The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 4, 1969 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1969
Page 8
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Vagtooni &utt Tuesday, February 4, 1969 Circus New Kind Of Russ 'Penetration 1 In Nigeria .\IK.\LA.\ JOHNNY 1). Htilmi's, son ol .Mrs. Bessie llnlnirs, .MM Oak St., lias itimpleU'ii basic training at Lackland ATI!, San Antonio. He has I) ecu assigned to C haimlr Al-'(i, III. for training in niclal working. Airmail llulincs is a I'Jiii }>niiluatr of CJ. U . I'arver High School anil attended College. Theft, Burglary Probed By Police Bav uivvn pouce 'I uesaay morning WLTC investigating a stolon auloniobilu. ;i residential burglary and a felony theft from a residence 1 . N'eal Dickens, owner of Neal Die-kens .Motor Co., 708 Alexander Urive. reported lo pulici 1 .Monday Ihal when lie opened lor business he was missing a late model car from ins lot valued al S2,:iUO. According to the police report, i lie car was locked and the keys removed. .Mellon Totton. HU!I t). Hun- niL-utt. discovered articles mt.ssmg inim Ins home at 11 a.m. .Monday, including guns, shoes, (.-lollies and other items. Toitnn told police he valued the missing articles al slightly over :>JIKJ. Anderson .Monroe, 718 Oak .Mrei'i. Apt. 2. lold police officers his Iron! door had been forced open between y and 10 p.m. .Monday andSlui) in small change laken. LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Ob, Adoyinka Oyekan II and hi white-cupped fellow chiefs o Lagos gazed goggle-eyed from the balcony at the latest specta cle of Soviet penetration o Nigeria. The Russian Circus had come to town, 32 acrobats, lady high wire walkers, jugglers, a come dian in baggy pants and an Or ienial illusionist who wore robe.-, with wide sleeves and callec himself Van-Ten-Tao. • The balcony was In Lagos's Glover Memorial Hall, nex door to the Ministry of Defense where the Russians have done more serious business with the Nigerians—supplying M1G anc llyushin war planes, bombs and trucks to the federal army in it> civil war against the Biafran secessionists in Eastern Nigeria. The Soviet Circus was part of the cultural agreement between the Russians and the Nigerian? and a sign the Russians were overlooking nothing in an effort to establish a foothold in West Africa. The circus was a hit. "I thought they were Communists from another world," said a secondary school graduate, Sc- gun Osobe. The Oba, the traditional king of Lagos, liked it. He has been to Moscow to see the celebrated circus of which the little band was a spinoff. He is a British- rained pharmacist whose first wife—he has seven—was a Scotswoman. The government-owned Morn- ug I'osl headlines "Russian Ar- isles Thrill Lagos" and its correspondent at the scene, Fred Melikan, said the show "depicts the other side of Russian life." The performance was old- 'ashioned circus with hardly a inge of ideology. When Van- Ten-Tao pulled out an enormous 'lag from one of his sleeves, it was green. "Shouldn't it be red'!" asked a puzzled Nigerian. The little lady in a pale blue atin miniskirt announcing the REL Winners OF Leslie Couch's Dis- nbutive Education students at <obert E. Lee High School mililied for state competition at tie district meet Saturday. They re Deborah Howell, ad- eriising; Floyd Barron, sales emonstration and Linda proessig, speech. acts started the show with a carefully rehearsed greeting in English: "Lonk liff friendship betveen our'pipples." After that opening, it was straight circus, the little band of accordion, base fiddle and drum even accompanying acrobat Ug- billa Yugashova with an American tune. "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie." No one seemed to care that the teen-age boy roaming the audience selling soft drinks was wearing a Mao button. LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids for CONSTRUCTION OF MFDIA CENTER-KINDERGARTENS AT A1HBEL SMITH AND SAN JACINTO ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, AND MEDIA CENTERS AT ALAMO AND LAMAR CLEMENTARY SCHOOLS will be received until 4 p.m., February 12, 1969. Also, sealed bids will be received for (he AIR - CONDITIONING, RENOVATION AND ADDITIONS TO ROBERT E. LEE GYMNASIUM until 4 p m., March 6, ]0<S9. Bids will be received by It* Board of Trustees of the Board Room, School Administration Building, 1314 Maikel Street Road, Baytown, Texo>s, until obovc-mentloned time and dates. And opened, at said office bids will be read The