The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 11, 1959 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1959
Page 10
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ji«j 3 ' <. «tf r"' / ,k. ; fife ft THB A 0 DAILY CLASSIFIED SECTION and Brazorla County, 1HE BRAJ508PORT ANGLETON DIAL Tl 9-5246 Ships Now lost Eight Dating back to 1958, the Brszosport Itast eight football games In • row. - Baytowa started the Exporter* on thii* tack In 1958 by beating coach Kenneth Will •8-4. Along came Galveaton and upset fn Hw '58 Homecoming. ," "t Tha to the '58 final, Pasadena scored 0 tmna and coasted to a 27-6 victory.. ;:. tint was 1958. Here In 1959 the ShlppeOTom five straight setbacks. IMS a 14-12 win over Hardm Cooper r~on]vanlted ton:. Nothing Cai: Angleton, TI 9-7S3S. Clei * ! :s Septic Tun* Service l» at Pecan Orovd Trailer 288. AN 3-8590. irsnteeit Call now ™ Bra*nporl Facts, Engra Diriment Phone BE 3-3511. TV SERVICE . ARTICLES WANTED Jalmi {or ttfund it». exlenslon not be licogBliWil. There •lb»t«^^^.^t^«°J^-^..^^' i ^' ti Mtchasahasa CUOper and I'cper nansni. SHAKES NBED PAJNTIKOt M..IO per lallon OUW LUMBEft COMPANr 1«7 «. Main, Clute AM M8 81. LIVESTOCK • SUPPLIES SHETLAND POHtlSS-l Shellend "Us «i«t «r« real dandles, Call A!»:MM1 or BE J-Iffl. ' " S3. PETS • SUPPLIES magnetos. '••» PEKINGESE — 2 i<m»ISS, .»*« '• • ARC registration. See "> Montgom- erj, Chile, before 4 D.m. AN new. POPFIZS — Free —« wrt'i. mlied breed, cull and healthy. Pnone BB 3-3191 or sea 2200 Well lltl. Free- Kppl - - Jonnsi itlnt ' TYPEWRITERS? ADD>HO • Mjf 1 " 1 '"' SHIM or rent. Cull 3am Oart, Bra,o--ort Ondentiod f.tmn "to * 0°!.: Blvd BB H9>1 VACDOM CLEANER—Electrolux. sales a:;d service, trade-ins excepted. Oil TI 9-5053 after 5 o.m. BID 1-ounsEW or SAUOED . CEPTION! bol Sonnj Oenert reotlr rouf«t In nertorm Mice new. 8- T«r dpDenrtablr ;frvir» ''ffi -.IStS 8i \-:DROOMS FOSS SENT FRBEPORT-lll M«»l« «. HIM, »ri' »le entrance, near town, Puone BE J-1637. loa. HOUSES FOfl BALE BR«oniA-N«w s badroom ttorae. MH4 bath and halt. lain. 100' trontaii, redwood . f«ncta|. Pfo doirt tymmt. J07 2nd-St. O. L. MoKay AN I-93U. CtTJTE-1 and S bedroom home! to Rllej Addition on 100 toot front loui. Priced to aell. Call Roblnion Beally, AM S-5555. . . 102. HOUSES FOB 3ALK SAKE an Ktrs H cent PHA eo.«ltf » »»} lhi« 5V4 . Itutead ol . pw cent on a new loan. Ml Center War, 1 D(«r6om«, 1 bathi, 1 ear famnr room, Insulated. ..Corn- li. UUer Btaltor. CT__M7«V taraie, famnr room, er, S. CLDTS—$500. down «0. monm bwi neat houie. larlt lot 7W197 with lota of treei awJ inrubf. ABO RealW. BB 3-322J. Mom farnlsned apartmjni. ~Prfyale batb. N«w sofa bad. Bull paid. Inaulra Bit 3-3281- SOOTH fARKWOOD -* Wl-lM.'Alh L*n>. 9 bedroomi, tamU; roora, I baths, I car |iraa«. Inlultted, Your pretent nomi miiM male Ihi down payment. E. saner. Realtor. t»»a« BetUt Hom«», ^CT : T-TTM.V • ". PODR ROOM dwelling on » acui acro»» from Rlchwood Addition, water w»U. well located and beautifully land- leaped. Blihway frontal* JM * 4» deep. A 1004 buy. Sillerl Realty. BK 3-1593. '. FRMPORT — Two bedroom bouse at 1611 West Fifth Street. Small down payment with a 10 ytat pajo-Jt, Call El 3-1(31 between f a.m. and > P.m. FREEPORT-Furnlehed y room for man. Prhrate natn. entrance. 