The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 11, 1960 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1960
Page 7
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COURTNEY TOWNSEND , . .Junior Rotarian DONNA BURCH . . .Junior tanan TUG 1%0-fil school year's first Junior Rolarian and Junior Business and Professional Woman at 'Paris High School are Courtney Tdwnsenrl, Jr., and Donna Burch. Iloih awards are made monthly hy the faculty of the school and (in ihe basis of the student's abil- ily as a student. Only seniors are eligible. Townsend, the Junior Rotarian, will attend the weekly meetings of the Paris Holary Club for one month, and Miss Bitrch. the Junior BPW, will attend meetings of the Business and Professional Womans Club. Mi?s Burch is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ellis, 214- 13th ST>. Donna was secretary of the Latin Club, secretary-treasurer of her homeroom and OWL Sweetheart nominee her freshman year, president of her homeroom and a member of the studcn Council during her sophomoi year. During her junior year, she was a member of the Cat's Mco\ staff, reporter for the Tri-Hi-V treasurer of the Student Council Key Club Sweetheart. Best All Around and Best Citizen. She now secretary of the Student Conn cil, a member of the Nationa Honor Society and the Tri-Hi-\ and has been on the tennis lean four years. Townsend is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Courtney Townsend, lUiOl Simpson. He was a member of the Latin Club for three years, a biology assistant, football manager, member ol the Safely Patrol of the Student Council and member of the Key Club. He is also a member of the National Honor Society, is president of the Hi-Y, and editor of the 1561 Owl, the school yearbook. Roxton P-TA, Pre-School Units Meet Paris News Service ROXTON — The Parent-Tench- cr Association, at its open i n g ncelins of the season, volcd to invc as its project for Hie school, the provision ol water coolers. Tlie. proRram at the night meets held in the small auditorium at Hie school, was on "Chairmen: Limited or Unlimited?" and was conducted by Mrs. Rufus Watson. A 'style show was presented, fitting in with introduction of cifli- rs and committees, Mrs. Ben Smith and Airs. R. H. Howie hav ing charge of the music. The P-TA attendance awards vent to the first grade and on fie, to the fourth and eighth grades. Refreshments were served to 65 members. HURY GRAVES Pre School Association members will meet Wed nesduy morning at the home ol Mrs. Creed Merritt, to go to Par Ls for H luncheon. At its first regular meet ins here ol Ihe home of Mrs. M. C. Canna da, Jr., Mrs. Wayne Holcombi Kavc the lesson, "Why Young Mothers Feel Trapped." Refreshments were served to 12 members, including Mrs. Gra dy Frailer, newly enrolled. WHERE'S DOGWOOD LANE? How Familiar Are You With Sheets in Your Hometown? By RONNIE THOMPSON News Staff Writer To what section of P a r is would you go if someone directed you to the 3100 block of Dogwood Lane, or even Laurel Lane? Well, this would probably Bend most Parisians running to a map of Paris. But, if they didn't have a new city map, dated July, 1960, Uiesa streets and many others wouldn't appear. With many new additions and sub-divisions being built in the city, new si reels must be built and named. Dogwood Lane and La u rel Lane are both in (he Johnson's Woods Addition in far E a st Paris. There's Beverly Drive and Crescent Drive in the Hillcrest Addition just off Golf Club Road. Lamcsa Heights, near the junior college, has Bella Vista Street and Sycamore Street, while the Pine Mill Village off 32nd NE is built on Robin Road. All streets unfamiliar to Parisians aren't necessarily new streets. To name a few of the older, less-used streets Corporation, Ash, Wood, Williams, Co o per, Garrett, Ashby, Locust, Long, Fort, Milliard, Carr, Chisum and Orange. Making it even more c o n- fusing, some of the prop&s ed streets will be Briarwood Drive, Durango Drive, Glennwood Drive, Ballard-D r ive, Kessler Drive and