The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 21, 1954 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, January 21, 1954
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P.O.BOX. 8066 SEB7ICB BAYSHORE WEATHEH —Cloudy \.J.H occasional freezing rain and some sleet through Friday. Colder Thursday night with expiated low of 24, continued cold Friday. Sn-ong northerly winds. VOL.34, NO. 197 , BAYTOWN, TEXAS Thursday, January 21, 1954 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY THE SUN GIVES FULL COVERAGE OF HOMETOWN NEWS: WITH SPECIAL TREATMENT TO , STATE, NATIONAL, AND^ . • , LOCAL NEWS TELEPHONE: 8302. Five Cents.Pei; Copy UP FOR SUNDAY PUNCH 'Bedrock Necessity Stripped Of Frills'•• Ike Submits $65.5 Billi By DAYTON MOORE .WASHINGTON, Jan. 21-UP. President 'Eisenhower .- sent Congress Thursday a bedrock "necessity"., spending budget of. $65,570,- 006,OQO : which he said was stripped of frills and would'protect national safety and prosperity. He outlined S1.2 billion of selective, tax relief for some individuals 'and corporations, but opposed any further.general tax cuts .this'year. . This 'first' all-Republican budget in 22 years'was. slashed, $12.3 billion under the last Democratic -budget proposal. It still would leave the government 52,928,000,000 in the red in the fiscal • year of 1955, which begins this July 1. Mr ' Eisenhower. said "necessity —rather than mere desirability—" was the'test: he applied to all prc^ posed expenditures: •' . . He said he "firmly" believes his budget "will'not only protect our way of ; life but will also strengthen our economic base ' ; and enhance the welfare of all of-our people.'.'- :.As in every budget since the outbreak of the Korean war,, national security: was 'the- biggest, item by .far—$44.860,000,000'this':time.- This was $3.830:000,000 below the latest estimate for the current fiscal year. The President pledged to provide, more national defense for .less money by cutting down on manpower and-putting greater reliance on air power and atomic weapons. The U.S. military force s would get 837,575,000,000 of the national . se- curitv total. And :the Air Force would get the lion's'share of that —over. .816 billion. '.. . .... . Other big ..national defense items: 84,275,000,000 for foreign military aid, -$2,425,000,000 for -atomic energy, and $585,000,000 lor critical stockpiling. " ' , It added up to the. biggest air- power buildup since World War II —40,000 plane s by 1957 instead of the present 33,000—and the biggest atomic program in the nation's history. Mr. Eisenhower's proposed spending figure was $5.3 billion under the latest:, estimates for the .current fiscal year of 1954 and.-$12.3 'billion-'under-the latest estimates for the current fiscal year of 1954 and $12.3 billion under'.the amount proposed by former President. Truman just before h e left office, last year.' .-'•.• . '"•..'•''•.-• -The 1955 budget stacked up against fiscal 1954 like this in billions of dollars: First figures are Truman's 1954, proposed- budget, second is the 1954 revised budget and third column is the .1955 proposed budget. Spending ..:.... .877.9 S70.9 $65.6 Receipts ••• 68.0 67.6 62.7 Deficit'...'...:... 9.9 3.3. 2.9 ..To finance the proposed spending, Mr. Eisenhower asked $56.3 billion of new appropriations. This is not as large a K the spending figure because huge amounts of' past appropriations are still available. . . ' •'.-.-He pledged that his administration "will continue de'termined ef- , forts f° r economy -to reduce .the deficit." Savings will be translated into further tax cuts "as rapidly as justified" in future years. 