The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 11, 1959 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1959
Page 5
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V fcttd Bftterttv County, T*i»», |ua*4y r Oct.. U, Mores.* WI* Time To Start Compost Pile SHOTHY SMITM 1 how we will see the Of wild Ieett wln|- , way soutnward to? r. There 4vlU be the bit t*ng of autumn in ileaves will begin to 5 earnest ... and what planning to do about 1 a compoit pile! All tdeners do, you know. pe U a simple one ... Jlaboroua but enjovable P8ent raking the lawn, u'trlps via wheelbarrow Star's wagon will do) to *efully selected location treasure, and you are to live your plants one best aids the gardener "' next year,' ', first we make • layer of leaves, a layer of fertilizer, and then one of soil. Now let's stop at this point for a little discussion. Th* gardener may use his discretion and the contents of his gardening pocketbook to determine just what type of fertilizer to use In this Instance. One may choose to use a well balanced commercial fertilizer, such as a 8-10-6 rrtlx- turt ,or s may make * trip to the barnyard. Whereas the addition of fertilizer to the compost pile adds to the fertility of the mixture, It also serves as a combustion agent. A little research on this subject brings to light that there are both advantages, and dls- I OPEN SOON IATCN THIS PAEl YOUR FRIENDLY VARIETY . STORf OVER 10>000-tTEMS OR YQURSELi SELECTION; 5( To $5.00 MDSE. LAKE JACKSON lOCATil ON THATWAY STIIET •00110 IMCIMAN'S AMI SNAMOCI'S AS YOU PLEASE - PAY AS YOU .VI AT WACIfR'S IN LAKE JACKSON advantages of different types of Manure, for Initance, cow manure Is generally considered preferable, at it doe* not 'bum" as horse manure wlU, due to its high nitrogen content. , Chicken, rabbit, sheep and pig rnanures are also high In nitrogen. It might be well to point out at this time that manures an not balanced fertilizers. Usually additions of phosphates and potash are necessary, • During this research period, the'writer discovered that a ton of manure contains approximately < 10 pounds nitrogen, five pounds of phosphate, and 10 pounds of potassium. Further/ these ingredients become available (lowly. A complete commercial fertilizer f<-more quickly available; and 110 pounds of it will furnish as much Ingredient* at a of manure. • ton ' On the other hand, manure it valuable because of organic matter, Its water-holding capacity, addition of bacteria and other organisms to soil, and its helps in changing unavailable materials to avall- ble. (Am I making the whole Mng sound hypothetical?) We have decided by this Ime, probably, that the "best- si" thing to do would be to use both manure and commer- lal fertilizer! Now, If we haven't decided hat the whole undertaking will result in both too much Ime and money, we will add a ayer of leaves to the three revioui layers and repeat the process over ,and over. When' all through, wet the pile thoroughly, and make a mental note to do a little stirring and more dampening about every six weeks. By sprint; your compost will be One other pointer on composting your leaves, Ay not be nisled by many suggestions in toth gardening magazine* and books to add vegetable scraps. Irult peels and other mlscel- aneout items to the compost pile, at this does not always prove satisfactory. .Jl h *5 been ray experience that adding these elements •eady to garden. be; added to your causes unpleasant odors and attracts flies and other Insects. (Our winters really AREN'T very cold, you know). Last fall we decided to pilt all the remains of what mus- fSjd ana,Jurrip,green* we had left In the garden fa the; compost pile, md soon there were hordes of bugs, fliet and Insects .breeding in the six foot sewer tile which we used for this purpose. . , We do' not m»k« a practice of