The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 5, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1897
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V ^ JPBICE.TWO CENTS. 3 Whereln It Will Differ as to Cuba , , ff0m that of the Utti ovas del Castillo. ' at Wf tWBpftBJ^i troop*, 'ftlthowfh -they ftav'e JMWStfefl that they win .«0-V*to So; t 1 doabM K Spain \iMll o6w«ei*tt f athe»e jparia. oet, 6.—The Ftearo haw ah attl- tie fVortv A HJH^dttl correspondent on the Wlf^loti *>f General Stewart I.. Wood" the XTfclwA States minuter to Spain. writer cays the attitude of Genew dtord haii,«iu8:faf fo«rt Irrm-oach- able #nd ftfW federating of tlte-Wited W'tftles/ h« fcRgra*ta> responsibility le heavy, «**» (B»*» a aint *h*i t Watson 4 \faitem have the aew&et styiofi in Wafting Efote, Sailors, Bicycle Hat8 an'd Children's School Caps, "* J -* State Street. .. > "" ^~ta(<atlonDtt}». In the lake-regions of Wiaconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, lowa-and 8ou«r Dakota, along the ltae>of the Chicago, Mrt- waufcee&St. P.\ul aailway,,ara hundreds of charming Iocnlities preeminently fitted for summer home*, nearly all of which, are Spain M«w Uf ;^ P*ob*bly So** of How* ge <»t Prtttoy I* Averted T» ft? Beck- onett wHb Washington, Oct. 8. +- One result, of the formation of a Sagjasta cftblnfet .In Spain, «lt 18 believed, will be the granting of amnesty to most If not all of the'n^aartean prisoner^ hetd in Cuba, end th* p*rd>it-$fmjsny Cuban» con* d«mned to {mprlSpniB«nt in the Inland of Ceuta. Pending tlte • ^aafcletlon of the Sagasta cabinet there haslseeh, no official Mtlniatlori that mich action- f would be taken, but It l» said to be a I natural and necessary part of the new Spanish policy involving the withdrawal " of General Weyler. and the adoption of moffe conciliatory plans. The Competitor prisoners, it la expected, will be re- teltsed early, and Miss Cisneroa also. Concerning pendlhgTcIaim&,such 'as that the case of Dr. Ruiz, it is Said that a an* »y no moans enviable. H Ifl danger bus to adm^to th* negotiations with the ...u j'"n. CP< of tW'tJhlfed • , a«- '..Li. l.iittJ Mould thereby ao' , ; : Mtir t*ti,t'ta <-«&«•« we at • , jv,» 't l!-e t*ie»rn. It fe ( mor^ov«rv lr»M ,,,^^1^ < 0 h is tal; £ the alms-of Ajnert- i -,n <!$!< fancy, which dt-sirea tagradual* ••• tf-tsrii \ibn from Spain, .f he latte* iUltln! 10 the solicitude of Europe, u < ie }»*.- sSelf threatened Ifl regard to r colohia! ^seotlty." / ..^.j ff -J J ,rr-4 ' —£-i»-« ••*»•»«(• —"r Off THE YELLOW FEVER. #*«•* Death* and th« tMttl Kecord af "' ' Ciwes. ' ! state board AflBRfeVlAtfitS ,»™M'—,The tte,w -Greek cabinet baa Been formally instiled ltt °** cc » ft Is aif** «atd that e*->J**ei!tde«t Clev- Jafid wftftta ty alt ffi th,o now -va^nt m In In* Ne* Jersey eeflrt of erfoni* H, Moan, R, SefeSdaW, W18W f#*««ef, in a ctltlcal coMtti a^ falling pitehfork »tt olrf sMtlef A "neighbor 'to have tho^ettrt <*om tte -y do«, la at The Evening News, > < i •. ' -. T - ,"> iVtH fotljiy itt "fit Supplement Your Home s Orleafi», Oct. 6. of health's yellow fever buUettn. of yellow"' fever yesterday. 24} death*, 'ne; total cases" to date, 3*1 j total fe. Si* days have paSBoJ since 8p~rSnga has had any 1 yellow ' ^^*"—• any 8t«ie 1ft the West or northwest, fe*. Wg less than Itwo^w. ^ - '• • Ptttsburg base ball club has offered Manager Ned tiaalon^ of Baitlmt/re.f 13,* otto a year and an interest lit; the,club to manage the Pirates, , , " Lycurgus t^venp-orf fti* of the MuBcatlne lodge, the Jc organisation fit f&wfc, dlfed frt St frafll, aged ft r**fr.V . ' ' James 1 TMlteB, of llftwAttW. It to al*> legadwwent to tne'fcome of.hto divorced "wife in SSvansvUle 1 , Wb* white she WAS ^ ^-j_ j.