The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 4, 1952 · Page 8
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 8

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 8
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.page.8— THE BAYTOWN SUN. WEDNESDAY. JUNE *. Religion In Industry CLEVELAND, Ohio —ftf>—The Cleveland Cap Screw Co. is planning a new $3,000,000 plant and its president, J. W. Fribley, proposes to include a non-sectarian chapel in the structure if employes are , Fribley believes the pro- shrine would be unique in industr}'. Posts Bond Fo? Rustlers HAMILTON, June 4. UUP.)— She' no voice iff Woodie Young has posted a $100 j k-mir.™ ...-? i-s\ *'e* i mi'il a fo infr^r^^f" ifl * But They're Still Happy To Be Living In Free World By PHIL NEWSOM sians and East Germans have set but over them" are Russians, just " United Press Foreign Analyst up all along their boundary with as Russians are over nominal Ger- Heinrich Brabender and the the West. man superintendents in East Ger- American housewife have one Despite it all, Heinrich and his man industry. thing in common. neighbors say "we are still happy The Russians make a pretense Both are suFerin" from a potato *' e are living this side of the line O f permitting opposition po'itical *h^a«A~with~ a difference —in the free world, parties and newspapers. But the shortage^with a difierence That's what they told a Uruted S pposi tion parties have no voice „- _ The American nousevoie q«m p ress correspondent this week, and am j the opposition newspapers can resvard to "stimulate interest fcave her potatoes, providing sne ^y knew whereof they spoke. get no newsprint. the capture o£ cattle rustlers op- can find them, and has me mone> while the Russians mouth of Approximately 1,000 East Ger- perating in Hamilton county the to pay for them. freedom in East Germany, tlieir mans per week'are yjcaping to ibe past several months. Heinrich practically needs a actions have been quite different. West—a great advertisement for >.. . .,.•.. ....,.~;TTrT:.,.. ..- f .-,^,--. : -+-. passport and a visa to get his. But p or example, in East Gem?ny the attractions of the West. 2%v^<s'-^v;>^y.:^\%<v;v.v>,'v^.././.^ he knows where they are. They're hardly a line of double-tracked we haven't seen the end of Rus- ^HOWARD HARDWARE* on that portion of his land which railroad remains. Rails have been sian reprisals for the Bonn peace •:" ••••<>:<• lies across the border of East Ger- torn up and shipped to Russia, pact or the European Army i ; "The store \\ & many and which now. is split off leaving only the single tracks. treaty-, but one frequently over- X :That Solves Your Problen15 " : ' from the rest of his small holdings Whole factories have been dis- looked fact is worth noting: Rus- ^ 42 4 w. Main Dial 5951 by barbed wire and a tough guard, mantled and shipped to the East. s ian action as regards both Enst *-. :r HOW COWS THH PLANE'S MCSSTri HALP e/PTV? ^ fir As result of the signing of the " •"• maruieo. auu Miiutwu'iu uit ^a.a\.. sian acuon as regaros DOUI H.HS. *-, r ^^f \ he Yet. because of the split between an d West Germany ir». proof that 'i^^it^^/^-iV^V'S-A''^^ v.,,^^. West German peace contract, East and West, the Russians are the Reds still fear the Gormans. wft./''?.^***?' ^•'.'..• t :f*-''~.«'J-<<r.--*-?-.*' /--x. IFnited States responsibilities in collecting the whole burden o( war — —— —— ; ~ — Eurooe have now advanced from reparations from what remains of th*' Rhine river to the Elbe. East German industry. Also as result of the peace con- It is estimated that in war plants tract plus the Eurooean Army and production, the Russians have treary to which West Germany Is taken $10 billion out of East Gera *ignatory, the Russian Iron Cur- many. tain extends to the Elbe, and farm- Building in East Germany has er Heinrich Brabender has lost been heavy since the war. but four acres of his land. most of it has been for the benefit From cow on, he is subject to of Russian occupation forces. bein CT shot if he is caught crossing Germans presumably rule in the the no man's land which the Rus- East German puppet government, He Wants To Reform Navy Procedure SAN' FRANCISCO, June 4 (EP)— ilian life is vice president of the A millionaire sailor who was court- $3 million Ripley-Hopping Ltfmber maxtieled for his one-man attempt Co. of Port Newark, N. J., is await- to reform things he dislikes about ing a review of a recommendation the Navy decided Wednesday he'd that he be given, a bad conduct like to "change the Navy's court discharge. martial procedure, too. Meanwhile, the Navy has put Seaman. Bruce S. Hopping, 30, hi m to work swabbing barracks was court martialed in Hawaii May and doing other odd jobs at the 15 for complaining to newsmen Treasure Island naval station in about conditions aboard a salvage g an Francisco Bay. ship to .which he was assigned. He "Congress should investigate to first came to public notice