The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 4, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1897
Page 4
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THE 1>AI1*T CHfeOKttdfe OCfOBEB 4, KwtscntMfliv Shist A<t- ^ From AtoxancW Hamilton's low tatlfl hill to 'rolipvfl th£ fltraitemHl cirettm- w» .tfeftsrtry in ltS$ to 1861. fawiff was ft nominal affair, 186* it was nU#*tl by successive acts to an aver* n£o of! 47-06 nwrwnt. Thfl MeKfnloy tariff ^m« 60 p«# f-entnd valorem aftd Ms a pound %ejght on woolens. Thn Wil- .eon tariff *ft# W) per cent ad .valorem 'only. The prem'nt or Ditigfe^bill i» OS hat act j of }9$i had .60 <wot>l, th« McKinley bil^ltc on tile Wilson bfll mostly ff oo. The IMngly bill h&stl or t2e. .This must rais& the " prr«e simply n fofm The ttuphft^ic^aya the ctoty thr- fi'ont.ifif iuklffl^ie tumnififc to cof4UWft<ld8 « profit on his investment for thpjfcbtiUv who adds a prqflt for th6 Oar Hn<te*weaf was all jpttt- 4 t> iprft ftftd is now in stock. " / Th«».btHit 2rte awl TtOc erteh.ahul> ami ^rnw*rs oversow.. Our Baits and, over' ' vwttwtfre al«> in stock at prices Wosth a ,' fjfur hiRrtihftBt' tailoring department is bettor stocked'than ever and ourf prices will prffvsfi nnfcjl our presettl stocft is • ' - T. Vht frtttt Sack l« aart I'fttflfl. and How to C«re it. what ft JsB iiaVtt ft back from ach<*$ nntl twrndtant .ntt, a lantc bftck, a sore bnelty «6 nchinp; fcwk, ift fnfefca ba^k, thftl f ntftkei»^t life i hurdettf What hate yott rfofie for ftt Ami do««-& Still keep Js6" fto»* U» htppf- wife that prtect teteh brtaga t»ailt .Ww iow full well it Wfth ^ yflftr*c*fe<tf^on cure fo* ft will Be? A btesslatf *oto no fount tteshu "Pla^terg-w««t%-oo it» bnt rttftV assis* to ItHngfhg sitfenf th. Lhiiment won't do It; fftfj while ft mayVe tettli- porary relief, It docA n«»M i «»eli tHecnttse. ' ' . there"* where roafeo the nttftck. Sfoat. eackaches co*n6 fitfm disordered kidneys, tlierpfore you. ftwsticottect inch* nUfcfoft If /oft, Would be *W*ed. ftead the following frOtft I). P- Cook, w»«Jse>Mr<?ss is No. 18 Mlchi^ari Street, Grand Kafrfds. tic sftys;— *' I ha*e Used Doftn's Kidney Tills and svfeh ,to ftay it f-4 R truly great jnedicJiw, FMfly yttlfs ago I tia'd rtt>f voug prostnt 1 * ion"while in tho Army, whcvw I'served for jver four jreiam, I ttrink ifc 'was' dttrlag * Ms Bervkse HWtfcthe seeds wm>.stf#rl whk'b mve eauajL'd all my tronbtij. Severe Dili >«» attack? iKrthWed rtfc, nnA ttt such time? ny kfrlneyft w&re worse. I#isaltjM»t Jhl* fusible to describe <lie pftfe which BO :>£tctt Ittnwjd toe; I htt^ 6 ^* Cn m ' artie tn * np'nftter I huwl'Meti sitting dow» Election To'tfte Electors <tf1h$ City fif Marshall: At tt Hteetift^t «f the Cobimon council of theeiiy of Marshall holrfat the city hall In satd ciiy on the SSOth dayt>f teraber, I80f, the following wore adopted by unanimous vote: W»W*!A«iti8 expedient for the city df Ma«jh»H wtrxsfeaee «iai»tain and mp&t- ate n Byftt&m o.f waterworks, Wa«ttBA8 