The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1897
Page 2
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,' twrr. THE DAILY., CHRONICLE, at ihrt MAtrtifttl, AKffh,, |>ortrtffice f jr irancpuftftiiofi through the irtniln nf saemtd 6 lrtf> -. '••i ii* • • i • • ............ .. ... . t IKIVIYlrt o» Htr use HI i* i loan * «Uy, Him y»i*r, |<lir<t»ii1i I". <>.. 4H») - I»i»ilj,<l<*iiv4)i«nJ, 10 <wnW iifer Week, »utj&ottptiati« received ftt the' office 'Ot f dtrtieatiom lei ISast State street. jf» M, MOSlS, Publisher.! this 1te»tf$te cup series wtis'dlsttfvgttr»t<w» toy tWrlfle bSttfng by- both nines.- bat yesterday toaUWmore came tiut ahead through her ftbtHfjrfor l#t In the Mia wfteri tto«y Were most ti*ed«& SFhe wai; BaHlmoreJ8, Tfoatort it,' •»» .Defense in the Luetgert Case "" ite a Sudden l $top te Pro* dUction of Evidence 0 . , , io l , S. C., Oct. ».—Aceoirdttti! to Captain Cox, ot the sealing schooner Triumph, the seals in Beht-lng &*a a«t this year M numertfue eat ever, hut vci-y WfiStless. ._„.., ,^ a .^.,,..^... PERSONAL. . Mrs. A. Van 0n«eft fe vteitingBef patents al {Irayling. J. M Powers, of Gharlotte was In" this «5ty ot» bnsittesff ift the circuit cefitfr today* * ,. ' Jesso Hatch was in'Albion fo.o'ay'."' Mies AHceThwJng b&om§ from a visit TOST A MENTlOIT OF wft',* , miff A OTtiiurn lo Ctotfolrttrnte of « & UH&flfanMi.' . 6,-'" < nfe en%oi" fh& *a* rhurttef' trial Is nearer was.UiouRht. .The defense: y^sjer- W&fesft Hfi'casfe,-»nS fhcre.tef nothing now to..friJnfe fowl t^te rebuttal evl- denot- of tfai state, the"sur-rebuttal of the <tefpn#d And'arffutnents of. the attof- ittisjte~!in'&bajbly about two weeks* in ali. tEJhe st&.te ftaa eighty witnesses to pjaee tlpon the £tand, ^trat State's Attorney I?ene< i >'n sftld that In- most cades th<?li? «vkluace will be $Jrort,,ai5tt that he will get thwijch with them in a hurry. A* the cvUtence In'the. famous .trial Is now iracttailly all tn an estimate of the relative titrwiftth of-the prosectiUen and defense respectively Je the .sole topic- Ot around the criminal court fhe attorneys engaged are good Judges of the weight at evidence, but neither side would admit dffual even If it expected !t, Of course; BO that what they claim In. a case Hke thtB J« of not so much greater value than the opinion of a fayman. C'lHlniH of tho 81 ittn iind Ocfnnne, "Wf have made out as strong a clr-» ctthiatantlal rase as it. was possible to present, ' «iW Stalf's Attorney Derteen. "The evidence is connected andtheStory moves along in a Kinooth; natural groove. I vannot runrHlyp of a c&$e being made out'niwp <wmpfelely-on purely cir<?nm- stririUal eVl'dpnw." Ex-Judge Vincent \vns iiifrhly pleased over the status of 'We have met them at every tnt nnfl checked them," said he. "We irnpp.u'hHl «vv*rnl of their wit- unrt thi^y have failed to show beyond » ren.wonaljlf doubt that Mrs. liU«f- gt'rt lB\ku<l. Tn my judgment the case has riot l>oen fatahlfgheVl under the In- dli-tmrnl. \Jkix] we nrp not through yet." ->Vlij I^lRBrt Dirt Nut Testify. ,It wasn't J-itetkert's fault that Jjfe did testify nnd\!thpr make or mar hla f. UntUiJje very last the sau- ker urged &nd pleaded with his attorney-*, and it wak wUh an It! grace that' .hfi finally aeeepnwl Vincent's nd- v|i'e lh<it rraliy nmautcovlo a command —mid agreed, to remain ^Hpnt. Had he ih'imimlpirthe riRht to iM^hVArd neither his own attorneys nor th«? cfuirt^rould have *4l«'ncr<! him. It Is staied.