Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 27, 1947 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1947
Page 8
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, Fridfey, June 2?» 1947 Grade Reports "-—•*m r «•-- i fey GRACtE ALLEN Jweu, I see where they have been JeRpertmenting at a Chicago 700 with., one-way glass which enables lasitors to look at the animals ^ItJiottt the animals being able to see them, it secihs that a lot of eoo inmate; are shy and be- cothe embarrassed when they find strangers giving them the once over — except the mon- Grade keys, which ?OD officials say seem to get a lot of pleasure from observing people. I ran wrll believe this and I have la pretty good idea of what the monkeys, are thinking, too! It seems to me this one-way glass Would be a blessing in our o\vn homes. Imagine bring able tn see bill collectors and book salesmen approaching 1 without them being able ito sec tliat you're home! George, ask-.'d how much this kind of glass would cost and then askud \vhen my mother was planning to pay her next visit. I wonder if the questions had any connection? Legal Records Carriage Licenses County Cleric Chnrl'.c Thul yr:,- tertlay granted marrlnge licenses to the following coupies: James Vernou IJarker :\tul Patsy Ka.vomi, Egleson. Walter Wendell Simnis anil Nitui Lea McVcy. Itrally Transfers Minnie Walker to F. W. Hanson land wife. Pay Hanson: All of lots numbered 31, 32, nnrl 33 situated in Block 21 of the WiJcos addition of the city of Panipa.. Jjiiil'liiiK Permits John E. I-fill was given a pcrniii. to rcfmodcl the inside and part of the outside of the City Drug store iaiid replace old sidewalk at 300 W. Foster St. Charles B. Cook was issued a permit to construct an additional room to the building situated at 1301 Christine St. Texas Today By JACK RUTLEDGE Associated Press Staff What is to become of feminine vanity if men no longer may gaze at an attractive woman, the Den ton Record Chronicle wants to know. It all cnrne up when two men wore fined $38 for violating a newly discovered city ordinance against :nashlng. The anti-wolf ordinance, says city attorney T. B. Davis, is perfectly valid and may be prosecuted when a younc woman or women allege embarrassment as the result of attentions by an unknown man or men. Davis said unwanted attentions can be whistling, talking, attempting to make n pick-up, or simply the manner in which n young man may look at'a woman. But. says assistant building Inspector J. M. Smith of Dallas, one can be too good. He was referring to grammar. "To whom do you wish to speak?' he asked a man calling the office by phone. "I must have the wrong number.' said the caller. "I wanted the building inspector's office." He hung up. Even truth in reporting sometime: causes kickbacks. Remember the runaway boxcar from Plainview? The one that was. blown 37 miles down the track by a storm? The unusual incident was duly reported by H. S. Hilburn of the" Plainview Herald, but a lot oC people didn't believe it. Just, a Texas tall talc, was the general attitude. A Wootworth official in Denver even wrote: "Why don't you put u sudt.dc on the thine?" You may not believe this one cither: A Dallas lien laid an egg with a Buffnlc- nickel in the middle of it Mrs. A. A. Gray bought the egg from a neighbor, paid four cents for it, figures she got her money's worth. PftlSCILLA'S POP A pound of English walnuts in the shell yields a. little more than a cup and a half of halved meats. Venetian Blinds • WOOD OR STEEL WE INSTALL Place your order now! HOME BUILBEES' SUPPLY CO. Varied Cases Heard In 31sl District Court District Judge Lewis M. Goodrich this morning in 31st District Court approved one agreed judgment, granted one divorce, continued another and approved one removal of disabilities. One Royalty suit was dismissed. Tiic agreed judgment was approved in favor of J. E. Yoder, plaintiff, against the Texas Indemnity Company, defendant. Yodcr was awarded a settlement of $300. The petition of C. R. Howard. Jr.. 19, for removal of legal disabilities was granted by the Court. On grounds of cruelty, the Court granted a divorce to Thomas W. Barnes from his wife. Ruby M. Barnes. The plaintiffs petition stated that they were married in October, 1933, and separated