Information for Bidders, Form of Bid, Form of Contract, Plans, Speclflca- ions, and Forms of the Bid Bond, Per- ormance and Payment Bond, and other contract documents may be examined at he followlna: James A. Davis, A.I.A., Archttecl, 401 West Defee, Baytown. Texas 77520 A.G.C. Plan Room, 2404 Crawford, Houston, Texas, Dodge Plan ".com, 3310 Eastslde. Houston, Texcrs. Copies may be obtained at the office ot James A. Davis, A.I.A. located at 401 Vest Defee, Baytown, Texas upon payment of 150.00 for each set. Any unsuccessful bidder, upon returning such set pro-npHy and In good condition, will be refunded his payment, and any non-bidder upon so returnlno such a set will be elunded 120-00. The Owner reserves the riant to waive my Informalities or to refect any or o>M i'ds. Eoch bidder must deposit with his bid. ecurlty In the amount, form and subject o the conditions provided In the infor- nallon for Bidders. Attention ot bidders Is particularly ailed to the requirements as to condl- lons of employment to b« observed and nlnlmum wages rores to be paid under is contract. No bidder moY withdraw his bid with- n X days after the actual date of tie openlna thereof. George H. Gentry Superintendent of Schools LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will be received by the Office of the Purchasing Agent ot the Boose Creek Consolidated Independent rhool District. Baytown, Texas until 0-00 a.m.. Tuesday, February II, 1°69 on OOD AND STAPLES; FROZEN FOODS; ,ND CHIPS, DRESSINGS, PICKLES, RELISHES, AND SEASONINGS, at which Ime bids will be opened In the school istrlct's Board Room, 1415 Market Street. ildders may be present when bids are pened. Specifications and necessary Informa- ion may be had by calling at the School District's Purchasing Office, 13JO Market treet. Box 30, Baytown, Texas. The Board of Tnntees reserves the right to elect any and all bids or accept any jld deemed most advantageous to It. George H. Gentry Superintendent of Schools uesdoY, Jan. 2». 1W9 ues., Feb. 4, 1969 \fiedAds To Work For You i. Lodge MottoM CALLED COMMUNICATION of Goose Creek Lodge No. 11W A.F. It A.M.. Tuesday February 4, 19*9 at 7::30 p.m. In th« Goos* Creek Masonic Hall. Examination of Condi- doles. Visiting Brethren cordially Invited fo attend. J. A. Boy«r, W.M. E. E. Wauon, Sec'y CALLED MEETING of Cedar Bayou Lodge No. 321, A. & A.M., on Tuesday, Feb- uory 4, 1969, at 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of work In the F.C. and M.M. Degrees Members are cordially Invited to attend. G. D. Mulkry, W.M. B. P. Fowler, Sec'v REGULAR MEETING of San Jaclnto Council No. 2788, Knlahts of Columbus, In the K. C. Hall, Tuesday evening at 8:00 P.M. Leonard T. Mozoch, Grand Knloht STATED MEETING of Crol- by Chapter No. 26", O.E.S., In the Masonic Hall In Highlands, Texas, Tuesday, February 4. 1969 at 7:30 p.m. All me-nbers and vlsitino Stars cordially Invited lo attend. Mrs. Patle Couthen, W. M. Mrs. Mary Tomlinson, Sec. 1-A. Special Notice! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS ore to check th« first Insertion of an aa fo« x>»lble errors. The Boytown Sun will no-charoe for an Incorrect ad II me o* vertlser calls fh* classified department Before the second ln»*rttor.. TIMBER WANTED — Pine and hard- vood, log and pulpwood and estimated, purchased In bulk or per thousand and units. HERB TIMBER CO., Box 15, Liberty Texas 77575. Phone 3M-384I, Liber- V or 517-4474. Raywood, R. B. Evan*. 1-C Garage Sale GARAGE SALE — Ml E. Sterling. Clalhlna, apoliances, furniture, dishes. GARAGE SALE — ZMC New Jersey, Tues. thru Frl., 5 to 9 p.m. Clothes, oames, table and choirs, "JUNKH1 BAYTOWN JAYCEES GARAGE SALE 14 N. Aitibel, Thurt., Frl., Sat. *mme SPACB INCREASES RfcADERSHIF MOVING _ _Thi»rs. lirn fcnesj 3. Card of Thanks THE FAMILY OF THE LATE Mary Bradley wishes to that* the community and friends for the lovely Moral ond other expressions of sympathy. Mrs. Ed Gore* ond Family HI AND LOIS •y Mort Walker and Dik Browne MOWS RfSHT.ALL \= I EVER SAY TO HER I5"NVKH"OR"UM"OR SOM6 DUMB THINS. i SUESS rr WOULDN'T KILL WE TO TALK TO HER NICER. MR; By Jones and Ridgeway OH .WELL, To EACH HHSOVVN. LOOK AT THE BIRD WATCHER9! BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker ALL TO THIN< THAT LIFE MA6 A PURPOSE WE BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred Lasswefl 5AKES ALIVE!.' VOU ftfvJ'TATER GIT AWAY PROM THAT LEDGE TILL DOC PR ITCH ART GITS BACK OL DOC PRITCHART'S GONE OFFTOTH' FLftJLAINJDS PER TWO SOLID WEEKS, MAW-- ALLEY