The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on January 6, 1961 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1961
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E* sit. ride Schedule loday: High 7:80 p.m. No Low Saturday; •flRh 4:55 a.m., 8:23 p.m. . Low 12:;GO a.m. 12:03 p.m. HARDEN COOPfft IN BALLOTING TOR H/GH SCHOOt "COACH OF TW YtAR"-Sft PAGE 6 E B OSPORT FAC VOL. 48 NO. 271 Freeport, Texas ! F«li CI.HHIH, BE 3.1611-AI1 Olh« OOte*,, BE J.SSlI-B.r.pi Anflt.ton, tl .3241 . WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SJ/EENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBVRt and DAMON Weather Cast Cloudy with occasional rain, Iiltle change in temperatuf* through Saturday, Low tonigb* 55, High Saturday 89. UN Council Drops Invasion Charge Hy Aiwoclalcd Frcns Fidel Castro continued to keep Cuba In a state of Invasion (rcmy today. This despite the UN Soru- Sjty Council's action last n\ in t discarding the Castro regime's atcst charge that Cuba Is facing Imminent t n v a slon from Hie United States. Troops a>e on the move everywhere on the island. Anti-aircraft nnd anti-tank guns stud Havana's picturesque sea-front, and Ifie capital resounds to the movement of grim-faced civilian «sul- dlcrs. Militia men and women «r| pntrollng rooftops with mn- cfiTne guns in readiness. Cnstro lias charged that the Eisenhower A d m 1 n i s tratlon Is preparing to invade by Jan. 18th, two days before it leaves office. If US troops do not invade, Castro presumably will b o a tt that his • military preparedness scared them off. A wave of searches of Roman Catholic Organizations and the it at at least nine Catholic In Havana, US Charge D'Af fa ires Daniel Braddock and hi skelton «taff arc completing t';e transfer of the Embassy's opera tlons to the Swiss. Another load of Americans leaving tonight on the night len-y to Florida. With the break in diplomatic relation*, the Stale Oc partmcnt has advised all Anv;rl cans to get out of Cuba -jnl.-v they have compelling reasons for staying. swHonts or teachers are reported. Political and other prisoners have been evacuated from Prlndpc prison commanding a sweeping view ol Havana. Quietest spot on the Island is tha US Naval Base at Guar r tanamo.^. US authorities h avc emphasized that the base is ready lor anything, but that thcra have been no reinforcements it 11— Diamond Rings Missing From FP Business The theft of a tray of diamond rings from Gordon Jewelry Com pony in Freeport was under in vestlgation by Freeport police Friday. The 16 diamond wedding bands In the tray are valued at $2,500. Police Chief N. H. Lassfler &aid the theft >vas reported Thursday night b| Al Achiever Sweetheart To Be Named A Junior Achievement Sweetheart will be picked by judges %m U candidates, .with final judging to-be'*heja at'lhe Stfecf* heart Ball Saturday night in the Brazosport Senior High Cafetcni. The semi-formal event is set for 8 p.m. to m i d n i ght. Tickets are $3 a couple and may t*e purchased from Sweetheart candidates or any Achievers Association member. Candidates for Sweet heart honors are Sandra Young for Lai*\n-Ko; Jane Snavcly, E d so- Kaliko Hut chins. Plastapcric; Claudlne White, Wilco; Che.-yl Farmer, Practi-co; Fan Tyler Manco; Bobbye Willis, Ho-Pa-Ko- Linda Colley, Cestaco; Gingp- Cook, Plaz-Ko; Sandra Small Gullco; and Darlene Martin, Foamco. The Sweetheart will receive a crown, trophy and flower arrangement Candidates will be present- jg to judges at a luncheon in the SMm Room of the Dow Hotel In Freeport at noon Saturday. The Sweetheart Ball is a major sodal event for the 190 young men and women who participate in the local Junior Achievement program. to ?im, manager of (he Tarpon Im Village store. He said Golman' reported thil thcLtray of rings was discovered toTw missing when employees began putting jewelry Into a vault at closing time Thursday. The tray had bcsn in a showcase ,v,x?n last seen. Chief Lassltcr said n thorough check of the store was made Thursday night and again Fri JANUARY 6, 1961 City Hall Improvement Wins Contest For Clute Cub