959 Ford Fairlanc "900" Victoria Coup*. O-Matlc, radio. h?4'.tr, pow*r *t«*rtaf and braX'i. factory air «B*lt!ea«« Original tan and white firilati. Lo«| one owner <^r. Neal Dickens Mtr. Co. Uailtr ttt Mtt Owt-~«wy. f 4t, JO ALL NEW Creekwood Addition New Plans New Low Prices New Low Down Payment Move In for zs low as |150. All 3 and 4 bedroom homes, ioat IV, story, 2-car garage, some atr- coadjtloned. mid wooded lots. Walker Homes, Inc. At The End Ol Pruett Street Mrs. Jack It Wilson, Sales Manager JU 2-8084 JU 2-8515 MAIN, S13 N.—Highlands. 3-bedrooms, carpeted living-dining room, !>•• tile baths, central heat, air conditioned, cyclone fenced. Buy equity or new loan available. TENTH. 103 N. — 3-beflroom.s, large living-dining room. Rarage and storeroom. Pecan and other trees. Owner financing. Avey's Real Estate 426-2S13, Highlands. 113 N. MsJn Centrally Heated Homes WILDWOOD, 235—3 bedrooms, den. I'i baths, on large corner lot. QRATWOOD — Three-bedroom brlclt, 2H baths. dlninR room, large den, nil-electric kltrhsn. oversized lot. PECAN. ]OS — Three bedrooms, den. near Cedar Bayou School; carpeting; oversizer! lot. REPUBLIC. 406 E.— Two l.-irse bod- rooms, large living rooim. panel heat. " fltr conditioners. 2-ca.r garage. MIDWAY. 112 — Three-bedroom home with carpeting, central air condillon- B nr.'J heatlns- ROSELAND OAKS — Four bedrooms. family room. 2% baths, 2-car garage. Central he^it and air conditioning. corner wooded Jot. SCOTT. f>02—Three bedrooms, carpet in living room, flcor furnace, fenced bank yard, detached Earace. Call F"r Further Information, RUTH GRIFFITH, Realtor r I AVERNE CANANT JU 2-:i»9 JU 2-8381 JU 3^3-19 FREE SA h C o^^"r!?. L ^..SSV 3 ,- b SJir^: *<?"" «V«« -"« * mt ™t small balance on loan. JU MM 2. ^'"o", ^ ^Tf^-S^^."!* t;ith!>. built-in rtiCRc-. carpeted, alr- cor.illtionetl home. Payments $54.00 monthly including taxes Rnd Insurance. At Cralgmont. 5430 Louise Street. SHOPPING FOR A NEW HO.VET Set- the Conte* h-nnes irs Gh'!i Arbor: •iO«. 411. 412 P.imrl;i. All hrick. el»c- trlc kltchenc. - baths, dmihle parsge. ll T. W. Wllks. JU 2-S13S or John Shearer JU 2-7814. VAK DRIVE. S-115—Cralgmont Place. Just Ilka new. 2 years oM It's beautiful. 3-bertrooms, l>-i bathp. .ill air conditioned, central hnat. plenty clojet space, 2-c*r e;iMi;e. Buy uniall equity ir.d take up note^. Owner leiving tnwn. E7JDIE COX. LO 5-72L 1 ! nr LO «-M60. 48. Mobile Homes VAF. 13R1VE, SUB—3-bpriroom brick trim home, cyclone fenced yard. lendscapeii. Buv equity and take uji notes. Jl' n-nS'i. ivOOSTER. 136 — 2-bcdroom home with I den, ifc acre corner lot. with lots o[ trees. ! Will take late moilol car or bout ,-is •!n«-';: lavment. Call John Mitchell, JU 2-6,-JS nlte or JU 2-fi8ai davs. iTiil AM"?H T !•;!-.