The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1897
Page 4
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At Watson'^ you can get the Albton HtHiter flonr by ttt4 100 Ibv, in your own hags, no lightweight of 96 or 98}bs,; j>at6titt; tfce beet ^otlt taa<ie J. II. IfrtHdity SI- doors oast irf poSt offico> Jtarabatt, Mich., fs tlio plfttffr you sre toohi»gf you want, harness, blankets, robis, cari-y combs, brushe'fi, epeat-pads, fly- esiriolfej '«*te , sht>o blacking or polish, tj, shoe fcajips, fchofc fiaite. Of yonr fenriiess* ftbotSand '§h^oe nee5" paitittg bring thfctn ^iti jlW My prices * •roaaonaWc. • Alt work guaranie&i t'lf nse -" /* of a-' generously phtet fjf elx'e«t; pngea il» referet/ce to gonkh ,'Ute r^dUng" tti»tt*e itt by Att fenthtisiHs^c y^-Mitf,. StellA Hto*ft*r'Aitiofd^'«li<» ha? t tfad'^tt%shiae State fwr . A C«py will &6 t»*iiea. to zkttjr fnttrtot i>r acr's if sen* a6 once to'M^rry Merce*, Passenger A^efti ( Chioftgbi Mil w J^au 1 . Tflitway, Fors fitree*. W.j ' Ifnifitt Uillp . I., n, KHSU, I>. I>. trt it. /v.; Tfrrtmfa - " ft, , , Hi i St. jito , <tBf? Pftirfr, Catnfattf , to bbj flllctl H> Ure next Jew rtontha, nil Bpntlpftften* to UjiroN BS, SftltBlnirff I'a. WT ot Educate ^ AT 1 — . w «•»• * ——• AND Sch o> of Shorthand and Typewrfi"9. IIATTI.K IMtr.liK, Ml«ll. Wlii'n tnmdr^il* frf yiHinsr mptt and women hnvp ft- Y < iirt-il 11 iix^'fiil nhii »>r«>rtt<»lif<' pilnf«rion. i)n? i>t Jl*« ln'ft r^nlpypu I»i»iiit('!»s follegpn In HIP miiinry. t'-ill oti or writ* for partlcttldr* oiirt u t itnpuor . E«tt«blishcd 1882. fnoorpofated 1896 it ra swty wrapper. of If t do Itnby i« Citttlnsr Teeth 'Do^ure nhd URO tliat'old'and well tried rt'in»Hl>, MFB. Winslow'H Southing Syr.ap fur children .teething. It soothes thfe child, softenRJ^hc gumB, allays nil pain, ctirew wind colkr and is the best reifaedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bot- tlo. - ' Special »-nsh flour saloWurinff tho fair •it ClK^ht-r's mill. ' For itchinu piles, irritatlno of the .^dnit- alfj ot itching in any part of the biWj, Donn'eOintmeut ifv-worth its weight in gold, No matter how loneetanding the trouble* Doan's Ointment will not fail to give instant relief. Farmers Rrsul This. J. H. Bisbee has leased the Rice Creek Mill and is ready to'do ail kinds of Cus loin Grinding. Tho mill is irt perfect repair and in doing excellent Work. All patrons may depend upon holiest deal* ing. . _ .' 4 J. II. BIS'KKE, PropY. CH\H. B. CKOOKS, Mnhager. WE MAKE Wheels, too! 9TVLKBI Ladies', Genileraea's 4 Tandem. The IJgtitost Kum.ln)s Wxeela on Earth. THE ELOREOGE THE BELVIDERE, Why Shouhtftt wa «*k«e^»4 WI^MHI NaUonal SewJnz Maelitae Co., J-, i iR'i>-i T MyBro»dw«y. • Factory: . tn dlffciNiht Btiste&r- l«fc^ for the a physician, Vl&T fcaitl tfe paiii wy Tofti -'^fthrH'^stoncst fj, grndlfally- ••or?o'{ ino patn N^asfln my ba«k and fly baelc swti'hrt^iip jit* «ea4jtdffC ( finally grfew w»'tRid lha# I