Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on March 3, 1939 · Page 9
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 9

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1939
Page 9
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fi't? -yri >• A CORSKSANA SBMt-WBEKLt LIGHT, FKIDAY, MABCH 8, 1989. WINE! BONDS OF SEVERAL ROAD DISTRICTS ARE CALLED FOR PAYMENT COMMISSIONERS DISCUSS REPAIRING OF EMHOUSE AND HOGAN BRIDGES Among the highlights of Wod- 4 .. nesday afternoon's session of the commissioners court were tho call' ing of bonds In several road districts for payment, a discussion of using convict labor on the roads and repairs of the Emhouse and Hogan bridges Chambers Creek. spanning Commissioner C. M. Fitzgerald will purchase rebuilt tractor. Wilt JJUIUUUDC IV 1UMU11L UUUI.UI. April 1, and the court authorized the advertisement for bids. The quarterly reports of the county treasurer for 1038 were re-, celved and ordered filed. A call was authorized for $3,000 on bonds In Road District No. 14, due and payable March 1. A call for $76,000 maturing bonds of Consolidated Road district No. 1, payable March 1, was authorized. The results of an election, Feb. 18, whereby Mt. Nebo and Richland schools were consolidated were 19 votes for the consolidation and 18 against It In Mt. Ne', ')o while there were 32 for con-. solldatlon and none against In the Richland election. Discuss Veneral Clinic. A discussion was held on the proposal whereby a vencral clinic may be operated, but definite decision was postponed March 13 meeting. until the The commissioners, discussed the employing of convict labor on the road gangs, using those sent to tho county farm and those who lay out their fines in the county Jail. The attention of the court was called to numerous persons who lay out fines two times per i, and it was stated that labor "on the road gangs 1 might stop some of the potty charges and attendant feeding and caring for prisoners at an enormous expenditure annually. The county has been spending approximately $8,000 annually for the operation of tho jail. Proposed repairing of the Emhouse and Hogan Bridges spanning Chambers creek was discussed and the court after adjournment left the courthouse to inspect the two sites. It was brought out In the discussion that the Emhouse bridge could be repaired for $7,000 or $8,000 while the Hogan structure will cost $4,000 or $5,000. BUSINESS (Continued From Page Onsi Panhandle the condition of wheat Is reported the best In several years. In north and west central Texaa wheat Has made favorable progress since tho rain, but the crop has not fully recovered from tha prolonged period of dry weather. More Moisture. Reflecting the betterment in moisture conditions, the review says, livestock ranges In virtually all sections of .the eleventh district showed much improvement In January and are now in about average condition. The department of agriculture reported that prospects for spring ranges In tho district are considered to be better than average. The review says the broad demand for cattle and calves prevailing the latter part of 1938, was well sustained In January at the Fort Worth livestock market. This demand combined with I comparatively light receipts resulted in stronger prices, with some sales bringing the highest r\co of tho current, marketing season. In the last half of January beef cattle were selling at prices averaging about 51 por cent higher than a year ago. In tho first two weeks of February tho market for ,cattle declined slightly; whereas, hog prices increased somewhat from the low level prevailing In January. Cash farm Income In this district declined more than seasonally from November to December, the total being 20 per cent lower than in December, 1937. The decrease resulted In considerable part from sharp decline in receipts from sale of cotton. Latest estimates of the department of agriculture, tho review says, show a less favorable comparison with tho preceding year on cash farm Income in the five states comprising the eleventh district than was Indicated earlier. ' Rcservo Balance* Rise. Reserve balances maintained by member banks with the federal reserve bank rose considerably In January when the reserve city Funeral Rites For Dawson Child Were Held on Thursday Funeral services for Manty Ray .Dawson, aged 2 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dawson, of Dawson, who died Wednesday night, were held at Dawson Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Surviving are he