The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 6, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1897
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, MICHIGAN, WEMJESMY, OCTOBER 0' 1801 -.-• -"* ~ -•*-- • • - . ~ r "' %fcol*!towie and delfefcxi*. POWDER fiOTAV BAVWO POWDER CO,, Kfft VOBK. Watson & .Watson ely'lea 3« Walking Hate, & Hatu nnd Cbihlron's School daps. State Street. /' \ „' In the l#ke regies of Wisconsin* Northern Michigan,' Mintieaot.n, Iowa and South Dakota, nlon|/f,hi; liotw of the Chicago, Mil- wauked & Sto OPtvuL Jf ail way^ nre .hundreds ra= _ > gfjD|iflrn».riig lo^nl'ties preeminently fitted for Buinmor houfad, nearly nil of Which are. located on or 'ne^ lakes which have not been fished out. These resorts ratfge In variety from tho "full dres« for 'dinner" to ' the flannel flhirl cosUttno fur every meat. Among tho list nro mum a lumiliar to many of our redder* ft« tho perfection of northern earner resorts. Nearly nil ef tho Wisconsin points of wi'on'Bt nro within a snort dia- . tance from Chicago or Milwaukee, and pone of them ftro no far nway from the "biisy rnurts of civiitantton'l that tfiey cannot be reached in a fewhoura.of travel,by frequent trams.ot or the finest road in I he northwest— • the 'Chicago,' Milwaukee. <fcSt;Pnul itailwBy. Send'n two cent stamp for a copy Of "Vacation D ys' 1 giving a~d«»wJp'ion,of the prjaeipal reports, and a list of summer "hotels —«-~4Wd IkfnnlinK housep, and rates for board) Heffford, General Passenger to <jieo.\ H. t, OKHci cn(i°> \ Agent, I am prepar at orui por cent fi)Kthrcfl years in a good Insured. insure farm property cpin'iKinyNd.oirig .business un- c\er liconso fmm tho state insuraucecom- luiaaionor* This is better thau_the Mu tual companies. Hktfuv BEN.N ||I am-prepared to do ladi()A'.and\tihUr dreo'o ' nbamp wiufj ut theif ho Jjeave orders at Clurk's barber shop, or at 35 east Qret-n etreut, Miw. ,V. W, CLARK. TIckfts. OA new form of Thou«and-AIilo Ticket, the result of varcful consideration and discussion betwi-eti tho railronda -arid 'their principal putrotiR, will be, {^aced on sale Sopt. 1st, at ait important Michigan Central ticket ullices, Tho ticket fa sold for gtfJ.OO with a rebate to thfl purchaser of i?!'0'.(X» wh»t> ueed up irt compliaju^i with its conditions atul IB aawptfd on all-tht* lines in the Ooatral Passenger Asswifitiup, forty- five jn nuuibor titul covering 'a mileage b<Mjk has yet bei-.n so ?icoeptablo to all parU. AR^ BO advantageous tft fh« " hotter*," Ev«ry OHB wh*> ia likely to travel a thousand oiiles in a year should aval) theuiet>lv*e of it, and shoul4 coust^lt the nearest 1 Micbigjin Central ticket HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL . _,. ,- VflSt ~~~" - T-r - — ' l*l,le» op Hemorriiolda Fissures & Fistulas, ' Tumora Salt Eh^ww * Chapped Hands. Hs $e»rri9 td H*ve Prerrty of tham in the Capital of the War- '' TormeHted Islahch EALLT MABE AT HAVANA tn Behnlf of «>» Man this taw Wwlrld AVt- irhlttlstrfctlon'Wlil Certainly Hoimeo tn Spit* of MI« Culw»n $n|>iM>Tte*s-*-Ttib tten- cral SUniVlH A Repent to AxcarrRgit I)«!tar- imt the Piwfh<mUon tft tit* (*«wl an Ap- Kew lifork, Oct. C.