Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on December 6, 1967 · Page 10
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 10

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1967
Page 10
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ttffi Cotigtessiofial Library is ftot ouf oftly natiofial library. Thcfe ate, iti additrofi. the Na- tioiia! library of Medicine and lite Agriculture Department Li bfafy, each of which has a mil- liofi of more items and each of which probably is the largest of its kind in the world. fteA wtiNkfctts the natives of Tibet are among Ihc world's greatest tea diifikefs. the average Tibetan drinks 3rt to 50 cups a day of the beverage. -8ft©WNW<S§6 SUtllflN DAILY TV SCHEDULE Wednesday fc M0«f! KtXs-tf (Channel i:«0 Gwsral J:30 Ed9S Of N'Sht 3:dO StcfM Stftrrti 3:36 Dark Shadows ^:M The Fugltlv* 5:00 Newlywed Gafn« 5:20 Walter Kronfcrtft «tlO Soorts «:30 Hogsn's Heroil 7:00 Bewllchtd 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 4:30 Green Acres 8:30 CBS Playhous* ?:00 Carol Charming 9:30 Bewitched 10:0 News i Weather 10:30 Movie 12.-30 Sign OH KRBC-TV (CUannel 9) 1:30 Veu Don't Say J.-to fh» Maten saw* 1:JS NBC Ne>*> f '30 Family Game 4:30 5:00 t.-OO 8:00 9:00 10 00 10.10 10: >0 10:30 Newly Wed Game Dating bame Th« Hofltiev-SM.ixier Local Newj Sotirts So'indue The Virginian Jack Parr Run tor Your Lilt rteoan Weatrw National N«wi KRLD-TV (Channel 4) !:00 To Tall Trie Trum !:J5 News 1:3t 608C «' NiBM 3'0t c ,f.c.rf Storm 3:30 Password 4:00 Mr. Ed 4:30 Gllllgan's island 5:00 McHale's Naw i-30 Waller CronWte News 6:00 Evening Edition News, Weatnet 4:30 Aladdin 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies 8:00 Green Acres 8:00 CBS Playhouse 10.-00 News *na weather 10:15 News J. Weather 10:30 Pete Gent Snow 10:35 Merv Griffin 10:45 Merv Grlftln ... 12:45 Star Playhouse ** 12:35 Vespers and Sign oH KTVT-TV (Channel 111 3:00 Captain lere 3:;o Popeve 4:00 Mighty Mous» 4;30 Fllntstone? 5:00 The Munsters 5:30 Twllisht Zone 6-C'O Rifleman 6;30 Cheyeenc 7:30 Perry Mason 8:30 Horev West «: 00 Movie II) 00 Mews ana weatftw 10:15 Movie. Cont'd. 11:00 Movie 12:30 Outdoor Worltl 12:40 Meditations 12:45 Sign Off WFAA-TV (Channel 8) S:00 General Hospital 3:00 Dark Shadows 3:00 Dating Game 3:30 Honeymoon Race 4:00 Dateline Hollywood 4:25 News •4:30 Sumpn Else 5:30 News 5:45 New» <:30 Custer 7:30 Second Hundred Yearj 8:00 Wednesday Night Movie 10:30 NFL West IhOO Joey Bishop Show 12:00 News W:10 Laurel and Hardy Theatr* 12;40 FBI 12:44 Living Prayer 12:45 Sign Off Thursday MORNING ftTX8-T> cchannel 18) t;00 Summer Semester 4:30 Farm & Ranch New* 7;M Weather 7:05 Morning News 7:30 Cartoon Clrcu» V:vO Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera »;30 Beverly Hlllblllln lfl;00 Andy « Mavtaerry •«:30 CIcK Van pykt 11:00 Love of Life l»;2S News 1VS30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light )?:00 N«ws 12:15 Farm N«w» 12:25 Weather 12;30Ae» lft» World Turni 1:00 Lov» Is « Many Splendored Thing J:30 How Party v KK3C-TV (Channel M ;:« JDUSI 7i» Harr? He« 8:25 Devollont J.OO Snap Judgment tiK New* «:3p Csnwmratlon ' 19;W Personality J6530 Hollywood $guirw U.,00 Jeop«rgy 1!;30 Eye Guest n?» TV Nm Ripert pSS NBC Newi -U;M Woman to Womin *,l:90 API. Football 4) kit Slon On £?30 Siimnw Stmtsttr £»» Jjew? in? Weatnt*- ;*;8? Newt. ** irnr Gl Son Leaves Woman fly ABIGAIL VAN Bt'flfeN daughter came home and told DEAR ABBY: Our 19-year-old me that everyone in her class son, who is in thn 'service, i at school was asked to fill out has written to tell us he has ' a questionnaire. There were fallen in love with a 27-year- ; questions such as these: old woman. She has three clill- i Which parent do you love dren, is separated from her hus- ; more— your mother or your fa- band but is not divorced. ! iher? Me is coming home on leave Do your parents sleep togeth- next month and says he wants cr? to bring his girl friend home Ho either of your parents for us to meet, but first he , smoke or drink? wants to be sure we will wel- Do you go to church? If so, come her and give her a chance. Abby. this awfully hard for which one. and how often.' I feel this is an out-and-out FIRST PLACE—Mrs. F. J. Heffinglon of Bangs won first place with her Christmas wreath using dried materials on a straw mat in the flower divisiort of the Brown County ninth annual pecan show at the Riverside Motor Hotel Saturday. (Bulletin Stai'f Photo) ius to "lake. Do you really he-• invasion of privacy and would ; lieve that a decent 27-year-old like lo know how you feel about | woman, slill married, could get this sort of tjiing.