^n wliitt authojiiv does nnt nrtpcnr, Jhat\t wa>- wt iiBlil Vlnrt-nt threatened to l*>aV* the cam' '>f tho defendant went on the stknd {hut i^mvtKi'rt reluctantly agreed toahnn^ don the idea. The senior e/iunt-ll vyas' «fivji»l of the cross-examination, so It'lB Rftid. When the defense rested a motion to nr'tuit at onfu was made, but promptly overruled by the court. Kt UM'1N<:K OK JIIK TESTIMONY. flut <)m> Wlt«K.»ii Knamlned n* i<> the Ring Mi^r. tt. Mf' Oleksy; )ett thb fo* a visit with irelatived at Mt. BtlW, Atber| Bteiti* visiting he* ^attgh- *#mC.',i. Gilford,;;•, - .- V v ' Mrs. A. W. Sa*e, Mrrt,'tttettfc liftteh- cook, and Mrp. G, ® k Gbrhatp attett(|«! ;h& Albion fait today. \ Mr. and Mm. A£a Engleman, of Ionia, afeKueetafttJuliusEnglemnn'a. . ®cl Cnazins leavefc Friday for Ch^ cago.\From thence he goes to ^fiseoto sin whe^ he will spend the wintefc—' Miss Nh^a Egglefltoo went -id Allegnn today. L. t/oud, 0. in vo tt Miss (SeneV isitiag at turned last Albion. Miss Ada MUchel\pf &ottth Haven, a a gueat at 2. S. DarriVs. 'roost Important witness exani- yostt-rday hy the defense vva» Mrs. \^'t!!iam. f'iintles. Sht> teatilied about the two 1'lngn tvorn by Mrs. t.uetgert. Shf was <iiht askt-d: "During -the week priuj to May 1. did you hear Mca. Luet- Kf*it nay jinythlngahout leaving home?" "r did," " , . "What did She say?" "She said 'I an» going to Iwive home for good.' " There wore a- ftnv minor questions, and the t?»wyer v«-!'y" impressively }>r0tt|rh.t' th« rtn«»Jnto the <;a*e-«-thfe iwo bandtf of gold which thi> pollw ulaim tywe found in the middle v*t, -and which the- nrop«rty«f,Ix»Ml«a Luctsart. tten hanUed tri^wUrM»s* t>He— th« r -and the vvHneas ^ftter taking it and testifying thitt 6h§ had often Mte. ^jUfet^rt'S rin«« on Rer 4lng th»t th«?y were tiVo l*l»ln rine*< "* n,«.'ver feaw a^rijiK like that before," t e. low tout vttry poajfivtf to^s, , , "£n& y<»i> eyt-r we that rfeg .!"N« r »ii i ' i| '>" y-'Ty pcmtuvrt J "&n you.knnw wb^tbvf a ring WM tha(?" J "J .like that." , ' t »r a th? , cfoJms thttf fh^two'i-ings found tu fbe va^ a iv Wr>!. l^m-tgexfa Oae ol th**6 i? a,r«w-ww ajul r/oi? a wide rfnj?, tte latter having the initials 1^, .1+ ia- iside. fh)B ptetwie »h<jw» that' the twe Mrs. t.uiitgcrt'a finger ar«--tb& width. '1'tiu deiense «31<i pat men- th« initfal r!n^ at all, '£h* stats trit-a tu itnpfi&cto the vtltnt'ftr if iihc had ,»« be^n fitircspit ^' i} ¥} w« I dfgnautlx dented It. i'red «(u«0r t the usuhSK of the ratfi»- Jag wuiiia.U, was "next - «*lled to the stand, ti* testified that hl« aun-t .her wutch to ke«p, T»«f out »fcirt she told Mueller taking & away tro^r her, ldt. he WSRSf to inajit!