The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 6, 1961 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1961
Page 5
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Bmosport and Brazoria County, Texan, Friday, January 8,1981 THE BEAZ08POBT PACTS Some Steel Men Predicting Record Production In 1961 n.v w. A. .•w.ucnvoiirir PITTSBURGH (AP) — I^ibor jir-uie tame to the steel Industry nl (lie outset ol J060 nnd all nlyis fi-vnlod to ft record buslnesa year. B"l slumping production and un employment smothered the puivn- IM briom. Ws tho now decade began, some si ?l officials confidently predict- c unparnlleled production of 130 rn'illon net tons—or more—for the yrar. Tho final flffuro at year's end \VIIH In tho neighborhood of 99 mil. Hi n tons. This still made I960 the sixth best tonnage year in the books- thanks to a tremendous start. Put the average operating rate vns t^jfy about 67 per cent of capacity. Kor n time, It seemed forecasts nf n boom year might hit tho murk. Tho nation's mills, rumiini» near full speed after the record 116-day strike of 1959, produced Ion., in the first quarter, for the production slump on si ".an. -, T for any .hree-month period ing Inventories by con,,,™ harf In history. Then fifcol consumers, fnklng during the second half, big .^""1 hartley mjunrlton. stock of buying Inventories. h^jSany'"^' 1 ^"' 1 Mm order^ '^ C ° ntract pr0vlded an *"' "fln reducing orders. Mills slowed!-differed sis n result. mated 39-ccnt average hourly pay down; furlough nollcra went up. Foreign strcl Imports, conirefl- ; P" c ' kn K c Increase, including a ha- Ihn industry's operating ra'ojlion from other nviKrinls -m-l'a ! "l<-' 7-cent wage boost last Dec 1 slipped from a peak 95.7 per cent series of railroad strikes also con and a similar hike next oTt i ™.**™Z*.« 3 W'**to»*\^M to lhe ov,,al, „,,,„„<, iA«U JS^ic Hour! . July 4 holiday wcok. ., | Despite Inrrras, ,l payroll Vo,s '' . nrrras, , payro o,s Hie tempo picked Up little in! steel P t<*\w.<.r* hHd lhr> line o'n';' y nltpil rnn * cd from »•'•» '° succeeding months, fluctuating -n base prlci-s. Industry source* iy- HZT. ni' Mftnt* thn Wl If! r.,... .._ — 4 ________ c . . .. ** •<•».•> near the 50-55 per cent . and the year ended with no recovery In sight. As output dropped, so did employment of production nnd maintenance workers. lieve prices will remain unchanged as lorn; as market weaknesses persist. The imoke colored, electric eel Some firms had (o cut Kuppio-:"' Topical South America (Elnc- •nance workers. furloughod workers and - he-si HI, *"*•""**' David J. McDonald, prc.ide'.t were considering simitar ±n 5h0dt "" y tatler " °' of the 1,200,000-mcmber United iStcclworkcrs, csllmaled some 150,|000 rnemhcrs were Idled and tivlct: as many more were working loss than 10 hours a week. were considering similar ,n:ti«n, because ol u heavy drain on lh"sci funds. The reductions are provid-! ed in USW contracts. The union and basic steel pro-, , ducers reached agreement on a ! st '' lle)l — M million men and 24 There are about 60 '.fearetfe xmoktn in tint . „_„„ .„,.,„. BKira .. 1Ill . nl ,,„ a , - -Steel analysis put chlct blime new 30-month contract Jan. 4. i million women. STOP IT, ELMER— LET GO-- VOU'VEGOT TO TAKE VOUR BATH vou DIDN'T THINK '/' I'D DO IT- ' Dl DJA r - ' BLONDIE Page 5 PENNANT CHANGES HANDS Ll. Comar. Robert H. Searborou 9 h. Ult. hand, in* p.nnani ei In. Coaii Guard CuJJ.r Dion. Jo Li. Comdr. John E. Wnisler who took over duties ai commanding officer Tuei- d*y. Sonif of the wire, and familiei of CG personnel, plus otr«i wore on hand at Brazoi Harbor to wilnei. the full- dr<,t. cert-mony. Li. Comdr. 