The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 4, 1969 · Page 3
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 3

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1969
Page 3
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LEVELS IN NURSING HOME SERVICES ARE EXPLAINED Tuesday. February 4, 1969 Jlljr lagtomn ftnu Mrs. Kddie It. Uarrelt, ad- inutisiriilor ol tiayiuwn Nursing Homo, was one ol 322 nursing IHIIIH- slall members and public welfare workers who aUendcci a eimierencc in Huuslon on ihe implementation ol the new multiple levels ol service program for public welfare recipients residing in nursing nonius. I'lie one-day meeting, sponsored by Uie Texas Nursing Home Association and Die Slate Department ol Public Wellare, dealt with the responsibilities ol i lie nursing home and slate uelJare workers under llns new program winch became ellective on Jan. 1. "The new program is designed in place the patient in the nursing home that oilers the level ol specilic care program lhal the individual needs, stated burton G. Hackney, commissioner, .Slate Department ol Public Wellare. Nursing homes and lliose wel- lare recipients requiring nursing luime care are now classilied into three types: Skilled Care, Intermediate Care 111, and Inter mt'di ale Care H. Skilled nursing homes serve patients requiring maximum nursing care. Intermediate 111 homes serve patients needing nursing care, but ol a lesser degree. Rent A Car Servic* Courtesy of COURTESY FORD C»U Inlermediaie 11 homes serve residents who do not require professional nursing care, but are incapable ol independent living. A weilare recipient classilied as Skilled, Intermediate 111 or Intermediate 11 will be provided care in a nursing home ol like classification, where possible. However, when not possible, special personnel waivers have VVIMJA.M IKK TUCKEH IV, -son ol .Mr. and Mrs. \V. 1. Tucker 111 ol 7D.) I'arkway, is ci'lohraling Ills sixtli birthday Tuesday, i.niiulpm cnls an- .Mr. anil .Mrs. IV. I. Tucker Jr. nail .Mr. and Mrs. 1.. U. l.ri'sliain, all of Haylown. (in-ill - grandparents are .Mr. ami .Mrs. IS. C. Hunch ol Marshall and the lute .Mrs. (irace Avaiil ol Haytown. I COME Even Elephants Can't Remember All The Changes I in the INCOME TAX If pochydc-rmi how problem*, how about people? Th« eaty omw«r — take your return to BIOCK. Our ly.tem of COMPLETE che:k : ng every return meant •»*•—•• — »• — you will receive ex«ry legitimate deduction.' Come in today. ' GU*«ANTH ^^^^^^^= We guarantee accurate preparation of every tax r If we make any errors lhat cost you any penal RETURNS LIFE _.. relurn. ir we mane any errors mar cost you any penalty or interest, we will pay the pgnol'y or interetr. I America's Largest Tax Service with Over 3OOO Offices BAYTOWN 105 W. TEXAS 4Z7-5126 LA. FORTE 200 W. MAIN 471-2300 SEABROOK 2829 Nlia Rd. No. 1 877-1634 Open Week Days 9 to 9 -• Sat. and Sun. 9 to 5 IO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY been developed to insure that all eligible recipients receive necessary nursing care, Waivers may be granted lor various reasons, some of which include: Physician orders that a move would be detrimental to Ihe paueni, where beds ol like classilicationol the recipient are not available in the area, and to avoid the separation ol family members who may not have the same classification. James Baker, president ul the Texas Nursing Home Association, slated, "In order to belter serve ihe needs of the community, many ot our member nursing homes will establish distinct part classifications. This means that a nursing home might care lor two or ihree lype patients within one aciluy." Hackney commented lhal, ". . approximately 2i),HOU welfare recipients will be provided care under Hie program. The distribution ol patients will approximate 8,500 classilied as needing Skilled Care, 13,l>uu needing Inlermediaie 111 Care, and 7,700 needing Intermediate 11 Care.' Tins joint federal-slate program lor recipients requiring Skilled Care will be linanced under Title XIX of the Social Security Law passed by Congress in liH>5 and Senate Bill No. 2 passed by the Texas