- ^ '"£l At^.n.1. *«*.A wfe tf&Wvrt, j , $1.25 for 3 months (by mall), aiviitg yoa *« **»e National «hd" Foreign Ne^s. ' AGENTS IN The Evening TOWN IN Mt&HUSAN. Detroit. •Thera Jiav& foroUinniijr nQino»t uotM*^ «*• ^- ".«™~j ~- «^« -**- -"-«— — — -- —-—•• _j,.«. located on Or near lakes which haVe net!commission probably-will be proposed been flshed ont. These reports range in va- J to jleal with all claims arising during oe«u BBUWI « r- | thd i-ebellkm. and there are Intimations that steps toward the creation Of such a commission are now under way. \V«« Thinking; of » Kow with Spnin. . Although-there is continued reticence at the state department concerning Bpanlfih-Cuban affairs >t'is understodd , that the government ha» been informed o7th^T^e"w"&r nway Tro-^ the,%««>.'that Spain will offer autonomy to Cuba . / / rHoty from the "fuU d/eft* for dinner" to the flannel shirt cosine for every meal. Among the list are names familiar to many of our readers i^the perfection of northern sumer resorts/ Nearly all of the Wisconsin •points of >fa'«r«>Bt arc within a short distance frpm Chicago or Milwaukee, and none J of thepi are BO far away from the "busy. marts of civilization" that they canttot be: reached in a few hours of frequent irainB,o»er the finest rond in 1 he northwesVr thaChicagoi Milwaukee & St. 1'nul Kailwayi S6nd a t*o flout stam^ for a copy of . <*Va- D ys'' givina a desoription-of the similar to that enjoyed by Canada, and principal resorts, and a li« of summer hotoln and bOardinK house*,' and rates for board, ' H.' HeulTord, Octierat 111. - Agent, \. , PHI^ Property Innnrcd. I am prepared to insure! faffti prpi>erty at one per cent f^»r three years in a good • (irstclaas company doing buaincaa under liccnfto from thVstato insurance <iom- luissioner. This iff beHpr lly»> the Mutual companies. \ UKNKV BKJ^KU, Agent. \ *~ V \ i do liuliej»' and children's ^hampjoing at their b>«ne8. Leave ordtera at Clark's barber shop^r 4nt35 Cast Green street. MRS. JT. W. CLARK. gA new form of Thbuaand-MHe, TrefJulT bf"liare : rur"<?on8tderati6n~anor useion, bctwt-«u the' railroads and th«*ir principal patrons, jrill bo placed - on $aht 8opt 1st, at all important In admlnlstratlon^lrclea the . opinion seems - to be that if a'full measure of real autonomy 1» offered It should be accepted by the Cubans. The incoming'of the Sagas t a, cabinet is wel-' ; corned by the administration, which; sev- eral'weeks ago was apprehensive of a possible early disturbance of our'frtend^, ty relationri with Spain. The statement attributed to the ne\v premier that/he would favor the Jar^est measure or autonomy has directed attention / 'to the past efforts tuward autonomy./ C«ih*erTktlv* UrtiiM? Rule %-i'rnml. Those offered by the Oonjjgrvatlvecab- «ij«t and made known ,to the United States through the Spanish minister, j)upuy de tome, contemplated a council of administration elected In part by the Cubans, which w«S to have an advisory •power in shaping the affair* of the Island." This plan h'as' taken the form of a lengthy decree, which has beert already gazetted, although it has never' been put Into^ effect in Cubjt owing to the disturbed conditions; 'The', objection d to this plan was that while It in name autonomy, it did not give rVal home rule, aa the Cuban ''councM was not to be a legislative body with final powers of making laws, bO merely a'n advisory council. In contrast with this, ft IH ssald, the Liberal plan of autonomy —as desired by the Autonomist p«my of Cuba—eoHjtemplataa a cnlontat pat* fever- l^dtvards, Mlfis., _. teen reported eifthteen c&fitft B^riqu^.'y III. tw*. v«..mlt; two deaths. Mobile, Ala.. Oct. R,—Seven and* one death were reported for yesterday, ' " / FHoxi, Mls«s., Oct. 5.