Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 10, 1946 · Page 14
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 14

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, March 10, 1946
Page 14
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isrf ox Commenls ft? Am A MERLE COX 86 Sullivan, head of the com- iSefcial department, will go to Abil- Shi ftoday to act as chairman of ... the', aisctissiori group in secretarial VO1 studies at a meeting of the West •FeSaS business division of the National Education association. The session, which will be held ftt Hftfdin-Simomns University, will ijifelUde a general assembly, sectional meetings and a banquet. LITTLE HARVESTE Pampa High School, March 10, 1946 A religious service consisting of Silent prayer with a response by the A Cappella choir was held from l:0ij to 1:10 p.m. Friday to observe the "World Day of Prayer." Teachers and pupils in every classroom bowed their heads during the Short service. * * * All of the Pampa High students certainly enjoyed the three Rotary speakers. We wish to thank the Ro- Dr. Douglas Nelson Speaks To Juniors, Seniors at Gala Banquet Final Rotary SpeakerTells About Turks HN i T f SICK « A UVI» • Explaining the virtues of looking life straight in the face instead of thinking of it as a comic strip to read at intervals was the theme of the talk by Dr. Douglas E. Nelson, MT „-„-_ IP^i^M*. pastor of the Presbyterian church, • 93111 JjIHBlS at the 1946 Junior-Senior banquet, -^ ^^ ^ ^ wm A southern plantation party eon- entcl . five b m thc Sout hwcstcrn stituted the central theme for the RecmiUon Trftck nnd FleW mce l. gala event. Runners of white red ^ g w , u nm , n Uw wo Thc parents of Turkish boys and pink and yellow flowers udoiiecl yni . d claf . h Randy Clny wlu Uu . 0 fo ' • • » .--,.!,- iHininturc Soutn- ' - - —'..... . .. ..,_ girls nre interested in them and as much as our pnrents their schools arc similar to Mr. Chester in . discus, Lonnie Williams is eligible , f Special features consisted of an well put and Bob Troop, Clay and Mayes will thc sprint relay ancl the The band clinic, conducted by Mr. Fred Westphal, was concluded day in nsembly. erly Baker. 5" ^'^^^^LS?*™' The more than Z50 guests regis-. In regalia 1, and pass a football instead of a baton. s: is critically ill. • n leSy DUr@3U * boys, they did not win at the Olym- ' • £Southern dance. Boys who are showing the most Mr. B. G. Gordon has gone to pjc games in Paris, but gained many plajec ', , command n cr formances improvement according to Coach Oklahoma City to sec his father who helpful experiences by seeing the "£7,*' b V irpinia McNaughton Otis Coffey arc Malcolm. Pagan, Jim 4. nHHnniiv in champions, he reported. 'jolmnye Sue Hart and Naneen Wilson and Billy Gene Davis in Characteristics of the Turks arc Campbc u, the "little pickaninnies," thn mile run; Bernie Brown, Russell their sense of humor and great wno wcllt ' from table to taD ] e ren . Neef and Lonnie Williams in " the sense of politeness, he said. The dermg 0 ] d southern favorites. high hurdles, Brown, Ncef and Max average Turk has a dark complexion, others on the program were thc Robbins in low hurdles; Jack Oil- dark hair and tlark eyes. Rcv . Russell West, invocation; Bill phant, Mike Alloway <and Laddie Kamal, ruler of Turkey until Bain, welcoming address; Dick Me- Mayes in the 440-yard run. f i nwiii p«fnhii«hpri for 1938 > brought about many reforms cune response; and Angela Duncan, Troop and Carl Mayes in the 220- thV n°u U rnos S e of ereetinE and guid- 'or his country. The most radical piano medley. yard run; Horace Saunders in the tne purpose 01 greeting^ ami g i ^ reform which has taken place since