Legislature in May. l%7. The recipients requiring care under the intermediate definition of ihe law will be linanced by the 1%7 amendments to the Social Security Law, Title XI. This level ol care, Inlermediaie, will bring the 'Texas wellare jrogram into compliance wild Public Laws 89-U7 and iHJ-248. Officials of the State Wellare Department and the 'Texas Nursing Home Association have worked closely, in a joinl effort, to develop a program in Texas mat is compatible with the needs >l citizens of our slate while insuring conformity will) Ihe federal guidelines. It is known nat some patients will need to be iranslerred between lacililics under the new syslem. Both L)P\V and TiVHA have expressed nope lhat transfers and moves will be kept to a minimum and inat the recipients and their families will cooperate in this endeavor. 'The Slate Wellare Department has developed an expeditious patient typing system and it is hoped that, with most patients being typed before admission, transfers can be minimised. The levels of care services under the new program will be available to certain categorically eligible blind, aged, totally and permanentJy disabled and lamilies with dependent children. Did You Know? In Africa, Bible Society vans must often drive at lop speed through villages, as slowdowns or stops would mean that the van would be surrounded and scriplures sold out, wilh none left for the village for which delivery was intended. THE LEONARD STASNEY family, 2209 Tuscan Lane - John, Mark, Anne and Mrs. Stasney" participated in Friday night's special Civil Defense training exercise. (Baytown Sun Photo.) Ail-Night CD Training 'Successful' Ky KON LENNAKL) .1. F. Hickerson, Baytown Civil Uclcnse director, said Tuesday thai the all-night (.raining exercise held Friday was a .success. "We had 17 students, three instructors, two stall members and live children who got acquainted through regislration and name lags as they entered the Emergency Operations Center at city hall at 6 p.m. for me special shelter Jiving training exercise," Hickerson said. Mrs. Hickerson, who assists Her husband in training exercises, said the halls were filled with "cols, bedrolls, blankets, pillows and a cookie box or two slashed here and there for Hie kiddies." 11. E. Zimmerman assembled die students in the operations room and explained the effects of nuclear weapons and warning points in Canada, the U. S. and Uaytuwn. W. W. Brawn explained the pnysicai, physiological and psychological aspects of shelter Voter Registrations Are Being Tallied Carl .Smith said Tuesday it will ix: a couple ol weeks before he will have an accurate tally of l'.HSU voter registration in Harris County, but the total seems in be below the 1968 registration. .Smith said he believes lhat the Imal tally lor llMjU will be in excess iM 517,000, but will nol ccjual last year's record of .>H.J,iK)U registered voters. "It's the same story of so- called oil-election year," said tiinilh. "We almost always fall back.' he explained. Smith earlier this year bad hoped for regislration of 625,000 voters. Voter regislration in Texas ended Friday. Attend Church Sunday Putting you first, keeps us first. '69 Cnmnro Sporl Coupx;, "The Hugger' Jft ..-,*.*• Most of the cars Lhnl are competilive wilh Chevrolets are clamoring for you lo buy them now. Big deal. (You hope.) Chevrolet offers something even belter than hope. Many popular ilems are priced less than a year ago. Such as Powerglidc and large V8's. Head restraints are now standard. New advanced-design power disc brakes arc priced over a third less than our power disc brakes were last year. So we're offering a '&.) Cninaro Sport Coupe for less money than last year. $147.00* less if you equip it with the new 350-cu.-in. 250-hp V8 (as compared with last year's 327-cu.