1303 W. 6th. BE 3-A303. AKE JACKSON-Nlct PrlTate to borne. *» Aaalea. CY 7-13OT FRBSPORT—US». down buy! J bedroom corner lot bom. with «t« itoraie >nac«. ABC Realty. BE »-3«a. FREEPORT — 7M Wwt llth—Com- pletely redecorated 1 bedroom home. Wall lurnact, a'tle tan. 7 reart at established nelthborhood. South Texa, Realty. BB 1-Mlo. .. 85. UNFURH3HEP KSEEPURT ' ojoroom aparlnientt, nardwood noors. Illf -Wa fad drato board* H J Ua%u- • .lealty. B<i »-MM 86. FURNISHED APTM'NT. FOR REN'l CLDTE—Nice two bedmom apartment, Utilities paid. Couples. Phone AN * 2324. BICYCLE WANTED—tlsed 2«" bicycle either a boy's or girl's. SIC 3-1319. 52. GOOD THINGS TO EAT DID 700 KNOW that ealbig 11250 on! lood will make yon feel " ' Shaw's Natural Poods, Hwj. Trading Post, BE 3-113& natural better? !S» at 'REEPORT — Very clean. 4 TENNESSE. SOOAR COKED Hickory smoked nams. AN 5JM6. Norman's Drive In Hwy 288 Chile. S3. MISCELLANEOUS A SAFE BET. tried H let? Bid* Lustra lor cdteanlng carpels. It's tops. DAB- WOOD FURNIDRB CO. BICYCLES-JO". M" H". Prlo*l IrKn »7.95 to-$49.99. It. holds till Christ mas. Lack's. 107 North Parklnt Place Lake Jackson. BLACKEYED PEAS — Fresh. In th Held II. Mr bushel. Bullard's Grocery Cedar Lane. j y QARBAOE'CANS that won't mat '. or tear up. I4.9J. CaU CT 7-1411. FREEPORT - 1»1 room wltn dea. $49. 8K MISS. i West llth. J Itoathly FIVE ACRES and a 3 bedroom horn In Shady Acres, south OQ Farm Roa< 321. ISIOO. Ph. I56S, Brasorla. ROOM Bonn and lot. Cheapest and best bartaln In VelMco. Forced to sell.<tue to illn«». IIMO.. Sou** needa <ome work. Oood InconW properly U AH A. B» 3-37»K -"•/;.•'"• CTJRRt MOTOR - TOUT Authorised Ford Oeaief oUan eonipieti • aeryloe on Motor Body, camu, Mena not the best Mechanics work .car at Ourr»'». , .•' BDICK-lW flenturt 4 door IUtt"«e*. Call BE 3-2410. SAVE — Law telemt teaH J hom«, Lari* tfnced lot. heat, Scully, owner. OT ran, WHEN TOO SB* thU «ont»Bl«U» located apMtoua I bedroom tana* »« on» wooded *cr». wu weuM *a»» M ' .. . Real Estate. BB MS41. SaS" WSBRY'S 1 aen. 1 eednMtt mtata. LAKE J Ertf* i«t*.»*rt<>t »«> rtorai. SMtktt* Mkh«. M fit, taonthly. ' J b«!rt»B». Carv«»« IttlM twos, ««* FREEPORT — MU1 VOrlS Are. H. Two bedroom corner, tented. Assume GI loan or create new FHA loan. Mrs. W. L. Waller Real Estate. RE J*n. la*. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES .OtHORIZEO DBAf.ER Jot Lincoln, Mercury. Sdiel, EnllHh Ford, and studebaker. Has representatlyea In Bratot^ort area. For appointment Call CT MOM. . iJEi> CARS FOR 8At.fc' FORD 1950. coun. Ptrfeek condition, tt».'Phoa« AN VIJW. JEKP—All melal top. Runt AH M<M. Oood ihapt. >i*Rcn*Y-l«M station Wa«on. Mutt sicrincc. Uy loss.; your lain. Phtme SI 3J3H. MOi ORUYCLES, MOTOR SCOOTERS StfOQTKR 8unn»pp, Pom* CY yes BurroN NEWARK. *f. J. (UP1) — Miller Rites To Be Monday Funeral service* for David Jdwnrd Miller, 7i, of 8125 Ogden Street'lh'Houston and a«o a resident of SurfSlde Beach at Freeport, will be hfcld at 10 a.m. Monday In the Boule-> vafd Funeral Home in Hoiis- :on. ' "• Leonard C. Waggner and Nowa Starksi' mlniatbrj, will officiate. Burial will b« in forest Park Cemetery in Houston. Miller died'of, » )\*art attack Friday morning. He was stricken while driving on Highway 288 near Clutc, and-was dead on arrival at a local hospital where he was taken In the Lake Jackson emergency bar. 