^ mixed up this way with a 19 j year-old boy? Should we forbid him to bring her home 0 We want to do the right thing, but we're so upset we can't think straight. MOM AND DAD DEAR M. AND D.: Urge your son to talk with his chnp- Jain. and suggest that he lake his girl friend along to listen. Tell him that you think a married womuti has no business going home with a boy to meet his parents, and you will feel better about welconi- Ii<", her and civinc her a chance if and when shu is free. But don't forbid him (o bring her home, nr he might By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M,D., ping a woolen muffler around | your mouth and nose or by us- tn preparation for what may i ing one of the breath warmers;'" be a long, hard winter, let us \ now available in stores offering i' N- consider frostbite and its prc- j equipment for winter sports. Q — I anr 83 and have had vcnlion. Like burns, it may be classified as first, second or Ihird degree, A first degree frostbite causes redness of (he skin and mild Itching. This is sometimes called chilblain. A second degree cold Injury causes blisters and in third degree frostbite (here is gangrene of Ihc skin and damage to some of the tissues beneath the skin. Duplicate Bridge Results Monday highl play of last week's duplicate bridge was in Browmvood Coliseum with C. F. Early and Dr. Homer Allen winning first place. Mrs. t-'. A. Nelson and f. F. Bay placed second. Mrs. Cnlita Ferris and Mrs. E. t'. Woodruff and Mrs. A J. Beck and Mrs. B. M. Orlotf lied for Ihird place. Tucstifiy Winners in Browmvood Country Club championship game! Tuesday were Mrs. Gordon GHf- j fin Jr. and Mrs. Jack Pilon, i first: Mrs. I. F. Bay and Mrs. !B. H. Veager. second; Mrs. ij. E. Whileside and Mrs. Ncl: son, third. ; Thursday ; Mrs. Gertrude Dingle and j Miss Tina Thompson won first 'in the Thursday night session i at the coliseum. Mr. and Mrs. I Emory Barrett, and I. F. Bay i and C. F. Wesncr tied for sec• oncl place. Saturday ; Saturday afternoon game was in (he coliseum with Mrs J. rvin and 1. F. Bay as first place winners. Mrs. Bay and Mrs. Ferris placed second and Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Pauline Alcr won Ihird place. IlfGH WINNER,—Mrs. Olive B'^ooks received a high award for her dried material candle arrangement she entered in the flower division of the Brown County pecan show Saturday at Riverside .Motor Hotel. ( Bulletin Staff Photo) cataracts removed. When I • gol Ihc lenses of my spec- I taclcs changed they Used plas- I lie Instead of glass. Do you j think they arc as good? | A—Plastic lenses arc equally as good as glass. They have the advantage that they are of much lighter weight and cause j less pressure on the nose. This! LUBBOCK, Tex. TAP) JPA Session Set Saturday IRATE MOTHER DEAR IRATE: i agree with you. Why don't you go to school and irtniiirr nhoul Ihn purpose of such questions, who originated Ihe project, and how the replies arc bin? used? DEAR ABBY: For Gisela. who wanted to know the origin of that "silly superstition" thai to sit 13 at a table is bad luck: Al The Lasl Supper. Jesus and his 12 Apostles sal. making their number 13. Afterwards Jesus was betrayed by Judas, if you will notice in the painting" of the Last Supper, the salt shaker had been overturned, which undoubtedly accounts for another 'sillv supcrstillon —t -..- — r ~.,. 0 ._ ._ ~ mi i j» j . • . —~ ..-.i-,^... h ... u . v . ^ww..^ .