pr-ents, brother, William Dwaln Dawson, J grandparents, W. H. Chapman * and Mr. and Mrs. Cha-les Dawson; all of Dawson, and other'fel- atives. (Continued From Page One) INCOME TAX IN A NUTSHELL WHOT Every single person or married person not living with husband or wlf* who had net Income of $1,000 or more or gross income of $5,000 or more, and generally, husband and wife llr- ing together, who had an aggregate net Income of $2,500 or mora or an aggregate gross income of $5,000 or more, must file returns. If In doubt, obtain form and printed instructions from collector of Internal revenue. WHEN? The filing period begins January 1 and ends March 16, 1989. WHERE 7 T Collector of Internal revenue for the district in which the person lives or has his principal place of business. HOWT See Instructions accompanying Forms 1040 A and 1040. WHAT? Four per cent normal tax on the amount of net Income in excess of the personal exemption, credit for 'dependents, earn- ed-lncome credit, and Interest on obligations of tha United States and obligations of Instrumentalities of the United States. Surtax on surtax net income In excess of $4,000. GOVERNOR O'DANIEL ASKS QUICK ACTION ON DIGBEND PARK DECLARES ESTABLISHMENT OF PARK WILL YIELD HIGH RATE RETURN TO STATE Runaway Street Car Killed Six Boston Tuesday BOSTON, March 1.— (IPh-*- fc«> k en brake part, which "never occurred before," today was blamed by .Bostbn Elevated company officials as the cause of the trolley smashup which killed six persons HOUSE COMMITTEE APPROVES BIG WAR DEPARTMENT BILL APPROXIMATELY HALF BILLION DOLLARS APPROPRIATIONS FAVORED Opposing Factions Moved Toward Vote AUSTIN, March 1.—Wiand injured nearly two score yes-Governor W. Lee O'Dan- ^?; 'JU h Xl ty ^r rst "treet banks shifted substantial amount of Idle funds to the re- of commercial eleventh district serve bank. The number failures In the In January was, more than double that in December and the average Indebtedness of defaulting firms was three and one half times greater. According to Dun and Bradstrcet there were 35 insolvencies with liabilities .totaling $764,000, the largest reported for any month in more than three years, the. review says. The value of construction contracts awarded was about one fourth lower In January than December, hut showed gain of 73 per cent over January last year, and was larger than In any corresponding month of any year since 1931. The value of building permits issued at 15 principal cities of the district, which had risen sharply from November to December, increased further in January. The total exceeded the heavy December volume by nine per cent and was 80 per cent greater than in January, 1038. Corsicana Student on Honor Roll. AUSTIN, March 2.— (SpU— Included in the list of 78 names on the fall semester honor roll of the school of business administration of the University of Texas was that of Bob Evert Tripp, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Tripp of Corsicana, Texas. RAINS CASH GROCERY CO COMPLETE MARKET Beaton at Sixth WE PAY 15c IN TRADE FOR EGGS Grapefruit dz. 150 Sugar 10 POUNDS 440 Super Suds Pkg. - 1 lOc Both For lie Reg. Pkg. - 1 lOc-pkg. Both For Baking Powder III-Lo, 10 pounds . 95c Admiration Vacuum Bottle, 3 POUNDS 69C Coffee Santos Peaberry a FOU&DS Red Beans 10 pounds 45C Paris Flour Lucky Find, 48 pounds $1.35 Lucky Find, 24 pounds '....' 75c Red Circle, 48 pound* 79c Mackerel 3 for Aspirins Kogo's, 12 in box. 50 MARKET Cheese 180 SPECIALS Fish xoc tt.. SLICED Bacon »>• 190 PORK . j Sausage | lb.. INCOME TAX DON'TS DON'T prepare your return without first studying the Instructions accompanying, the form. DON'T procrastinate. Early assembling of data permits a cartful consideration of all tax problems. DON'T destroy the memoranda from which your return was prepared. DON'T omit explanation when such Information Is essential to an Intelligent audit Attach memoranda to your return. No. 2« eduction for Tax on Motor Gas. "If an automobile Is used for oth business and pleasure, all of he maintenance and operating ex- enscs connected therewith, which onstltute allowable deductions for ederal income tax purposes, hould be allocated to the two ses on the basis of the time that is used for each. For example, the total expense of operation nd maintenance, plus deprecla- on, for the taxable yearamount- d to $800. and the car was used hree-fourths of the lime for buel- ess and the balance of the time or pelasure, the allowable de- uctlon for federal Income taxpur- oses would be $600. If a law which Imposes