'After Miller slumped over In the seat, the truck he was driving traveled 60 feet before striking a truck parked ori properly belonging to the First State Bahk. He Was area Marine super- LXJTE - 1154 Kyle. 1 bedroom with bath, washer In taraaa. lu week with utilities paid. Children welcome. Lee Stuart. 1314 tcjle, AN S-SOM. LUTE-3 room brick apartment at 408 Cora St. «J Mo. AN MM4 Or AM «• J13J. - ' JONES CREEK — Hwy. 3«. 1 bedroom homr with attached I car aarate. and U acres ot land. MO.OOO to settle estate. For further tnfprmatku call Tom Kenyoa, BE 3-3131. utilities paid. 1223 W«st ItH. eoupla only. rooms. -Apply NICEST 2 bedroom laraie apMtmenl with porch In North Freeport. Adults only. SM A»t. C. BB M4S4. NICE FDRH1SHED Adults. Air condltfeHM. SOS MUta in. C. CT M30J. -all rBAJLKRS toi real turnUbad. baths, swtmpilim DMt Baraloo> «r Park Hw» •• "".'aaiMri CA»J»»-SM ««• ftraat. Newly _. decoratad 140 per month* Phooa BB 3JJ7». LAKE JACBKON-1U North shady Oaks 3 bedroom . boma. 2 baths, wall to wall carrxtun. den, 1500 so.. R. Very small OI eaulty by owner CY 7-4494, LAKE JACKSON-150 Hulsacho St. 1 bedroom home. Only »00. down with JONES CREEK four room eon-liner, with larate US Per month bill paid. Phono BE 3-t7M after « P.m. 17. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOB HEHT DELUXE BAB-B-aUE PIT-A «;J.«S value reduced to 115.95. CY 7-S431. SPEED QOEEN WASBIR8 let you breeze tnroUKb your laundry without lea"n« your air condlllonlni. Sea CLOTS—H» East Mean Lane. 1 bad room Bouse with latie Uiina room and kitchen. Only 141 per month with the water furnished. Town an County CT 7-7777. .,„ - wlrfng- Jaeene tors, machine them Clute. . w? at ttby'a on Bwy 18« In FREEPORT—im Are S, 4 rooms an taraga. BE H3M. 'STOP SWEATDIO * MILDEW" boost in football. . . equipment In •ophomores on the soil en ftelr Junior Varsivff ball players, the Bi rRATNT v r , to lie the.toughest i? KATNING far behind. . . .Loopwill be trained.— Here 1 * a couple ofresent Job. If rtMlrdown. . . .C*ainmg can be ft looksasIfBaytoUnalysUVand <*^> t ™^.^n'™' distributor. Our own duct shop, and Call Angleton TI Installation crew 9.7539. STOVE — Admiral Deluxe completely automatic electric stove 1 year old, »175. CT 7-4,529 after 5 p.m. LAWS JACWONJbearoom home, per month. ROWLAND 'EALTT. J-6543 LAKE JACKSON .— 22S Center W arallabl*. vxm.-3- tudroomsr-plus additional room which can ba ui for bedroom, office, or aewlni. No park and'Primary School. Reasonab to responsible . tenant. CT 7-41M. . . . . •Partnership today to "Job Nov. 1st ove. Machine horn phon TYPEWRITERS—Remington Hand type-l wrllera reconditioned and guaranteed. [ «j. FDRNI8HED HOUSES Rowland Realty. CY WHT BSNTt Lace Jacktett — !w prtocoMw tovely 1 beaiwm tXKM. U» o» Oaly H3* desra oo wrtraafi. ''_ _ monthly. Teiai Petstr ium*v «. s*utr. Realtor. CT "•"• a -,., i « t& eitT P1C3C YOCR OWS PBCAIW — Mtttf NES CREEK-over 2.300 sauara feet of llvlni area. 4 bedrooms, half acre. I jariain at $15.500. consider trade, f BE 3-3055 NES CREEIt—Uve Oak Drlta—1 bedroom, one acre, plus bouse to be remodeled. 