%s;lie4. Pjvfepsor Coat, tto Uoitttd State* ftuniiuoutj \>f j.hti (iffeaat' to aUow that tfce-WG^rtJter the niafajr ^B4|X Hft JMT^t-pfed ttoa £. JBL *jmt Iftltwl ftrothprlioort f,wfnre Conrwe. the lecture and entertainment cofirse ;iven by the United iJrotherhood of the jittiMian church will open November The obiectof the course i» to offer a dflSB of pntertflinTOent to' the In annonncing; tho course for 07 98, we have the greatest coniSdence in fa* frbiiity to pieaae. and instruct. The oltowing attractions arc offered; Jfov, Sd^tttolitteBartlrtt-Cranft, Kala- tm^ow.- -Swbjeoe, "tiife's Chalfe<jgc.*' No ledtur^i- had a brosttlfet view df |he neetia and posftibilitios of this rnarvelime age ic *8odiftl And'fBliffioua 1 life. She the heart, s^irs th^amoMoDS and pKMfes the will.' Dec. 1st. Hillsdnle Male Qunrtotte. ^The4r hftrmony is petfeefc, Theyalng with ease and gepermcorrectness,, They rei»tnft*eh0ft,tion to those who •Whereas, my wife, Margaret Smith, having left my bed and boaroNJ hereby notify all persons from trnsting\»or on my account after this date. Marshall, Sept. 2B, 1807. Mrs. L. Pealing retttrned* from Chicago last evening where she has been attending millinery, openings of tho prominent wholesale' houses and also buying ;hc latest things in fall millinery. The flaw ! To buy flour, graham, boltcdtneal,coarse meal, ground feed, bran or middlings is at C. A, Chesher'e mill. AH kinds of custon grinding done. Lots of cheap chicken feed. A Hfoostus' Hoot I ii g is tho best iMicauee it is only-one-half the cost of shingles. It can lie applied on flat or steep roeffs, It is (Ire proof. Anybody can p«t it oC . . /- • BosiRy'a Hardware, / Attentltn. . John 0uzzhis has recoivod through H L. Day & Son a car of the "Hercules" hrajiu of Gorman Portland cement, and i, prepared to put down tho beet walks guarantee it to ptand witliany o_ih_er cement oij 'th6 njiarket, Jhango of Driyer. Oonloy, who. has been drivinp ^or Mr. H. I...Peck, for the past three years has engaged himself to Mr. Eugene HoTjUzet in the same 'capacity. can until coldhweather comes, but havo that roof coverec^wHh asbestuB roofing. 'It is only^on^hiHf , the price of shingles. Anybody can puiit on ^ Hardware. • Sale—A 'ftf .model /bicycle, will .1 for cash. Enquire at Ameri- uindry north of Greene's drug store. Money by buying floor, gra feed at ' C. - Call and try. A 1.1 kinds o , Get. your Bailors triinaiod at for-the f«jr k The Teachers Wor'Gar went Cut school h^. bfiftn tejaioved fsom-tlie. son building to the reeideitea ol , Clay born, DR. H. a HANlNl; »t on t«y (wle^une from 7 ». m, J la Cream ,of Cereal. TheUity is being sampled. Y OU will find the Cer««r at J. C.unpingham'a fb»vfWiei ^i lOcjjcF^acj^gojnilit •-•"CASTORIA Apprentice girl* at oace. A^ply a Otaham & gtoac tu UkWy 4«»fe \ Those who b«Uove chjt<»w diafrhc#3 to *' >, shouW »w»4 wtel* *fr. P. B. . . ever suce v« tried alt kioji* u* tuedi At la*t J fouod a tested the possibility of Ul ihe found be could got tell who,«j fleam that , , Jtt. Mor^ ft fi. t r ",Whai *to shoot a«a how Andetsoti say* h« is apriace ttrnong