The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 20, 1954 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1954
Page 10
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; yaw ^ — _._____-— - — •- - ; :|AGEJO_-THE BAYTOWN SUN, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 20, 1954 Not Like Stalin-One-Mon Rule Is Over In Russia DAILY CROSSWORD Note: One,nan ru.e in t Russia died with Generalissimo Jo|| scf Stalin. The Communist world jj is- now being- educated to a new H concept of ". coll ^- ilVct ™*° r "V c ' In the following dispatch, the sec- F, ond of five, United Press statt. cor- » respondent Henry who that power after Berta', oujer. And much has been made of Mar- sha] Goorgi zhukov's sudden re- tum from Slaljnist ex ; le to throw his armV= weight behind the war n » arm i „ Biil«anin and rnlns ,y • ^ >•• A. BuUanm a . Fraruc Ma '«*°v o ^ ^ m aitarv science during the war which ){ e spent as 2hukov's c i lie 'f political commissar. H e was as much ZhukoV s boss then as he is now. Political commissars pre^ ^^ .. mi]itary Sovjets ., at every imp rtant sector the Communist line and t which produced it- . By HENRY SHAPIRO, . .. ^ all account^ Stalin, believed in one ma.i Trong-arm rule not S'S conference in' arguing for -- . armv p]avs an in . dcpen dopt political role in the country, such' as the pre-war Jap- -ahesc army is Known to- have piaved. As one knowledgable West- Hi, vi-.ffSMS" r vention of the emergence of a g ene ral s . In Russia the army does not exist a s a class. At the moment, the Malenkov regime appears to show moi e strength and stability than S al n s But Premier George Malenkov 'and the small group of men who composed the "collective succession has experienced enough of the burdens and perils of one-man .rule. When Stalin died they: wanted -no more of it. Excerience, common-sense and the instincts of self-preservation dictated harmony among the heirs . power.': .And- harmony the fall of cnt regime strongly . Mai- have been. and^o,.*-manrin~-the new hierarchy. . ;. : In the new regime, poxver is ap- among ;the .top- leader- Attack On Party Wives Gets Yugoslav Leader In Trouble .By PHIL NEWSOM "inner circle".Communists — spec- United Tress Foreign Analyst ifically . that 1 ,' they snooted the e Vice .President MUovan beautiful actress wife of the Yugo- ,_H,ni,- ' = ,,,1 ^ g «essfully -^ army cnief of staff . that "hell They did. so, he said, -because a woman.she had not fought as a wartime partisan, despite, the fact she was ACROSS 1. Sleeveless garment 5. False 9. More _ rational 10*. Long-eared rodents 12. Across 13. American Indian 34, Dry: wine 15. Bound 16. Chinese measure 17. Condescend 19. Fuel 20. Uttered 22. Capital of Yemen 23. Tardier 24. Small spray of a plant 25. Organs of sight 26. Posture 27. Prussian city 28. A job 29. Norse god 30. Cleansing agent 31. Uncooked 34. "Entangle 36. Dwell 37. Summer ertr.Iiie 38. Sharpened arazor 39. Habitual drunkards •40. Ova DOWN l.-Natural cavern 2. Short narratives of interesting incidents 11 13 Through Erbium (sym.) Gloss Terminal part arm Part of "to be" A worker with tools ' .Distress signal .Kind of minced meat . Token 37 15. One of many layers 18. Pieces out 19: Hoard' ing:- 20. Gar. ment parts 21. Monies paid 22. Mast 24. Cease 26. Persian riiler 28. Charges 30. Chair 32. Birds, as a class \ HUBS QQQH satana naao atara aaantu Mrs. H.L Mueller Dies In Houston ; .Funeral services for Mrs. H. Li. Mueller of Houston, mother of-J. A; &^T^eT*rre^ kovitz is the first major abduction Paul, Minn., kidnaped Jan. 17. 1934, held at, 2 p.m. .Wednesday .at Trin- and released on-Feb/T; after pay- itv n-herin^-cn jri'Housotn;: m^i.