Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on September 25, 1935 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1935
Page 7
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{ ism —,-r—— •—, Sept. 86. WP) •— hWsMWTj&hh f. Mc'tticholas, of ftcinnatf, o., assailed todafy ^leader's, ihsafte in their Wti ;|6 . . . as if hot answerable 'to Jgher authority, ahfl.'. . hav- I no comptission on., the multl- ..e'V'ln.a,sertn'pn at.the openfrlg fttis seventh 'h'fttional: eucharlstic flriess. -ie\ prelate preached kt a solemn tineal ftiafe celebration, by Pa't-i rfcTc Cardinal Hayes, of jreto. York, plp>ai YeWe: This masfe formally Inaugurated the religious program of tlje 1 congress. ; ?,'Amld the hostile din of nations, Wth all the.ltfwe'fs df 'efirth appre- h-awive, suspicious', tense, graspingi doyen by ,an exaggerated national- a! Him to 'the very verge of a sul- dlaal w;af, the gentle voice of the meek arid humble SaVlor of thd World can b.e heaitf only by ears at- timed,to spiritual things," said the pfflate. ' ..leaders, insane in their icefls, strutting Up . arid . 6 ,riations, .speaking as If answerable to any higher aii- ty, disregarding the dignity of hupian nature and the eternal des- tjiy ^df nia'ri, have no compassion on, the 'multitude. J.;|one May feel that If the Lord "Twist .In person addressed the pria through this congress he Juld pa£ ' sdah't attention to the spcalled^statesmen 'and politicians ana theirj'tiefartous ,Wprk." VchtiM8p'.,:Md^lchdlas said that -•- 1 -""-- address,the world •L,,.: ....__.,. ln(JuS . . „_—as, not b^, ; a bomplldated fprmuia, jbut by tnfe simple-1 ruje 'pf. life .lie gave us irii'the Lord's prayer." : i.; ' ••* — h IfdhrisVcoiliii address, the w ,hp; wolud "solve 6ur ;fco,clal,, in trial and .-'fin'ancial tirobfems, ' May flee Been i'XJVALDE, Sept. 25. (fl 5 )—Possible political significance of a session . between Vice-Pfestderit John N Garner and d.ov. James V. Allred al tfie Garner iipme here yesterday remained an item of speculation today. .'iThe only inkling of the nature of j their .conversation was the governor's s'taiem'ent that he consulter. Carrier, in .'his capacity as ^emoc'ra- ttc national 'committeeman from Texas rather than as vice-presideri' of HI the tin'lie,d States. yrhe meeting, however, was generally accepted, as one of particular political significance, .since Allred's v|5lt was preceded by visits to Gar r her from ddl. Paul Wakefield, one of, the governor's closest associates apjl Pat Moreland, Allred's sec're- taiy. , . ,.;^rhether mention was made Of reports .that Allred migh't be a'cfin- diate v 'for trie United States;seriate n^xt year,, and that it is a possibility fojf appolntmpnt as a federal district judge', was ."not., revealed. garner expressed regret that hi Wpuld be Unable to accept an invita^ tfcfn from,the be a guesi ' at 'the executive mansion : at Aus< i tin next week when Jesse H. Jones chairman of the B. P. O., will be Were. Polish For Friday Tilt ach E. N. Denhard Is fas , rounding a large group of Gorilla i$jio the semblance of a footbal s<J ( uad. His 35 or mpre charges ar< Hg jit -but willfpg tp le.arn the garni bf.rfoptball from the ground up. •"$.: first team is gradually being taught plays and the higher, ppirit pjtjfootbftil. They .will get. their firs eptperieri.Qe.. under, fire, on Friday aif tfrhopn when they meet the Whit tgnburg team on Bulldog field in rger.,-,,, , , fi ;'Gpi;|Jla lineup has riot beei ;but OoaQh penna/Td an ouncsed that he would name hi srts following a scrimmage wit] Junjpr 4iigh tea-m set for, thi j;ernpJ3n. The' Gorillas will be Ugh Do With Razor Blades (fl 3 )—The world's old razQ bftde problem has been solved p, the Ijev.'H/Jenkinsoh, jssigiish m l5 s]fjft$:y, ; Jn,$ie Belgian Congo, wft ywuljlibe'gjad to h'ave all'Ke ban ge,t ,'.|rhe Congo natives yearn for razq Jjjfldss-K'ld or new—and the mjj- slgnary-says thgre..!?, "no limit t tM_^ies,)t^ey can fine! for thehi." '.<{They jhftye.with Jthem, USB the,;, t(( dig out venomous jiggers an thorns, fashion household utens.1 apd make .Bunting Instruments. :jWbjBp 4fjere is a death in a riati\i f j^;(fc, i ^pilnsone^pjg^ned.,when h 'here oh his way home, $ demand for any kind of razor blag miss. AllJhe friends and relative " ' jisparted are expected " L IS AN IMPORTANT ART, AND GIRLS ATTEND SPECIAL. TO L.EAR.K) -IT. OUR EARTH. , LARGE AS IT SEEMS TO US, IS ONLY THE PLANET. © 1935 n HEA KRVICE. INC. VA/Efefe NAMED FOfe THE TOfZf=>£Cx=> FI£H t WHICH DELIVERS A THE art of flower arranging began In Japan In the 1,7th century. There are mnny schools,/or styles, Wit most all fcdhere to certain fundamentals. In each ; flower arrangement there is a tall ,'spray representing Heaven, .a low 'spray representing Earth, and * branch between the two representing Man. through it near the roots ' .. ves fit ,100 Richmond park, S. W. 80, London Chapter Seven DANCE "I want to hear them sing—what is it—'The Wreck of Ninety- Seven?' " David nodded. 