The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 9, 1959 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1959
Page 6
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* A Exporter Defense Allows four Isf Downs,. *. Ic ey BILL McMUHRAY •;^ Faeli Sports Editor T~fNo offense. vpln short, that tells the Jgjmplete story about Bra- f !!• zosport's 14-& loss t6 South Houston last .night. The • penalty 'V filled cblvfes saw the Exporters drop their fifth straight 1959 football con test and their second In Dls . Trojan Passing Attack Helps In 12-AAAA Victory •HAZOSPORT-SOUTH PARK GAME STATISTICS Shipi Trojani 8 4 20 10 S 5 0 3 53 1J9 5 for 28.$ . 10 for 30.0 6 for 80 13 for 111 9 a 2 1 66 31 "9 160 ; Flrit Downi •\Paiiet Attempted 'Paste* Completed -Panel Intercepted "••Failing Yardage ~tant* and Yardf * Penalliti £TumbIei S"umble§ Loit .Yards Ruihing Total Yardi Gained NOW! HOMOGENIZED • NO MIXING • NO STIRRING • NO PAINT ODOR • Child proof • Scrubbable Your NAPKO dealer in Brazosport LUMBER FREEPORT 623 W. Broad BE 3-5256 GENERAL ELECTRIC ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER with HIGH-SPEED DRYING SYSTEM 10 LB. CAPACITY TIME SELECTOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL DE-WRINKLE FLUFF-DRY LENT TBAP AUTOMATIC RESET MOTOR SAFETY STAR! . SWITCH [Model DA-610T "oSSauiSSS™ 1 YOUR OLD APPLIANCE IS YOUR DOWN PAYMENT I NO ENDORSERS 1 Terms To Suit Your Needs $7°° &• weekly! SERVICE STORE 222 We«l 2nd BE 3-ZZ28 Fieepartl trlct 12-AAAA play. For the hosting South Houston Trojans, who fell to the Shippers 34-16 last year, their overall rating is how 4-1 and 1-1 in conference action. The 12-AAAA brawl was unfolded at the Pasadena High School Stadium before some 3,000 fans. While the Exporter offense continued to act like a Model T, sputter and stall, the "Big Hed" defense was as fired up as a bright new 1960 Thunderbird. •'•*•*••• The Shipper forward' wall ilayed the Trojans off their eet, allowing only tour first downs to the SH crew and Only 31 yards gained on the ground. v The deepest the Trojans got on the Ship defense all night, with the exception of their two touchdown : efforts, plus one, was the 3J. Both Trojan TD's were scored on passes, one good for. 44 yards in "the first half, while a 11 yard TD strike was notched in the third period. For Harden Cooper's Exporters, who got break after break, they moved-to the 18 12, 25 and 16 only to see drives bog down. • The Exporters lone score came on a nifty bit of running on a klckoff return on South Park's second TD. Halfback Cooper Ford took the ball on his 24, raced up the middle, cut to the left around the 50 and dashed all the way in a dazzling 76 yard touchdown scamper. Even In defeat the Exporters turned in a fiery display of grim determination, 5 at least on defense. ' Headed by Jack Pybus, Pat Patterson, Larry Masters, Bud Jackson, B u b b a Willenberg, Noel McAnulty, Forest Clark, Kenneth Bear, Sandy Rhodes, Don Hynds, Bob Tate, Windell Stinson and others the Ships gave up only one first down i . the first half arid that was due to a penalty. _ Tha Exporter . defense was brought out' In the number of punts SH had. They punted 10 times for a 3.1 average, while the Exporters punted fl ve times. .. :. The -game was a far cry. for an offensive struggle and it took close to two hours and 30 minutes to play. : .' i In a penalty roundup. South Houston drew the red flae 13 times for 111' yards, while Bra- zosport got ,six for 80 yards. Three players were escorted off the field, two from South Houston arid one from Brazos- port. • . • ; Time and time again fights almost broke out between the two 12-AAAA clubs. Brazospprt's real downfall came in the three passes -they had intercepted and the nine fumbles, they had. Of that nine fumbles, the Ships only, lost wo, but each time they fumbled they "either lost yardage or saw: It kill drives. ^ ^ itn 'toe quarterbacks and halfbacks throwing, and with nosuccess. tie Shippers went to the air 20 times and saw Only five hit their nSfc'S three get picked off. The Ships had 53 yards in the air For South Houston, they threw 10 times and hit on flve for 129 yards. The defeat was a bitter pill «"• the^Exporters to take as it feft them with a 0-5 rating and .Spring Branch, Texas City, .Baytown, Galveston and P^Men". to play and none of that flvesome are pushovers. passes, from Walker went in complete and tiie Ball went 'riv rn .'owns eft the 16.' This was the last main threat of Cooper's Exporters. .. The Ships, thanks to the ted ,., ~ *- • — "... " *" w * cu Hctiaity put me oan fl*g after a swift fight that the Ships Own 45. A Bullard Scores rW/ce.". With Ro'ger.McCary sterling Exporters to the 16, but two at quarterback, the Ship* pick- ----- " " - • ed up one