111.500. Mrs. W. L. Walter Real Estate. BE 3-2541. AKE JACKSON—Tou can't afford NOT :o buy this 3 and 3 bedroom duplex. Live in one side and rent the other lo almost make your payment. Very low down payment. Floeler-Cerler and Associates CT 7-2477. eeaatlrul bom«:te and oa* trt»s oa wwiy BIMXV out Loop Road on Kaci. 1»» strwi. 8»J small 4 rcoco. oous* ort *Uo. ftmndft* L lion with but *itc6e» !i»t cooSt »•! used while you build aa txctet&au, horn* later. Cnljr »T» « '.taut. »*i ItSQ down Bad $51 menia* stowoBd! Really. CT MM3. -"iner started several years l^* »s survived "by his wife, !charlste L. Miller of Houston; Malcolm R. ot Crosby, daughters, Mrs. Hazel wu"B.fe» ou- , . buttock" I great Brandchlldren. monthly payments MS. Includlnf tazaa Call AN 5-5549. of approximately i and Insurance. LAKI JACKSON-MI uanoila, 1 bad rooms, 1 bathe, trees, cast Inn Una to sewer FHA $90 Mo. E. L, Sauer Realtor. CT 7-77tl. What's your PLEASURE? CHEAP INTEREST? How aowrt a, 1 bedroom , ettelric kiichm. s«c*ra!» dinuif room home. U3a West Nth, at SS5 per month. • : RURAL LIVING? Take a look at IM* beauty off Hlabway in o«ar Skit- wood Vlllair. 1 bedrooms, tot welt planned kitchen with all kbdi ot bulll-lns. den. separate 4tain« areat circular approach drtre. OolM as 116,500. LOW DOWN PAYMENT* Neat 1 btd> room fresh paint only *Z7S plus clos- ini costs. See at 726 West IQt. AST POSESSlOSr This 1 bedrinm Is freshly redecorated. No lont 'draira out credit passlnt. Tours to enjoy at nil west lib, LAKE JACKSON? 1 bedroom SO wiring. Reasonable down payment and you'll like the location at 431 Center way. •.. • • •..,-. MATT COOLBT Hwy IM ~ BE 3-3331 Letters from Mamma LAKE JACKSON - Brick Vsnlre. bedrooms, fenced yard. 11000 equity •73 Ito. ROWLAND RBALTT CT J-6541. ' '.' ' .- ' ' ... LAKE JACKSON — shadow Olen. 206 Lotus. 1 bedroom, brick, central beat fenced back • yard, low o J. equit Interest. CT 7-7311. wUl be $5 .Tha «nd grew fees. . , • large following of Here 1* mother in. . . .Renumber City HUL . . .T ef charge to ,.<miT Texas Unlvertlrn. films flair'••"'• 'f£tt Tmtfataing Assocla- WASHKE—Mayiag automatic 0011 I 00 this nftner. Re- Guaranteed. Pnone CY 7-TOS. this paper. Re- manaier. auper Brawsport area Contact C. W. Wat Angleton Brazosport Contact Mr. Ko- Loratao. Tl 8-J141 OpUclan InitlsUVe and abl ibllity. Oood startin t company benefits a.- only. , 5:3M-.3 Tuesday at: Texas Inn .Village. OR COMMER- ulf Coast Avta- or 'BE 3-8156. ayanawe—deiii(«r on - routes In Brazona, , Old Ocean. Snady . Landing, Wild f eacb, eed a Itfbt car >,r mot-) handled money for B few nours Bracosport II Circulation Depart to do housework 2 days a , — ---- — -----von Co.'metles .during Chrlst- .: Mo experience necessary. 14— Ifith *ve. North Ttxai IBS; AND BAR OT older. Apply In person WBTAL co. sutomstlc kllcoen nrada. aer.. P j:«») 1 tog. AN 5-2653. waanar. IFBEEPOBT—2 room now* bins paid. 108 North Are. C. Fbone BB J-2344. LAKE JACKSON 237 Acacia— 3 bedroom, fenced. 325 Redwood-3. bedroom, low equity, 140 Laurel— l Bedroom, nreexeway. aog Uagnolla— 3 bedroom, air condt. 411 Jasmine— bain and Half. 420 Wisteria— Corner .lot. 109 Forest Oak Lane— a bedroom, air conditioned. 