w?s taji it^, 'as hclfjH-'SS tj« a ^hHft T-'h yl(«irl, itffff nflnw-ttirt r.u JlorjphiiTC W |pRf« IIHO ^Bef^ trtii larttlef -, • jjp ji| n j$ j,^ ^j, s powerless, aw* but a siir <$o#lwa , eretythtftg w«i» n>»cd, mxislshl •plasters, ttffp«nttn<v' iioi dotM aftfl all . np by tlie t rJo*3tor, nHd nlfnofit out of my t raindi«-Uhsttifi*ring. J cotmnenmltafelnir Oonrt'sKklofey^llts, and really I felteKstcr .n 20 mlntiUsa. After about, two ftotirs J Sad ft p&s!#{£Mf ttrinc, aAd passed bldort Wdsom6 t "gmt'ct' itonc*' wliJcfr gr^ft^lv rtft#ve4 m£ I rapidly Inyitovci I took n -All sit boxes, and 1 feel to-day entirely svell, Ulino has b<>en awonderfrtl cn«e, tiiat I aufhot say aivyiiritig- strong for J)oatt'» Kidney" Fiusu. My t wfsn fa that thoy tnay become *«ill . They.wJU prove a b6on to mna- W^.all dealers, price 5ft cenis. Mafl«l\by Foster-Milbtmi €0,, Butfalo, N. ¥., sole agents fof thctT. S. Rcniem- tstrlho name, JWrtn'*, and tnfca no other. "Burdock Blqod Bitters entirely cured^ne Of a terrible broaking oirt all over my body. Tt Is a wonderful medicine. 1 * Miss Julia Elbridge, Box 35 f West Cornell, Colin. " " • ..... & " . For Salo—A '07 model bicycle: will sell cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry, north of Gro6ne*a drug store. Jaa. Tan Znnt, jtpreasr^ao, bat chairs and tables to rent for parties. The Michigan Central will run an excursion to Chicago Oct. 2, for $2.30 for the round trip, _ ' Gordette." S. E. CRONIN.* TO CURE NERYOffS DYSPEPSIA. r<» Ottln Fl«»li, To 8t*«pJ well, .To Know ulmt Appotllo But! Ottod Oig<>*tlan mrun, inako a trial i»r~Sttti»r»,'« Dy-pc it- sin TnblotH, K*P»Tlear* of nn (Is a«ntleman. No trouble i» more'comuioa or more in IB- utiderstnocl than nervous dyspepsia. J*eo pic having 1 it think that their nerves are to blume and are surpriHecl that ilicy are not cured by jiervo mi-aicino and aprinst reuao- diei>; the real scat of tho miauhicf is Joas ««i{;ht Of; the $toinach is the organ to be ItMiked aftt r. i N'eitous dy«poptic« often (>o not have auy pain wtwtover iu tlw sUnnucli, nor perhaps »uy of the uaual symptoms of stomach weakness. > T LTV«.US d>«,pep»i'». feliows ituelf uot in th« stomach eo much a« in nearly every other orgRo; in some coaea the heart palpitati'tt- Hod is irregular; in others the ktdqeys are affected; in oihcra the bowula •tro coustiputed, with hendnofaegjutill other« are troubtea altrf tu«» ot tlt-sh and appetite, with accumulation of gas, wur riaiDgs and ' heartburn, Mr. A. W. Sharper of No 61 Prospect $t., ludi.anapoh>, Ind-, wrlt^tfiw foliowa "A tnotive of wire gratitude proinps me to -write i how few lines, regarding th« new fiijd la rr.edicine, Stuart's Pyspepsia Tab* I ha*« been * suffering from d f&b/es nine- ut *ny favorAble r«»ultr They g^ve ternporar} retief until the effect* of the uiediolne wore off. t attributed thie to nay 80dent»ry nits^, iwtat a glad (o atale thai the tneti ave me^ttll those obatiwles for I ui