28 U.5. Marines Drown At Inchon WORLD NEWS IN BRIEF- PANMTJNJOM, Jan. 21 —(ID— The Indian command announced Thursday its guards will withdraw from their "north" camp at midnight Friday and let 21 Americans and other unrepatriated prisoners of°the Communists shift for themselves. • WASHINGTON. Jan. 21 —flit— Democrats in Congress charged Thursday that President Eisenhower h»s reneged on the GOP campaign promise to balance the budget. But Republican senators and representatives said the fiscal 1955 budget reflected good progress in cutting federal'spending. BILLY LAMB PETE JONES BERLIN, Jan. 21 —(ID— A 32-man Red Chinese, delegation arrived m East Berlin Thursday, authoritative sources reported 1 , and a bitter East-West duel appeared inevitable at the coming foreign ministers' conference over Soviet demands that China be invited to a world peace conference. PORT ARTHUR, Tex., Jan. 21 —(IP!— Sheriff's officers said Thursday they arrested n 36-year-old Gulveston mnn nt a roadblock Wednesday night for immigration authorities at Detroit. The man allegedly smuggled a Canadian woman and her two children into the United States last month. . HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 21 —(IPl— Police Thursday investigated the death of a pretty, 30-year-olo" fashion model from Cincinnati, Ohio, whose body, clad only in a dressing Bown,'"was'' found in the wreckage of her car at the bottom of a 300-foot cliff in Hollywood Hills. The woman was identified as Mrs. Lorraine Brown, of Beverly Hills, mother of a five-year-old" son. Steven. The coroner's office tentatively listed her death as "possible suicide." ALICE, Tex., .Tun. 21 —IIP)— Jim AV"lls county grnnd jurors returned to their investigative roles Thursday.. but would neither boss George Purr was on their agenda, Bandit Hijacks Xovier Cwoflf 1ST Carrying Chinese Hits Assault Boat INCHON, Korea, Jan. 21 —(IP)— Twenty-eight U. S. Marines carrying heavy combat packs drowned Thursday in misty Inchon harbor when a ship carrying anti-Red rammed and Low Of 24, Freezing Rain On The Way Old Man Winter throw what was expected to be his heaviest ipunch- of the season at the Baytown area Thursday morning a« a bitter "wet norther" blew in. A fine rain and mist continued throughout the morning, and rapidly dropping: temperatures were expected to turn it into freezing rain this afternoon. The temperature at 9 ' a.m., shortly after the cold front moved It's Not So Bad Stop your shivering, Bnyton- hins, mid think of the poor people up in Montana. At Tiber Dam, it was 58 degrees below zero ami at Glasgow, where it wns •!!> bdoiv, a teenage girl .war frostbitten- during;- IB brief hall- mile walk. Twenty other Marines, one U.S. soldier and one Korean were rescued. Navy officials earlier 'believed 52 men were aboard the tiny craft, but a thorough check lowered the figure to 50. Victims of the tragedy, third worst naval disaster since the start of the Korean war, were on their way to serve as security troops for another boatload of Formosa-bound Chinese. The worst naval disaster in the Korean war was the killing of 30 men in a gun-turret explosion on the St. Paul off the North Korean east coast on Aiprll 21. 1952, Twenty-six died in the sinking of the same coast on June 12, 1051. Nineteen of the 20 Marines who survived were injured and required TWO MARCH OF DIMES MCAOEItS—Ovctii Gulp Hobby, secretary of the Department of Health, Education mid Welfare, greets Delb«rt Dailies, 19B4 March of Dimes poster boy, in her Washington office Four-year-old "Bobby" of , Gooiling, Idaho, wns stricken Thanksgiving* cvo 18't9, nnd has spent but fight months of his life iit home. , '' . . Boney Held In Dallas On Robbery Charges MYERS Soney, scheduled to appear In court hero Wednesday, for a preliminary hearing on a hijacking charge, failed to appear because he is now in Dallas jail for nrmod robbery In that city. Boney and Gerald Stripling, 20, also of Baylown, were charged in Monday with hijacking the Pharmacy on Jan. 3 : $78, according to of the city police department. Boney and Stripling both asked Western Union office on the night of Jan. 5. He took $103 out of a cash drawer, and threatened to return uiid injure Mrs. Bradley if she reported the robbery in less than 30 minutes. Boney was arrested In El Paso