The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 5, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 2
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fAGE 2— THE BAYTOWN SUN, THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1952 NOW THRU SATURDAY To Urge President Highlands Speech To Remain NeufraS (Continued From Page One) Eisenhower was asked if Congressman Lindley Beckworth, candidate for, the United States Senate, made a" whirl wind cam*»" tour through <• Charnbeis, (Continued From Page One) MAR id? spending, excessive taxation call me Mr. Eisenhower/' ^th.Dakota s eight, ran nis^eie- Beckworth, congressman from and said the Democrats have been H e passed the steel question g^U +°^,£?Ln 'Gladewater for H years outlined too long in power, quicklv, but said he felt that since rress ^ ja - a ^ on - his platform and - detailed his He said he wanted to review his the U* S. Supreme Court now has ' The tabulation gives a candidate qualifications-for US senator from political background Thursday m ruled against the seizure, that .rut ^J^J^^L*™ arejtor- <r cxas . Cartoon: Conies to Dinner Late News Kvents anticipation of questions along that ing should stand. mally pledged to him, or definite- " He gaid he _ favo ; s aiUJfJiJ-JcHtUU fjl viucauuii;> <iivui; uuai *",& a*«/»**»* ^^..i^. - - — „ . tVio -fifct ««.iu »'t . io.»v*.ij ... ~ ». t- ._-- 0 line. He called 'attention to, the In ^ closing .minutes of the i^^S"^?, 1 ? Si JriSS America" unquestionably strong statement of political principles news conference Eisenhower was ballot. Kefauver said his private calculations indicate he has more EN1>S TONIGHT ' r GIRL IN WHITE" Taft headquarters said its own private advices on delegate preferences gave the senator 550 to 376 for the general. In other political ; developments: and has supported every measure which has-been before the House seeking to bring about enduring He currently is chairman of the delegation in. Congress which is • composed of 21 house members 'and two .senators. He is 2 BIG THRU SAT. HITS 2 and objectives laid down by the Re- asked a series O f questions about •San^dSv^S Votes over" Eu publican leadership on Feb. 6, 1950. federal aid to education, farm S^ 8 rSmfSdforDomination "I am in general accord with that pr ; C e supports, soil conservation, lne bi ° reQ - mrea lor nominai ; 0 "; peace. He also favors keeping -the statement of political philosophy," reciprocal trade agreements, fed- His nearest democratic rival A\> tidelands'for Texas. Eisenhower said. e ral aid to education and inflation.' Averell Harriraan was credited "Certain specific details are a He was asked if he had any spe- ^^t^^"^'*^ Tcxas litVle different from. what I. would cific-policy in mind to meet the ^ ^ ' «usj>eu say, however." problem of inflation. ,' . ' ... .,.-*.., — ~- — — Eisenhower said "I have never ,.,, h far"more confidence in In *%? ?¥ an £ tuck RepubUcan ' the sec0 nd ranking Democratic voted any Democratic ticket." ^ *.™ v * s ™lTand demand than ™ c *' a -^ lengthened his lead oy TOember of 28 members on the That brought applause from a ffj^ S^SdirectS• con&ofs " p , 1( * m l u £ ^ Delegates with his house commlttee dealing wlth in . large group 5 Eisenhower-for-pres- £ ™ve <*"•«** controls, .^0^^^.victory over Ejsenbow- tergtate and Veign commerce, ident folk who also attended the h V; •!•«.