— A dispatch to UeraldVfrom Guatemala says that the Insurgents have lost ^ttezaltenango" and sustained a^eevere Defeat at Totonl- eap«n, and that th£ tide tst war • hafl turned strongly In favor of Jbk-tator Barrios: , r • • Havana. Oct< 8,— The friendfc of Captain General Weyler made a grand rally in his behalf yesterday and did all they could possibly do to prevent his recall to Spain, v They held a meeting: at the Spanish , casino, many -of the VeaitWw class of Spaniards belfig p>tsetit. Resolutions indorsing General WeyleT were adopted with great enthusiasm and a cable message was^jsent Jto^ the government of Madrid announcing that the representatives of tho trading, mercantile and industrial communities .assembling at the 'meeting were farrrfllnr with the' course followed ' by' Captain General Weyler looking to an early and complete, paciftcatiott ut Cuba arid expressing" fearWhat his recall will delay thepaclfleatlon. In conclusion the friends of Genek-al Weyler begged the Spanish press to trust In him and announced the Intention of those present at the meeting, after making' these resolutions to abide by the government's decision- It was further .agreed to organize a public demonstration In General Weyler's honor. 1'1-uhJblt* a DcmonHf ration. Captain General Weyler, on learning of the "proposal to ol-jranlze a public aemonstration^n his honor has especially prohibited any undertaking of the kind/ Yesterday 116 of the rnoat'prom- ent and wealthy merchants and importers Joined .In a cable message to the new premier 'congratulating; .him upon' his accession to power, recognizing hla_ (Sagasta's) high patriotism, and requesting him to maintain Captain General Weyler at the head of affairs In Cuba.- TJ.r dispatch said: "The government has tiie •contldexit-e of all the Spaniards In the Island, who firmly believe that the_pJans of Captain tlem-ral Weyler. In the, exceptional -• {Conditions of the case will »oon terminate the war and effect pacification." W«iyl«r's Ropiirt to Miulrid. Madrid, Oct. 6,— Senor Sagasta, the premier, was the first -vlsitofr at the Unitt»d Stntes legation yesterday, morning. Ills interview wlrh General \Vood- ford waa' cordial, but absolute resdrvo 18 maintained aa to- what passed In thV Conversation. Captain Genoral Weyler haft written 4n official letter to General Awa.rragH, forwarded bffore the resignation of the Azcarraga cabinet, In the course of which 'hi* declares that thfr winditieft-u^-ettUa- *«» ^Improved to a I'i-markUbU; 'degree" since the datr» when he assumed control in the Island^ The captahl general" says; "The country has received a fresh' lease, of life," He aaserts that the Spanish" general commanding in the eastern-, provinces reports an Uninterrupted service «-f trains on all the lallroads. The tele- frrapht)l8 operatineL/rom Ciega de Av!!a to the, city of Plnar*del Rio-. The Jcttt-r, which 1« generally «wunente4 upon, alleges tna.t the Spanish army. In Cuba . Is "oelns maintained In e^celK-nt sla.te, d^Mte the fapf;. Mia* the pay i* «lu months tn $Wear»," ' . * - ri Madrid, Oct. 6.— Benor Jlor«t, the min- iate* for the colonies, It is seini-omelally ttanoun.eed. h»a dwided to apply aa goon flosWble all toe measure^ which ar« ftpH»e4 IDL jChe progrftromfe o* the Wb- j« refardteg t^* Afttlltes. Is^xidiaa all that la necessary for the appjlca- ttgn 0f autonomy ^ojf»0«ba ia ' been, received fr^w hlia 7:36 i^uiiday ,ev«n(ng\ making to* £c$» of ifae appoint. o< fno^i fflgfeft^ .of |!» tb* jaew ffi0i»9 fu> far S»ga«tft; Guljton n*i»is8 often aot*d in state cecoi<ie in cooc^tiub witb npgotlation» c^nvtriilsuK iaijfc- e,' aui^woujy ana oiher a^ve- metota at th# Uwt «| the last Ion* Cuiban war. £agft»t$ was wiiwtettT of state 4,1 the tu»e our secretary of »(ate; ton Fif*. Best to the Unttei} 8UUe» ti ¥*4rW,, e&& CuiAlng, ib* OJPtf" ttf-felffh-—fel t« bft tt* ipoUgy '«| b* i)<*mfe «f aw to as* of the 6pftntefe jte- er C«*8*tof, P^J ofllcfc btlag tbal of an 4lf «*1»M«*JF of polonies W la that Mbret »1U t*ke a' teaOUw; jpftrt is " IW^Wi .. of state ftl tte "--*•- W*fle Mor*t w»« U» i associate, AKcttrraga, ' oSftio to this «ettt»t«y AH art envoy fe^iect a 7 set- ttemen't ^wl% the tiu%n£ by' gf^ntffit thsm a measure of atitohortiy. the envoy, AetWgf I^IIK tne fepttnfeh 'nlnltrlev wsre, trfopejrliob^rt, sent a ,^«imi«*onef to treat wltM *iie Insurgent president, I'fiie fe#*rttni*&oHfer, Senor^fftst, appears to Rave been fndiscreti> H(n h(s n^otta- tlona, for dn'n'ls' way bat;k ;he w%s capt* at\(5t ( by-th6 Spanish auMnwt* the gt-ound o* havlnir <AWipd 6» eipjtifttlon* with the Mi-' •urgents. BUbto'equenUy, through the Influence of Morct, the t^lflow be Zena was paid an Indemnity of f 30,000, which was regarded as avowing that the" rnJaeton for a, <Sotti- Ipromfae wtthiihe Cubans *as not whoUy WHhaut offUctel aknetiorj. This incident, and Mofiftt'e recognition t>( thfe |ttoija claim, hav* made hlin best Icno^n tn thlg country. The oth«r new cabinet officers are not known to officials here and are regardM as men prprriinant tn th« politics of the day and allies CfttehoB Forty Men In tlic t'ollnpsp, Kill* two arid Badly Mni-ts Nine OUierm tel at Undsay park:, which .was to have beeh the'largest .summer hotel J ~aT"the northern Michigaii reports, fell with a. crafih yepterday afternoon and Is a total wVeck, lt-was_aJl enclosed and roofed, but the lower stories, It Is asserted, wenj hot properly braced, and the fierce gale Striking on the W feet of side wall Caused the most exposed -en^f to waver, and gathering momeptutr>'a» ,lt" fell the huge msas ruao like ^ wave 'and *ar,k with a crash which was hoard for a mile, burying forty ' workmen In a mass , of broktn, timber and splintered ' booTrifc. In a few momenta, hunriivds of willing hands were, chopping and tutting' away tiV wreck- ag«- awd In a short time the Injured were b$iiig taken out .arid' the-wounded .earetf for. It was a terrible spectacle, and tin cries <r,f the Imprisoned nvn caused th( reacUvrs to work like demons',• In aft hour 1 all were out. Pierce Ken-, dall, of Charts olx, and cjuy Hamilton of Grand lUipkte,' are dead. The bndly Injured are: CharlesHeliit/.k'man,Jafn«» Ulltet*. Sy Cain, <\ W, McNt-ill and Wit- Us &1 Itchy, from Grand Rnplde and Trav^ erse City, atcl William Phrtpn and William Wood, of Chnrlcvoix. P. A. Srh'itTi and A. M. Hall, fipetlntorVt, wer» qulh badly injund. as^was Chail^Gabriel, the electric liKhttn'g contractor." The money loss will be well \\\/\n the thou- wands. but the building will nnd»ubtcdl$- -be-rebuilt. The arcirt^lnt 1^ s^aid to have been^due to rus>h!ntr x heavy wtork In'the. upper stories bc^rfi-e the lower p* walla were pnyi'eily bruc-c-d. *** ILLINpfS SUPREME COURT. For the, ^Tlrst Tfmu in lt«, Lift- It lla» • • JVrtiHincnt Home. , Ills,, Oct. 6.