on Sunday, Jan- 30 by El Paso city police after Baytown officers learned he was there. He was returned to the Harris county jail by Deputy Sheriff M. M. Brown nnd George Nichols of the .sheriff's department. Stripling, us far as is known in, was 37 degrees.'By: 11 a.m. It had dropped to 34, and it was ex- pctccl to get down to 24'degree*: Thursday night. Continued below-freezing; tewp- eraturos, with occasional freezing rain, and sleet, was expected to . continue through Friday. A strong north-northwest wind continued throughout the morning, and overcast skies gave no indication of clearing . Thc cold front..struck the'north- ern part of • the state first, and nearly half the state was already covered by a chilly blanket at white -.this morning. - . A 9 a.m. report from the Texas Highway Department warned motorists • that highway travel/was hazardous over most of. the state except in the Gulf Coast and Rio Grande valley areas. From Fort Worth west to Big Spring and north to the Oklahoma line there was sleet and snow, with temperatures averaging about 15 degrees. Jn thuJPanhundle it was even- worse, with "four-degree lows reported at Dalhart and Amarillo.. ; In the Waco area all .iced over, with the showing 23 degrees at 9 a.m.' nnd snow with a low o£ 12 degrees expected this afternoon. In East Texas roads and- bridges were icing over in freezing rain and sleet. North and west of Austin the were covered with toward Houston and the Baytown urea. Almost the whole state was ex- in by this Rootin'-Tootin' Cowboys SpOtS High School Youths Win Rodeo Honors rescued them. . . .. . assault boat at the time of the LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21 —(IB— bandit had attended their per- co i lis j on- Nothing But Trouble AVILUE B. THOJ1AS, of McNair, wlio ended up in the clink Thursday after a fight with his friend Ernest Broussard, finds the city most troublesome. Two days before his arrest for fighting at n cp.fe here, he was charged with having no operator's license nftcr being picked tip by a city policeman. Then he was given ticket's ror running two red lights and a stop sign. Car Turns Over ERMA CASTLE of McNair was admitted to San Jacinto Memorial hospital for observation after her car turned over near the intersection of Garth and Coady roads early Thursday. Deputy Sheriff M. M. 'Brown who investigated said the woman lost control of her car as she approached the intersection. It skidded into the ditch and turned over. She was alone in the car. (Continued On Page Two) Around Town Bandleader Xavicr Cugat and his formanccs "because ho asked for conciirrently with any other prison who Investigated the Western Un- No major damage was reported Pfc. John D. Gates of Pensa- lcrm th mighi rcn( ,i V( ; ( bu t CO uld ion robbery, said they have not j n Texas from the storm, but traf- cola, Fla was at the wheel of the nofc do , b(;cause 0 hfwc not t lmd nn opportunity to talk to Bon- fie was slowed to a snail's pace by ^,.f „,. M,,, .,«„ n t t-hn ln(lictod by the Dallas county ey .since the county officers took glazed streets and highways and minor traffic accidents were re- grnnd jury. Capt. Fritz said, They him in charge. ,,,.., . Gates said he was attempting to ^ no( . rctiucstcd bond( onc , „„ A preliminary hearing for Boney Ported by th_e_ dozens. wife singer Abbe Lane, kidnaper! everything people can see if they Uates. said he was at cmpung lo requested bond, and no A preliminary hearing for Boney porica ^ inc ao*m. JH" r^c" of $21.550 in jewelry stand up close to the stage." *™?*?™« ±T*?