OOF ly V. T. Hamfin MY INFORMANTS IN THEBES SENT WORD THAT YOU WERE SYMPATHETIC TO . OUR C6JJSF; ; YOUR. UK..INFORMANTS ) YES, THEY ARE ARE WELL Pl.ACEP ^ EVERYWHERE...W1TH \ Ot-iE EXCEPTION/ •r ...THAT'S THE HOUSEHOLD THATD BE TOUGH, ALL RIGHT...7H 1 PHARAOH'S A PRETTY SHARP «UY TRUE, BLIT WITH YOU TWO MINISTERING TO THE QlltEN.THE THRONE AT LAST IS WITHIN OUR GRASP; Personals F YOU HAVE A GRIPE ABOUT BAY TOWN, "TELL IT LIKE IT 15" from II a.m. lo 12 p.m. on KWBA. Call 42J-S53i ir 4M-S537. THOU KNOWEST the commandments — do nol commit adultery, do not kill, do not steal, do not bear (also witness, hon- Ihy lather ond thy mother. REDUCE SAFE, simple and last with GoDese tablets. Only 93 cents. Herring drugstore. LCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — nformatlon on Alcoholltm f you have a drlnklno DrobJerr, atl 427-9700. Shopping For Q.V.D.??? Call Olclc Doran for details on how you con gel It. 472-llil. Lost-Found .OST — In Pelly, large Cur dog, fawn olor wilh white neck and stonwch. An- wers to "Rusty." If seen, please call, 2?-88?l. 7. Instructions OISE AND MODELING — New session c-glnnlng mid-February, Morning, alt- rnoon, evening. Group and private les- r,ns. Mary Lynne Johns, School, 422-7217 OHNSON'S COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL icensed day and night care Preschool- irst Grade - Fleldtrlps - Swimming Inst iui Service. Summer Program, Jlmmv ohnson, Owner, Ph. 575-1539. Travel News *IDE WANTED TO UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, 10 to 4, Tues ond Thurs. hone 427-1060. 10. Help Wanted HOUSTON POST CARRIERS — Needed n Wooster area, 2 hours daily, approxl- lalely 5200 month. 422-8759. 12. Male Help Wanted NEEDED IMMEDIATELY — Specialty > en. Utopia has arrived!! No leads to ;ncse, lusl hana around the office all jcjy. We have the prospects come to yoc on appointment basis. Minimum of 3 pre- I'ntalions per day In your own private .Illce. Coll 427-1701 for appointment. 3UTCHER NEEDED — Full time, 40 .lours week. Union scute, good corvpany rc-nellts. Apply In person to store man-, Henke & Plllot Inc. EQUAL OP- •="ORTUNITY EMPLOYER. TRUCK DRIVER — For local delivery. Crt-icr ages 1835 years, Contact J. D. Shaver, 427-4210. WANTED — Spanish ueoklna brick layers to build nan-holes In Pasadena. Call Pasadena, 477-155". CHAN-TEX CO. INC. j205 Garth Rd. Now taking applications for employment for all crafts and helpers. Apply In person between 7:309:30 a.m. Monday tMough Friday. WE NEED A PROVEN SALESMAN — To become a sales manager for our Ucylown office. S75 week cuaranteed plus commission. 4225344, 422-545), 422-5242. PLUMBERS HELPER WANTED —Apply RICHARD CHUOK.E PLUMBING, Seabrook, 474-2240. MAINTENANCE MAN I or private club. Must be able to supervise other help, not be afraid of work. Good salary, rrenls, fringe benefits. Write Box 248, Baytown. or phone ONLY between hours ol 25 p.m. 424-5534. DELIVERY AND WAREHOUSE PERSONNEL Experience In Appliances helpful. Apply In person to: White Stores, Inc. 1401 N. pruelt Baywood Apartments _•» E. James, furnished «r unfurnished purtmenn tor rent. 1*4 S« lo S12S. Phone 27-4*71. MECHANIC NEEDED!! Some experience necessary. Full time, plenty work, good company benefits and working conditions. Apply tn person. FULLERS, Datsun-Volvo, 2912 Market 3*0* Baker Rd. 13. Sales Help Wanted NEEDED — Grill COOK and Waitress. Apply In person to KETTLE'S RESTAURANT, 605 Alexander Drive. NEEDED — Waitresses, Cooks, Bus Boys, dishwashers, and also Assistant Managers, it "TERRY'S RESTAURANTS" on Inter- iote 10 between Walllsvllle and Hankamer Exits. Apply in person at Reslau- anls. SALES OPPORTUNITY Full or part time. G.M.S. automotive, vapor injectors. Earning limited to your time and ability. Call Jerry, 4S2-72U or 422-264*. 'HE BAYTOWN SUN nos a Home DelIV- ry Route available In Anahuac. If you are a High School Student with a car n Anahuac you can make o flood par* ime Incotie. te to John Fairbanks, Box 673 Gc.ytow.i, Texas 77520. Baytown Employment ... $soo M25 UP S41S up .5400 up -. mo S325 up wa up $300 up ....