The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 11, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 11, 1959
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" t $^f»yW'-'' 1 i:V ^ * \ '' XV, * BRAZORIA COUNTY FOOTBALL SCORES ^WEEKEND Edition 1O< -.--. Angleton .. Deer Park*-*-. «-6 Conro* Alvin **.*••* 8 7 W*$t Columbia Wharton ...... 22 8 Danbvry .......14 Sheridan ....... 6 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS COMPLETE STORIES ON PAGES 7-8-9 WEEKEND Edition 1Q< .VOL. 47 NO, 171 SUNDAY, OOTOBEE 11, 1959 Hardman Fired/ Kenyon Appointed I'"" 1 "" • ' --" ''•""•'^•^-•••'•^"••••••••••*^»«—^—•• -,, i . .—^.i.j..^^ , ,. . u... . . .„ _._ _. . , , ...... -^.^^—.-^ ^^H C ^«V ; ' ' ' . If Lee Interferes Again, Arrest Him/Police Told If Constable Jack Lee — or anyone else 1 — should again interfere with a city police (Bankston), had served on;the force, Lee had been "one cori- tlnunl problem" of harassment. during an Investigation, j Mayor Russell asked City ne Is to be arrested. i Attorney Wayne Holder for an That was the directive given opinion on the city's right* In the Police Department Friday!the incident, by the Freeport Board of Com-! Holder said that In some re- mlssloneta.' spects a constable hag more ,L . „, .. . OIJKV.H, n luiiatauit; HOB mull lV. ? e fi order grew out of power than any other law «n. an incident in Freeport the previous Friday, when Patrolman ,L: D.. Parsons received a call to investigate an accident at West,Second and Maple, w Parsons told tho Board Fri- p day that he and Patrolman Travis McGuire, had arrived at lorcement officer, 'in that he may operate anywhere In the state. " • .However, Holder said, he has no power and no authority whatever to-enforce city ordinances. He said that there were state laws dealing with traffic J-?_ sc S," e _ ab ° ut th ,iee.minutes i violations, but that the state " J " irlly recognized that city took precedence within . i said, they Constable Lee talking to the laws persons involved In the accident • ••-•!..". '. • . Patrolman' Parsons said he spoke briefly to Lee, then took out his accident field sheet and filled out the heading on it At that point, he said, .L«e. .walked over 'and said ha was ' "working the accident." He said he was the ."officer at -the scene," and suggested that the city officers "show him the courtesy" of using his report i rather than making one of their own. the -city limits. But regardless, Holder said, a city officer had the right to Investigate any accident to determine whether a'city ordinance had been violated. Mayor Russell was of thy opinion that when there was any overlapping of agencies the Police Department should have the prior right to Investigate any crime in the city. If the case proved to be beyond the city's resources, the police should call on other qualified Rather than make .a'scene,;officers, he said. . • < Parsons : said,,he went ui''a) . "I think the Board has been nearby Phone ana called Canti'snm«-j/Vint i = •» in tv,io m*a*A lax in this regard I Charles Bankstorj. Bank? ton)during the last two years," Ma... n f d ;.the,,tw6^to t returfl;to ; ;tlj«]y c i; ^pssleU ^d,-"but I think ',V; 'Stauon, ; and 4 t8afejhe wrfuld',ta-;lh4;peopleare becoming aware J. ,• form Mayor Jim;Russell. !now.of what the Polle<rD«.- The Board asked Capt. Bank-i partment has been up against ston Friday if this kind of prpb-i in carrying out their duties." lem occurred often. Commissioner C. M. Helpih- . . . Bankston replied- that /.this i still .observed that "the condf- was the' first time Lee had: so; lions our Police Department • pointedly gotten in their way, I have been working under are but for the .past two. years he deplorable. Whatever we can ,1 QUICK WORK AVERTS TRAGEDY Quick work by frtepoit iir«ro*ni htlpid to «»»rJ what could have bon a strlous explosion. Th* flit was sharllr b»lor» noon Friday whan a flash explosion occurred wh«n a a»«olln« transport truck was making a dtllttrr oi gs§- olun at Penwr's HumbU 8M»lc» SUUon on W»sl Fourth. The ilia ind explosion an thought to have happantd due Jo <um»s from.";*• giiollnt being igniitd from a spark or naarby gti llam*. JACK SAMPSON, seen taking in the Dow histories movie at the county fair Friday night .... . At the same place, BOB FREDRICKSON, spotted waiting foj the merry-go-round music to end so he could retrieve a youngster .... '.'