211 Camellia— Large family room. 154 Bulsacbe— J200 down, an Uontb. ..:'.' OYSTEB CREEK • I bedroom, all brick, win trade. • ; . FREBPORT 114 West nm— Bath and naif. Roger Drake or Joe Talbot TALBOT REALTY CT 7-4411 GUARANTEED LIFE-TIME MUFFLERS BE 3-9240 TOTS I TOTS I ToVsl Lay 'em Away Now. ' LACK'S ASSOCIATE STORE 107 North Parking Place Lakt Jackson. Texas HI FX SPECIAL i new 1959 Model VM consoles. Cost price. 8BOAF RADIO and T.V. CT 7-4071 I LAKE JACKEdN--H»y-l and batb IU.SO a,.week utilities P«Jd call > BE 3-le» or BB MIDI. I LAKE JACKSON — 3 bedrooms, fenced yard. (100 per month. ROWLAND REALTY. Phone CT 7-8M). IsuRFSIDB BEACH cottages comfortably furnished at winter "»tfs. Call Doris Haulier BE 3-2303. 19. WANTED TO RENT NEW ZENITH Slerlo hi ft record Play. er with All and FM radio In walnut cabinet. Regularly priced »UJ. Sale 8325. plus tax. CORNER SPEAKER Inclosure with 12" WANT TO BENT a 2 or 1 bedroom houst In Sweeny school district preferably wlln acreage. DI S-3M4. West Columbia. JACKSON 1 Magnolia— Big family room, 204 Jasmine—Huge screened porch. 08 Grapevine— Duplex., • ' 11 Chestnut—Bath and half. 4 Laurel—Priced to aell. 125 Holly—Fenced. • . 139 Loop Road—2 car garate. 0 Calladlum—Clean. 23C Caladlum—Bargain. 'asmtne^Dinlnc room. _ 53 Lake Road—549 Acres. tMFlaa- Lake Road—Iti Acres. FHEEPORT o. 14 8. Ave. D—75 « ISO lot. o. U a. Aye. C—House as apartment. CLTJTB 90. 62 Davidson Dr.—House it Apt. JAMES U. ELBERT — REALTOR CT 7-2492 Day Night CT 7-2165 102. HOUSES FOR SALE heavy duty woofer. One S" mid range, one B" extended range University ANOLETON— 3 bedroom all arlos: speaker. University cross over net) IdeaL for teachers. Located In Richie work. One 50 watt ampUfyer. One garrard turn table. Reg. Value $319.95. Sale - .-• • »U».| LAKE TV 31 B. Circle Way CT 7-2911 MOTOR SCOOTER Zundapp. Phone CT 7-7038. . 54. HOME FUHNIBHIH(3__ CARPETS are a* toundaUi." at beautiful room fauilo your knelt rocm w.u> one from Laonard's rloor Co Ci 7-65 J 'or ustunata* DINING ROOM SUITE — Table and I chairs, buffet. Mahogany Ounoan Phyie. CT 7-4537. MISC — Bedroom, living room, rattan den furniture. 14x19 carpet, hall run Like new. 0. W. Dyke. 316 South. em Oaks Drive. AN 5-2919 • after 5 • p.m. . . - : 30 \\ -Makes double bed -with .corage Sub-Division. Convenient to Soutbatd School. Q. L, McKay. AN 5-53H, ANOLETON - Homae for colored beautiful Washington Terrace. New bedrooms, central beat .attlo fan. Lo down payment. 609, 70S, 713. and 721 Marshall Road. Call L. C. COOKSBT In Angleton TI M7U. JBBAZOBIA—Real bargain. 1 bedroom. X bath home on 1 acre. Extra larg kitchen • and living room. Assuc equity, -'at 973. month. Floater-Cart and Associates, CT 7-1477. BRAZORLA -.Garden Awes home. . new 1'bedroom frame on 71 x 124 lot Long' term loan. • Colemao ' AN 9342} or AN 5-2913. 03. LOTS FOR SALE ABC REALTY now has lots for Kf down and S25. per month. Why pay rent when you can own the place you live In. Phone BE 3-3222 for fas action. «« In 1 BEAUTIFUL LOTS and acreage in Lak Jackson, Southern Oaks, -Oulf .Terrace Brazorla and Clute. Fl&eter-Carter and Associates CT-7-24$. : Ctilf flrauette Dear Ace: ^(Mamma always said I was a card.) Things are fine in Mount Idy (she goes on), a whip. sed— by anything.