—The state BU- cciirt convened in llg beautiful room? at th* capitol yestyrday morning for thw llrst ttmy 'under the consolidation act, passed at tht- last nenslon of the general assombly. The ^iidgea filed In from tju'ir rooms and 'took 'their seats shortly, 'after 10 o'clock, In' tha presence of a large-audhthuti,..which included a number of prominent fartiilieB Who have at one time biiert coHnected. with ithe (tfate WsJtorv, ndmftljf the Lincoln, Edwards, Douglas, Breeze, Dickey and others, who were lhe_ guest^ of faunor^ Oemiral AU fred Qrendorf, of Springfield, president of the State Bar association, delivered the address of ('welcome. " Hon. Adolph MoHes.of the Chicago flar aeaoolalion, followed General Orendorfv and gave a historical eketch of the court •dnce Ms establkhment, Kx-8enator John M, Palmer, of Springfield, the neptor of the bar, made a short adrtref*. chief Juatire Jease J. I»hilllp8 made the re. aponse. There will be nve' terms a year, on^ every two months* excepting daring the uumrrnr, Thes*' tcrm» will bejj*pr In October. December. February,, April and -\ bw)ta«d &f fiaaew very Dain was intatue. DJ-. Thoinaa' Eolectnc Oil bcougt relief in three tnioutea. It vat. almoat maguwU lower ww a»y thing it." Arael.aSypr<K jjfamBdeiravftje, O. . A |ew we*fcsago tb# editor wa» yith 9. very sever* cold that causetl to Be In R most miserable addition. It was noqou Weary tr had caaa of la grippe and recogDlzlng it aa dangerous he took bring about a aneedy of to goiXfc a, &tek tf»l of tlw mediciue. 'to aay tl»a| it was , ., , indeed. Jt acted Kke aaagtc and tbfl Bult was a ep^y #n4 We nav0 09 haeatant.-/ in or «»d in ldb«i*y, Wberty- afc GJcaaa's drag mncwill a»d ut of JMUSJO, For MurBCttll at tin? achtiol OF dtmee, , ^ *la»« tteca Atottor to the I>em1 bats Oct. Do«r w6re hefcl «si|wrch yeftt^f Say fhe'j'fctteiindahoa wft* '*6ry ptcrienltwfete nSetn* tfie |Mf6S0ftt 4na ,pa&t <Mty #ov- praiBefrt fend past t mfe*ubc#» ef ttwr WeW *fenate an* touse' of r*pf«- sefttdtlv^i from Portland, deKffgatlojfs fr&m the qrana Awny, aetefattons frofn the Thirteenth, Metfne jlirniy 'Assembly, *f»e ftre "department, and ' the Veteran Flreniiftn's association, ' Amofrg tne-pttH-bearer* were nor Poweri, 'Mayor Randail, efijoir S*erham', est^Qoverjttor General Sh^W^n Coayer, cxi- Roble, Juclgfr WHliart li. Putnam arJd General Francis Peasenden, The' aer- vtees lasted «tn hour, ana In aecordanile ^Ith a wish exposed by (Jenei'al Dow two or thrae aaya before his death wece very siniple, AH the flags in .the city are at Naif mast atifi rrtany of tne business ' houses wftre ctqped duflnff tha houts or the funeral. . Detroit, Oct. «.— Nearly 2t» makers of farm machinery, and Implements .gathered in the HoteT Cadillac yesterday at the opening of the convention >of the National Association of Agricultural Implement and Vehicle Manufacturers, The annual address of the president, John' A. Johnson, of Madison, Wls., advocated protection of the wool Industry and urged the association to support the; measure contemplating 'a rctutlkto the old policy of protecting AmeHcths shipping. Hair the Village Burned. JuneaU, Wls., Oct. '6.— Thfe village of Lowell, this county, had a^ big (Ire Monday night which came near deitroymg halt the place. A gasoline stove, in ahe residence of WHljam JPtaeher exploded and the house and an adjoining buildings were burned to the ground. Mrs. Fischer was; *o badly burned that she Is not expelled to live.. 'Lnss hot stated. Operator* and Miner* to Nfct; \Brafdwood, Ills., Oct. 6.— There will be a Joint convention of northern Illinois .operators and miners held in Btrcator tomorrow at 2j>. m. for the purpose of adjusting If possible the existing difH- cartfes. sAll miners are ^notified to send deu?gates\ fully insft-ucted. ' Miners' delegates Will n>eet at iff o'clock tomorrow morning. . _ Pointer and Pnft-hcn Against Time. Ottumwa, ta., Oct. 6.