ledtwrers~fln& W attpfar la ftianfitgi-, etttew tifffing , Jti^ CHKEfiFUL. thei .To B^Jojr ttfe Why ahould we take life ftd 5 ^_^,. Caft not we labor He well -or better accomplish as much and enjoy life aa we go' along if mte aejze every opportunity vocan to bo cheerful, light-hearted and iapjpyf 'Put away'all fiwse gloomy, vriuklu producing and- despondent thoughts and make up yotir< naind to ivC to enjoy living as kjjig as you do ivo and, to'live ns long wyou cant, A cheerful nature, » bright nnd sunny disposition sweetens our own lives ana- thfs Kves of otho'ra, worry rfnd discontent makes us Very uncotfapanionabte crca- iures, drains the systeHx of vitrtlity "and shortens' our lives. This course can be adopted more easily *>y some than others. To tho aick and e«ffernig it sometimes seems as if there was no hope and to be cheerful seems impossible, but when a way for Telief ia opened to them, hope revives and tho spirits brighten. ,Thte is why MAGNOLIA BMSSOM, the groat fe- iialo remedy has become ,so popular. comes to weak'women aa a priceless „ i of nature. It gives to the wifp, mother and daughter perfect health, it ~*— i * 1 Caches, pains and weakening prevalent among women. A ihex|>6n8ivo home treatment that s applied directly to tho parts affected thus avoiding takrnginto the stonraeh^ Shat so often impair and ruin the organs )f digestion) enables women ,to treat ;hemeelvefl privately and js a speedy ciiro TO loueorrhoea, inflammation, congos- ;ion and falling of the womb, ovarian troubles, painful periods, and all do- .ngements known as female discaaes. A«k yenr drnggist for MAONOLIA Br.os- SOM. If fee*does not keep other but send directly to the company 'or it. Price one dollar for a box cojn- tainiug one montn's treatment. Their book entitled "A Book for .Women" with circulars and testimonial sent i««rby mail to «ny address. Write to SOUTH BKNO IVEMEDY Co., South B<Hid,inc}.-All letters are opened, read and answered .by women. Letters, requesting medical advice arc referred-to their lady physician, and all correspondence treated with strictest confidence. Good ~ WUv Woolens Mn«t Ad- vuncp. From Alexander.,Hamilton's low tariff bill to relievo the straitened circum- atances of the treasury in 1789 to 1861. The tariff wa? 'f) nominal affair, ISWJt waa raised by successive acts to an average of 47-06 per cent The McKinley tariff waa BO per cent ad valorem, mid 44t a pound weight an Woolens. The Wll.- son tdritf was 50,per cent ad valorem onlyi-^fhe-^iroeent or 1 Dingley bill ia S5 per cent ad valorem and M ceutaa pound. Tiiriff^ict of IBtSl had fie a pound on wool, the McKinley bill lie, the Wilson, bill mostly free. The Dingly bill has 11 or 12c. This mustjraiao the price of wootena. k Tariff ia simply a for'm ofjindirect tax ation. The importer pays tlie duty at he froutier add^ the amount to former cost then adds & profit on hid in vestme for the retailer who adda a profit for the, Consumer.'