adding, unwanted plants to our comjipst'pUe, nor frost-bitten annuals. The writer has found that a combination of soil, , manure and ; commercial fertiliser make the most 'suitable compost > When thijltaVes first clutter up your' lawn perhaps you may find yourselt reluctant to remove thfm right away. It is an enjoyable experience to walk through the crispy crinkling leaves/ while making morning or afternoon inspection tours. We always leave ours on the lawn for a while to enjoy this note of the change of season. Autumn Is always an exciting time of year! Then too, if you have the type lawnmower that does a good job of pulverizing the leaves, it improves the soil that nourishes your lawn to mow i over them to that * Utue com t material will be available (or tender young grass shoots next spring. (Take note, yoi iiusbanas, thit may save yoi many hours of raking!) Yes, your leaves can serv you in many ways. If you »r the unfortunate home owite that does not have any trees to provide you with the bountj of autumn, then be sure an make plans to 'plant some this year."'- .;••-. ''..''. • - '. it you • haven't taken time t snip and pot severer coitus cuttings for living room? en joyment during the winter, ,b sure and do so now. You rria root them quit* easily elthe In soil or In water. Remov any ;;extra large ', leaves on th cutting, and leave only two a the tip until these fellows de velop roots, <••','•• ,' ; Many of us are dismayed tc find our hibiscus bunting wit blooms and larg* fat buds «c close to the arrival of,' 3 tie Frost. I always take 'setera cuttings of new but hardene wood from each of .my plants dip in a powdered rooting* mi dium, and insert In the/flow. er bed near, the concrete loun dation of the house. This help: retain moisture about the cu ting, and protects it also. Do not be disturbed if th cutting seems to be merel holding its own through th winter. Roots will be develop ing beneath the soil, and th cutting will happily respon to next spring's sunshine, generous feeding of fertilizer and bloom much earlier tha newly purchased ; plants ta many Instances. • B« sure and either lift an pot several of your choice g raniums for the winter month or else take cuttings fro them. -\ Geranium cuttings like to b placed In flats of sharp san to begin new growth. Th too will respond beautifully rooting compound, and. may b re-potted with ease after fou to six weeks. Don't wait unltf the las minute to get ready for winter Brazosport it overdue a "no ther," and many times t h e gardener has been caught unprepared. ' , Complete plans ? for YOUR compost pile this weekend, finish taking cuttings of plants you want to multiply; and be r *«|Jy ,to greet ,1hls windy, chin and often unwelcome PageS A BYRD'S-W <T>oJt>Yourself Spouse Is A Worry MISS META MAE REEVES' engagement and approach- Ing marriage lo James Sidney Watson U announced by h«r pannls, R*V. and Mrs. B. A. R**y*s oi Clu!«. Th* protpKilT* groom Is th* son of Mr. and Mis. Oscar Watson, also of CluU. Th* wadding Is planned for Oct. 31 at t pjn. in ih* CluU Assembly of God Churen. Inrila- ilons arc *xi*nd*d through th* pr«s. School Menu — —T. t,*WVI*t« BJC**- twman when he arrives to give both ft.*, gardener and. Jhe garden-a-rett! ' •• "• -: "« •'• Week of Oct. 12-18 BRAZOSPORT MONDAY Hamburger Steak With Gravy Tomatoes With Spaghetti Fresh Frozen Turnip Greens With Turnips Vanilla Pudding Com Bread and Butter TUESDAY' Turkey With Comb read Dressing And Giblet Gravey . Stuffed Celery Buttered English Peas Peanut Butter Cookies Hot Rolls WEDNESDAY Taraale Pie Chill Beans Greav Salad With Vinegar Dressing • Chocolate Pie THU8SQAY. Hot Dogs Cheese Sticks Whipped Potatoes CaBfca> And Pepper Slaw • 'Eat And Tell"| Luncheon Tuesday The Lake Jackson League of Women Voters will hav* an "Around the World in W Minutes" luncheon on Tues- rfiy at 9:so a.m, Mrs. Robert Trelchler, 107 Wisteria In Lake Jackson, will be hostess. Thereat/and tell" covered dish luncheon will be a Joint meeting of,'the .two units of the local League group. • .