n tax n gasoline shows that the tax is mposed on the consumer and not n the dealer, the consumer may educt as a tax, for federal in- xime tax purposes, the amount of he gasoline tax paid by him; but he taxpayer must have kept rec- rds of the payment of such taxes n order that he dcducion may be instantiated as Is required by the aw and the regulations. The fed- ral gasoline tax Is not deductible y the consumer. • A taxpayer may ascertain whether the gasoline tax mposed by a state Is deductible >y the consumer or by the dealer 'iy addressing an inquiry to the iel today urged quick legislative action to consummate creation of an International park along the Big Bend of the Rio Grande. The chief executive did not recommend any specific appropriation but said an investigation showed the park "would yield to tho | state a very high return on tho money it would be necessary for the state to Invest." Ponding bills call only for an appropriation of $1,000 to set up an organization for acquisition of the necessary land. Advocates said they might seek a $750,000 appropriation but were not yet certain. Plans contemplate a park consisting of 788,000 acres on tho Texas side of the Rio Grande and 400,000 on the Mexican side. O'Dan- lel pointed out that the park would contain some of the most beautiful ' scenery in the nation. The governor quoted from a lot| ter written him by President Roose| volt last month saying In part: Would Be Gratifying I "If the Texas legislature at this | session should see fit to make an | appropriation for acquisition of I this land It would be very gratifying to me personally, and and I am sure it would win tho general approval of the people everywhere "I have been hoping this park could be dedicated during my administration, my advices are that this large and very Interesting area could be bought for a comparatively small sum—a sum Insignificant In comparison with the economic returns that would flow to the state of Texas and to the nation." O'Danlel said establishment of ho park would result in expendl- .ure of $3,360,000 annually by out- of-state tourists and tho federal government. • Much For Maintenance "It Is estimated," he said, "that he federal government would spend $225,000 annually for maintenance and protection of the park. " * • "It seems to me the increased :ourlst travel which would be wrought about by development of Ihls park would very quickly yield in additional gasoline taxes alone an amount of money which would exceed tho expenditure which the state would have to make to acquire the property." Describing the area, O'Danlel said that "from many large peaks the gorgeous scenery is as impressive as a vast fairy land." Immediately after the mesage had been read in the house, Rep. Lonnie Alsup of Carthage rose to inquire of the speaker if "this is olloctor of us district. Internal revenue for "In any case where the gasoline purchased Is used for business mrposes, the tax may be added to .he cost of the gasoline and deluded as a business expense; but where that Is done, the gasoline ax cannot be deducted separately under the item of taxes," YOUB FEDERAL INCOME TAX No. 27. Deduction For Traveling. To obtain a deduction for traveling expenses, which form an im- the returns of certain regula- car accident since 1916. The trolley car suddenly went out of control on an incline, failed to negotiate a turn, hurtled across a broad intersection and careened into a tree. Six persons standing in th« vestibule of the car were killed instantly. Edward P. Hanley, B7, tho operator, who has been In the company service 22 years, was released In $2,000 ball after. being booked on a charge. . technical manslaughter NAVARRO COUNTY LIVESTOCK WINS AT HOUSTON SHOW Corsicana exhibltora at the Houston Fat Stock Show carried off many of the top honors according to Information received here after Judging In all departments Had been completed, including a grand champion and a reserve grand champion. R. L. Wheelock had eleven head In show competition and won grand champion male honors; in the class competition the results were third place in senior heifer "'ftortae class, third In summer yearling WASHINGTON,, 1.