Mr. and Mrs. Knox Kinarcl were 880-yard run; Kelly Anderson and met visitois to £«=• was, » "r. World War I was in 1925 when thc K pecial guests, as were tlie seniors Charles Lockhart in the pole vault; ' the student council, wearing , 9 f the hat instead o£_thc ami faculty members, --• ~' " -----'- '" is - -, » ,.. j.j le f ro nt cnange was me aisi-uiiniiuiiis 01 HIK . _ _ _ assigned wearing of the veil by the women. Donald and Helen Hagcrty gathered Gooch and Lonnie Williams in shot Visitors The Turkish women had no civil the wraps; Drusilla Boy_cl presided put . , fill out rights until 1934. In that year the Grand Nationl Assembly met and Carl Mayes, Cloy and Oooch in fez became official. Another radical Junior homeroom presidents made D1 - O ad jump; Clay, Williams and Bill in thp front change was the discontinuing of ihc U p the receiving line; Peggy Me- speer in discus; and Bob Boyles, - ' s ' •#" KineJy-Three Slndenls Are Llsled On Fourth Six Weeks Honor Boll Quill and Scroll Holds Initiation A total of 93 students achieved No. 24 weeks." This is six less than the • first si* week's report and three more that the mid-term roll. The following 36 students rruXde all grades 90 or above. This mirtiber tallies with that of last six weeks, each being 36. . Elva Jean Anderson, Betty Bar- ^ f Bill T anne r, editor Of the rett, Betty Jo Coffey, Jeannine Con- Amar jn 0 Times, Was guest speaker yers, Bobby Joyce Davis, Mary Ann when the p ampa Q U UI and Scroll Davis, Margery Dixon, Nadeen Edg- per f orme d the initiation ceremony, erton, Junice Ann Fahle, Nickie for tne pledges of the Amarillo Fraser, Gordon Frashier, Johnnye ohapter Tuesday evening in the a?vrsin fl sss;. T s ^»r sp^t 1 ^ Hutchens. Oulnctto Killingsworth, Mt. Taniier spoke on ^rae David Lamb, Don Lane, Don, Losher, s ^ h X*ff ofB the teletype : Patricia Mario Miller LeonaL Mll.s, h 6Q word per ^^ Cantrell Nash, Kelvin Neil, fcjueDcn which Will solid Nelson, Donna Jo Nensteil, Lyman Jg- ^ ffi^M*^ '«, *£* extensively throughout the thiltcd JM1JO) XJLI^**»i^ »^»*»* v*'t *.•« wv- — ... ._ Smith, Doi-is Ann Spain, Atha Bell States. Steward, Kathcrine Jo Talley, Nancy Amarillo initiates were: Freda Caroline Thompson, and Bobby Jo Jones, Vera Mable .Fergusoni Jim Tucker Slade, Myrth Howard, Sylvia Mar- Th '<• iinuHmr vi qhirtnits made tln - Marv Jo Weiss ' Monte Cralg ' n on v ?f n n Thu u three hteh- Hurshelene Journey, Carolyn Olouse, all 90 except one. This is thicc high Keirsey, Carol Ann er than thc last rcpoit. ciemmons, Fay Rigdon, Arletta,Wil- John Allen, Rosamond Allen, ]lamSi Bjlly Pat Moore> p atsle Shirley Barton. Donna Beagle, Eve- Northcutt , and Be tty Scott Martin. ffiJSN53?£E ffiS Er ,» M>srSie ,— % g „";SSS £~S SaSiS^S Cook, Anna Merle Cox, Carol CUI- Mathenv Jim Terrell Anna KotaS Sa m£ ^SSlffiS: r? °«. B6b Wkinson, and Miss Arline Givens, James Morris Gray, ^^ Glick - s P°» sor James Harrah, Richard Hughes, » . Mary June Hunter, Dorothy Jones, Margaret Jones, Helen Kiser, Lamar Lively, Ariaesta Lowther, Wilma M-athus. Bobbie Louise McClendon, Harold McCray, Mary Catherine McNamara, Jack McPeak, Bobby Dean Bell Miller, Bettye Meek, Eldon Morris, Wanda Lou Morrison, Ali- cne Morrison, Bill Nellis, Mildred ^l^'venis' Overstreet, Betty Jean Parker, Nor- lne ^ averns - nia Ann Pirtle, Jean Pratt, Joyce 115 Seniors Plan For Carlsbad Trip Plans were completed last '. week for the senior class of PHS to visit the Carlsbad Caverns May 3, 4, and 5. This will be the first time since 1941 that the seniors have gone to Reservations have been made ill, th girls tinatlon in the school. the assembly. occasion were Nad^^ger Lota . The students serving and the Before 1924, only boys who trained = ££ p^ns B*?bira Walters Ellen periods are Max Hukill and Bertha to be officers in the Sultan's Army """ p...,, ' p raln iri c Ann Studer Mae Killion, first period; Hansel anc } Kavy received an education. ?