The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1897
Page 3
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^s^f^^rffis^yssff'-fff^^^r, "»., • \f^^ ^ * T , *KH flAltlT JDttttOKiCMS, JtfABSMAtA MIClttQAH. OCfOBffl « . 18(1?. ,, MODEL MARKET „ . . .is $twaya tool, clean flfeat, K& «&% Be fcSI rind > . tV T. IT. ftftf nTtroimty fttf if. ' A day long to foe reffieftbiefed by the temperance people of Marshall and f icin- ity was Thursday of owe t-otinty fair, ft platform wltS deeorateis of btnfttog and! flags** was arr/mgfld for tho speaker chorus; A «otQtoorlfoiis; tent ped with overythlng to welcome the tastes from out of town was also pfK)- " ' Tables wore filled with fine tetoperancc literattrt-ft all of whiefr ty*t dfefcrlfottied among th0 pftbpte, 0ttr coming aflraet f vfe Jectufo ctNBcisife *ae also Well the erudition of affair* ASHINGTON 14? ' Etcc'tioA tomorrow. Jacksdn is to have a new house, _• Michigan'Centfal ^xcHtftion to Chica go on Friday.- ; •- ' Court adjoined at Woon" tdday Friday, Oct. ThS5 Australian 'wrld girt is one of the attractions at the Albion fair. Firemoa in Chicago's outlying stiberbs , • -.-^-WWT *- -a*f I -Many todies WE*e> pVesetil jhtta& other unions in, t$w county. , Th& ^xettrfufeb were opened bf fch* singing <lf several ' ' wtjcis sengs by a efaontfO? young |0d by George Wilson;. t , sw^frsotipeobnattmctedaoii'oi^ which #tew tft be a large ofie, after wlilch *~ ' president of our dnioft, Mrs. tf. T ,._ i, gavfe ft bripf address at' welcome and then introduced Mrs. Calking, o" Hlatnassoo, who gave ft stirring i^ChfriBlijan Pairtotism. Space dt^s not permit us to record al ,,.16 splendid telling thing ish6 said,,for she held the tast crowd in ,th&<heafe of the day o~ne hoar, * She etatedthatthree tenths* of the criminals ift otir jails'are there bfecauge of 'strong drink. She knew of one slate where a saloon WHS «ot allowed within a quarter of a mile 0? the cemetery; this ehfe -thought was a mistake; if.she made the law aho would pat all the saloons in the eeftietery and Schools, Hit*. tatf i desiring tho r*vi6?d, improv- edUtonof ttro "State Mftn- of Study Tot District o)riain a copy by seeding a postal eard fat SupUtf P«bli« instruction, IiaftBtegT : _ _j. f,, fiiotwr offtdittcatlon, reports that the total Ifeb, 19 aud 30, fs»S, fiattte Mftr^h 26 and 3ft, I^»S, MarshaM; 19 aad 10, t*», -AMieM, Aug. 5k) nnd 21, 1898, Marshall. fotto^Sngilft-the prr^ram for the ie pttpils. A i ._ . . antfafethfe,theory that t'WWretr capable ot aelf-ijdveifttiflODti has 1 s. Wflsoto Gill of New fork Oct. '22, a. ni, orthography, 9:&:50; Mr,, U. S, history, l:3a- algebta, phyBfee, bo^ny, 3:304, , !f-«dveipnifl0Dt} has been >r " u ' r " v '"'"''" ''"^ fl ''" rnLai. fi'Hi nt *Jttfc Vrrfk Mrs. 0. Kelly-|*rf0? will .di6wa* tf «n fflson Gill of New ^Ij^eautigBBtflli^ m Satttti&y'Wt ftSommer yaeatton. Mr.