Cypress Drive. Paris has over 120 miles of dedicated streets. Eighty-three are paved and 37 are unpaved. Measuring both North Main and South Main together, the longest street in Paris is slightly over three miles. Consider- ing Lamar Avenue and Bonham Street one street, the pavement spans four and one-half miles from city limit lo city limit. Although Paris doesn't follow a set pattern for naming streets as some towns do, such as having streets in certain sections named af t e r trees, there is a certain pattern as far as numbers a nd names are concerned, All streets running east and west are named, while those •running north and south are numbered. There are some exceptions. Take Fitzhugh Avenue for instance. If the pattern is followed, it should be 8th NE. House numbers follow a pattern also. Traveling in any direction from the Plaza, the odd numbers are on the left and the even numbers are on the right. THE PARIS NEWS, TUESDAY, OCT. U, — J OUT OF THE DOG HOUSE — Nuhmber 22383 at city dog pound in San Antonio was a sad-eyed Beagle left behind by young burglars who vandalized the Kate Schenck Elementary School. However number 22383's plight brightened considerably when his owner called to report he had a beagle that had been stolen. Sure enough it was number 22383. Police quickly dropped the "burglary charges" against the Beagle on finding he was an innocent victim. (AP Wirephoto) >cord'Industry Turns Back to Talking Now Paris Nnws Service HONEY GROVE - An optimistic outlook marked the October Chamber of Commerce meeting, held at Texas Power & Light Company office, when road construction, industrial development and .central community improvement werp under consideration, Frank Welch presiding. Twenty-t h r e e members attended. M. A. Hogue, who operates the Ksco' Manufacturing plant here, reported that in his experience hero, thai labor is Ihe most reliable he had ever known, as evidenced by its small turn over, and said that, in bis opinion, as many ,is 300 reliable factory workers aie available to Honey Grove. Robert Ed West, chairman of the Industrial Foundation, and Kenneth Rowton, treasurer, reported regular subscription pay- nionts by members had brought the fund "to a substantial amount. 1 ' now placed in a savings account to draw interest. 1C Mayor T. G. Lane reported on some city commission accomplishments and some oLher projects for the near future. The chamber's next undertaking described as a long-range community improvement program was announced to begin October 21 with distribution of 3.000 copies of the Honey Grove Signal-Citizen, weekly newspaper, to trade are;' families, this issue to sen'e as .11 "interest survey" and to contain the inspirational story of Hugo Okla., in community betterment Report was made that a peti fion. signed by 400 citizens ot | jv ()Telephone and Honey Grove had been presented to the Fannin County Commissioners Court, seeking an all-weather road from Johnson's Crossing on Bois D'Arc Creek, directly to Telephone. University of Wisconsin scientists say the water from which fish are taken apparently influences the flavor of tiiC fish. I5y ROB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD <AP> — The record industry, which began with talk—Thomas A. Edison's "Mary Had a Little Lamb" —is going back to it. .Just about the hottest album in he country these days is some- hing called "Button Down Mind." It contains no singing strings, no folk ballads nor rock tunes, not even a sound of music. Just talk. The talk consists of some wacky monologues by comic Bob Newhart, in Mich guises as a subma rine skipper mildly chastising the crew for shelling .Miami Beach. Newhart is; the latest and most successful of the new comics in the record field. Talk records aren't new, of course. Many Americans remember Moran and Mack, the two black crows. They were the rare exceptions in a medium that was devoted almost entirely to music. The pioneer was Mori Sahl, \vbose slacallo attack on political follies appealed to a rebellious generation. lie has. been'a steady seller in albums. Striking a broader audience was Shelly Berman. whose "inside" and "outside" albums have been 1 on (he best-seller list. He dren who babble on the telephone. There is a growing mass of intellectuals who want their humor sharp and incisive and won't submit to the mediocrity of TV and other media. 