•• .•.'/ ' ;•.;>• , Each guest la to bring •-foreign dish and be; prepared'to nve a two minute talk about the country from which her cookery originated. The nursery wiU be at SOS Carnation. There. wiU be no night meeting.* ; Ixsaf Sufns Beans GJa|eiCarrots SweatBolls i AKGLETON MONDAY Hot. Dogs With Chill r finhfft Pfftns 19 WEINERS ~1 STORES CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY OCTOBER 12th Due-to JEWISH HOLIDAY (Yom Kipp«r) OPEN MONDAY EVENING .:OOP.M,to9:OOP.M. LetderaMp Study The- West JCnd Baptist Wo- men't Missionary Service will have a leadership study on Monday from 9 ajn. to 1 pjn Persons attending are asked to bring a sack lunch. Drinks and dessert will be furnished. On Tuesday, the study will be from 9 a.m. to noon. Members are urged to attend, - — * ^ OrtAenn TMSHM CHJCAOO TTPT fat tht •rat Mont « thr IM 4t «n nui trill «hMa» <Tmhaai Cut «!»••» UUo « «q\ura» Maw web •ouai* aandwi«Ii-«ttrl» Mtrnto Varahaat «r*cka» AT- rana* WMwuttur to « wvns-hmn- 1M anaM •>»» MMlar v towta* «M •*»». it «toti» rt»»i «m OO»,«K»I» untfl ennw wttens Chip* Apple Crisp TUESDAY Meat Loaf Buttered Corn Black-Eyed Peu Ice Cream Cup WEDNESDAY Navy Beans With Him Turnips And Greens Buttered Carrots > Hot Com Bread Jello THURSDAY Rice With Meat Sauce ~ Green Beans Pickled Beets FRIDAY Tuna Sated Pork And Beans Frteoea Sliced Tomatoef Cata . WC-BRAZORU MONDAY PixxaPle . Pinto Beans Cole Stew Prune Pimps TUESDAY Roast Beef And Gravy Whipped Potatoes Green Beans Yellow Cake With Chocolate Icing Yeast Biscuits WEDNESDAY Hamburgers Lettuce, Tomatoes Onion And Pickle Sated •Dry Baby Llmas Peanut Butter Bars Buns THURSDAY Wiener Winks Potato Sated Black-Eyed Peas , •Rosy Applesauce FRIDAY Tuna Dog With Tomato Relish English Peas With •Cheese Sauce • . • Hash Brown Potatoes -' By L.ROY BYRO Facts Women's Editor The one thing that strikes terror to my heart It for my husband to say "I'll fix it" when something gelt broken around our house. The boys and I have had a tacit agree: ment for years not to mention that anything Is broken or out Of order. However, by some devious method of hit own, the man of the house always finds out about these things. Once he finds out, he drags all of the tools out (and incidentally that's where they stay) and soon the article is completely torn apart. That part of the operation seems to go pretty well but they never fit back together. Not long ago our lawn mOwer was acting up. I planned to get-It to the repair shop before he could find out about it.: Wouldn't you know that would be the time he decided to do a little mowing. In spite of all I could do to .persuade him not to, don his yard.clothes he did and went out to mow. When I heard him in the garage pounding, and hammering away » little later, I didn't have the heart to look because I knew what was happening.: Sure enough, he soon had all the insides out and In a box. A few days later a brand new lawn mower arrived at our house while I was gone. The base of the old one Is real handy to put a basket on and push around to pick up leaves, and who knows, maybe some day we will even find a use for all the little motor parts in the box in the garage. Many years ago when I still shared his belief that he could fix anything and would say with the best of them that "My Willie can do anything," something went wrong With our Ice box. When he told me he could fix it I was pleased to think we could save that much money. Finally he was ready for the trial run. Sure enough the motor started and ev-. erything seemed to be working nicely. I was to have the honor of seeing the first ice cubes sitting in their little trays. Sometime later they got me pried loose from'.the'door and several days later I got my ihair 'to lie back down on my head. I believe from the way t was "shook up" when I touched the door that I would have passed easily for Reddy Kilowatt. . 