Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 27, 1947 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1947
Page 2
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,, 4,? News, Friday, Jrine 2?, U RCH ES HOLY SOULS CHURCH 912 TV. Browning. Katlinr O. W. Jf&yer, pastor. Sxinday Masnps at 6. 8, 10 find 31:30 ft.rn. Dally mitKHRs arfi h'fild At 7 and 8 a.m. Sunday evening at 8 ti.m.—Miraculous Medal Novena. 6H&ISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH 901 N. Frost. 9:30 a.m. — Sunday school; 11 a.m. Sunday service; 8 p.m. Wednesday service. The reading room Ih the church edifice la i^pen daily, except Sunday, Wednesday, PaUir- dky and legal holidays from 2 until S p.m. ST. MATTHEW 7 ? EPISCOPAL CHURCH 707 W. Bro-wnlnR. Rev. Edgar w. Hnnflhaw, minister. Early Communion ft on the first, seroml and fourth Sundays In each month. Rervlce.N at 11 o'clock on encti second and fonr^n Sundays'. Sunday School r.vcr.v .Sunday at 9'4'f. Special f=orvicf>.« cm .saints Days as announced at the time of such services). UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 1046 W. Brown St., J. B. Hamilton, pftfltor. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Worship, 11 a.m. Evangelistic service, 8 pm Ladles Missionary service, Wednesday at 2 p.m. Prayer meeting-, Thursday at 8 j>.m. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH 1210 Duncan St. tt. TJ. Young, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a.m.. Church services at 11 a.m. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Rev. H. Clyile Smith, pastor. Church school for all ages !):45 a.m. Arthur M. Teed, Siijit. Morning worship at 10:5r. a.m. Junior high fellowship meet* G'OO p m. Soiiior deiiavtmi-nt nu'd.R tit 8:,iO o'clock. Kvenlng wornhlp service In the sanctuary at 7:30 o'clock. CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH Tiii'lolnh U. Mnrvr-y. nnstni', 51?, ft. From IK AVP. Sunday School 9:4!> with Ijk>yrl Sntterwhile, puperlntf-ndent. Moi-nlnK worship at 11. TrMninc Union fnr all aces nt 7, Floyd Crow, tllrectnr. KvcninE worship at S. WMU meets 'n circles first, and third Wednesdays, arid nt the church on second fourth Wednesdays, at 2. Intermediate <1. A.'.* and Ft. A.'s. and Junior n. A.'s and R. A.'s Wednesday at 7:."n nt the church. Weekly teachers and officers mectintr Wednesday at 7:30. "People's Power Nlsht" at 8:15 Wednesday with the Youth Choir furnishing music. Choir prnctice follows with AY. I-i. Ayers directing. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN fiOO N. Frost. P.ev. Russell Greene West, minister. ft:45 a.m. — Sunday c" 11 a.m.—JTornlngr worship. G:;IO p.m.--r!rmip meetings. 1 :M p.m.— Prayer meeting, Wednesday. DISTRIBUTED BY NCA SERVICE, INC. : By MATEEL HOWE FARNHAMt C. ' * CHURCH OF THE NAZ*RENE North West and Buckler. Elbert Labenske, pastor. Sunday Bible school 9:45 a.m. Morning service 10:50. Evangelistic service S. Youth groups meet at 7:30. "The Church with the Friendly Heart." CHURCH OF GOD Aubrey Mitchell GDI Campbell. Sunday school, 6:46 a.m. rrcjiolitng It tt.rn. Willing Work- era band 7:30 p.m. Preaching 8 p.m. Tuesday prayer service 7:45 p.m. Friday, young people's service with Charles Ackley, president, In charge 7:4D p.m. PROGRESSIVE BAPTI'oT CHURCH (!:'.« K. Gray St. Hcv. L. B. Davis, pastor. 9:-lf> a.m.. Sunday School; 11 a in. Morning Worship: (J p.m., BYPU; 7:liU, Kvptilng Worship. CHURCH OF CHRIST, COLORED DOO W. Oklahoma Avc., W. H. Moore. minister. Bible classes for till ages, 9:45 a.m. Morning worship, sluicing without Instruments, 11 a.m. Kvening wor.sblp, 1:110 p.m. Mid-wi-r-k Clhlt study ttnd prayer meeting, Thursday, '1:30 p.m. CENTRAL CHURCH OF CHRIST BOO N. Humervlllfi St. I*. H. Andrews, Minister Bllilo Study (elaasuH for all aeon;, .9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 10:f>0 a.m. Evening Worship, S Men's Training Class, Monday 7:s<v p.m. Ladles' Bible CIUHH, Wednesday 3 p.m. Bible Study mill l-'rayer Meeting, Wednesday, 8 n.m. Radio Program Saturday 11 to 11:15 a.m. THE SAUVATION ARMY Capt. Beulah Carroll, commamllnK Services will lie In'lil at 111 K. Albert. Wednesday—Services at (i p.m. Sunday—Sunday school ut !