first down > the first time they got the balljvbwt had to punt out, -With SH .taking over on their own 22. The Trojans failed to move against the Ship defense and Dennis Breeden got off a 48 yard punt. Again the Ships failed to move and kicked out From their own 35, the Trojans got to (he Ships 44 through a 15 yard penalty and a few running plays. This was heir only first down of the first half. QB Scooter. Ashlock then went back, looked to the left ana saw end Robert McHalffey aU by.himself near the left sidelines. The pass and run covered 44 yards and got SH a first quarter TD. Halfback panny Mcllhanney went over mifr»' eBd 4t. f0r ' * he tW ° POmtS ' making the score 8-0. Penalties and the Ship 6 sent one South Houston player to the sidelines held and fore-ed tha Trojah s to punt. At the Trojaris 40 the Exporters had 1:45 to gain the tie- ing points. However, « 15 yard penalty 'pat' the ball .. to incorn- and 30 for a first! ,. Walker's last charioft'paj, was picked iff by Ronnie Wamble at the Trojart 40 and returned to the Ship 32 time ran out Freeport 'Skins Blank v V^' i •:••-•• «„*. , . Alvin Mustangs, 12- ,. _ u «aa« tire oniD QB- fense backed the Trojans up o the one yard line early in tne.second quarter and the SH crew punted shorthand the Stops took over on the Trojan 29 for the first real break. Huns -, by Patterson a n d a P a . sspf . r ° 1ta Bob Walker to Don?n «if ,» k ?°u' the Ex P°rter S to the 18 ,with a . first down Walker then lost 10 on a pass try and on fourth down saw a long pass go incomplete. The ball went over on tha * but SH fumbled on' the rst play and the Ships recovered for their second good break of the period. blank Alvin's visiting Mustangs, 12-0, last night ;in a 'footbal gune in the Cult Coast Junior Hi«h Conference; Roy Andersdrt's grid dors scored one TD in the first half arid then added a .final six points after UmeMiad ran ou on the clock. '- .- anrt w, mixup on fi "t down and Walker carried, but gain- n f. Cooper Ford went , 7 ,«>e "ext play and lost one. Walker fumbled the next recovered and lost . "lay, am, l and lost one again, thus the ball went over on the ,15. SH lost two yards in three tempts at the line and punt- short the Shins 4akin 8 over on,. " » r " 3 t" 2R for sti " another outright gift. •However, time " was almost , amos out as the Ships had time for nn.e Play. It w as Walker to Tate, . nass from who in ; . e en but the ball bounced of/ his ringers and the:half ended. - ..-. - • . punti i . - pun the third period, the Tro- from - -- 59 yard pass play Ashlock to McHalffey Th A n . *<> Ship defense rose two u» footba11 P S Unit 8U ^Sht. Exporter offense took e ° CluteJrs. Roll Past Pups, 28-12 Bill Morrow's Clute Cougars romped past the Sweeps'Pups, 28-12, last night,'in afifootbal! contest on the Gulf Cc&t Jun ior High Conference, sla'te. ' , The victory f^r Cl^te was their second against onfe defeat in loop play ancUgive^'them a 2-2 overall mars. Swjeny is now 1-2, in league rounds. •Harley McDougal accounted for a pair of tituchdowns for the Cougars, going 12-and 35 yards, while Lyrfa -Braa'dsUtter took a pass from Bonnie Peters for 40 yards and;'one score. ' -/'Jirnuiy DelLaFolUnte intercepted a Sweeny pa& in the third period and returifted it some 65 yards for the games .longest ruii\and 'got Clute their fourth touchdown, . >' • Truman ^Franks took -passes from Peters after two TD'u for four paints. J ' Clute held a ;l2-6 haHtimej margui and mad* it 28-Xin the fourth period. f - u Aside from tnese thr« scor- * 0wwdl Bul1 ^' JSSS * Dimian - ing drives by the hosting Tribe, ?,? e X e -, G , 0 "^l ei ';ThomasJ Hoh- tnP lP90iie> crania \\rnf, «1 *.«£..] aKL PlSklalt.' Jfihfi Art a me - •»•*» Skins are now season. the league ganie was played mostly around midfield. ' Freeport now holds a mark of one win and one tie in the two games they have played in Junior circles. A pre-season pick to grab off the title, the 2-M for the . James Bullard accounted for both of the Freeport scores, once while playing quarterback and then again while playing at a fullback spot in the Redskin offensive attack. The first time Freeport got the ball, they marched 'around 40 yards to score with Bullard using a quarterback keeper for the final four yards and a TD. The score came in the first four minutes of -play. The next time Freeport got the ball, Bullard fired a pass to David Thomas and the pass and run covered some 60 yards, out a clipping penalty back up Held blanked out that nifty play. In the closing minutes of pla£ Freeport started another drive of around 40 yards and a'pass from Butch Fleming to Bullard covered the final 12 yards. .,'., ... . ; .The score was made as time ran out in the game. Freeport :ailed in both attempts to make he