$300 Secretary, Legal, S/H M to 90, Type »0 tcrelory, s/H 70, Type M, Fe» Paid Secretary, 5/H 70, Type 55 Engineering Records Clerk, Type M WPM, S/H M Ckrk Typist, Light S/H Doctor's Assistant, Experienced . Receptionist, Light Bookkeeping, Fee Poid Keypunch Operator, Good Salory ypist, 65 WPM ^oit Girl, Light Typlnn Housekeepers and Cooks Acct. Clerk, 12 Hr. College Acct., Budget preparation .1500 up Acct. Clerk, Construction SSoO up nvurance Investigator $440 up ftonl Trainees J2.M-i3.31 hr. Production Helpers $2.2* hr. up Custodian, 3 to 11 ttso Fee Paid, Temporary and Part Time Jobs l-.M lo 4:30 Monday Thru Friday 1 to 12 Saturday 120? Decker Drive Graystone Bldg. 427-1040 Suit* 111 CLERKS PRODUCTION PLANNING, SHIPPING, METALURGICAL Starling salary, S450 plus annual bonus High school diploma or equivalent. No experience necessary. DON M. HULLUM Employment Service 270} West Main Phone DON M. HULLUM Employment Service WOMEN'S DIVISION Secretary, Typing 55, Shorthand 10 MM Secretory, Typing U, Shortho.xJ «o MOO start Clerk Typist, 55 Words MOO Cleric Typist,, Teletype Exp. J» Net Words »J50 Receptionist, Type M Net Words ....$312 COUNSELOR—Ronna Hollawqy MEN'S DIVISION Lab Technician, Some Chemistry . SMS Shipping Cltrk, plant experience MOO plus Pralect Englnoer, CHE Degree 11000 plus Draftsman, Mechanical, Piping Open Sales Management Trainee $550 Instrument Tech W5« Quality Control, Welding $700 Plant Help Permanent 12.74 to 13.31 Lot Tech, Hlah Schoal Grad 1337 Consultants: Den Hullum, Don Henderson Let An Experienced Personnel Man Help plan Your Career I a.m. te i p.m. Monday Thru Friday e a.m. to Noon Saturday Phone 422-12*1 27<3 Wesl Main 11. Female Help Wanted EXPERIENCED BARTENDER - WAITRESS — Over 21, apply In person, Ntwby's Restaurant and Crown Club. NEED IRONING and cleaning done. One day week. Must hove references, b: reliable. 427-3494 afler 6 p.m . HOUSEKEEPER — Must have references and own transportation. Cal! 427-1696. EXPERIENCED CASHIER — MUSI hove waitress experience. Immediate employment. All bills paid, no pels. S75 Phone 42i-7P4, 422-6769. SALESLADY NEEDED — No phone calls, aoolv between 10 lo 6, SUM TEX PACKAGE, 508 W. Moln. MATURE LADY to care lor JVi-yeor-old and do llqtit housexccpino. 5731269 between 4-4. UTILITY CLERK — Uqhl typing, use coding machine and calculator. S3a5 up BAYTOWN EMPLOYMENT, 427-2040. LEGAL SECRETARY — Excellent oene liti, chance lor advancement S-H 70 lo 80, tvoino 60 WPM. Salary 5500. SAYTOWN EMPLOYMENT, 427-2040. FULL TIME real estate salesmen need- eJ Will discuss draw, Errtery Hughes. Hughes Really, 106 N. Main. 15. Work Wanted IRONING — In my horn*. Old Pellv area, "done 427-4134. JOURNEYMAN BUTCHER AND BONER — Prefer Highlands or Baytown area. Phone 471-4995. BABYSITTING In my home, day or ntaht, Cali 422-7052. V\ELL ESTABLISHED licensed home for children, Eva Maud area. Mature, experienced, qjallfled personnel. 427-2593. BABY ralgi Days. CANDY CANE NURSERY — New nursery. Kind. Intelligent, loving care. Hoi meals, kindergarten, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. S12 per week 1 child, etc. 427-1581, 213 E. Texas. NOW RENTING Barcelona Apartment Village — Live b«» er electrically In these "newest of me «w" apartments. Unique Spanltn orch ecture and ultra-modern recreation toe- Hies and exauisltt living conditions. One nd two bedrooms, fumfched and wttur- •hhed. Call for details. 427-5*41, HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — Slate Sensed, working motnvrs enroll you cnlttf 1 now In day care nursery. Call 427-2837 for appointment. SWINT'S KIDDIE CARE — 2U W. Heman. State licensed, snacks, hot meals supervised play. Ages 3 thru 10. 6:30 o.m 10 6 o.m. 422-9666, after 6 call 427-4244 Mother Goose Nursery State LIcenMd 422-1072 15-A. Bldg. Contractor ENCLOSE YOUR GARAGE AND TRANS FORM It Into a den for family fun. C. G. "ROCKY" ROOUEMORE Ic04 VVrioht Blvd., 422-9179. HOUSE LEVELING — Bel! bottom type tiers to builders clay. Slabs our special ty. All work guaranteed. A-ABA FOUN DAT10N CO., 674-8111 or 424-7910. ALL KINDS OF CARPENTRY and palnl ing No [ob loo small or too large. Phone 427-1047. PAINTING AND REMODELING — Rtsll dential and co-nmerclal, fast, dependable service. Coll 422-9172 or 422-5868. BONDED ROOFING Siding — Repairs, 427-25K. THOMPSON BUILDERS Remodeling — cablntti — windows — carports — new homes and old — Finane ing. mi John A, 424-5487. F & S Remodeling And Cabinet Shop ALL TYPES OF CARPENTER WORK From hanging a door lo completely remodeling your whole house. We special Ize in small lobs. No lob Is considered too small. Call Us Today! 423-4041 or 412-4403 Hasty Builders TOTAL REMODELING — FREE ESTIMATES 40* S. Main, Highlands, 424-7147. 