>:4fi; Morn tng worship at 11 a.m.; Yoiinu 1'eo- pie's Bervlee, 7 p.m.; Evening service, 8 p.m. FIRST PP1ESBYTER1AN CHURCH Dr. DoJg'las Nelson, pastor. !i:4D a.m —The church school. 10:15 a.m.—Tin- nursery department. U—Common wor- ghfp. 7:30 p.m.—TuxlH Westminster Fellowship. KIDNEYS GETTING YOU UP NIGHTS? • If you get up nights—have frequent de- lire to pass your water—but have only scanty passages—yea, and hovel backache due to excess acidity in the urine, be glad you're rending triU: Three generations ago Dr. Kilmer r * famous doctor, found hundreds of liij patients with this trouble. Painstakingly he made a medicine of 10 herbs, roots, vegetables, balsanuo—Nature's own way to relief. He called it "Swamp-Root" and millions of grateful men and women have taken it—often with amazing results. Swamp-Root goes right to work to flash out kidneys... increases the flow o I urine, helping to relieve excess acidity... so the irritated bladder gets a good flushing out, too. Many report getting a good night's sleep after the first few doses. Caution: take as directed. For free trial supply, send to Dept. S, Kilmer & Co., Inc., Box 1255, Stamford, Conn. Or—get full-sized bottle of Swamp- Root today at your drugstore. McCULLOUGH MEMORIAL METHODIST CHURCH Al'-ock, Cbarlo.H T. JncUson. <'luii'vh School !!•,!"> :i. m., M. Muni. S>n>t.; Morning Worship. l.(i:.M>: M. Y. K. HTOIII> imvllnK. ":Ui D. m.; Kvcnins Service, 8: Choir re- hcnrsiil. II p. m.; Wsi'S Wednesday, .'! n. in.: iinil .Mid-week services, Wednesday. S p. m. HARRAH METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Orady If. Ad cock, pastor. Sun- flay school beiflns at 9:4fi; morning worship, 10:r.!i. Bible study and Youth fellowships meet at R:M, and evening worship at 7:15. Services timing the, wi>eli Include prayer services, Wednesday at. 7 p.m. and the Women's Society of Christian Service, Tuesday at ;i p.m. ST. MARK METHODIST CHURCH U'oU.roil.) 4G(i W. Kim St. W. LolilH Smith, imislor. Sunday ncliool— 9:45. Morning worship — 10:r>!J. Ep"»orth lyciiRiin— CrTIO. Evonlnu worHhln— 7:30. \\Viliii.'.Hdiiy night— rnl<l-w<;eli worship • PENTECOSTAL. HOLINESS CHURCH Aluock and ZlmnuT, Rev. Luther Reed, pastor. Sunday .school — 9:45 a.m. Morning wor«un> — 11 a.m. Kvenlng worship Sunday— 8:00 p.m. Bible study, Tuesday — 7:.'!0 p.m. Prayer mootine, Friday— 7:30 p.m. P. H. Y. S. —7:00 p.m. 632 Roberta. Phone 63-W. • XXVI T ; '-*" TT was perhaps ten days after Amy's and Nelson's housewarming that I happened one morning to look out of a south window and saw Annabelle Tolliver run down the steps and join Father on his walk downtown. I thought nothing of it until the second or third day when I saw the same thing repealed. The following mornings I watched openly. There was no doubt about it; Annabelle was making a point of sharing Father's morning walk to the office. On rainy days Father picked her up in his car. It was a ?mall thing, nothing to get excited about, 1 told myself. Fathor liked companionship, liked to talk, liked, alas, to be flattered. Then I remembered how Father had flared up and defended Annabelle the night after Amy's party. Oh, Lord, did I have to go through that again? The weeks passed slowly. President Wilson went to Paris with his lady, came home, went back. The peace conference dragged on. Nothing much happened in Otsego except that everyone was now talking about Father and Annabelle and watching me to see how I was taking this latest development. In late February, Flora had her third baby. It was another girl and Flora named it Amy alter her mother and sister. Annabelle continued to walk -lovvntown daily with Father, but ?athcr never mentioned her, never suggested that I invite her to he house. When we met her at lie other houses, Father, if any- hing, avoided her. And yet he smiled at her across the room. ; was not very happy. * * * SUDDENLY it was spring. Fa- thcr and I went down to New York to the big parade of our returning soldiers. Remembering Bob Firmeran, I cried and cried. When the parade was over, Father took me to the Plaza and bought me a gorgeous lunch. It was all I could do to eat it. ,•» *k.