Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 13, 1969 · Page 19
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 19

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 13, 1969
Page 19
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Mom's family Doesn't Fit /n? BY ABIGAIL VAN BUKEN DEAR ABBY: Our son just came home from Viet Nam and announced his engagement to a girl he went with before he went away. She comes from high society people. Her mother asked me for a list of people on our side we wanted invited to the wdding. My problem is we have a lot of relatives we never see except at weddings and timerals and some of them wouldn't fit in very well with such high-class people. Also, this is going to be a dress-up type church wedding, and 1 hate lo put some of I hem on the spot to spend all that money getting dressed up just for that one day. Is there some way 1 can invite those who can afford it and will til in. and leave the others out? I hate to hurl any feelings. SAN ANTN100 DEAR SAN: Invite them all, and those who want to come *ill find ft way fo cut the Hiustard. Everyone has some relatives who won't fit ia", But don't worry* there will be pteflly on the other side who won't fit In either, and they'll fit nicely with your misfit*. DEAR ABBY: I am 11 years old and I am ashamed of my mother. She tells the biggest lies, and she gossips a lot on the telephone. She will talk to one lady and pretend lo be her best friend, when she is really her worst enemy. How can a I person be so two-faced and evil i and then tell me if f tell a lie 'God will punish me? CHARLOTTE. N.C. I DEAR CHARLOTTE: Do as your mother SAYS, not as she docs. Honey. Perhaps your mother will read this and realize that while "example" Is not the only teacher, it Is ode of the most powerful. DEAR ABBY: I have been lifcfct tt M ! bfldttfftttd am vety excited abwt il, but 1 arri also worried. You set, I want vefy fntfch fof fhy boy- ffieffd to be invited to this wedding, attd so far my girlfriend (the bride) hasn't said anything about il. The invitations haven't gofte out as yet so 1 don't know whether she plans to invite my boyfriend or not, but 1 am praying she is. j fs there some subtle way I lean find out? And if she isn't | planning on having my boyfriend, how can 1 get him invited without seeming bold? BRtDEsMAlD DBA tt BttibfcSMAIfc: A bHde asks ihef closest friends lo be her bridesmaids, and obviously you are ofle of hers, so come right out and tELL her that you hope she doesn't overlook your friend. DEAR ABBY: My husband was married briefly before he married me. 1 understand he was very much in love with his first wife who left him for another man. A year later we met and fell i in love. We married after a I short courtship and now we 1 have one child. I love him with 1 all my heart, and I know he • loves me, but he insists on doing ' something that is eating away at my heart. Whenever we meet new friends, he always finds a way I lo mention to them that he was married before. Why does he i do this? Is he proud of the } fact? It was such a short marriage, and they had no children. Altrusa Meet Attracts 19 ! Hie Altrusa Club met ift fegu , i lar session Wednesday in the | jIBfowhwood Coliseum with the : ! new president, Mrs. M. L. Atte-; | befy, presiding with her new | slate of officers. the Altrusa theme for the hew ! year is "Take a Fresh Approach ; to Service." Mrs. Attebefy stfes-'. i sed continued growth in member, ' and service. ! ] Roll was called by Mrs. Edith ' ' McCollum. Cards of thanks and appreciation were read from Mrs. Winnie B. Burnett and Miss Juanita Knight. Miss Cleo, i Ritchey, treasurer, read the' I financial report. ! Nineteen members were present and each one pledged to take a new approach to service, by offering to express new ideas, and to act accordingly. Mrs. Attebery urged members • to join hands with her along with vice-president, Mrs. Albert Bon- 'ser; recording secretary, Mrs. McCollum; corresponding sec- W/M Sunday, July 13, 1$6$ SRQWNWadP BULUT1N SB tteai- Heloise: Mere is a hint for gals who use liquid facial cleansers. Put the cleanser in aft empty roll-on deodorant bottle and roll it on. Remove the top from a roll-on bottle. Wash all the parts well, four in your cleanser and replace the top. The cleanser goes much fur- thur and isn't messy at all. Ruby Crowell In fact, it's simply fantabu- lous! You're a precious jewel, just like your name. Always, Heloise Dear Heloise: I found a quick #ay to slice oniofis. to keep the oftion from sliding around when you are slic-j ing it, cut a small piece off one side, then set the onion on j the cut edge while you slice the' remainder. I Doiina Martinson I don't see why il is necessary to even bring it up. If you can explain why he • does 'this, you will be helping i me tremendously. Than you. ! HURT DEAR HURT: Only your husband can answer that qtles' tion, Ask him. And while you I are on the subject, ask him ! for one small favor. To keep i quiet about it in the future. relary, Mrs. Hazel Quails; and 1 treasurer, Miss Ritchey, stressing that each one had a definite "thing" to do whether it be' program chairman, Altrusa information, vocational service and public affairs, community service, international relations, classification and membership, by laws, fitiance, ways and] means, publicity, hospitality and i courtesy, telephone, social ac-j tivilies. special courtesies, or nominating and election. The members present were dismissed with the club prayer in unison. Deaf Heloise: To keep from running upstairs to change baby every time, t keep about 10 'olded diapers, clean rubber pat ( and a piece of plastic sheeting (to protect couch) under the cushions of my couch. No one is the wiser, and it saves me many, many steps. ; Carole Himmer LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heolise: Just wanted you to know that your wonderful nylon net has prompted me to write a bit of poetry: Just pick me up, I'll scratch your back And make you fee! like new. Then turn around And take a look, I'll scrub your bathtub too. Mrs. F.W.R.Y. Dear Heloise: After making some cotton drapes recently, I had many long pieces left ffotri the cut-offs. So often t run out (rf Siring that t have found these strips better AM mote binding thart that bail of twine that's never around when needed! Ruth £ack Dear Meloise: Our kitchen chairs are vinyl with a plastic coating that make them so smooth. The inside back of one of the chairs got a small cut in it, and I was afraid it would split and ruin. So to seal the fabric. I put three coals of clear nail polish on it, letting each coat dry real well. It made the cut so smooth that now it can barely be seen. A Reader Dear Heloise: We are trailerites and since most stoves in trailers don't have pilot lights, my husband taped a piece of sandpaper up under the hood of my stove to strike matches on. This way I can keep an attractive jar or can near the stove for matches and still have a place to lieht them. Mrs. Harry Badger . 1 happefifed to tMHfc t* embroidery floss. So f M slrafids Atom 12 iftehet fall si* threads left Ifl strand). 1 tied the lhfe§ together at one eftd, Sl straight pin through tfJ6 kfiot land stuck it in the ftftft « ffiV Upholstered chair, theft platted i it ' When ! gal it as long as neetf- i ed. I tied & knot ifi it &nd cut it off. Did the salflfe thlftf tof ; the second loop. ! Then 1 took a couple oi Httl§ stitches out of the side seams just above the waist, tucked : the little knots ift and replaced : the stitching. i It's a lovely job. ! I'm really hot a good SeaM* i stress, but no ofle would eVet ' guess this dress wasn't "store i boughten" - that is, unless they looked inside! A Reader j ._-___;, Dear Heloise: . I always put a pinch of borax • in any glass jar that I am storing. It remains fresh without any musty odor regardless of how long it is stored. Mrs. C. P, A. Copyright, 1969, King Features Syndicate, Inc. Dear Heloise: i For those of your readers who, are sewing g?.ls, I think I came , up with a nice professional- j looking job yesterday. I was making my daughter a dress with a sash and didn't' want to use self-material belt Geologists estimate that 18 billion barrels of oil may lie beneath shallow Gulf of Mexico waters along the mineral-rich Continental Shelf. Production is now more than 400,000 barrels a day. CASH CHARGE LAY-AWAY UPER EMI-ANNUAL THIS SALE INCLUDES ALL OF OUR SPRING AND SUMMER MERCHANDISE ALL FROM REGULAR STOCK. ALL OF OUR FAMOUS BRANDS 1NCUDED . . . COUNTRY SET, KORET, BOBBIE BROOKS, RALPHS, SUNNY SOUTH, DUNE DECK, RUSS TOGS, KIMBERLY, NORMAN WIATT, R&K, LESLIE FAY, BURT STANLEY, CARLETTE, JERELL. OUR POLICY ON SALE ITEMS ... 1. YOU MAY RETURN, 2. YOU MAY EXCHANGE, 3. YOU MAY TAKE OUT ON AP- PROVAL, 4. WE WILL HOLD IN LAY-AWAY FOR 30 DAYS. MISSES DRESSES 8 to 20 Reg. 16.00 24.00 28.00 32.00 34.00 38.00 Many others to ]/2 Off MISSES PANT DRESSES 12.00 16.00 to 17.00 21.00 24.00 27.00 29.00 Reg. 8.00 10.00 6.00 7.00 Reg. 9.00 12.00 11.00 BRA DRESSES 7.00 9.00 8.00 COTTON SHIFTS Reg. $8 to $12 Price .... 6.00 .10.00 HALF SLIPS In Nylon Tricot ond Skirt Savers 1.00 1.50 2.00 Reg. $10 to $13 .. Slacks Reg.$io Shorts Reg. $8.. Reg. $13 to $14 Reg 513 Knit Shirts Reg. $eto$7. KORET SPORTSWEAR in no-iron Korotrcn 7.00 and 9.00 7.00 6.00 9.00 and 10.00 9.00 4.50 and 5.00 10.00 Golf Shorts ne S » 10 7 -00 Knit Tops ResM 3-0° Terry Shorts R,,.» 5 , 3.50 leg$4and$5 <3.VV „,,„ 5.00 LS. Bonlon Shirts B ,,.,» 7.00 Culottes „.,.„5.00 Rolph Stretch Fonts «««,,.»« 8.00 Blouses, Sleeveless, Short Sleeve 14 Off Carry Over Specials UNTRIMMED WOOL FUR TRIMMED Coats (2-10) 0-11) 0-13) (1-14) Sizes (2-8) (1-9) (1-10) (Ml) (1-12) 25.00 50.00 IN ^Y-AWAY UNTIL OCT. ht JUNIOR DRESSES 3-13 Reg. 16.00 12.00 20.00 15.00 24.00 18.00 Many others V4-Y3-V2 or More JUNIOR PANT DRESSES 12.90 Reg. 16.00-20.00 by Jerell JUNIOR SWIMWEAR Reg. 17.00 & 18.00 13.00 19.00 15.00 21.00 16.00 JUNIOR SPORTSWEAR 3 4 Sleeve KNIT SHIRT Reg, 7.00 Bobby Brooks KNIT SLACKS Reg. 9.00 . 5.00 7.00 Tops Pants Country Set Coordinates -Skirts /& C^W*! 1 Reg. |.Q8 i 14*99 WIDE ASSORTMENT NYLON TRICOT SLEEPWEAR 3.00.

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