Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on November 1, 1961 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Page 7
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.....j.............. r ... In Review Annual Reports Award Won By Electric Firm SEAT COVER HEADQUARTERS — Leymond Hall, owner and operator of Hall Tire Campany, 700 W. Foster, displays the new 1962 pattern, selection of the well known caprice seat cover. Hall Tire Co.. is well stocked with a wide variety of seat covers in all makes and styles to give the customer a .choice.of materials and price ranges. Come in and see them or phone MO 5-5755 for a free estimate. Hall Tire also sells and Installs 'safety seat belts in all makes and models of automobiles. (Daily News Photo) Hall Tire Co. Offers Seat Covers, And Various Quality Services If you want style and service in your automobile seat covers, Hall . Tire Company,,,700 W. Foster, is the place to go. Whatever your color desire, Hall ' Tire, carries the line that is best for your car. You have your choice of material, whether its' plastic, jet spun, nylon or fiber. All are of highest quality go give class and beauty to 'the interior decoration of your car. ' "These long lasting seat covers at Hall Tire are doubly reinforced at all points of strain. They are ,•' "-yours at prices to fit your budget. Stardust, T --Bird, Monarch, Caprice and Clear are some of the styles. To -show how highly they re- guard their seat cover service, Hall' Tire will see that your seat 0 covers are^Titted correctly. Thus you get alf the wear and service lhat was intended. . For long- lasting, good looking 1 seat 'covers go to, Hall Tire Co., ,: 700 W. Foster;; 'Hall Tire Co. is also a distri- I butor in the Panhandle area for the • magic formula MF - 9, the 100 .per cent petroleum product designed to provide hi - point lu- brication at all -operating temperatures. • One can of formula 9 cleans sticky automobile valves and gives proper hydraulic valve lifter operation. The use of Formula 9 results in a strong oil film on the cylinder wall and all the internal parts of the motor. Hall Tire also includes tire truing and balancing, the combination that gives you: No. 1 — Lower car repair bills from front end damage, caused by excessive shimmy and vibration. No. 2 — Longer tire mileage. No. 3 — The driving ease that comes only from smoother driving., No .4 — Increased safety. Tire irregularities cause immediate excessive tire wear around .the high spots, a condition that increases vibration, shortens both tire and car life and increases driver fatigue. Stop at Hall Tire Co., 700 W. Foster, for all your car service: seat covers, tires, tire service, Magic Formula 9 and auto maintenance. British Market Plan Disturbing To Sen. Tower NEW YC-RK (UPt)-Post - war growth of the United States stock; holding population to an estimated 15 million made timely reading today of a couple of expert opln» ions on the printed link between corporations and most of .their stockholders—the annual report. The occasion was announcement by a business weekly, the Financial World, of winners in the 1981 competition sponsored by the magazine for the year's best annual report. The best-of- - all- industry award went this year to a public utility, American Electric Power, for the first time. Tn making its awards, the FW Board of Judges sifted through about 5,000 annual reports, evaluating each on a basis of 60 per cent for content—what was in it— and 40 per cent for appearance —what it looks like. In Connection with the awards and the" whole subject, two men gave their views on what should be in the report. One, Thomas W. Benham, is vice president of Opinion Research Corp.; the other, Donald B. McCurda, is president of the New York Society of Security Analysts. : The annual report of a corporation, they concluded, should con- .tain something for all: Both the WASHINGTON (UPI) — Sen.! small stockholders who lacks an John Tower, R-Tex., has returned | expert view of the field, and the from a 10-day visit in England' analyst who in essence is the man On The Record HmHUNb GENERAL HOSPITAL NOTES TUESDAY , Admissions Mrs. Emm .tcnn Knight, 1221 Charles Mrs. Patficia Ann Jenkins, 722 Locust C. C. Crawford, 204 W. Brown Skellytown Personals MRS. ROBERT MCALLISTER Ually New* mg Kenneth Westbrook, 300 S. Starkweather Claude Park, Panhandle Mrs. Isabel Asencio, White Deer Rosd"Marie Davis, Pampa