—The nev.- ^ases, li; no. deaths. . / McHpRry. Miss., Oct. 8.— Ttpw. new case* here yesterday. _ Sunday nii?ht an unsuccessful attempt was^adeby some unknown party to assassinate W. .0. Wise, who is under ar/est for violating- quarantine regulations.^ Knttnejr State Votdn ?ljuitt Ifcs L«*niwl. N«w Haven, Gonn., Oct. 6.—Connecticut's "little wwn" elections were held yesterday. aii|Kvhiie Ih «ome sections of the state there were surprising turnovers the result show that the change trom of a ypar ago Is not great, With are that the Republicans generally Jield their- own, made enough; slight 'gains In nufiterqila places to counterbalance the larger DepwcraMc; gains. in a few towns. Tftie propose^ constl fan tloiial .' amendment, which provides that the vOWr must be: able to read any portion of thc.eon'BtUutlofi and statutes vif the. state »pd must also be able to wrlk* 5 , \vas t&nd t*?ok two ^...™. —. There was a/iiot Sunday between Syrian and AWbian mei*ibet» of the Syrian Boroafc Catholic chnreht ilarrl- son street jcnd,. Charles place, Chicago. , Wtllfevltie 5-year-old son ol Charles parb,t>fTroy, N. H-, waa Wiled through jswaOOwlng a bee. The Insect stung him ' Siiternally. v The child" died in great >y. „ ilHstm McCaleb cut the throat of. his wife, Annftvifl their rooms at Chicago with an ink eraser,.killing her almost instantly. Heathen fatally wounded himself. ,' ' VJ , . The second floor of the building ~*6 to 49 Kandolph street, Chicagof has been •elected as headquarters of the Illinois Christian Endeavor Union, which meets there this week. MISS Mabel Bell, 'among her 1 duties as a professional nurfce, took care of G6o. Herbert Merryweather last .spring "at the Marlon fjlrams Sanitarium, Chicago. Now she has agreed. to take care of him the rest of her life, for they-aw soon to wed. Captain Skallng,. of the prltish bark- entineSt. Peter, which arrived at Hall- fax, N.: B.. partly dismantled, reports *g seen an unidentlflea four-masted paiiinjg"ship"Ko to : the bottom; in a What if'Not Miracles? The west Four-C Remedy isdoing work wherever inttoducedas nearly miracolotfc i ne Pf»«£Ffatt» to the tot Ul atty h«man agencyHo do (1 wrfl e&, aem it a lavor tor any one inter«*ted td write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among fljese,, testimonials.) ~— Of timre BENEFACTORS OF THE MAOB. bee of "KnramBim Ti"* Kingfisher. Oklft., Deo. IKBK nrd r;-l b*Hw« H my dnty «o write you id to the beneficial «rfool of Pbelps' Oatt' . , iW'ualHt-tfliiindkfcl jrttb a wvetBattack of togr pp* and In time Ww»m««>l»ii»ri»luottW not speak abow15 irhlBimr. The night pretloiu I bad coughed ht;5u«t before ifoe , h«irrlcanc Sept 8^-,He says it had a crew of at least fifty persons. JBvery one of the members of -the Cook county (Ills.) board of commissioners has been arrested through the fefFort*. of a temperance'woman for the ts»ui»!g^of a license to aell malt llauors Tvtthtn the.two-mile limit of the^^ Town Pennant. , o f North HarVey, a Chicago suburb. Boston,. Oct. 5,—Th& Boston Base Ball , Henry Savage t-andor, the arttstr clwb waived lh«; pennant.a* National traveler and writer," who went on an league uhotnpluns at the Tr<-monl thea- exp v or | nff expedition to Thibet for the ter last ttlght. Mayor Qulncy made the London Mall, has returned after a ter- prew-rttatton speech nnd Manager Selee rib i e experience. He _was arrested by accepted the punnant In behalf of the 1 1 |, € Thibetans and sentenced to dettth, dub, the iftenjiwsra of which, together J but m e Benten«e-wa8 commuted to tor- with the' |«ftltihiore teariw-^occupied ah I tur | ng with Hot ' tron» .