™ f p j' h 'Kennedy and Norma Pirtle,_sec- Glrls of wealthy parents were some- ^, p, rnvp o'eorgi Anna Grogan To 1U Pratt, Leona Fa'ye Richardson, Adell Carlsbad for the accomodations of Roberts Betty Joyce Scott Doris 143 Persons. If more students plan THE PHS TRIO, consisting of Beverly Candler, Libby Stur- Snac kelford, Judy Smith,- 'Robert to go, the persons laUing^one ™ icon and Sybil Pierson, have received ovations for excellent Dean Stone, Frankie Ann Studer, m °"- ^.p", 8 performances fjnee their first appearance for assembly last ^^S^S'S^^^ fall. Since that first hurredly prepared performance, they have loi > Bonnie Tucker, ana Ann wnite. iung for most of the civic cLubs, the USO, Teen Canteen, have " a 14 by the faculty and the results New members of the PrVr > Bpt- Honor society will bc selected March JT11CC, JDL.U 1A Uif +u ^ f n ^,,lf,, Q , 1r l flio fnclllfc A.txiiucuj' tvnu iiuu.i[» J.LV.W, u.— uiiis ui wcuii/uy ijfiiciii/o »cic ouinc- . Qj-ave Georfii Anna Grogan, ond period; Bill Nellis and Eloise times sent tbroad to Europe to study. ^ .. p ,' Vilma Tubbs, Pat Wyatt, third period; Don Lane and From 1924 until 1939, Kamal was p.R 0urkc " Ann McNamara Barbara Donna Beagle, fourth period; John- busy making a great reform in edu- p... rutn '...,„ Moselev Norma Ann Members of the society met Monnye Sue Hart and Jim Terrell, fifth ca tlon. An average of 300 schools pf rlle ifelda Davis 'wadean Tho- da y during the third period to period; and Elmo Hargis and Gene n year were being built during this ' Jd Rutn Tay i or Nicki Fra- make definite plans concerning the New iung ror mosr or me civic CI.UQS, me w^w, i ecu wumc^n, ** p • American Legion, and our assemblies a number of times. They y||f (jCMOrS . . , lave appeared on programs presented by the A Cappella choir National on several occasions. Wanda Gordon is the accompanist f 07*1*1 CflTI $5 For A Name Do you need $5.00. Attention: Students who have financial problems. Here's your chance to assuage them. Submit a clever name for the literary magazine which is to be published by the students of Pampa High this spring. Be the one to receive thc $5.00 isash award in assembly Wednesday. time. Now and during the war many Turkish students are being sent to d ^*.' g the United States for higher education. Transliteration of the Arabic language to our alphabet of thc West was ma.:le in 1929, By June 15, 1939, every legal document or paper published in Turkey had to be written in thc new alphabet, Mr, Tobin reported. Turkey maintained June Sai- of the new members. . j .1*1 Doris Shackelf ord, Elsie Ruth Gra* ham and President Bernie Brown T^ashion lashes C|f§ Tn Knter will plan the program. r"»J *U MMAVI Formal initiation of members will be held in assembly the last week in April. Present plans follow: Early on May 3 the group will leave in school busses or private cars. Each private car must have To be a nurse is the ambition of a parent or class sponsor in It. The.. Vclma Lucille Smith. She gives her seniors will arrive at Carlsbad at birthplace as Bisbee, Ariz., Feb. 7,' approximately 4 p.m. and will nave 1928. She plans to attend St. An- a picnic. thony's college. Lucille is a member Thc ncx t day, May 4, the trip of FHA, student council and was through the caverns will be made. in the junior play. The National Park association will * * * make arrangements for a special Charles Arthur Spencer was born trip through thc caverns for the Leg shows, fortune telling, and in