* ". HUSBAND'S. PHOTOS HE<50HfHE VEARI Mrs. E. F. Hpellw Hai Llytd In faieo Sine* UN IN OLD VELASCO: men BASTROP BATOD ^- US' water fronl. cleared, lot. 12,950. Day CY'7-6515, Night (-5100. ENJUY flanlnt. water (Bine and Dost- toi on Baatrop Bayou. IX> x too ahady homesltes 11150. tanna How' -vl Realty. CT 7-4541 LAKE JACKSON—Southern oaks. 91x175 ft lot. Surrounded by beautiful brick homes. Call O. L. McKay AN 5-S3U. Pioneer j ,.. Wakway the money. LAKE JACKSON ahady lot, 62U82. Near school and shopplnt. (1,295. BE 3-12M. NEAR 1 acre of land fronton 200' on old. Braaoa River, Located on North Freeport slda of channel, midway between Telasco and upper end. Has Improvements and Is vrrll ' landscaped. Sellers Tiealt; BE 3-3593. SOUTH PARKWOOD SOD-DIVISION — You can buy a choice lot. Texas Better Homes, CT 7-7781. . 104. 1USINESS PROPERTY PLANTATION DRIVE — IDT bontale only 113.000. A 900 snuare foot build Ina* thrown In. E. L. Sauer. Realtor CT 7-BI1. NEAR ST. MARY'S Catnollo Church— 115 West 6th St. Family size 3 bedroom home with den. Bath and half. Fenced play yard for children. Carpeting In living room. • Down payment and the closing cost too, only as»o.- South Texas Realty. BB 3-3410. NEW HOME for on West llth. Freeport. Near school. Three large bedroomi. 3 tUed baths. Uvuiff room, t birch papal family mom. Large, dm- Ing area. All OB kitchen, birch paneled. Double tarace. Interested buyers Shown by appoint- tall BB I-1397. mant only. OY8TBK CftEEK-KiOO. Home 15000. cash. Ph. BE MOll. IS YOUR BUSINESS LIOHT COX MZRCIAL? Do you need a new location that offers plenty of tralflc larse lot. abundance of parking? 8e 111 Plantation Drive. Lako Jackson 10x10 building, on 70x137 Int. Soil reinforced slab. Cork tile floors. Par sale only. Cab Leo Anderson CY 7-7010. HOLLOW TILE BUSINESS Building on Main Street In Clute. Low Down Pa; mant and Owner Will Finance. H. , Davis Realty, BE 1-5229. 10$. ACHEAGE FOF SALE 121 «7.SO WANTED | Senn/lSd iiaple *i'bedsted' (wood*? aaiaeaassaBaa springs ........... . ..... $IJ mat. maple .... .......... «4 Jamp combination— maple Platform rocker ' . Occasslonal chair women ; combination slova, M.OO 15.00 BHAZOBIA 8OAD—3 bedroom, frama borne, wltb aoma furniture. S. D, Ounton Baaltor. Pane DI 5-4151. R1CHWOOD ADDITION — Pay Ut Mo. and In Just 13 years you own this lovely 3 bedroom borne, practically new. Owner will consider side note on equity. Floeter-Carter and Associates. CT 7-2447. BRAZOS TERRACE Kte;-«arn »30I) or more tepre-i .Electric GE-top burnei iyi»oj box). Ideal lor summer . cottage or trailer . .. .. : • va'iosa.11:' Tier Table .- J 'Metal milily Table ' "AIDS - ^.w'^o, . , D », BE 34171 , or We".: ] GOODS »r i $15,000 to $17,660 11.00 sis Make your selection 'now Personalize Tour home with your color Hlectlona. HSAZOI BlVEIl - Peach Pout area— 141 acres, 15000. Mrs W I. W.1U Real Estate, BB VU4: HIGHWAY UI Build your dream hou amid tall trees, high elevation, acres IM ft. frontage. Will divide Blsinvood Addition. &frs. Oeaerte< Black. Write Mrs. Kathleen Bla 6131 Charlotte 81. Houston, Texas VETERANS . • WORLD WAR O • KOEEAN 100% FINANCING WILD PEACH—10 to 10 acres, sm down payment. 