± f ± nP : bond has been set for them, he w« 3 set by Justice of the Peace M™, "too s vvcre cbsed be- To Meet Friday students and cash, said their nervous abductor threatened to shoot the rhumba king. Cugat said he "tried to talk rc- Pcto Jones, senior at Robert E. n K ion" to the gunman, who held Lee high school, and Billy Lamb, them prisoner after a performance of La Porte high school, whose Wednesday night, "but it didn't student activities have brought work. them many honors on the campus, "But we're happy and thank God have also distinguished themselves because we got out with our lives," the Latin bandleader said. "We don't care about the jewelry. I'm going to church and light a 1 V was selected by the directors of candle." A principle address will be given the Southwestern Rodeo Circuit as The young robber, armed with a by Jack Rollins educational di- of pistol, was hiding in the back scat rector of the First Baptist church Gentry an LST, when the accident happened. Eyewitnesses said, however, that Gates' across The LST, carrying 1,000 of the Chinese released by the Indians at Panmunjom, was ordered to remarks a holiday for '"*'" in thc harbor pending an in- in Baytown public luiry. members Only five bodies were recovered. sai d • Roscoo Zicrlcln for Wednesday, ". «) transportation nnd heat- Boney was Identified by Mrs. La- ™* "».«« Boney failed to appear Vy to Panhandle was expected ' "7, nrlfi n vvnu told that the VOUtll , V ' thc y ° Ung ba " dlt who her with a knife and robbed the ing in a robbery there. on - where he w»s wnntcd for question- W( T nUlcrman could do was to prc . their sportsmanship a' Tho award, a gold wrislwatch provided by Martin Chevrolet Co-. j, O5d Man Of Year" To Be Revealed At Banquet The outstanding "young" nnd The mfi.ln speaker at the annual 'old" men (under 35 and over 35> banquet will be Arthur F. Lorton for the year of 1853 will be dls- Jr., now assistant vice president t at the Pan forced Guidance of Youth." Superintendent George , ~, , , ,.„, K,, o'at to drive slowly through traffic wi]I pres jd c at the general mect- of Cleveland, was presented by f thg !parking - Jot to an al!cy £ ^ jn the W ,,v,n,f T,,.W ^m. Q ,.v nf the bohind a mnrk ct eight blocks away hi £ h sch oc,i sv.ditorium. Lee col- Hubert Taylor, secretary of the SRA at an annual meeting hold in Liberty. Lamb was selected as the all around champion cowboy of the Southwestern Rodeo Association where he took four pieces of jewelry and S150 cash and escaped. lege music students will present selections and an inspirational circuit. He is the champion sad- experience like this in New York died bronco rider, and is one of onco and talked the fellow out of "That follow was very nervous period will be led 1 by thc Rev. P. and very angry," the 53-year-old Walter Hcnckell, president of thc rhumba king said. "I had another Baytown Ministerial Alliance. Special discussion groups will he divided according to grades for other victims. I/OS /\/?VO/76 -,«« '/*•'"- closod Tnursc iay night at the an- of the Natiomu Bank of Com• C_ D*/ nual Jaycec distinguished service mercc. O©e/7 DIKQ awards banquet. , , . , , , «. • «* The affair will begin at 7:30 .. Mli4-+\i QtnfJ/ pm at Rivcrvicw Inn on the Cros- and a half years as head of. ton I I UTTy f\C?U: by-Lynchburg Road between Four Houston office of the federal ' Corners and Highlands. Bureau of Investigation. He was Baylown police nre somewluit Each January the Jaycces recog- with the FBI for U years and at puzzled by the description they nize the outstanding man in each one time wa 3 administrative as- received on a stolen bicycle, but age bracket for the proceeding sistanl to J. Ivlffir Hoover, In they are certain they will recog- year. The award recipients are charge of major nation-wide m- . "..... . . . , i !.•_». : *.