Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on March 3, 1939 · Page 10
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 10

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1939
Page 10
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",W>V " ' ,™ THE CORS1CANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, KRIDAY, MARCH 8, *989. HEALTH, BEAUTY AND POISE HOW TO' DUPBOVE TOUB PEBSONAUTr By VERONICA DENOEL AID FOB COMPLEXION WOES. It seems to me that any number of you muet have been neglecting to clean your faces thoroughly during- these win t« months, because I am suddenly surrounded with letters begging: for a quick clean-up method for blackheads. Well now, how did they get Dcngcl using a too'heavy foundation, and then do not clean your face thoroughly each night. By that, I dnt' mean that you go off to bed with the day's soil still on your face—no, it may be that you do take off your make-up with cream but that Is the end of It. It Is a great mistake to use cleansing cream, and then not clean and close the pores of nil residue that may still bo left In the pores. I think the best procedure Is to use a cleansing cream or oil to remove your makeup; then wash thoroughly with warm water and soap; then rinse —rinse—rinse. Lots and lots of water—until the face Is rosy and glowing. Then, if you wish apply a nourishing cream—but only if you really need It It 1* such a good plan to leave the skin freo of any preparation during the night so that it may breathe freely during the hours that you are Blackheads are just soil that Is gathered in the pore and must be cleaned out and kept clean, or a most unpleasant skin condition will result. As a specific treatment for these blemishes, do this twice a week. Mix two tablespoonfuls Epsom salts In a gowl of hot water. Stir until dissolved. With a wash cloth wrung out of this solution, keep wotting the blackhead areas until the skin s softened. Then, •with the fingers wrapped in a bit of clean linen, gently press the blackheads out. Any that do not come away freely, leave until the next time. Pressing the) skin hard will only tend to bruise it, and It Is quite possible to injure a little blood vessel which will leave a permanent blemish. Rinse the skin again with the solution, and finish off with some wltch-hael to cool the skin, close the pores, and disinfect the spot. Patience is most necessary in correcting this trouble—don't try to undo in one or two treatments, what has been accumulating for months. An raqneite Cor nenonu "Health. Beauty anil Polio" Information dMInd by Veronle* rxnjel't column follower* muet be accompanied bj • fully iell'edrtreased, otnmped envelope (s.a.e.e.l. Address: Veronica Dentel. In aar» of tbli now«More Baby Chicks Aro Fed Bed Chain Chicle Starter every year. It gives better results. Distributed By MoCOLFIN GRAIN COMPANY Telephone 470. Raybestos P-G When rellnlng your broke* always ask for P-G. Any mechanic can got Itaybestos P-G Broke Lining and they are the best. HEIFNEB BROS. OARAGE 112 West Fourth Avonue BB1NUING Of PATHEB- Bj MTLK GOATS —the finest young milk goats we have ever raised—at prices you can pay. C, F. BBYAN. M. D. Telephone 1806. Office at Residence Exall Heights, Corslcana, Tex. B. B. OWEN, LAWTEB Dally Sun Building General Practice Specializing In Land Title Work and Estates SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SIMS BEFCX A is ARRIED J5EY POPS POPCORN AN'AFTER DEYS MARRIED -SHE- FOP5HIM ON J5E HEAD/ DATS RIGHT/ DB MARRIED MAM IS POPPED ON D£ HEAJ> AN' HAS CORNS IN His HANDS FROM V WOTJKIN/ SOMEBODY is BEEN <N TOWN 50 LONG DEY TALKS' "Too MUCH/ o^^a.^.