The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on April 29, 1970 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1970
Page 1
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BI^^^MHi^BHHBiMMi^BI o/jfice sought 17 to save money? 4 TIOIS High ihfe Uxtey ia;M p.m., .. Thun. IJ:M p,m,; low «.m,. «:<M p.m. Sun M?U 7;&7 p.m ; •p.m. THE Angle ton Council meets Highlight* Pag* 22 ••••••••••••^••••••••^•••••M Jones Creek meeting Highlight, Pag, |J Our 5Mh Yv«r. No. SI A*HtH-ittlr«t I'rrt* Member The family daily paper of Brazoria County BRAZOSPORT F Wtdnetday. April Zf,|«70 CHS concert •set Thursday k' tunli-»( I!UM-& will Columbia High School battd* rrtiuii to Wt-»t Columbia arid are completing preparation* lli.uoria about t p m. fur l*o rvrriU u4 lt>c wtwo) -Saturday ><~ar UK- un I u4 tin- tharti-rrd The lir»l. Ihe ammal tpfinj; UIMW-», ttw tuit|!ifi|/,» aiinl mu»t co*«-«Ti. u ill be txrid Tlturwlay «< ttx- mcalt w ill t*- piid for by 0dl7 »pm al the High School !'*• Cblumliia llr*/uria Haisd Thcalrr Tbr Xrcuod t> lite Irtp Hoostrjn which ban Irrvn wir'rtda) luCnrputCttriili fur w<«vi>ig>j<t numrruo ptu^ccU (helturcAitirrf Mutir K«-»t(val mf«r Ijsl Au).;u>t lo ram- !)>«• The »prifi({ concert »ill i!i'>"-> lur tint trip l)» .Siilh dfx) .Vlrolh lUlWl. llw high M-taal Curwrrrt tUtt) and Ihr high Cottccrl lickcU (ram «it>- u« al l) . pfirp» srr !fl crfll* and I) The trip la far put Ck lrav<- fur tlwir Usjittk- mvtrl at Ki*-i.t»x1 Alter lunch the I JO f*ti will go t»n <a C'«J»i« ttwiilt *?>««• thc-j »lll r-nt«-t (he (ttxrar.rrr liar*) (Wstr*. 1 , al 3 *) prn THr^ -will re»w|>rlr lor '«ith Uttxit in TC-IAI ,*-,«-« Mr IK a i»r«J l(w Sim[>hol\K Hand »i|l fx-turn ?o (hit lluci inncf r Warehouse, land topics for Port The tira.-oi Mnrr iforfar t IU(tx« esffwr* ICOI fine M K rrrpoc l I r.,Vr iliuvxnci • )!! t<r Mm Imh (« Ihr Mir at Ihr | ami Wilrj Thonut K»» itknl (ix lnv.r no tbr agrrxU lo dutuit Und cranni t/j Cajjrll in rrujrvli (o AIM) Ml !|W Mill |U)rvillt and • turh a if x us A I Listening f (I? MWRINC't MAllOV T)«uui;h .> niuinlr) at Imr (o man is Oirtttun. ill rhuM-o cluM- < n(ii(i,iiiii>n* can turd) dniro) mii'h ,\ minmlr> KVKKV DNK HI.MKS TU SIUMK THIUU (ill A I'KOIM.K THAT CANNOT 1'IIOKIT TIIKM THAT IIIUMiS NKITIIKK IIKI.I 1 NO» i'lluKIT JUT .SIIAMK AM) DIS<;HAt K hai.ih *) i • l< S V i S een and H eord mill MACKNKY. reporlmtt llut son (illKG. a l!T Irosh. M due to have hit knee in a cat! tome five weeks after having a tendon implant follow ing a track injury (illKC.'s due back in clashes after a wei-k. Iwwever. and his mrgeon Is hopeful he'll I* back lo nor dial once Ihe healing process w over The I.t0 KN(.USIII-"S of |-J. in Houslun ui-ently lo see .on Dr. WIU.IAM KMOMSII's University of Houston debaters compete and win a goodly share of honors ut the national debate tourney hosted by Ull l)r KNiU-I.SII was named national debate* coach ol the year in 1969. . . f. A. UTTl.t: of Civile. vntvrlng Hernujwi Hospital in ' Houston Monday and ex- peeling to be there al least a w««k. He's in Room 746. . . Cpl. WAITEH U. UNO StY, calling hid parent* from Vietnam where he'n serving a* an electronics technician with UM Marine* . . LJ cancer donations near goal I.AKI: i \< '.)»<• |.).:v.i. r mart. >j»)» ( man (i.-iu! l./i?m«. l.'al »(<il 'jrvirf !j«- 5.1 X'J K"Al l.(<!t-S 5J»l) lliit if (Ji *..