16. Apartments For Rent HYDE PARK TOWNHOUSE — TWO bed room luxury apartment, 2104 Bowie School Dr., 422-7538 or 422-5930. JONES, 401'A N. — 7 bedroom lurnishei aaraao aoartment. All bills paid, S95 Phone 422-4954, apply 603 N. Jones. COCKTAIL WAITRESS NEEDED —Musi be 21, have aood personality, oood references, neat In aopcorance Apply in person, to Mr. Harorave ot The Holiday Inn. No phone calls, please HAIR STYLIST — Top commission, plus bonus, RICHARD'S COIFFURES, 3118 Wisconsin, 422-8901. BABYSITTER IN MY HOME — Lakewood area, 3 days week. Must have own transportation and references. Alter 6 r.m. call 424-7751. CASH!ER WAITRESS NEEDED — 4 to 9 p.m. Apply In person, EL TORO MEXICAN RESTAURANT, 1301 Decker Dr. CAR HOP NEEDED — Musi be over >8 years of aoc. Apply In person only, BROWN'S CHICKCN SHACK. EARN MORE!! Shew netalonally advertised, prestige ci.smetlc>. Makeup methods used In Hollywood. We teach you FREE - And It's fun! 12 hours weekly should give you Mf profit; lull time SIM and up. Phone VIVIAN WOODARD COSMETICS, for appointment, 422-StM. EXPERIENCED SALESLADY Full or port time For Children's Dept. Also atilslont cashier and to help In office work. Apply In person only Abe Rosenzweigs 114 W. Ttxas Aye. NEEDED Immediately! Wollreti. Pleate opply In person to THf TOWER RESTAURANT, Dcckir Dr. BAYWAY DR., (427 — Furnished cporl cncnt. modern, ptcnly cJosels and buill Ins. no children, 424-7S8S. V/EAVER, 110 — Wooster, exlra nice? room furnished aparlmenl, air condition cJ Garage, bills oald. 42J 5423 hUNNICUTT — Three rooms, furnished an bills oaid. t A07 E. Hunnlcurt. TWO J-room furnishes apartments — Upstairs 585; downstairs, VX). Utllllie DOid CARTER H. UILLER AND ASSO CIATE REALTORS, 427-7343 Or Claire F Thomon. .122-6455. THREE ROOM FURNISHED APA MENTS, J20 weekly, utilities paid, clos lo town. Claire Thaman, 422-6455, CAF TEP H. MILLER AND ASSOCIATES 427 7343. LA PORTE, tJ* S. KANSAS — Sma 2 bedroom apartment. f65. Special In week only, 2nd month rent FREE t qood permanent tenant, GR 1-1191. MAIN, 11* t. — Hlantarxn, Apt. C. Ort Lcdroom furnished, water and gas pa|SW. 426 3521. ILLINOIS, jroJ — Furnished 3 room LIII-, puid, couple. 5751083. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR — ,"500 Decker Drive, Section I — i and ? bedrooms, furnished and unru rlFlied apartments. Electric kitchens, a uorditioned; di aperies; swimming poo Phone 424-8613. BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS — 'low renting — One and two bedroom*, furnished. All bills paid, hwy I4e. 4276917. 16. Apartments For l«nt ARKLEY SOUAUk TOWNHOUSE - ovi cost luxury and convenience. Swim ina pool, central air, patloi, carport, sliwasher, refrigerator, olipow!, carpel a; furnished or umnrnlirwd. utilities old. 1215 Park. 422-7635, 4221707. URNISHED — 1 room oarage aperi- ent. All bills paid, no pets. 175. PPtionc 248110. URNISHED — One bedroom apartment, hi,lies paid. No pets. Apply 3213 Mis url. 427-1539. HREE ROOM FURNISHED APART HENT With bath. Mils pold. As is. Phone ••2-7'H, 422-0769. EARCE, W. — Furnished garaae aporl- .ent. 165 month, no bills paid, no chlt- •en, no pels. 422-2642. UPLEX — 3 rooms and bath furnished, eot, air, garage, no pets. Accept snnan illd. Apply 5226 Schoppa Lane. AILLARO, Ml N. — Furnished 2 rooms nd Doth. Adults, no pels. nplv 303 B. ENNEDY APARTMENTS — Four - oom. nicely furnished, oir conditioned, nlral heot. 3420 Michigan, 422-6814. vVeickersheimer Manor rw qnd two b«aroom apartment* )«r ent. Furnished or unfurnished. Phewt GRAYWOOD ARMS Or* and two otdroom apartmontf Furnished and unturnl»n*d. UTILITIES PAID LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT AVMLAtLI 7).MM 'Mi MemM-lat V 23. Services Ofiermd PINEMONT ENTERPRISES — Boots, Sales and service, hull repairs. Let u se': your boot. Decker Dr., 424-5546. INCOME TAX — Notory, odd hours, weekends. 21 yrs. experience, reason able. H. A. Menelte, 411 Pamela, 422 8997 ALL APPLIANCES SERVICED Free Service Call Repairs In your home. Color Specialist —No Fix — No Pay TV JOE — 135 Fifth SI. f.emah, Texas 877-1232 day or nloht. INCOME TAX SERVICE - AB« Bef- n-an Consultant 713 Granlham, 422-4676, By appointment. COURTEOUS — REA SONABLE - DEPENDABLE-ACCURATE INCOME TAX — Non-ll«mlied l»40, $4; simple Itemized 1040, J10; Detailed prices al request. JAMES DUVALL BUSINESS, 422-9434. J. H. BERRY, ASPHALT CONTRACTOR Equipment & Truck Rentals. Sewer and Water Lint* Flense call 427-49911. INCOME TAX SERVICE — NOH Itemized end Itemized. Reasonable price. BooX- kreptng also, Frank Lombrechl. 