Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on March 31, 1968 · Page 14
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 14

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1968
Page 14
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14A—-&ROWNWOOD BULLETIN Sunday, March 31^ 1968 Hippie Disguises Enable Law Group fo Alafce 'Pot' Arresfs i AUSTIN. Tex. fAPi - Lfd hy nigh) on bonds ranging from I as on the West Coast or along agents disguispd as hippic-s. law $l.r>00 to $5.000. i the northeastern seaboard " enforr?inent officers of all types The Carlwrighls were released • Charged with violation of fed—local, state, and federal—ar- on bonds of $2.000 each. I eral laws against selling LSD fesled aboui ,10 persons friday All of the accused were trans- were Leland Martin, 19: Joy in pre-dawn raids on charges of. ferred to country jail before their Smith, 21: and Gary Hunter, 19, selling or possessing marijuana release. Only young Rubotlom • all of Au.stin. and Nancy Oldharri or LSD. .remained in city jail where no Fortman, 21. Hnckdale. The extensive raids were on bond had been set for his re- i Named in federal charges for home.?, boarding house rooms lease. \ sale of marijuana were G. Allen and poorly furnished apartment. Robert Hinds, director of the' Lovetl, 19; Kenneth Lee Waits, about 40 raiders, broken into 12 i Dallas field office of the Federal 20: Kdgar Paul (Jill, 21: Mark squads, left. Austin police head- Bureau of Drug Abuse and Con- Francis Freeman, 19, and Wai- quarters with 2'1 arrest warrants; frol. said. "This Is probably the lace Richard Neal, 22. all giving based on secret indictments re- biggest haul we have ever made ! Austin addresses, turned Wednesday by a federal; in my five-state district." i .Jack Douglas Rell, 18, Austin, grand jury. ; Hinds called the University of, was charged under Texas law Among those arrested were; Texas area "the hottest spot in! with the sale of LSD. Gary Donald Cartwright. 33. and ! my district." j State charges of illegal inari- his wife, Mary Jo CartwriglU,; A federal undercover agent ; juana sale were filed against who were arrested in their; with a long, scraggly beard told : William D. Gammon, 17: Robert home outside Austin's city lim-i newsmen that "we picked up; Darrel Tuck: and Cynthia Kay {NOTICES 2 AUf5M©T!Vf LOST: Valuable diiirt*r ring. P6WA00. Ph. 645-5039. p.i7»9-144-147 its. He is a former sports writer several more than those named for Dallas and Fort Worth news-; in the indictments because we papers and has been working as < found them there with grass in a campaign publicist for Fagan the pad (marijuana in the aparl- Pickson, a candidate for con- mcnl or room)." Cynth Daniel, 20. All gave Austin addresses. Besides the Cartwrighls and young Rubottom. those charged RETIREMENT EVENT—A, G. Garvin, Hghf, re. tired from the army reserve in ceremonies here Thursday night. With him is Lt. Col. Homer L. Pearce of Abilene. Retirement Ceremony Ends 27-Year Duty for Garvin Announcement the following candidates tot public office have authorized the Bulletin to announce their candidacies. STATE Governor John Hill fexas Supreme Court Place 2 Tom Reavley State Representative BeM; Massey Everett J. (Ebb) Grindstaff Lynn Nabers Congressional Representative of 17th Disr. Omar Burleson DISTRICT District Judge 35th District Joe Dibrell Gordon Griffin, Jr. District Attorney George Day COUNTY Sheriff .Toe R. Townsend R. J. Bell A ceremony in the u. n , , n j , , ,, ^, r,, », County Comm. Prec. No. 1 Walker | H2nd Inf., 361 h Div., Texas Na- E a ,-i Fry wilh violating slate laws against gress on a "Bring Lundon Home, Austin Police Capf. Harvey possession of marijuana were motto. 'Gann said the raids indicated j Nancy Doldhnm Fortman. 21. Dickson's headquarters in Aus-; "a fairly large problem in the j Rnckdalo, and Eric Bascom tin said Cartwright resigned'university area.-..'