-.i ~r conn nn/i. . ,•?,.-. . : - . - • , . ,;,^. __ • Moskov/fz Ransom Second On/ y to Green/ease Demand By UNITED PRESS The kidnaping of Leonard Mos- had been demanded but not paid. GHBH I-JO Amiwcr 33, Marry 35. Cry, as a cow 36, Record of a ship's voyage 38. Pronoun for ransom of aii adult in 1" years.. The amount of ransom demanded is exceeded only; by the-8600,000 ; paid last October: by the family of-, six-year-old Bobby, Greenlease. Ransoms' 61 $100,000 arid $200,000 were paid for several wealthy men during the early 1930s when. dozens of abductions a year made Mrs. Mueller died .at' 11:30 .a'-m. Ross. 72, .Chicago Monday jri-vthe ,Heights., hospital. ment of 5200,000.' Charles S. _.. . 1^ R S$ d l™ a W^'^ .H«l«wi Funeralhome isln.charge about two weeks later after payment of 550,000 ransom. Arthur Fried, 32; of Plains, N. Y., White kidnaped Dec. 4, of services. . Mrs. Mueller would ihave been 82 on Wednesday.' - . '••-. , '.. kidnaping one _ of the most preva- 1937i ,:, nd ' s]a in an d cremated by 30 'ii no , fury lik scorned _,, - , 42. one of own foreign minister, was minister, S?"^^.^ most popular men Oh. Jan. he was summoned . Beer Hanjrover FORT WORTH, Tex. — UP — Willis C.;Kelley, self-sty'le'd'"Robin Hood" bandit,, got a 30-year prison sentence when a district court jury found oiit that instead of robbing to help. the poor he. bought "beer, with his loot. . s '•• High Handicap DECATUR, Ind- — UP,.— Ed DeBolt.. this city"s steeplejack, has perched on high to do his job for more-than 20 years, .as his father did before him.-But there's a difference in ;the . ,t\yo.' careers. Ed has only one hand. ..•••• . . lent vicious crimes in the nation. The last adult abduction in the San Francisco area, in 1933,' resulted in the lynching at San Jose, Calif., of men, held as the slayers of 22-year-old Brooke Hart. '. . Bobby .Greenlease, slain last Sept.: 28,: near /Kansas City,., was, the first child to be killed, in' a , major kidnap case 'in 15 years and the fifth in the 21 years since the . 1932 kidnap-murder of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. •. 'Bobby was the first.child taken in a major kidnap case since the 1940 abduction of Marp deTristan, then three years . old", ' from his home in a wealthy San :: : Francisco .suburb.near/.that in which Moskovitz: lives; He was re'turned : unharmed without the payment of $100,000 ransom demanded v and his abductor was sentenced to prison for life. Among the major kidnapings of adults since 1930: Michael Katz. 37, in Kansas.City; March 18, 1930. freed .after payment of $100,000 'ransom. ••.•••'• Charles Bpettcher II. Denver broker, Feb. 12.. 1933. 'released on March 1 after payment, of $60,000 ransom. ... William A. Hamm Jr., 39, St. Paul,. Minn., brewery, millionaire. June 15, 1933, .released six days later after payment of $100.000. .Charles F. Urschel,' of Oklahoma Cit3 r , Julv 22, 1953. released July 31 after payment of S200.000.;: Brooke Hart, 22, at San- -Jose, Calif., Nov. 9, 1933. His body was found on Nov. 26'-and the suspected killers lynched. Hansom .of. 540,000 , his abductors. .Ransom of $200.000 had been .demanded but was not paid. ,The average monthly rent pay- merit '.".for Americans in 1953. ,is 'about. $44., ' - '.-••'. ' ...;" . '-, MAYTAG SERVICE '. EXPERT . PROMPT • REASONABLE WHITCOMB'S Ph.6285 CONSOLIDAEE YOUR DEBTS WITH A LOW COST LOAN AND START THE YEAR WITH A CLEAN SLATE Get $60. to $1000 Without Endorsers SIMPLIFIED METHOD-NO HIDDEN CHARGES Compare Our Costs and Save Money PAY LESS EACH MONTH - HAVE MORE TO SPEND Consolidate all your obligations into one account AND GET THESE BENEFITS: LOWER MONTHLY PAYMENTS — our terms are more ","•- liberal — you-fake a long time to repay. GET EXTRA MONEY NOW — in the same simple . - ' . •"''.