< -\ *;• Two days later I had a slight headache and went to bed early. Father came in about 9 o'clock and sat on my bed. -r *• "Can you keep a secret? * Father asked. I said he knew I could. "But this is a very special secret," Father persisted. "I'd leave town it it got out. I'm really a •swine even to tell you. I think I Vv " on ' t- " MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH (Colonel). 9:45 a.m. Sunday .school. 10:511 a.m. nuirnhii; worship. B p.m B.T.U. 8 p.m. — livening worship HCI-V- CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Si'l S. UiinicM. <'i))lin.s Wi-lih, Puslor. Sniidii.v Si-huol, 9:-IT> If. C. Blar .ilii'.'ir, sHii'-niiti-'iHli'iil. TJciniinj.;' wor- -•liili, II; Triiinlnn Union, (!:.'!0, Tnivl.*-' \\'Jiii»», ilircctor. KvrnijiK \\'or- sln'ii. T.'M). Youth 1-Vllow.slilp Hour at rlusc or f-VcnlnjT worship service U'.-M.n. nifciH In circles NHCO::I| :iml I'oiirtli .Minidn.v.s .'incl nt tln» rluir. first :md third Mriml.-i.vH. Men's liroth- • •rhooti inecls cvr-rv first iind thlrii Tiii'stlayN. 7:,'!ll p.m. Y. \V. A., Intor- mr-dljilc It. A.. Junior It. A., Junior (i. A. and Sniili<>:iiu.s nu-ot AVednosd i-vciiinrs, 7. lntcrmciliiit./> ii. A. meets in the hrnncs of the m,»iuliern Wt'dnos- day aflernoonn, 4. IVIid-wef.'k uruyer- 'LTvice, \\"i'.dn<!sda.v. S u.m. CULVERT and IRRIGATION PIPE CINDER and CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS and TILE FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Beauford A. Norrl.s, minister. 9:46 a.m.—Church school. 10:EO a.m.—Morn Ing worship, Communion. fi:30 p.m Vouth Group meetings. 7:30 p.m.— Evening worship. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH ('nnier ni' KrowniiiK anil Pnrviance ICd ward K. Koeint;'. r.Hii \. 1'YosI, dls trli'l. pastor. Snblmih school ever, 'dav at 10 a. m. Preaching a II a. ill. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Wost and Klngsmlll streets . JJoiiffhxs Carver, pastor; Vlrgl 'ltt. education and music director Sunday school !);.lf>. liveryman's clas meets in City hall. Morning 1 worshl i".-r>n o'clock. Service broadcasts 11-12 X. TraininK Union at 7 D. m tiveuinK service at. 8 o'clock. KINGSMILI. COMMUNITY CHURCH liev. Pearl Yeakli-v. pastor. Siindiv ••ehool at 10, inorniiitc worship at 11 Y'ouatf People's Society at li::iO, e ninsr worship at 7:30, and mid-wee' nravcr sevicie ^'tidnesdov at 7:30 WET WASH 5c per Ib. AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 515 S. Cuyler Phone 203 MAGN ETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. &MEEUCAN LEGION v, I had to coax and coax. 1 " 1 S*"" Finally Father said: "I was greatly honored last evening. I'm not a young man and not rich and no charmer, heaven knows, but believe it or not, my hand actually was asked in marriage." j ,.;-,.- :«. ••Not . . ." ;&&'*&* "We'll mention no names. But I thought you'd like to know. I declined the honor as gently and decently as I could." •„, „ -&-*ausw& "Why?" •**-by&(S%<it85i f "Because the lady in question and you don't get along. I've been fond of you a good many years. At my time of life a man needs his children and grandchildren. No outsider, no matter how glamorous, can take a child's place." It's always been hard for me to show emotion. I caught Father's hand and ki?sed it and tried to tell him brokenly what a wonderful father he had bucn to me. He said all the right things, and I was "jery happy. * * * - -• *v:.. TONALLY I asked: "What did you say to Ann ... to the lady who proposed to you?" "Oh. something along the lines of what I've just said to you. I had to think quick. It wasn't easy, believe me." ^, "Was she . ."'