point-after. ... Most of the game was played around mid-field as both teams failed, to get any spirited drives going. Alvin failed to move in- ide the Freeport 20. For Anderson's Redskins such Enjoy the 1959 Football Season More With Southwest Conference on th i, " SH Covering 11 ' A right yara COVered the - tt, n the fourt h Period "I shi PPers started DIAL BE 3-5233 Far Fut Dearer, Wittenberg's .... Pharmacy 117 W. tad Qhi t *P f running. The Ships speedster picked up seven, two and 12 in the rush ^However passes from Walker to Hynds proved to be the ^ they were e good and 20 yards. All M °" third down wi th ts. i ppers nee <Ung yardage their drive. The "Big Plav" (16-oc.) AVAILABLE NOW EXCLUSIVELY AT YOUR NEARBY Phillips 96 DEALER ATTRACTIVE I NOV6LI USEFULI Sic Each with 10-galIon MRS. S AUT SXUU Heroine ojtheWtr Between the States Sally Skull, born Sarah Newman, wa> . good looking, a good cowhand, and she could shoot as straight with her left band as her right. So the usually packed two six-shooters and sometimes •wed them. However, history records dial all die men she killed really needed killing. In her prime during die Civil War, ibis remarkable Texan served her atate and die Confederacy magnificently. She worked big crews of loyal cowboy*, most of them of Mexican descent, on her ranches io Bee and Nueces counties- She bad some big freight wagons. Will) these, Sally and her vaquero* bulled cotton 10 Mexico, where it brought high war-time prices. Then, she used her cotton money to buy munitions for the South and hauled them back to Texas,- ganger and hardship that would have slopped most men couldn't even slow Sally down. And •maiingly enough, wid> all her rough ways and tough tongue—her vocabu- lary was pungently uninhibited, it's said — Sally Skull's essential femininity was never obscured. She was a frontier party girl — liked to dress up and take in die gayest Mexican fandangoes, and she . ..outlived three sturdy Texas husbands. Living the life she loved, .Sally made it a good one. Today. Texans still demand and get their right to, choose the way they want to live. In this vigorous and freedom-minded homeland —• "Beer Belongs" and this is why the United States Brewers Foundation works constantly, in conjunction with brewers, wholesalers and retailers, to assure the sale of beer and ale under pleasant, orderly coalitions. Believing that . strict law cmouement wive* die best interest of Texans, the Foundation stresse* close cooperation wid» die Armed Force*, law enforcement and governing officials in sis coounuiog Self-Regulation program. McCullouph, Davis Land Larqe Reds Brazosport's " Inland fishing was given a.big push recently when several anglers reported catching large reds off the Jetties. Lake Jackson's 'Carl Davis landed two reds over 20 pounds, °. n , e eomg 26'pouads and the other 22 pounds. ' Bill-McCullougfa, a Freeport fisherman, brought in a red that tipped the scales at 23 pounds. Both Davis and McCullough reported their catches on Wednesday. There were several other report, of fishermen catching reds of smaller size.' General Electric Electric Dryers Texas Division, United States Brewers foundation, 206 VtW Building, Austin, Texas HONEY Pw- " MODEL DA-720T "All New" General Electric DRYERS • FROM MODEL SUB IOW DOWN PAYMENT EASY TEEMS We Personally handle all our Own) Service Calls lhe CLIFTON'S APPLIANCE Z06W. Broad CENTER Freeport BE 3-1221 "-»""»),-* »tuin«»j nun- k; John Adams and others turned • In to'p,' gafri'es j Freeport's lone tle-waii a 6-fl duel with ; Lake Jackson, -• who had an open date last night, '•-. The Tribe wilHravei t6 Clute "<•*' Thursday -night to tangle with the Cougars, an, outfit that Pinned a 28-12-setback: on the Sweeny Pups-last night. SweenyAt ' like wattr, Ship quarterback's llltlc 6t « n °* tlme *? Bet D{ * Parses. . . * tf 00 ? defense, but no of- i.! vt f lhe sims rtotf w written far the fifth time. , • Pltorl* BE 8-23M THE HOUSE OP BITS " Thru (WON., OCT..U Ull PERKINS IHJWMYW MM BUNK • • ' " ' Road Tonight . Ed WagoonWi 8w • • n y Bulldog, rtmaln flt.homi to- niahMor in* itco«a.tim* in lix 1859 iboiball ganui and hoit th« Edna Cowbori In a District 26-A A; attraction. .With Swewnr playlna on Ihtlr horn* ground*, E. S. Golson will <lak* hii Hough^ necki over to Wharton for a duel alto in lh» J6-AA di- viiion. Bolh Sweeny and WC dropped loop opcncri lait we«k while Wharion and Edna notched j»ln*. : : AlTln wilt b* ai-homi t nlghi to hoif Cdnro«, whi Danbury lalrti io tha ro by playing r"-- ' v 'tA8T!.b"AY-'- W1D, "CALIFORNIA" . -- ... -?*»rrjn*;^ BA» AUIXArfQ BARBARA STAN>tlCK ' ' CARRIES YOU ELECTRIC DRYER low-Cost Dryer SCOO •*/^v Tarpon Inn Village Freeport w' «*$bbSMij& \ *

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