8cirborough will report to a "* w »«l3nm*ni at captain of lhe port and commander of the CG Group in Sabln. P.,,. He ha. commanded th. D-cn* line. September of 19S9. Lt. Comdr. Wesler hai .erv.d a. executive officer of lhe Dion, for Jh. pa.t refevis/on's New Year September, Not January nv rv»Tu,» ,, OWBY (ober ms |g |he t(me when ^ AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Kor most people, this is the beginning of away old calendars and tack up new. It is a time to practice wi it- ing I9fi1, instead of 19fjO. on letters and checks. It is a period m which to try to slay with a <cw resolutions lor soli-betterment. It would be nice if !he lele- vlsion industry had such a time, a certain day on which it could sweep its decks of an old -iccu- mulalion and face the future fc>el- strange one, and this isn't TVs new year. For instance, television recognizes—indeed is almost a slave to—seconds, minutes and hour.-,. It breaks a day, however, into strange segments: there is day time tor women, local time =md prime lime, the last a period which usually starts at 7:30 p. m. and continues until 10:30 or 11. It has a special period late Sunl day afternoon reserved for whai it believes is an "egghead audience." The TV calendar ignores months I but pays close attention to 13- week periods, called "cycles," four of which make up a year. II there is such a thing as a TV new year, it comes after mid- September and, continues into Oc- Thumbnail Sketches: I DOTH 1 GOODEST I CftN.PftW IF V6 CRflUE FflNCV \JITTLES GITVORESELF JOB WORKIN' FERWA6ES FETCH ME THEM GOOD OU GRITS'.! BALLS 0'FIRE!! GRITS AG'IN TONIGHT!! SNUFFY SMITH HERE COME TH'REMAINS O'BOOMCHIK.V- '/r-HAIMT BOOMCHIK.'.'-IT'S MAH CHILE.'/— V/-WHUT AM SPOSE W OK AH HAD VO'DiDM'T Y W.ENTV O'TIME., MAMMY. AH JEST DIDM'T HAVE TH 1 GUTS. 1 /- HAVE TIME > TO HIT BOOMCH1K BACK? HAPgENED? ) \ HIT\ME Lit,' ABNEB SHS, JUST TRIPPED ON SHCKAD T-OOOMT CLEAR 1" MY LAQIATAN'FEU. FLAT IN TH'MUD/ GRANDMA VVELl, BEETUB, A«S VOU 60INS TO MAKB ) BFFO*T TO TO A BI66iR THIS YBAKf SETTLE BAILED OH,MEjSO^ INTKAVENOUStVj SCHOPENHAUER-AND MUCH TO READ,. WE COULD HAVE I IMMUNIZE OURSELVES AND 50 LITTLEV WILV SHOTS OF-A A0AWST I6MOKAUCE// df>FASHfONlEp'WAV Meet The New US Senators sketches of the new- Republicans. . than most comers to the Senate, the kith Congress. Edward V. Long, 52, a Missouri Democrat, was appointed to die time were both members of tne Oregon Legislature. Claiborne de Borda Pell, 42, Rhode Island's new Democratic Delaware after two 4-year terms inings Jr., and ai governor. The only Senate j Nov. 8. newcomer to unseat an incumbent I active in (he Nov. 8 elections, he de-> ! ness. ri Jr. Boggs, a lawyer, served tnreejand terms in the House new shows make their bows, TV viewers are able to discern for the first time what the new •ends and interests are. Then, 13 weeks later, 'here comes o, period n? evaluation when some shows disappear, when others manage to squeik through for another 13 weeks— invariably with announcenon's that Thanhs are in the works and th« writing is "being strengthened." The third 13-week period |.e- longs to the strong survivors— the prove., shows—with a bit of counterpoint added by replacements of the weak and fallen programs which are trying to rat™ up with the early starters, Ar.d the last 13 weeks, as everybody knows, belongs to the re-runs— which provide everybody with vacations, including the