The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 5, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1897
Page 3
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THE CHUOTSftCLIS, HAttSIlALL, OCTOB&R 5, A MODEL MARKET >f .."& . , . «• * „ i» always cool, e3k v nt» nea£ has <ffify She Tieat ttma Awl t^etaWeS; aftd oitfets the conditio}.0f Bt WASHINGTON M ARKET •1& Stflfce Stared. ' " SSSB Moonlujflit nights ngaln. Frances Stufdvanl firts the measles. Mrs'. $«1 Tiffany, who hag been very ill, is reported btfttyjr tod^y, Oltibsbf'allkindsarebeghifiingfo re' 'organize feV the winter** work. . A; report oHhe W. C. T. ITf day at to- county fair wftl appear tomorrow. tt is thoiight that the Luetgerfc trial will drag along threo weeks more. . , The welcome prediction is made that we are to have plenty of rain thismotith. T. .Ck Stevenson, of Ionia> formerly editor of the Statesman, was in/this city today. ^ / The yellow fever scare ie liable to keep! many visitors away from tho Nashville exposition. Wonder if that ten story department store which Battle Cr/efc was to have is nearly completed? ' Mre. Emma.Berhams and family, recently of Lansing, have the taken up their residence in Marshall^. . Ttckets.on salo for United Brotherhood lecture course with J.C- Denel, Hatch block. Course ,icket fifty cents. In accordance'with instructions received f rorn Washington the $&n Jpran- cisco mint will »t"oncd -rwratae the-coinage of silver'diillars. Henry Allen and Louis Martmuson, "who -pleaded guilty to burglarizing Che printing office of W. C. Gage '& Sons at Battle Creek were sentenced to three .years in Jnekson. They were taken there Monday. \Bay City dittj/tch: "Railroad Jack" ' haq been attrai/tjmj* large crowds of |>eo- plo tp hie -free^fctreot corner leeturip, whore he delight« in detailing at length the^tnauy^ bad quahlies of Gov. Piugree. Tho query herq is: "Who pays* the Jfroight?" Rev, Lewis Johnston, of Pipe Bluff, Arkansas, a minister among the freecl-« men of the so\jtb, will give an address upon the condition >ud prospects of his people, in tho PreSbvterfon church on Friday evening of (his, week.' Come every body, and ,h<«u» a\uod -teetvwe-ejH^ interesting subject. A renort comes from Holland, Mich., that there is a eehoiue for t be purchase o,f the AUeRato branch of the Chicago & West Michigan row! by vhe capitalists <?ontrolling the! Detroit, Toledo Jt\MiV waukee with a view to making Holland, instead of (Jrand Haven, the main. of the road on lake -Michigan. The fall aioow in October ia known ttne;,"'i>ttnt»r'3 moon^andt , characteristlca aa itbe "harvest 10,000" pf September, though the interval between' successive rising when nearly full, is a' • little greatai 1 , but «HH it is. pflk4en.tly, <v8in«ll to dauae the moonlight «ve&ij)gs to last much longer than usual. Hog cholera has broken out i» places in" thtreection ot the state. J. Brown, state lire stock sanitary sioner, fyaad, 6»e fanner j*e*r Battle head within a few <JayL Kigid \ tine measures are being; established in • \order to prevent tfye wholesale spread 6f ^\ '$fce ftrsfc entei-^aintneijt <jf tins Stap leetuji.- wursc oi^urs Oekiber 21«t, tw nj- will'ioajte their first i f t is ' of -Baton «o»o^y. <M. 3£ar$oret Ikim^lly , both of kina, both ol V. Bali, both of I, to^tfct* and •: H^rry f d. . Regisjror w yoti can tote yes for the waterworks. , *• «ye%" fd* Atatt to register tomotro^ if your tiatne hi not nlrortdy on tie regifltration list in the ward in which 'yon reside. Tile store of 0,1». Lynn 4 Co, y of Homer, was entered by barglars' Monday ftfght And forty dcflffcf&lri mptiey anl B loi.of clothing 5»ra6 fofterj, 1 '„ ;aUonsarcput for the titftdd'tjig of Stage to Bltaer fiaker Wednesday October SJO, «t t^-re*iiJenee e* M*. Singe "in Marshall &Wpi • " "_, Mr, Arttittr, eectetary df' %<s J Co. Agrieitltufal gddei^ informs Ufe that o» the dollat this year and have left to pay,pn pasi to*-**•-*- -*- littto rt codple of whNit thoives Mondftj' after a hoi chke ia whir.h tn^ shsriff took off hj^haa^ coafcand hat, „ overhauled Ms-men. It is tf»o%ht Sbat there