10 years on balan Owner-CY7-2S25. By POtLY O'COHNELI, Facts Newswrlter The husbands laughed .while their'Vwlves hammered "and saWerf.Jto build a board walk in Velasco. back 'in the early 1900's. Mrs. Edward F. Hoeller was "sldevvalk superintendent" or straw bos? of this early civic project of the^oung matrons of the city. - •'•-.. She told how the women Ity of'.Texas and had a drug store In Velag- 119.07. /Freeport. Sulphur, fetr-... Iperatidns' about-t-iinj "he i [heir photographer during bnstructlon years. / , became Velasco postraaa- kept the post he went to work for Tree- Sulphur Co. In 1621. Irs. Roeller recalli the re«lions of young pebplt sround, stood up and shot him 1 '.-•.•' Mamma . right., 1959, by Cliff Arauette.i were tired-of walking in the I turn of the century. There mud to the business section of le dances at the .Hudglna own When their husbands fcch on Oyster Creek'and in bowed little interest In reme-I pity ot Quintan.. Young dying the situation they band-fcple went there In buggies, ed together to form a civic cluDfA three-darkle string band Their first civic tmprpveraenfiyed -for them.. They were was the building of a boar- walk from t h e, 900 block Sorth Avenue A to the do- town'area. " v • . Mrs. Roeller, who has in the same block of the SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK ByR.J.SCpTT .. Bugaboo, Leroy Austin, Jackie Bates," Mr». Ro«l- >--says.v - -,: f • ' ••-,'•'. .There were-also dancts ;in since she moved to Velasco 1892' when she was 12 yei old, tells hoinr -the worked .while their husbaf Dances were le Roeller Building in Velasco. teller's lamlly owned it. The ' g store was downstairs, a i lotel upstairs, and a dining] room at the dqwnstairs rear. HWY. tat FRONTAGE — One ac See W. J. Parnell at Norman's 8 Tlce Statloo. Clutc. <A ACRES In Golden Acres Addllun. Old Anglflm Sd. Neighborhood ol alee brick horoes. Call owner CY 7-7306. 101. REAL ESTATE WANTED PLANTATION PARK Lake JaeksoB's newest and most COME ON OUT AND »mpllmented neifhborhood ACREAGE WANTED - Have waltlni buyer for from 200 to 41M acres of land within 20 to 21 miles radius of Brasoaport. B. J. Davis Realty, BB 4-S22I. BOAT-MIss "Dot" !0' Day cruiser, 110 h.p. engine, radio nhnne, depth loolc^tor. radio, direcfl/i'i finder, ^tc. At £ur[6ido Park. Be 1-Ktl. BOAT - 1G* Continental jbutboard cruiser. \a:\v shfft 35 h.u. Evinroude with controls, ton, windshield, tilt, and trailer, tms. CY 7-U12. CABIS ClirKEB 30 FOOT Has t»o 15 ..u. .:-. irade electric starting motors. :!:i .-. sood trailer. E::-c'-:f;'.t cojdlllon. CHARLES GEAY 130 W. Bill BE 1-3610 DOCK DECOYS <or sale.~Ca¥"cY 1 . MWl.. MlniitS Insulated uudcrwev M.85 ""».• " .».jiece camoufiaie suits (1.95 Army'.sleeping: bats $4.H oooi AU, t»ei ol hunting bags ... .. 6»c '' ' " W.ATTS SDRPLUS SAUtS " " :•••.- • AM MS31 SEE OUR NEW HOMES . . . BUYING A HOME IS SAVING MONEY OPEN ON SUNPAY BE 3-3410 SOUTH TEXAS RIALTY 4 TEtaKmarlt 2 bedrooms. 1, IM, t bathg, shade trees, wetll drilned lots, side walks and paved street*. $12000—$17000 TRADES OCR SPECIALTY CY 7-7010 TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED also •side TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED , SPECIAL NOTICES 1. SVECIAL NOTICES OPEN MONDAY, OCT. 12A SNACK SHACK ON HWY ttf . 