audience. Therefore, at this point in our human new year, it is not difficult to predict what is immediately ahead for television view- Armed wi'th my trusty copy uf the network schedules, I can fearlessly predict that for'the next nine months—that brings us <jp to next September—our televi.ii->n fare will consist largely of Westerns, most of which are carbons or slight switches of such tried and true successes as "Gun- smoke," "Wagon Train," ind "Have Gun Will Travel"; of adventure stories, including private- eye dramas, most of whicl- ue traceable m inspiration to "Peter Gunn," "77 Sunset Strip" and "Perry Mason"; of situation comedies using "I Love Lucy" and "Father Knows Best" as prototypes. There will be a steady stream of public information shows, most. of them pretty well done, but their subject matter only as slim-1 India's Sikhs practice a faitii combining both Hindu and Moslem beliefs. Like Moselms, they worship only one god and oppoj? caste barriers; like Hindus, they cat no beef and cremate theif dead. THEATRE LOG THEATRE "D«vld ft Buthshoba" Bnx Offlre Open fi:30 VH-ASCO THEATRE '•Inherit Tli* Winrt" 7:00 ami !MW I.AKF. THEATRE "Viltajw of Mi? Dnmr.eir B:t5 t t-.:i\ SI IIF TIIKATIIE "Rise anrl Full of Ujn rilamond" oltf "Shr.wbnat" opsni fi.M Thursday & Friday "VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED" shortage of good, original plays and quite a few adaptations fr->m motion picture and stage suc- The — ----- u, u ., 50 years his senior, Theodore showing more recent movies, a.'id election Francis Green, 93. A Newport movie-lovers will continue to cry s jcen socialite and a former foreign' ou ' ' n anguish about the way r>ey j I busi- service officer. Pell defeated two! 316 cropped to permit the com-! as a prose ; ex-governors to win the Demo- mercials to arrive on scheuule. | ity.attorneyicratic nomination. He speaks At least once a month, somes He is,prea-jFrench, Portuguese and Italian TV or advertising executive will I andsevera. loaijiand has been active in behalf of announce that there will be a' Spoke out against federal en- j companies and life insurance" ^mTefug'eS and increased immi " croachrnen^on states; rights andjpanies. He also owns a I.eoO-acre|C quoll^ m f Lter ™ . . ^^ --o—- •—- ; [mtuca. ne diau u\\ns a i.wju-acre charged Truman administration! [arm. He is a past director of with creeping socialism. Howawr, j Rotary International Boggs is regarded as more liberal Lee Metcalf, 49, new Demo- than Frear on some economic issues. Joe Hickey, -19, a House membei from New York and altogether he counts four members nf Congress and a vice sharp reduction of the amoMnt of violence and brutality shown on , _, ujcmwza .it Congress ana a vice cratic senator from Montana, has ( president amonp his ancestors J [spent " i " c>f nf u; ~ -j-.ii. nt- j_ i _ . _ ^ uuwtjiitju. % -- -_ - , H uu.iv ativn-i. ill UK iMonidlia decided to relinquish the govcr j Legislature, in the Army durin" norship of Wyoming in the midst jWo/ld War II, and as an associate ol his 4-year term to have him-1 justice of the Montana Supreme self appointed to the Senate. Va- Court before his election to the cancy was created Dec. 9 with House in 1953. In the House he the death of Rep. Keith Thomson, was active in the liberal Deary . o S adU " ^ '"' Benjamin A. Smith H. 43. fls *L* h *°'* ™. "".Senate seat of Preside,- • — ---' ««j «._u>c Ul UIC tlL^UcU L/Klllt' a Republican elected a month cra tic group and urged action to earlier to Senate seat from which veteran Democrat Joseph C O'Mahoney retired. A quiet, unassuming roly-poly lawyer. Hirkey is a stickler for econmy in sov- will screens— and the audience not be able to notice tr.e diminution. Fair Membership Meeting Jan. 19 fore that was a member of The annual Membership Iowa^ House. A tax lawyer spe- Meeting of the Brazoria County 1 ° a ^ U18 m J 3 ™ la * Problems, Fat Stock and Fair Association ^ Iler , once ^^ fte Amencan will be held in t h e \V««irn |Bar A 5 *^ 13 " 0 " s committee on Som at the ^0^!