Unit day morning, to establish that the tray of rings had not been misplaced. He said Friday that the jewelry was definitely missing and police «re Im-ertigaUng an the "case. The creation of a flower garden in front of the Lake Barbara City Hall has won first prize for tno Cub Scouts of Den 4, Pack 351, of Clute, in a countywide contest sponsored by the Keep Brazwia County Beautiful Association. Toe boys received the City Hall. Announcement IH,it|hood vacant lots as well as for they would receive the J10 cash making and distributing Utter prize was made by a represent <*-- — angles ofjnow* Wednesday at their «wgu- 1 meeting In. the lake Baibara live of the KBCBA. Mrs. B. J. White 'is den mother, and the First Methodist Churoh of Clutc sponsors the Scout unit. Contest rules called for the submit Uil of pictures of dean on. and Rood Bond Issue Planning Begins Preliminary work toward caU-1 The County already owns an SO ing for a $300,000 to $600,000 b&vi ] toot right of way for five miles of • «*ii*)«i«"'"X'X'XvX'"**'"•"""• XvX'"v!\- h GENE HEATHCOCK, back In JBP after working for 10 days ut [bow's Louisiana Division i<( yiiiton Rouge. MRS. HEATHCOCK flew over to spend New Yaar's with GENE. . . *, JIMMY VANDAVEER, a new member ol the FP Kiwaics Club. . . And, Kiwonlans G. C. HARDMAN, HORACE OWIKGS. ami O. L. I1ASS, receiving perfect attendance pins—for 20. 15 and 15 yi!ar» respectively. . . Facts Publisher JIM NABORS, back at his desk after ilfn» kept him home for a day. . , CHARLANA Mi<XX)L, calling AMD at midnight Thursday u say she and SHIRLEY 1NSALL Iwtd made Regional Hand ut .lie U of H tryouts held TuursOoy for high school students who IviJ made District Band buck In ci-niber. . . K. B. OVERMAN and F K K D McDONALD, to celebrate birthdays Saturday. . . And Around The County: GROVER SMITH, checking hilii %'gcley-liliisliiKanie Hospital ntitl luiving hi* doctor mil teuiuy since DR. REX DAVIS Is a ,MI- ticnt there himself. DR. DAl'iS, however, expects to be buck i.l work next week. . . DOROTHY LUDEMAN, III ..n,l nwuy from her teuchlnjt luties earlier thj» week ul Uriuoria. In her absence, NANCY ba» been Issue In the eastern part Brazoria County is underway tha week.. The issue would finance a sw «d a half mile road between State Highway 35 and the edge of the proposed Monsanto Chemical Company site. Brazoria County Commissioners Court has employed R. N. Eddie- man as fiscal agent for the project, which may require legisli- lion. The issue would combine Road District 6, which recently pas*;.i a $300,000 bond Issue to finance the Alvin Bypass right of way purchase, and Road District 4. District 6 encircles Alvin, and District 4 comprises an area dw- er to the Gulf. The road planned would He entirely with District 4. Combination of the two districts is believed necessary to finance such a State large issue, legislation may be required to combine the road district* In the shortest possiole time, and preliminary work lo- ward that goal is already undor- that distance. However, a I mile of the route win be n change from the existing right .f way to ease some curves in the road. About 95 percent of the rigftf of way needed is owned by Hou ston Farms Development Com pany, which has indicated it wai donate free of charge. The Court authorized County Engineer W. J. Lewis to proceed with acquisition of a d d i t i o nal right of way to provide a minimum width ol 13) feet. Lewis said today that right of way easements have already bp?n prepared and are now in .he hands of the Houston Farms Lie- vclopment Company. Preliminary plans call for a )lack-top road on a flexible base, suitable for heavy construction traffic to the proposed plant. A bridge across Chocolate Bayou j and payment for lowering anil casing a number of pipelines across the route are expected to be major expenses in the i^n- struction. way. The road will follow existing County Roads 191 and 194 ior about six miles, and then travel approximately a half mile through a pasture to the edge of Uie Monsanto property. projects as bags. Mrs. Ellis is leader for younger boys, the Wolves the ard Bears; while- Franklin Instructs the Lions and Webelos. tttambene * Associated Press Member Price 5 Cents County Officials Clash In Opening Discussions Bv MARIE HPTw mura _.'