* Our underwear was all p« .etMMKsd Jri April and i».no« Jn 't^e^t'T The beat 25o and 50e each ahirt and drawers eyer sold. Our auita and ovej ceats Ape afeo feTstock at prict* worth 9 good advance today. Our nuerohattt taWojing depurtmeot will prevail until our preeent stock fe »x- bawited. \ ' T. S«AK*JUS, OWi MAKE With One Lorigth of .. *"•, '. / the' patterns tfot this cook st6\r£ ,-tttcf it to the pttbUc, ^ x We 'gWrantee H to-bake with t^0 sticks olwotid. ,W<* also have stoves for teess* money. y stove iperrs 'ytir name cast in th£ hearth,|, A NEW DEAL Lewis K. Cook , " / ' ' Having purchased the Grocery Business of Char P. Cook, will^ontinue the'same at the old staW, where you will always find a Complete Line of STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES At ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. I will not be un dersold. Come and see me. An elegant h'ne of tolts, latest atytea and lowest pficag, at gulett A Cur* for BUiou* Col It, Co»j Chu—1 bam fat <lt fat* ?kp of bitiioHtt {or wveraTytoaHt Chawberlaiu's Colic v aw DiarrhQea |C0&eiiyi« tlw only ewfft r«lief. ft atsb* Hkaa chw«i. Owe dose of it ^iv«a relief wheat all other remedies fail. a. D. 8»Attj?. t'Vr Bttle at fjreene's I>|ug. ; '' Cordette, S. B. ( . Oouk wtt^es a i&piscijUty of fine tea* aud cotfues, Teas feujp 10c to 7t)c per paimd; coffee from 15c to 33c. yon «P4»te»pinte tins parcfaaae of * hat fat i% feur, afll on Mra. U *rrijf L. K. Coak ha.niika M, 0. K. B. wUJ «eU tidicts to Albiow ^nd r^ura Out. 6tb to %k induaive for " J wmte on accowat of Albion fair. to retyru Oct. »tb, C. K GiyyQHjj, T4ct Agt. Stove Three "The CHICAGO. RECORD is a newspaper in every sense pf the Harrisbutg (Pa.) Call. "There /s no paper published lit America Jhat so nearly approaches the true journal" istlc ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD."From "Newspaperdom" (Ne\y York). •'•/ have come to. the firm conclusior, after a long test and, after a widlc cor par/son with the Journals of many cities and countries, that^The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for: some time likely to find on these ' mortal shores,"~Prot, J. T. Hatfleld .-//. , fhe Evanston (1(1.) Index. T1D liniMAM § M. fluLnli« D, OF all e* MctlKHls f»»|* MA tijtvo Failed. QThe Boctot visits ydur^lty everyjftjur weeks, regularly, and •will continue to do o indefinitely, „ ( 83g"Sce date bolowi • * ' l*rtr,t!at list of diseases, treated, , ifftlelii.'stcK, Betwrtteo* oonaeittte Ireaiflclre, dtil), InlUoeHop;, long »t mctnorv, dlz Kiaese, sor fenJog of tho hmin, tuttrow and ec*c *. ma ft/ fcealp, / . ^ „ Nervous Debility and nil Us »t>omUi)4a)i- mcnt*, both ftf young. *nd mitlato »s«t!ikm«m.' Tlie ^jfftir eft«ot« of ftttRleatea ot im;fVperly ttt»t^rcBs«a f t)iroa^alBgwe»ftnfe8«of ftotfy »n«i brain'. il'zi!ino8?,fn1lliiK memory, lost vitality, , . , lris and otbcr df8?re«Bla({ gytapt^ittB, utrfUtU)K on& tor study, busloeea op en]ojmcnt df Lie. - Ear. Ati diBoa«ee «f (be ««•> of whtttevw namo or nature; cured, Kctii'sWo Acyvrh^ro. Tftroat. Catiirrhfti sire tfrroM,. nciittt And chronift phsryr.gltlf, eniarRod ton»IIIU» and palate, hoaraeaei«s and IOSB yf Toiac, thick paloifli »a throat, causlnK tfttwhlng. Lungs Contutnptlou in the first and Becond stag«e, tavmorrbaget Biirt chronic bronchitis, dry and hos-wj cavftf; pffiiig in efteW, OtlftB«tw W hreathlug. hopitiKstloniKi B^thm^ etc. . 