• j Good. 20;'George Emerson Kin-. Memorial Library al Howard Uiunal Guard in Brownwood as Countv fox Thursday night. j The captain said raiders found , 1f , y , 21, holh of whom gave Aus- i Payne College earmarked the i the commanding officer. rnllWtnr Another youth arrested was, seven men and one girl asleep i tin addresses. i conclusion of 27 years of asso- ..Frank Richard "Ricky" Rubot- j in an apartment supposedly oc- i Several other persons taken in ! ciatnn with the armed forces ic raids were charged with ! for A. C. Garvin. executive vice torn, 22, son of Roy Richard Ru- i cupied only by the girl. Several, bottom Jr., administrative vice! he said, were asleep fully president, at Southern Method- 1 , clothed. ist University in Dallas and lor-1 officers said those charged vagrancy. mer U.S. Ambassador to Argentina. According to police reports, with selling LSD or marijuana would be prosecuted under federal law where conviction calls j 'Cartwright first identified him- f or a minimum prison sentence self as a "laborer," while young O f t wn years. Several of those 18 years of 'fluboUom said he was the son •of a San Francisco. Calif., woman. Both were charged with be Charged Bolton Visits LBJ's Aunt SAN SABA (BBC) - president at UPC. LI. Col. Homer L. Peavoo, Fn August, 1951, Garvin trans- serve as procurement management staff officer to the De- for the roles he has played in; '., , , ,„,.„ , his branch of service j he rank of major m 1953 and Garvin entered the army Jan. lleutenan( colonel ln rue abu v Federal ui ufc nuu^L itivvs. iKULini possession of marijuana under j minimurrfage for prosecution is the „ ,, r r, • , 7^ 22 10 a a n Ivate hrmmh s^e training assignments have ral i Boltl j n ° f U . n ' versll y °M, cxas ! e |Pdive spruce i inc!uded such tours as the De ' ini ..,„,,( cnvnra hnnrs horn THII-C. stl t - uvl - »U\lLt. <•„„,.„ ci—.i — ,.. e,™: ----- _i iu- state laws. All but seven of those arrested had been released late Friday SPECIAL PRE-FINISH PANELING 4' x 8' 149 3 AND UP BOWIE LUSIBER CO. 1800 Stewart Ph. 642-0314 18 years. Hinds said, "Austin is the distribution center for marijuana and LSD in the Southwest, Ninety per cent of the mcscaline is manufactured within 100 miles of Austin." He added that the University of Texas has "a marijuana problem heavier than most schools but not so serious spent hours here Thurs- County Comm. Prect. No. 3 .T. L. (Jerry) Whatley Kenneth V. Lockctt Jerry C. Tongate Henry R. Storey Robert McDowell Bob Baker Sidney Boyd in promotions to j Count Attorney -'- •" 1953 and| Gar / Ri P , Ice . .. . 19 "- Rc -j Justice of Peace Prect. No. 1 training assignments have cieburne R. Spain Ernest Cadenhead VOTE TARLTON FOR MAYOR (PAID POL. ADV.) day in the home of Mrs. Jessie Hatcher, President Lyndon B. Johnson's aunt. Bolton has been commissioned by the university to prepare oral history of people who knew his career for the LBJ Library. Mrs. Hatcher, sister of the President's father, Samuel Ealy Johnson Jr., is (he youngest of the 10 Johnson children, and the only surviving one. He served inissary a I Brownwood, in the Camp as accounts ; fense Slrategy Seminars at. the com " i National War College. Commu- and requisition clerk until April 1942. GITY tinnal Security Seminars, at the Putter Jarvis He served as sergeant of a 1 1 " dll ? rial College of the Arm-'; chief of Police company during!^ 1 *°rces,_ and Defense Sup- w. B. (BUI) Donahoo OM railhead Wl»l i ru JM\. mi v. \i\ I M.'till V 11 111 II IK. : | » , - , ... : the activation of Camp Hood ^ PV Agency headquarters. Wash- E. w. Allen He attended quartermaster ; ^^'^^ <»*** \Mayor officer candidate school, Camp Lee. Va.. and graduated Nov. 13, 1942 as a second lieutenant. Later he was assigned to the tions at Richmond, Va.. Atlanta, Ga., New Orleans, La., and Oakland, Calif. "For 27 years the military'ser- vice has been one of the primary interests in my life and ",T ••"-«* ii*iii£, I-MIV.. ; , . She has been closely associat- i San Antonio army service forced with hor nenhpw sinrp lhpi es dopot al Fort Sam Houston ..... niRhl of his bi h "He camei as officcr in charge of the sub-: 1 ' « with much regret that, the l^^^ ng ^^\-^^^ of the stock) Sto^n^tt^'C^Gar" storm, and cloudburst," says his j contro1 branch - ! ' retlred status ' CoL Gar ' »Anni lo^io" Promotions t< T _ Harlow WOOLWORTH'S nuear Jessie. _ t n _ r ^ From 1930 to 1932 he stayed at. the home of his aunt while teaching school in Houston. "It is urgent that Aunt Jessie be interviewed," said Mrs. and captain to first lieutenant were atained on vin stated. Garvin obtained his bachelor this assignment before leaving and master degrees from How- for_ overseas stations in April ; ared Payne and has been associated with the college since 1945. He served with Gen. Walter, 1955 in administrative staff po- Johnson, wife of the President, I Kruegoi 's Sixth Army Head-' sitions. He has server as execu- with reference to tape