tljo system at water work* forairty ow«ed by *&e Mai'fehali, W^twf- works Cottipaoy ,can be ptirfehased for the snm of forty thmtean'd dollars or thereabouts and iiqpji'oVdtlico'ta thereon bf the valu«trf ten thovnaad aoHaiw, are deemed neceeaary and adviMbte, which bnM ^>f fifty .thotisaftod dollar* id a greater snta th«n«an bpjfateefl bj» the common eoamjil of «aid (sJty or paid ir^ttt^li* last offtftyottky^'.tht-rt-fowibe It '• ti&ttiwit, That;, the city of Marshall do punslttise the works Jit present in operatkm ttttd improve the ^tttt« ;»8 above Bpeciftfed arid for the purpoaie oieneh purchuJB&and rmt>fovett»e»t r do raise by loan the sum of fifty thoueand dollara and iseue tbo bonds of the city thefefor>8tich bottdato be called Mar «hftll Wat^r Bonde, to bfe dates as of the date of ttohMwno, to b>s*th<? denomination of one thonsatid dolbftf each, to bear interest »tr £he rate of pir dfe«t p«if annum in the months df Mifcf an I MI CL I I Ftoulr. A£ Wataofl'e yoit can get thd Albion *nj;l ,lttrt»t-r flour by tho 100 lb,, in your own bagp, fto lightweight of i)C or ft8 lb«,; aim Albiou patent; the tyest flour made try It. ^. . _ __ ___ For Salft— A '87 model bicycle, will at ftmeri- »an laundry north of Gretnie'e drugstore, Walt • .until wkl weather eome*», btithave that • roof covered with asbcgtos rtxrflng. Jt iHunly one-bnlf tho price of—*feinglos. . Anybody can put it .on BOSI.BV'» Hardware. >St. Man V school of music will re-open mi M<nida'y. Alia;. 30. Tho best'and I at <vf tru'tiinjH'nrtvtiSPd in thin department nml 9>pcei;il nltcntion Riven to Ihe theory »vod sirt of ruUBio. For furth'er particular« call nt the school or sisters' residence. If the B«l»y t« C'nttinp TcHth Bo r-nre itnd use that old and well tried j. Mrn.' Winslo'w'sS<xithinj» Syrup for cfiildren"teething. It soothes' the ohild, .^tfteufi the gunis, allays all pain/ e«r«'.-» wigd uoliv and is the best rernedy f«ir diarrhoea. Twenty-five, cents a/bot- Uo, Lni'kwoml, aUho HLu itrepared to oxehaiiao tknlrlOT wheat. He handU's the Yorkvillo milhntr ct»»n«iny'e flour, ouu of tho bent bninds made. ^~ at SiH'c-ial. cnsh lUjuf sale during the fAir tt ti«es an fnipcs^ibihlT* cvctf «t night 1 tid not rdst, being .forced to get tip durias the nigkt,-4Jbeatdof Dsoad'aKUlnfiy Pllfi ^rtndefetl if "they could -make an al most lame tnari well, 1 got gome, and won afwr taking thosft began to fed thcu good elfrfito* * 1 used them, for tome lime, thy liimeitess itll left me and I have not felt it stacft Dosn'ft Kidney Pills have done me an inestimable amount of good.*! •• For sale br ftH dealers, price 50 .c Mailed by Foflter-Milburn Co., Bu N.