4226918. ROACHES? Averos* * roam house, $13. Also termites, onts, fleas, etc. Co rimer clal, residential. Bonded, licensed. Harvey's Pes1 Control, 422-9884, 422-5357 • AYTOWN AIR CONDITIONING * HEATING CO., 1314 N. Main, Days 42740127 Nights 427-5445 - TWENTY FOUP HOURS SERVICE. Experl Installation ana 'ervlclng, commercial and residential. MELVIN JONES, OWNER. "No equip- men! Is better than the Installation one servicing. INCOME TAX SERVICE — M up, op- polntmenls ot your home, call alter 4 p.m., Raymond Bodeaux, 422-4953. Creative Arms Apts. 414-MI4 WKIht Sooc« InCreoiM Reodtrshl* Built-tn Kitchens Carpets One ond Two Bedroom! also Two-bedrooms with den FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED Two-Bedrooms $135 WASHATERIA FENCED PLAYGROUND ? SWIMMING POOLS (FENCED) II HOLE PUTTING GREEN RECREATION ROOMS COVERED CARPORTS Separate Family and Adult Areas Call Now!! AYTOWN WELDINO SUPPLY—Sale* entals. Repair*. Oxyxn and acetylene nesthetlc oa»ei and eaulpment. 24-houi rvlce. W2 N. Alexander, 427-1 Wl APARTMENT COMPLEX •2-3 bedrooms, electric bullt-lns; pool, parking, etc. WHITEHALL, J300 Ttrit, 427-1731 MORMANDY — GRANADA — COLONY 301 Trl-Clty Beach Rd., 427-5473. TANGLEWOOD SQUARE eeculiful apartments. One and Two-be* corns, trees ond pool. Phone M7-11P. 17. Houses For Rent NEW TWO BEDROOM — Furnished m«- bilt home, *24 wteek. SIS deposit. No pets, 4262519. NEWCASTLE, M04 — 3 bWlnwmJ, 1V4 bain, laroe den, air and heat. References and deposit required, J140. Call 575-1369 atler 5 P.M. NICF 4 ROOM furnished haute, rent free o refined middle aged couple or widow ady to drive car lor widow lady occas- cnally. No drinVIno; references ex- chanaed, 427-1319. 422-6819. HARRIS RD., 411 — Highlands, S-room house, 2 bedrooms, unfurnished. J65 month. Phone 424-7479. JACK, 21* W. — Unfurnished two room, two baths, carpers, window air Call us (or further Information, Georoe Wnlloker, 422-7388 or OAVID ROGERS Realtor-Builder, 427-1773. '/OBIL/I H week Mb II I, 427-2 NEW MOBILE HOME — Fumisbwi, 11 ft. wide, 2 bedroom, all bills paid. Ot aoslt required, TRAILER CITY, 2410 N. Alexander Dr COUNTRY LIVING — Oard«fl plot, 1- irdrocm mobile home, adults only. IIIX ilus bills. 6822 N. MOln, 575-'434. FOR RENT — Two larjt 1-lxdroom house;; 4210 V/alllsvllle Rd. ond 6827 "•arth Rd. J125 per month each, 422-9011 McKINNEY RD., 291< — Colonial Park, bedroom mobile home, WO-S3S weekly Coll 422-9233. EXECUTIVE HOME — J-btdroorm, 2 boths, air, heat, $200. Plus security de OO'.II. McCANOLESS, 427-1219. JAMES, 401 W. — Three bedroon unfurnished home. Call days f 122-8378 or nlahts 424-8355. CLEAN — 3 room furnished house. For more Information call 42^-5375. NEAR HIGHLANDS, 111 MIZELL —Nice 2 bedroom unfurnished house, no pets 427-3200. RENT OR LEASE — 1704 Richardson— Five bedroom brick, air—heat, carpeted S19t month. Deposit required, 42.9350 CROSBY — 2-bedroom home on !arg coiner lot. For quick sale. Must mov* b* cause of illness. For aopolnli>ent col 4226B75 after 4 p.m. HUNNtCUTT, W E. — New mobile homes. 12x50. 2 berlrooms, central heot oir. Natural qas. Carpets. 427-4292. 18. Bedrooms - Boon! WISCO entra Call NICE BEDROOMS — Men only; plenty parking. With or without air conditioning PARKS HOTEL, «7-9722, 601 S. Moln. 19. Business Rentals MASONRY — Commercial Building fa rent. Located 230 N. Moln, Hiahlond 426-3949 or 426-3521. COMMERCIAL SPACE — New K-Mort Ploza. Call JOHN M. SHEARER, REAL TV, 422-4517 or 422-6W6. METAL BUILDING — Juttowe Tor She* or Garage, 910 N. Main, -hone 477-2721. WAREHOUSE, 317 Noire, — eOnlM ft masonry building: with olflce space. Wl rent or lease. Mrs. Lambert, 422-4904. 21. Trailer Space STOP PAYING R6NTI — Own • let ler your mobile home. Community swtmmln pool. 150 down, 125 monthly Also nav V* acre tracts, same terms. HIGH LANDS. CHARLIE RAMSEY. 426-3521. GULF COAST MOBILE HOME PARK— Concrete patios, trees, all utilities. Nea Ir.lcrstolc 10, 1S907 AVI. C.. Channelvlew 4534074 JOHNSON'S TRAILER PARK — Corn* it Ave. B t, Hwy. 144. All city uflllllet (natural go*) 574-5670 Mt. BelvtaJ. TRENCHING AND BACKHOE WORK AIM equipment and machine moving. Call 422-8239 Electric Motor Repair ewlndlno, any kind, •>!», modern eoMi* ent. Qualified mechanic. MASSEY LECTRIC, I7» i. PrueH, 4M-7IH. ASPHALT PAVING I tys*»-stre«t», parkinj loH, driveway*. AYTOWN ASPHALT CONTRACTORS, ; tui. Backhoe and Loader •ut1*i«r Work—Top Soil—Shell Yard Dirt — 457-1W5. Loyd •urrU 23-JL Welding Supplies 24. SoU - Fertiliser OR BEST RESULTS — Try Fertllome I'lnlcrlzer for new or established lawns avc the prettiest lawn this spring. YNCHBURG FEED AND HARDWARE TOP SOIL-FILL SAND SHELL — CLAY — PINE BARK 477-3«t< 26. Plants - Seed* PRING IS ALMOST HERE! Slash Pine rees, Nandenos. NEW shipment o ZALEAS. DAVIS NURSERY, 411 Decker Drive, 424-7171. RUIT TREES — Pear, peach, plw aoones* pwrslmmon, sattsuma, kumauat rcnae, lemon. SMITH BARROW GAR ENS, 8802 Thompson Rd., 426-3215. 