Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1935 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1935
Page 10
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PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, f e*ft§ S1HBAY IK, is, 1935. PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, TexSi PAGJE 'ALL NEW BENEFITS IN FUTURE WOULD BE FORFEITED BY CLARENCE M. WRIOHT, Asrociatetl Press Staff Writer. WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 (flV- Leaders in congress said today that If veterans press for immediate payment of the ?1,100,000,000 bonus, President Roosevelt plans to Insist that they yield all claims to new pension benefits in the future. The leaders, who declined to be quoted by name at present, said the president remarked that even though such a bargain might not actually be binding in the future it would constitute at least a "moral" deterrent to new demands. It was emphasized that the president would not. willingly see congress pass a bonus bill even under that agreement. Opinion in congress as to what will happen to the bonus bills is still divided. Bonus advocates predict victory; some administration leaders say the drive will be beaten, while others foresee a possible compromise. One leader said that the president, in adopting his attitude on pensions, has an eye on one of the largest potential expenditure's in the future, involving more than $100,000,000 a year. At present, men who served in the world war have no outright pensions as veterans, though the president hate estimated that in the fiscal year 1935 $34,679,524 must be spent for pensions to survivors of dead World war veterans, $5,182.252 as compensation to veterans, $12,285,555 for disability pensions and $2,951,900 as retired pay to emergency officers. The sums total $243,598.380. As Itme goes on, they will increase. But they do not include a plain pension granted to a man for the pure ajid simple reason that he served in the World war. The president, a leader reported, is concerned about the annual expenditure that would be involved in World war pensions because of what it now costs to maintain Spanish- American and Civil war veterans and their dependents and survivors. .B. SHERIFF DEFIES PATROL FORT WORTH, Feb. 15. (K>\— County Tax Assessor-collector John 9purland has defied the state highway patrol and its ban on 1935 automobile licenses until April 1. He and his 30 deputies bought new license plates and announced they would remove the old tags from r '^HJg-V"""'" 1 "'' cars- and attach the new ones. KEEP ON TCP 0' THE WORLD 'WhA you're fecliijg well, you're usually happy. I/ifff !\j" Hi best. Bnt «hcp'y<Hi'rc sidle aiil^ liljic^ days lose ihcir z^st. Yoi/lack ciyhusjasm. Cofnirtpii constipation, cm^Jo in- snflmient; "bull^ in meals, is an encoiy i of Iiaifpy Jiving. It fro i quently-jcauscjj' lu>ad:/clics, Iqns of Vippci4i& > nnd Jfiijgrg)*, ^°t rc 9f ^ u y outinc a-iLJiUoiis cereal. J ••' r ': .'' f ,? Blfogg's Au.-TCiiAN is||f natural ~&r nprimil person|i. It fur- nislib&gcnorous "bulk" to aid elimination. -jjiLL-lJiiAN also provides vitamin E ami iron. Isn't lljis jg ratharrics, itren rpntinujed ul daily arn usually food safra^fnan Uiilikn jjns \)Tectivc with JVQ ioiflcspoonfiils iuuli roscB, with rar:l $nl. Chronic If not relieved this way, sec yuUT doctor. Serve Au.-B(UN as a cereal with milk or cream, or use in cooking. Sold by all grocers. In tlic red-ami- .green package. Made liy Kellogg iu Battle Creek. ALL-BRAN gfgg -""""' ig ' Keep, on the Sunny Side of Life Aerie 5 and 10 Close L. J. Sfc Room 13 Dun e|r l ! :an Bldg. AUTQ OLA while average d ... . _ J2.50. Discount to d AUTO 300 Wet . 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NO. 1 SELECTED RED TRIUMPHS LEMONS LARGE seo SIZE JUICY CALIFORNIA SUNKIST DOZ.i PEERLESS HARDWATER OR WHITE KING TOILETl PALMOLIVE OR CAMAY TOILET ABOVALL'S or VAN CAMP'S MACKEREL JUSTICE BLACK PEPPEI$.s&™n.Yi BUFFET SIZE MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI, 6 OZ. TOILET 11/2 LB. ROCK CRYSTAL E 650 SHEET SARDINES TOMATOES PORK & BEANS TOOTH PICKS SOAP GOLD DUST BORAX AMERICAN OIL, FLAT LIGHT HOUSE NO. 1 STANDARD PACKED NO. 1 TALL REGULAR FLATS ARMOUR'S COCOA HARbWATER TOILET CLEANSER SMALL SIZE WASHING COMPOUND CAN CAN CAN BOX BAR BOX BOX YOUR CHOICE MILK ARMOUR'S DOUBLE RICHNESS OF WHOLE MILK S Tall JL Small or V Cans IN EFFECT P^BRJtEAV- ' T ES v *33fl2 tRESp FRIDAY f; i'AFt®NOpN. 'MEAT AND V iPRODUCE. PRICES ARE t< > FOR ^FRIDAY AFTERNOON, • >SATURDAY AI0 MONDAY. F L O U R f •f« - HLLSBIBY'S BEST BALANCED ALL PURPOSE 1 LB. SACK S1.96 CAKE BREAKER $LOO VALUE Cuts cake without crushing it. 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CELLO RQLL OR COUNTRY ^BiW.