•'',-• • And, MRS. FLOYD MURRELL, walking around the commercial exhibit area listening to the transistor radio which do^to aUeviatejne^ troubles, w« Without this mutual recognition, the law enforcement sys- are obligated to do." Commissioner M. L. Ernmoni stated that "i< the Board and citizens stand behind the Police Department, I think we can keep a clean town: and I think the people here want a clean town." Holder pointed out that such troubles seldom arose because the various agencies voluntarily recognized the pre-emptive rights of others to certain territory. ttat Is, law enforcement In the-'city is the province of city police';, the Texas Highway Patrol enforces State laws on state highways; and the Sheriff's Department handles the remaind,«r of the territory, plus the city and highway when called on-to do so. tern breaks down, Holder said. Capt. Bankston said that the Police Department had. always worked in close cooperation with the Highway Patrol and Sheriff's Department, but that this didn't work with Lee. "Don't ask cooperate with Lee. We can't do it," Capt. Bankston said. The Board then directed the Police Department to arrest anyone who Interfered with an investigation by the department They also commended C4pt Bankston' on being a b i e , to maintain the morale of ttie^de- piYtment during the vacancy* ol the chief of police position,-. FP Woman Is Held • •/'.(' • *' •'•• : K*--•'•' ':! : :- *±f In Injury Of Charges ^bf assault*to murder were filed Friday (.against a * - woman who said-eh* threw a baby to the .floor because it wouldn't stop crying: Mrs. Ruby Lyrin, 39, of Route F/eeport, uras attested in Houston .Friday^ and charged before' Justice, of th« Peace Dave Thomp»onj"8h*_was-}ri jail In HourtoSTtodajC - — " The assault occurred three days earlier at the home of Carl Arthur Larson, 3S, a laborer. Partly cloud*:r*rn«"~rHUd; through Sunday, with scattered showers and - southerly •- winds. Low tonight around 75 and a high on Sunday of 86. Sun Data. Sets .Saturday at 5:57 pjn. Rises Sunday at 6:20 a.m. Mrs. Lynn wi Larson 1 * "Id-mi er.tSheba ig for daught- Mrs, Lyrm;-In i'written states ment to Houston police, saia that the baby would not Stop crying, and. that'she'threw the infsrii to the floor in aa effort to quiet it. ' .The baby' received a leg- and three right arm. It was ferson Davis Ho.,. days later the incident was reported to 1 ! police. Police said that Mn. Lynn at first claimed that the father of the child had thrown the baby against a building In a fit of anger. , .-Police arrested Larson early Friday, but later released him after Mrs. Lynn 'admitted that she had committed'the'assault herself. A three-year-old sister of the injured child was turned' over to Harris County probation authorities. Police said they would push their investigation further, into the situation that h a <j brought about the Incident. - BOARD TAKES ACTION AT SPECIAL MEETING By GLENN HEATH ' . Edilot of Th* Facts G. C. Hardman Sr. was removed from the office of city judge "for cause" Friday; night,-and his elective office abolished. ;.-•., In the same ordinance, Corporation Court was reestablished as an appointive position, Freeport Attorney Thomas G: Kenyon was appointed Corporation Court judge to fill the newly-createa position. Hardman told a Facts reporter Saturday that he had .no .com Iment to make at this time but .would have a -statement to make later. ' The ordinance was unanimously approved by the five members of the Board at a ' special meeting Friday night. •It was .approved as ah emergency measure, and takes effect .immediately., -,-.' Friday's action was the re- ';sult of Hardman's defiance of a; recent ordinance t h a t required him to move Corporation Court to the City Hall and out of his insurance office. 