Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 6, 1963 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1963
Page 11
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Job Outlook Bright for '63 College Graduates 1 .">rmf VKAft THF PAMP\ DAU.Y N'FWS THIRSDAY, .11 M. fi, I'm.! II CAR SEAT CASE DOUBLETS AS AN ARM REST - FOR FRONT OR BACK SEAT9 MAKE BOX AN DUD OUT OF Jj."PINE T'A-TWO STRIPS OF HFAW >J_ RUBBER BANDS OR ' ELASTIC FOP MAPS, ETC. trained manpower reflects the continuing change in the occupational paitern of our labor force and the increasing nee> J i for education, Bagdon said. In the past decade, the professional, technical, and kindred group — which requires the most education and training - has been (he fastest growing. During the IflfiO's, employment in this group is expected to increase more than twice as fast as overall employment. i The lOti.'! college graduating class ! is the largest in history — about | 4411.000 will receive bachelor's dr- j grees and more than flS.OOO will ! earn higher degrees. Along with more job opportunities than !asl year, ihe IflG.T graduates can ex- peel higher starting salaries, the statistician said. For gradualct with a bachelor's degice, salaries PARIS (UP1) — Foreigners mru said she suspettcd her husband are 3 to 5 per cent higher in most think that French lovers are wise was in love with her best friend, fields ranging from $4,300 to $".-00 and all-seeing. But Ihe popularity "Your husband is perhaps faith- per year. Salaries will be higher of advice to the lovelorn columns [,,] y nur friend probably loyal." for those with advanced degrees, in newspapers and mnga/tiics here lhc ;u( , , rc W!I<i . - O o n m"scarch lev Demand varies according to the Shows the French have their share ma k e your suspicions n FOAM RUBBER COVERED WITH UPHOLSTFRV PlASriCIN COtOR TO MATCH CAR PAINT BOX, OR COVER WITH • SAME PLASTIC, • USE WHITE tilUE - POUND BOTTOM CORNERS CARDBOARD PATTERN AMD CHFOIs THIS CURVE AND AMQ1.E WITH YOUR CAR SEAT. ALTtK TO I IT. ..-__._-_C LI P AND SAV E---------J, Even French Need Lovelorn Advice This year's bumper crop of col-:' There is also widespread demand lege graduates will find jobs plcn-I for veterinarians. ph.irmar: si i. liful, while many less skilled work- : medical technologists, ili^ranists, crs remain unemployed, accord- j dietitians, and medical record !i- ing to Brunswick A. B a g d o n, brarians," he noled. Southern Regional Director of the ! . . .. f* r t , . r* ' l Jrt v-\-I 1^,1 II \J\tlJ\n I Lll I I 1 U. S. Department of_ Labors Bu- wcl( . trained | ibrar i ans Business adniini.-u ation and hh eral arts graduates are in demand for employment as sale"; lepie- sentatives and sains and management trainers. Starting salaries F-lxccllenl opportunities exist for for most of these jobs range be„-„ nt , . „ q . a(i .., ..Jll-trained librarians in all parts tween $425 and Sf.f)ii a moiiih .cau 01 Labor Statistics, of , he C0lln(ry and J0 „„ ,. jnd ,. Circatcr demand for highly, o f libraries. Especially in demand are librarians with :raining science and technology, This year's college graduates will find a variety of job openings in the l-ederal 'iovernment — (0 BaRllon _ most urgently needed are physic. iMs, chemists. matliem;iti( inns. For the biological and social and engineers in all fields 'I hose sciences, emphasis is on advanced majoring in liberal arts, business training. Others will find oppor- administration, public admimstia (unities as junior professional as- tion. biological sconces and social sistants, technicians, or trainees. sciences are being recruited for trainee positions leadine 10 i.irf-r- and professional areas firad'ia'"- mlerested in receiving traimi';; in any one of about fifl career fields- should lake the f-ederal-Sei •.. \< n fiintranre Pixamination. the sia:i<; lieian r oneluded. ;i European Aulfis YMPK i ' [•: i • ipip'' ,! • I 'IMITV '• : moment of \niei ic ;in M:J mi; -ales lo 111 '• rn;vj,;i/:ne No fair NTV YORK ft'lM) — rvuMin Mates diverted about S10H mil lion of las) <v",-(i'< ifforcl J"> ~\ In; lion in Male highway-user tuxr, to non-highway ii^»s. ari-otdmu to ihe American Petroleum Institute Now You Know H\ I nuerl Press International :'•••••• i: ;.;'• -t '-;i p .-\' eating :<m- '•'•\ i I . '" :nn • and arhiovd <\ 'iif'th of j(l fer» according to the 1 'i'' ' ,IM \|iis' - iim of Nairn al Kf.