—(ff)—Congress, speeding along a big national defense program, received today a half billion dollar army supply bill providing the first money for President Roosevelt's $300,000,000 air corps expansion program, The house appropriations committee gave tho measure its approval and placed It on the house schedule for early consideration, while the senate moved toward a showdown vote on the most controversial point In the $358,000,000 army expansion—the maximum strength of tho army air corps. Pacific should bo fortified, by Tha senate naval committee, meanwhile, brought to the forefront again the controversial issue of whether Guam Island in tho ordering hearings on a senate bill which Includes a $5,000,000 authorization for a naval base on the Island. On the senate floor, Senator Chavez (D-NM) urged that tho administration "take immediate steps" to recognize General Franco's nationalist govrenment in Spain. Noting Great Britain and France already hove recognized Franco's government, Chavez assorted that reports from Spain "tell of the order and peace which exist there." Tho naval bill which the committee decided to consider would not excoed- WASHINGTON, March t— Opposing factions moved today toward a showdown vote in tho senate on the most controversial point In the $369,000,000 army expansion bill— the maximum strength ot the army air corps. Senator Clark (D-Mo) predicted a close vote on a committee amendment Increasing the limit on planes from 6,500, as approved by the house, to 6,000. i Clark, who has opposed the in- Marchl crease, said that If It were adopted hull class; places in first, third the junior and sixth bull calf, wlth tho first place winner named grand champion of the show. Tho Whooloek herd also took the prize for the best pair of bull calves, first for tho best three bulls bred and exhibited by an owner, and portant item in nany taxpayers, .ions must be observer. The taxpayer is required to attach to his return a statement showing the nature of business In which engaged, number of days away from lome during the taxable year on account of business, total amount of expense incidental to meals and lodging, and total amount of •other expenses" Incident to travel and claimed as a deduction. Among the "other expenses" are :lps provided they are reasonable in amount. Traveling expenses are deductible only when the trip is on business. They are limited to such expenses as are reasonable and necessary in the conduct of the justness and directly attributable to It. Traveling expenses Incurred In connection with a journey to another city to accept or seek employment are not deductible. Suburbanites who commute daily from their homes to their places of business are not permitted to deduct the cost of transportation, It being a personal expense. Claims for deduclon for travel- Ing expenses must be substantial, when required by the XJommls- sloner of Internal Revenue, show- Ing In detail the amount and nature of the expenses incurred. No. 28. Deduction for Losses Other Than From Sale or Exchange of Capital Assets. Deductions for losses are divided into four classes, and to be allowed must follow closely tho wording of the income-tax law. Losses are deductible if Incurred (1) in the taxpayer's trade, business or profession; (2) In' any transaction entered Into for profit; (3) from .fires, storms, shipwreck, or other casualties, or from theft; and (4) from wagering transactions. Business losses result, usually, from the purchase and sale of merchandise. Such losses usually are ascertained by means of inventories, which are required whenevor In the opinion of the commissioner of internal revenue their upe is necessary to determine the income of any taxpayer. The term "transaction entered Into for profit" means any kind of business proposition, For example, a taxpayer .purchases an automobile to be used solely for business purposes, and which is sold at a loss. As this is a business proposition from start to finish, the loss Is deductible, subject to the limitations of section 117. :But If he had purchased the automobile to be used,for pleasure or convenience, the deduction would not be allowed: it was not supposed to be an economy session of the legislature?" A bill making an appropriation for purchase of land for the park was passed by the legislature two years ago but vetoed by Governor James V. Allred. Bradbury Falls Again Rep. J. Bryan Bradbury of Abilene failed in a "move to have his latest public utilities bill transferred from the municipal and private corporations to the education committee. His first bill providing state regulation of all public utilities had been killed by the municipal and private corporations group. Rep. Joe Monkhousc of Uvalde, chairman, said the house highways and motor traffic committee would meet Monday to give additional consideration to a bill increasing the motor truck load limit. The house passed and sent to tho senate a bill to license all real estate dealers The annual license fee would bo $10, the law's admln- Advocates of a $1,095,000 supplemental appropriation for rural school aid gained a tactical advan- age in the house whon that body decided to make the bill "pending business." The senate completed legislative passage of a bill appropriating an additional $276,000 for the legisla- uro's expenses. This brought the otal to $525,000. a transaction profit. 