-• •« • er m the South Dakota pnmary. news, conference. ,. Eisenhower said this nation now Yhat , e Taft a cenain dele . Eisenhower, bright and rested lives in a high plateau of high gate count Qf 431 jn ^ United after a good night's sleep, appear- tension arid probably wffl con- press tabulation aga i nst 397 for ed before newsmen and TV cam- fa™ie to do so, internationally £i sen hower. eras in a single-breasted gray suit, speaking for a long time, light blue' shirt and dark blue tie. Eisenhower declined to talk about Sen. Robert A. Taft on grounds that he is not going into personalities. He said he would support Taft if the Ohioan wins the nomination. Asked about his own chances to Kellog's I U Boxes Adolplms xo. i Cali to Great Adventure!; FORT WORTH, June 5 OfV-Live- stock. Cattle 600. Steady; good and 1. The Pennsylvania Eisenhower choice slaughter steers and year~?—-i T -rt,« R*^o^ rt q,m forces said Gov. John . S. Fine, lings, 30-34;' utility and commer- 5pecial To \ he Baytov/n bun delegation , woulci confer with Eis . cia l, 22-29- utility cows, 19-22.50; Long Grain Rke 2 Sunshine H[-Ho Crackers Lbs. 29c 33c LIGHTCRUST Pounds Ja«P" Airway Elec .............. Xo Sale Alleg Ludlum .............. 39 UclcgaLlUIl, ' WUulU'UOIllUT WlUl.JLili- Viai, c.t,-^*J, mu.ii,j v.wvyo, *^ — L..W , g liJOCDIAJ head of Pennsylvania's 70-member canners and cutters, 14-19.50; bulls 1 iMrtKiAi- AIHs-Chalmers .............. 49% American Repub ............ 56 V: A T and T win the nomination in. Chicago in July, Eisenhower s=aid: "I haven't the slightest idea." Eisenhower was asked if he would support the FEPC. "That is a shotgun question," he Amer Woolens 29 « said. "But I have no objection to Anaconda Copper ,... 44 stating that fairness and quality Am. Cyanamide .. 11G should be pursued with every pow- Beth Steel 56 er in command of the federal gov- delegatioti would confer with Eis- 18-26; medium and good stocker enhower in New York Sunday. Fine steer yearlings, 26-32.50. Calves 300. Steady to strong; good and choice slaughter calves. 30-34.50; utility and commercial, confident of winning 29 of Indiana's 20-29; culls, 1B-2C; good and choice 32 delegates at the state's GOP •stacker's. 31-37; common and me- still has not declared his preference. 2. Taft told reporters e was ernment. He said in declining to fix the blame for the loss of China to communism that he, once again, was not going to indulge in personalities, "but I do know that the party in power at the time has to take Its share; of the blame." He called the Toss of China a "major international disaster." St. John's Registers Children For School Registration of students planning- to attend vacation church school at St. John's Methodist church will begin at 3 a.m. Friday!", The school opens June 9 and will continue through June 19. Children between four and 15 years are eligible. Classes will be held from 9 to 11:30 a.m. daily during the 10-dav school. convention in Indianapolis Satur- dium, 23-30. Hogs 400. Butchers fully 25c lower; sows and pigs steady; choice a day. ll-16th 3 - Gov .. 8% .. 12% .. 39% MARYLAND CLUB Earl Warren tucked away 70 GOP convention delegates from his home state of California, running his score up to 76, and Sale raising him to third place Harold .E; Stassen with 25. Judge Won't Let Wife BOSTON, June 5 rtiV-Mrs. Winfred Buettner tried to withdraw an assault charge against her husband, who had knocked her unconscious with a chair, but Municipal pastor, announced. WATCH REPAIR Cleaning 0 Oiling EVA WH1TFIELD Formerly at Shaw's Reasonable Rates 212 W. Sterling - 9195 Calven Oil 7 Calumet and Hec Canada So Oil -., <••• Celanese Celotex Cessna J^o Chi Corp 19% Chrysler Corp ' .'