Sssh, «lf«B better, and am <fee$ta» »li every <w»r, Tfl» «bt»^ p written not jfor notoriety, t»ut i* based on " »w wpi.w v*r SJj T«Bleti*~WjU oaro u. dlee&iie exraeid eftfi **^"W W "*fJ*W *T v T=r'r- ^r\' ( <i'"j!rn>, •*»'™^it ettzevcwr MO)IMM^ ga*, loss of ftesb aed j>leenle««n«(w, palpitation, haartr !To f^i* 'KfeeJnrs rff the Mtyof At» nWeMng fit the comraon of the city of'Marshall held At the cfty hftll irt fittid city on the '20th day of Sop fcefebftr, 1897, the following ffsotntiofit ,were adopted by unanimous vote: it is e*p^sdient for the city of the syetettt d )>y the Marshall woifes Compafty cltt b«S purftlHi»&d fof ihe enm of forty thousand dollars or attd imptof emehts deemedtiecrjSBary and ad vMble,, which sum of fifty thounnnd dollfire IB a' greato null! I.'*. Jl*.I*J W*«.T«*TMUV* M«-?*XI*ft D J^» 'fi ttt OHHrtJJ. sum,than can I* raised by the common council of said city or paid from the tax at any on^year, ,|betafeg& be it Jifi-itffl'vrtt) Thtti the city of do' pUrchneo, the works ait. , ope*a$o# <a'fyt? iraprove the do fifty thousand the t>onds of the oit therefor, ilicli'botJd? to be catl^d Mar shall Waler^ferjs, «6 btf,«fete«'arof tb aMo^fib.felei8eoe T «b boofibe dettomi- nfttrort of orirf tfi^«8»nd dollar/8 each, trt Ijjfear interest afr'tnetate of not !>ig ty$ pef cent per annum payable nnually in tho months of May abi] for auch interest attached to each bond, and tbo prfneipnl thereof; to bo due and payable A.. I>, 1917 both principal and intereBt t6 be payable at the city of New Ydrktforfcjf tboueaad dol Jarflof said bonds to be issued upon *the completion of the purchase,of tW works and such pot- tion of the remainder from titne to timo as may be necessary upon tbe order of the Jboard having charge of the water works property. JBa it farther Kcftftly&J, That the proposition to raise said sutfK^f'iWty thousand dollars for purpose aforesaid bo submitted toa vote of thoelecioraofsaideityof MHr8hall,tliat the election thereoVbe hold in the said city of Marshall on Thursday thoseventh day of October, 1807, tha>the ballots at said election ahalt read as foUows: "Shall the city of Marshall raise by Joan the snrn ol, fifty thousand dollars fofrv^ho purchaso^and improvement of a system, of waterworks? .Yes." and "$feaH -the city of Marshall raise by loan the"sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase anil' improvement of a system of.water- works? No." That'eaen person voting for said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of th.e ballot first then* tinned and each ..