. terribly hurt and disappointed?" "I don't think so. There wasn't «, remember. As" a matter at fact she didn't pretend to be bowled over by my many charms. Her proposal was more or less Sl&ng business lines. She pointed out, very reasonably and unemotionally, that you would soon be leaving me for a younger and handsomer man and that I inevitably would be desperately Ipnely. She said that she was lonely too, a drag on her mother and sisters, and she thought that we might join forces to our mutual advantage." "And you said what?" • &»>&*' "That I was immensely flattered, that she.had'paid me the greatest compliment I had ever had, that I was greatly touched and would never cease to be grateful. Then I reminded her that unhappily she and you had never hit it off very well. I said that I wag too old and set in my ways to root you out of my life, that it wouldn't be fair to her to ask her to take second place, that I was at the age to look forward to grandchildren—a lot along that line. We were walking home from downtown. When I was in full flow she said I needn't go on. I stood there with my mouth open, blushing like a fool, and then she laughed and said we'd both forget it and began talking about something else, as cool as you please. But her eyes when she said goodby still haunt me. The girl's desperately unhappy. I feel like a heel." "Do you think you could have made her happy by marrying her?" I asked. "I doubt it—not for long, certainly. It would have given hei a certain joyous satisfaction to hit out at Amy, hit out at you, at the town. But I imagine in a few months. . . ." He broke off and then said we'd better not talk about it any more, that it had been a trying and unpleasant experience, that he'd prefer to forget it, and he kissed mo good night. I said: "There's always something doing in t-he Tolliver family.' I wonder what it will be next." Father said: "The Tolliver family? Who's been talking about the Tollivers?" He left me before I could reply. (To Be Continued) Panhandle News J>Att£A*n5Lfc, (Special) —Mrs. Judson Sk&ggs and Mrs. Richard Orr were shopping in Amarillo on Wednesday. Mrs. Jack Hartsel and daughter, of Amarillo are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Skaggs, brother, Judson, and sister, Mrs. Ernest Mc- Cr.fferty and their families. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Landon and sons of Abilene have returned to their home after visiting Mrs. Landon's father, W. .M. Ball, Alanreed; Mr. Landon's parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Landon, Panhandle, and brother, Harris and family of Amarillo. Mrs. Asbury A. Callaghan has re- hirned from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Howard Anderson and Mr. Anderson of Corpus Christi. F.n route she visited 1'rlends in Austin and Temple. Shirley Tate, Grace and Inez Meaker are attending the state Rainbow Assembly in Dallas. They accompanied the girls from Amarillo in a chartered bus. Mr. and Mrs. George Grossman, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Woatherly and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Griffith were recent visitors in Borger, with Mrs. W. L. Boyles of Pampa, who is a patient in North Plains Hospital. Mr. ail') Mrs. Earl Miller and children of Los Angeles have re- :urned to their home after a visit the home of his uncle, W. R. Cain and Mrs. Cain. They were en ronte home after a trip to the east coast and a family reunion in Mar low, OWa. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Urbanczyk are Hit? parents of a daughter, born on June 21 in St. Anthony's Hospital in Amarilio. Mi', and Mrs. G. O Fruitt. Panhandle and Mr. and Mrs Ben Urbanczyk, White Deer are the grand parents, She weighed 7 Ibs 4 cz. and has been named Karen Ann. James Cummings is a medica patient in Northwest Texas Hospital Amarillo. I. IKomfock Woman li f ' Graduate SHAMROCK— (Special) — Mrs. Frieda Hise Jorstad, daughter of 'Av. and Mrs. Henry L. Hise of this ity. was among 210 members of he 1947 St. Olaf College graduat- ng class to be presented degrees at he college commencement exer- FRANCIS AVENUE CHURCH OF CHRIST Francis Avenue at "Wiirrin. J. P. I'tMishaw, minister. .Sunday: Blblo !hool 9:45 a.m.: preai-hlng and wor- Mfi a.m find ' worship. 7:.'IO n. m. Wednesday: isuitu CULSM a p.."i. Wednesday: lid-week Bible study and prayer 7:30 p.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON • OUR HERITAGE FROM ANCIENT SRAEL Scripture: Psalm 119;10D; Isaiah 2; 2-4: Micnh 6:t-8. By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. iinc' Krrai hi-ri!:ib'i> rrnt.i the story r ain-ii'iii Israi'l l.s the li-ssons I(K !<tf.v rdiilaius iH^ardiitM: th* 1 thitiR'.^ 1:11 nniki- fur I In' wi-lfMi'e, or th« M\\ P II(';I||. ol' nulittiis ivDil ]><M)jilt j *. In ihi- lilstiiry of tin- Jf\vis!i p^oplo •mi) thi' time i',f tlii'lr ri'Hirn fnun ii' liuiidiiirc in Ke.vlit Ui tin.' i'.-ilaliH.s!i- ii'iil and ilmviiral) nf Ilieii • fan si-e IMP lu\v.-< and ec'l: mlKhty nut Ions. • as il i-vi'r \vas Ilinl "riA;hlt'liiisiit's.s f'xallei h a nation" and iliriiini nf Scripl lire iippllr.s to nil- linns, as ii lines to Individuals. "Be -lire your .sin will find you out," lint cuir heritiifit' t'rom undent Is- t-1 is very mii'-li more than is found example and warning. '~>ul of thu life of Israel, despite wars, peril, suffering, wasie, nnd desinietion, has me Hie riehfst literalnre thai Ihe u-rirlil has liiiovvn—the Scriptures upon v\'Jiieli ('lur Lord was norulslied. and H'liieh. lie said. He lind conin to fulfill. It is ihe Kiilritunl miraeli' of history thin mil of limes nf ruihlitss war .should has'e eome the maii'nlfietim dreiiins of Deaee, reenrrind in suvh liassaK'es as jsninh '1 and ;ifi. 'I'lie-tlmes ',\vre rnide and full of dnnifor. The liervei-se nnd evil-minded sol up altars i if Idolatry. There were false proph- els as well as' ihe iiatlent, suffering, .irrepressible prophets of the Ijord. Home IciiiKs liieniseh'es \\'t j ric false leaflet's. doliiK' evil in Ihe sisht of ihe Lord. Hut (here were gentle souls, he- Inu h-il through ^reeu pastures and In-side slid \vaiei<s, s:us;in!i the solids of liiipe anil fait.h. In days of darkness were not wanting those who founil the word of i!od a liK'ht unto their path (Psalm* ll.l':10f.). And in evil days there won.- L'oiira«i.-un.s ivbukurs of inifiuity, and oi'onhels like Afli'iih. who defined in elear. simple li-'i'ms the eternal realities of I rue religion, I lie .snhstanee (jf what ti'od requires of, and of what man needs for happy, prosperous lief amonn his fellows i.MU.'ali (I; i - s'). And in ihest- days of the 2(ltU een- tury. when millions have been de- siroyed and other inlllioiis have been suffering from rulhlessness, lei us not fcitfei that It is 10 .lews thai we owe ihai hrii'lta(fi>. What return is ihe world making to them for nil they have ifivon to the world? reservations and on surrounding j lands—conditions which will bring n "change in Nuvnjo ways of life as surely as the disappearance of the buffalo meant change for the plains Indians 50 ye.-.j-s ago," This is a conclusion of Miss Elizabeth P. Clark. Harvard graduate student, who recently conducted a survey among the Navajos for the Home Missions Council of North America, and interdenominational missionary body. When the Shanghai. (China) Young Women's Christian Association needed funds recently to operate its nursery school lor children of working mothers and its hoste" for business girls. Lao Nien. a humble household servant, decided ic. too. must give. So he brought out from an inner pocket in inis heavily padded jacket five well- worn and carefully-folded thousand- dollar bills, and went off proudly with a receipt. This Chinese money, although equal in purchasing power to only about, one American dollar, represented two days of wages—and Lao Mien's belief in the Y.W.C.A. tures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Age." pass, taut this leaven of Truth i." ever at work. It must destroy the entire mass of error, tmd so be eternally glorified in m[in'.