^^-°^^ *** Fa.r president, publican Senator Thomas E. Mar- All members of the Fair As- tin , who ^ ^ ^ K ^ lectioa _ sociation are invited to this; ^0^,, Neuberger of Oregon meeting. The auditor's report ' gives ^e Democrat a wnntan will be presented, as well as the !»„.„„ to ^1^^ ^ ^ RJ ,,. president's report of last year's jeans' Marsaret Chase Smi»h of operations. .Maine. In the Senate Mrs. Neu- Also, 100 directors wiU be berger xvill take the scat held oy elected to serve for the year;her husband, Richard L. Neuber- 1961 and the election of expired j ger. who died last March. A slen- terms of the executive commit-! der, friendly woman, Mrs. Neu- tee and the election of Fair of-!berger wa 1 : a school teacher ficers for 1961 by the executive'before her marriage in 1945. She committee. and her husband worked closely elect John F. Kennedy. A close friend and former Harvard roommate of Kennedy, Smith was ap-, pointed to fill out two of the four i remaining years of Kennedys! senate term. A Democrat, Smith] is a former mayor of .cr of the House Rules|Mass., where he is In the Senate he ~ seekre.lecto.^ ^"^ - a naval lieutenantta "ti p'aai: Jack Miller, 44, a Republican, won a Senate seat from by defeating Democratic Governor i Herschel Loveless. He has been a ! winnors to the Natioal 4-H Club state senator since 1956 and be- [ Con g"?ss in Chicago this year The human body contains aboul SHOW STARTS 6:30 P.M. THrjRS.-FRI.-BAT. RISE AND FALL Of LEGS DIAMOND AND HOUSE BOAT CARY GRANT SOPHIA LOREN ALWAYS TWO CARTOONS Shoving Frl. Thru Wed. THE WIND IS SENSATIONAL, AND I MEAN ] SENSATIONAL! 99- j -Ntw York Dally Ntwi — «.u •«••» HJK TRACY MARCH KELLY "IMMEIMV ic during World War H. Four states sent 11 national ALL MERCHANDISE SOLD AT DISCOUNT PRICES FOR SERVICE ArTER THE SALE SAVE GAS & TIME . . . SHOP LOCALLY MAYTAG MAYTAG Model '.7C Dryer . Heculc Oner Wu 339.96 Was 189.86 t 149 ,95 2 Speed Automatic Washer Was 259.95 Now Only _ ADMIRAL FREEZERS Big 11 cu. ft. Upright $J)AA95 Was 269.95 Now Priced at Z-47 First Come First Served TERMS MAY BE ARRANGED With Approved Credit LI-SUE & MORROW, INC, 1234 E. Mulbt-rrj Not A lull Cull Ancletun PRESCRIPTIONS DBUUS - COSMETICS SUNDRIES • VETERINARY SUPPLIES Phone SWift 8-2333 NIOHTS DIAL SWu't !> .^ WRIGHT'S PHARMACY BRAZORIA FREEDOM RALLY MAJ. JORDAN Where —BRAZORIA COUNTY FAIR AUDITORIUM When-- JANUARY 9th, 7:30 P.M. The Speaker MAJ. GEORGE R. JORDAN USAF RET. Major Jordan is a recognized authority on Un-American activities and the present U.S. gold crisis The Jordan charges . . . explain why Russia was able to get our atomic secrets and produce a bomb far ahead of schedule Senator Fat A. McCarran FREF.PORT: YOVNGS PHAR. PENNEV'S SCHMIDT Ft'K.V. LAKE JACKSON': LAKE OIUQ ALVIN: WII.BURNS DEPT. STORE Wl'BBS DECORATORS UO.VALD K1\G TICKETS MAY BE BOUGHT AT THE FOLLOWING PLACES ANGl.KTON: LEE MOTOR CO. BRAZORIA COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. THIS AO SPONSORED BY INTERESTED CITIZENS OF BKA/OKIA COUNTY

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