'We'll have that for a specialty. Right after Leonldas does his stunt." He Indicated the ;iny, wide-eyed black boy who was standing motionless beside Damon. 'He's 'going to tap-dance." Emily had seen tap-dancing on the stage, but she had never seen it as Lephidas danced it ec few minutes later..His lithe little body was as loose as a rag doll's, find he danced with his head thrown back and his great, staring eyes closed, the embodiment of instinctive rhythm. Tlje haTd T f,aced men and weather-beaten women were quiet, swaying, a littje to the'beat of Caesar's banjo and the moan of Cicero's fiddle. And still Leonldas danced, until beads of sweat stood out on his. bulging forehead, and his feet refused at last to respond. When he stepped there was a rpa'v of applause that tingled the crystal pendants on the chandeliers. Someone flung a coin at his feet, and the coin precipitated a shower of others. Leonidas scrambled wildly to recover them, his teeth flashing in a wide grin. Then he.backed precipitately from the room. At a sign from David, Cicero raked the bow across his violin for silence, and suddenly the three ne- groes began to croon: "It's a mighty rough road from Lynchburg to Danville—." The song gathered volume and momentum, the company took it up, and the gruesome cJima'x burst from three dozen male throats: 'He rounded the curve making ninety miles an hour, His whistle broke into a scream. They found him in the wreck with his hand on the throttle, And scalded to death,by the steam." Emily shivered. "What a pleasant ending!" "Isn't it?" David agreed cheerfully. "But I thought everybody knew those old songs. They aren't jnegro songs; theyMre Boor-white, arid Cicero got £hat where he got these others—from a record. But he knows how to sing it. Those and the spirituals are America's only folk- songs, and in their way they're classics." , She could feel that, but coming from David the statement surprised her. He was the most amazing combination of physical and spiritual she had ever known. Suddenly his eyes were grave 'Let's clear for a few minutes, shall we?" She nodded, and hand in hand they slipped out into the. garden where the rich smell of earth minr gled with the distant fragrance of lespe'de?a that to Emily would mean tiarrpltpn as long as she lived. David stopped suddenly, with hands upon her shoulders, and turned her until she faced him in the. darkness. , ,,...,"You're going Tmck tomorrow," he saffl, , , S^e bent her head, too unhappy to "speak.' His grip tightened. "Mind being a ,$ar,mer's wife, Emily?" His voice was, h'usky. ,-,...'-., You were supposed i>9t to be to<j eager at a time like this, she hac heard somewhere. She wondered vaguely how you achieved indlffeV- eripe, lit the map. were rDAVJd. "J wouldn't mind being a ditch veloped In, a pale iavendef mist. Ther& were pccasiohai letters frorri David, tender and brief, because 3ayid was tpo much a persph- pf action tp be at home with written words. 'You can't imagine what a tribute this is," he wrbte the first time. 'Somehow the family caught me at it, bid the discovery almost caused a panic. If I could hold you in my arms I could show you how I love you, but wbrds on paper sit there ahd smirk at me. "I keep thinking about your mouth, or the way your lashes turn backwards; or the way you blush. To think of finding a girl Who can blush! God knows I don't deserve it." And then, when she had been back less than three weeks, the wire frdm David came, followed two hours later toy David himself. David breaks a few precedents, tomorrow. .DANIELS' REMOVAL ASKED BOSTON, Sept. 25. (flV-President Roosevelt would be asked to retire Josephus Daniels as amabssador to Mexico under a resolution filed with the Massachusetts house of representatives today by Thomas Dorgan, a representative from the t Dorchester district of Boston. The proposed resolution sets forth that Daniels "has permitted it to be believed in Mexico that his government does not look with disfavor upon the religious intolerance practiced by the present Mexican government." BACKSEATS ARE SAFER SPftlNG OROVK, Pa., Sept. 25 (/P)—W. Miller,got out of the auto to show his wife how to make a "U" turn. Mrs. Miller stepped on the gas and the auto ran over Miller's foot, digger's wife, David, if you were ;he ditch-digger." He uttered a smothered cry of tenderness as he took her in his arms. ^n epn later he said .persuasively You don't need a diploma to be a farmer's wife, Emily." .To marry 'David, now— But of course , things like that didn't hap- jeh. "But David, I'm just .eighteen Mother would never give in." She could feel the shaven smoothness