. , By MARIE BETH JOKES A difference between Commissioner Dixie Brown of Freeport and County Engineer W. J. Lewis brought a 46-minute recess of Brazoria County Commissioner's Court Thursday, while the two discussed the problem privately. On their return to -the court meeting, Lewis presented a recommendation for hiring three new employees in the Precinct Road Department. • The court approved Lewis' recommendation that Frank Milton Sanders OL Clut« be employed as Precinct 1 road foreman, Alvin 'Lee Key as first class operator, and James • D. klitchell as second class opera- or, all effective Jan. 1. Also on Lewis' recommenda- ion, the Court passed an or der paying former Precinct 1 road foreman Kenneth Pharris 125, which represents one ourth of a month's salary, on crmination of Pharris' employment. The disagreement came toward the end of a full day's meeting — much of which had been in informal session. Lewis aid Kexxft'ad called his office Wednesday to ask that the en- [ineering department order a car-load lot of road patching material. Explaining that he had no •ecord of Key's- being on the county payroll p.nd that the ounty had no .contract to pur- hase the material requested, Lewis said he had not done so. '•This is like everything else, ve are starting off with a any employees they \vL:i to hire that they discuss the matter with him. If. he agreed with their request, he would'write a recommendation and present it to the court, Lewis added. : "I do plan to bring these employees with me," Brown said again. is your privilege," Duncan said, "but we have to operate in accordance with the Optional rtoad Law. I don't believe you will have any.diffi- culty with t h e county engi- had difficulty already," Brown retorted. "That is a matter of personal opinion," Duncan replied. "I have been working with him for ,. several years and have never ..I had any trouble." At County Judge Alton Arn- old's suggestion Brown andj He asked that the court call Lewis retired to another office! for bids on stripped cars, with to discuss the matter, and later returned with the recommendation. The court also approved the employment of Bennie li. Kelm as second class operator in Precinct 3 at .$331 per month. • Lewis also recommended that since Brown vvlshed to try the ether type of patching material, Lewis be allowed to purchase an experimental carload. Then if Brown prefers' this material it might be advertised for bids later. The court took no formal action, but told Lewis to order the material requested. Brown had earlier objected to the method of advertising for bids on automobiles for the county road department. available optional equipment and prices listed. In past years, the specifications have called for fully equipped cars with optional equipment and deduct prices listed- i "I believe the way I suggested' is the way you would buy a car for Vourself," Brown said. "How is the dealer going to know what we mean by fully equipped cars?" "It sound to me like six of one and half a dozen of tha other," Jordan said, as the discussion continued. The order finally passed authorized county auditor Frank A. Taylor to advertise for one or more autos for the road department, with all extra equipment on each to be listed at separate prices. j barjg," Brown said. ''* T. k T a«G*M^» **. —, uusuuutuuun projects as £"*** y 1 the number of hours the boys had rattier, devoted to their work. «*-.._-. When the c o n t est was announced. Den -1 decided it would like to beautify its meeting puce so the boys pitched in back in October and made their garden. After clearing away the gr-iss and preparing the soil, they plant ed elephant ears, periwinkles, day lilies and canna lilies en either side of the steps of the brown frame city hall. Winter has taken its toll, but with a little work from time to time, the boys expect to have a garden to be really proud