Mrs. Florence Wallin, -125 .N. Dwight Mrs. Evelyn Morrow, Borger Mrs. Dora Shelton, 702 N. Christy Mrs. lla Knowles, Pampa Marion D. Summers, 1133 Sir- and France, fearful that Great Britain's entry into the common market might have adverse effects on American foreign trade. Tower conferred with several members of the British government, but emphasized he was traveling on his own, and not in any official governmental or party capacity. He said he personally paid his and his wife's expenses for the trip. "I expect Britain's entry into the common market would have adverse effects on America trade- wide," Tower said. "But on the favorable side of the ledger would be the stabilizing influence, political as well as economic, England would bring to the continent." .Tower said he was planning to leave either today or Wednesday for Texas to campaign in the congressional campaign of John Goode of San Antonio. Goode, a Republican, is opposed by State Sen.. Henry B. Gonzalez. who determines what shall be recommended to the'would-be investor. "Much of the .trouble with annual reports," wrote Benham, "lies in the fact that big companies and their stockholders frequently are not speaking the same language." He said that his organization's research showed 77 per cent of today's stockholders earn less than $10,000 a year, 70 per cent are not college graduates, and 53 per cent are women. roco Paul Keim, 808 N. Gray Mrs. Jewel Lawson, Miami Jonathan Turnbo. 321 N. Gray Mrs. Fannie Oliver, 1034 S. Gray Mrs. Rosa Lopez, White Deer Dismissals .•Joe McNutt, 1217 S. Farley Joe Lee, !!)I8 N. Nelson Sherry Thomas, 430 Crawford Danny Martin, Pampa ; Randy Brown, 1136 Neel Rd, Mrs. Elizabeth Forrest, Spearman Nolan Judy, Panhandle Phillip Runyon, Phillips Mrs. Thelma Harbin, Panhandle . Mrs. Belinda McCown, 1205'/ 2 Duncan Warren Rice, Lefors Wayne Winkler, Ft, Worth CONGRATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. James Rich ardson, 1120 E. Foster, on the birth of a girl at 2:17 a.m. weighing 6 Ibs, II'/j oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Knight, 1221 Charles on the birth of a girl at 1:25 a.m. weighing 6 Ibs. 5 oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Edward Chisum, 708 E. 15th, on the birth of a boy at 11:45, weighing 8 Ibs. 6 oz. To Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Asencio, on the birth of a boy at 2:59 p.m. weighing 8 lb,s. 6'/ 2 oz. Hunt For Needles Tossed Into Space Proves Futile WASHINGTON (UPI) — So far those 350 million tiny copper needles fired into space by the SEEN A ROACH? BETTER BUY JOHNSTON'S NO-ROACH PUT YOUR MATTRESS RENOVATING IN CAREFUL HANDS ACME MATTRESS CO, in W. Potter Parap* PHONE &1Q I-6681 United States haven't posed the danger Russian spaceman Gherman Titov and some Western scientists predicted. In fact, no one even knwws where the needles are. The Air 'Force said today they have not been spotted by either radar or radio waves in a space search being conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory at Lexington, Mass. The needles, designed to test the possibility of a jam-proof communications system, were launched Get- 21 from Point Ar guello, Calif., as a piggy-back package on a Midas satellite. The hair-like needles were supposed to form z. band around the earth at an altitude of 2,100 miles to serve as a reflector for radio waves sent from one part of the world to another But the Air Force announced last week that no trace of the needles could be found. Titov charged in Moscow last week that ihe needle experiment was a "reckless step interfering with peaceful conquest of space." Some Western scientists complained that the needles might interfere with satellites and with astronomical observations of the heavens. Queen Outlines Plan To Boost British Forces LONDON (UPI) - Queen Elizabeth II announced yesterday in an ages-old ceremony government defense plans that could double the size of the British army to protect her realm in today's threatening times. Opening a new session of Parliament, the smiling queen said in a speech written by Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's government that several army manpower measures were planned. About 50.000 national servicemen and 140,000 reservists could be affected. The present size of the British army is about 165,000 officers and men. The queen, standing in ermine and crown jewel splendor, said the government planned to extend the two