-Y., sole agents for the tf. 8, Remember the imnie,Siww«ndtoto6no other, WE ARE 'ASSERTING t/Sfc Of THE To MOTHERS. COURTfS G\m Rtf.JtT TO WORD "GAeTOBrlA AS ot/ft ttuftfi 'MARK /, OR. SAMUL PITCHER, of Hyamis, Mas$aGhusetts t the originator of "PITOMER'S CASTO'1tA t " thd mm ikat M$ borne and does natg - s&e«r the facsimile mgnslure the origmdl " PITCHER'S CAST0RJA," which has been wrapper. used in the homes of Hw Mcfthcr$-of ^nwnca for over thirty years. LOOK CAREFULLY M the wmpper and see that it is th^MndyQu have $&W8_lwtffhi ^ ,,^' ^ir* on the •b& Mangled and Torn i •** " *^ t r ^ ^^ • ^ r ** „ pw. JVix one ha® authority from, me to use my name ex* cept The Centaur t/onypatiy of which Chm IT. Wetcher is '•Burdoclc Wood Btttera entuely of n terrible breftfcing out alt over my bftd ft is a wonderful, medicine." MiM JBTi EJbridge, Box 35, West Cornell, Conn. -,For Sale—A.'97 model bipycle; will.eell cheap for cash. Enquire at American laundry, north of Greeno's drug store. s " JasT Van Zan 1 , jxprCBsnaan, Taf rhairs and tables to rent fo o r paTtiOP. Fur itohi&g piles, irritation of the genital p, or it clung itt any part of tho bod}, Doan'a Ointment in worth its weight-in gold, No matter how longstanding the trouble. Doan's Ointment will not fail U> give instant relief. / _ Road This. 3. H. BlsWee has leased the Ek* Creek JMill and Is ready to do all kinds of CUB torn ti/inding. Tho mill is in perfect repatrand ie doing excellent work.. All may dejwnd vtpou honest deal- i«g. ' , .T. H. BtSBEE, Pwp'r. CHAN. E. BtwioKS, Blanager. The Michigiib Central will run an excursion to Chiciigo ()ct; 2, for $2.50 for the round, trip. Cordotto. 8. E, CRONIN, DURE HERW DYSPEPSIA, notoriety, bat i» 8T,VLE8l Ladies', Gentlemen's & Tandem. The Lightest Runiiing Wheato oo Earth. THEELDREOGE THE BEL WE, W» »h«i,» Made COad 3»*l»flH»^flm«t Wk| iUwuMn t»»Itoh* food WtiVflt I O ' Natlortaf Sowing Machine Coffee To Onlu . what Appetite ~«p<l mean, innke tt'trliU of Kla tablet*. _ trcub!t» i» ftiore eoronitin or B0(oro mia- uuder»U>oil thao nervoUs^dyapcpt-iu. I'eo •pla httving it think thut their uerveS are to blame anil are. surprised ttint Wiey are. not curgd ^>y Qctv^ int diotno aud spring romo- dt««j the real t*cat of the mi«ohio?t« lo»s sight of; the, gtoma'ih 19 the organ to be "~ ' ~ , Itet vous dyspeptics often do not ba%e an} paia'wliatfiTt-riii the stomach, nor "perhapt *uy of the usual eymptotua of etomacb weakness. Nervous dyapepaia ahowa ititelf uot in the stoutaoh ao much r siH in nearly ovvry other or«ani in some cases tb^ heart palpitates and is im-Hulai; iu' othara the kidn«ji8iire*flf«tfted( ia other* the bowofo are eonatiputfcil, with headacbesi still others arc) troubled with load of fleet* and appotite, crith accumulation of tfa», «our ri»iou« ana heartburn. ' • Mr. A.' W. Sharper of No Cl Pro0p«ct'9t. Indianapolic, Jad., writer ia follpwa »«A motive 01 pure gratitude prompts me to «4r»U> i hew few lines re«aimnff the new and valuable ue4)cine, Sioart>'« Dy«Dep let*. rharebeanajButfuiriBgfrpiR^ dygpepaia f < r the laat four yeare; have used aoteot iijedicirwa and other nine ' ,_ interest attached to each bond, and the principal thereof toibe il&si and 'payable A^ 1^. 