record: i n uai 'te" s in Manila and San Fer-' tive vice president for the past ing of the early day history ofjnando, Philippine. Islands and two years. He and his wife his life. " ' later in the occupation of Kyoto, Doris, live at 2619' Vine St. and i Japan. ' have one son, Larry, a senior at The United States acquired J After separation from active Howard Payne College who is Nevada and Utah by the Treaty j duty i>: March 1946, Garvin j a second lieutenant with four of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ' helped with the reorganization I >' ears ^rvice in the Texas Na- closed the Mexican War in 1848. i ol Hq. and H. Co., 1st Bn, i tional Guard. Short cuts to cool \l MISSES No-iron cottons,,, crinkly plisses or smooth drip- dries in several lace-trim* ined styles. Prints. S-M-L, Girls'Baby Dolls, 10-3 4.. 1.79 VENDING ROUTES AVAILABLE Are You Looking For Do you have 7 to 12 hours a week spare time? Can you invest S597 tfl $2985 in a business that can grow into a permanent lifetime income? Company finance plan available after 90 days operation. NO SELLING. Company establishes accounts. If interested in routes here, or any other location in U.S., send name and address for personal interview. Please include telephone number. Hershey Distributing Company 6162 E. Mockingbird Lane • Dallas, Texas 75218 New Patrolman NOTICE Applicotion for Package Store Permit In applying for a Permit as indicated above, the following statements and representations are made under oath to The Texas Liquor Control Board in Austin, Travis County, Texas: 1. The business will be operated under the name of Mac's. 2. Address of location: 20 miles N.W. Courthouse on East Side Highway 279., 3. Mailing address, P. 0. Box 1192, Brownwood, Texas 76801. 4. Applicant is an individual or partnership, list the name, home address, and sex of each person who owns an interest in the above business: Lehn C. Mclnnis, 2305 1 1 th St., Brownwood, Texas, male. STATE OF, TEXAS, COUNTY OF BROWN: Before me, the undersigned authority, on this day, personally appeared Lehn DE LEON (BBC) - P. H. Isbell, recently of Arlington and a former resident of Gorman, has been employed by the city of De Leon as city patrolman, sharing the duties with Glenn Hall. Isbell is married and he and his wife have two children, Pattie, age 7, and Deborah,, age 9. They are now residing |C Mclnnis known to me to at 116 W. Manchaca in De Leon. j. be the person whose name is signed to the foregoing ap- STUD MISSES' WALTZ LENetH GOWNS 123 Choose puffed slwve or sleevt'lcss styles. 1'lisse or smooth cotton. Fin dot Pi* floral prints. S-M-L. YOUR MONIY'S WO8TH MOM NO COMMiNT 150,635 Owner, Shorty Hannes, one and out- half miles easi of Courthouse, Coleman, Texas. No Comment was purchased from K. <M. Chafiu of JPrescaU, Arizona. Sired by They Say, TIJ, by ftomau; dam was ftgyy N, by Clabber. The stsUliou has 47 fists in racing, and is rated Triple A plus, lie can run from 250 to 870 yards au.4 has done cow H<? stands J5Si hands high and weighs 1300 plication and being duly sworn by me, each states under oath that all of the facts therein set forth are true and correct. Sworn to before me, this the 28th day of March 1968 A.D. Don F. Magness, Notary Public in and for Brown County, Texas. I, Mrs. Billie Porter, County Clerk of Brown County, do hereby certify that the location herein given as address of place of business is in a "wet area" as that terms is defined in the Texas Liquor Control Act, I further certify that the County Commissioners' Court, by resolu* tion, has forbidden the location of a liquor business within 300 feet of a church, public school or public hospital. Dated this the 28th day of March, 1968, AP. Mrs. Billie Porter, County Clerk, Brown County, Texas. By Johnnie B. Spain, Deputy. Mc-1752-143-144 THIS IS to inform you that the Golden Oaks Nursing Home HOILEY TT April Is going to be Blscayne, Bel Air, Impala month. So start it off with a bang . . . we are knocking $1000.00 off list price on a 1968 CHEVROLET CUSTOM COUPE. (All wanted extras, serial no. 16447 8R126203), f I CHEVY LAND/ is managed without regard to I race, color, or National origin in accordance wilh Title 6, i Civil Rights Act of 1964. ! THIS MEANS that we accept and care for patients without regard to race, color or Na- j tional origin. Also we wish to inform you that we must not do business wilh any re- j ferral agency which makes I referrals on the basis of race, j 300 f5. Commerce , 643-6601 color or National origin. , Brownwood, Texas OK Used Cars 1967 CHEVROLET ^ ton long wheel base pickup. 