Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on April 27, 1937 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ttffl PAltPft DAILY NEW9, f fttapi, -TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 2?, „ „,., , ,»--•»—.,«...„,.; ....-— .—-*».««»* THE FINANCIAL WHRUKilG insiders say that United States Steel doesh't expect labor difficulties or additional increased costs on raw materials during the coming Months. That's why second quarter price lists are to hold. Political circles Say that Big Steel fears President ttdbsevftlt arid that's why second quarter lists afe being maintained. Intents close to the management takfe another view. They say that while the cbhipany expects to maintain current schedules it doesn't necessarily mean that the offer is fffm. Should scrap iron or other costs Increase, so will third quarter finished steel prices. It was pointed out that the announcement was only teiripbrary and that a detailed one Wbuld follow. HUPP. Automobile trade circles agree that tife Hupp situation has turned for the better. Stockholders finally got together and approved the directors' plans to provide new working capital. That's the way Stuclebaker and \villys-Overland came back into the picture. At one time the Hupp picture looked hopeless. But with management difficulties settled and new Working capital provided the coin-- pa'ny should do w.ell in the competitive field Hupp's body-styling and engine always ranked with the best In the business. ARMOUR. Speculative interests continue to favor Armour of all in the packing industry. This because of the expansion in earnings during the current fiscal year. The enthusiasm was aided by President Cabell's statement that second half fiscal year earnings would better those of the first half because that is the best part of the year. Based on this prospect the Armour directors voted a 20 cent payment against the previous disbursement of fifteen cents a share. dividend Increase likely late this ear ... American Steel Foundry's rder backlog largest since 1929 . . . American Chain plans to split shares ri a two for one basis—not until his year . . . Skelly Oil 6 per cent preferred bought for income pur- joses . . . National Acme's first half let estimated at $1 a share . . . Railroads are in need of new equipment—talk assisting price action of rail equipment shares .. . Those who Slieve in possibilities of inflation this country adding Standard Oil f California to stock holdings. Cleveland Graphite Bronze will Corp's bookings run at close to $5,00,000—largest in company's his- ory . . . Business man's risk: Brook- yn-Manhattan Transit $0 preferred . . Yellow Truck's sales expansion cads others in truck manufactur- ng field—Mack Trucks ranks sec- UP. According to Charles Donnelly, president of Northern Pacific, March gross revenues ran six times greater than the $500,C30 reported for the like month last year. First quarter operations were the best in years. All this was attributed to the better crop and business conditions in the territory served. As for Northern Pacific's outlook for the balance of the year, three reasons were given why earnings should be up: (1) a large crop is anticipated throughout the northwest; (2) the railroad is the only carrier with access to the Grand Coulee Dam developments; and, (3) revival of the lumber industry means increased shipments. MOVIES. Secondary "movie" shares are again in speculative favor. Some are currently priced at their old peaks. Dopesters say that the buying is of the best kind. The optimism is based on the excellent earnings reported for toe first three months of this year. But the more conservative element isn't following the enthusiasm. The excellent earning showings aren't disputed. What