*nd being A MIRACLE. KammiOity; the boxes of the Cnlmri Kvvvrtof «»«> New York/jOfcl. 6.— Oeneral Callxto Qatcla's oiflaal report of the capture <,t Victoria de las 't'unas by the Cuban forces Central th-let oftiqea. The ^^~ •^-""et" T —' p ticktit iaaold for 830.00 with a rebate -Of—^JUtHii • -UM»jfcifiiiyi«»fc^» ^ fci... w .^j^,—ir**-^— (lament .or legislature, with final powers of law-making, «a/ve the yufu&\ power ot veto preserved In all farms of constitutional government. ' day Wai received ye*t,r\ ' etretchid QH th» .rack. wms b«u»r byJpojn'WH-^UT Jo npthina. »»-«3y!" I . l K' n^'renieliy toDoSi n uiTnstia »««; » f«w nwredcwe; •BDWTWI ». »ofene»B from my lungs; tU seooroJ UylwMtip; *be third toy 1 *•• -out onttw jorob and fcntoy WM «p town par^walog bollday ioodt. MUM Jwftam BASSBT, 1 WMhlnglon Ave. and Bumrni CROUP _.., * Itb t W. of lyenay »Unt OWK| Summit Bt •nd Crottp when attaoksfl '' UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. 3, HTHoujiO, M«nag#r, ' I ' • Oflkse CofniuetCinl PttntiiiB Co., V 190 South Clark St. ) Chicago, Nov. 84, '94 n. B. Pbelp», Esq., City," ' DwiBStit;—I wish to bear testitnany totbf neat efficacy of your "Four C" remedy in tbrntv Mid tana ailment*. As a rule I bay« bwj»" ilcr i f Umlof IbemerUa of proprietary raedicities, bu have to oonfeM that « tett.nt your '»t'0ur C"- if OOBVinalHg that at least one rnatly node remptij I* worthy of u«». My children all take it with out the least objection, from oldent to youtiye'• •ad U Is particularly • noticeable that twnelit U ttfmoit immediate. A single dosn will chw' moitcovRba In their beginning; It wives an ar> hrokan rest at night. In my family "Pour O" • • '- indUpenMble and I recommend it uu r. . Yours, ACUTE LARYNGITIS. ' - Chicago, Sept. 28, '85 For ycMsJbtck each winter 1 bare sufTrrcft with Mate Uryngltls. LMt winter was no bail I oould not lc«v« my room for two weeks or srx>ak above • whisper. 1 trim! every known on rom oough drops op »ud down f, ttwn ill d«»peroUOD r waa induced t,i to wy Pbwp'« "FoorC.' 1 The flrst dote «-licv« I my oougb, RhrlDg mo tho Brut nijjht'8 *e*.t ft . wiekii. H»H the bottle cured roe 1 have . ncvpf Men without this wonderful n>mi'dy flnc^. It )>i •I different from other lihe remedies us molas^nr from vinegar or *ug»r from wild. .. 5313 Madiaou Avo. IT IS A MIRACLE. uwrxm mmtv w» MW vy-f*— ™ — r^I». Mnonally know It U just what it la •d to oe. Too much can t be »aid iu I^to • Ulracle, - _____ tlOO Keward $100. The readers of thin paper will be pittasod- to learn that there IB at least one dreaded disease that •>(««»• **•*> the Cuban junta.' It denies the all ite stages aod that »« "*stories of atrooHlea commuted by the Cubans at that place. I known to the \ Ith Capote and l*iUa»a 0o Not Affre*. I tin would be on the lines of the 3 NCKOI IB BWIU ior «kw.uM wim a «""«»™ i jjome 'ruUT'oiieratUig .In Australia and to the purchaser/of S' when used I Canada, and-the .latter coantrles were »p^i» oonjplmnce with ite conditionalci|«d as wiample* of complete autonomy J^ , i j ti t i- tu M»v the Spanish statesmen, Castelar, wd I* accepted on»Jl the hue? in theP^^f^y Wft8 fl^t-augiiested for" (Jontral Taaaenger AsBo'uiatioB, forQr; I tlM! Mfi O a_ p^ch a measure of autonomy. five in ,umub*r 'atfd •'" coveribg 'a va»tjit Is said, would command much «up^ ._,^,^ m _ pott in Cuba among th* substftnttel «!