- • • ^H^ ^BP ^9*9t ^PW ^^p^ IDAHO WHITE RUSSETS Only Saturday QUALITY PLiBN^f 01PH00SE FRQJMrr Pi li r JpH»ll'^iK SLICED BACON LB. 22k LB. 25k LB. 29k LB.32k PINRNEY'S ECONOMY DOLD'S SUNFLOWER Sterling, Special or Private Label PINKNEY'S SUNRAY BOX BACON LB.i ARMOUR'S STAB SWIFT'S PREMIl DOLD'S CANNED _. 2 SPINACH, MUSTARR 0» TVBJ tuENS OR MED; CANS ,iyiEX(CAff RAJ STLYE BEANS IN OHJtl SAUOfi S CHOICE Carried in Stock at Stores 2 and 3 Oply FLOUR HEART QF GOLD, A GREAT WEST MILL PRODUCT 48LBS. SHORTS100 SACK$lp63 SI. LB, LYE Sledge Jlapiraer Brand High Test CANS. FOR CATSUP Larg? 14 Oz, Ri»9lje4 from Re Ripe Tomatoes i Bottles 24c RAISINS 2 BAG CHILI BLEND ET \ LB. 25c COFFEE BREAK O' MORN IN 1 LB. BA.G id COFFEE p^ss, Vac Packed, fe Purpos* LB.24c SWEET CORN . CAN9c SPAGHETTI NO. ; ^,»i cooked with cheese and tomato sauce CAN9c SODA Arm and Hammer brand LB. BOX 9o TOILET TISSUE JUICE BRAND, NO. 1 3IZE NO, 2 SIZE CAN 5c CANlQc SANI FLUSH Sale, and CAN 9c HOOKER LYE CAN 9c FLUFFY WAPOO BABY LIMAS OR BKOWN U13ANS i CANS! FOR I QNLV VIRGINIA WILCOX WILL DESCRIBE YOUTH'S INFATUATION PAWNEE, Okla., Feb. 15. Cocking a double-barrelled plea of self defense and temporary insanity, Phil Kennaraer's. counsel today hurried to the witness stand the comely daughter of a Tulsa oil millionaire In their fight to save trie 19- yearrold son of a federal judge from the electric chair for the slaying of John Oprrell. "I'm going to tell whatever I can to clear up this terrible tragedy," said Virginia Wilcox, 19, daughter of Homer F. Wilcox, Sr., for whom was named the most productive oil sand in Oklahoma. A. Flint Moss, om the defense staff, predicted her testimony would show that for more than two years Kennamer bad been "madly infatuated" with her, had showered her with glffts, asked her for dates, pleaded with her to write to him— all this despite her refusal to go anywhere or have anything to do with him. "Almost a genius," but "mentally unbalanced" at the time of the>^lng, Kennamer was termed by Mfoss, who said testimony would be tntrbduced ~that the slain student dentist was attempting to kill Kennamer at the time the defendant sho.t. "When you have heard our proof, when' you have heard experts testify and have been told all of the strange happenings of the past in young Phil's tyfe, there wjll not remain a shadow of a doubt J;hat he was not able to distinguish right from wrong," MJoss declared. Moss .depleted an ugly web of extortion about t.o close around Vir- ginia'Wilcock and her family, prior to the Thanksgiving slaying. Witnesses, he said, would testify that the girl had been threatened with harm in a $20,000 extortion note -written by John Gorrell. It was this, l£oss concluded, that led Kennamer to threaten to kill Gorrell, and the "crisis" created by the danger threatening the object of his affections which caused him. to 'lose his mental balance." "When this erratic, this brilliant boy came upon a condition that affected Miss Wilcox, his adored one, it went to work upon his mentality," Moss declared. Judge Franklin E. Kennamer, and ppssibily (the defendant's invalid mother as well, will take the stand to recount puzzling maladjustments in Plijl Kenhamer's life. Psychiatrists appearing for the defense will include Kari Menninger of Topeka, famed for his studies of the humaji mind. The state' ended its case late yesterday after developing five major contentions: That, ^ennamer .confessed when he surrendered, becember 1 at Tulsa, that 'he killed Gorrell Thanksgiving night. That Kennamer previously had maqe numerous.threats to kill Gor- rejl. (Premeditation must be proved to convict of murder iu Oklahoma.) That Kennamer said he made prior pians to kill Gorrell at Kansas City, but' tl\at his plans were disrupted. That lj£ left a gJfoup of acquaintances a sjiprt Mme before Gorrell was slain, -with the announced in- tention'of killing Gorrell. T^at he returned later to tell tfcem he had-killed Gorrell, at that tlrne tying $hot to death with his own gun in a parked oar in an ex- cluglve Tulsa resfcle'nce district. PAI>PY .END/INCJ SEATTLE, Wajh.—Barney W;old didn't send his wife a Valentine. Instead he limjie.d toithje jail, where 4ars. Wol$l W»£ Wld Pn,a.charge of shpotlng' fojjji, and .the two kissed and "made up." Wold, v/ho was shk>t in the hip during a family qijar,rel ft month ago, said he was gojng to haw'pjje.of the slugs Eash,ione4 into p,.,watch charm ffs a ^sbuvehir. 1 ' Mrs. Wold later pleaded guilty to the charge and will re- m.ain Jn jail jin.yi Marcli 6 to serve out the" sentence. » •'•'.•••• — <ff —-— JAPS READY TO ARM WASHINGS'QN.. ^o- 1S - W— A statement.ttj£it.25.000 put O f 100,000 j^par^ese in iQaWornia '.'are cap- arble of going- uncjer ai-ms tomorrow" was made to the-house mili- (ary opmnHt(ee fco^ay bj -P^P 1 ' 6 " 'ifttiye D.oojsw.ejlei' (jXrCalif. was testifying oji"a nj,easure to __, jblish 10 strategic air bases in the United States, Alaska and the Ruy, your at Kees ifc Thomte.

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