• ,."" '..'.' transaction. • HAVE MORE CONVENIENCE— only one monthly payment — only one place to pay. • See "The Friendly.Company" First : .A Texas Company for Texas Folks Supervised *si(T• Examined by the. State Banking Dept. OPEN MONDAY--EVENING UNTIL 8 Guardian financial Corp. Baytown Office: 307 West Texas Ave., Phone 8283 • Next to Brunson Theater Guardian's Investment Certificates Pay You 3% per annum Pasadena Office: 207 East Shaw Ave., Plione GRaiid 2-3607 , Across from LOIIR'S Theater After his death* it was.agreed to .een' .had been re- Malenkov the chief co-ordi,- garded as possible successor to . thi , week he lost hi s parly to " Wi other two be more ar. until has central committee are consulted more frequently and are .much less rubber stamp agencies the.-i. they •were under',. Stalin; ; •'. "• ' . .: A principle of "committee rule," barring super:.- .concentration of power in the hands : of one. man, was brought into .play as. early as March 14,' when Malenkov "resigned" his party secretaryship in fa\or of N. S. Khrushchev, a member of the powerful.presidium of tne central committee of the Communist party. But. Malenkov remained . titular party . chief, as chairman of the presidium., . The day. after Malenkov resigned the secretaryship, he told:the Su- He ', climaxed a series of news- .p a p er - articles' criticizing the present-day Yugoslav Communist party with one attack-ins the, social Braces' of wives of high ranking Sen. Kerr Terms Ike's Farm Plan Big"Hodgepodge class A purse of other enemies, he said, would start immediately. It was indicated . clearly that Djilas had become too pro-Western in his- thinking. .. ' In contrast to the Russian purge system, however, this one so far is bloodless. Djilas always has been outspoken and a non-conformist. ': Prior to his piece .about the high ranking wives, he had written others recently severely critical ol party organization. This time he attacked the wrong people and the West is left wonder- leadership .lies; in its collective, united and monolithic character." Beria's. arrest shattered : the fa- believes the, flexible farm price support plan advanced last week by President Eisenhower is a "po-. iw-onrfpi- Malcnkov ' dismissed it wlf a shrug when nexTe appear- e^ a "the Supreme Soviet'O^A^. 15 BeHa'f fall was not followed phces he was supposed to have had in the Kremlin. , ,.The inevitable impression was created, that after Stalin's death Beria had become very much the lone wolf; a solitary voice in the Kremlin crying "back to Stalinism." It'is doubtful that if. the icifilective leadershio had not acted • ; as". a team against the..nominally .:N(V,2 man of their hierarchy, the liquidation of Beria could have 'been executed so smoothly and ..easily. ., ...Since, Beria's removal,, no evk dence of struggle for power in" the rarified upper'levels, of the Kremlin, has reached the outside world. . ^Considerably nonsense has been written abroad about the alleged role; of the army in (A) .'helping Malenkov to. achieve power, and (B) enabling the consolidation of crs S75 million a year : Kerr said Monday night at a banquet opening the Oklahoma Farmers' Union three-day convention. Kerr has been a champion of rigid price supports and_a vociferous opponent of Mr. Eisenhower's farm polices and his secretary of agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson. He said th e plan didn't conform to Mr. Eisenhower's 1852 campaign pledges and was specifically