Statin ofgaiiiaed gang ofld 1 two. captured near* Bellevuw Sunday nightTjeloBg td the party/and McCa.rty were Cbok- wood demanded an examination which was sot ( f6rOct. 7, McCarty waited e** atrviriation, and was boitnS over ti) the court for trial. In default of Bail they wore remanded,to j»il. Rev. Wm. tiflrth fokierlyof Coldwater is the pastor of Maple Street Methodist church. Battle Creole. Rumot says that the bishop had it Jn for MrHBtertn: and tried to sidetrack him by giving him a small parish at a reduced salary, His pay; being reduced from $1200. to $900. The Coldwater people were touch pleased withHhelr pastor,and asked that tie Iw returned, but th& bishop said no," For a man to think he knows it all proves beyond the shadow of a doubt khnt he is a fool. A know-it-iall is worse than an ass. Ho makes yon angry. His presence is tiresome. You .could wish dim dead or ont qf sight. He is » bora Increase in .learning is a gradual revelation, of' onr own lamentable ignorance. A true scholar never rejoices at whiit he knows, but is pained by the _ that ' there lies before an ocean pf truth, which he, during hia short lifetime; can never pos- aib'ly know, He4s the last man on earth to brag. » "N. A warning to 'people who are prone to lavish attention on their pet tabbies comes from Chillicothe, O., where the cause o'f the recent spread of diphtheria bias beep discovered by the board 'of iiealth. The result of that discovery is that a war is being waged against cats, and a bulletin hap been issued prohibiting children playing with tueir feline Jt has been noticed that the mortality among, cats there has been unusually great recently, and within the past ifew days the health officers an examination of a number of dead cats. The startling discovery was ma4e that all those cats had died of (Hph- •heria. t / The decision of the aupreoie court iturday-Jn thetaae pf Smith va the Lake Shore and Michigan, southern railway, has created no end of discus' sion in railway circles. On the whole, tho dieifliop was considerable of a flur prisa. Wbile only a few of J.he roads in the state will be-effected by it A it is regarded aa a/hard blow to them all, neverthfelesB/ "It uj a dead inoral cinch," «^id one ;ojirwd luaa last night, "that it will knock the new interohangeable ltjagft book higher than, Gildcroy's kite. The decision' will lorce them to sail tt Straight thousand mile. lx>ok for ^» and faro bill," the i>egt tfawa" of. baoa ball in this county took 'place ou he fair ground liiat Friday, the opno*- og teftme being Hom»r and Battle Creek, BOVWJ^ inpioks Battle Creek kept swre at the 2 to 0 in favor Afcth&0ftd«f Uu : " runs md ten jnniogft t»»d tp be played which Teaulted in 1 favor "of Battle Crook who won, the game by snwomot ihrwj to oth aia<wWB(ie re-«,aforued by a . fir«sa ^be Fa»» J?>»ceg»aai», As Elomer w«n the gaffl* Thursday, both »«i^«M»iSw» ^ aaother ga^e will be pJ»je4 |u this city Friday afternoon conuueneing at 3 o'cluck, at the fair ground, ^be |eajoB ptwad of %9, *»«* pikers that ^*^p^ S'^W' *W ^pp* 1 "*W wftb croup of , asie by %.««teir of #» Kftyor. K. Hv tf. ndAy e fim Lewi«^o\vn«3eq^ went lo 5ti8B 'Itertba fownaend, of Ka'lamazoo, is v*4ttBg*ib this city, •Miss frlora B«rk left Moatlny craiinft for Chicago. C^ttnaUickey went to KalaiBa- ovouiiaf fwto, thpnco aho eo, »*, HuntlHg ilyent fwSala ' F. J. Raumeyejr fcft today for Atbibn where fad will ffiaKo bandy dtiririg the " ••"' ' oo ff leftds f,*f|, Order protJeediDg fpi^ap dpye, Thds J. Wftlfofd and ^HptiiaT. ^ttorii m'Johm Sitarpi appealed from probate court. ^By coiiaeni of botH-WtSes, fBo order of tho .probate court wa* sot, aside .wflhout cS|t8 to either party and tho case back to the pro&ftte conrt. Bowen }i John BqWen and- Mary ShepherXys. Patrick And Mary Brogan, argueil "Ctordette, f. E, Levfeis Ki-Oook makes" a specialty of fine teas and c^des.