of his ch'eek a'gains 1 hers. "Need she?" "Of course! And -besides," this she confessed to herself, was even more pertinent to the issue, "1 would break Dad's heart. We'll have to wait a while." "I hate waiting!" David protested. Of cpurse, he would. And probably, the thought stabbed her, David was the sort who wouldn't wait very long. "But you will?" she pleaded. "Of course, if there's nothing else to do. But I'll wear you down yet," he threatened. "Kiss me." She and Judith left next morning, followed by laughter and bear- hugs and farewell admonitions. The Irish setter, who felt now that Emily was her private property, wanted to climb in the car and sit in her lap, and Starlight whinnied excitedly and tried to pull up the post to which she was hitched. Mrs. Carroll, who was wearing a dress as a concession to the occasion, kissed her warmly. "People ; al- ! ways have to pay us a second visit to prove that the first hasn't In-: capacitated • them." , To Judith she said, "We're go|rig to miss you, honey, like ff front tooth. Be sweet, like ,E.mHy here, and then you won't need to .be so careful." Mr. Carroll patted her .cheek and muttered something facetious about influences for good, and .p&vid, in the worn boots and the itorn. shirt, camo last. He, smo^h^red Judith in a long embrace, and 'turned to Em- 1 ily. "if they don't approve of this," he said lightly, "they'Jl ;ha,ve Jo look the other way. 1 ' And .tjefpre she could protest h? had lifted her .in his arms, kissed her aUtpnis mouth, and set -her jn tlie car. "I'll be there ,very fiopp," he whispered as he drew away. STARTS TODAY LES 6UDDY ERS RETURNS THE SCREEN . A RIOT OF 1YTHl|M f AS YOUNG £OVE SWEEPS THE CAMPUS! \John Arledge, Johnny Mercer, ponald Meek, Dave Chasen.. and 24 Fresh Co-eds! 'k__,—_—-, —- •-—. ———w—— — - -* Comedy—Topics of the Day School once R\ore; the school and yet ?• ^different ,pne, en- lOc-STATE-20c! Now Showing "SOCIETY pOCTOR" WHh Chester Morris—Carole Lombard ' AUTO See Us For Beady B Re i i nance, • Buy a new oar. « Reduce payment*. • Raise money to meet bill*. Prompt and Courteous Attention given aU application*. PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Combs-Worley Bldff. Ph, 604 24 HOUR MEQIAJNUGAL SERVICE "iEAR" FRAME *; AXLE WORK KE SERVICE HIGH jPRE$gyHE WASHING LUBRICATION LA NOR A 3,000 Pampa .Folks .Can't Be Wrong 1 ! And They AH Agreed This Is The N ... GIANT SHOW THAT HAS EVEUYTBIIMi! LAST DAY! radio's acel and Eleanor, .Powell, chc overnight screen , ing 15 $cjir« m plant M»-' ' Shqwl to give you more wear—greater Safety Priced to give you real savings—Compare! Our Be e t Plug Wards famous Riverside Supreme Quality! None better made yet you save about J^l Wards Oil Filter 12 000 mile oil filter. Exactly the samD as make 1 used on most new cars. You save y 2 l 7c Stop and Ta!l Light JVIazda light bulbs for all cars. America's Best First Quality Tiros! Actual tests prove that Riversides give up to 28% more mileage than other first quality tires I That means EXTRA savings when you consider that Wards regular prices on Riversides ate as low as any first quality tires and considerably Jower.than .most! Before you buy any tires, come In ahd get Wards low prices, WRITTEN GUARANTEE AGAINST EVERYTHING Kverythihg that can happen to a tire in service Without limit as to months or miles 1 Every New Tire Deserves A New Tube! Get RKerside Tubes for Extra Value! Old, leaky tubes cause the under- inflation that is so hard on tires. Get Wards thicker, longer wearing molded circle tubes and be safe. WARDS 100% PENNSYLVANIA All from Bradford Allegheny crude, the world's finest! Refined by ne'w solvent process. Anti -sludging! Super - tough film! Save about V<>! Lined Brake Shoes Set of 4 for Ford 28-31 Exchange Save Extra! Trade in old brake shoes at Wards! Inc.'(^ In Your Container iAIso sold in 2 & 5 gal. containers 12 MONTHS GUARANTEED 13 Plate <W With Old Battery Wards famous Riverside Standard Quality! Gives extra power, even at Zero! Backed by Wards 12 months adjustment guarantee. Installed free! Generators Ford V-8, 32-35, exch....$3.98 Clicv. 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Walnut finish- 'ed stock! gavel Hunting Coat Wards: . W,»* t s rn i Field! , Heavy Army Duck. Patented storm collar (Big pockets! ' Box 25 If ypu want to ."bring 'em dpvra" this seaspn—use Red v Heads! Regardless of price you can buy no bette'r shells! ^speated tests prove that Red Heads have np superior jfpr pattern, velocity, uniformity I Best powders used—Dvi- Pont and Hercules I 18-Ga. Reliance 3-1-6 Drop Shot • 12-Ga. Ruliance 3K-US-6 Chilled Shq( 18-Ga. I-ong Range Max.-l'/,-6 Cliillea Shot .410-Gft. ajii" long Range. Size 6 CWUcd Shot ,410-Gft. 3" Long Range. SUo « Ch|lle4, »'-»* -A -

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