last fall the core the very foundation of the whea he "griped about the Navy' 5 military legal system," Hopping food at Bainbridge, Md. declared. Right now, Hopping, who in civ- "The main thing I hope to do is to see that any enlisted man brought up before a Navy court martial can have a civilian lawyer. We have to have a uniform code of Naval justice for officers and men." Hopping's plan to change Navy trials is just one plank in his cam- PUSAN, June 4 OB—Great Bri- paign to trim down the "brass hats tain suppored the United States W h 0 are running tne Navy with Wednesday in an apparently sue- their own hidebound Annapolis cessful diplomatic protest against caste system and justice to suit President Syngman Rhee's seizure themselves." of power in Korea. "I can't do much as long as I!m President Truman, fearing new still in the Navy." he said, "but complications in the delicate truce as soon as I get out I'm going to talks, induced Rhee to call off try to do plenty."plans for dissolving the national 'assembly "for a few ctays." Rhee was expected to reply to Mr. Truman Thursday. A spokesman said the reply would^ be "couched in diplomatic terms." It was learned that five other members of the United Nations •were nreparing notes similar to that of the U. S. Alec Adams, British charge d'- affaires here, announced that Britain "fully supports" the stand taken by President Truman in a note to Rhee. Mr. Truman told Rhee he was "shocked and amazed" at the Korean political crisis. Rhee has seized control by declaring martial law and has stripped the national assembly of power by forbidding his own supporters to attend. Adams said he told Rhee during a brief meeting "Wednesday that Britain supported Mr. Truman's position. He said he acted under -instructions from the British foreign office. It was learned that Australia, the Philippines, Turkey, Pakistan 'and the Netherlands would make representations similar to that of Mr. Truman. Those nations, with the United States and Great Britain, make up the UN commission for unification and rehabilitation of Korea. Bothered with sow bugs (pill bugs]? Or earwigs, crickets, cut worms, grasshoppers or millipedes? Green Light Bug Bait will clear your property of these insects. Comes ready to use, and is harm less to vegetation. Green Light Bug Bait is available In l-lb. cans and 5-lb. boxes. Available at your favorite Grocery and DISTRIBUTED IN BAYTOWN, BY KIAU5S-WHITE 1SJ WOODHUtt D*IVE • SAN ASTONIO, TfXAS BEHIND YOU,JAKE! LOOK OUT' , A THUMP, PARWJE5S, THE ROAR OF THE TOM THROUGH WE TUNHE SECRET AGENT X-9 Ji!6t-to refresh ouy memory .... tujo _. inside UJ3 5 gold rtn$ 5-toien elain G-man £<SBTUS w A ni'RfW A'AWTTER'-FOR'- POLICE! Phil srvd VJllda flag " doujn a passing ^i^ea? ESCAPE FP6M?,«{ §^S*^">*EL * EU -i ^ ^&irM&^ *fu BEETLE BAILEY —fey Admiral .To'-"Visit Air Plant FORT WORTH, June 4 OLE)— Vice Admiral Harold Montgomery Martin, wnose carrier flew the Texas flag during World War II will be guest speaker Friday at formal inspection of Bell Aircraft's new $7 million helicopter plant at Hurst Martin, presently commander of the Air Pacific Fleet, was wartime commander of • the USS San Jacinto. INC. FED. TAX Cleverly creates the illusion of a much larger diamond . . .in a massive masculine setting of 14k natural gold. An impressive example of the type of unusual diamond value that we're jusily famous, for! JUST *2 A W I WAKiT THE WIMDOW OPEN FOR BEAUTY! FOR HEALTH I ?5y>*z vr**/ Gonuins Bauich A. liemb r Xm««CAn Optical Len«e» Preicrr^Uon or Plain Ground Leniei FOR SPOB-fS OR "S*" I Tri-Cities Optical Co. Women fl Woods 2Wg., 416 W. Defce Dial 5972 Ail Styles for Men ELLA CINDERS —by Charles Plumb and Fred Fox ' Amazing values on easy terms ... NO MONEY OOV/N ... and NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGE' Every diamond ts GUARANTEED for full purchase" !£>! price when traded Tn on a larger diamond. ^=^^:s^^ irVOUTKiNKl rLAVE $HOVVN t7i^£^PECT FO.? ONE OF MY , eo AHEAV AN^^TRIKE WE-' YOUR HAN ?'• V ) MALE I EVEK MET- WHO HA7 I THE ODUKA6E TO 5TAtiPUFAH? THAT UTTLEGOiNS TO 9£ THE BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred Usswe IF YOU flM'SUT DON'T ., Tpnr _ ( STOP PESTERS ME, UMCLF AwS?5' \ RIDDL£ S, I NEVER 5SsOT^a V^TESV W ^ r 6E fi^LETO AN' SUT GOT > FtGGEP, (T OUT MO V/OTES-WfUCH / OME OP US IS ^AflYOR? (AJHflT 1 NEED IS TO GO 'WflY OFF SOPAEVJHflR BY fAYSELF WHflR IT'S WHflR 1 CqNJ WHftR WOULD YE LIKETO GO, UMCLE URlflH? MYRTLE—Right Around Home NO MONEY DOWN! Pay just a little each week for this sensational buy! 1 NOVELTY KNIT COTTON — In rex£ navy and white is for sum- ?ner;".1952. a jxmior dress with a fuTl,gathered organdy-lined skirt ' Duberman. The navy grosgrainl . Matched 14k fishtaUv mountings ^. - - with 10 splendid diamonds. ^'~^\ /HEYr MOM, w i HAVH A DIME rD? A MOON MULLiKS EXCLUS\VE ,1 UNDERSTAND. BUT I ALWAYS H018UTSB4ATOF2 SMOSTUc

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