— i ir« r In n u diet a four-degree rise to eight degrees Friday. Elsewhere in the state the forecast called for "continued Cold" Friday, indicating that Saturday temperatures may drop even lower. Anfi-Burglary Lorton Is- better known hero for his work during the past three nizc it :f they see it. The bicycle is "huffy red and ARTHUR CHASNOFF return;from a' five-day visit to Mexico City and Alcapulco . . . Chasnoff was one of seven Harris county salesmen to win the fret- round-trip flight sponsored by an appliance corporation, and says he thoroughly enjoyed basking in the sun and buying souvenirs for his family. Virginia Bc'atty doesn't have ' ;; chance to deny she is only 22 ... Marjorie Morse all dressed up and stepping out after being out of circulation a long time. . Eva Scranton is really surprised when her parents come all the way from Illinois to see her . • ... Andy Bargainer out Wooster- way about to get a phone call . . . Bub Spalding paying strict attention to the road while driving • - . Evorette Beaty busy as the proverbial bee . . . Frank Fowler rapidly becoming an accomplish photographer while wife Alma looks on appreciatively . . . Bob VanDever.- ter takes time out from a busy schedule for a luncheon date . . . Harold Scarborough keeping busy selling but not overlooking visits from friends . . , Mrs, Ab Rosenzweig cheerfully -navigating down Texas avenue on only one foot and a crutch. • . SI Moore, never a man to say no, bravely blossoms out in a GAY gift-shirt. „ ,-.•., , ii • i- • > M uu ui» iuv:u a*-\.*jt V4*'«/, -w £>• "--v-.j .t. lie iMuxriu i?» ii u 1 1 v run mm the few performers to work m five it by talking religion and othei and doparlmrn 1 s o f the schools. block," ,,ml wus stolen at An'son major events. Jones, whose student honors nnd activities are too numerous to list in connection with his rodeo ac- things. d j SRllss i On group among "t tried the- same technique on t c . nc hers nnd principals is planned 1 . this guy but it made him very Lunch will bo served at noon angry. 1 tnld him, 'now, lake the jn the sc j, 0 ol cafeteria. Following complishments, has been a member gun away . . . we'll give you every- th( , main Address by Rollins, Dean of the Future Farmers Club since thing we have. We just want our Waltcr R,, n deli of Lee college he entered senior high school. Hu liTCS -' Bllt hc said ' 'Now, look, Cu- wil] spp;lk on "Meeting Corn- was one of the cowboys sc-lcctcd to ««'. do as I say or I'll shoot you. munity NCC(JS; , Dr . Sherman perform for the King and Qiic"n Ho kept the gun pointed between Shaffer of the Baytown Refinery " - Jones school sometime Wednesday. "Huffy red must be a very distinctive color. I'm sure the officers will recognize it," I'olice Chief II. E. McKce said. ehosen on the basis of service to the community. A committee of community leaders over 35 makes the selection for the "young man" award. A corn- vestigatlons. His subject will be "Building America." The annual "young man of the year" award was initiated here in mitlce of younger men makes the 1!MO, and the Jaycecs added the of Greece on their recent visit Hmiston. Abbe and me." will give a demonstration of pe- Cugat s.iid he was certain the trolcum products. Channel!© Liberty Now Appears Certain "Hot 1 Checks Are Listed Businessmen were notified ' day that several blank checks, and nominations for the outstanding "senior citizen," and the final selection is made by the Jaycec Board of Directors. Robert L. Gillette heads the committee to the "young "senior citizen" award two years later. Men who have received the "younR man" award in »ast years include Roy Elms, I. A. Yount, Shannon Morris, L. A. Hale, J. man" of the year. He has been C. (Cuz) Morris, E. W. Buolow, assisted by Roy Elms, the Rev. Fred Allgaicr. the Rev. Lee CP. Walter Hcnckell and Hugh Pierce, Thad S. Fenncma, Thomas Stewart. ' E. Cook, Jnmcs E. Sherwood, R. Both Gillette and Elms have re- L. Gillette and Knox T. Beavers. „ . .... , _ cnived the "young man" award in The senior award has been prc- Businessmen were notified Thurs- past ycars . scntcd to w . c . Swain . August , .„ . '* that several blank checks, and Thc commi tt cc making nomlnn- Wehring, L. G. Sanders, Fred Hart- By CHESTER BULGIER the Army engineers had completed The other channel will have a some which had been written but tions for the senior award is head- man, Gordon L. Famed, W. M. Backers of Trinity river devcl- last September a plan for a salt gate which can be closed to 'divert not signed have been stolen from cd by A , Bynun1j and includes Jo- Knowlcs. Theo Wilburn, J. E. Rut- opment said Thursday that com- water barrier at Anahuac which water from upstream into the the John M. Ki!gor e Sand and djn j., cnho ' WC r. Ed Clarke, Joe tor James Harrop. Harry F. Hart- • - •• • weald allow the channel project navigation channel. Gravel Co. office on Market street. Barraquc ft nd Ed T. Panowich. ........ ~ to be completed. Estimated initial cost of the job The checks were missing after He predicted at that time that is $4.7 million, which will be paid the Saturday night burglary, Kil- Washington would approve the by the federal government. Annual gore said. 13 In Jail Baytown police spent nil nay Wednesday rounding up idlers by 1'olicK Obief H. E. McKce in an effort to put nn end to » rash of burglaries in the city. Thirteen men were in jail Thursday morning, most of them charged with vngrnncy and ordered held for investigation. "Anyone who spends his time loitering around on the streets, lninging out in plaecs where he should not be, is very likely to spend nt leiKil onc night in our jail," McKce said. Police have investigated nrnund :i do/.cii burglaries since the first of the year. The damage done by the burglars in most instances totalled more than the amount of money or merchandise taken. QUICKIES . . By Ken Reynolds plction of a barge canal to Liberty in the near future is virtually assured as a result of a report from Army Engineers Corps. man and Wilton A. Roper. Plans for the . channel . were plan. .Apparently his prediction is cost of maintenance will cost Uncle . . changed in 1950 because salt water coming true. backing up the new channel en- Thc cnginccrs> dangered rice crops in the area. report recommends construction of a naviga- Sam another S465.000. If Congress approves the plan, the Chambers - Liberty County Blank payroll checks numbered as follows: 2205, 2208.' 2209. 2210, 3, are missing. Another written for an em- Richard Barren Bound Over To Jury Richard Barron, 35, charged a gate controlled river diversion of Liberty. channel An announcement Wednesday ' ' ' ' , from Col Herbert D. Vogel, Army In other words, th: canal will ne engineer chief for the Southwest amded into two separate char." . „ ,. -™ . « nrtle i-icr tift^fh *^f Anamiflr \lUf a Division, said the Engineers Corps will give a favorable report to Congress on a "modified" plan for the channel to Liberty. •I c an estimated v.-orth of rizht-o'-way. said he was told by Police Chief Stonewall Burris. "also was with giving a $50 hot check to pay £ e ^ScK It is numbered 22Si, and f 0r toys he bought at Wilkie's. was hjm wo j, 1( j be reduced to a mis- in the amount of S18.01. hound over to the grand jury un- demeanor. Checks which had been written , „„. Barron was asked by Assistant just north of Anahuac. like two-lano divided highway. One channel will include the navigation locks, which will be Anyone who has any facts or to pav local bills, but had not been dcr $1000 bond after a prr-iiminary -:------;„.' Conwcl! connection signed, were on the regular John hearing Wednesday in Just.ce of District Attorney Byron Coimcli John M. Fonts, genera] manager used only when the river is low of the Trinity Improvement said that the Galveston office wUlTVc project was fnvit'ca'" by M!"KUBore"'Sand "and "Gravel" Co" the Peace Roscoe Zierlein's court. Col. Vogcl to present them to thc account. They are numbered 4855 Barron Board of Engineers for Rivers through 4873. case, but arfd Harbors. Washington, D. C., by Fob 15. forma E. (Sec ,, v, ;,v, n i („ if he w ed to in nrrfer to m order to ""I wouia like to have this in- to jail after he told Judge Zier- tha formation printed so that no mer- lem he had^returned the^toys. ™£ ™'j that he also might be required to ord or had served a prison term. Barren declined tc testify. 1-19 ". . , can't you think of anything to meditate a-bout—but Sun Want Adsr

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