^,^^^^. BBUL-^H ..... TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE ACROSS 3, On the ocean 6. Isolated or prolrudlnc rock I. Blck 12. Small stream II. Mlnut* orlflc* 14. Born 16. Thoea who a«- «ert a right or title !T..IitKht brown •18/FIBer used In making rop« It. Make corrections In 11. Understood but < ; not ex- s preaied Solution of Tuesdays Pnzzle. S. Put Into typ« again .1. Holds the attention 10. Incline 11, Grant the us* of It, Dull finish 20. Fabled Island at the earth's center: Hindu mythology 11. "Lights out* 2). Direction: Scotch XS. Remarkable products 25. Part of a comet 28. Against: prefix SO. Drug-yielding agent* »i. County In Colorado or New Mexico -j. Requires 41. Dispatches 42. Supplication 43. Scarce 45. Epochs 48. American author and [C«fr.' IMP, King Ftiiurci Sjtiiitiu. Ine^ Wctlj riihu_f««nrf. I'LL GO TO MB OFRCE AW CALL HINA UP- THEN HAVE DAUGHTER •PHONE ME TH' RESULTS- _ AKJD WAKE HIM UP-IP HE'LL OWLY WAKJT TO BORROW SOME MONEV- r YES-DADDV-THE OTHEB BROTHER CAME OVER AMD THEY HAD AW AWFUL. FIGHT TO SEE WHO WAS. TO SLEEP OKJ i THE SOFA - BUT-IT'S ALL QUIET NOW- THE OTHER: BROTHER IS ASLEEP IN YOUR BED- •CAP" STUHBS ANT> 1'tl'PUC- HIS MISTAKE Uf fEOwUia II. Aquatlo animal Ventilate 3T. Ancient Irish capital I). Peruse • 12.' Ostentatiously ;>5, Celestial body ' nt of the foot plant - _. _ lorlng 88. Walked 47. Of a later gen eration (I. 8ea eagle 2. Yellow ocher I. Old musical not* 4. Proof of being elsewhere R. Health resorts I. Aorobat who assumes unnatural postures • T. Fainting, sculp ture, literature, music, •to. medicine 54, Tree of the Philippines Roman bronie Hardens (7. Killed *» ,,, .. English letten ; 42. Proper sense of 49. Lubricate CO. Shoshonean Indian H. Beheld •.„ WATCH « CLOCK -• JEWELRY ^ REPAIRING ALL WORK GUARANTEED G.D.RHOADS, Jeweler GIMME A NICKEL— WHILE YOU GOT YOUR. POCKET.GOOK OUT— -A WHY, YE5, I THINK I \VE ONE.—• , WELL, MOTHER. I'VE LOST TWO POUNDS! I WAS WEIGHED AT TH' EXERCISE CLASS AND GEE.! I THOUGHT SHE WAS IN A PRETTY GOOD HUMOIX! GEE.'. I WISHT I'D ASKED FOR. A DIME! TILLIE THE TOILEM— MAO THINKS HE'S A MIND-BEADEB~ 13-^T Tfi« Gtor?* Malilltw Arlimi Scrvlr*. Ini f. Bj BOM \Vestore* &OSKMAC M SEVEN MINUTES LATE 5O WHAI THE BOSS HASN'T SHOWN UP/ HIMSELF/ YET I WAS THINKING OP SOMETHING ELSfc ON THE BUS AND WENT CLEAR TOf~ SLENORCHY STREET/ I KNOW.THINKIN6 OF SOME OTHER GUY AND TWENTY TO ONE IT WASN T ME Mb. f ^ 3a IW9. kiti'j Fnlum Syrullatc. Int.. WmU rishuraavA WELL.T OUESS I WAS THINKING OP A FELLOW AFTER ALL/I WAS THINKING OP THAT MORTGAGE MAN AND 1 " COULDN'TJTELL MAC WHAT I WAS REALLY THINKING OP JUST KIDS— IT SOUNDED LIKE A SDCOESSt By Ad Cartel MV GREAT- GRANDFATHER WAS WITH GENERAL GRANT MOUSE—IT'S A GIFT! RIGHT AFTER THE WAR MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER MARRIED A SOUTHERN BELLE FROM RICHMOND HOW DID THEV GET ALONG? , :j WELL-.{ MARRIED FOR FIFTY TWO lilt. ti»| Prtnrn !>nftc««. Inc.. World nikh r,,mtj ~~ •0 Bi Wall DUn»; _'HIUE MICKEY STRUGGLES TO FREE HIMSELF CRUSOE IS WITH THE CANNIBAL KING. TO CRUSOE'S GREAT RELIEF, THE KING DOES NOT INTEND TO EAT HIM.' ^WHITE MA.N! /DO LVQ &»Js. DEM IS MAH , WIPES/ 5-2 BUT, I'SE PRESENTTN 'EM TO YOU ALL OF TAKE THIMBLE THEATBE Starring POPETE—NOW SHOWTNO—"AGED IN THE WOOD" TOMORROW— "IMAGINE SEEING YOU HEBE!" . PRESUMABLE HE IS )SEEK\V4G THE MVSTERIODS sp\wACH vJOiCE V;H\CH ^VAULLMAKE HIM GROWM OKJCE MOBTEttEB HUM CLEANS UP By 8AKBEN <? £,« s» - ; " PJ& K° UK PART 1 - JO KEEP THE STREETS CLEAN *-iv»» J^rtniM «» t^i'itu*. • C3 <*? ,. A. *>c> i ^¥^»i» .. M3ifj ?MW,,.vviw *»».>.. !\.2/.l ,

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