1917 both principal and interest to be payable at the city of New Ywk: forty thojisAnd dollars of s&id bonds to 'be iasned «pon\^B completion of the purchase of ttfe work? and such portion of the remainder from tjtne to titne m may fee'neeoseary ttpon thfe or^eif of the board having charge of tl property. Be it further J{f solved, That the proposition said, sum'of fifty thousand, dollars for purpose aforesaid be submitted to a vote of the electors of said city of Marshall,that the election thereon" be held in the said citjn)!^Marshall on Thursday thfrseventh day of October, 1897 V that the ballots at said election shall read aajollows: "Shall the city of Marshall raise by loan the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase and improvement of a system of waterworks? Yes," and "Shall the city p'f Marshall raise by loan the sum of fifty thousand dollars for the purchase an4 improvement of a system of waterworks? No." That-tach person voting for said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of the ballot first mentioned and each person Voting against said proposition shall designate his choice by the use of 'the ballot last mentioned; That the recorder cause a copy, of; this resolution to be published in at least one -newspaper published in said city of Marshall with a noHco thereto attached that said election wjll bg held in tteeotdanee herewjfth and' also cause to be posted in the prfcper place a, copy of this resolution with the same notice thereto attached said election to bo held at such time, by the proper persons, and the returns to be canvassed and declared as in case of general elections. Notice is hereby given that an election will bo held in 'accordance with the foregoing resolution on thejseventh day of October, 1897, »nd>hat the several poll- ingr placesjjt-'flaid election shall be aa „ 8,1897. Do Kot Be Deceived. not endanger the life of your "clwld by- substitute which some druggist may pj?er you * he makes a lew more penmes on/It), the ingredients of «&tch- evsn hs docs npt koow. VTBwfBnd ¥on Have ilwayp Bought" BEAKS THfc FAC-SlMtLE SIGNATURE OF lnc.eCHrtainswould.sichenthe heart of. any eonseSentions hdiseekeoper,, Fortu- , nntely such a state of ntfftilfB isttotmeceB- eary. We undertake to thoroughly waslb (indiron any lace curtain, rtOTOatt'er how delicate, entrusted to our care and to t e- turn if as whole nod Bound as When brought to as. Anybody can, Ifttinijer a sock.or a handkerchief—it takes art to 'do up-" a l&ce curtain in the way they tiro done at the Steam Tjftiiiutry, •">/ .H&tch Block. I-- -i •'-• >,'- • V| • • • • • i , The Insist on Having That; New Failed You; . it MUHRAT »TH««:T, IW VOKK O>TV. " The Ktigent TIME TABC£, JULY 4. 1807. d«p»ft from M^m.hall aa follow.*: No, SMftU and B*pre««,...Y«..... ..K:1«p, rat No. 16 U. Y.t{x»tl»I» ....... < ..,....j.n03Bl«.m. No. '« Part Bxprwa* .......... ?i v ,..i8:4tt p.m. Ho. 13 Ktlamaroo Kxpreos ....... .X,. 8:41 tt. m. tjo. 7 Night fxpreg»» ..... . ........ .^.^ISn,. m. TRATKfe «*W, NN _ •Jo. & Mo.11 And ExpresB. ............ ^. 1:80 p>m. So. IftN. y.8peot*l» ..... . ........ ,tS.wi>. «. Mo. 14 Fast Exure»»* ...... ,-X« ........ fS:l9p\tt. First ward—Raj'montl store. Second ward—Brewer stqre. Third ward- Fire engine house. Fourth ward -»Arbeiter hall. Dateo 1 Marshall, 'Mich., Sept. 20,1807. v v »EIX»AK H. GUA^T, Mayor. , lleconler. . ...^^.^.. t . , So. S8 Atlantic Etpie«Si»..........;...f5:10». n»> to. W Grain H«i>idnK*i>rcBe. ,„.... 8:^5! a.m. fc."l>*«J^ '' t Stopi! only on »lgn»l. AH traln« run do aiandatd t'.me which It 30 minutes «lowor thaa luuaiUtuo. O. W. Ri;uOt,EH, Gon. VMS . 4 Ticket Agt. '>«6. A. JonHBow,Frolghf:A(t<snt. •' O. K. UtrruKD Ticket Agent, Marshall Chairs and tables to root for parti« B ' aFW Dr. Fowler's Est. of Wild Strawberry bos y, i ears cvpAhoa noyot s*i uaed 'for forty, , •f atle4 to core- a case of dia< rhoen, Jyseiftery, or BUinincr complaint in any of its varioos forfl^. _ " , •' One t^ five appUeatioos of Doan's Oint- nieut will <!«re the- worst case of itching vllea there 6wr was. Can: you afford t(i sylfer torturtw w;heu a siinple. never, failing remedy is at hat>o? It never faila. • Ijpe o( cycling 8h6 al*n> ehows at Mw. Jiterriir hafcs for the- f nil tratte. ha east, tonipprarj relief uotU tb« effect* of the wedioino wore otf. 1 attrjb- ated this Ui wy seaenia?* h*bU«, beiaf a boodk<«p*r w>th Uttle pbyauw eJteroji*, but Jao> «l|*dl is «|a^ that; tb« fcabteV* hav,e overcorx»« „ aii these ~ obstaei^ for, X gained i«i flesh, Hle*p better, ana wo, better tu o»wy wny, - ?fe? abtff* w written apt for acttial fact." oura. ite, «leeDJea8B«sa, pujpjtatuw*, aoustipation and ht»ttiiK?tftir. s for valuaW* little woe ) diseaeet faf «4dr*B«io^ Stoajrt Co., , *• dtuggisi* aelffull wwsd pfpkatwtat 6& ' ' " " Uwrvest. . 4*ya ride frota Cbieago. of wj>ji»t, corn, barley and flax tevard ti8-«-.»|- tba .iail,'- A* » ***** MM! dJWS couatry South Dakota le»A»ali the world. fir* cla*a faria lands with n#arby «oarkeU c*u now be bought tor fxom'fH^ W3, $16, i*r acw, apd tikis » ibe tiuus For Sale-- A 1)7 model bicycle; leap for cash. • Enquire at American laundry, north of Greeae's drug store. Carpet laying, atoves blacked and set >, furniture fiacking etc, 'Leave ordierfl K. Bosky St, 8<)n*s ana f. B« Sny* 7 » *f ?VV. luamb(§rBOft ia bore with his cold blaat Feather will coifl* right to your house, with feallw renovating <atr and aw now ae, collection lee bvnasjng 91; a Dau 0% Mewill is daily receiving new thioge in th« naUliuery boa.. H. Ht^ff^d, Cfei«*«o, 111, To briea down ymt stove 4oora a»4 ha*« them fllted wit for putting in. 0«r Is a bette* atoV* thaft «a» iipia for twa years ago. FuBy warranted in every ' Hardware- D.T.&M;R.R. - 'Formerly - Cmciooati, Jacisoo k Matai, Time Ubla Uklng effect Aug. ,i« 1887. . Tralo* pa«8 Mftr«h»ll fta tollown. . <• nUINB OOINU IA8T. Vo. 21, Battle Cruolt nccommodntion . 7:80 a. to, So. 7, BiprcuB. ....... .......... ... ..n»:l»t>. tn; No.' 25 Mail. ........... ................ "MS p. m. 1 TBJUNi OOINO WAST, o. W, Battle Creek acaommdatloo. ;. 