year active duty of some army national servicemen (draftees) by six months. Macmillan's Conservative party and the opposition .Labor party recently voiced concern that the British army of the Rhine in tense West Germany may be unmanned. ROYALS Standard or Electric Rent 90 Day* Then Buy or Lease Pampa Typewriter Co. Phone MO 4-8112 Hobart at Foster BILL THOMPSON 84th fMfePAMPA DAILY NfiWS VfiAR WfcbftfcSOAV, NOVEMBfift I, t§«, Warren Autry, Phillips, Cock reit Camp suffered a fractured arm when he fell from a (addfer. Mr. and Mrs Horace Eddins ol the Springcreek Community, were guests of their son Phil, at Hardin * Simmons Parent Day over he week end, Mr. and Mrs. Buel Gray attend ed the annual Gray family reun- on at Coleman on Sunday. Dinner was served in the first house milt in Coleman County by Mr. 1 and Mrs. C. A. Gray, early day settlers of the county. , Mr. and Mrs. Rhlney M. Grange now living In Ft. Worth, are the parents of twins, a boy and a girl. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John Kotnra, Jr., White Deer and paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Grange, Skellytown. Coon dogs from all parts of Texas Panhandle were in the vi« red from Northwest Texas Hospi« tal, Amafillo to the Vereran hospital. He is expected to be ferred to a Veterans hospital in Tenessee where he will receive treatment for paralysis. Miss Amy Armstrong, Tracy, Kan., was ft recent guest of her aunt «nd uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John Oberon. Mr. and Mrs. Oberon and their guest visited the museum In Canyon and Palo Duro Canyon Thursday* Marilyn and'Marvifi ryton', vtete redeht guei&'fif ;thi!f, grandparents Mr, and Mfi^Mv 'i Craig. The children 1 #iH -'ferMftl wifti their grandparent Thanksgiving hotidaySi MARTIN-TURNER Fira t Auto, Compreheative Liability-and Bonds,",, 107 N. Frost — Ph. 4-842* cinity over the week end attending the Golden Spread Coon Association meeting at Jim's lake. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genett have returned from a visit with relatives in Houston. They also visited Mr. Genett's mother in Electra. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Colley and Mrs. Frank Hewitt attended the Friendship meeting at the Pnm- pa Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star Friday night. Jimmie Horner, son of Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Horner. is a fall semester pledge to Alpha Knppa Psi, national business fraternity, at Baylor University. Keifcr Butler has been transfer- CHRIST for the CRISIS HEAR EVANGELIST JERRY B. WALKER FROM AUSTIN TEXAS 7:30 P.M. NIGHTLY, OCT. 29-NOV 12 • GOOD MUSIC • GOOD PREACHING COME AND BE BENEFITED FIRST PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH 1700 ALCOOK Specializing In: • Body Repair •Auto Painting • Glass Installation Free Estimates FORD'S BODY SHOP In Our New Location 111 N. FROST- Ph. MO 4-1619 Halt To Drug Patents Urged WASHINGTON (UPI)-An economist recommended to a Senate 1 subcommittee today that patents fdr drugs be abolished. Dr. Colston E. Warne, Amherst College (Mass.) economics professor, said no manufacturer should be given "monopolistic control" through patents over drugs which might be vital to the health of millions of persons. "In 'the kind of life we live today," Warrve said, "a drug can be as important as air and water. A drug is not a gadget." Dun lap's Men's Wear Porpoises sometimes kill sherks by butting the enemies' t e nd e r gill slits with cheir tough snouts. SEAT COYER HEADQUARTERS • Largeit StocP In P»nhindl* • Factory to You Price* • Guaranteed Pit riall Tire Co. 700 W, Head the News Classified Ads Phone MO 4-2565 For IUCTRIC Residential pr ComnweiiiJ lighting F&tiures-HUmps^BuilWn Appliances Af WJJQLJ2SAIJJ ALCQCK NOW 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU B & B PHARMACY NO. 1, BAU,ARD AT BROWNING MO 5*5788 "WE GIVE PAMPA PROGRESS STAMPS" NO. & CUV145R AT CRAVEN MO 4-8424 "WE GIVE BUCCANEER STAMPS" FREE PEUVERY MO 4-M31 H&M Cut Rate Liquor 861 W. Foster at Hobart MQ 4-8103 Use Our Dutch Door or Sliding Poor FASTEST SERVICE IN PAMPA Overhead Awning for Your Convenience} Just Ask for Herb or Myron Drive-In Service In Pqmpa If your jcoHered bill* are getting you down . . . consolidate th«m into ont monthly payment by getting the extra C-A-S-H you need at S.I.C.Juit $23.11 a month pay* back a $480.00 loan. 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