The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 26, 1961 · Page 17
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 17

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 17
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11 Vt)t »uu mursaay, January iV6l MRS. RTTS FLATS Bv Frank Robprae TYB ear AU. YOUR. MEN BUXKED 1 . VOU CAM'T MAXE A MOVE' By Mort Wafker BEETLE BAILEY THANK YOU, MISS SLIPS THE POOR I'LL ADMIT IT MAKES H FEEL BETT&R SUT HOW LON'6 CAN' h'E 6O ONl FOOL1S!<5 TOP NOTCH ALTHOUGH CRIPPLED ASA Or A SHOOTING A T THE: AGE • SWENSON HAS BECOME" IDAHO'S STATE AUDITOR. WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL WHAT T SCOPE /N THE GAMES THEY PLAY, THE BIRMINGHAM MAGICtANSAND CHATTANOOGA BtG WH££L5 BASKET BALL TEA MS WIN, AGAINST ODDS. NUBBIN Jim Burnett & George .Crcmdall S LV PtEASANT THOUGHTS. T-; GOODWILL MDU5TQIES IN6 HANDICAPPED PEOPLE TO HELP THEMSELVES PENDS UPON CONTPIBUTIONS OF USABLE CLOTHING AND HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES--AND SUCH MATERIALS APE E3P€CIALLY NEEDEQ DUG/NG WINTE& MONTHS. Noon Call Stock Quotes (Courtay Mtrrifl Lynch, Pitrc*, F»nn«r and Smith) Navy Plane Shadowing Stolen Ship SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (API- Shadowed by a U.S. Navy patrol plane, the captive liner Santa Maria raced toward West Africa today. U.S. destroyers set out to I intercept the fugitive ship but j President Kennedy said American (officers had not been ordered to board her. Portugese rebel leader Hen- 'rique Galvao, commanding the 'seized liner as "occupied" Portu guese territory in his revoll launched on the high seas, bold- Uy announced his destination as ; Angola, the ancient Portuguese : colony on the coast of southwest 'Africa. But this could be a ruse to mislead interceptors. The Santa Ma ria—at last report half way between Puerto Rico and West Africa and heading on a southeasterly course—still was in a position to swing back toward South America. Galvao, in a radio talk with the U.S. Naval pilot who tracked him down, refused to turn around and jgp to San Juan and bluntly told I him: "Destination Angola." But he added: "Will accept conference on board Santa Maria with U.S. authorities or any other '* ' than Portuguese or Spanish (Sala- 'zar's close ally)." j The- 66-year-old rebel leader, a former army captain and leading 'Portuguese writer, told the Navy -(pilot, Lt. (j.g.) Daniel L. Krauss, he wanted to "discharge passengers unharmed—earliest." He has aboard 600 passengers, including 38 Americans, but messages from the Americans to their families indicated they were enjoying their unexpectedly" extended cruise. MR. ABERNATHY By Frank Ridgeway and Ralston (Bud) Jones DARN ITALL! I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO DRIVE TO THE DAIRY AND PIC< UP MORE MICKj WHY? ARE YOU ) YES,&UT ITS RUNNING LOW^XMYOWN FAULT. I SHOULD NEVER HAVE j— PLAYED POK£R WITH I MR.ABERNATHV. / 46 112% 47% 69 23-i 42 ', g HI AND LOIS By Mort Walker and Kik Browne 7HB?5 MUST BE SOME WAY 6ARBASE MEN CAN GET-MORE RESPECT. HOW ABOUT HOLP'NS A NATIONAL GARBAGE: KAW- I PAVS ATTENT10M TO THOSE THINSS. j r) &?.' v:& fitew £ HOV/ ABOUT A NATiOMAL- UN-6ARBA(5c/ v « WEEK ? Aleg Ludlum 39Va Allis-Chalmers . Amer Cyan jAmer Tel & Tel JAm Visco Ampcx . Annconda Cop Arrnco — At Tp & SF Beth Steel . Celanese .. | Celotex ... i Chrysler \ Cities Sen- Columb Gas iCreole 36 s : Diamond Alk .. i Dow Chem ] Du Pont Kaslman Kodak iEl Paso I Ford I Freeport Sulp .. j Gen Electric •. i Gen Motors — I Gen Tele ' Tin- .Georgia Pac ... i Gillette Saf Goodyear Tire Greyhound ... Grace Gulf Oil Gulf State Util II I. and TO .. IBM Int'l Harv Int'l Nickel ... I-I ones & Laugh Kerr-McGrfi .... Libby McX Ligcett and Myers Shell Sinclair ........ Socony-Mob Sou Pacific Sperry-Rand .... Stan Calif Stan Ind Stan N J Stan Ohio Stude-Packard Sun Oil Sunrav-Mid Cont Tennessee Gas .. Texas Co No 42 43^ 21 20*4 4SV- 49 4.1-'i Sale "U 51 25-s Bavtown Police Officers To Be At Pasadena Meet Baytown police officers R. H. CBoi Turner. E. L. Parker and 90 T «!L. II. Ricketson will attend a two- O-1DET LT. LOUIS KiUinjtswortli. left, of the Hiiyt.nvn Composite Squadron Civil Air I'utrol, und Cu<l'-t C'liplsun Kolcnt Davis, knepIiiiK, of the Houston Shamrock >n<m«r<>n show how eoininuiiioutions can b,« effected with .