> (1) thai a l*i S ill ni ittt f.««t^cvr<(t t POLITICAL ADVERTISING DEADLINE «r.'.)I I |« m Tl-«jf-d»j lo All a<i» rs-.usl IK- ir> !t«- CATIIKKINK AK.M- STItttMi Miiinf kluiii-ni .>! ltf,i;o»|»it HiKh S -|««>i |M» !«•»•« n.i.iuii ,i Moll! .Vh»l.n l/> KH- NdlUiii.i! MIT it SilvolarMup C<np Mi** Ariiislr»nii is unr of (ivc NM.M (in,ilis(H (nun Hr.i/'isp^irt llij;h As .i it-suit nl her ili-M^iwlurc ,ts u Mrnl Si luil.u .\ii*'i Ajnislriifit! .mrpiisl Ihi- M.i|!-h,ill Ku-ld Wmlil Ikxik Vr.ii IVmk MI-HI vhip in l-iin,ir I"<Mi wlM-tr site will in.i>ii in the Itrlil nl IPHI I'lirmisti \ tthcr hudiirs r«vi*t\itl l>\ Miss Annslriiivn ilaughln ol Mi .uul Mrs J K Ann Mroni( tif Jones Crtrk. iiH'luilr being iKiini'd llt.i/i.>l«vit Junior Miss in lln- Kit-eporl J.iyi-fc sjon.sontl pi'giMiil Freeport, Texas 77WI Mo»tly cloudy and warm through Thun. S wimfa, 15 t» 20 and guity. High today Mtf Thur*. high Ws; low (onigM mid 70'». Daily Nixon still optimistic over economy Jl IK, I. II \\VtllllU\K IMIIU.II'S. .V. (.<•<•:!,«• i (».irt, mrt TiK-Mt.i\ j(d-f r»«x»n *.tJ-i .1 ^.-r.iirrintf A: !lx- m-* Kirul K :rv^,.tf ( ', j'..^-;j,| |i4i-.i. lAilWinK Al (he t M'.rnj I>fir,'<j.iU r.i!l) ll'ul !;i(ihl :n ' iu'.r l«- >j|(i (x' lwl:i-. <•<) ihr l.'ms miul !K- •rJn.'rcvj JJ K ; m[«j>t^t feu«) to lav> <-»-.( wr 1 1 I!..-:,! I' •».,, t,. ' UK Juts ««( the courts to Irgttlalr. h- sjid, a >udgc >>KAild tntrrprrt ihr i.v* a^ it i& writtt-n. •<i-king ihc intent <•! !!.i- l(-j>iilaturt To •'M f>ihcr*!M- uuulrj U- i,k t - ,- f rrfcrn? al a (jamf <r>inK to change UH- rul« to suit Im views From !<•!'. jr«r,c- arc Thillip*. Kicrcll Sltnall I>n( At!;. Oiidi-n BUS.V .md and Thad Uasit PRIORITIES DEBATED WASHINGTON iAI'1 Amid growing conc-i-rn over Ihe .slot-k market's long and sharp di-clme. President Nixon again has cxprtskcd optimism the nation's economy will pick up itearn this summer after a painful leveling o(f prrx-ess "FrankK. if 1 had any money I'd be buying Mocks right no-*." Nixon told a visiting business group Tuesday in an informal 35- riunute chat on the troubled economy. Th<- I'ri-sident. said a spokesman for the gruufj. said he •* ill make a ma^or report to the nation dealing -*ith the economy and other mattirn. m about two 'Aitk-s As Nutm exuded confidence in (he economy. iJr Paul W McCrackcn. chairman of the (.'ouix-il of Kconomic Advisers, said in Dallas the economic slo-*dfrAn that began year ihoulij ;nvan price increases will begin to level off later Ihis year In contrast in the administration's op- tmusm. the glvj.-n on Wall Street continued The stock dove again Tuesday and reached the l(r*f-?,t piunt in six years for the second day in a rov, The Dou.- Jones in- du-stnal average dropped 1082 pomLs to 7^4 13, the lowest suvct; the day President Kenrtedy was assassimitf-d in November 1963 T!H- industrial average had fallen Monday by 12 14 points The market slump has been blamed in part on the business community's growing concern about the Nixon administration's ability to bring inflation under control — and also over generally poor earnings by major companies Another sign of the slowdown appeared Tuesday when the nation's big three steel companies announced their profits had dipped by more tnan,30 per cent despite increased revenues during the first quarter of Ihe year. L' S Steel said profits dropped just over 30 per