| attd j <3 arirj)? tb^ stic«K*stH9a WjBdkfl fl«w r about l.aoo uhildren in iueof ll.aiidlfl.SOtriitomfei htffe. \ *W lEorkcit*. into- a mifia- 'X "".' "''^i " "'^" ' '' '--^ Gill or , eai-l of $aW torfe city, into a i»ifta- City,", wi*h taay<* street deaahig «i»d health sao^lea after^tfee efaarto of JSrow>/!orki The calldreri evinced moetr zeal and pride ift maintaittittg school jo*&qf'r3ft& Several schools in New 1 fork and Philadelphia hayeadop>d tb<&"Gill school 8^8/' and its, advocate urg<? that this t tho wise man, aa*Kl1 AB the 1 nppreoiate, wo nrt» t »}i« wWk in onr offer to make a »h either fall or winter weight, most distingue fltyfo, ancV most able ent t flnif hcd in an n " f«»m f2£Mo f»S. ^ thteg onTin hrtmlaotne fabrfe* 'in"()ov?«f fc Korseyd aiidjViciinA eoatinga. _ >'#«! •«- vn it GEORGE INCERSOLL, GENERAL " are kept busy fighting, pfhlrte flrcs. Poster* arc up annotinciftg th,» ball then bury theih, Mrs* Calkins is & witty, well balanced speaker and the W, C, T, ,U's. of our pott nty are'to be congratulated npon*e<v her. giUuo Friday between H.omor and Battle Creek, This was Michigan day at tho Nashville' exposition, Tho atatc wrta not largely represented, t>r, E. L, Ranjgden, for 15 >t'are a leading physician n»f Tekonsha, will shortly remoYO to Albion. Ticko't» on sale for United Brotherhood , lecture course with J. C. Douel, Hatch block. CourBO ticket fifty 'cents, 1 Rcmerabor^hogauicof ball Friday between Battle Creek and Hotner at -the fair groupd. It will be a good game The pupils of Prof. C. N. Col well have jmeeeteded in inducing him to continue his visits to Marshall a few weeks Jopger. New" York Presfi: Every man <MII stop siuoking when he wantato, but verj few can want to want to, when they want • to. The Rev. R-wl Stnart, of Detroit, t in his Bormon to his congregation in that city on Sunday insisted that wom^n . ought to have the ballot t The latest thing in 'the advertfsing lino ia tho Michigan Cont«*Ubutt*»a-«-'ith ita upt'line, "A tirat class line- for that-class travel," and a view-fill Niagilra l^allH. Stephen Porter was in town today. Hfe is nursing a broken arm the result of havine; -been thrown from a hand ear while at work near Joliet, 111. Ho. goes to Detroit tomorrow, A Vahderb^t special passed through this city today. The party are westbound is reported that they iire ' going over the Union Pacific property with an idea of baying »t, v : L, J, Graves, recently of the Abion Ceptral ticket ojll'ce, has vac- position as night, ticket agent at the M, C. E. K^ in Battle Cre -k to aucceed Mrltop Sweet, nesign,e<i, £ Albion and Battle Creek own their ' and ifc both citaVa they are sou>c«r"o.'f revenue, but the people are enabled to get 'water for all purpoeea at yeaBonable rates. Vote "yes" tomorrow. > _ __ , ' , Temperance recrtatioits were gj,veii by B. P. Gros, of Battle Creek, James Hughes and ROSCOP Clayborne, of Mar* shall. They Were tory creditable and highly appreciated. We are sure the Marshall union with aesistiuieo of neighlioring unions made another bold strok6 for temperance, and" W. C.