4 AM — Ifl FM BREAKFAST — PLATE SHORT UNDEE THE NEW MAWAaEMENT OF Mr. stoat Mffc L. B. Johnson, formerly »t Jttuuaa't Cfte «o Gull Blydn Invite their friend* and customers to their new location. . laughed at the sight. . Assisted by Mrs. J. T. Di they got other women bus: the job,- doing much of it t v selves but hiring some 01 work man at times to hel on the job. ' • . • _ Alter the board walkf « completed, Mrs. Koeller, Mrs. Dingle were, often with their hammers, ar/a repairing the board wal never forget how riled " Dingle vrould.get whe one droVe a wagon o walk and broke-It," Mi ler says. Thia- early civic built a pavilion 1 Park on the river. aorse racing were ni lovely 'wooded park. The pavUlon wai dances and playa. D War I there, were the soldiers billeted co, Mrt,''Hoellfr si The paviuon was down .the river to town because she said. Entertainments were held there years longer. Mrs. Roellw is] living member Association le early days with members. • The cemetery] end of Avenu Brazos River ual care. The their lunches day there, cl tifying the gi The cemett now, Mrs. I ; The ladies in those day: Mn. Hoi" ch»nges in She also recalls attending j .dances in the Coast Guard Sta- I ion located several miles north 1 ast of the present station. It 3 was destroyed in the 1915 storm I and several persons] lost their | ives there. . ' '' 1 Mrs. Roeller first lived in al tall two story home on the east! side of North Avenue A before I she, grew up. The 1900 i tonal blew the roof and upper story I off. i Her father had purchase* tael house for |100 but did not own 1 the lot. He had the house 1 moved across the street where! he owned some lots before rebuilding it into a one and a I this for orld lor f.Velas I^noyed eare alism half story home. Mrs. Rotlltil lived there" until her JiuibantJ'i 1 death. She slays next door With] her daughter, Mn. Lawrtnei Smith, now.' She recalls that the 1 fell out ot things in Vt\i after the liKH) storm. were hard and houses to $100 then. Then in her early rag l days she tells how the wo dances had regular "at home" diyll If several when she She was was family tore She College rl«dEd Roell [year ' the ; f last local Iqemetery fin thoss i 25 active ,. a off the [coward the it perpet- f would fake spend the ' and beau- "rarely used says 8 d a 4.2 dub seen many i since 1802 \a Velasco old then: She her fyorV Worth be- this area. Sacred Heart •U and mar > in 1809. died about i , graduated from They made 'sure their h? were spic and span,* ' ' all dressed up to r«cel' Her husband kept „ „, _ store until 1917 when he be came postmaster. He was thi] [irst mayor of the city wberl 1 Incorporated around 1MO| Mrs. Roeller says. Roeller came to Velasco fro Minnesota in 1893. His fan ' had been attracted to, Velj ay the big boom when a iyo-J dicate was plygglnj away make the city »:«eaV»|aB, He had played with VeJ brothers, the Combi hpys, MM Roeller says, while (Be petkfd through the fence admlrijn] him. "He was the cutest I ever saw." «h» says- A, UtUe later (be chan her mind abon, him and wo not let him walk home school with her, »"8e'aei ..., like a smart alt* then," ih ya. . . It wai only aft*r.they/ both finished college that/ renewed their friendahio y of Pharmacy of the led to marriage.

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