cent. Bethlehem 04 per cent, and Republic Steel 3-i per cent. The nation's largest automakers have rtportwl jirmlar profit declines. ( >n Wall Sirr-vl analysts said traders were N'Kiimi.j iiinri- nrtuerncd wilh the stale of Iht i-(f>noiny 'SVt- have discovered that inflation is bad for stocks." said Sidney Homer, an economist for a New York investment banking firm In Washington. Nixon's message to the executive committee of the American Society of Association Executives was: "keep your faith in (he American economy." Street improvement steps taken \si,l V-.ri,^. i» • >;i .(i^ t '»t.*» -T Ji V.-.-i..!-..i',ni ili<- ft-, ...u i'.nj:;i! n.«-tn,|;» agif-da us uii o-!,'.rnxl <ij.i- v,f,c'.!. ( -r Srnh-r>..<-. ^tr"'. or j.vwrr;v,j; >:»«)|;.M' *;!}i :>>•• f-rru <«.' li.i».cr <--! aw! I..,t>M>r.. li.-iit l«i i. !..,:-."-.i-:ivj ,../, .11 ., m. t --,i • •-• li M-t» UK- «-!-;ir-.:.i« t.-!.t: !ii- .r. i-^-h: |..-r ctt;t .il l'.') V.'.; \ li M .it'll) !!...: '.' .- .-. ',!» i.i.l- It i! .>..'l»-n,ixi I'iiv Atlrr.'.i'.is'.i.itur J.n t. < ..itr .vt.r. In ! !«•;• :!.<• um-tinj: shi«;!>! i • l.itriii)-. ji.'ioritie- .ir»i •-J" i< i'..<';*v .<fir<i'<J 1 JviI s- ; ;:.t- *'K|url.-i( ',* ni-^ 'V-(j. t 1 - ttOKU) AM) XTATK n. k.n<w -*i;i-ri- ioSx-^m There was also general -ni '*itn (,amM.;i s vu^csiiyn ihai ma>jr traffic t>t- (Sfvclofxxl drvt si.i rctwrnnntvktl thai Aixivisun Strtx-l ve givm t.-. j< i"n:s K..i!:i-r :n (r»- !!if-(inn the- Coun< t! had appro-.t-d the i!!i;j«iM-ii,i-nt •>( Anderson. '.u!h an undrrpass at the r,iilr<j,i<J i;..c>. ..-, !J,<- [jrojtvl In be- riijm-sli-(i undt-r the ^>ii!l cil> -Mate 'luric> pruiir.-iin Kulbnght li-lt AnderMm >twuld bu de%Vloped lust j.i,i-ttn-r (his ptn^ram is approved or tn>! Uc ,».if;t in st-r\c ;hi- inavinaim nunilH-r of pt-.jplc. he i^.vrmii .,!*! Ar.diTM.<i uill >rrvr more [>.-i>j)l»- than any other ••tiv*-: -Ai-nwidwurK l! i.u-rii-» ., lut (,( traffic and wt,uld carry ir.i^c l.iK.i^ a (v.s ,,(| Highway jsffi ' He in, .MA! 'bat .ir,ii,;;M,n. (ron; I'l-u.-Ht-rj Ko;id to i txlar. b<- it:-, i-ii !.u:r.|.ir .*•,(• primus and was svoirxled by Cin;u-|lii;ai; IV.i^ J Wright >r i 'I>UIKIJII;.I:I (, I. !<I,JM- sugfic-sted \' as a II-.SN coslis l which would ha\i- a tyin^-i:: pu'n'l MT v.|K. ri . i| K . lr uiunes is p.,in« to K|,,p ' Jackw.n commented thai the |,| 1H 'K U-iw,-,-i! \\iikiiis and Cedar ot <:.nt«i-r lu H-IXMIJ children ur! that txnh pruRvts ctRild U- workii) and JackM'n. with a second (rorn House, amended motion to irtlude Valderas from Cedar to Cannan ii-t tu- (HT.pU jn. ilman H W -.i^ ali.nK :ht- :.-pr«-M-r.i I)-., ^^_ 'ii-»**.n .-\.iii ^ i A i r. 1- BRIEFS i '«r »\IOCI-M o HUSTON Tbi- tixurt) unfoiils '.".Us i-si the- irx{tiiry lu-ld in J-.i.u.ii', into (M-nts of l.ihl .hi!;. 18 stlu-n> Jo KojM'i'hiM- <h«i in S*-n Kdw.irtl M K<-nre-d>'!> .uit.iinoliilr lU-U.!-.!- o( llx- iratisi-npt lw» tH-en b) .1 MTH-). i*( court .u lions M XMIIM.TUV - Sew Hr.ilt Dinvlor Curtis It Tarr s.i>> Iw is (iu-p.irin>; a rvvirw i>( Ibe W aci uinulation ol ordi'f.s led bt hi> pnxl,v<'».ior wilb an eso on (!'^i"t; local draft hoards guidelines to inake tht-ir ilecisioivs more unilurin In anuthor dcs i-lopinrnt. Secretary of Ih'feiisc Mi'hm li l^urd says \'ifl»aiu lioop wilhdrawals mas lead lu a reduction in draft calls to as few as IM.Uuu men fur the Htlll.VUdllll. Ha. - Vice Pri'iidenl Spiro T Aguew has continui-d his criticism of campus disorders, singling nut Yale I'niversity and rallmj; for the of its pr<*.sidrni SAK.UN -- South Viet luinitir and I' S forces hase lands agrwxl to a tem(x>rar> ce.iiefire around tin- Dak S«'jnj; Special K«rc*s camp so !!»