« spiritual freedom" tpafjo 118J. "FUNERAL CAKES" In the 18th century, funeral bis cults were baked and sold for dis tribution at funerals in Halifax England. These specially prepare' V.iscuits resembled sponge cake. Rnad The Pampa News Want AS; PHARMACY Is Our Profession Frfci Prescription Delivery PORTlftENT—Wheel Chairs, Bed Pans, Crutches, Baby Scales. PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY 119 W. Kingsmill Phone x930 clseS Monday June §. ".' . " ' Thfc ctfftffltifefuSgfhfent address delivered bjr. E*... Ignftti Superintendent of the School for Deftf- Frederick, Md.'., . Baccalaureate service was Mid Sunday. June 8. with the Seflrioift given by the Jteverend & Clifford Nelson, pastor of the Bethel L&kh- eran Church of Minneapolis. • Read The Pampa News Want Ad* FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Corner Kingsmill and West E. Douglas Carver, Pastor 11 A. M,— "Go On Growing" E. Douglas Carvei' This service broadcast oveT KPDN. Where Visitors Are Never Strangers Sunday Evening - Mr. George Stokes, Guest Speaker J, P. Crenshaw, Minister 10:45 a. m. 8:00 p. in. FRANCIS AVENUE CHURCH OF CHRIST 622 E. Francis Morning Sermon Topic: "The Church about which you read in the New Testament". 'Evening Sermon Topic: "Four Vital Questions" SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES Bible Study 9:45 a. m. Worship Hour Evening Worship WEDNESDAY SERVICES Ladies' Bible Study 3:00 P. m. Bible Study 8:00 p. m. Christian Science Services Sunday "Christian Science" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will be read in all Churches of Christ. Scientist on Sunday. 29. The Goldwi Text is: "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: Iveely ye have received, freely give'' 'Matthew 10:8). Amoivj t.he citations which comprise the Lesson-Swrnon is the following from the Bible: "Anothei parab'.e make he unto them; The Kingdom of: heaven is like unto heaven, which a woman took, anc hid in three measures ot incal, till the whole was leavened" (Matthew 13:33). The Lesson-Sermon also includes the 1'ollowmg passage irom the Christian Science textbook. "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip- Women in the Church By MARY FOWLEK Mrs. George Cowan and Miss Eunice Pike. American missionaries serving among' the mountain communities of Oxaca State. Mexico, have long been concerned over the fact that some 60,000 people speaking the Maznteco Indian dialect have been without a Bible or any portion of it in their language. But before they could do anything about it they had to reduce the language to written form and teach some of their leaders to read. Now they have translated the Gospel of Mark into Mazateco. and the American Bible Society has printed book in parallel columns with Spanish translations; and they are working on the translations of the entire New Testament. The Navajo Indian of Arizona and New Mexico is now faced with a yreat increase in numbers and 'with a depletion of the soil on the ^**r*Z$ •B^Je* -''!« •',>->'-.;\>.f ?' WHITE HOUSE LUMBER CO. 101 S. Ballarel Phone iSO Special Offer! Double- Deck Bunk Beds All excellent Sleep Two Adults Hardwood frame . and 2 springs (No Mattreses) C.O.D. — CASH or Money Order $795 t Complete PliUVEHED S. 0, Caplan Dalliart, Texas Box 894 -> SING A SONG Of SIX PENCr SIX PENCE STILL BUYS A LOT OF ELECTRIC SERVICE SOUTHWESTERN ^P)P^^ ^^^Wff ^^ ^W COMPAKY

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