•<iuipnicnl carried in a cnr. Tho radio rim join the CAP network of 13,500 sucli units in tin- nation. Tin- demonstration was made for a television proRnun. Guatemala Baffled Between Two Juntas •'- * Texas Kastcrn SI 2lJ; ' 8 jTexas Gulf Prod 33 Texas Gulf Sulp 21 3 ; "*»! Tidewater 23 1 - jdav Texas Police Association con- ^'2!Union Carbide nUjUn Oil of Calif 29V United Airlines 68! S ;United Carbon :jl!-;iUpinbn Dm? (S :.;;l. T . S. Steel \Vestinchouso New Orl Cotton Up 1 Dn 1 42 U j 26-'5' 5S : ference Feb. 5-6 at the Tropicana Mote! in Pasadena. A registration and reception will 50'i i be held on Feb. 5 and ...124 ... 45'; ... 39', ... fv! ... 5S'- ... 79' • six and will be 3i Channelvlew Plans I i Dimes March Dance 633 4<j(.-.; eu- March ;Chnnnc!vicw will ip.m. Saturday BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lassweli EUER' BLESSET TIME I GO BY VORE MAILBOX, SNUFFY, THRT INFUNNEL DOG OF VOR'N SNAPS fiT NO WONDER I! ME. \^CJ \^ -ZVP v< o 3 Wl m S^~ m\ WHAT MAKES HIM SO DURN MEAN? / VE NEVER ( BRING HIM \JOO LETTERS!! NOBODY NEUER WRITES TO HIM'.! VE SHORE CAN'T BLAME TH' PORE ' OU DOG FER BRICK BRADFORD , of Dimes in be hrW at N at tlic Channn- i view American Legion building. B2 I One of the main events at the j officer's Responsihility to the .1': 75 : ; 4 |dancc will be the auctioning of ;• . VP|11 ] 0 - S I'.-.irni^ 1 ." hy Capt Cus 11 "i 'new squaw dress, a May original, o orK ., o ( t i lp n,-, r ri s County Phr.r- ST'sirlosicnrd In' the widely - known j(r s iSoa ' half hours of speeches held the next day. The speeches will include: "Lav,- Enforcement's Professional Responsibilities in Our Cliairj- 'iing Society." by Mayor Pat Speir, "• regional commander of the De. partnient of Public Safety, Mid- bud. "One Man :md Two Men Patrol," by Inspector Glenn C. Connor of tlv Department of Public Safety. Austin. "Patrolman, Salesman or Public Relations Atrnt for I.-TW En- forcemrnt." by Houston Police Chief Car! Shuptrine. '•Recruitment and revaluation. 1 ' by Chief Roy Stone of Loncview. "Juvenile Crime — A GUATEMALA (AP)-Control of El Salvador was in doubt today following a revolt by a self-proclaimed anti-Communist military junta and reports that supporters of the previous leftist junta were making ,1 stand. Troops loyal to the former ruing group were reported dug in at Zapote Fort in San Salvador, strongest military post in the cap- tal and located just across the street from the government palace held by the rebels. But reports filtering across the border said the new junta was negotiat- ng with the armed holdouts. Details were still sketchy as to the state oi the revolt which erupted Wednesday in the smallest of the 21 American republics. A member of the new five man •unUi, Antonio Rodriguez Port, broadcast over El Salvador radio uiL'auwiM UVUL i.*l ^x,u\aum iciuiu J that his group had full command I farin f ;if) '-i work over the armed forces. Port yaid;g' ow '"£ season. his group had acted because the. j country faced "very serious dan- '•• ger' 1 from forces of both the ex-; tremo right and extreme left. ; Reports from across the border said the rebel command had arrested a number of leftist leaders and Unit students were demonstrating in favor »f the old military-civilian junta thai threw (tut President .lose Maria Lemus on Oct. 'X. Travelers arriving from El Sal-; vador in Managua, capital of' neighboring Nicaragua, said a child had 1« en killed and a number of the former junta wounded in fighting which foll<i-,uvl (he revolt.'The official was not identified. These, travelers said martial a tyrant. Clwrjjnc; flu- ousted president had ruled by terror, it lifted a state of siege imposed by him. dissolved his congress and localized public meelmi:-;. Lennis fled to ivi.i;hboriM£ Costa Itica and dropped from si^h!. The United Slates, fearful that leftwingers allied with Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro had the upper hand in HI Salvador. delayed recognition of the new regime until it had sent ;t Latin American expert to I'-ok into the situation. It finally eMended recognition Dec. 4. El .Salvador has been in a Mat.? of turmoil for more than a >e,ir, agitated by social and eiMnnmic pressures sweeping Laim An> riea in thr> wake of Castm's rcvniu- tion. The o.nmtry exports C' cotton and su<;ar, ' of its '."a million' p. Petition Drive Against College District Fails The first i i-y P"tiiidii signatures j j(r s iopartment. Louis Land fit 1 ;.Tlouston western clothing design-) • "p o ]j,'. P _ press Relations.' 