• Viet Cong can release wiHiivl,^! Sotilh Vietr.ame>i' prisoners A Soulh Vietnamese spokesman said, lniwvvcr. that by mid afternoon no Pi'Ws had bxt-n release! I'HMIM I'IMI. Cambodia — ('.iitibiidian troops are tcjxirledly Iviltling Viet Cong and North \'i,Mnames,' tnx>ps al two widels >eparated points northeast ol i'hnoni Penh \\ VSIIINt.lOX — A House military spending critic says a J.'o -N billion defense bill evaggerates Ihe Soviet missile threat and would escalate the arms race House opponents oi thi- bill were expected lo unsuccessfully attempt lo delete (unds for several defense ABSENTEE VOTfNG /MAY BE RECORD AtorMU-i- v.itinj; h> n;ail -Aas ufl. but the total number of abx-nti'i- \u',i-s! is pr..bab!) the lu^htst tin- counts Ins i-vtT rwd Mr-s Luis Ik-lie KI.UITS of the County CU-rk s i>llii-f r,-}).>rti\l thi> nii.niini; A total D! Ml persons sutt-d .itjser.ttv Hi tlu-M- 4ui \oti\i u: [H-r>on m tin- l)i'iiu>cratii- I'miiary .md V« b> in.u! In thi- H«-|MJljic.ii) J'nmary. th,-re were J3> vut,-\ v.isi m prrson .iixl two hs mail Mrs K.^I-IS said Hut in !i»uS, a pn-MiU-nti.iloU-ctiun soar, thcif wi-cr urj> -WJ absfitli-i- b.illut.s cast Mu- s.iu! tin- soling is usually diudi-d about hall in person anil h.ilt l>> ni.iii Hi,- low 11- nun! iijjurx' ttus primary, ivfkvls a luwi-r {x'lvi-ni.inf oi .irnuii forci-s |«-rionij» i l parlK-ipjiiun. Mrs ' tn><cti»-r Kulbnijht I. 'MS r i ,. .11 itfhi observed that by the time the engineering bills were HIMI 'Xi Ixith projeci». there would be no money left .A! ittc lime o/ Ihe last band election, the estimated cost of iinprosini; Anderson was set at about 5210.0X1 The cost of \ .ilderas would ™n froiii S!6U.W,«( to SlTo.tXX). The 75 per cent of :he en^!::t.t.Tii)>! fc-e due upon completion of .specifications and plans wuuld run aU>ul S25.i.«>J for both. With an impasse developing. Mayor Bates recommended a nirnpnimix.- Starting with the engineering work on the first UiK-k o) \ .iidi-ra.s. >o as lo negotiate for the right-of-wav for the n-st oi it. jiid cutting Anderson improvements back, from Highway l;i to Cemetery Koad. ^ iiltinyh! .uid Jacksun withdrew their proposals, and it was ,i>;rvi-il lo cuu-.ider tlit- priorities further at next ssuek's special ii.i.vtn:ji. v. i-.i-n tiie engineers will be present. Meanwhile, stork will U-gm on the following slreels. uVji-ixling uj»i[, the amount of money available from the county lhi> Hulls. Calalpa. (Jarduua. two blocks on Uanbury, a oin Miller to Vi ilkms. Sand Street, two blocks on Morningsid'e. iio.'i; Uowiiing wi-st to. Study I-ane. and Krskine from Highway ."i noilti to \se~: Use (.)ak Sweeny man missing SWKKNV - A search is being conducted in the Houston Ship Channel for a Sweeny man that is believed to have fallen off of a tugboat Monday afternoon. According to sources in Sweeny, the missing man is l.snn Plunk. 30. a Sweeny native now making his home in Houston Plunk, said to be an employee of Parker Bros , was a crewman on the tugboat "Juan " Plunk has one brother and four sisters in Sweeny. They an- l-arry Plunk. Mrs Violet Weeks. Mrs. Linda Grissom, Luann Walker, and Debra Plunk. Another sister is Juliana Plunk of Waller. New superintendent hired U.