... 76 ! /s Columb Gas ..- :.. 15H £ r A- M,, e U 3W »t Creole Pet 74 5 ,i OO LoSy US1 fiUSlKSffU Crystal Oil No Sale Cities Service 101% Davidson Chem ..' No Sale Dow Chem 116% Du Pont Chem SSVf: Eastman Kodak 43% El Paso Natural Gas .....'... 3SH Fairchild Eng 6^i Freeport Sulph 3?Ys Gen Electric 59% Gen Motors 55^4 Gen Tire and Rub 26% Gillette Saf ; 31% Goodyear Tire 41% Greyhound Bus 11% . Gulf Oil '... 52% Gulf Stat Util 23% Houston Oil No Sale H L and P Co 21% -Humble Oil -' 745L 'Imperial Oil ..<... A.': 1 ; 36% Interlake Oil ........ Intl Nickel • « _ ~ —. - <• JJupiter Oil 3 13-16 ** cement mixer Ki-by Pet • "... 27 " Schmidt, who has been on the Libbv McN ""-."........... 7% force for 15 >" ears ' Pleaded guilty Liggett and Myers 61% .J^^gfJ? conduct unbecoming Loev/'s Inc 13M I^ Land 45% Mack Trucks 14 180-240 Ibs.: butchers, 20.50-21; few lots 2X30-220 Ibs., 21.25; lighter and heavier weights, 18.50-20.50; over sows, 14-18; feeder pigs, 15-18^ Fstfh Temple To Show iRspirafionalNovie An Inspirational ' religious picture, "Thine is the" Kingdom," will be shown at Faith Temple at 7:45 p.m. Friday,, Rev. Walter Bailes, Judge Jacob Lewiton refused her plea. "Hitting women on the head with a chair is not my idea of good community policy even if the wife does like it," he said in giving Buettner a one-month suspended sentence Wednesday. Cop Swipes Gasoline From Own Patrol Car There- is no admission charge and the public has been 'invited, Rev. Bailes said. Faith Temple is located at 704 Bolster. Father Of Mont JBelvSeu Woman Dies in Houston Funeral services were held this afternoon, for George L: Heilignian of Houston, father of Mrs. Rosabel DETROIT, June 5 OR — Police- 'Southern^ of" Mont Belyieu, !?$n AftHtJT- Rf*HmiH^ tirac unnoT* J 1 _"'TT_a^^ j: _ j l\«-t 1_ j ! ^Heiligman died yesterday.- Serv- ' STARTS TODAY BOUGH RTOJN' KO>S in "Wild Herse Ambush 1360 ON YOUR AM DIAL 92.1 MG. ON YOUR f-M THURSDAY EVENING * 6:00—"World News Houndup 6:15—Alter Fires 6:30—Range RJdlns 6:45—Sports Review 6:50—Harleia at 7 7:30—Major City Softball 9:00—-Talent House - 9:45—K.u«3 Morgsn Show" 10:00—Klgiil Kdltlon—Bar'0"^a SUB 11-0&—Sign Oft FRIDAY MORNING 6:00— Revel SI* Roundup 5:f.7—f At«' Kev.-s 7:00—Trinity Va51sy«...Tune; ft;(H>—MomSfip- DevotiotsaV 3:15-^Watching':the Clock S:30— Nfws 9;00^-'WorId • 77evr»'Roundup 9:15—CTiAirchea O£ Christ 9:r;o—Dick ' Knsbn 10:00^—Warren Kdwaraa Newscast 10;OS—Stirtime 11:00—I*ai« News 11:02—Kid Day Matinee FRIDAY 2;fW—War id Xews Houndup 12:15—Mid Day Matlr.ce 1 ;l)C—^Toj> Tuns* 2:00— ^'fJV 2:05—Seat on Wax •4 :C-^>—Warren rVlwitds Newscast i :05— I-T. Voz man-Arthur Schmidt was .under .... 16%Suspension Thursday for siphoning Ices wer e-at 4 p.m. today in 'the .... 44 . gasohne from a patrol car to run Fogle - West funeral, chapel In Houston with Dr." Kyle Ml'Yates officiating. Proper Setting .WASHINGTON, .June 5 TIB— Communist officials in Prague, Czechoslovakia, have r picked a city dump as the'site for a-new statue of Stalin, a report received here" indicated Thursday. Pound Kraft' VeSveefa Royal, Liver or Meat Dog Food:;..... Gebhardt ^ , Tamales ^ Boxel Lbs. 303" Cans LiBBY'S RO-TEL ALMA No. 2l/ 2 ...Can 3! Cans ROSEDALE REAL GOLD, LEMON to an officer. Have Held Day Conn. ,,,, «_„ -p - fiRa / TERRYVILLE, Conn. OIE)— .Mid Uon Iret ................ OOTB TT — u-i_ t. itj t •. t Mont-Dakota Util •'. 