-T. U, day at the /air of 1897 is" a red-letter day in our history. PRESS • Swindler Sentenced. George Brott, who was convicted ,of extorting money from Myron Doubleday, of Athens, was sentenced Tnesday to* pay a fine of 8500. It is said that Brott and his partners' got ?2000 of'Double- day's mohey, and it cost the county §1,- UOO to convict Brott. If ; such is the case, ho got off easy'. A Ijansing says: In this locality, the opinion seomR_to be_<^uito general that in view of the recent decision of the supreme court in the Lake Shore ease, (Sov. Pingree will call a rieasiou of the legislature to enact * railroad legislation based m>on the .theory thai, the court has knocked'out tho special, charters of the Lake 'Shore, Michigan Central and other railroads, and that all railroads in tho state «re subject tp general supervision by the legislature. -water only a M. C. II. K. Autumnal Excnrsion/to Chicago OctS. '.*." $3,EO to Chicago and mtu'ru «m all regular trains'Oct. 8; children half the itlwve rate, . Tickets good for returning oi> ri'g- ular 't raJtuB Oet.12, C. E. G IJK*O««, , Ticket Agent. 'o. Watson & Watson announce their fall openitog for Thursday, October 14. / , , —i — • „ / Cronp ,(^«lckFy Cured. r MountHin Glen, Ark.-Our children wer6 eufferrag with croup when- wo rti c-eived a bottle of Cihamfaeriain> Cough d^. -It afforded aljuoet jnataet re rP, A. TaoK^TOw, Thta cel«brated j iafor sale at G«?eaA» drugstore. early trainiag in rattftlcipal affairs «Wfl re,.. in higher and better citizenship. Tho district school directed annual reports for tltfr eclisol y"ea*. reveal the e<ico«raging fact, that an iner^wing per- centag^i of district teatthws,are betng engaged tor the school year instead of for a,single term.. For example, in Clarence township, three adjoining districts have teachers now beginning their second year in the same school} it is unnecessary to state that these schools-are justly thte pridfc pf the township; and the work being done there wiil compare favorably with the corresponding grades of city schools. • > The following lists pi United States ambassadors and ministers to foreign courts, chief cabinet officers, etc., may be of interest to candidates in the last teachers' examination, who were .uncertain as to whether the primo minister ef 'Eng- land'is Gladstone, Lord Salisbury, Lord Koseberry, Col, John Hay or Cornelius Blissr V. B. plBASSADOjRS ASI? MiNISTBRS t6 FOR, KlON COURTS, England, Colonel John Hay. . Franco, General Horace Porter. Germany, Professor Andrew D. White, Italy, General William T. Draper, Austria, Charlemagne Tower, Turkey, Professor James B, Angoll. Russia, not >et appointed. —Spain* Gun. Stewart Woodford. Japan, Hon. Alfred E. Buck. . China, not yet appointed. , Mexico, Powell Clayton. „ Hawaii, Harold M. Sewell. ' , ^Belgium', Bellamy Storer, CHIEF CAUJNET OFFICERS, VAUIO|C8t.V CALtiEO> rilEMIKK, .I'BIMK MISI8TKR, ' SKCllBTARY Off STATE, -ETC;' United States, John Sherman. Great Britain, Lord Salisbury. Franco, M. Meline, / ' , Spain, Azacarraga. ,. Jriusniu, Co,unt Michel Muravieff. Germany, Prince Rudfoi, •" Japan, Count Matsukata. )PFICIAL DIRECTORY OP THE UNITED STATES. Jud u t» K u.