in April of 1947. The divorce suit of Eddie Maude Shannon versus W. B. Shannon was contnlnued for further hearing. A royalty suit against the Phillips Petroleum Company was dismissed following its settlement out of Court. W. S. Willis and wife. Mary B. Willis, were the plaintiffs. Read The Fampa News Want Ads PAMPA TEXAS Phone 934 VAN SERVICE 626 S. Cuyles Expert Moving — Nation wide Service Ample Storage Space Barker Phone 192 $495 5lh B9 BY THE CASE OR BOTTLE Balkniine or Bohemia Ale 65 GNS 86-8 LORD Calved 65 GNS 86 Proof Black Label KING 60 GNS 92 Proof HUNTER'S $235 PL 65 GNS 86 Proof SCHENLEY'S $225 Pt. 100 Pf., 4 Years Old Old Lancaster Bond $425 ** 70 GNS, 86 Pf. Old Guckenheimer PAHPA'S LEADING PACKAGE STORE Clover Liquor Store • Across\Street Fvom Sixs— -T. Elmer Francis I 817 5. CuyU\r Phone 1870 By Al Verineer 7 keep' I'd blush, too, if I were yt?*// ere your little sister a vacation job and you haven't! Ten cents day! Just what business are you thr<f.v mudbats I, Leaves From a Correspondent's Life Note Book Military :00- >:l5 ,::iO .:iri Mm i:lf. •.:») :im :10 :30 i :00 :110 :4D' U:lj- KPDN 1340 on Your Dial FRIDAY -II (in lIiirrlRan. Viri;ll Molt .SoiiK". i-'Mtiliiln Midnight— AIB.H. Tom Mox— MBS. Kiillon lj"\vis). Jr. 7S'"WS Klvp Minnie Myslerica. Vaiuleivnolt Ntwii. SiiortH atnl Ne\VH, ijVuvc. u tu tiic oiflK— MBS, r.ntiHH Hen tier— MBS. Itcal Life Btorli-K— MBS. Adventures oi' BullUos Orum- noiul - MBS, Meet tlifi V\-KUKS— MBS. To Ho Announced. — To Wu Anmrtinvod— MBS. H. J, Taylor— MBS. r>aii(.'e Ordinal.™.— MHb. — puiiuo Crclicslrn — MJ.ia. --Ni.-w»— MBS. — UIUK-P uri'lioiilra— MHH. — nniiro Ori-liuslrH— MBS. — News— MBS. — Ke<:oj-<l Show. — Hccori) Sliinv. — Sign Off. SATURDAY — Sl»rn On. 86 Pf. 5 Yrs. Old OLD HICKORY Straight Bourbon 70 GNS. 86 Pf. OLD (!:':;;,—1,'i 10 Itunch. 7:0"—News. -J.-lV—Tin; Upon Htulp. 7 : .(f,-_.-Breakfast Uliytlimn. 7:."!!—News. fi:00—Kurmeni Union. 8-ir.—Muslwil Interlude. ..„„ 8-30—ThM Jurklc HIM Show—MU3- 9 : 00—This Week In WashliiBton- MDH. 9-.K,—HxcursioiiM In Science. •i : ;iu—Say It With Music—MBS. 10:00— Hoard's Birthday Club. 10:30—Filch) Inln thn Past—MBS. U-.00—Clim-cli of Christ. 11:15—Coffee Time. 11 ;',W —News. ll:4f,—Extension Service. 1»-00—CUi.v Liombardo'B Orchestra— MBS. ll!:30—nimierbcll Jamboreo. 12:1.-.—This Is Juzz—MBf>. „ 1 ;on—Art Mooney'f Orchenlra—MI>S. 1 :.-)0—Snorts Fnrndfi—MBS. L':00—Horse Knees—MBS. ,. 2:1I>—Nora Morales Orchestra—Mus>. »:ao—ClrnrKS Townes Orchestra— MBS. , »,tjc« U-OO—For Yorir Approval—MBb. :i:30—All IleciucKt Shaw. r,:00-Hawiill Calls—MBfe. B-HO—Biioi-ls nnd Nnws—MBo. r,-.|>i—Musical Interlude. r,-f>n—Vandei-cook News. r.:!iu—Sports and News. (1:00—Twenty QuestloiiK—MMn. n-30—S'-ramby Amby—MBb. 7..oo—Minlity Casey—MBS. 7:30—HiKh Advonture—MBS.. 8:00—Chicago Theatre of the Air— 9:00—koniit A Ki-nckln—MBS. <|.;)0 Oanco Orchestra—Mob. Ift.'oo—Tlani-o Orchestra—MBS. 10-30—"Ounces Ori-Uestra—II Bb. , n :-,r,—News—MBS. 11-00—Nolhins But Music. 1:00—SlR-n Off. Tonlflht on Networks NRt'--I', Paul r,iivallp. Melody: 7 bor- oiiad.- to America; 7:30 Walls Time; S Mystery Thc-iUer "Talk Them to U cnS-B:30 l-c.wis UttlR "Show; 7 Ar iur'1 Place. Benny Uoodiimn: 8 I ays'To Be iR.iorant; 8:30 My Friend 'Anr:--7 Tim Fat Man: 7:30 This 1: 1HT- 8-.TI The Sheriff; 9 Boxine, Bill: oVvw! Arlln Tjcvlnc. Saturday on Networks NTjr—0:30 Home IK A\ hat > oi 1-iko"if 12 noun National Farm air n n: I HttMmlfly fror feinphl.": r> Foreign Policy "U. S M"- 7 Hit Parade. , „. . CBS-9-.SO n.m. Adventurers' Clul "••fO n in C'ouiitry Journal; J.-i u & , Joiils Vratiiif-e; S:30 Oklahoma Round 7:30 Saturday Serenade. ARI- ; - 1-'10 am. Junior Junction; 1 oon Youth Asks the Oovernmcnt: vhltpninn'K rfershwln Concert: 7 t> U re B^ective: 9:30 Rev,. Kvere hKMi on "Farmer and I'edera ,egislaiure (Continued 1'roni I'liK" I) Ucut of the Legislature to penult ny such huge increase' in the m- cbtcdncss of locnl government.'' Prcviou.s legislation provided for e\clopiurnt and nrl.ralnlstration of hospital planning and construc- ion program in Tcxns to afford dcquatu hosi)it;il and public health enters, the message added. Jester said the plan for tailing Iw state rlcat school from under he jurisdiction of the beard of con- rol "would ho an