'entered into for stratlon tate. under the secretary of Allison and Allison had five head in competition and their awards Included: First and third In summer bull class; second and sixth In senior heifer calf class, and first in the summer lieifer class, and this winner was later named reserve grand champion female. These animals were shown by Fred M. Allison, Jr. The grand champion female of the show was exhibited by J. L. Frazler of Lampasos; and Joe Cross of Troup exhibited the reserve champion bull. A number of Corsicana breed- era and fancle'rs have visited the n the next throe years. Chairman Shcppard (D-Toxas) of the military committee previously told the senate this was the amount Intended to be spent under the admlnls- ratlon program. Countering Clark's move, Senator Russell (D-Ga) said he would ouBh for adoption of his amendment to remove the 8,000 maximum and permit tho secretary of war :o fix the number of pianos to be acquired. Clark said the bill as approved by tho house carries no specific sum for planes but only a limitation on the number to be purchased. "Under this," ha declared, "the army could spend a billion dollars for new planes and come back to congress to ask for a deficiency appropriation." Some senators indicated disap- S roval of the turn taken by the ebate on the armaments program. Foreign policy has becpmo the principal point of argument. "This whole discussion of national defense has wandered far afield," said Senator Holman (R- Ore) "and much has been said that was not Justified by the actual work of the committee on military affairs." Houston show several days. during the past Ing 586,000,000 for naval air bases In the vicinity of Kanoehe Bay; Midway Islands, Wake Island, Johnston Island, Palmyra Island, Kodlak, Alaska; Sltka, Alaska; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Pensacola, Fla.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Guam. The house, in approving a $48,000,000 authorization bill, also eliminated a $15,000,000 item for the proposed Southeartern base at Jacksonville. Chavez spoke as the senate resumed consideration of the army and air corps expansion bill. Before the debate began, Senator Clark, woh opposed Increasing the air corps authorization to 6,000, said if It were voted he would seek to limit expenditures for new planes to $170,000,000 in the next three years. Chairman Sbeppard (D-Texas) of the military committee previously told the senate this was the amount Intended to be spent under the administration program. planes In actual service, 2. The army has worked out plans with private Industry to make bombs by new 'methods which promise greatly Increased production. 3. Tho budget bureau bellives $26,000 should be added to tha annual outlay for the military Intelligence service. 4.The war department ha» approved plans for complet* reorganization of the Infantry regi ment to give it mora powerful and mobile armament. 6. Tho army believes Its planes should stand out in the open—to save $11,650,000 annually in the cost of hangers and to offer less attractive targets to enemy bomb- Parents Slain And Young Girl Victim Attack BDINBURQ, Id., March 1.—WV- Indiana state Police Captain Walter Eckart said Clifford Redmond, 30, farm hand, wanted for questioning in the double slaying ot Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brand at Edln- burg, had been captured today "in or hear" Ramsey, ill. The double slaying and an assault, upon a 12-year-old girl wars disclosed at dawn today In a rural homo near here, and a two-state hunt was started for a 30-year-old farm hand. Gloria Ann Brand Identified the farm hand as her attacker and tha slayer of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brand, state police Bald. Brand was 40, his wife 43. An officer reconstructed tho crime from Gloria's story and tha blood-stained bedroom where the couple was found dead, the killer crept Into the bedroom of the parents, shot them to death with a M calibre rifle, then beat their bodlei with the weapon until It was snapped in