is preventing buying on the part of these people is that the amusement industry is about to enter its dull season. Furthermore, long-pull buyers never follow speculative activity. FINANCING. Informed reports are that Oliver Farm Equipment is to do new financing. The amount involved will run at about $7,500,000. Funds obtained will be used to purchase the Chicago Mill & Lumber Company, reduce current bank loans which amount to about $250,000 and to increase working capital. Should the investment market stabilize itself the offering will be in the form of convertible bonds. Otherwise it will be an offering of common shares. The financing is contemplated for early July when a first six months' earnings estimate will be available. COPPERS. Despite the fact that red metal prices cracked during the past few weeks statistical circles report underlying sentiment as bullish. It is pointed out that based on last year's output 1937 income should make favorable reading. It was estimated that if copper held through the year at an average of 15 cents per pounc Magma will show $6.50 a share, Anaconda about $5, Kennecott about $5 and Phelps Dodge around $5.50 a share. REPORTS ARE THAT: Rail passenger experts forecast big traffic volume this summer due to low fare rates and increased public vacationing ... El Paso Natural Gas bought for yield and speculative appeal , . . International Harvester AMBULANCE Phone 400 Duenkel- Carmichael Funeral Home 321 N, Frost AUTO LOANS , eee 9s for Ready Cash to jr Refinance. a new m. ontinue liberal policy Aviation n on increased sales Standard Dil of Kentucky bought for dividend eturn . . . Blaw-Knox hns a long- ull following — mostly Pittsburgh ccounts And, that Chrysler's et income this year will equal the 14.25 a share reported for 1936— Ividend payments to run high. (Copyright, McClure Newspaper Syndicate.) CAPITOL JIGSAW By HOWARD C. MARSHALL AUSTIN, April 28 (/P)—If any one links the legislature cannot work apldly he should see it handle the nileage and per diem appropriation ills. Those measures make available he money to pay the members sal- ries and defray the cost of trans- ortation between their homes and ic capital. Recently the third appropriation f the session for that purpose pass- d the Senate in about three min- tes. This included bringing the ill up for consideration, reading he caption, and taking a couple of oil calls. The appropriation was for $100,00. Two 500,000. previous ones totalled The Senate was debating a truck egulation bill and arguments had ecome heated. Senator Frank lawlings of Port Worth had the ;oor when Senator Gordon Burns f Huntsville interrupted. "Isn't it true," queried Burns, that you can prove anything by he Bible?" "Maybe you could," snapped Raw- ings; "I couldn't, nough about it." I don't know It may be that the Senate will ttencl the Pan American exposi- ion at Dallas in a body next fall. iieut.-Gov. Walter Woodul faceti- usly made the observation recently. A publicity representative of the xposition, addressing the Senate, xpressed hope the legislature would ie adjourned by June 12, opening Jate of the show, and could attend. Woodul said it looked as if the egislature might be in session un- 11 fall and if it was they would onsider going up en masse. Senator Clint C. Small of Ama- illo came over to the press table ne morning, smiled urbanely and valked off with a chair, remarking wanted to borrow it from "the Fourth Estate." This gave rise to comment on the LET'S KNOW TIXAS AND TMANS BY WILL H. MATES. In this column snsWert ^Iffl U tfltth tb matter* pertaining to th* ««» «n4 «* people. A« «Tldenc« of good J»Rh IjtfririN mnrt ulv» their Dim* and uHreMM, Hat only their .Initial! . will be Pointed. Ad- dftttt InfltriHei to Win 