\Teae from lOc to 70c pet-pound; eotfee-fraai Ific to 35c. If yon contemplate tno pnrchase of a hat for the fair, call on Mr». Merrill L. K. Cook baodlee Creani lOc per package. • M. C. K. B, will sell tickets to Albib and roturh Oct. 5th to 9th- inclusive fol forty cents on account of Albion fair'. Tickets good to return Oct. 9th. C. E. Gira-oKi), Tkt. Agt. Wateorr A Watson aunounee their fall opening for Thursday, October 14. Stove Pipe, Elbows, Dumpers, Delivered to any part of city. Hardware. Jfotlec. Having sold my stock of goods to L. K. Cook all persons owing me are requested to please call atuLfiettle. • . P. COOK. • Notice. ' • Whereas, my wife, Margaret Smith, having loft my bed and board I hereby notify all persons from trusting her i on my account Jif tor this date. Marshall, Sept. 2S», 1897. SMITH, Sr. Mrs. I* PealirigXetiirned from Chicago last evening imero she has been • attending millinp'ry openings of tho prominent wholeeaK) houses and also buying tho latest' things iu faUmllHnery. / The To buy flour, graham, bolted meal,coarse meaXground feed, bran-or middlings is at^C. A, ChlSsher'fl mill. All kirrtki of custon grinding done. Lots of ch chicken feed. is the best becausp it is only one-half the cost of shingles, tt can be applied on flat 'or steep roofs. It is fire proof. Anybody can put it on. Hardware. Attcuth n. John Cuzzina has received through H L. Day A Son" wear of the "Hercules" brand of German Portland cement, And is prepared,to put : down tho beet walks and guarante') it to a tam\ with any other cement on the marktrf. • • • ^1 have opened a I^Sur and Feed iu tb& .builaioe v&cat^d by / * * , • l^ave a full stock of F.low, Mill Featk, Baled toy And Btvaw ^will sell for lowest cash OTIS C, PERRIN, FflUIT Dft. H. S. HAHN. " rfunriinim.- **" Ofltee «t lipftUtPtwa OM South <^nn b^.cAIT^* fcjr f*h«r>Kiw# iWm t a <t», ttf » p. m. i»t my M*>j>hon« In »li«' rity. Parll*!* lllaif «Htf«rtll«n prtirt to nil «'lir,»tt»<- Itn U. S. CIGAR Wltlt A ID. 8, Ma<l« cm iiorrtu*, sold 011 Jfcsk for tlicra and show yottr dealer you know whso you get it smose. Hiey a)te mJide by E». T,'" kAN,of thfeoHy- . _-, GEORGE INCERSOLL, 6ENERAL , ' ^ had eighteen yeart 'eifpeflewse *» Judge of PfoBatewiH #ve tpecldl attention to prflctlco lit Probsee Oouftd. Parties having business In ptotiato conrt» fftat WILLS, Deeds, Mortgages an.d Legal Drawn. Titles to Real Estate Kxamlnert. Wfil attorid to the pnrchai«e ft'ort sale of real o&tate, paymcttt or taxes, etdi Lo»ha on "real estate negotiated. Agentfor ft SopS line Of Mfe And Lite Insur ^" ance OFFICE at i&BSJOEJ?Ofif, v COrnetuMaDston and Gi4tn3,9tB. Marshall, M!i«li. A CENCROUS OFFEft that the WISP rnnti, as well n« thfVeonotn • leal one will appreciate, we affl,ii'tnkin« this week in our offer to ntako a top coat in, either fnl! or wiutftt Wfij>ht, ih th rt most diBJJngne etylpi and moafc abte ctlt,, ftnishcd Itt aft <*x from i2Q to *3&. We have tho lateet, thing ont Irt handsome frtlJ^tes ift Cov«t and Kerseys and TS.cttns coatings. - " jr. 3. m SBAICE."• WANT * * 9 .'? >. New Fall Hat AT Miss Weston's Who will-giv^you *, dtyllsh Ttlmmed Hat frotn $l.OO UP to »l.50-never sold before for le^9 than «3.OO. This sale wIlHasKuntll Seft* 28, , . y._ * ^ N Children's Tarns .In all colors at Q6O 0^806. Walking Hata, Sailor- latest Otlt». iSirds, .Wings and Feathers at your own price. Call 8tot6 is open for business.; " ./ MATCH BLO Over Statesman Office. AKS! "^ / A THE/STYLES // •^ % • ^ for* K> <"'f WM* ^'•Wto \*M »«• t$ -!ight garments, right in length, fit, fabrics arid f^liion; Come and see them. The prices are surprisingly low, in fact fowerTfhan em 1 ^ Our DresnCJoods" stock is up s>6 date, filack and Colored Serges and beautifuk Dress Patterns in new styles/ ' OUR .-I* Wool l|ovelttes They can't be beat, QurUlack and Blue Storm Serges, all- wool, 4^inth wide, at S^G peir y^rd i^ a/ great Bargain. Just resceived ^ fuU- li»4 °^ Dre^a, ^kirts, 'price : fe from$2 to f& 4 \ * " ' '•''•?'• -'' ; ."•-" I i l t i •»• Just receividl 1 •» " v* have ontytf see tli litervy Table Linen-Napkins-Crashei EJverythiftg .Freili s»4 Hew., ; ' i OUTINC FLANNELS Se to iOc per yard. Wfe carry t^W. B, Corset, hard y for roon-we will ctose <mt ottrline perfect fittwg. at v&ty tow U I"

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