in contrast to a statement al Brookings. S. D.. that Republicans were pledged to sustaining 90 per cent, of parity supports a»d tc: helping farmers obtain full 100 per cent of parity- The combination of flexiblp price supports and a new plan for figuring parity would be "cutting the price with a two-edged sword," KCIT said. Rather than permit the carrying out of the President's recommendations. Kerr said he will held to •-"extend and improve", the present farm program. __ will GM To Expand By SI Billion Worth NEW YORK, Jan. 20 — rtPl Barlow W. Curtice, president of General Motors Corp.,'announced Tuesday that the firm will 1 make capital expenditures of $1 billion in the next tw o years for expansion of its production capacity. "No depression is in my vision," Curtice told a luncheon meeting of 500 business and industrial leaders prior to opening of GM's 1954 auto model showing. "It is my belief that the national economy will be strong and healthy throughout the year." Curtice said he did not believe there would be much change in "the over-all level of employment" during the year although "there won't be as much overtime as last year." , . • • . Curtice said competition would be stronger than at any time since 1941 and will be welcome by General Motors with its' requirement .for "harder work sr,d more aggressive selling." .; You Can Get a New HOLLYWOOD BED OUTFIT FOR AS LOW AS twin Full or size with * PLASTIC HEADBOARD * INNERSPRING MATTRESS * BOX SPRING ON LEGS Not an-ordinary group this . . . but a quality ensemble from Sanitary Mattress Co., famed for "trustworthy service for over 23 years" '•...". .There's nothing to equal it! PHONE 2072 510 W. Texas Ave. The phenomenal 200-ftp Buicfc ClNTUKir— highesf'powcroo 1 cor of 'ill price in America* Dvnaf lows Great •'• %/ ". with this High-powered woncler is that Twin--Turbine J_; Dynaflow could be bettered at all. But in the spectacular 1954 Buicks there's a whole long list of happy surprises besides the completely new bodies and glamorous new styling. And one of them is the silken new whip and carry of TT Dynaflow as powered by the mightiest Buick engines ever built. C<orne drive one of these gorgeous new '54 Buicks with this fully automatic transmission and you'll see what we mean. Instant new response on getaway. Cyclonic new power in one single, sweeping, velvet stroke from standing start to legal limit. Smoothness beyond measurement—infinite and constant. And new quiet every-step of the way. That's literal fact-and we'll gladly prove it to you at the wheel of a beautiful new 1954 Buick. Drop in this week for a sampling—and for a face-to-face meeting with the buy of the year. ' on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series. r - Ail V>S4 BUICKS HAVE V8 ENGINES wild sfeppcd-up liorsopowers, including ihc low-priced Suick Scecut, ihown here in (fie rtunning Riviera body jfy/0. ?^SLr-- ^»'~*£U^ ^^X N M ^« ffi^SFw ^'^w nf ;:--w ^-" H ^:r— sS^^SS r ~Hca(i Pijtons /-•""-S"""" .»*?«*;£•=•£ ' n '" r f more i, OI i r ; vt . '"*" ««>crin g) » 'pnniivc liandlinir ontro ', more re- O • W «*Wt «!.„„,' MOST COMPtETE CHOICI OF PHI« RANGES: — biggest challenger to the SPECIAL "low-price three" — America 1 ! higbeet- CENTURY horsepower-per-dollar ar _ roomiest luxury car in the SUPER midaic-price C!MS — top buy in the ROADMASTER cuK( ,m-car fieW _|| u,ilh SOOr BY f ISHER ZZXJSS^i*" 0 "« °' d "fipmen, or* * '*""'- TWIu , C ° J ' Op '"""-- ,lh« WHEN BEHER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUIIT BUICK Will BUUD THEM PAUL PRINCE BUICK COMPANY 2800 MARKET STREET BAYTOWN

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