2. Entertainment at home. With the continuing trend for Americans to stay home instead of seek- Why do folks buy the talk albums? It's a mystery to some. After all, how many times can you listen to the same jokes? Elements that seem to favor the talk albums are these: 1. The rising intelligentsia. ing entertainment outside, the albums provide a floor show. 3. Joy of discovery. Note that all of the top sellers are new personalities. Record buyers can have the thrill of discovering the fresh approaches lo comedy and introducing them to their friends. 11EEPS furniture Specialized Service In Home Furnishings And Interior Decorating SU4-6555 June and Doc 1t5 Ctarksville Reep 133 ClirkwiUt delivers skits on such mundane matters as hangovers and chil- & H GREEN STAMP! Quantity Rights Reserved—Prices Effective Oct. 12, 1960 WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12th, 1960 DANISH HAMS IMPORTED FROM DENMARK $1 «0 2-Lb. i Can BACON ARMOUR'S STAR TFIICK SLICED 2-Lb. On. Prcstoiie V.VEKEAOY ANTI-FREEZE SUM). l-Gal. Can T COFFEE MARYLAND CLUB 1-Lb. Vac Can Tomatoes FRESH PINKS POUND SWEET Potatoes OAK FARMS MILK Cottage Cheese OAK FARMS HOME GROWN KING EDWARD CIGARS BOX OF 50 $110 FAULTLESS STARCH 2/27 c NEW FROM AMERICAN MOTORS Beautiful New Styling,,,All-New! America's First Die-Cast Aluminum 6 Engine... All-New! First Guaranteed Ceramic-Armored Muffler.., All-Nawl First Cushioned Acoustical Celling of Molded Fiber Glass... STROHGES7 GUARANTEE IK AUTO HISTORY 1. Muffler and tailpipe are guaranteed against defect for the life of the oar while the origin*! buyer owns it. 2. On ail new Ramblers the former standard warranty of 90 days or 4,000 miles if extended to 12 months or 12,000 whichever occura first. 1961 Ramblers SEE ALL THREE RAMBLER SIZES New Rambltr American Custom Four-Door Sedan* ont of 12 Rambler American modelt . See the 1961 American Beauty—Completely New Rambler American Leading Economy Compact. New functional pipe, guaranteed against defect as long a3 styling gives 50% more luggage space, room the original purchaser owns.his Rambler, for six. Ceramic-Armored Muffler and Tail- Sectional sofa front seats'... reclining seats.* HIGHEST QUALITY AT LOWEST COST! WiMBUR AMERICAN DILUXE 2-DOOR SEDAN Drlva the provid tccnomj Mi»I j; «ven more tconomttal lor '611 And. n>or«' compact— easiest lotuir,. park and handle in traffic ol sjl U. S. eirsl Go Rjfflbltr American and !*v«l 1961 Rambler flassie Custom Cross Country^ one of 14 Rambler Classic models, 6 or V-3 See the New Ambassador V-8 by Rambler — The True High-Performance Luxury Compact See the only luxury car with the modern, luxury of compactness—the 1961 Ambassador V-8 by Rambler. 250 or 270 HP performance. New cushioned acoustical ceiling of molded fiber glass. Sectional sofa individuaS front seats* . . . Airliner Reclining Seats* . . . Ceramic-Armored Muffler and Tailpipe. HEW Convertible Coming Soon! Watch for tho Rambler American convertible . . . smartest, quietest, most agile of them ftll! Only compact convertible with rattle- proof Single-Unit construction. See the New 1961 Rambler Classic 6 or V-8 Ail-Purpose Compact—the 1961 Rambler Classic 6 with America'! first car engine block die-cast of aluminum. Standard on Custom models, optional on all other models. 200 or 215 HP V-8. Molded fiber glass ceiling. Ceramic-Armored Muffler and Tailpipe. 'Optional at dxfra colt Owner-proved by 11 years and 35 billion miles 1961 Ambafsader V-8 Custom Four-Door one of S Ambassador model* ' Rambler The Hew World Standard of Basic Excellence SEE THE WORLD'S WIDEST CHOICE OF COMPACT CARS AT THESE RAMBLER DEALERS McCLAIN'S-1710 CLARKSVILLE ST.

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