cf, come Spring. Boys taking part in the profe-l nclude Ricky Wilkins, Glynn rby, Ronnie Wayne Martin, Gene White, Mickey Rorex, Jim Strate and Alton Evans. Billy While, seven-year-old son of the den mother, although! not quite old enough to be a cut, I also lent a helping hand. Den! Chief for Den 4 is Randy Wilkins. A second place prate of $9 ^vf!s won by Den I, Pack 317, of fltmire, Norton, D u n a 1 d Sweat George Casso, led by Mrs. Frank- Coordinating the contest for «he Keep Brazoria County Beautiful Association was W. H. Martin, of Lake Jackson. Fire Call The Freeport Fire Department was summoned to the home ol Mrs. A. G. Palat at 1131 W»st Eighth when a hot water heater burst about 9:15 ajn. Thursday. Firenjen said Mrs. Palat 'iad already turned off the gas so they turned off the water. juestion from COLD WAR, GOLD CRISIS Maj. Jordan Talks At Freedom Rally A former military official who has authored exposes of government operati o n s will speak at the first Fre3dom Ral- die Rickenbacker's 1st Pursuit Group. Between world wars he became a sales and advertising night ^ about .. and Brown explained that he is "one of toe men I plan to bririg with me." "Until the court acts on his employment; the county engineer has no authorization to order the material," Duncan said. He then explained that new contracts are coining up soon, and the material could be advertised for at that time. In the past few years, the county has used a different type of patching material, end that is now available, Duncan said. Lewis suggested that if Brown or the other new commissioner, Henry Jordan of Alvin, have ly for Brazoria County Monday . "T" 8 w « u -'« «••* "n -, pht naay |lend-lease expediter at Great j Falls, Mont., in charge of air °fpa»??«rt e f y J ° rdan j freight to Moscow and the in _,featured speaker for a and niit'm™,»™_,,» -f s.n..^. program that begins at 7:30 p m. Monday, in the fairgrounds Auditorium; ;._; ..?•• -•••• - His talk fs entifle"d,"*Tha Cold War and tits Gold" CrisS." He has been invited to talk to the students and faculty of Brazos- port Senior High earlier in the and out movement of influential Russian personnel; Against orders, he examined huge quantities of maps, photo- stats, blueprints and documents sent to Russia under State Department top priority. He unsuccessfully protested the diplomatic immunity given - -- —o— -«»-...» ... me .*.«: w*jj»uuidui: immunity givn I a ~n TU - eSd ? y !^! WiU speak at | these sh 'Pments, and his no'.es " " '" *••-"- i later formed the basis for ex- a rally in Austin. , , port. led by Mrs. Eleanor Franklin and her mother, Mrs. Bryan ii-os. Den I will receive the cash .ward for cleaning up neighbo To 4 Election Fill LBJ Post According to the contract «.„. Eddlcman, Die county would ;.ay one percent of the total amount of the bond issue for his seivK-cs as fiscal agent jf no legislation '.s required. If legislation is necessary, he would receive one <xnd a half percent of the total. World News Briefs By Auociilid fitu 11ATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana Governor Jtmmie Davis is working to round up utate Senate voles for approval ol his sale-j tax Increase to finance private segregated schools. The measure hcs passed the Home, but opponents say it doesn't have enough Senate support nt present to pass. WASHINGTON — StcitUry ol Slat* go*i btlort ine Srimt, Fonlgn Rtl.lioni Commit!., thii morning lor a ct-atidgntUl bri.liny to Jh. l.wmak.r, on for.ign iroubl. ipiU, Th« cri.U in Cub. «nd cirll war in Ltoi ir. almoit c.rMlr io ccmt up. J Man Injured In Fall At Plant A Lake Jackson man was trans ferred to Afelhodist Hospital ir Houston after he was injurcc Thursday in a fall at the Do* Badische Plant. James William Benson of !Ci NMV YORK - President-Elect Kennedy Is expected to an- noui.iv a lev more administrative appointments in New York Uefcu miurmiig to Washington later in the day. Bclnre leav- inn ii- wi.l net together with various study committees he's appmiiii-U unrt also confer with the executive secretary of the Hoy''wilkir ! T' ;inti0 " '° r