28. Pets - Supplies IX BEAGLE PUPPIES — For sole, ,eeks old, wormed. Please coll 24-8037. MALE SHELTIE PUPPY — (Toy Collie) AKC, 6 weeks aid. $75. Call 424-7815. NEONS, BLACK MOLLIES, MIXED NEONS, 5 for $1. Red Velvets, Red wags '.Mxcd Swords, .39 each. GREENWOOD'S PET SHOP OODLE — 1 year old block tomal mlnltoy. AKC registered, all shots. Ha lad two litters of 5 pups each, good In vest-nent, S&5, also 3 month old lei bloc emale toy AKC registered, MO. Paper urnlshed on both. 427-2545. OY veai Can RISH SETTER PUPS—AKC registered •-nanths old, 2 beautiful males, $50 each Col' 578-325?, Crosby. 31. Articles For Sol* MALL — PKltco Refrigerator, 25. Pleose cull 77-5435. •JEW fashion colors are Sue's delight. She tepi her carpet colors br.ghl — wilh >lue Lustre! Rent electric snumnooer $1. .lArTCKVN HARDWARE, Old Bo/town IR CONDITIONER — 23,000 BTU'S, I car old, S165. GE AUTOMATIC WASH- R—S75. Call Curtis al 422-8258, 6 lo 5:30. TONES CUT - MOUNTED — Gifts, cer- mics, supplies Walch and jewelry re- olrs. UAYSHORE ROCK SHOP, 5500 heuherd Rd., (Between Gorlh and John ".oriin Rd.) 5751471. DOORS — Five, 2 n. - t in. By i It.-tln. nside doors, most hardware, perfect con- iilion, 57.50 each. 2629 W. Main across i am Peoples Bank. 422-5511 after 6 p.m. 'V SALE — 1 sels 120 each. Table mod- I $50. 1 set S60, 1 color set 480. Others 2i up. Shop repairs. WORLD TV, 1311 Moln. 427-1439. LECTROLUX — Beautiful new model; harripooer, floor waxer. Sales anj Serv- :e 422-9944 after 3:3). P Harvey. TART ll«» with all bookkeeping tup- i:les you need. Call MATHERNE'S ot 27-1719 for Immediate delivery from argest stock In Baytown area. MATTR cbullt. Coll 472^ newly CARPETING — Three rooms »f nylon icrpeting In excellent condition, 14x24', 4x'V, 11x14', and hull, 424-7451. ANTIQUE WARDROBE, (4]. Large re- riflerator freezer, SI50; Cabinet sewing machlna 165; youth bed S40. 424-B7S6. REFRIGERATOR — Excellent condition, years old. 9.2 cu. ft. Ideal for couple. WO. 427-5497. USED — Coldipol Refrigerator Freeier. Very good condition. Call 422-8812 afler 5 p.m. FOR SALE — 3melte Set, J25.00; Vinyl Couch, $30.00. "hone 422-5575. TV — Sylvanla, block and white, 23 In. table model, $40. Call 424-7431. CRAVES WAREHOUSE Antique Wood Bed Brass Bed ArllQue Settee Bulll-ln Oven slew G. E. Washer G. E. Electric Dryer 5 Piece Dinette Kroehler 2-Pllece Living Room Suite Apartment StoVe New 36 Inch- Range New 30 In Electric Range And Cabinet ,as Dryer New Sink Faucets Double Sink Vew Commode Good Used Refrigerator New Polyloam Box Spring And Mattress 214 W. Main OLD PELLY I 15.00 1 25.00 I 25.00 $ 39.50 1159.50 V 29.95 t 22.50 t 65.00 . 135.00 $124.50 S13S.OO I 35.00 I 9.95 t 14.95 * 24.50 S 35.00 $ 49.50 GAS RANGE — cofd»i>ot reJr Hero lor, couch, lawnmower, heater, air conditioner, 400 E. Oofc. Highlands, 426-2279. GE REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER — Side by side, no frost, 10 months old new V5W3. sacrifice *425. 4K-X859. DINING SUITE — Thomolvillt, motno- cny Duncan Phyfe dining table, 42 by 66, bLflel - 62 Inches. 4 large side chairs, upholstered host and hostess chairs. Excellent condition, UOO, Call 426-2574. WASHERS, DRYERS — Nor«t, perma pi ESS gas dryers and Norge washers. May finance on your oas bill. Up to 40 months. HOUSTON NATURAL GAS CORP.. 422-8308. OWN A NEW ELECTROLUX Vacuum cleaner. Jus? S5 monthly. J. WILKINSON. 427-3J2J. CHAIN HOIST — One-Ten Cof«ln« Chain hols' In excellent condition. Cost 1300 rrw, will MM lor J5SO- Call 422-1302 and cnk for Mr. Kyi*. PIANO — Parlor Grond ptino, S300. Phone 422-869C. GARAGE SALE — 54T7 Lillian, Appliances, Range, refrigerator, some furniture, etc. Coll 424-5245. CAS RANGE — O'Keefe and M*rlt1, Beautllul coooertone. coll, come by for a look, 422-6712. USED AUTO PARTS, Late mo dm Ihiouah 1967, windshields Included (Installed also). 575-1504. STORAGE BOXHS AVAILABLE NOW— Calendar relllls available. All office supplies you'll need 'o start 1969 right. MATHERHE'S al 117-119 West Pearce. ADDING MACHINES • CASK REGIS TERS - TYPEWRITERS Sales, RentolV Service. All mokes, electric and \-nanual. BLOOM SALES. 