-uf ifif- Vows ( lassified Ads I IJ.T ATI IK, ITTII? Ofhe problems of certainty f !e | ( | ,,f .specialization. Most sought 'amour. , ny playing detective. You will be arc Rr aduaies with degrees in en- One Trench "Dorothy Dix" is happier. Furthermore, it's a good gmeermg. physics, mathematics. Marcclle Segal who gives out ad- pradi-.e, whether they are faithful ; and accounting. Students in these vice in the womens magazine "El- or not." ' fic | ds can cxpect to rcceive sa | a . le" with o unif|»e Gallic flavor. ' Then there was a letter from a nes at the upper end of the ' A 60-year-old grandmother, for young man who had been in love range, while offers to liberal arts example, wrote that her husband, with « hoautiln! gul m Paris for graduates lend to be lower, he 63. had acquired a mistress. Al- six months. ; explained. though the couple quarrelled over R U( ••„,„. ,|av in front of a night In the South — as in most parls the ether woman, the husband con- dub on the Run Pigalle I recog- of the country — teachers are still finned to have his household of ni/ed her in a photo as a strip- in short supply, Bagdon : am. "Ap- three. or "menage a irois," as tease dancer." proxmiately Kit).OIK) more r. e w they call it in this country. ; ..•[• )lis WMS ., s)l0( j. r nr mp ( .". kindergarten and e I e m e n t a r v The wife asked columnist Segal, (he anguished man wrote. .'school teachers will be needed in "Should I divorce him' 1 " Mme. Segal replied to "go to <-,ee ihe nation ibis year. Al 'he seron- The husband is "without the cabaret show to see if it ir, dary school le\el. opportunities Strength" so "you must have she" are best (or learners specializing -S'rength." Mines. Segal replied. '• "If it isn't, the incident is '" mathemaiics, science, home "Decide winch you prelei; an cUri'd." --!'.r> wrote. "If it :, -he. I economics, art, music, physical amiable husband, a comfortable will say to you only that fonlish education for girls, and some life, mi appearance of happiness jobs are done often bv peo- foreign languages. Starting sdla- Or a di'.orce, solitude, a broken pie. I remember one nude dancer nc s for beginning teachers range family, the rupture of 35 \cars of who, when dn-s-ed. was a modest from $400 to $450 a month," he cherished habits. pitl. a good w;fe and m ot h e r. added, "U'hich i< the lens! wot.-e' 1 You She «<•«• her t<i>,ti:,nc of !-.\e uith In most medical professions, the are too realistic not to see thai in seriousness. It was her work out number graduating is insuttieient divorcing him. you punish \our- fit!' ,o (,|1 existing shortages, Bagdon ft\f. Let the poor fool go his way— • ^K). "Many more dentists, espe- "ne can't go far." :. France has nearly fi.'JS million cially in the South and West, and A teller from <i 24-year-old wife rc.mMeied motor \eiucles. phssicians and nurses are noeded. :*3&M^^ DRUG SPECIALS PRICES GOOD TODAY THRU SUNDAY REG. 75c Aqua Velva LOTION s " REG. $1.98 Tennis Balls >c ^REG. $1.29 v MASSENGILL POWDER 1C Reg. $1.39 Preparation H SUPPOSITORIES 89' &*&c !»»' tJS- • i'H 1 Rcvlon BOTTLE OF 100 BUFFERIN c Polish Remover •w Hot,'. Hf)c- Polident REG. $1.29 Tame Hair Rinse jS? B & B HAIR SPRAY ?* T.-IT AQUA SET HAIR SETTING LOTION Reg. 1.29 ^"•y ksrS Can Save You Tax Money! Are you U/uuiiig a n j ruK jj. duclious iu hlnili >ou air tulitlol? '1 hous<iiiU> ol iiruu can |>c livu-d. Dill); '!"«*—a>ail.ibJr )n-c lo our fUiluiiii'is—liimiO,,., j, m 4tl an . Jiual moid. <^(ni ( - in ( <M lay anil ask. alxiue J)msl.n. li'i (ict. .Vlait Mn'ing lax iiionr)! WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUA.M1T11S B&B PHARMACY BALLARP AT BROWNING ! u ; PF pr MO 5-5788 Fathers V ' i! M-'A :i 'i'dcra'1' »' i'"t i l-.illed bv In- ,>•.' 'It' f if ( h;t tit ci ] I;r I 111 !sh \ ,' V' is. ' K'' GIVE DAD THE NEW SHORT SLEEVE DRESS SHIRTS EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT Towncraft Talk about fit ... until no\v only costly custom lailoiwl shirts looked this trim, this slim . . . with no iuilsint; at the waist. Choosf from superb li^htuei^lu pima cdi- ton broadrloihs or brccxi^cool c'oml>iMl col- ton oxfords. dad . . ., summer supply. ACTION INSERT KNIT LEATHER SOLE ON MOCCASIN TOE OXFORD MEN'S FINE STRETCH DRESS HOSE men $ sizes 9" 69 ^ ( *l ~\r\i'\^-L\ I \'i Get thi» smart looks ot nioc styling! Get Goo i- year welt fonslructjon! Smooth leal hers., brown. Choose Irum wanted plain ribs and fanc.s no\ - elties ... in dark or ligh' colors! .Marhino uash in kike-warm \\ater. All m- Ion. TOWNCRAFT TIES FOR HIM 1 IVimoxs lie .-iM-'i-ii'iti ;-iii- >ui'-r> tlu 1 jiro'nl'-m n! ,i ,^ift (or him In Mripo .i;id -MUi'N >!im nil ri^ulrir \\idth> FINE LINE COTTON IN OUR SLACKS me;) s 28-42 DACRON RAYON TROPICAL SLACKS men s sizes 29-42 95 Li_:h; 'I'.A'f'i - rig/it iropj. .•al sl.-i'-ks in iho Bouio- -ard nvicli-i. Dacrnn po!\'- . -tiT-and-fH> on. In smarl •»k)i-s. Automatic uash'n .'. odi 1 . LiUle-or-no-iron. x TALL MEN'S SHIRTS 98 ..-\ GENUINE BRIZA PANAMAS FOR MEN! sijcs 6'-4 to 7 1 2 3 98 i-.-Uld, ItVlthiT CHARGE IT! — It's Easier To Plan, Easier To Pick, Easier to Pay!

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