Trinidad, Colo., Sept 29, 1927. His sen jors, and a geologist and a na- womcn living and breathing under desire is to be a minister and attend turalist will acompany them. water are only >:i few of the at- a church college. He is a member of Scn j ors arc hoping for a dance tractions of the all-school party the A Cappella choir, student coun- ° which will be hell Tuesday at 7:30 cil and Hi-Y. He has attended * p.m. in thc cnfc-teria, gym and class- schools in Trinidad, Colo., and Pam- Both rooms on the first floor of thc high pa. Charles' hobbies arc hunting, m tne pecos Pampa High will,enter track and 5C h QO i building. fishing and hiking. This is the first all-school party All-School Party Will Feature Eats, Side Shows, Fun for All 1H Attending the meeting were Beverly Candler, Bernie Brown, Elsie Held events, typing, shorthand, ten.„ -., ... , . , . ., ,. J. HID 10 uiiu .inou cn»-uv»»w./» is\** vj Ruth, Graham, Dons Shackelford, nls and ready writing in the dis- the student councU has sponsored nave ncd - . ; ;. * * * The following morning, May a, tno Born with one brown and one group will 'leave Carlsbad to re- By MARTHA KELLEY This week has brought to PHS glva Jean Anderson, Kathryn Rose, trict meet at Amarillo April 6. j^ y" c ' a ~~" an< i~"clabora'tc: pfans~have green eye is Frank Loycl Stallings, turn to Pampa. a ^-jHp.nn nalls a varied collectlon of Bar- Quebell Nelson, and the sponsor, Those-students placing in thc ds- been'made to make it successful. Jr. who gives Clarendon and March —— : ^ ; part in World War „ 'because |e ^e^ spring °L^'S ^ ^^o_ui^J_ones_ g ^ b ^ to enter ^^^attrn^^aU^a. g, !«.-« the ^tics^his birth. SWUm* ^ n rS£s£™^ To««J. DU,,_n«e Tn Rn ^Wim^ thet will go to Auftin ^ ^alSd^n^ ^ma or Texas University .and MI5 10 ^POOSOF outlined the treaties by which Tur- M ' ary Rut h e rford wore a beautiful Dramatics Class Finds Talent for Acting key remained friends of England and Russia, even at thc war when it seemed the two t'o"her" countries wouM be enemies. - •. . - ^^ ds of England Q e suedc jacket Jast week. Gee! Rof ni . o Dicffirt the beginning of Wag u " beaut eous." Curly gave it OCLUl V I/UAII Ibl way, does anyone on May 2 and 3 for the state meet. Hansel Kennedy, Prank Morrison, Coach Otis Coffey is in charge anc ) G cne Garrison will have charge J™° of thc track and field events, and o f the dart games. Horace Saun- Miss Dorothy Hoylc is coaching ten- ders, Miss Virginia Vaughan and l is instructing M r M. E wo » ld ' ike to e " ter th ,. HI FHA Convention Lane and Lola Ward have Great dramatic talent has been stat es for at least two decades as a rea l scarcity-saddle oxfords with uncovered in Miss Ruth Stapleton's the Russians are bled white from the white rubber soles. Imagine! dramatic class. Three committees war . H e thinks they are only seek- Nearly the entire English IV-J eiitering tennis are Patsy Anne Louise jones win Lurcui/ na e ready writers. Procter will ,A,icoRobinson,Mary Myatt, ^ ^fffj^ ,TS£Sn?»S ^i.l NeHis, 3ill Bain, take care various twnandwrittag. " * * * Bo , - . n ,, H ™ , tan suit. She had a darling little amie , Mary Ruthurfora and Frankie foi ' c oi ; °» M ^ . J ' accold "^ t l ° ^ "'womPii ihMna/nd breathing un lor SchOQl of nurslng; For an ac ' at-avms; Lucille Smith and Irene . donkey pinned on her sleeve. By Ann ' sludel , present rule. This mw affect many We jncn li .vms .and b >eathniB un- ttvl ghe WOJ . ks m the bookroom . delegates; Miss Edith Krai, s the wa, lady, thanks loads for mea- . seniors who have ooked foiwaid do watei will be te en caie of by . , , v Smiu attendmB B wno have signed for ton . * have each written and produced a j ng power and strongholds at the