3»S Market, 427-2325. AS ALWAYS — Your supplier « Neodto Work and Crofts. MCDONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smith Road, 427-1272. TELEVISION Good portable. Call 427-41 M. DIAMONDS lire a girl's best friend—until she finds Blue Lustre tor cleaning carpets. Renl electric shomoaoer Jl. WOOD'S HOME CENTER WO E. Texas. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR SALE — Bolh male and female. Call 424-7080 or 424-7111. NEW SHIPMENT OF FISHI Ouan, Flremouths. Silver Dollars, Clown Loach- es, good selection of bottom Cats. MSA ~ET SHOP. 2S01 N. Main, 422-4430. FOR "a lab well done feeling" clean crpets with Blue Lustre. Renl electric hampooer SI. R. WILLIAMS CO., In Mont Belvleu. RISH SETTER TUPPIES — AKC, 7 weeks, Cali 477-5550. TOWN AND COUNTRY KENNELS — Grooming and boarding. Poodle pupplei, erms available. 4506 N. Main. 422-4971. DINETTE TAKLE — Formica (type) top, urge. 110. 5!0 W. Froncls, after 4 p.m. HORSES Twe-yeor-old bay hor«, $75; Shetland. $3$; Palomino mare, J12J. Call 42*-4090. PROFESSIONAL POODLE GROOMING CLAIR LAC KENNELS 4M-33SS evenings and weekend*. 29. Livestock • Supplies BEAUTIFUL — Paint Shetland, 7 yecri ild aeldina. perfect kids horse ond troll iQtsc Parade saddle, blankets, bridle, jreasl strap, all lor II10. Coll 258-2569. Dayton. HORSE — Lnccotate oetdlng, i years, good with cattle. Competitive roping, dooqlna. haiino. Good disposition. About IS hands, "IOC Ibs. S250. 424-8810. QUARTER HORSE — » monln old bay, slud coll, Kino Leo breeding, call alter p.m., 422-9456. QUARTERHORSE MARE — Registered. For Sale, Reasonoote. Excellent condition. Coll 258-2341 Dayton. KAY — Bred, ptanled ond ferllllied from mcxlmum protein content, V80 bole. Corner Slolander and Walllsvllle Rd. GOOD SA Sec ol 501 Crosby, T HORSE, SAOOLE, BRIDLE, BLANKET — Fat and ready lor trail rides. Apply Boyless or call 422-64.12. EXCELLENT RED TOP CANE HAY — Large bale 11.20 under 100 bales. 9106 Wade Rd. HORSE STALLS FOR RENT — Including 55 acres for grailnj. Newest and fdcest In Baylown. Lorry Enderlt, 427 4416, 575-1161. Western Wear ANDERSON'S E. Texo« 422-4*13 RENT IT!! Sunbeam animal clippers, 12.00 per day. Frnnhlin heavy duty fence stretcher, 17.00 per *>y. ALL YOUR VETERINARY NEEDS IN ONE STOP. GULF COAST PHARMACY MM Garth Rood 4M-M1 FREE CITY DELIVERY 30. Articles Wanted WOODEN PLAYPEN — Mlrtt be In oood condlllon ond reasonable, 424-7392. WANTED — Hirdtep for H54 MOA. Must be In good sncp*. Call fU-Tm. . \ nlte itedt oof secl^no\ 110, ELECTRIC DRYER — Nerge, 40. Call 472-24W. CERAMIC GIFTS — Ceramic ar«eiiware, Isque, supplies, gifts. 314 W. Main, Old elly. 422-W78. FURNITURE — Polr of coral tub choirs, 15 each. Turauolse lounae chair, SIS. Euro larae walnut ond maple coffee tobie, K. Matchlno end table. $15. 1 lorae lamps, J1S eacti. CROSBY, 5782142. GAS RANGE — 10 Inch Sunrav, Call 424-8817. PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE Sendlx Home Ironer JI9.SO Four-drawer Maple Chest $25.00 RtcMng Hors« $ 3.95 Clothes Wardrobe 117.50 •Anllaulsh" BJdroom Sulto $65.00 Old Style Hloh Dock Upholstered Rocker 50.95 -lew Box and Inner Sprlnq Set ... 14V.50 O Kraft and Merrill Ruoac- MS 00 Dearborn, cool top, 5 radiant $22.50 6-Drawer Double Sink, Kllchen Cabinet $25.00 42i W. Main Old Pelly 472-504? V-BELTS AND PULLEYS for refrlfero- 'ors, air conditioners, pumps, compressors, washers, attic and window lam. 3,000 belts In slock. MASSEY ELECTRIC, K23 S. Pruett, 422-7281. FIOURINO YOUR INCOME TAX?? Rent or buy on adding machine 'rom Baytown Typewriter Exchange 301 N. Main, 4I7-70TI Take cdvontaoe of our reduced prices en atl oddinc machlnei In flock. CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom Dlrlc While and Gold Triple Dresser with Mirror J Jr?.9S Dixie White and Gold Chair- Bock King Headboard With Frames J 69.94 Kovlon Foam Kino Mattress Unll ..1219 95 Brovhlll Walnut Bookcase I 39.95 Let's 15x12 Bclg« Carpel Remnant II 19.00 Piullwood French CoHee Table ...» 29,95 NEW-USED FURNITURE Ml* MorHet O7-VW4 NEW PERMA-POWER Radio Centre! Oornoe Door Openen B6VILLJ t-WAY RADIO, Prone 477-1311 TRUCKS FOR RENT Equipped with nvdraullc Mfl late*. We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 433-541$ (Nexl te Klloore's Ready-Mho FABULOUS VALUES OR Color TV'» Gene's Hi-Fi 122 E. Texot 31-B Building Material ALUMINUM SHEET) — B -In. by »*In high grade, .009 In, thlcknen. Ideal i or insulation, roofing, siding/ $.25 eoch. Can be seen at ttie Baylown Sun, 1X1 /V'emonol Drive. CLAM SHELL REPUBLIC SHELL On Hlthway 144 At Cedar PHONB

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