Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 5, 1969 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1969
Page 11
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ANN LANDERS answers your problems Rtdlonds DoUy Focts Wtdn0S (lay# Mor* 5, 1W9—11 10 Uto uy BWMy bMame hth described in caiiias>i»t.'t iMcr tMCMd. Iiad trpUU*. « "^"JiAf^"!!' Sa^iWhTii. BW;« tor ite««w«wsood«Uie .lory «fAn *b« Pour fiM |i9e wiJiod ««i S«nuril«i«! Il'i a tieum to rM tor U jtm ad JS. windoir and hollered. "Get np-'leave jou aloae. permanenay. tor ao ton-MMil By kntaad re> pctei MnwdamlilmllMybelpedioadiwi ' '^l^l^'SSLrJS. Deor A-i I^: Oor Ue- Sl ^fr^ li*-««rpli«. - ^ ^TU'tr'^piS^ them lo her in car. ,1 MTlMM! Ii't a ideofltre to rkd tor U yem ad bavo flne «tek» ago. I bdped 6« .^Kkw and bolleted. "Get np. M a kuer like juon. Aaok bMlUiy eUidm. Fm »o» wr-iUie boa»e. Now I coold Uck »v ^ '-"^ r'jSX ^Tto ^^.SJlU week SJLdha...««.U. Ann tanden win be «lad to help you with your problems. Dear Ann Landerc: We Imr A anaa «» nwcfa 1be»c da»-f ^boul how dw people nbx» to hcilit eadi ^iuM and or — IMW they took the elber «ay «hea nomooM it in !>«>• nwlbted It Sde. I was hegjimtng lo bdieve; a* «wU ««8 coing to heU in a I liandta^. And then my htt«-{ band and I needed hdp and we Inamod dilloreiniUy, IVase iHtet nur «uiry. Aim, tt pram soma-, lUUBC. I My hududtd and I •>« nov- <ns aaeiii the comity. W« packed evenihhu; wc own in a trailer. Yetacirda>'. as wc ap- iMVMchod Kincmaa. Aiicsaa. «« hit an oil «lid(. The trailer col- tipKid. Our piano, deroo. TV. Uie hottwhold appUasccc, oar clsUffiK. even the pois and pant ««!« «tK«« an over the Id^ ««y. cart «i«pt>cid at «noe. Ptwpk' came from aU dircclioot 10 lend a hand. Two men ^Ureeu od u-affk around ut. The others, women at at men. carried' all our bdaojsast to one side ct the hicbway. the trailer UtdL Tbe Kfuir- I dent l«.w the name of a ase d ««h >.r «»• home from BUCC^^ ^ ^ . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -Rrtland. Daily Facts. endo,b« unlOiciy. Go to your wanU to we ow pbooe or bor^ CtaCKEN |a setf-addressed. stamped em» —d adc tor a compete row tMnethins- This momfas Dear Chide: Not with an fai- lope. pidwe. Peopte alien do se pretended net lo bear bat aensilh« <dod like that. U you (Copyrisht. 1969. Publlshef» D^RebMca^ I hope the spk<- tortimate atbir with a maa who, ihtt if they ted nndnly tatigned. «he stood under oar bedroom aro tacky sbeH get mad andHan Syndicate) SELECTIONS OP OUAIJII Oerrards CYPRESS. CENTER made from petroleum S1EWMEAT f Freshly ^ M I Ground Chuck Boneless Rolled By XXI tUlCUE (StudMrt, Cat Mr) tt'ould ym «*) «»up. cereal or oonkies oi »dP !»