class commented on Miss Jones' cute sTurKcon Jovce Pratt 'Marilyn Ad- " c)t llave been 18 years of agc bC " " S a " .short play. present. '-" — •"• "'-- -- J - - 1 -"" ""'- ' One commit'.ee composed of Gin- Mr To | jm - ls n private invest' . . ger Bassett, Buddy Sawyer, Charles mont councinor in Chicago. He was the way, lady, thanks loads for mea- WJ1U Julvu cu 1M1 ^. Spencer, Gladys Wilson and headed bom m Mainc> ancl was educated suring us seniors. About May 16 ,, is are C i lar ii c Laffoon Horace to B ° mg to the stute meet ' by Bunnie Shelton put on "A Medal as Macalcster college in St. Paul, a lot of us will really look sharp S[Umc i ers , Don Morrison, Ronald — for Connie," a short play on now Mjnn He spent 12 years working in those robes that fit so well. Lewter, Jack Hood, Earl Davis, and Connie disposed of some unwanted with thc international Committe of Wayne Johnston is a great wear- J3 em je Brown. guests by her childish actions. tnc yMCA in Europe and Asia He is 3r of western clothes, but the brown ««. Bernie Brown, Thelma Link, Patsy t , u of .. Turkcy Key t o the suede shirt he wore last Wednesday C-U.,,.-..., \A/ an ^ at . l c Smith, Joan Hawkins, Charles Spen- „ stopped us all. reDrUOry Wearner IS cer, Billy Hutchinson, with Don A '_ '.^ ,. A _ ( f(io Knmn A tricky HtUe number anytime fi ft nH for Panhandle last Saturday. A definite date for the meeting- has not yet been set. .. L Nyda Joyce Stone was born April 11, The" Pampa Chapter of the FHA L 1928, in Archer City. Her ambition y,^ represented by Naneen Campis to be a nurse and 'attend Bay- bell, newly elected Area I sergeant- livina'and breithh* un- lor ScnoQl of nursln B ; For an ac ' at-avms; Lucille Smith and Irene mint ana meaining un Uvity sne workg m the bookroom . Hoggatt delegates; Miss Edith Krai, Snnr^&n'JS^yiS «<»• 29 ' ™'™« * V ™ ^' « = M^neS?wa^Sl' Bcrti> McDowell Mrs E O listecl as Mickey June Sw e areil Sto's to attend becan;:c of illness. SU-ouu 1 " and Bunnie Sheitan 'will ^S^i'^ln™ 6 ,' school hi Tne mornln ' ; ^ssion consisted ovmcc thc Blue room. ^^^^^^"n 8 ^" ^^ o! eetting acquainted with the chairrnan produced V*A-- v**i* f pantomime "And the Lamp also Donald Thut , mas- Music Interviewed Friday MUSIC for 'dancing win be fur- 2J" 1 _. ,, r i i ,,„.»!' "ished by Wesley Geiger, Dick Me- °'"• The radio program .for last wcel. c J N p,^ was un ler the auspices of the Mu- Jflck Dunhamt Jlm Wi]sorl) Don •an tne f ampa Thut anc , Don Lan(J wj]1 take chai . go . P" b ' c npfi- nnri Pnrnir, ni-«wn hnv« tne students ol fHS a range or i« Jvl1 - u - "• j-mmvfn.n«,»-n<».n>.u ^.". pictures, siioKcrs ana Niacionary win "shoes" uxactlv -ilikr Thpv degrees in temperature, but con- Hay Bobbins, head of thc high bu un , nl . the direction of Nelson about the iiiaBPst T'VP sppn irollcA itself and Jicld th.c Pan- school music department; Mr. Or- G ou, Elmo Hargis ancl Danny Wil!v ± vourteft Jron't acl l^ndlc winds down to an even level, land Butler, head of Junior ugh u was a court scene with Rita Ryan Diy aiso. uonam imu w* s »im»- blo s —- ary, the changeable weather gave. 1 JUU1U ^"""«- . t . , ^ ai the skates. Stands consisting of "' charged with first degree murder, ter o/ ceremonies for the program. Bj]] • f ^ tho students of PHS a range of 62 _ Mr. J. H. Flathers.niterviewed^Mr. pictures, slickers ancl Ktationary will lo Also a murder play was written Characters were Evelyn, Julia Mane - ' - ..... ~— ,by James Bossay, Billy Hutchinson, Dawes. the heroine; Ralph. Bob ^ .^ Bob Houchin, Euleta Covalt and Love, the hero, t.eijns moiner, g erious ] v i, ovs V our fept aren'r QC- "— — — .-,.,.. with Maxine Lane as the chairman. Louise DeMoss; Herbert, the villain, " that lone arpihPvV' ™>. 