lhC AUv8llcclnc "t °' Colored People, WASHINGTON - Vie. Nixon thi. .ft.rnoon ! h. Acacia, on employee of C & „ Corporation which was doing some work at the Badische plant fell eight or 10 feet, landing on his back and head. He was taken to the Dow Has pilal Emergency Room by t fYcoport Funeral Home amlx* lance. After o b s e r radon ai< X-rays, Benson was transferred to the Houston hospital Thursday night. C. G. Lcbow, head of C & M Corporation, said Friday morn ing that Benson had received no broken bones in the accident, und his condition appeared to be satisfactory. Omission In Lineup A Clute councilman observed Thursday that his city was not included in a lineup of distances between area communities and the Monsantu site, described In a Thursday editorial. Tliis was an error of omniistlon in typing. For the record, appr i\i- mate distances (rum city limits to edge ol plant site are: Alvin, nine miles; Anglelon, 13; Riyh- > l«t tliction. 13. The special Texas election lo name a successor to Senator Lyndon Johnson was set yesterday for April 4 by Governor Price Daniel. The date coincides with aty elections in more than 100 Texas cities. Daniel said this wfll help cut the cost in many counties. Johnson vacated his seat ui tr* US Senate Tuesday. The Dal'as lawyer and financier. William A. Blakley. was appointed to fill tl-c post until the voters name someone to complete Johnson's term It ends Jan. 3, 19ST. Blakley and eight others hatr» announced they will seek the j0 L The list of candidates is expected, to grow considerably before tfie Tickets for the talk, at a cost i P° se s turned over to the press of SI per person, are available] and lo the Hou se Un-American at several points in Brazosport i Activities Committee. »nd Angleton. I In bis publication, "From Ma- They can be obtained at the ior Jorda n's Diaries," he noted J. C. Penney Co., Young's Pre- H 1 ** knd-lease shipments also scription House and Schmidt Furniture in Freeport; Lake Drug in Lake Jackson! Kim Pharmacy in Clute; Lee Motor! Co. and Brazoria County Abstract Co. in Angleton. Jiajor Jordan served ii World War I with a unit of Ed included uranium, thorium, co- ball, cadmium and atomic secrets. He' contended that these shipments were made by White House partisanship toward Russia, and in defiance of Congressional ordars regarding the nature of lend-lea'se shipments. In 1959 Major Jordan published-his second book, "Gold Swindle— The Story of Our Dwindling Gold," in an effort to warn" the US: of. the gold crisis he observodrat that tune. Major Jordan is president ol Toronto Gold Market Co. of Toronto, Canada.' In addition to the duties of this position, he makes speaking tours in the cause of Americanism. His appearance is sponsored by a group of citizens as a part of the program called "Operation Information" of Lake Jackson. A spokesman said that other speakers on Americanism would be scheduled in the fu- Weems Tax Trial election. State law requires the Governor to set the election between 60 and 90 days from the date jf his proclamation calling the election. Spot diecks by the Gove.uors Office indicate it will be neaily impossible for poll tax lists m some of the larger counties to be completed in less time than u.» April first deadline now fixed by law. Daniel said the April 4 date w/il allow county tax assessor-collectors as much time as possible lo prepare the lists. ] MAJOR JORDAN Freedom Rally Speaker Trawler Invasion Not Backed By Industry Shrimp boat operators are liktv sur/. tm» ;„,!„,-._. ..