*» I this »«m, A - there, inctudln* th« Autonoml*t,l BO acceptable to all parties concerned I w tood that the newly chosen president - " ...... ..,...- c^po^-to « *DWt St. Louis, Oct. S.-"A special" to The. Post-Diapatch from Edwardsville, Ills., I says that a riot has broken out among miners there, and a militia ordered to jthe scene fraternity. from ^ Brewing Company V*ll*. . . I^oulsvlUe. Ky., CX-t. 5.—The'Phoenix | Brewing company, ofce of the oldest br*v«in|r companies In the city, assigned yesterday to C. C- Vogt with llabllitlesof »360,WW and assets sligntly In e*cws of constitutional treatment. Ball's Catarrh euro is taken ittetnaHy, acttag, direotty upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the «yatam, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, ,and giving th* |p*toen» strength by building up the constitution I and «fai«U»g.iMrt«we in doing ita work. .The proprietor? h*T« so roueh faith, to «*"• NOTICE TO DRUOOISTS AND THE Pt _1C. C<»rrRACT.-Dtiggists are authorised in ArX CAJE&TD RO?UNP THE PIJR- CHASE>WCK, if the Kur-C Remedy (Phelgs'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction, in Crowp, Bronchitis^stlima LaGrippe.Coughs «nd OoEdc, m mauer how loto standing, or deep seated, in fact I guarantee mall manner ol BrtnAi^rSgteoable, not as a Cure.,AU,but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial oh the above conditioniX»take *U chances. R, R, PHELPS, I»JS4 Strut, CHJOA60. IU, ?m Vwaatol&W. T. DKAKE. 6ua to the holders. s aiit, ^nd should oouflult the I vl0W a ***** to to. » clowc of ho*UUU«B 8«ndforli«fcof F. Sold O,, ttolod*, 0.« 76c» . . AM too bm GAS STOVES! Large Reduction In Prices on All Oooklng Apparatus. t >»wi»ii««« •»-— -• — «— | held at tb« ^wond fartob church etty At fcgy>.;m. r today. I burned W .««»»» « f " " , three land ap*ae« W» Cuba art wpre««nted I utterly epp^wil to »ayth»fi» « {solute independence, *«d thte lti»"r I United Brotherhood l*et»r« j tentr«rM"f» ft ^t Oil Cloth Patterns," hwndwBie patterns in «• 27 pattern^ aU , to V / rm * Bisbee are Rinlu.ji • •' U> oe the late &m of P«r- JUe iwd payable to. I, H. NEW CABIM8* M AMMOCNCBW, by » ^/ Madrid. '<ksf. - -_- L by the Doited Bfotberbood ot chur«4r will open Hove ChAob^et^^he course i» to crfEer r class of,eotert^nmept to th a. fij wttnop«c4^ the eourae , we h*ve the greatest tioofideuce io to please and instruct. • ,Tbe WITCH HAZEL OIL Pfte^or Hemorphoicja I^iigsui^s & Fistulas. «" Wownds & Bruia)8«. "Cuts A Sores. ^ x &$$» A Tuniori * & Eruptions^ Sore Lips <& Nostrils. Corns 4 Bm»to mai Mojfri, *n of It H«Yw the Va roupy ChUdreu. Gas Bangee j|i^00 l Boiling Stovee $1. to $5. wjcsording tx> size - GAS -LIGHT After Oct. the «5and 9ft eeat wseafor Groeue'a Pruf Store. 25 cents are no* upew, . other* who b*d abto j»*mber« *uth,or ol t tt»t lecturer ,h»a a brt«d6r view of th ooeda w»d poasibili tiea of this uiajrveloua iu soda) and reWgiosj* Ufe. She ha*! thf h^rfc, etirs th« ewto^WB and eathewW,' ;, 1st, HiUudaleMate Quartette. "Their harmony ie perfect. Theyapog ee^B. ^y tothow who »lri». «£ T?iF**y?' m ~* ^9^1 to^l»|part*i *- act Wf A fine ito* Rub-l Shine, to ['from I We tfe* Of -Vjlgliiteg;'' Iwl, ..f*|B^i f *saOf»M ,viOi43«o*r«l teiSCT! >& PR. «>UI» *, JOY For the ga». ibali Q0@ thaw lighta. Ll^htii Always QINff §^iefii5lteB^ ^*^ ^ ^VUrfcT^.i^, ** ** ****^ -- V*r#tMm* iniorw^d o» «« U« ffilu vv 'V V ,V-i ^t *f > Tit.*" .. «t .,.!,*' . - , . U * ' At JKV" -*L-> - s '" *P r' .1 .. J .A. at-r, fcd" *S »« -i. —- i -• '-S*-H .Jff-i. ' -. *' • ' . - ' ' -' > **'* "^ '-'-!•- "' "(^ * ^ - ' ' i 1 , ,'^' ll "'-~i," f ' 1 ir J J ^ ' '*"''". 1 - "S ^.'"'"^J^^'f

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