24H ^"en high school students took •v «- T^ -^ -o^rt^ «?OT' over fciie village sovernmer.t for a Ohf oS* tt'l day ' l ^ ey »»^.fte most of it. The pL°a>d Moto^ 4^1 acting Justice, of^ peace-performed .Kac^a.d *»««« ; * £ a inock wedding ceremony, the fire ^"^"fg 11 •-••• |* department' doiiied a. J simulated Panhandle P and R 8% blaze a{ . fche scbobl and ^ & Permey s J nc 61 % department quickly thwarted an T>hil?int; T>nf- ?»fi 3 ' • , , - , • , .. . ^-. ,. . atcempted^ bank nolaup. REA Approves Loans WASHINGTON,- June 5 0?—Tne 19% Rural Electrification, "administra- 45Vi tion has approved these loans: 36% Deaf Smith County Electric Co- 79?s operative. Hereford, Tex.," $495.' 56-]< 000 and the Griswold'Cooperative 82^ Telephone Co., Griswold, la., S144,- ,'. 41% 000. : Office Opens 6:30 Show Starts 7:30 TONIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE AGAJNST THE WHOIE WCM?U3 DCAM* Of uri AHS jso.voo r 2ND FEATURE "Spoilers of lF,e Plains" 2 Days-Sfarting Friday *fToyland S - Tonight Is LICEKSE-NITE! S5o—Children Phillips Pet 58% Pure Oil i BS 3 * Richfield Oil 63% Repub Steel 41 St. Regis Paper — Sinclair Oil Socony-Vec ....... Sou Pacif Stan Oil Calif Stan Oil Ind Stan Oil Ohio Scan Oil.N. J. • :1 7C?i Sun Oil -. 82&-' . Sunray Oil .21 Texas Co 55% Texas Gulf Prod 28H Tex Gulf Sulph -? 106 Tidewater Corp ' 23 Union Oil of Calif 41*1 U. S. Steel 38% Woodley Pet 66Vz Ju5y N. O. Cotton off 30 pts. 36th Gets Ready For Review By Governor NORTH FORT HOOD. Tex.. June 5 1?r —Memoers of the 36thj. Texas •National Guard infantry division moved through teamwork drills Thursday, in preparation for Governor's Day. Saturday. The division' will stage a parade j for ; Gov. Allan Shivers and other | civilian and military officials in- j eluding H.f. Gen.. John A.' Kulen. 81, of Palacios. known as the "daddy of the 36th." He reorganized I the 36th after World War r and was ' its commander for several years. Thursday, the T-Patchers will . get more firing practice, work in 1 small unit tactics .and -witness a demolition demonstration; On the reviewing stand with the; governor will be Maj. Gen. H. ' Miller Ainsworth.- commander of the 36th; Lt. Gen. Ernest O- \ Thompson, commander of the Tex- as National Guard; Lt. Gen. Pres- I ton A. Weatherred, former commander of the 36th and-the Texas Guard, Maj. Gen. K. L. Berry, ad- j jutant general of Texas r officer of; the first armored division and oth- \ Biggest'buy m TV! Rnest picers: Monkey's Bite Gives Him 'Bends' In Finger • Bay From Yoar Baytowa Merchant U.S. No. 1 California Your f^d quarter GORTON'S FROZEN MODEL 17T9E | ture and famoxis "Golden Voice" tone, new Concentrated Power \ Chassis. Exclusive anti-reflec- 1 tion Glare-Guard. Instant "Target" tuning, new Acousiinator I Tone Control. Area Selector Switch adjusts power to your IJBBY^i FROZEN ORAXGE lwrf** F««Ural Excu* Tax end «n AH fact., T»b«* Tofc« EASY TERMS BAYTOWN'S OLD 509 W. TEXAS INDIANAPOLIS. June 5 m — i Charles P. Bameit, a former test' location. Ebony plastic cabinet, pflot of high speed jet planes, s wanted S50.0SO from a pet store ] Thursday, on the , ground that a ' monkey's Tests prevented him from flying at high altitudes." " Baraett, 3L, testified in federal court' Wedasday feat a "vicious" mcnkeylbit his fir.ger five times 16 Tftonths ago ^h3e he was shoeing for a pet., He said the bites de-( velop«d""cofmplications that gave him /Abends" "in th« fir.ger when he flew above 30,000 fftftt.

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