'The deadline;for moving was Sept. 30. ' All five members of the Board; were favorable to appointment of Kenyon. the 4 ATTORNEY XEHYON BECOftB JUDGE-KEMYON j>mport M«y«* HiUMll. L«n. Ad mhUiUrt O»lh To Kenyom, lUftt . A^jjr riding the ordinance, jand-. before final passage, the .'Board waited more than an hour whpe staff members attempted to reach Kenyon. wHen contacted, Kenyon ac- WjHed the .appointment. Th e ordinance '.was approved, and • Kenyon was immediately hea<»e4 , th«n».\*« a" prowling' Thefts On Pocket Polic* report SatuToay morniof . At. 8:OJ pan. Friday polte* veitigat^l an ftccident pt the intersection- of Souta Avenue A «nd South ^Fourth, Street in Freepor^, Involved ,were AtidrewyLeavins, SOS Smith Street WClute, driving a 1956 Virgil A. Cor- nowicz ol r Angleton dnvint a 1956 Damage -to Leavint* car 'was tbnmtcdt at $80 and none to the car driven by Gornewicz. Man Resists Arrest, Le ips From f (ice Cor A Los Angeles Negro man was- jailed In Angleton this week following a hospital checkup 'after he jumped from a Clute police car. Clute Polioe Chief O. C. Merryman said the man was apparently suffering from mental disturbances and was to be el eased from jail when his family completed arrangements for his admittance to a veteran's hospiUl. ; The man was arrested Wednesday after a Clute woman awoke to find him sitting in a chair in. her home. She ordered him to leave and he did so, but tried to re-enter the home after walking around it, she told Chief Mejrjmin. She then called the police. Merryman said he found the man sitting in his 1959 Ford parked near the woman's home and was taking him to the justice of the peace court when the handcuffed man jumped from the police car. He fell te the ground, and Merryman said he called an ambulance to take the man to the hospital for a checkup. Merryman said the ma-i was apparently not injured from the jump: On Thursday Merryman said On Highway 35 t t6ek'-th» man to Galveston letting an opinion on the man'a mental condition but was unable to get an appointment. The man was jailed on charge of trespassing while ierrjrman contacted the man's •ifC'jbi Houston. H* said the wife told him lat. they had driven from Los Angeles to Houston, arriving Saturday, and that her hus- jahd... began talking strangely n the 1 ;, trip. On Tuesday he drove away to buy gasoline in Iouaton->and .disappeared, she aid. Ai far as she knew, her msband knew no • one in the " " area, she-told Merry- Chita man. Friday Wreck Injures Three Three peisons were Ued atter a Friday after wreck on "lighway 35 near Old Ocean. Injured were the driver. ?«^»:candyitth«fair. . . coming up she'd just won | £RNlft RlSAt seen~en]o' WALTER MINTKS/w-.,--- for birthday!, Sunday" * r^TT SAM'RE A, with two black eyes and « patched up htad as Die result of a recent fall in his bathtub And Around Th* Counlyi ' . MBS. LILLIAN GAYLE, missing from her WC school duties several days this week due to her ton. BILL , being ill in-Methodist Hosoltal at Houston . . . , Cleveland Shelton Jr., 21, of Fannin, and two passengers in his car, Exiquel Cantu, yi, and Sylvester DeLeon Jr., 20. A fourth occupant of the car, D. C. Shelton of Fsnnin, was uninjured. : • • The driver was taken to Matagorda County General Hospital in Bay City, suffering cuts about the face. He nad been thrown from the open convertible, landing under the front wheel, which almost rolled over him. \ Cantu and DeLeon were taken to the same hospital 'by Wait Funeral Home ambulance and the Sweeny Volunteer Fire Department vehicle. Cantu-had four fractured ribs and multiple bruises. DeLeon, who. was thrown from the car onto the pavement, hao two fractured vertebrae. " State