'Heartj Brain and Nerves. If yon have a (lix/,iutiBa. of tho bead »nd palpitation -<>f the bcArr, diffl ;ult brcmhlD^ and aofflcntiiiB fceline, luHnesB of the hena, a tfred, irrl\<ble, diaoon-. ^oU'd feellaK and fear W Impending; danger, or ileatb, ft dread or ticfng akme, or tbo reverse— di;Hlr<5 to be olono, if jour memory ie falll g aud sou are gloom? and (.ispondent, or If you (ir/tmm ranch and nltcu, aud feel an liter ion to HOrlelr, yon are BLfforlnu from a serious d.rease of the iiurvi'g brain ndd heart. You havti no Mine to IOCP. r.ii at onco and oontttilt tWe emitent specialist. ^ Kidneys. Inllamraiition (t the klJncfu. iiilxhi'n uiteasc, dn.betlss congealtoii of tb'c bid,- upyn, uraemia, vravel. Btone, all fck-ntlflcally, and micee«Bfujly trciited. Bladder. Inflammation, njst.HiK.cjcterrhpa ratarrh of iho bladder The dlBt-cMiiuK <lls- «a«iirt lav riably yield to iia sysiem of treatment. Stomach. Caiarrb, ulcerrlion aodNuJd dya- pupuia, Indication, pain and fulino-snftor eat* I UK, licariburn, iviitur brash aud diiUcolty in Liver, .Bpleen. All' <li8tiwi!» of (ho liver npleen, bow«l», ail nonrt tisaeen and reflex disorders, rhenmatit-m and all wkiu dlscaspH, oc/oma and wilt rlieuin, ring worili, blp joint dlieace, old «ore«, fi-vtr uorea ttflT joints (ilBCase, old spinal Irritation, uerVoua prostration. Rupture, Fltf », fistula, an 1 all Bwelllngs and tecrleuok-8 quickly cured without pain or uotflu-. tlou fltini , ui/«*,w^ newsdealers everywhere and ^uwmnffHuw receiwd by all postmctsters* Address THE CHI «*i»b»'i Mich-. StepUwtier sa.ttll?. . R. SHEPHERD Keeps none but^the i will reifiUu tJMrtr JosC maubac.ii and ol(f ytswivijr Ifctir youtta«l wgne tar —"— ytocb uuflto a^ fey jttttfa. ianiiB»«» <» Hi»yfimt». JB .10* otly «ur<ii» ^tKttBV at the seat o{ nafikitui of tbeoity but 3S very- " "• O- HYDR Si» fat mm tovfefc laugbt «d - •<• 11 mil Hi i^g Women. If yon are *Hfforlnc from any ot the dlsoBscs p« fluliar to your eex, *ucb a* faultier di^plarcmtut of the womb, In- Imiwiiiatiou <,r nlccratlou, bloatitie, headaches, sptnal weaknec*, Call or write to him and lie will toll you ju»t what can bo done for you. If yb~u cawnotcall on Dr. Humphrey Write to him for question list. , He Will then understand your condition thoroughly and tell yon candidly whether or i not he caiv treat you successfully. His, coureo of treatment is a scientific 6ne, peculiarly his own, whereby tho patient receives treatment and medicine applied to suit tho.caeo, th«t otherwise' would be impossible,' ( ! i day every four weeks at P 3 yaJ hotel DATE FREE visit' Tfittreday Oct. 1 CONSULTATION PIIBB ALL, WiNTS F we B. L OST- Qn B» B J«s «r Manstoo »tr*«t», > »«« couUU.Jj«[ » 3irby Jwit. fiudur report«. t be ChraiTlole <,fltos. * »B«»WB. «»%rd will Ib^ [*W. -- i • ' > i^*" or of

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