- K i bric.k I'-i bath'. BARGAIN—ISM Aluimnum 34' Trail- me. tandem wheel?, 2-bedrnorn. streps €, full b-4'.h. ONLY S1200. Ji: 3-!i619. -MOBILE HOME—13' Spartan with factory a!,--condlt!o^(nc central heat, 2-bedrooma. Cjll 421 3111 or 426-273S. TRADE WITH "HONEST- Jii" Jim Carter Mtr. Co, 24 W. Texaa JU 2-fUf Crtflt tt Oood H««r» Bay Motor Co. , JP MUST SELL-NOTE DUE GOOD USED CABS AND TWJCK« FORD, 1954—4-door, JOTS; fQIUh 1954—Hardtop, KM: rOKD. Itf^m $225; FORD, 1933—«tltl«i Wajon, 1365: FORD. 11S3—4-door, ml cMu* $465; FORD, J95S—PlcIfUP,. B«w tin* $B9S; CHE1TM5LXT, ISSt , Wan d»» livery, $495; CHBVSOLrT, 1M4—. »295; PLYMOUTH, 1950—1144. SEE AT 418 W. FEASCE, JU 2-HBf 1956 Chevrolet i-door setiui. V-» motor, Mttasutlsj transmtssioc, htaUr, good tint, »a4 good paint, Really Bice. Drtv* It ott the lot for $795. Clyde Jones Rambler 407 W. Texas QUALITY USED OAJt* Let Us Finance Tour Neat Attto LauqhJin Auto Sales Across From Memorial Stadium, JD 3'56 Oldsmobil* "9S" with air condlUoniaCi steering and power brakes. •l«ttrnj windows, 6-wa.y slats, radio, He«t«E,j white wail Urea. It's a 2-door Mnttof In red and wlilte. 8PICIAL $895 Hrgginbotham Mofors 2912 Market JTJ S-*ltt It's Buick Special For Economy, Performance, and Comfort DPJVE ONE FOR PROOF AT Paul Prince Buick 2800 Market JU 2-121* BAYSHORE MOTORS 2100 Market TO J-t2« 1957 Cadillac Sedan de vine vrtth every poulblt accessory Including fwtory «fr eoiw ditionlng. Cleanest one anywhere. 1957 Lincoln Premier 2-door hardtop, radio, neater, factory air, power window*, S-w»jr stats. Looks and runs like » new RW. 1957 Ford 4-dnor ie<*s.n, jx?wer iteerlnf and »l» conditioning, radio, heater. Ferfw* snipe throughout. MAN? OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM 54-A. Auto Safety Check ?9. Automotive Service "-I;' 1 New $1561 i;,iwn tr."vt>3 you In. 115 KID^.KWAT — New S-heciroin brick. I'.; b.iths. SlS'irt dou-n. Payment. 19'ifi CLAYTON'—Corner In!. Plr.k brick 3-bc<lrooei>3. 2 baths, clectrl': kitcl-.en. family room, cirp't !'l IWr.r r-orr rer,tr:il a'.r ci>n,!l'.ionlr.?. b." nppr'.n'.ment. For r'>ni:>!c'e '.nfnrmn'.ion, cull JU 2-2453 day ; Barry's Oil House jALL MAJOR BRANDS—WHOLESALE i4!-l» N. Ml':l JU 3-H22 SAVE 40% On Shock Absorbers and Piston Ruin S0"f- on Mufflers WATSON AUTO SUPPLY 3207 Minnesota JTJ 3-3572 47. HOUMS For Sal* i Dean Kinq Real Estate I C. TOMMY REESE !l,O R-.VI61 JU S-.MSS 54. Automobiles i- CHEVROLET. AKHHY. 3 () S—Le.-ive your crir at honr* mil xv.-ilk t,i work. Nf:ir Rubber Want and Refinery, pretty 2-beiironm Hume with sef, : ir:i!i> ilinin-- t-ann. Ov.-per Iransfprrivl, Kiltlit (W. LO fi-72:'l or LO S-.'nWii. Custom Built Homes Dan Savell ' JU 2-7249 A CLKAN. newly redecorated. s-'Wrill 2-bi>ilmom himie n: "MS Morrell oin b« ynur-i for J3"') ilowr; Clll CARTER H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES — Realtors. JU 2-SI024 days or Jl: :K'M2 nichts. 30. Articles Wanted . Jeo Sparky Bond, B2B. F.XERCYCLE WANTED — Cash for your used Kxercycl*. Phone JU 3-2.S23. home cc.rnce anil CHILH In my Pf<t RKAI.TV, 3-17.11 . with panel he.*-, <-arport. BEVERLY tion (.Mi! !<<-> n-.V>M, _ Kxi''F.rJEN'ri-:p HRK..=SM\KKK ii-- sjn's new rus'"rner*. MM. C. L. Wood.!, lliiM V.lm. JU •J-671.'«. F.XI'KKIKM'KIi I'llf.i; l-'nr enfe or en.-MiTia. i|inl'f:-l kii.-!-.'-M !;«••;•. Call GKNntAlT i-Artn-'NTRY. sbe«:mek hani;'.nt; finisblnis and paln'.inif. rahlm-t.i hunt, formica f"P-' E"5wln Arab>, «ii Bolster. JU 2 4059. PAINTIN'O Free Ffilmatea E. XV. Ulei:ir,l«i'n '•OURTS. CEDAR BAYOU-2?0 K,;i^t Street. 