44-^iCr. Mrs. M. R. Patterson is in ;,>„,.,_.,, earmark editor of Gl-'.i; charge of the auction. I Houston Press. Monsanto Nat Dairy Prod Nat Distillers . Ncwp News ... Ohio Oil Olin-Math .... Pancoastal Oil Phillips Petr .. Pure Oil Royal Dutch .. Scars 2G"'i' Admission to the dance is "oj "Dimensions of the Crime Prob- 4S-4 cents. Western dress will be injlem," by H. 0. Hawkins. spoci:>! 39** i order. Hal Harris and Hal Wnl-lagent in charge of the FBI of- 42 jlacc of Radio Station KRCT in fice in Houston. PS jPnsadena will be present as mas- iWi; tcr of ceremonies and to play 3fi'i> ! records. 37'i j Carol Trotter School of Dance 55'<iwill present the floor show. stores ransacked. ident All normal eonmiumeation.s with; the city were cut oil. bin com-! 'olioe j rnerciai planes still Used the e iial's airport, six miles oiitsidr the city. Til?' new junta, which lab' 1 itself "eminenliy a n t i-Gimtiui- nist.' 1 was headed by :Oistil!n Navarette. in. defense in ihe fori!;er Col. AlotiM> minister nf junta. The i.'l. others were identified as Col. Ani- hal Portillo, chief of staff in the old junta; Col. Armando Mena Col. Julio Rihera and wenlthv consen/ati\'e Insulin is derived from the creas elands of sheep, oxen, hues lover and e;i!ves that aro slauchtered. dent Molina. Lt Dr. Port. j lawyer. pan-; The no' in i" Park Ill Chatuii'h ("iti/ens ComiiuMee creation of the dist in.'il clectioi!. Tlie Pasadena view organi/anons. eminent •tobrr e\p : from the •lied P.vsi.'|j'n country as; . - : - _ I time their Iiece>.. from and Chant! as uel| ;is . •go distriet t:."'fs, \\i!I 1 ejain to '.'. By Paul Norris HB SAV'EO OUR N6C<Si THAT MAN A B£*.C? ON U5 i f THAT SHOT CAME Wffl *'LU GST WW r FROM. THE teee- j£g( HIM, SIR! MJ' POGO vo UKf TO A*K YOU A W/GU&ttOMVQUT YOU AH'CHUtiCHV. /W 1 9CKiA'M*Ufft 1V* ON TVfc HIM fHL CHURCHY rffATWAYf THf REVEREND By Bill O'Malley 89% of all men read Sport Pages The Baytown Sun's Goal is for 100 Per cent of all Baytown Men (and women) to Read Sun Sports tax receipts. \'otcrs ; Hew Laundromat Now •Open In Baytown "Baytoxvn's lavgnst nil - nutd. .rn I-'itindromat" lias been opened : ,i Ihe corner of J.;] ni ;, n ,I );:...,.. ),,, Mr and Airs. R. O. Reyiinldv. l.'i;r;li!iie residents of iiaylnun, the RoynoJd.s invite r^eryone 1,1 \'isit the new coin - operal.-d Ixiundromnl. It is open ea.-h d.r. from fi a. rn. to 11 p.m. Two cn:iip!i leiv s-iiarali'd s, <•• (ions arc provided for both while and .\>.;n> cusle.mers. One ef the entrances is on Kim and the ( ,ih- I-T on Rigss. There is ample parking. ?h Man is Runn ? ng For U.S. Senate Post James K. MeKee, C.S, of Keu-.aVi, who calls himself ;) liberal ]V;, : .,'. crat with an unen mind, lias til, ( \ to be eleeled Tcvas' junior S, p., tor. filling Vice Per sidem i/nid-.u Johnson's seat. Running with the Golden Rule as his platform. McKee .vaiii ) )( . is an electronic pros;x r>|nr and explorer. He is a World War ! veteran and a member of the Firsl Methodist Church. McK< o said he thou-jjil older men made slower decisions mi government m a tiers avmdin;' hasty mistakes. Engineers Awaiting Basin Opposition The U. S Corps oi Kn-'ivrrs has srf !•>!•>. i; ;, s (iea(|:,c ;',•,,• filing i:;-;>o;.,I;,./) to .-, f , r .••... •.<"! t!irn;nc; basin at .*-, .,!.,•,„,!,- ).'.• ,| l( , Seabroeik I,an,| (',,. ,,f Hdii-tn',. 11^ pmpwvl hasin \M,i:M |,,. V.n let bv :X, fe, t at:,! wm.M I,,. !.)(> Teet by :«."> fed and wmild he drexisjed partly fce,,n i,;!^-! a;,,: partly in the old ilunTiri r,a CU-, r Oeek at the KX't <y A\,.[,!„•; [,» nr.d C. TRY SUN CLASSIFIED

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