—« —^ that it's bad' luck to spill the member when you go out on a'thick lenses, ^rhc only^sadvan- urday is due to draw writers and jng to gel the last dregs j)Ut of i Dear He toise: Dear Friends: j lar) us f a zipper foot with Here's that woman knocking' the foot .on the fabric side. The on your kitchen door again. ; regular two-prong foot has a After years of trying to cut tendency' to ride off (especially corners and save a few minutes, on skirl waistbands where it just die when'I tell you; joins the skirt), The how to'openVpackage of boxed i" Never happens with your is especially helpful to persons Texas Press Association's news pudding without breaking your'zipper foot. Chris Schneider The important thing lo re-; who, like yourself, must wear anf j p} 10 i 0 conference here Sat- fingernails, or gelling mad try- . , lit-i..!, 1^.. „__ ftM-. _A»l..i-l!rm«<lifn*n i > < . i . . . O « _(-* _»_ D.D. not come pilhcr. DEAR ABBY: When I was j salL coming home from my vacation T met a svonderful young man on the bus. It was love at first sight for both of us. We have seen each other several limes now, and he wants to marry nl ^i i -i ,1: i i.' j w u -mi- Accnrivn-n »m?«igrees accompanied by a wind',move any gril thai Please don t think I'm dumb., By IHs ASSOCIAILD TOLSS,^ , ]Q * . T) ^ . why st i c king to them, but here's my problem. He is i 'Hie honored tradition of the ' y »'-H-"- *»™ •>• > \ _ °_ a farm boy from southern Min- '• garage sale apparently is nol cold day is that still air at be- ; tage is that they be c o m e i photographers from over the that plastic sack inside. This is i My yoi ing daughter uses bar- low freezing temperature is no-j scratched more easily. They j western half of Ihe stale. also good for cakes, gelatin des- relics foir her hair. The only Garage Sale Not Taxable where near as damaging as an I cannot be cleaned with silicon icy wind. For example, an out-! lens paper for this reason. Even door temperature of minus 60 i "sing a dry handkerchief lo degrees with no wind will not j clean them may scralch them , cause as much damage as a | unless they arc washed gently ! temperature of minus 10 dc-jwilh soap and water first lo re- The Texas Tech Journalism sert and just about anylhing ones thai -will hold her fine hair Department is cooperating with,that comes in a box. ;arc the <*nes wilh foam stuck the slate organization in staging! instead of trying lo open the inside. Wben this foam rubber the conference. i ends, lay the box flat and using wears ouil, the barrellcs are Speakers will include Bob a sham* knife, cut that box al- useless. Hooker, assistant journalism'most in half as if you were, 1 have recently renewed four l 1.1UUJM,! , ClOaiDLCKIL JUUi UCUIOlU .11 HJOV ill null ««J 1* /*-"•• IT s*t v. i J. I iv« r v » .-vwwunj * wi •— IT w may Dc jp ro f cssor a t Texas Tech and a! slicing bread. Only cut through of hers b;y buying some complete protection. The fur on j the i a wind-breaker, and fitting the the the Q — Tn a recent column you recommended vanillic dlcthy • on farming l love mis DOV a • mv saic^ tax wnicn nas Deem; .-; v, Y ' A •"' lamldc. for.-.advanced cmphy- jot, »™ '-'< '' i«"An« f= •»";„,„!! i;,/«nwa" ,.!«« ! forms a blanket of wanned air. | sema. f have incd to pur- ver 1 could live on a farm. MARY ANN DEAR MARY ANN: Love • garage sales ; Is nothing to snccxc at. Ask ifrom the tax. . . your doctor what's new in ! Among otlicr items not taxable i Another, point to remember | Q . ^-^ & prescrinlioh iiay fever remedies, if you j are housing, groceries, prescrib-: >s that the colder and drier the I pharmacists have never heard of it. . A - This drug, ethamivan *f cVa y. of lh , e Lubbock Avaian - (Emivan), can be purchased clie ' JournaL former Associated Press writer; (the top and two sides, leaving sive foam for sore feet and in- Tanner Laine, regional editor of; the back intact. ; sorting a ; small piece of this in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal ' Now, pick up the box and each barre tic. It sticks perfect- Mrs, Judith Kerr, Amarillo hold il over your mixing and nictkes them • like new News and Globe - Times wo- i then turn il upside down and, again. Ri la Gross man's page edilor; Mrs. Ad bend il backwards. j Mihm, society editor of the Bor- Every iota of ils contents will i Mothers could also glue a ger News- Herald: and Freda spill into your bowl with ab-; small piectv- of thin foam rub- find you cau't beat Ihe weed, ! ed drugs, automobiles, gasoline,! air you breathe, the harder Hi p] case seuti your f|l | CS ask your farm boy if you can i alcoholic beverages, tobacco pro-j ls for vour ' ur) S s '6 warm and j an( j answ ers lo Wayne «. sit out the hay fever season I ducts, agricultural equipment moisten it. Too great a chilling j Bran( i sta( |i M.D., in *carc of 'and supplies, meals served j n i of your lungs will damage them, i ( jji s Da n cr . while Dr. Brand- *....