Highway Patrolman Thomas D. Grand said the accident occured when the right rear tire blew out and the driver lost control, with the car sliding across the left aide of the road onto the Hit shoulder. The car turned over once coming to rest on its wheels. Grand said it traveled 290 feet from the point where the tire blew out before stopping There were no witnesses, be said' The accident occured at 4:31 pjTi. Friday one and one hal miles west of Old Ocean. Dam ag« to the 1B5J Ford Convtrt ible was estimated at 11300, making * * total lota, wis given a ticket tot having an expired operator's license and Gornowicx was issued • ticket for failure to yield right-of-way. A prowler was reported to police It JUT pjn. fiUtff at 1302 West Eighth Street. '4,'he units were aavised and. thtt prowler was found to b* •» rat scratching on the front door.,,- i Police received a call, Thursday night that a man w*» disturbing the peace in * cauin at Jinks' Courts on Front. Street :n Freeport. When the Reuee arrived they arrested, James Lasseter of Freeport in the cabin of Al Mocha, according to.Captain Charles, Bankston. A. J. Jinks, owner of the courts, filed charges of disturbing the peace on Lasseter. He was taken before City Judge O. C. Hardman who released Lasseter, stating the police would have to have a warrant before entering the cabin to arrest the man, Bankston said. Two thefts were on the police report, the fjrst at 8:45 pjn. Friday. Al BeUUeau called and stated that some Negro men were trying to steal some shrimp at the Singleton Dock. ,- According to Bellizeau, the men were driving a light colored, iold model Cadillac. .Police arrested • Robert Preston Ellison,!-45, on a boat and .awn. The 'car wfs nof JbettaL At~J:30 aJn. Saturday, Harold Anaerion «f ,th» Central Hotel in' Freeport, : "reported that two p«irs at slacks and three *ports-'«hirtt-,wer»rMolen West from Broad ,and Wett Psafc. At 1.01 wn,' Saturday Paul Sbubeat- reported to poJfee that he an* arrather man were on their Way to Ted's Place in Freeport When three Latin- American males Jumped them and tried te take their mosey. Shukeat gav* a description of the youth who jumped him and said hfr could positively Identify him if he was located. Police received a cmll at 10':S2 p.m. Thursday from a woman in the 600 Block of West First that a prowler was around her house. When the officers arrived they arrested Nolan Bell Fluker who was running down the alley in back of the house. The woman had described the clothes the prowler was wearing and Fluker had on the same type of clothes. He w'as unemployed and had no visible means of support. Charges of vagrancy were filed on Fluker but he was later released' by Judge Hardman .because of .insufficient evidence on the vagrancy charge .according to Captain Bankston. rwom, in by Mayor Russell >«ng_jhj» i o(fjce;.Ken- H* nad^a^a and that h( had been jtes..,_ courtesy In Harjfcian's court Kenyon expresses the hope that the court would not com* under fire as the result of the decision. I will try to see," he said, "that our ; court is operated in accordance with federal and state laws, and city ordinances. I will try to reserve to the oeo- ole the rights reserved to them tinder state and federal const) rations. 11 Earlier w the meeting, before reading (ne ordinance, Mayor Jim Russell had reviewed the recent events that led Up to the ordinance. After Chief of Police Barney Priest resigned, the Board had asked. Hardman to do likewise, noting at the time the .Hoard felt that Hardman's. past r/>c- ord of - harassing the Felice Department would make it difficult to hire a competent replacement for Priest. Hardman refused. Then the Board had passed an o'din- ance requesting Hardman to move the corporation court to the city hall, appointing a corporation court cfcrk, and making some changes in procedure. At the deadline on Sept. 30, Hardman had sent a letter to the mayor by way of a reporter, stating that in his opinion the ordinance was punitive, and 'that he would not move until the quarters at the city hall were completed. ?