The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 11, 1960 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1960
Page 3
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™ ; iiif if^ " . ijiiikviv^^k-'•'••R*i i >- \< ./-Wr^ 1 "' VJ^iMl T- j.*..,,.y Quit While You're Ahead THE PARIS NEWS, TUESDAY, OCT. II, f960 Mrs. T. D. We/Is Gives Devotional "PARTY" FUN GUARANTEED — Smart, cute and easy-Lo-make decorations will add much to your Election Night Party. There are plenty of political'tugs in the timely centerpiece figures, shaped from aluminum foil. And the spaghetti-meat casserole, with crisp green salad, is perfect to serve and also easy to make. K the hostess is extremely industrious she can make one for each guest to take home, as a reminder of'the election. Special Decor, Food Makes Miss Oliver Election Party Sure Winner Have voted—will party! Everyone will be staying up late on Election night, to watch the suspenseful return of votes, so why not join forces for friendly 'or unfriendly) companionship? There are many ways to make your election party a sure winner. Campaign b u t- lons, banners, posters, h a Is, and ribbons, are just a f e w decoration ideas. You can also clip cartoons and timely newspaper headlines for posting around the room. You may want to place a bucket and a large towel to one side, and then label it the crying corner. All of these humorous touches will add to the evening gaiety and fun. When tension reaches a peak, it's time for refreshments. Continue the elect i on theme in the dining room, with a donkey and an e 1 e- phant playing lug of war as a table centerpiece. The a n i- mals can be simply molded from Alcoa Wrap aluminum foil. Colorful felt or pap er makes eyes, cars, nose and other features. And if one of the platforms of your daily campaign is easy Bogota Garden Club to Attend Zone Meeting Paris News Service BOGATA — Members of Bogata Garden Club, meeting at the home of Mrs. R. F. Hale, the president, planned to atiend the garden club zone meeting, October IE), in New Boston. The club also planned to continue its rummage sale later. Mrs. Gordon DeBcrry presented Mrs. J. L. Walker who gave an article on "Trees and Shrubs, for Autumn Color," and Mrs. T. T. Kinscy and Mrs. Brill Lassiter exhibited an arrangement of dried fall materials. Fourteen members answered roll call with "W h at You Can Do with Dried Arrangements." Mrs. Lassiter won the day's prize, and buffet refreshments were served at a lace-spread table. cooking, you will enjoy spaghetti-meat casserole. In the following recipe, spaghetti a s s u mes a new crunchiness with crisp bread crumbs and slivered almonds. It's definitely a party hit, served with a green salad and crusty bread. SPAGHETTI-MEAT ! ,i cup chopped onion l pound pork sausage 1 pound ground beef 1 teaspoon basil 1 No. 303 can tomato puree (2 cups) 2 tablespoons sugar This Week TUESDAY 7 p.m. Four Leaf Clover Club will meej with Mrs. R.H. Nelms, 725 E* Cherry. 7:30 p.m. Paris Police Auxiliary will meet with Mrs. Daniel McCloucI, 251-2511) NW. 7:30 p.m. 'fheta Epsilori Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi will meet with Nancy McDaris, 30-13 W. Houston. 7:30 p.m. Delta Kappa Gamma will meet in East Paris School. Topic of the program w:ll be "Extension of Adult Education." WEDNESDAY 9 a.m. Roma Robinson Pre- School meets with Mrs. Robert Bannister -t 2«-2nd SE. ":30 p.m. Cotf-i" Club meets with Mrs. L. A. Pickett, 655 Church. 3 p.m. Sororis Club meets will- Mrs. Roderick Stockey, 303-9f- SE. "TIURSDAY 9 a.m. East Paris School P-TA study group meets at the school. 10 a.m. East Paris P-TA regular meeting will be held in the school auditorium. 2 p.m. Fourth Ward S t u'Jy Group meets -it the school. 3 p.m. Fourth Ward regular P-TA meeting will be held in the school auditorium. l-'.i teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce 1 4-ounce can whole mushroom caps li cup crumbled Blue Cheese 2 cups cooked spaghetti J ,i cup bread crumbs Vz cup chopped, blanched almonds 1. So u t e onion, s a usage, ground beef until lig h 11 y browned; drain off excess grease. 