>• usine peJJ'il- «^uin? Suc^h J pmpOKitian i« noi yt\ a rrsliiv. hul food and oil compsnlr^ art diliccnily woriin: on )1. rerliips j pcsicr ppolMrni ihati prndurin: these foods ^vili be ^linc people to Ml them. The pciniloum. jmturil ess *r ketxitcnr ihdi ii- uhcd to create these food». wA Vac tiubntanoe eaten. Bui raihcr thece ftielt provide ibe «ner»- required to crow <vrtjiin mtcrabiolocica] ar> santsmii and j'csstii. The reatll- ins products are «in;;le«cll proteins (SCP) thst can be refined for comnumftion. The re- tined product ii> a buff colored powder of up to 70 per cod protein. Already SCP » Ixins used on a limited scale as animal fod-, dcr in iiCivtral counlnes. indnd- ins the Uniied Sutes, Brilafa).' FYance and Buvtia. aimoi) O. Ohidiestcr. chairman of tbe Department of Food Sd«nce and Techaoloo- at the Unii«rMl>- of Califoniia at Davis, points out liial Ihe process of ppodufins this by-product of pctrcileum is beneficial to both the produoUon of petroleum and the single cell pixiiein. Xal^ rual peux»eum has a hish wax content whidi is uitdesirable.** tb removv it, tbe petrtieum is fermented, ttwt is the fflicRH >r- canisms «i<e jiU9««d to croo'. In this was tvotcin is a l>y- product of Kfininfi pelrdeum. The food which will be created in ibis manner can be compared to dieese. bread, beer and wine — old and widdy accepted food sudb which also in-' vdve Ibe sjxmtfa of ttknwir- Sanisms. The bis plus for the use of SCP is the plentifol location of refineries thrau^^ioiit the woild. Onoe deivioped. the continued productiaa of SCP win be inex- pensve and widespread. This wiS nuke it csEbcnMb* impor- ust to oeetinc w«4d food thoilase. lb overootne the resittancc of the ooosumer. SCP ma}- be used as an additit«. mixed to with ftmOiar foods. IIo»««cr. a« OI)id>ester da}-s. likdibood <tf this type of proteto beins used for dined human consumption in the nesct 4 or S }iejrs is modeivtdy smalL" So. dont look for it on the supermatket sbdf for nwldle. Hopeful]}', bit' the time SCP is marketable, it wilt hai« been Jumbo Rslt — Docaralor talked about cnoujdi to have sained public acceptance. SPARE RIBS Boneless Lean Boneless iw... Clod or Chuck Roast • %vnn^ Meal Ireaded Veal Steak Tasty NareMcn nth m HALIBUT FILLETS RED SNAPPER . SEA BASS FILLETS SAVINGS Urge Green EXTRA FANCY r"Snap.|n" ' Fresh Washingfen "Gofdln Delicious" ASPARAGUS 39 Green Beans Strawberries Apples Tangerines FIRM GREEN *! C C TOP FHOZEW FOOD fUrS! Green Beans Leaf Spinach "later Tots" Turnovers VERMONT MAID SYRUP a12«bottk jmi MMtuM • asm at CwTM«<t Mtm pnu af XK. fiwR *twt far a nhHK at We. ItM ttif al CanxCtl WTOwas. •Xady Scott" UMUAIIIA. Biafra (tPD-A TAII ET TICCIIF trvetopJctd bombinc raid by a lUILCI lljjUfc • XiSsrian air force |4ane wound-, ed U civilians in three Biafran villages outside Umuahia today. "tUf Scott" ssr r FACIAL TISSUES. dcGlroyed. 2 padc Pkg. THE LAST W0I9 IN Modem Wifcr Comltionins ME^FT SifrffferSerrfce DMrianof Sanitaiy IHsa^lianil rUIMg 1241 Wi Ph. 714.2131 WSHORIBWG 29* 25' 27' 69* Lawry's Salad Ortssinf - l -ox. batHo "GRffll GODDESS" . "Rayal Prida" - Na. J03 can APPLE SAUCE "Osia" Cnithad — Na. 2 can PINEAPPU "Data" Saasanad SHcad - No. 311 can GRSI BEAMS IMsay" Matfum - No. W can SUppy Irand Dry pi PITIED OUVES .39* DOG FOOD 5-59* >« Cana IfM Hawaa M mmi "Ubbys" - 4C«. can 4%gki CM SUGAR.... 5^55* TOMATO JUKE 29* FANTASnX SKAY rl, CLEANER SARAN WRAP 50 ^00^

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