two. The broken stock worn 'ound in the room. The man then stalked into an adjoining bedroom shared by Tommy, 10, and Judith, 3, and criminally assaulted Gloria Ann. Illinois and Indiana state police searched for the man, believed to have fled In tho Brands' Missouri automobile. Gloria hysterically snld she had laid terrified In bed with her brother and sister, ngos S and 6, respectively, until 6 a. m. before report- Ing the crime, which she said, occurred shortly after midnight. Police found Mr. and Mrs. Brand dead In bed. Mrs. Brand had been shot with a .32 caliber bullet. Officials laid tha causa of Brand's death had not. been determined. State police Immediately broadcast a description of.the Brands' missing automobile In which the slayer was believed to have es- Former Corsicana Girl Weds Oklahoman In Dallas Wednesday Under her picture In the Dallas Morning March 2, carried: News of Thursday, the following Item is Miss Bobbie Jean Bond, Dallas, formerly of Corsicana, and Thurman Acord, Dallas, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Acord, Durant, Okla., were married at 8:30 p. m. Wednesday at the Cliff Temple Baptist Church, Dr. Wallace Bassett officiated. The bride wore a blue ensemble with a shoulder bouquet of lilies of the valley and gardenias. She was attended .by Miss Edith Moore. B. C. Hilton attended Mr. Acord. After a wedding trip to New Orleans, the couple will be at home In Dallas. Use a Daily Sun quick result". Want Ad tot caped. State police searching for added they 26-year-old ware man known to have visited the Brand home. The Brand child was unable to answer many questions because of her hysterical condition. State police said an examination showed she had been criminally assaulted. Married At Court House. Carl Samuel Bridge and Miss Edith Davidson, both of Corsicana, were married at the court house Wednesday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by Judge A. E. Foster. the measure, the total was (30,666,682 greater State Dam Policy Faces Senate Fight AUSTIN, March 1.—</P>—A state policy for public dams— seeking to stipulate what percentage of each reservoir should be t vacant for flood protectaion —faced a battle for Ufa today. The senate state affairs committee refused it a favorable report yesterday after declining to send it to a subcommittee for rewriting. Senator L. J. Sulak of LaGrange, the author, gave notice of minority report but 16 affirmative votes will be necessary .to keep it alive on the senate calendar. A house committee recently killed a similar bill which pertained only to Buchanan Dam, operated by the Lower- Colorado River Authority. Sulak's proposal was statewide In effect. He stipulated a 60 per cent vacancy in reservoirs but suggested the committee could alter the figure. Asserting he had no Intention of destroying the LCRA or any other public .authority, Sulak said his bill sought only genuine flood protection for property owners along the Lower Colorado. Oppnents had argued adoption of the policy he suggested would prevent repayment of loans by rivers authorities which depend pleasure or convenience is deductible, as It falls in class 3. If, be cause of faulty driving but not of "willful negligence," an. automobile maintained for pleasure is damaged, tho taxpayer may claim , the loss sustained, within the meaning "casualty," Where as it comes of the word damages re- A lots sustained In the theft of an automobile purchased for nations of section 117. sult from the, faulty driving of an automobile with which the automobile of the taxpayer collides, the loss occasioned the taxpayer likewise is' deductible, Losses from wagering transactions, whether legal or illegal, are deductible only to, the extent ot gains from such .transactions. The excess of such losses over the gains Is not deductible. All losses are deductiblo only to the extent to which they are not conmensated for by insurance or otherwise. Deductible capital losses are further subject to the lira- upon revenue from sale of power for amortizing their borrowings. They claimed a permanent 60 per cent storage space would not allow sufficient water for generating power in quantities to keep pace with amortization. Committee Opposes Raising Truck Load AUSTIN, March 1.