4 had the highest maximum music department; Mr. C. S. Meech, E i ou j s e Wyatt, Jeannine Con- Work has begun on four one- Robert^ O'Brien. Stage__managers AnK ela Duncan looks more like -a temperature listed at 80 degrees, and head of elementary musir- , „ .... „„ ardinarilv does when Feb - u took the minimum with 18 Fred Westphal, who is h [uscfous nink sweat degrees. music clinic. The purpose -of the •Die suU Blonde cur On Feb. 13, students had a holiday interviews was to find out what is Iv hair goes with both ' because of the 'snow and a week going on in the music department Richard Hughes seems to think *»ter oame to school in shirt sleeves of the various schools in Pampa. lat the woman that irons his shirks and looked longingly outside at the The theme of the next progra the representatives from the attending .towns, and was concluded by reports from the present council members. ' ';,' The afternoon meeting opened r«SSrStS? ancTatt'end W;U, reports given by delegates from n'q Business collece Glvn- « n chapters represented. Lucille activTw b work nl in to Smith gave a brief discussion on bookroom the Pumpa chapter's activities and . act plays to be presented some even- were Dan stallings, Emmeu For- Jng in the near future. rester and Jonnte Au-.ven. iir u f for the ym V ' tal 5 e , care °< U» pictures. f Eatat 008 WlU W b be stu d en t s Interested In trying out Voting for the 1946-47 council was ^ ts , H junlm . play ,. The do , le by secret ballot. Alice Ruth Come to the Party er that the woman that irons his shirts and 10 °K ecl longingly Show Vour loyalty by attending the all-school party Tues- should know that he is not gonna sun while they had to go to class, has not been announced. Jay night. Members of the student council have spent a lot of *^ Jn1 J 1 J nd ' hence ' iron his shirts i-ime to make this party a huge success. Side shows, dancing, Th-th-th-'th-that's all folks. gomes and refreshments will be for your entertainment. No lessons will be assigned, so that will be no excuse. Come one, come all and a good time is guaranteed. —W. T. Ferguson, and Margaret McCracken. program sketching committee is Leona Me- Fa'rmeT' ^^ ^"^ "* °' ^ f »"«» ^^ B-at," must meet in the auditorium Crocker, present president, was chp» Monday afternoon, Miss Ruth Sta- sen fpr the Area I state delegate, pleton director, has announced. Donna Bell of Chillicothe succeeded Juniors interested in working on the her as president. Naneen Campbell, stage crew should also be present. chosen as sergeant-at-arms; Will Junior sponsors will act as judges attend the council meeting at Chi?' :; • • licothe early in, the fall • Keep the Library Orderly XA/UO,-, nt-ia /-K-IOC tn thp Mhrnrv. he should resoect the other Beavers Read Weekly Exchange PHS Journalism Class Journalism Class Has p ap ers in Harvester Office - Visits Pampa News Only 13 Members By WILMA TUBBS being to discuss ways in which to The Pampa High journalism A bunch of busy beavers reading make the school better. class, taught by Miss Claris Glick, class, which meets newspapers are seen in the Little the fifth period, is ill-fated this Harvester office each week as the Sagebrush- - . ,., UahnnIrl rpcnprt ppr , When one goes to the library he snouiq respecr me orner semester _ havjng the unlucky nunl . exchange papers come in. they are nison county high school in Colo- ple who are there. After all, they miK.nt be studying. ber of j 3 enroUet}i looljing to see what other schools rado, if the present- plans are car- . Miss Marv Gordon, our librarian, tries to keep the library Maxine .Lane, Joann Coonrod, are doing. ried out, skiing will become a regu- outside office, which