-person voting against said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot last mentioned: That the recorder cause a copy of this resolution to be published in at least^one newspaper published in said city of Marshall with a notice thereto attached that said election will be held in accordance herewith and also cause to be posted in the proper place a' copy of this resolution with the same nol^t'e thereto attached said election to bo held at such, by the rncoper persons, and the returns to be canvassed and declared as in .case of general'eloetions. NotU'ols hereby given that an election will be held in accordance with tbe fore- resolution on the seventh day of October, 1897, and that" the several polling places at said election shall be as follows: First ward—Raymon^l store. •Sefftnd ward» 13w»wer store. Third ward-rFire engine house* Fourth ward—Arbeiter hall. '.'Dated Marshal^ Mich., Sept. 20,1887. . , JEuoARfJ.GRANT, Mayor. E«!«B8.T C. SAWOY, Kecorder. Notice. Chairs and tables to rent for partii B J, W. LKBTKR Dr."Fowler'e Ext. «5f Wild Strawberry has •en used for forty > cars nnd haa never yet failed to euro aca«o of (lift'rhoen,-lyBeutery, or summer cuirirlftlntiri any'of'lto vanouH" One tr five applications of Doan's Ointment wilt cure the -worst caee of itching piles there ever was. Can you afford to tortures when a «i tuple, ncvt r. is at band? It never fails. Mrs. Merrill baa a fine lino of cycling bats for the fall trade. She also shows tho '!cow boy" hat wlu'ch is the late«t*ftt Jw» oast. • - • For Sale-- A DTroodel bicycjfi; will fell for cash* Enquire at Aronrioftn, ry, nort^i of Greone's drug atore. ^..^^t .Jayinift Btov^i bJgetJfiHl Attdf Jet Up, furniture paukjuBate, Leave orders at W. E. Bfteley A; Son's and F. B, 8tty- der'a. " '• '*" c '. » • ,P. V. Lamberapft ia Sere in -^.^ro,. ^hiacold W^t Feather Renovatar. . Je' will come rigM to your houae with afo feather renovating ear and 01«aa jiff father bedt »n4 pilfowa, l^orM nlled. Mis. Merrfll ja ^a% teqwving things in the raillinery Une. wall AN OPEN LETTER To MOTHERS. * . <• the j n%fcc»tmf& otm merit f o ^eA^TOBlA** AS WR T$Afcfc' M PITCHER, of %amz*4 Xa6aachitsetto t o/ « PITCHER'S CASTOniA,^ that ha§ borne arid do$8 hoio ^*$ ssvjr*"**^* bear the facsimile signature #/ M^4^v^^2^ wrapper. This is ihe original w FITOHtftS CAStORIA," which has Men used in the hom$# of i$i& M&thm &f Amrim for over thirty years* tOOK-^RE^U.LLYY*rt^& wrapper md-s$e that it is > Ko 6W has authority f?ow *me to use my name •$& ~ Cent&tir ttitigmy of wkieh Ch&§» E 'Fletcher fa " •"7 $ar$h,8, Do Not B© Deceived, .'Do not .^ttdangef the .life of yd«r .'.chi(^: . a dfieap siir3stitute"wKicri, some drug-gist' itiay oflfor you" (because hfe makes a fe\v moca pennies on. it),, the iri- of which even hQ does not know. "The End Ton Have Always Boogjit" BEARS Tfte FAD-SIMILE SIGNATURE OP ' Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You. THC CI^NTAUM COMPImT. TT MURRAY kf i»««T, N«W XOttR CITY. ; Fulls Routt." 'TIME TABuE. JtJVY -4. 1897. follows: ill«fol T. X. Trains dnpMt from Marshal TRAINS WIST, (to, 3 Malt and Kxprwie So. 15 N. Y.frpeclaf*. ..... ...... ..;;i So. S3 tr»8l Bxprew* ............... ..Wtfti p. __. So, )a iuinmauuo Bxprens. ...... — . 8:41 D. m> So. 7 Night KxpTBM* .................. W:15a. m. So. 6 Hail and Krjirons."