8. Bftfta, Anttln. TtxiU. Q. What organization Initiated the movement for the Confederate Home at Austin? A. The John B. Hood Camp of Confederate Veterans, at Austin, was chartered Nov. 28, 1884, mainly to brovlde a home for disabled Confederate soldiers, with the following incorporates: W. M. Hunter, Joe H. Stewart, R. l>. Walker, James M. Ooggin, D. N. Robinson, Charles H. Powell, Fred Carleton, J. R. Holland, and J. H. Ingram. The trustees named in the chater were Fred Carleton, A. M. Jackson, B. Melaskey, T. F. Pinckney, W. M. Brown, Richard Coke, Joe H. Stewart, J. D. Sayers, Lindsay Walker, Charles H. Powell, James M. Ooggin and Val C. Giles. Q. Where was the first convention of delegates representing all Texas held and when? A. At San Felipe in October, 1832 on a call made by the alcaldes of the municipality of Austin, issued Aug. 22, 1832, for the people of each town, precinct and civil district in Texas to elect five delegates to meet at San Felipe. Tills convention created a central and subcommittee, and the central committee was authorized to call a convention of delegates from all Texas at any time and place It might deem proper. The next convention met at San Felipe, April 1, 1833. CENTENNIAL SCRAP BOOK Get the Scrap Hook tmolt. £ncouragt the children to do so. The newspapers are full of pictures and Items relating to Texas that should be kept for convenient reference. Especially will It be helpful to preserve Texas history In this form during Centennial year. This scrap book Is artistically designed, indexed and classified under appropriate headings and can be expanded as needed. Cover in heavy paper with large picture of Texas capitol surmounted by Six Flagl of Texas. Inside covers contain much Information about Texas. This lovely Official Centennial Scrap Book mailed for 25 cents. Send all orders to Will H. Mayes, Austin, Tex. term sometimes applied to reporters. Edmund Burke is said to have first referred to them as the "Fouth Estate." The other estates in England were the lords, the commons and the clergy. In Texas, however, the "fourth house" has another meaning. The Representatives and the Senate are two, of course; and the lobblists often are called the third. Therefore, it was suggested, the lobbyists, in a sense, have displaced the clergy, insofar as the nomenclature might be applied to Texas. Contributions to the New London memorial fund continue to be made. One of the more recent was from Lime, Oregon. Twenty-four pupils in the district school there sent in 24 cents and in a joint communication also extended sympathy to the families who lost children. A number of contributions have been received from foreign countries. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Major Hoopla WE AIMT A SIM6LE CLEW f*=> TO WHO STOLE YEP, FLEAS, HOOPLE —~ BUT WE'RE WATCH IM' A COUPLE O 1 SUSPECTS POWM AT TH' PO6 TDUMD MOW, IF YOU'D LOST AM ELEPHAWT OF. A BASS •DRUM our o' YEF> CIRCUS, I'D HAVE A CHAMCE O' BRIWGIKJ' 'EM IW,'DEA'D OP. ALIVE, BUT T=LEAS SOMETHIM' ELSE X'M ARMED WITH A SIX-SHOOTER •ASQUIKT J' HAW, MAPPEN, WHEW X WAS WITH -SCOT LAMD MOT EVEN A "PLEA MY PETECTIOM"^- YOU -RECALL, WO T70UBT, THE GREAT OUMEU <SEM MYSTERY/ vVHEW THAT PEARL •pieAPPEAKEC', i QUESTIOMEP THOUSAMDS OF SUSPECTS/ MOTIOWGi OME WOTORIOUS CROOK HOLTPIMS Hie. TOKiaUB IM HIS CHEEK, X EXAMINED HIS. MOUTH AMD "FOUWP THE-"PEARL. CONCEALED IM THE CAVITY. OF A TOOTH / OUT OUR WAY By Witftfttttt * I'M eoiw ou PAPPY *vou powt TAKE THE CAB, DO M-M- SMACkt.... AMD SHE SETS IT.' SO I'M SOW TO PULL. TH' SAME MUSH OW VOL) - - SMACIi- MAMA, PARLIKJ6, SMACli-CAW VOU GET ' * , TM' CA.R FOliME,lDNI&Ht* THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE On the House By E. C. SEGAF IT AQWNST TWi LI^VJ TO TfrKE f\ is UJISHT 1 STRONG ENOUGH TO BUST OUT HERE'6 VOOR D\NNER- YOU CaEV ALLEY OOP His Luck Runs True to Form By HAMLH4 BECAUSE DIMM V WAS TOO BIG TO FOLLOW ROO7V5TEAILTHRU THE BIO TREES, OOP HAD TO GO OM, ALOME. WE WOW FIND HIM, BRUISED AMD BATTEREP, AT THE FOOT OP A MOUWTAIW.WITH NO WAV OF RETURUIMG TO DIMNV-AMD-.. POOR FOO7.Y-A SOME S7fZAV BUNCH OF MOUNTAIN) GORILLAS.' THERE'S NO TELLIN WHAT AWFUL FATE- IS IN STORE FOR HIM.' OH, ME GOTTA FIMD MM ' TOO LATE, WOW I'VE LOST FOOZV'S TRAIL.' WOTTA MESS-' AW THEW.OU TH' BACK OF MV BIG WWO- SAUB, 1 CHAR&ED THEM MUGS FROM TH' HILLS OF KAR.' WITM MVTRU5TV AX 5WIMGIM' LEFT AM' RI&HT, I'M TELLINJ'YOU.BOVS, I &UDED7MAT,_ „..__ HAH. 1 GOOD.'GO OW, FOO7Y-TELL UM MOR -f.THt BV MEA SERVICE. INC.. T. M. BED. U. S. PAT, OFf WASH TUBES The Sign of Quality ^ By CRANE / IT'S REAL CLOSE. NOBODY BUT MILLIONAIRES UVE THERE, LULU BELLE . FINE 1 ( PEOPLE/TOO. MI&HTV FINE. X KIM TELL BV THBK. &AKBAGE. PURTIEST 'SARBASE V -''EVER. SEEN. FATTEMS A HAWS IS) PRACTIC'LV NOTHIN 1 FLAT^ -^ M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loans Short and Long Terra REFINANCING; Small and Large <04 Combs-Worley Bldf. Phone 8S6 Canadian Statesman HOKIZONTAL 1 Who is the man in the picture? 12 Mother. 13 Flower. 14 To vex. 16 Combined. 18 Exultant 20 To scatter. 21 Inlet. 23 Wing. 24 Monkey. 25 You and me. 26 Preceding. 29 Mountain. 50 Before. 30 God of war. 51 Northeast. 31 Glazed 52 Laughter earthenware. sound. 33 Having lobes. 53 Organ of 35 Intention. hearing. 37 More painful. 55 Senior. 39 Tree fluid. 40 To come in. 41 Vagrant. 42 Capital of his country. 44 Vegetable mold. 46 God of love. 47 High mountain. 48 Toward. Answer to Previous Puzzle 56 Chum. 57 He just concluded a —— agreement with Great Britain. 58 He is minister. VERTICAL 1 Horses' neck hairs. 2.Among. 3 Pussy. 4 Small whirlpools. 5 North America. 6 Hissing sound. 7 Exists. 8 Skin over eye. 9 God of war. 10 Insects' eggs. 11 Stream of light. 12 Canada end United States have interests. 15 Newspaper official 17 Made a mistake. 19 Alleys. 22 Morindin dye. 23 Paid publicity 26 To get things ready, 27 One. 28 Spherical particle. 30 To subside. 32 Dowdy person 34 Hops kiln. 35 Form of "a." 36 Myseli 38 Mooley apple. 40 Loom bar. 42 Choir of eight voices. 43 Bad in a greater degree. 44 Goblet. 45 Not fresh. 49 Rowing tool 52 Third-rate actor 54 Sun god. 56 3.1416, &A '*^j f*W'-\yff-y$ WLUE TOTE! MV STARS! I AINT SEEN YC SINCE THE DAY YE SOT YB2 NOSE err BYAB FOWLER'S MULE. MEET ME PALS, WASH ANP EASY WE'RE LOOKIM 1 FEK A RIDE OVER TO PARADISE COVE, SHORE/ HOP IN, FOLKS. I 6O TO BARNACLE BEACH By THOMPSON AND COLL; Lew Wen Gets the Claw MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE HEW, AS THE PRISONERS PRECEPB THE CAPTAIKI BE SURE VOU SEARCH ALLTHUEE.TMOEOU&HLY, BEFORE 4DU LEI THEM 6O, CAPTAIW.. I'LL SI6W THE. RELEASE FAPER.S.MEAM- WHILE. WELL, ME.WEN-SIMCE VOU CAN DEFINITELY PROVE THAT THE PRISONERS ARE MEMBERS OF VOUR. IMTEEWATIOWAL ORDER, I SEE NO NEED TO DETAIN! THEM- INTO THE UEXT ROOM, AWTON BEEESE STEAL THILY SUPS'THE PRECIOUS CLAW TO TH5 ASTONISHED LEW WEM.' BLONP BEARDED MAN NO! HAED TO FOLLOW IN WAE-TOKM CITV- I COME AT REQUEST OF '/A'. I'LL SAY VOUE ARRIVAL IS TIMELY, LEW... BUT HOW DID YOU KMOW WE WERE HEEE By BLOSSER He Asked For It FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SURE; we WILL IT WOW'T HURT WE HAVB BRESS RE- HEARSAU, AWDTHE MEXT KIK3HT WE START THE IWTD PLAY AS KSIEW HOW, A THIWK I'M OOWMA WRITE: AMY WOMT *iA GIMME By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TUKY U6W QKk SJJOR.TY feuy en the Tire?, Seat Covers K.»die*, Batteries, a»rdw and Lj*n He«e« Tr§*tar FIRESTONE Tiwi', Heroe Plug?, Fan Belts, mid f U Awto

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