3-bedroom house with built- I in fc-.iunv: throughout. Living and dining rivinv. n-:ih iMrpet. Panelled den and ' kifrhrn. ''enlrnl heatlntf. Newly refmifhrd inside. Kenceil ha<-k ynrd. $1(10.00 per monlh Uwntei! nenr 'V'lnr BBVOIJ -Tr, II ,-ti School. Inal .HI 2':tW or JU T-2ST2. v home i>r s'..:r» fir wnrKir.;- r iln« mouierf rif"'""** 1 '" '»'*•• e»r«, Ar?iy 20* 8. sec™,!. KI.'N'i",, !!0 I-' i '•'„<• nt,,i «,u«iii ;. niliilt', JU ."room fur lso furnished TWO T1KCKOOM hnnse for rent. Aj'piv I 1 .' 11 '. 1 ATonroe. . . Small fiirntihed house. Apply 5S3-i R. Whltinfr.jipslalrf. WINPT I/ANK, nns- i-bfdronm home, iVB-b-r ronnee'ion*. Bli; yard. Tall t'lrr .1 p m Jl' ;-.">M3 WX^STKR f'oMirn St -• Modern «nirat heated, J *n« » bedroom, also fram« hoo««», KG m>. Houston JA S 31. Article. For Sal* A-l UPHOLSTERtNO — 10 per cent down and 12 moritn* to pay, up to 50 per cent off on ill fabric In stock. Call for rree estimates, pickup and delivery DeBruhl's Furniture. !U E. Texas. JU 34301. ALWAYS right . . keeps colors TlKiit . . . that's famous Blue Lustre carpet and upholstery cleaner. Culpepper Furniture fo. tlARBKr'uK~ TIT ANr~TWO - WHEEL TUAILER S201 In»n. JU U*73«. CAMKHA ix.'i Speeifsraphlc, hoi.II nn.l c.Trr.\iiiK r-ise. Like new. See 117 Sti;i,lv l>ine nfier ,% p m. Call •6.VK. DRYKR — Bendix electric. IB (rood condition. ISO. Call JU 3-S774 or pep nt 3f>18 Oftil OOLGRFD BATHROOM mtXTURES S piece »t . «14« »IS AK1)T PLl'MFIXf? COMPANY 7!Sfll B«v-H'«v Drive EIJ/TROLUX ~ VACUUVI CLEArJF.RR tnrl wixen. £ale> tn<l seme* No lerv tn «k«rn TKtTt HFTMU. MWM JU .VMM, Building Material Bargains '•i" Maliocany V-Kr.^on. Plywood f< '•i" Fir Plywood ..... Si. 75 I "all us for better pnees '^n all buildlnp materials. Special r>n romple'.e ho-.iic n.v nn>1 rontrartinfr No service PP.INCE LUMBER CO.. LO 40. Real Estate Wantvd BRITTON-CRAVE.N, 1601 Alabama — Two-berlroom home, H'.i i ruiie. Pr;ce.| ;n sell now Jfi.e.'.O. Buy eijui'y '1 fi^urne »m:ill monthly notes HI S!5. Hurrv nee :o.-'.av. The-i' <:;tl! niF. COX. I.O 6-7:21 or LO 6-5080 Br.lTTON CRAVKSS. 331 bedri'iom hnme {-arpet -vail attic fun. CIO wiring, JU 2-«988. CHAKNELWOOD — Off Highway 73. S- he<lrooms, IVi baths, central hcnt oak floor^. paved streets. GI nothlnK down. I?!, per monlh. C.L 3-:355. EQUITY FOK SALE ~~ Dtn.VELL. UW •- 3-bedroom brick veneer home located on well landscaped corner lot Beautiful built-in refrigerator, i range, over. 1!W) ft. at liveable floor I space, central air - conditioning and central hcatins Terms. Call JU f-4417 days ! or IXD 6-oi)f>1 even;nKs. ELVINTA. '.Mi.'. >V. -. In 4 •!>?•!• rKicj nomfr on H acre. fen.-,'d. rlns.-- ;o Cedar Ha>ou and James "c-.\.e prhoo!- JK 3.UT2. ORAYWOOli Al 8U3 Flee two, rotjir. lioine. .1—Bn.:k Three InB ur. school. 113 cirpot. •n :::'.':n"n. near E. F. Luquire " 19.1S — \v mileage. ilk or teenager c;ir. -.It.'iii !>• !lii li. 1 ,? • •- He Vine Fordor se,t:in with ail ex'.raa in- <-nn.: : ::"iiln.:. LO 6-S211. m!«r Fcdan, radio, heat- r-.fl.ti<i». dependable. J!00 'J-'i-x>r sedan. er.t condition. VI^TORI^. 19M—Coupe. 'T-er! Sll.j Citizens :: I Tr;u-. On. i.x rtLEiiiKR court:, isss— '.• i \vth ex:r;i.«. new battery. Jl' 3-9C11 CRAIGMONT PARK Not I c To Move In iMDP.rt'liY — 1»S Station Wagon. 