....... ...... 1:20 p.m. No. ION. Y. Special*...., .......... tamii p. m. No. 14 Ftt*t Exprofts*......,' ........... tSMp. m, No. 8 Night Rjtproe»« ...... , t ...... ...t&SWu. m. Ho. Stt Atlantic Kxprces*. ....... ;...,.t8:10 a,, m. 4o.,l3 Umn i Kspids Kxpresa ........ 8:33 a. m. £,« Daily. t Stop* only on itgnfcl. All truing ran on a'snilarrt time which* U 20 ninutaa Blower limn local time. O. k.'ltL'UGL88,yon. PABB. 4 Ticket Agt. 4«0. A. JdiiNHOH.KriJlitbt Auont. (V K. Uirrom> Ticket Asent. Marshall D.T.&M.R.R. - -Formerly - - " " Cmciiati, Jacta & Mackm, Time tkhl'c UUlng effsot AIIR. ,!« 18OT. Train* P<UM atnnball »« followH. ^ , T1UIHB OOHt« KA8T. Jo. 91, Buttle Creek aocominoil»t>OD . . T:20 4. «H. >Jrt. T, Kxprefu..... .............. „ ,.is:i'ip.m.. No. SS Mall....,, ...................... «:43p.m. TIU.INB OOIMd VIST. \o» tM, Battle Crwk acoommiUtion. .. S.Q2 p. n. .U.afi A. ». AH trains daily except Santfcr • , Direct coaneeUone are mada at; Toled > and JlnclnnaU with all roadw dirvrgtog. ' ^ ' v. &.'<3tt&j&af&!i,g.,v,ys,p.A, \. H. AMBON. Atrt. MtMotli. •»" MOUTH HAJtOTA.' What A Mitn Can )K> With f 1^000. ' jAe cao buy 100 ac*« of good land for 11,000. ?tcy $4«i down; balance io three payments due in 3, 4, aod Sjeaw «t ? por eftt , He can also buy 1QI) ohpic* ewea for $300 and. 10 «ood ctiw« for $30p. Tha milk and batter from th» oow« wlU ue. In five estn» ut" will have A fore) «U pal4 f«jf £nijnigr»tio» Af eg* for Boutu Dakota, S»S III, urinfc hflsin^ao liourounfil ; tfo Jf uipeeie pf receiving , Save the to buy a uew |w|r of efaoes it will yay you to look ovt* t>bn Butler'H stock, f base of elk' skin re aoinelthing entirely now, are ajso easy on tn& foot, boaidd b^iptf baodBouii Nervous • •*. druggist* 0eU full <£;!«& paekagiM ^ $0 mica. o er c BasiEV'a Hardware. Seed Time mid Harvest. ew for puitiug in. ff^V^^S^Wv^P ^P T^F 'W^^ffp H ^WiP- Moat V»l»ahle bulJptt to tlieiU- of the world IB « good opportunity to e»quir« about farming )«n(i»ui Soutti ftekota, j>oly one tiift of sfheat, corn, bwtoy and fla* iew«rd till r of the m>il. AB » *toc-k a»d dairy .oouutry South Dakota leads ali the world. clout farm I«n4» with ntarby eon now b» {ur from $10. and upwards. per«^re, and thi» is One for further partictdara write to , Heafeu-d, t ww yeara ago. FuBy warmu Boats v'i* Hardware. Mrs. Merrill is ehowujg handsouia fall uilUioery. msssw A. O. HYDE.K3 OH.«. O UQ BRAIN a fitift »ip»rtn>ei4 of caaary Call »»d see tliem, JKM^i** W»ttt«• ABWt«fK4^t»eii^ 34 S. Monroe »t«^£ Craek, imLUa »lM>Wtt it th* my stock ol goods to J^. |f. _ -^^,_ Gads allperaona owing m»»r» to plwaee call aud ttst tact f«r faiwily urtw iritt «aid a puptt to ttu? scaoul in tite fWw*^^^* ^Wlff^^W H^** W^^^^W^"^'^'^^^^"^ RexTablets arc sold under a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we.stahd by our ^guarantee. CUR ES all Nervous Diseases , Ihipotence, Varicocele, Lost Vitality in old oKypung, Nightly