undesirable ackward step" to old system under vhiuh all eleemosynary institutions VOID operated by separate boards. ic ;;aid if the/o were any condi- ions at. tha deaf school that nccd- d correcting, the board of control ould be depended upon "to take uch action ... as may be indi- atcd." Jester signed the tax remission jilt extension, saying thai- all of the districts were not in need of such unds to meet their obligations, but/ hoy were included in the same b:Jl dth disti-icts which did need such emission.". "This is a very unfortunate situa- ion," lies aid, "but there seems to to nothing to do but approve the neasure a.s written." Seven other measures finally p.'iss- jd by the 50th Legislature, that lever reached the Governor's desk, died automatically nt midnight. They were the so-called "one hot" appropriations measure total- ng around four and a half million Icllars, red-tagged by the compt- •oller because no funds were In land or in sight to pay f9r them. Attorney General Price' Daniel •ulcd that unless the comptroller ound the money to pay for them jefore midnight, the measures were lead. The comptroller did not find he money. By flAt, BOYLE MARE ISLAND. Calif.—W)—It pays to rebuild war-dnniaged veterans—to make part-men whole ape In. The Navy has figures to prove it, based on U.OOO amputees who have passed through its rehabilitation ccn'ers nt the Mare Island Navy yard here for veterans who lost arms and legs in combat. "We have found that PO percent of the men trained here to use artificial arms and legs are employed and have made n readjustment to c'vtllan life," said Commander Thomas 3 Canty of Milwaukee, Wis., officer -in charge of the amputee center. "About five percent are having difficulties and require further hospital treatment. The remaining five percent are failures—men who slmp- .ly have given up.' Canty said that each failure would represent a lifetime cost to the government of $70,000 to $100.000. "So It has proved well worth while to the taxpayer," he said, "to spend the few thousand dollars necessary to rehabilitate the average amputee and restore him to a productive place in civilian life. "Aside from the financial aspect of course, this training gives hin back hi.s life—his self-respect. And our boys are doing well in even walk of life." A former Marino Major who )OK ;a leg in air combat Is running an nil line in Southern California. A Inp less Marine Sergeant, is sUulyiu 1 agriculture in a Texas college. A Marine Private who lost a leg abov the knee is a bulldozer. They er typical of the amputee school graduates who are making good. (Continued From Pa ire 1) no announcement was made in that direction. The Board said that most fresh- rm-n entering A. and M. next year will be quartered at the college annex at Bryan Air Field. Treatment of freshmen was one of the controversial subjects involved in the recent legislative investigation and hazing practices were bitterly criticized by a majoi- ty of the state investigating com- nlttee. Normally freshmen are quartered among upper classmen, which Drovides more hazing opportunities. Ulawever, the Board, in Its announcement, did not mention haz- >ug. Another action of tho directors ivac to authorise college authorities ,o sign a contract for acquisition of Lhe 15,000-acre Bluebonnet Ordnance plant nt McGregor for use ns an experimental tract. The area Is lieing produced through the Wat- Assets Administration as surplus property. The next Board meeting will be in Lufkin in August. Chinese Loan " (Continued iTotn f'atrf 1) ress Marshal Li had a falling out with the Nationalist government and then made his peace with the Communists, i But that's only part of the story. Famine has been taking a toll of millions in various parts of the country. The Wrick marketeers are perched like carrion crowns on the taacx of the stricken nation, and a crasy inflation has carried the national currency to the staggering figure of 33,0000 Chinese dollars (yuansi to the American dollar, •whereas the yuan normally is about fifty cents in U. S. money. What Washington now has to decide "is would it do any good to ; dump more millions of dollars or.j other aid into such ft morass which instantly swallows everything 'that touches it. That's a tough question