consists of t,he £ f ^ vhom you go with, don't, go qu^t her db this so Frank Stallings, jere Hancock, Pat __ lar sport like football and basket- editorial office the business office % complaining if it mates this • by the Sage visted the jPampa News' Thursday A ski-club was organized at Gun- afternoon to see how a daily paper js edjted, set up and printed, -„,_ t of aU t j )is W ee,k,'gftge wishes f»d on a v|s|J, He and Joype The class was first shown the to ask d favor Jf you ar.e ashamed attepdefl flip ' auietand evervthinq in order We quiet ana everyrning m oruervYB ball> .and the advertising, department. • column column< ^ King, Wilma Tubbs, Aurenia White, A . Tpvn , Tp .. h „.,„-„- -m- . :hqt everyone Will enjoy going to the library to study or to Ramona Matheny) Lonnie wniiamS) At Texas Tech 'college ou --- Perhaps ,ihe greatest point of in- --eqd. , , . , Wanda Cobb, Thelma Link, Don f hpp ° P11Waand t hiv voted deftalteW As moss pe0£ ? le USUally k "'T Hi terest was the U™^ machine. The school has subscribed to magazines which come either La rkin, and Murjie Sloan make up «»™' ** * d l° lasl names - » l is very unusual when This machine makes lines of type b , «,'Xv,r,«thlw We. rnn hpln k Weekly or monthly. We can help newspapers in order by not writing on or n op these maaazines and the class which is taught by Miss asam" e»^ weaimj, sioppy jot a 1)erson does no t. But m M^ry from molten lead, Frank Stallings, 6 ™° 9QZlneS VT sweaters. They had a good point Harcl i n _ Bay j or co ,i e g e .at Helton, who was the guide for -the students/ " , them. -— J. H. Glick. ^ dents _ who have slud . when they asked the question, Do IptVK thero is a girl who uo( , know set each Btudent . B name for Mm ' LltTUE HARVESTER STAFF led all types of reporting and copy- wom , e » d '' es f ° r w °' n .!g , or for her original name. Her grandfather on the linotype. Besides this mach-' H, *««»*£, now • struggling with n^?" .But dow't you PHS boys go came to Amerlctt f roni Qevnww •• inc. they were 'j?Upw» • Oft e! which were seen lu getting any ideas. lIAftVfifei'1'Elt is weekly liy tue '* rvcstc '' is * School Press Association, g c hool press Association. headline writing. and completely chungecl his name, seUs heaailnqs and editorials. never telling what it hud been. The ctoss was allowed to look Charlie Biggin an^ Mildyed ves have made up %ut We don't have to woyvy-tUey >» ad e up for good, this P«w trianflp h»s been «P «< I»*WV »W'l »Wy The Aima-illo Sandstorm hud a - r _ T _- . through Uio morgue of t^ .pjjper, jd|M» , clever cartoon witli 11 good idee, be- The Wichita- falls paper lifts a where' tire cuts and pictures of pepr II»rt w.M* 4efWW ' .. hind it. The te&.cher has a rope co iumn of joijes thftt are from other pie are stored, the pqmmerciaj: de* al W WW>®* Rftm»»*f »»*»*• aVQUijd the students' necks leading pa p ers from which the followrtg Bartment and Hie t.e,%jie. ^achhxe, " them to the 4 cafeteria and saying -perms" were taken: The teletype is a machine operand Max HwKUJ ' ...Anna Merle Co* ...Beverly Baker -43on Seniors Plan Many WwwwlPwP W#l^p pw^f»» w w99ww \tUKut, nj v**c ve**vvv**** ,s***v» *---*j**4a • uyi"uj,*$ wuiy iy.(wct4« ***» WVAVVJ'j-^v *w « «»*w*'»««49*' vfnrs5»r-*'-T» -™-.T -r =-„-.. ..... — -- , The senior class of'46 has dream- "Hut-2-3-4. You won't run any- Teacher: Have you done any out- on the principle of the telegraph- peu are going steaay now Arvilla Patterson awd, ^ill JSfMg' been going iogeMier " ' " now. Keep it up, Don V|yi9r »nd J«ue ^»4«rs •.www "'"--'-"" -- • ' — ed up a list of activities for its more." Guess PHS students aren't s i d e reading 'Jo civics? 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