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission. Radio, heater, front grille guard. Rear bumper and trailer hitch. West Coast mirror, side mount earrief and new tires. 22,000 miles. 1967 CHEVROLET H-ton long wheel base Fleetside. V-8 engine. 3 speed transmission, radio, heater. West Coast mirrors, wrap around bumpers. 1967 CHEVROLET ii-ton long vheel base Stepside, 6 cylinder engine. 3 speed trans* mission, radio, heater, side mount carrier, trailer hitch bumper. 1965 CHEVROLET '4-ton Fleet- side long wheel base pickup. 6 cylinder. 3 speed transmission, heater, trailer hitch bumper. Low mileage. Nice. 1964 CHEVROLET H-loii long wheel base Stepside Pickup. 6 cylinder engine, heater, side mount carrier, trailer hitch bumper. New tires. 1965 CMC short wheel base *Stepside pickup. 6 cylinder engine, heater, 3 speed transmission, side mount carrier, trailer hitch bumper. 1963 CHEVROLET tfc - ton Fleetside short wheel base pickup. 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission, radio, heater, custom cab. Air conditioning. Trailer hitch bumper. Ley C keurotet CHEVYLAND Brownwood, Tex. Ph. 643-6601 H-1756-143-tf FOR SALE: 1960 Volkswagen with 19A3 motor. New paint. S595. See al 2200 Vine. Ph. 443-S721. C 1644 138 Mi 19M Ford Falrlane 4 door V-8 autom«H» transmission, fsc. air. Western Motors, Fort Worth Highway. A42-2212. GOOD 1957 FORD. Radio, heater, air. 194S sticker. $250. Good tires. See at Graves Radiator Shop. 416 S. Broadway. G 14OT S ACRES truete, trsners, equipment. W« trade, finance. Call 725-2181. Johmton Truck & Supply, Cross Plaint. J 2549 233 « 1964 VOLKSWAGEN—A-l condition. Radio and heater. New tires. Se.l or trade preferably lor pickup. 18W. Ifth. L 1749 143 149 19S9 BONNEVILLE Pontlac. Body real clean, many new parts. No tradeln. Cash only. Contact Evangelist Dal* Cole, 1519 Vincent, rear apartmenl. $195. C 1743 143 1964 Volkswagen, radio heater. $795. PRICE USED CARS, A42-I2BO FOR SALE—Used short wheel bas» Chevrolet truck Mid West Fruit Co., 602 East Lee. M 1681 140 144 1963 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 door. Power steering, air conditioned. Low mileage, J700. 645-5055. After I, M3-7727. C 1734 142 14« FOR SALE—1967 Mustang, i cylinder, radio and heater. 11,000 miles. White with red interl n r. Whltewall tires. Will take $1895 cash or nothing down and take up payments. Standard shift. Will takt tradt. 2211 13th St. 642-8317. C 1727 142 148 FOR SALE—Extrt clean 1960 Bulck Electra 4 door. R. & H. Air and power. Individually owned. Bargain. Call 643-4897 »ft«r t:30 p.m. S 1551 134lf 1967 Volkswagen 2 door. Extra clean $1693 1967 Dodge Polara 4 door Hard Top. Loaded. Low mileage $2895 1966 Plymouth Fury III 4 door . Hard Top. Loaded .. . $1895 1966 Dodge Dart GT 2 door Hard Top $1795 1966 Chrysler New Port 4 door sedan. Loaded $2295 1966 Chryslei New Yorker 4 door sedan. Loaded .. $2495 1965 Chrysler New Port 4 door sedan. Loaded $1895 1965 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door sedan. Loaded .. $1995 1965 Ford Fairlane 6 cylinder 2 door $995 1964 Thunderbird 2 door Hard Top. Loaded. Extra clean $1895 1963 Buick Electra 225 4 door Harp Top. Loaded ... $1495 1964 Chevelle 2 door Station Wagon, V-8 $1095 1964 Plymouth Savoy 4 door. V-8 • $995 1963 Plymouth Belvedere 6, 4 door sedan. Air. 37,000 actual miles $995 ef MOTOR CO. 1003 W. Commerce $45-2455 H-l 481-129-tf FOR SALE: One set of (our 8:15x15 Firestone white wall tires. Call 6434302 or 445-5394 after 6:30 p.m. J 1777 144 147 1967 Ford pickup. Custom cab, automatic transmission. Air conditioned. V-8 engine. Radio and heater. 15,000 miles, $2295, Ph. 645-M47. S 1765 144 1JO CEN-TEX MOTOR CO. Has moved to 409 E. Lei 643-5778 1963 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door. 6 cylinder standard shift. Ra« dio, heater, and air-condi* tioner. Try it and you will buy it. 1965 Chevrolet 4 door sedan. V-8 powerglide. Only $1095. 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 4 door sedan. Loaded. Air and power $1695 Also repossessions which can be purchased \vifh easy terms: 1965 Chevelle Super Sport 1961 Oldsmobile Super 88 1965 4 door Pontiac' Catalina 1966 Ford, air and power. LETS TRADE coll 643-5778

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