<ferring to an earlier finding of the Board that Hardman had subjected the Police Department to continual harassment. Mayor Russell said that "it is not fair to subject a pew chief of police to the H OMICOMJNG QUHW ir girls nMdoaiMi J • «VUM» The oiMr •** 9, Section 16 of the Freeport home rule charter gave the Board authority to create or abolish any office in the city e x c e p t those ' of the city secretary and tax assessor-collector. All four 'city commissioners were asked for comment on the proposed action. City Commissioner C. M. Helpinstill said that in Dallas recently, .at a convention of the Texas League of Municipal!ties, he had talked with several prominent state police chiefs. Every one told him, he said, that a city should have an« appointed;'city judge. Most said th'-": would not work in a city where the judge was elected, they told him. Also, Helpinstlll said, there is the lack of cooperation from Judge Hardman. "We also need better records as to the handling of money in Corporation C->urt," he said. Agreement with this was expressed by Commissioner Dave Harsdorff: "We have a sorry situation, and this appears to be the only way to cure It." .Commissioner, M. ; 'L. Em- . ' mons: "The .city, business Is the lar^estj business in :Braaw-'p port .It should "be-'operated •'asf-" ? v a business, and this means v >tter hanfNjng of the taxpay- ars' money." conditions Freeport." now prevalent in A search of the charter had been made, the mayor said, to see whether the Board had the authority to aopoint a new Judge. City Attorney Wayne Holder gav e the legal opinion that the Board did. He pointed out th*f Article said that "I think wc^ have done everything pos- to eoonerate with the i: and now there's no alternative." th'nV this is a long step in .the direction of clearing up all our disturbances." Commis- «ioner n. V. ColHns commented: "after the fireworks, we will havo an organization here for the betterment of tha city of Vreenort." The ordinance nassed by the "nn-fl statps that it will, as a result of the .1ud<» e ' s "refusal to obey the lawful ordinances of the city of Freenort. Texas, remove said .Tnflge G. C. Hardman from office." The Board agreed to invoke the emergency ^ rule, suspending the rule, requiring two p' Ji --»s of the ordinance. This was Hue. according to Section IB of the ordinance, "to the fact that the nresent Judge "f the Corooration Court, hsreln removed from office, is anting contrary to an ordinance of the Citv. directing him to ''ave his offlce in the Citv of Frnenort. Texas. City Hall, '•'pates an emergency, and this ordinance fhall he effective upon its adon*(on hernf." Silver Tea Sunday The Lake Jackson Stella Marls Sodality is sponsoring a silver tea from 2 to 8 p.m. Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Haralson Jr., 101 Daisy in Lake Jackson. Singing Convention The Brazoria County Singing Convention will meet at 2 pan. Sunday in the Emanuel Baptist Church in Clute. Tide Schedule Saturday — High none. Low 4:26 p.m. Sunday — High 12:31 a-ra. and 1:04 pjn. Low 6:53 ajn. and 5:38 pjn. WHAT'S INSIDE THE DO-IT-YOOHSELF HUSBAND is sppiaised— from Hi* woman's critical viewpoint _ this week in aa articl* by WonWs Editoi L«Roy By»d. Paga 5. W THE VEtASCO OF THE 1890's, M«. E. F. Hoeller aw Mrs. J. T, Dingle liied of muddying their skirts in th* city tlt»»t» whll. shopping. So they formed a civic group Ibat built • b^std walk. Polly O'Connill writes sen* rcollKtions of th«« ««ly days in an article OB ALL SCHOOL DISTRICT MENUS for Jfa. coming week ippftr iodar on P«g. Ss Ihey will help you plan mtals this week. > CAMERAMAN DON WILSON speni much of Jh. K* F^ak at the Counly Fair, Many of the events an* ac«n*i Min by Wilson and his eamtra appear in i full fm «» pMv« *n Pag* I. T

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