—(£•>—Leglsla- ,lve advocates of a higher motor ruck load limit redoubled their efforts today aftor a 11-10 defeat n the house highways and motor truck committee. Their next move in the lower chamber, they explained, .would be :o seek printing of a load limit ncrease bill on a minority committee report. A majority vote in the louse would be necessary for such printing, after which the bill would occupy the same status as though it had been favorably reported. The vote in house committee broke last week's 10-10 deadlock. Rep. E. B. Hamilton of Hlllsboro, abuent from last week's meeting, cuet tho deciding vote. A meeting of the senate highways and motor traffic committee was scheduled late today and there was strong possibility of developments on tho bitterly-argued issue at that time. Most advocates of a higher limit would be satisfied with doubling the present maximum load of 7,000 pounds. No Action on Hunter This Week. AUSTIN, March 1.— (IP)— The controversial subject of a new state highway commissioner remained buried under other legislative matters today with small prospect for revival before next week. Senator Allan Shivers of Port Arthur revealed . the committee <on governor's nominations of which he is chairman would take no action this week on J. C. Hunter, Governor W. Lee O'Dan- lol's appointee. Naming of Hunter', a West Texan, provoked the ire of several Bast Texas Senators. Answering a Question, Shivers said there had been no' request for a hearing on Hunter and the committee probably would not meet before Tuesday. One senator, asked why the committee had not considered the Hunter nomlnatiqn, pointed out an East Texan is now serving on the highway commission. He referred to John Wood of Tlmpson who will continue to serve until the senate confirms a nominee to replace Wood whose normal term expires February 16. AUSTIN, Msffcli 1.—</P>-Gov. W. Lee O'Daniol today proclaimed March 7 as Friendship Day. It will be the anniversary of the birthday of the late M. Eleanor Brackenrldge of San Antonio, who expressed a wish that one day in the year be dedicated ia» a day on which to be thankful 1 for "the blessing of friendship." i WASHINGTON, March 1 . . Tho house appropriations committee approved today a $409,857,936 appropiratlon for tho war department. It Included the first funds to carry out President Roosevelt's proposed $300,000,000 expansion of the army air corps. purchase of 784 additional planes would be made possible by r - ••-••-• of which ^ than the •urn provided to" operate the department for the current fiscal year. Most of the new planes would be combat types. The bill carried a total of $94,787,281 for the air corps. Including $30,494,012 of the $50,000,000 which President Roosevelt asked be made available Immediately from the $800,000,000 emergency program for the air corps to take up the log In aircraft production due to idle plants. The committee recommended that the department be authorized to let contracts for the balance ot the $50,000,000. Along with the appropiratlon bill, the committee made public detailed information about present armaments. House committee hearings on the war department appropriation bill contained this testimony: 1. Major General Henry H. Arnold, chief of .the air corps, said the army has only 879 fighting THE BOSS IS IMPROVING EVERYDAY Bring Us Your Hens, Fryers, Eggs, Sour Cream and Shelled Corn down t here. We want to make a good record while he is sick. "The Friendly Store" EVERYBODY'S FOOD STORE J.D.Haney,Mgr. 224E.5thAve. iurtkatSMES DOLLARS PENNIES... E CONOMY la one famous Ford word. Quality is another. And no Ford car has ever linked tho two more dearly than the present Ford V-8. Learn for yourself how far it makes your •xmey go—in quality at well as thrift! STTU tEUJEHSfflP—The fax. wy cm of the low-price Geld; V-TYPE B-CTUNDEB ENGINE-Bight cylinder! give tmoothnea*. Small cylinder* give economy; HTDRAULIC BRAKES—Basy •cting—quick, straight (topi; TDFIE-CDSHIONED COMFORT- Mcw flexible roll-edge K*t cuih- vofc lrMiwcrv9 vpcfoCRf 4 hydraulic ihock atMorbmi STABILIZED CHASSIS-No front end .bobbing or dipping. Level starts, level ttop«, level tide; SCIENTIFIC SOONDPROOFDtO- Nolici hushed for quiet rid* LOW PVICES-ArfrertteNf price* -Include many itHH 'of datable equipment; in TOOI tow DIALIB TODAT1 IS THB DELIVERED PRICE IN DETROIT Thia h for th» 60 h.n. Tudor Sedan Uluttr*t«d mad In- elude* all ttt» following! Burogen and four bumper guard* • Spore wheel, tire and tube • Cigar lighter • Twin ofr-«leo trie honu • Dual windshield wiper* • Sun viior • Foot control lor headlight beam* with indicator on Instrument panel. FORD V 8 6OH.P.—• 85B.P. Calkins & Dublin. Inc. . • * j. 103 North 12th Street Telephone 262 ' -^ ,1 " ,*' *'" '* ',..'.<.,,

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