^» yetst eitpctlencfi a* )f)»{e will Jive Rectal AttwUtm % KKSft B. Parties having bu»!nc*8 in probito court* mttt . Olid fiitoteat to TOfl»nU htm, WILLS, Deeds, Mortgages and Other Gareft^Hy, Titles to Real EHtnte ' Will at tend to ihcpnrobftsc »fl<3 e»'« ol **^ estate, pnyment of taies, olo, tpaOs on tea) eutnle negotiated. Agent tot ft good line or Life aud tit? anco comp*inlcB. President, William' McKinley.. Secretary of State," John'Shermun. , Secretary of Treasury, liymaaJ'. Ga^ Hecretary of War, Russell A Alger. Secretary of Navy, John Davis Long. Secretary of Interior, Cornelius N. Bliss. • * Secretary of Agriculture, James Wilson. Attorney-General, James A. Gary. ,lief, Tr/.Crattca"Q| -to. UP giy.,w *>y Jhe Cou.nty <Jay School assoqiatioD to ' the tn^st Vog* 6 ^^ 6 Sunday •V echool work will be road^ »t tb* opening of the evening «e#iioJi Wednesday, ( . i?»rnaj; Dr, Geo, W.' city, baa been appointed lint in the peneion oLibs.-s^fi' t|a lor pensions who 1; organs wiHbts referred to. liinj inatutn. We congratulate the doctor»oo the a^poiutuaent We belief«the^topfe* wjU Mlrtia to tht< goveyataeiit, and true txith U> the pld's^l^wra io allv^is rocom^ 'jjtend^Ucws it sfcetBs fitfeio'^ to wakjet jtftay ffttrgeoiw (or aaab, pOeitioiiS. vast a good cement walk? For by the s'idewalkf io tlw city is strictly forojdden, and hereafter the or- *etattn^ thereto will; be enforced ^.v^.^v.^of Senate, Wm* A, .L,— Speaker o^Hou8e^ Thomas B. Keed, ,Chief Ju*.ti«;«, ,, Fulton has lor the lat« fxantjlpnj^fc, porter wwd iog in tho townahipjioard,. and oat ij .township boara of ieifetol iU8|>ectioWr " As a Hiomiag mtutotiw to oar fl^yor, , Marshal. given . ia th» Alters »nd stripes New World Bep»bllc; when &4 «un lights up the*ta?s 5n Alaska th« eun aalutea" her on the :. its readers a literary teat i)t the Now. teU me. yfaeyg' did " y ' r— \ Have y«u ttyt etuoKhm, toothache, «oie of Broe, sell Cream of Cereal " •f I Of Swift «». » • m I have pjpeii&l a Flour »ud atorw in tlte fast ^»u ave you heard J, And dQOB the "DueLewi" IB Sattth Gra4d1> «ftd to what sect r «k*i <J»i r Scott 1" lUAfJt WHEUff J*"«f t*«t m ' --M«tof«ibWp-»*— , Did Buoyoe wer troufaie Dpee Faweett leak t or i &r" Cordette- S. 38. FRUIT. a jhdl * * 011$ a, PERRIN, Wl W«l -M> •W^jI'WIiiI '* <P'» "11111*1.1^^^* Tf T'^a 1 ^ Was Hood a good head «ovt«r? ' f<& O^tfftP 9 m^jp tO l^tMft t^pOJ).^ ^ ~ ffcw^fef iflWWt ' x t'sJ^cutWoodmTivaujif %^H tor _ at BE8Il>E3f OK, Corner Mnnaion and tir»nS Sits. , Ma^slmll, Mich, IF SO CALL AT Miss Weston's Who n-iTl give\yow a Stylish <T#Jmmett a Hat tip to *i.50-n<*ver sold befoid for less than S3.OO. This salo will last tbi*il Sept, 2R. . ;, \ Children's Tarns .In all colors-at S^8o and 5Oc. Walking Ifiats, Sailor— latest out. Birds, Wings and Feathers af your own price, Calljsai-l}v«ur , store ie open for business.) S HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office, •B^DMnKVHMMMHMMBGMMB^MBK««VBHmi«BWir<*B>M*^v^w I I -_.- . CLOAKS! SEE THE STYLES Right garments, righ^in length, fit, fabrics and fashion. Come and see them. The prices are surprising^low/ia-fact lower than ever. Our Dress Goods stock is up so date: Black and Colored Serges and beautiful Dress Patterns m new styles. , • \^ \ • \ W in Just t- -,- T ' ' . another case of Ladies' Uaderwear, ' ^ we *e« Table Linen , ytWng Fres^ and New. .<PP- 1 *. OUTING FLANNELS lO?perya^- W^cawy tJw-W: a' Cor»et, ?lwajr» wt> for rooai we will close oat oi»r line of q^rp§ts at -* 1 ' — ~ -v — - , ^ ~< •• « law

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