6i95,t>. All traloi daily except Sunday Direct connection* »re m»de ov. Tolado «nd inclunMl with oil roads diverging. ,"B^ HASKKU,,8ajit. C. A. OUAMBBBS, U. F.'i P. A. . H. AN80N. A«t. HOtJ!tH DAKOTA.; What A Man Cuu Jh» With 81,000. Ae can buy JtiO aewa of good .laad for Jl.OOO. Pay *4QO dowp; balanw itt Uwee payments due ia 3» 4, and 5>wui a* 7 per can*, H«<jaa also buy 100 «boio»«»aa- for |3DO and 10 *ood <M»W*I for 1300, The mUk and batter fronj th« cava.vLU wy »U fatia and family expenaea, Th« lo^reasa of »be«p and wool will psyofl tho mortgage before It iadae. Infi<eyeawte will n»».e all paid for aod weltjrtoc4i«a,, 1 or UveJwt»»ad prfae* aidreiaH. F, , tmioigration Agent for S&uth: batata, i895 Dearborn street, Chicagfi, III ^^, _^ ...— ,. .,-, If yjoo are going to b«y %• ww pair it will bay you to looh; over Jolin utlsir'a etocfe. 1 Those at&k stein are soBMJthJng entirely IMDW, are oa the, fooi, *j**Mle ' It 1 Mrs. Merrill p eUowiag hAndaome fall ^Qfp ^^fF ^M*^P^^^^ ^WBP^ T^ff" . At OK _ ^ »j: g jB*' ST. ' ire sold under a po%Ui^«iarantee,to cure or refund the money, and *e s^aftd by our guarantee. CUKESall Nervous Diseases, mpotence, Varicocele, L6st .VltaH^y in pld or young, Nlghily Emissions att^ Wasting Diseases/and all effects ot self- a^>uscor exccsscsX&tops dangerous drains. \ genuine nerve tonic. Shows immedi- ite impravementi The grandest remedy of modern tin>e|: Don't buy imitations. Get REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or six packages (a full treatme-n*) for $2.50, mail, in plain packag^jvpn receipt ot jrtce. Circular free. x. KING REMEDY CO., " Por ealo at Marshall, Mich, liy A. O. HYDB. DEaiON PATKN1 COPYRIOHT0, _ . For Information aiul true lOmiiltoolt write to MONN * CO.. Wl JSHAiDWAT. S»W -" - not ico £tveu f roo of cl)jinp» lit Uu) F RANKLIN \ Cor. Bates and tamed ,St&, DETROIT, MICH. Only W Hlf»ck"fi!oi« Woodtrard A * *Jf^ r Au'ba/Sne* H. H.JAMES, Prop. \ ., DETROIT, MIC1V— ^ in Amiulcm i^-r yuun^c to Mmir* ft Bu»trte«- Education. HliuiU Pruwlng or rentn»n»»ili> bertu «ny MlMk. . .. nferenre, all LOW HA Ti MACKINAC PETOSKEV CHICAGO.. EK BfcTWCtN Toledo, Detroit ^Mac kin ac THE "SOCV* MARQUCTTE^ v TftlP*, f>(M WtCK CVCRV EWEN>«a BCTWttN Detroit and Cleveland i CoimectinjfWltli BafHwt Train* ni Cleveland for all points &ut, South and — — — «— — •. . Soutfaweat. luntfayTrlpt Jv«». July, Aug«»< Md S«pUmb»r Ontx 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers HBTC jusl t»eeR »uJH for our Upper kake Route costing 1300,000 c«ch. Seud for illuB'*atcd paniphj<^ Address, A. A. 8CHANT2, «, K »., DITBOIT, M^JH 4 nieveiand 8tm Kav. » L*nre<t clrculfttlnn ot unr wlontiflo p«iwr (n thv vorid. bpteiHlt4)y Illuttrkhxt Kv iutoUlwnt man nhoula <» fc-lthout it *?<*>*!?. Ita.OOii ? »U«iiUiBonfl»-Adtttrnw,! lo now fa^effeet, No, 7 leav*« . in,,' aod , m. and This (LADIES linea. farther infar»ia» Nervous Debility Fast Trains To Bay View LOOK WOOD, A., Grand Rapids, Mwh,

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