2. Add basil, tomato pu r e e, sugar. Worcestershire Sauce; simmer 5 minutes. 3. Remove from heat; add mushrooms, Bleu Cheese. 4. Line !->£ quart casser o 1 e with heavy duly super- strength Alcoa Wrap; grease foil lightly. 5. Place cooked spaghetti in casserole; pour hoi meat mixture over spaghetti. 6. Sprinkle top with bread crumbs. 7. Bake 20 minutes at 350 F; remove from oven. 8. Sprinkle, chopped almond over top; return to os r en 5 minutes. 9. Yield: 6-8 servings. Note: Casserole can be prepared ahend of time and refrigerated; allow 25-30 m i n- utes to bake chilled casserole. Lining casserole with foil makes clean up easier after th makes clean up easier after the party. Miss Marijo Oliver, instructor at Paris Junior College, presented a talk last week on proper speech at a meeting of Zcta Mu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi at the home of Miss Treva Fivash. Miss Oliver pointed out that one must learn to listen, make the body fit through relaxation, use proper pronunciation and diction and i m- prove the level of conversation. Mrs. Clyde Antoine was in charge of the program and introduced Miss Oliver to the 10 members and three rush- ccs present. Prospective visiting rushees were Mrs. Larry Bunt, Mrs. Donald Crook and Miss Irelene Hicks. Mrs. Billy Mashburn presented a program for the benefit of the rushees on Beta Sigma Phi. Members of the chapter helped with the program pointing out the various benefits and activities which are a part of the international sorority. Mrs. J. C. Short, president, presided over the business ss- sion. Following the meeting, refreshments of pie, coffee and assorted nuts were served by the hostess. Guthrie & Guthrie "Selling Peace cf "lind" INSURANCE & BONDS REAL ESTATE LOANS DIAL SU5-1676 TUESDAY — WEDNESDAY — THURSDAY JOSHUA*' LOGANS -that college girl * who* cant help iovi'ri Tall She's The Wicked* Event On The Big-Thrill Rodeo Circuit!/ RECKLESS COME WIN A FREE TURKEY Free Turkey Given Away Every Night by Lucky Ticket Number , TODAY AT INTERS'iATEl r TODAY-WED, + THE BIGGEST BOMBSHELL ON THE BOOK SHELF NOW EXPLODES ON THE SCREEN CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT DOORS OPEN 12:45 P.M. TODAY-WED. Fraulem HAYWORTH-FRANCIOSA'YOUNG By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: I married a man who never came home on time so I went,to see his boss arid found out -his boss was nicer than he was. I can't explain how it happened. . .but I got myself all involved with this man and now we are so .in love neither of us can see straight. I want to teli my husband and get it over with.- My husband's boss jsays if he tells his wife, it would kill her. We have children and so do they, but I can't live like this any more. Isn't it more honorable to bring it all out in the open and take the consequences? Or must we hide our love the rest of .our lives? LIVING A LIE DEAR LIVING: There is nothing "honoraHe" about breaking up your home and asking a married man to break up his. Stop seeing this man. If possible, get your husband (o change jobs anrl move far, far away. Out of sight, out of mind. DEAR ABBY: I am 12 and afraid of the dark. I vision horrible monsters and ghosts when I lie in bed at night. I am actually scared stiff. Miss Abby, am I being stupid and babyish or can this be cured? I can't talk to rny parents about it. They tease me. AFRAID OF THE DARK DEAR AFRAID: You are neither babyish nor stupid. Ask your mother (o put a dim night-light in your bedroom. Many adults with the same problem have solved it this way. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have many friends who know something about art. I know nothing about it, but I know what I like. When we are shown a painting that looks like great blobs of nothing, I frankly admit I don't understand it. My husband says I should pretend I understand it and remain silent, be- cause it's better to be thought a fool than to open your moulh: and remove. oil doubt. What's your opinion? TOO HONEST DEAR TOO; Your h'usband is wrong, People who KNOW art are seldom deceived by people whn don't, but pretend they do. There is no shame in not knowing—just -in refusing to learn. Why not look into an art appreciation course? DEAR ABBY: The problem I read in your column concerning middle-aged women too much make-up is a common one. My mother had'that problem. It was corrected, however, when; she her eye doctor and discovered she needed bifocals. • (JUS.. For Abby's pamphlet, "What Teen-agers Want To Know," send 25c and a large, seif- aridressed stamped envelope in care of this paper. ' Lydia Bible Club Hears Devotional From Leviticus A lesson from the first five chapters of Leviticus was brought last week at a meeting of Lydia Bible Club with Mrs. J. B. Strong. .Mrs. Blake Lee conducted the lesson. During her talk, Mrs. Lee stressed the importance of the priests, who were of the tribe of Levi, to the life of the Hebrews. Mrs. Walter McCuist.i on called the meeting to order and installed new officer. Mrs. .A. H. Charmless, new president, then presided. Refreshments ', were served at the close of the meeting to members and guests, Mrs. H. D. Synder of San Antonio, Mrs. Young Mallory, Mrs. F. D. Mallory, Jr., and Mrs. Grace Lattimore. Negt meeting will be with Mrs. J. R. Mallory. Mrs. T. D. Wells, Sr., brought • a lesson from the fourth chapter of Corinthians at a meeting last sveek of Be- ; rean Bible Club with = r Mr's. Alfred Fangio as hostess. The club met at the home of Mrs. Fangio's sister, Mrs. Edwin Parker, 2626 E. Cherry. Broadway Starts An Early Curtain NEW YORK (AP) -Broadway theaters have inaugu'rat- ed an early evening curtain time for Wednesday performances, Through the rest of the I960- 61 season, the .• Wednesday night curtain will rise at 7:30: p.m., an hour earlier was decided upon after a poll indicated theatergoers from sub- urgan areas would come to town if they could be assured of getting home .earlier. .On all other evening performances, the regular curtain times of 8:30 and 8:45 p.m. continue. Mrs, Sidney Lenolr ted/the opening prayer. - v •• -/', h, Refreshments were served to ' 13 member's. • , „ /..,.," Next 'meeting will be October 20 at the 'ho*ie .of Mrs, P. L. Byers, Wl-9th,SE, ?7je (n/e ifory of if Id on death row 'EASTMAN COLO* '•MO TBTAUCOMt VDLEA Q.CWT MISS STATE FUR OF DIAMOND JUBILEE EXPOSITION A GALAXY OF STELLAR ATTRACTIONS THE 1XOADWAY HIT JHt &I6 75* BIRTHDAY PAR7Y JHWM s<w ICE CAPADES SHOWER OF STARS ...FAJUIOUS HEADUNERS AHIHUR GODFREY, NELSON EDDY, RICHARD XODGEHS, FABIAN, MENDA IEE, IMMETT KELLY, «EX AU£N, JIMMIE HODGERS, , HOMEK t JETHIO, AND ;... COLIEGE JAZZ FESTIVAL SEWING FASHION FESTIVAL Pan-American Xjivestock Exposition. STATE FAIR HORSE SHOWS Texas International Trade Fau- Exciting Cotton Bowl Football MLUON-DOLIAK MIDWAY MOBIL. SKY REVUE Wonderful and BCW exhibits ind displays' OCT. 8-23 *DA!US SAFEWAY GIVES DOUBLE GOLD BOND STAMPS EVERY WEDNESDAY (With the Purchase of $2.50 or More.) For A Good Breakfast Try . . . Quaker Oats Regular or Quick. Box . . . And TOO, you should stock up for good hardy breakfasts with Safeway Savings Start 3L Wo,Quick Grits Large -Prunes COFFEE Fresh Eggs oi'iiuiq. J Kitchen Craft—Real 20-Oz. "Old South" Breakfast, Pkg. Town House Edwards All Grinds Breakfast Gems- Grade "A" Quality, Medium Size Dor. Hardy Breakfast Values Roxbury Candy Chocolate Malted Milk Balls or Stars. {14-oz. pkg. of Peanut' Clusters 49 p 2—7-Ox. Pkgs 59 Orange Juice 49 Scotch Treat Frozen 3—S-Ox. Cans Raisin Bread Skylark- Iced or Uniced I-Lb. Loaf 27° Homo Milk Blossom Time— In two ii-Gallon Cartons. Gal 92 n^i -eiuctij. roitce. -~5af-eiuctij. f-^t PORK SAUSAGE Tokay Grapes 69* Wingote— Regular or Hot. Sausage Pork Cutlets 2-Lb. Pkg. . Flame— California's Finest. 10 Saieway Breakfast Links. Lb. Bortiett — Perfect for Silads . Lb . 65' Texas New Crop Oranges Bog, 4V Honeyifcw Melons 15 C Pork chops fr^ Cu :.: Lb . 88 H AM Center Cut— QO< M IY1 Boneless Smoked . Lb. T IT Prices Effective Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct.'Ml-12

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