-VNHl'KY — The superintendent of the IV11 Valle SclxHil District near Austin has bt-eii hirwl as the new Uanbury superintendent replacing W H Jolles According to Hoard Secretary Mrs Harold Mink, the board hired Jack Brock Monday and weni to Austin Tut-sdas 'to further investigate" bib employment Mrs Mink said no vole svas taken by the Iwurd on the hiring but six members named Brock as their first choice in a poll submitted by board members SJie said the seventh member ol the board, who she did not identify, did not initially choose Brock Mrs Mink sai'i that the member later said he would have named Brock if he had known more about him She explained that the member was not present for all of the review of Brock's rtvord THE COUNTY CAMPAIGN FREEPORT OVER THE GOAL KHKKPOKT - Mrs. Nolan Lassiter, chairman for the Freeport branch of ihe Brazoria County Chapter of the America Cancer Society announced the city is over its goal of $3 Sou sviih money from the crusade still uncounted. They went over the goal sshen W. W. Gore and Leroy Guillory turned in $4C7 which they collected from the fishing and .shrimping industries. Mrs. I jssiter believes this is the largest amount ever collected Irum that source. Campaign enters spirited speaking finale H\ (il.KXMIKATII .,i _... , , ™ ^^ H> (il.KNMIK.YTII K v*as u spinti-d (male tu the schedukxi candidate forums for the primary elections Again the race fur county judge look the spotlight, this tune w ilh each given a lull 10 minutes to expound views Al ihe end. Mayor T C Selman shook hands uilh Judge Alton Arnold at the poihuni. remarking that the campaign had been a vigorous one ll had been thai, for the two candidates Mayor Selman again advanced wide ranging criticism ol lai-k of progress in highway improvement, compliance with the Optional Koad Law, lack of a system for air and water pollution control, park, fresh water and beach development, and in- vestment of county funds. Judge Arnold said his opponent ssas talking about only hall the county judge functions, contended he lacked the training and qualifications, said Selman was better suited lo a race for counts commissioner, and cited his own achievements in welfare, child welfare, and other programs The forum, drawing an audience of more than 1UO. was held in the cafeteria of Bratpswood High School in Clute. James E "Busier" Brown, first assistant district attorney, was moderator The sponsor was the Precinct 1 United Democrats Three unopposed candidates spoke first They were Frances Bennett, district clerk; Odgen Bass, criminal district attorney; and Judge E. R. Goff, Court of Domestic Relations. All limited their talks to urging citizens to vole. Judge Goff also urged voters to pull the lever for unopposed candidates. He said he would pledge to "\vork hard, to move the cases off my docket." Harmon Hoot, unopposed candidate for reelection as chairman of the Brazoria County Democratic Executive Committee, was recognized. In order, the forum then gave time to talks by candidates for Precinct * i Sweeny, Brazoria, Jones Creek) commissioner, county treasurer, county judge, state representative, and US. senator. i Candidates statements on Page 9>

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