-in. 275-hp Eight), the Powerglide and power disc brakes, whitewalls and wheel covers. Help us deflate inflation. Show up at your Chevrolet dealer's Showdown. You'll win. 9 flrr*rd on mtinttfttrlirrrr's snfWrxtivt ri'tatl prices* intlHtltrtf: ft'tlcrnl rxctw tax and sufiffeslcd dealer ncti' dir preparation char/jf. Value Showdown: $14700 less than last year% Camaro with comparable equipment. occupancy and how to recognize potential problems and proper methods lor preventalive actions. fJr. W. A. Goodrich, chief radiologist at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, described ihe effects of radioactive fallout, types of nuclear radiation, physical effects of radiation and protection against fall-out. Hickerson explained the responsibilities of local government, the Emergency Operations Center and the duties ol me siali. He explained food supplies on hand and briefed the' participants on Baylown's shelter plan. Tfie group bedded down slight ly alter midnight and a practice alarm sounded at 6 a.m. .Saturday. A tape recording was played to me siudenisand a simulated loss ol power was experienced. The exercise ended with a breakfast ol bacon, eggs, and coffee. Colonel Says He Wanted To Switch So He Could Fight KT. UENNING, Ga. tAP) U. Col. Peter G. Fleming picked an unorthodox route to Vietnam. He switched armies. Until midnight Friday, Fleming was an officer in the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, a regiment of ttie British army He retired—lor eight hours. Saturday, lie was sworn in as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army by Maj. (Jen. John M. Wright Jr., commanding general ol Ft. Benning, so he can be sent to duly in Vietnam. Hams Motorists Set Record In Miles Driven HOUSTON tSpi — Keeping pace wub Ihe limes — Harris Counly motorists set an all-time nigh in 1%H by driving a tola! of /.HI,400,000 miles reports the American Automobile Association. To equal lhal figure, astronauts Borman, Lovell and Anders would have had to lake .il.O-i'J Irips to Ihe moon. And across the stale, an impressive 47,H l J8,;j'JO,0(JO miles- were racked up by passenger cars. But Texans aren't alone in uieir travels — Americans everywhere set new records in hiiiK by traveling an estimated one trillion, len billion miles. !n driving ligures, that's -40,400,000 (rips around the world. The estimated mileage figure lor I UGH represents an increase of 4.0 per cent over l'Jl>7 mileage. The final figure for l%7 was %5 billion, up :i.7 per cent over luwi. Fleming wore an American umlorm borrowed from the widow of a friend who died in action in Vietnam. He was fhen assigned as executive officer of the ly'/'ihLighl Inlanlcy Brigade ai Ft. Benning, until he can be iranslerred to Vietnam. Fleming's U.S. commission is lemporary. It was arranged alter he received some precederit- SL-timg, red-iapL'-cuilmg waivers I ruin the iirifish government which look several months. The waivers remove Fleming irom complying with a roguiu- l.'O.VMK DKMSK Sniilli, tlaujjliti-r i>] Mi-, and .Mrs. David Smith of La 1'ortc will ct-k-braU- her fifth birtlulav Tuesday, she has a brother, Sti-ven Duane, Ji.j. Grandparents are Air. and Mrs. Jack Smith of Ituytown and .Mrs. hit'/ .Vcw m;i ii «f j.a I'urle. (•n-al - grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Harrison of Pasadena. nun lhat commissioned officers wait live years after their retirement irom the British Army ix.-lore ihey join any olher military service. The 42-year-old officer has served 22 years in the British army—in India, Africa and Southeast Asia. In 1961 he lought guerrillas in Malaysia and Borneo. But the British wouldn't send 1 (HID 10 Vietnam. Fleming said lie tried unsuccessfully to gel there as an observer, a/id found it 'professionally frustrating" when he could not. He has been at Ft. Benning nince I'Jfiii, serving as British liaison officer to the U S. Army Inlaniry School and Infantry Center, a job he described jokingly as "a Inundly spy." A paratrooper, Fleming holds an MA degree from Oxlord. He said his wile Margaret and their J->-> car-old daughter Corinna probably will slay at Ft. Benning when he is shipped to wnere ihe action is. They can. 1 iiuy re U.S. dependents now Beaver trappers have more than tripled production in Ontario, Canada, since game management districts were established in 1947. Beaver trappers take about 150,000 pelts a year. 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