— Seven thousand, peo'ple from this part of the stats saw Star Pointer and Joe Patchen go agatnst their own records at Wllllain's mile track yesterday. Star Pointer turned the track tn 2i01H* against a strong head wind. Patchen started out well, turn- Irjg the half in one minute, but he coulj pot do the mile In less than 2:04. . lowA Striker* Threaten Trnubltv / Des Molnes, la., Oct. 8.— The local mining situation has assumed ft threatening aspect, the operators of. the Keystone coal mine having secured a posse of deputies to protect their property and keep .the strikers from Intimidating th> men who want to work. 8100 Howard 8100. The reader* of this paper will be pleased to learn that there ia at' least one dreaded disease that science has been ab'.e to cure in all itrgtatfti* and that 4s catarrh. 'Hall's Catarrh cure is tho only positive cure now known to the niedioal fraternity. Catarrh being a oqnatitutiooal disease requirea a ronstitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh cure i* taken iutemally, acting directly upon .the blood and mucous lurfaoes of the «yrit*ni, thereby destroying the foundation of »he diaeaa? ( and giving 'the pstient strength by building- up the constitution and awiflMog natirte in doing i<e work. The proprieton have BO much faith tn it* curative powers that they offer pun hundred dollars for any case (bat it fail* to cure. Send for lint of testimonials. Addrea*. IP. J. CHBNBS A CO., Tolodo, O f , Bold ojf dnrgg4rtr^««j.- -. _ , .. , . ; Hall'tt Panaily Pills are the best , Oil Cloth Putterna. The meet handsome patterns in city; yi patterns, ail different, to from. • BoaiuBv?j8 Hardware. , V*.— W* ough did and oar eiutoauw Doming front for Many have said that their chUdrDn have died or <JW«JP il lain'fl Cough Remedy had not been given, KK^AK 4' OoBMtif.. Th» ^Iwodi 5(1 cent etioatqt ««le at Greene'e Drug SUftre, L"__IL^_ 4 Soeehoe dressh^for tae au Sofe agent, Delia JBu% iabof,apduat. Priceto ' I MICHIGAN NEWSPAPER FOR MICHIGAN PEOPIE. S TUB DETROlt BVENINCi NEWS h«» r ov*f 1000 special corfeepondenti tviWi tttf "** ev<^ ort tit* «I«K lot lMnw of n«m whleh ml«ht interest State re*4er». *lt TOO would have *ffi*he gtt^nt new* of tun day, try It lor a ihenth. Two cints a copy, Ten cents a week $1,2 5 for 3 months CSV IN EVERY TOWN IN MICHIGAN. '1 Evening! Nws, Detroit* l The great Four-C Remedy is doing work wbet-bvci 1 introduced ;is rt early miraculou' as it ever falls to the lot otany human agency to do (1 will 66 sem it a favor for any one interested to write the perspns whose names appear below or anyone whose name rrtay appear among these testimonials.) BENEFACTORS OP THE RACE. \ OfflOeof"KlHO»I8B*BTUI8B,"l \ ' Kingfisher, Okla.. D«>. 1VW. f O»J«rtin«s:—1 beliuve It my dut^ to write yon k fine ib. regard to the beneficial effect of Phclps' "Four CEempdy," 60 fat an-1 ain persouaHy oon- ietned. A Week afiolast Thursday, Iwaatnken vltlt A «evere~attacK of la grippe ailcj tn a short time booaiae st> hoarse 1 cotila not speak above a whisper. The nlsT>t previous I bad coughed nearly tho entire night; just before retiring I took »teospoonf ul.fttid Blfrpt (be entire nlRht as 8 woet ly is aver I dU to my liteKnot coughing once. 