1 have truly learned the hard way what It have a "do It yourself" husband. Once the radiator got stopped.up ort the car. By that time 1 was pretty leery Of having the head of the house fix anything but he assured me that unstopping It was a simple Operation. It did look simple when he got a long stick and started working on it. When he was satisfied that he had it unstopped, he started pouring water in. The only thing we could ever decide we could do with that radiator was to put a . hose on it, bury it, and use it for an underground watering system. I will have to admit that he has been very successful in fixing some things, but the odds are so great that when something breaks the boys and I Chorus in unison, "Daddy, please don't touch It." r.; What They're Wearing.,, SWEENY MONDAY Hamburger Steak With Gravy Whipped Potatoes • : ; Blackeyed Peas •'>';; "£, - 1 : Chilled Fruit Hot Bread And Butter TUESDAY < '-Vegetable Beef Soup Peanut Butter And Pimento Cheese Sandwiches Cookies Crackers WEDNESDAY Fried Fish With Tarter Sauce Buttered Corn Combination Sated Pineapple Upside Down Cake THURSDAY Hot Dogs With Chill Sauce Shoe String Potatoes Baked Beans- Peach Cobbler FRIDAY Macaroni With Ghees* Seaweed Spinach Celery Sticks Fruit Jello Com Bread •r LEMOY •nu> At Angletoa TB Dinner MMI&I: MRS. MILDRED DAVIS, Exec secretary, wearing a coffee-colored soft wool sheath dress with cowl collar and leopard skin belt. Green Jewi earrings complimented her very pretty red hair. MRS. CREEL BROCKMAN of West Columbia looking pretty In a white crepe tallorec blouse and black skirt. She was carrying a white woo sweater enhanced with an embroidered design in white seed pearls. MRS. R, PAUL MARTIN o Swewjy, pre»idirij_over ,the meeting, "wearing a "b I a c j~rsey to eft with 4wat neck lin; which wa* comol«nent« with a pretty white rose. Sh wo'- black accosorles an white elbow-length gloves. Soup Suitable For Lunch Box HIWYOMC CUFD — Jtyoat ehljdren Bkea, thMmos of aoop to th«tr school hmeh box. toy this quick and easy redpe. Melt I tablespoons of butter or margarine, add H cup of chopped celery and cook S'minutes. Add I cups of water, brine to boil, and gradnanr atfc In 1 (1&• ounce) package of dehydrated onion soap mix. Cover and cook 10 minutes over medium heat. Add 1 <I-pound> can of peas, nn- dnlned, H cup of grated raw carrot and 9 tablespoons of chopped canned pimiento. Mix wen, cover and cook S minutes. Serves 4. NOW! HOMOGENIZED • HO MIXING • NO STIRRING • NO PAINT ODOR Child proof • Scrubbable Your NAPKO dealer in Bmoaport LUMBER COMPANY W. Broad BE 3-5286 FREEPORT Sharpen tha flavor of avocado with a Utt!* fresh lemon Juice and Instant inl''^*^ onion. ELECTRIC DRYER low-Cost Drytr $COO DOWN \J DRIVERS Safest for all fabrics—dries with gentle heat, Mtjh velocity airflow. Criss-cross tumbling prevents tangling .... gives 25% faster drying. 10-lb. capacity. Tarpon Inn, Village Freeport WANT MORI FOt YOUR MONIY.., KEEP YOUR ^'JSi' ON GRANTS 53rd ANNIVERSARY SALE IOOKI CANNON* BATH TOWILS 43 Fringed stripe* I SoHdav in new daep-tonet plus nit* of pastels. 100* aun-and-auda-faatootbm. 1RISTOI TABU IAMM 7.77 Keg. lltt white, vau-shtpt bases on aligne mountings. Gold, pink or charcoal. Lovely decorator shades. Ixchistv* Jewelry AtMrtrnmt v»w« *•• I Tailored, atone. Pins, bracelets, «arring«, necklaces. 'Finite*. COMPACT TABLE RADIO Poor-tube tabto has built-in loop antenna, 4-inch speaker Perfect extra, radio*' TARPON INN VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER FREEPOR?:

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