* I. ..!_ ._l I. ?i_l_ i rr^l • _ ._ 1_ i L i _ ,1 1 „ i " ' • . ' -. . '. lions nc G. in Dululb. DEAR ABBY: My 14-year-old i schools, churches and hospitals, i This can be prevented by wrap- AT SINGER Happiest place in town to Christmas shop! " UDC Program Christmas program for Winnie Davis Chapter of United Daughters of the Confederacy will be presented Friday at 3 p.m. in the home of Mrs, A, F. Michaels, 1704 12th St. Golden TOUCH & SEW sewing machine by SINGER with PROFESSIONAL* buttonholer • Exclusive Push-Button Bobbin winds right in the m&chlne! • Solid State Speed Control System gives complete control mid ? i 6ao/679 wbm?t Choose from five TOUCH * S£W* sewing nmchines storting at $149.95 Other SINGER sewing muchines from $69,95 !ORN\VALL TIN As early as the 4th century 3.C., tin from Cornwall, England, was traded in the Medi. ierranean. Most of Cornwall's tin mines are now abandoned but two remain in operation. In one shaft extending under the Atlantic, miners can liear water rolling huge boulders on the sea floor above them. (model 629) PROFESSIONAL* butionholer by SINGER t pits nwt SINGER ?ig-iag sewing machines! f §9w§ § different kind? Only^ sf bgttonheles, tsly? eyelets "-perfectly! TOUCH i SEW* nwin michint for Uttli Girli • Sews - ,-,. Mmm ~s>>' *?' ^ stadt cann-jt answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. T1GONS AND L1GERS Under certain corditions. such ! dowdy when" I "learned 'this one. as confinement in zoos, tigers Heloise have been known to mate with lions. The offspring of these Dear Heloise: matings are called tigons when : When lop stitching close to an the father is a tiger and tigers edge that is bulky (for ex- when the father is a lion. i ample: shirt waistband or eol- "11? 'WW"- "Jr "*"Wf * /,-5-Ft'|>|A ..i, i m ~ 1 ) i, «,| WBldnt sleep with M wM$*my$»j }'.ws? solutely no effort whatsoever on ! ber on them. your part! ! Y° u ' ia< ^ a hair-rising idea, This may not be new to you, I Rita. Tliankp much. Heloise but I nearly yelled apple-pan- Dear Heloise: Many timos we are wearing suede "shoes "when it is muddy, and we get .heel tips and sides soiled. I keep a brush-type hair roller in my It works great on this kind of small brush-up job. Alma Hyatt Dear Heloise: If you have a glass top coffee table and also have a lot of small snapshots of your children or grandchildren which you would like to display. . . . Remove the glass top, place the pictures ont the table, then put the glass back on, Your pictures are displayed nicely and free from clust. S. V. My mother has a glass top on her vanity, She keeps all of ours under then? and changes them from time to time. Heloise Dear Heloise: J prefer the plastic knitting needles to the metal ones because they are not so slippery and stiff to use. .However, I've noticed that somei of my plastic ones become H little "bowed" or gel a "curve" in them. This causes irregiUlar stitches and rows, Does anyone know how these can be straightened? • J3ya Smith Can anyone solve the case of the bent needles? If so, sure would appreciate hiring from you. Just write to Heloise in c,a,re of tlijs paper. Heloise GOLDISN ANNIVERSARY-Mr. and Mrs, Sterling W, Oowan of 2508 Coggto Ave. will observe their golden wedding anniversary with open house at their home from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, The couple's qhijciren will serve as hosts for the occasion. They are Pres* ton Cowan of PJacid, Raymond Cowan of Abilene, Herman Cowan and Qdell Cowan of Sweetwsler, Mrs. Aid a Deaver of JBrownwpod, Mrs. June kake. and Mrs. Tressa Will of Blanket, Sterling W, Cowun and VU'gie E, Turner were married in Brownwobd on Dec. i, m7. The celebration will be open to friends and relatives of the family. LIKE NEW! 1 '*M' s r'««"^ ts«li r -s|* Sell Those Unwanted lt«m§ Jn The Bulletin Classifieds

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