Emissions and WaatlrijHiiseases, and all effects ol self- abuse or exce^cs. Stops dangerous drains. A genuine nerve^tonic. Shows imniedi- ate improvement. ^"h£ grandest remedy of modern times. DonS^buy imitiitionS. Get REX TABLETS. Price^$o;cents,.or six packages (a. full treatrnen'.;nor s S2.So, fay mail, in plain package, on receip^pi price. Circular free. KING REMEDY CO., » For salt- kt Marshall, Mich , by A. O. IIYDEi TRADa MARKS. DESIGN PAfJENT«. OOPVRIOHT8, _ . Foi rnforniaflon 8t»«l fref Hanfltxxile wrltfl to MUNN A CO., .'41 KiuuiVHA*. Mnw y«BK. Oliieat buraau fur wohntt patents lu America, Kvery i>nU-7in«k?fi out riy tut It brougut fwforo tbe imbllc by H notice glvtii free of ctargo la MM ' — - l»i" — are yowr kidneys worth $1,00 u —if they are, Ket a sample bottl« olDr. Y«tw* ' " ft-wlj rtiscwred «»* tpcvs. ft; »T" W * 'nr* AsMra^um Wfc»» * \ «dy fer inactive *od „-_^,,. —.fittftc of the system, produce* pure Blood and jtniovw llie rause o( " w^tfint, Constlpa- S .^* «.»*vw wtr^j*"*"?* ." flfUftrft^WJCCl tO t <u money refonaed. rute »l.uo per ^.^r** ftrpirsWe*, B» W vxjrras* pt«T>»id SIS,>'^ el «i &^ e ; *" f iot - p: mail. be bad'of.,,... MABSH ALL, MICH LAPIE3 tatco curtains WoulS «icken the heart "of any c<>^scieBtiotis htmBekooper. Fortunately encb t stateof affairs ifl not neces^ isnry. We tift<Jertake to thoroughly .wash ^rftj[ iron any lace curtain, no matter how dettdrtfey fentifusted to oar care and to ra- t«rn if as whole and sound as when *>ro(ug}it tolas. Anybody eaft teander a sock or a handkcrchief^-it takes art to•do up 1 -' a 1ace curtain 'in the way they are done at the Steam Lsutmll-y, \ Hatch Block. Cor. Bates and Lattt^d St»., DETROIT, MICH. ,«,, i, \ 'Ontya liiocK ft-oia Woojiwofa A Jeffemon ATC»; Very Centrnl. Near All Car Lines, Per »i.t The best p)ac« In Ameite* i>ii juut-t; nji-n .>' women to «ecnr« ft nu«ln«s« KxHirttlnii. .ili.,1 I.IMII ' H^hftnJcAl Pruwlrijt or Vwiiu*nsHii>. 'fh(»f»'ii'jrf> i*y* t? mot Actual Bnalnws. MmloiiMitlre J'e«r rituih>nt4 begin nay time, dttalugae Frtw, KutVrfrK-c, ail ixtlttlt. W.J>. JEWEI.L f Fnn. 1*. a BPKM'Ktt. Vf>> ^ LAC 1C STCAMCR9. LOW RAT -9 • TO MACKINAW PETOSKEY CHICAGO.. roun TRIOS «B WCCK BCTWCCN TOSKEY, THE "SOO," MARQU6TTE "N, ANDDULUTH. EVtbt^T CVCtllNQ BETWEEN Detroit^nd Cleveland Connecting with Karllest^Trnlns at Cleveland for all point* Rast/South and Southwest, x. lunday Trlpi Junt, July, Auguit and Slptcmbtir Onh>; 2 New Steel Passenger Steai - HAve just l>ceii Huilf for our XTpper take Ron coning $300,000 each. Send for illus>-ated . pamphlet. /Address,^ A. A. SCMANTZ, O.>. A., OITHOIT. M ieK •$•' idleveiantfSIcamJlav.^ Fast Trains To \ Bay Vie^ Via G.;R,&L Summer Schedule ia now i Faatday^ torajn Ke.-7 leaves ij^k- RapfeteaSOj*. in, ? srwving ^rawsrsw . Bay Vivw 8^ p, m! and Springs 8:25 y,i owaiiug from ptber Unas, -Bend O. IAX5KWOOP, & T, A., . Eapide, M«^

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