„ _ ... __ _.._, Shrimp boat operators are ly to take a dim view of Senate candidate W. P. Holland's proposal to use shrimp trawlers fo carry an invading force to Cuba. That's the opinion of W. W. Gore of Freeport, president ni he Texas S h r i mp Association nd ownsr of the Western Sei- ood Company here. Hi!) statement followed the an- nouricement Tuesday of the candidacy of the 53-year-old Houston rantractor. Holland had scored lie reluctance of the United States o Intervene in Cuba, and said ho tad thu means to do so himself n the 14.000 shrimp trawlers te said operated in the Gulf. Gore said that he doesn't :atow helher Holland actually knows shrimpers, but that ««ang IB shrimpers he himself knows, one have any connection witn ollaiid. Speaking In behalf of the Texas Association, to said, "i'm sure the shrimping industry _ . whole takes a dim view of his — —— ..».. v* tw t ui unuvlullaJ ITutl proposal to have shrimp operators eel sure the shrimn carry an invading force to Cutn. . . . «• on such a matter. It would an individual matter. But 1 operators *et Next A West Columbia couple, Mason L. Weems and his wife, Mabel, are scheduled to go on trial he^ fore Federal Judge Ben C. Connally in Galveston next Monday, for attempting to evade thdir 1953, 1354. and 1355 income tax« Approximately 100 witnesses nave been subpoenaed by (re Government. Assistant U. S. Attorneys Robert A. Hall and F. L. Hartman will handle the government's case, while Mr. and Mrs. Weems have retained former U. S. Afor- ney Douglas W. McGregor of Houton and Herman Klienecke (.f Salveston as their representatives. A Federal Grand Jury at Hou- High way Con FP Hearing Fc A hearing on Freeport's proposals for an east-west highway has been scheduled for Monday, Jan. 30, by the Texas Highway Commission. City Manager BUI Black-Will Monday ston indicted Mr. and Airs. Weems on Feb. 23, 1960, for attempted evasion of their income taxes for the years 1953-1955, inclusive. 1 The indictments alleged thai they reported an adjusted cross income of $5,901.59 . and income tax due of $595.14 on their returns for those three years, when they should have reported an adjusted gross income of $«,356.SS >n which a tax of $10,104.57 should have been paid. Mr. and Mrs. Weems owned and operated an auto supply store, hotel, funeral home, and concrete block plant in West Columbia, during the years covered by the indictment. imissionSets >rJan.30 The ne$ route has been endorsed by Lake Jackson and Angleton, and is opposed by Freeport and Clute. Both proposed routes would cross Chocolate Bayou south of the site "His views should in no way be regarded as reflecting pro <* con on the v i pwpoint of the shrimping industry. "There is no industry view- Virus Suspected In Child's Death Doctors at Houston *iwpect |a spokesman said the a virus or a poisonous material in the unexplained death ot a two and onc-half-year-old girl, Elizabeth Sue Pursley. She died Wednesday night in a hospital. Her younger suiter and * 31 other, both apparently suffering from the same ailment, were taken to the hospital But doctors say they appear to be n uo danger ol dying. A simple autopsy showed no cause for the girl's death. But that representatives from <uch a proposal." •*"« "•"jboUi the Freeport and Clute City For himself, Gore said, "I to-, e | Councils, as well as a number uf •onfidence in the V. S. Gover-i-, dtiiens from both towns, would nent even if Mr. Holland doos travel to Austin for the hearing — '. i The hearing would likely begin at about 10 a.m., Biackwell said. Freeport has supported an east- west highway that follows tfe route of the old Hoskins Mound road v This route, ending at farm original pro- might have died of a virus or;S* d l™ s route from Swallowinff or inhalino a K0ad «*• was ^ from swallowing or inhaling a Koac l , poisonous agent. A further P 083 '° J itudy of the girl's organs is expected to take several days. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Pursley of Houston. Sun Data Sets Today 5:37 p.m. Rises Saturday 7:18 a.m. Sets Saturday 5:38 p.m. Highway Departmpnt. Qute also approved this rou;o, with the condition that the puns include an extension of the nad across Farm R o a d 5J3 to Hiijf- way 283 in Clute. Freeport agreed to this, and the two Councils have planned a joint proposal. The Highway Department iud suddenly abandoned this route in favor ol a route further north. Whether yon art town or movmr Into » hone with "built In kitchen", you CM dispose of appliance! the easy way by calltnf BE 3-2611 Or BE 3-3511 OR ANGLETON TI 9-5246 I

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