'I was mUrely relieved before taking one bottle. Phelpa 1 Doogh, Cold and Croup Care should be to every lousebold in the laud, twand you tbi» wholly inaollolted by anyone, for yoXaretrtmftetots of the race in eiving it the antidote foe some of th» irorat afflioiloiw to wbicb it la be&. A MIRACLE. ' Kansas City, Kansw, DBA 34>8J IiMt Prlday, Deo. 10, tny attending pdyelolan itated unleos I wag botWr by morning h&oould !o nothing (or my relief. That night I com- nenced taking Pnelp'a "Pout C" remedy, stopped ill otber medicines. Tho Brat dose stopped my tough: slept and tested well; a few more doses •emoved all aorenesa from my lungs; tSe second lay I was up; the tblrd day I was oot on the ;oroh and to-day SV»B up town purobaBing holiday |ood«. - Miss JBNNIB BASSET, Washington Ava, and Summit St. CROUP CURED. One dote of Pbeips' Cough. Goto and Croup ;ure, crave my child instant relief when Attacked with the croup. W. E. MOOBB, of Moore Bros., Grocers. Arkansas City, RanMks. UNBROKEN REST AT NlttHT. Office J, JHt. tlntiKo, Commercial Printing Co., 106 South OlVrk St. ;— I wish to bear' testimony to tt« great efficacy of your "Four C" remedy in thrpa- and mne AUmentB. As a .rule I have been «kc>p tica! of the merits ot proprietary rnedtclncs, tm have to confess that's, test of your" "Pour C" U convincing that at Jcunt one ready made ruwcdi 1», worthy of hso, My children all take It without tbit feast objection, from oldest to younges- and it is particularly noticeable that benefit b\ almost Immediate. A single dose will cbrd tnofet coughs in their begitinlvg; it gives an un broken test at night. In my family "Four C* Is simply indispensable and I recommeuil it an >jualuVedlff, Yours, .« 3. B. HtaiRo. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. ' < Chlcagr,, Sept. 2S, '!» For yean back each winter I have suffers with aoute wiryngitis. Last winter was so bad I'oould not IjSave my room for two weeks or speak above a whisper. I tried every known cough preparation from cough drops up and down with no relief, then In ueaperatiou 1 was induced tr. w tty Phelp's "Pourc." Tho first dose relieved my cough, giving me the first night's mat foj weeks. Half the bottl? cured m<!. Thave aevir been ^without this wonderful remedy since. It IF ao different from otber llkb remedies as moiasgcii from vinegar or sugar from fund. \ MBS. JoBsni E.OSuBB. " xx 5313 Madison Am JT 19 A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckard, the Bailruad Correspon dent of the Neodteha Kansas Runister, hoe this to MV of "Four C.\ "Pnelps !i haviue a WOK- derful sate of bte Couah and Cold Remedy. Wa personally know It la Just what it in repre«eut- ed to oe. Too much can *,lx> bSltl iii its praise, U Is a miracle, \ NOTICE TO ORUOqiSTS AND THE PL jJC. CONTHACT.—Druggists are authorized in ALL. CASES To REFUNBTHE PTTR. ' CHASE PjticE, it the Four-C'Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) faib to give satisfaction in Croup, Bronchitis,A$thma,L.aGnppe,€ough& and Colds, no matter how long standing, or deep seated, in fact I guarantee in all mannerol Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-All.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions. 4 I take" all chances. . • \ R, B, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, \ For sale by W. T. DRAKE. / STOVES! Reduction itt Prices on Jill Cooking Apparatus. Boiling Stoves.$1. to $5. according to size * THE WlSEiSBAOH INCANDESCENT -.. GAS - LIGHT From S2.26 to S2.OO mffbjh r-raj; ; 'h Th. ohwpwt ArtitcUJ Uftfct ¥»t I»v««t.d, Abwl««.ly 8*.«dy. Vory 8riUJ«i.L less, tfoflfih, §<i pe? . OiW 60 wwdle *^% wHHi'^MF* TT*^*'"" r * irwice the light uf ft @& open gas betfaer with | Always both a* tp light aad eoiwariiption of gA». Nearly 300 cold ta during the past yew. [^ ^J&* 1_ j__i_ fMffJ« ^i^^r^^f ™ ^PWW- il

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