3 } sinter Mercomntic. radio. heater. j wl: ;e wnll t;r»<. JSOfl. See nt 507 W. Gulf .Mil JU 3.M19. AUTOMOBILE INSPECTION tTATIOH Courteous Service BAYSHORE MOTORS 2100 Market JU 2-Mtt AtmrcmrzED INSPECTIOK BTATTOK Tnm Cond«r OL->«MOBILE 3in N. Main JU 2-82Ti AVOID THE RUSH — Hav« your cut safety-check"!! no*. HICOINBOTHAM MOTORS 2312 Market JU 3-Sli« FOR ROAW SER\aCE—Call L»ktwoe< Service Station. Humble ProdacU. S E Kenfn. Our new number is LA FORD-aMATIC ADJUSTMENT — Complete, includes fluid chaage. J9-M. THAD FELTOX "ORU. 623 W. T'xas. JU 1-SM. RE AC AN GARAGE SPEClAIf— nsiae Tar.! Up. $12 SO. R«if am« rase. »11 N. Main. JU 3-1*14. WE WILL BE GLAD to Safety-Check your car. PAUL PRINCE BUIOK CO.. 2800 Market, Street. JU BXYTOWN'S NEWEST WRECKING YARD For l&te model cars. JACK SMITH GARAGE 1415 N*. Main . JU 2r90»« CUmiffed Display PT VS WITH 11 "(M T EVKKY 1°:,3 — "Sviper --'" 1 M^ly be see MIJs ehanten. 6-57 H. P4S ALUMINUM CO. 208 W Loblt Cmtorn mode seriens JU 3-2251 Aluminum Oulf SCRFf.N pnr.RS AND WINPOW =' RFTENS M^'ie Tn Or-iA-- Coast K'.m 1 sr.rt Screen Co. » B»>"»-a^ Drive. LO f-SMI JOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES Real Estate S»lf». Rentals. I^ian 1509 X. Pruett JU Z- B11 H'heu I'nur Home Is Sold By SPARKY BOND-Realtor It Stays Sold List With "Sparky" WE SPECIALIZE IN HOMES IN LAKFAVOOP EROWNWOOD. ANF> rCVN'TT.Y CLI'K OAKS. 907 S Ma.n. J',' 2-S24S or IX) 6-7f.3( -, eryrhinc. '^T-l :i-. NEW 1961 DODGE LANCER ONLY $1879" DELIVERED IN BAYTOWX Ernie Dittman Mtrs. 707 E. Texas Ph. JV t-WW 809 -room house. $15 i mnr:*.!.'.y. N'n down \>;\ 11 Jl! S-17«. c.LK.V ARROR. ^'',^ Pamela—ftirnlj rr "lei on i!v-v 3-hedroom». 2- b;it v -.< ? . cent.'nl i:ei*. r-irpe*. h-:.',! kur'ii'n. la rk-o dcr. Js-'Mt mont payments CALT. TODAY. JK 3-.t«n WILL Bi:i!.D TO P',"!T ON YOUR PROPKllTY Classified Display S500 DOWN nt:iLDlN<> co. ;-jl.'o. Classified Display Classified Display Home Lumber Co. ?• Ways to P»y—Burt(r*t Plan 1. r»«', 2. Sn-I'sy Account 3. ».)-iV.y A.-c.uil.t 4. Adrt-On Purchase Pl«n 5. 3 or ft Year Title 1 Loans See I'l For Further I>e(«iH 800 E. T«a« JU 2-SJ41 Remodeling Specialists !/»« nt help plan your prelect anil complete It for you. or. If .leilrei!. we will "drv it In" anl you can f:nls^.. Puy trie pa.-k^ffe--'ab^r and materials- and «a\e JtS MORTON LUMBER CO. »2«-3,1ll, Hlitnlands. «n South Main Classified Display Insurance R«wl Estate ju 9-i-m 2201 Market We Welcome You To our at! new modern coin operared Laundromat with Plenty of Parking Space. Op»n & A.M. to 11 P.M. Plenty Dryers LAUNDROMAT Corner of Elm Anil Ki««» Strwls. Baytnwn Extra SPECIAL This Week Only 1957 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4-dnor V-*. Beautiful !V;ir! anil !\ory. Factory ajr-rontiitioni'd. POHT- ului'- rnrtiM m-ftt.-r. PRH'T.D \\ T LI. B F. I -O\V M ARK KT VAM'E. To *fll this torrk. BUCK TURNER CHEVROLET PIANOS PIANOS PIANOS 35 To Chooie From New Sinet Pianos Usec Pianos Ten War Guarantee Free Rrnch Fr*»« Dellvc.ry ^ Smaa. DO^TI Fa>rn«it T> to SS Months t» P*T Balance Pianos Tun«l -- Repaired C«uarant««>d Workmanship. BROOK MAYS PIANO • ORGAN STUDIO Jtr E.

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