to answer. The Tj-fffert-lmpovt Bank in Washington has a loan of $500,000,000 conditionally earmarked for China, but the time limit on that -will expire Jttnc 30 unless the United States grverriment implements the Joan. Secretary of State Marshall expressed the view Wednesday that the end of the month probably would be allowed to pass without action. PORTRAITS ••• COMMERCIALS Smith's Sludio 122 W. Foster Phon« 1511 Head The Panipa News Want Arts 110 W. Foster .... THOMPSON GLASS .... & PAINT CO. Phone 1079 EXPERT AUTO REPAIRING HOOD TIRES • SEAT COVERS • AUTO ACCESSORIES • SKELLY GAS & OILS. —SEE US TODAY- PLAINS MOTOR CO. DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH 113 N. Frost -' Phone 380 CORRECT VISION ... makes reading more pleasant. To be assured of the correct glasses let our Optician examine your eyes today. TERMS: As Low Ar, 1.00 Week PAMPA OPTICAL CO, Eyca Examined Offices At Glasses Filled ZALE'S Tourney Favorites Live Up to Notices ANN ARBOR, Mich.— (fC}~ Pre- /oumament favorites lived up to ,heir advance notices today as 32 survivors of first round match play •p.vumed their bid for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Golf Championship here. Virtually all the top ranking entries were still in the running as the second and third rounds got underway today. Binghamton beat Scran ton in an Eastern League ball game in May, 1945, 11 to 4, yet got only one lilt. CIO Meeting (Continued From PHBS i> lespite the enactment of the 'laf* Hartley law over his veto, he wi do all'in his power to make sur he act "is well and faithfully ad- ninistered." In that connection. Murray was expected to recommend to the 4« union heads here represented on lis executive board that they seek mmediate meetings with management representatives m their industries to discuss common obligations •ind problems under the law. Mr. Truman put it this way: "Industrial strife at this critical Lime can result only in economic dislocation injurious to all of us. n !t should reach serious proportions it would threaten the stability of our economy and endanger the peace of the world. , „ "We cannot afford such a result. Truman (Continued From Page D fair play. Neither management nor labor will achieve any long-range benefit by seeking to use the provision of this act to gain unfair advantages or to sustain arbitary attitudes. "It is in the interest of both to maintain steady production at fair wages while the effect of this new act is being testqd by experience . . . industrial strife at this critical time can result only In economic dislocation injurious to all of us. II should reach serious proportions, it would threaten the stability of our economy and endanger the peace of the world." ATJ>RE-WAjr PRICE 'WEST BENO ^^atumtaum \ GENUINE WATERLESS COQKWARE TSAVES^ITAMINSJ' ,^f\ •»* v *i *"' -*^^ *w*^ ^ *W"*^(rt(p*^*w. Triple-thick \Vcst Bend De Lujee ouni cooks wpidly and evenly with little oc no water over LOW fuel. Retains mote of the delicious flavors and origind **' vitamins in every food you FOR 90%"OF YOUR COOKING i .. f i : ' ** <• • Complete set of 2 and 3 quart saucepans, 10" coveted skillet and 5 quart Dutch Oven roaster cooks everything from cereals .and small vegetables to tender 1 roasts and fried chicken. Saves fuel, foo4 jind time. ( ZALE'S 107 N. Cuylcr FOR SALE 1942 3 /4-ton International Pick-up 1942 3 /4-tpn Ford Pickup Excellent Condition READY TO HAUL WHEAT BIDED MOTOR CO. ZALE'S HAS JUST RECEIVED LIMITED SUPPLY OF THESE ft W m ROGERS * SILVERPLATE 74 Piece Service lor 8 INCLUDING for tho first time in yoctrs you havo bten waiting for. A GLORIOUS NEW PATTERN IN *W» ROGERS* Simple of outline . . . exquisite delicacy of ornament ... a design that will live with you year ofttr year. 539" for rtii» complete wt ready to »erve you on ail occaiioru. It contistt of — 16 ttatpooni 8 Vnives (viand*) hollow handle 8 forlt* 8 oval soups 8 salad* 2 tervina spoons Plus these extras — B butter spreaders 8 cocktail forki 8 ice teaspoons 74 Piece* • R*9. U. S. fat. OH. ,,\ % •now toW 61 ROGERS* Silverplate By The international Silver Co. DIAMOND 107 m/ *' N. Cuyler / The Traditional Ro0er» S>lvprwaf<? Thut yev hove alwqy; wanted Phones 837—838 jr.

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