The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 10, 1960 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1960
Page 7
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__ THE PARIS NEWS, MONDAY, OCT. 10, I960 You reach just about everybody when you advertise your extra household goods for sale with a Paris News Classified Ad ! Dial SU 4-4323 today between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. to place your result getting ad. 10 words are just .30 daily on the special 6 day rote. Call Today. Paris News Classified Ads Dicl SU 4-4323 GRIN AND BEAR IT —By Lichry "He does all right with devils, witches and evil spirits!.. .but he isn't much good at frightening away U. H. troops!,. " DENNIS THE MENACE 10-10 PUT HIM TO BEDS. BARNEY GOOGLE LITTLE LULU x TOLD veA SHORE YE WILL!! 'M HONGRY- WHEN VE ' TO FIX MY SUPPER ? HONEY I'LL BE RIGHT BACK GIT 6OSSIP1N 1 SIX SOLID HOURS PAW-I OWE MI2. BARLOW fl CUP OF FLOUR I'LL BE RIGHT BACK SMILIN 1 JACK jot SEES TTJ*; H=L"i- COPTSR Es«>i LJW- UCAtxEP, ANP OVERHEARS — •ji^A TV!' 'COPTER Ivc^/v^ ^ 'F;?c.«A IK vV-'V'V-crSiTj^A RUSSIAN FREIGHTER ^ji;^ •?-'~fr'A.:j?^ BROUGHT us CDNS. yff^Wwi* 9^;-' .i^O^ POPE AHP MATE- ^ A ^—•-'•AMERICA LEAFLETS! ^jsiiifii^^ •7/V/5 7S ^4- JUH&LE WARS- n'Oii'Sc FOf? COMMIE '/-[ BULL-WHIP^ YoU HAVE =:.•) fjo IPEA WHERE JOI-LY -^Cx^AS'P 5ULKY SI'— WOW •-1-.V/ 1-1 WE SMU6SLE ^f'b^t^ »'• STUFF TO' ^SVVS-^/ COWW^W'&TIC ^^*!v° UBh '^™ s ^fi" Hri AMERICA! / ^-_.,}VV->:X H ^ » K ^'NVV fJo, sAPDLESoAP, 1WEY JUST 6DT 1M TH' SlUGLE EJiGlltE PLA^E AfJP TcoK „- C'FF id ^jp»^ ,......-.—^\ ~^3\<>x£-: i '. • States ».;.-} I •f&lZZ/iKi-jlixl ctr •/ ^rA%a&i ^ t& : +4^, DICK TRACY GASOLINE ALLEY DONT* STEP OFF THAT. M ATTR ESS f I'M 6CXMG TO GIVE 'EM A>*DTXeR SHOT. THE DOOR?? DO YOU THINK: CM NUTS? THERE.' NOW, SPOTS. NOU'CAN OPEN THE DOOR. How verv nice I Pst-Phyllis, not V There might be U)el both of you, Mr. ( go fast. I'm not sure Sounds wonderful, r. Click/ Judy, I'd like to invite \ you, s'ouf mother and father to j dinner Friday be delighted to come. Thank YOU again. 1 Click. We are happy to accept. Lean make it! BLONDIE r I > YOU TEN-C VOU OWE ME 1. FIFTEEN L ALL RIGHT, THEN-jU-J WHAT JUST GIVE ME ^-7 FlVc ? HOW THE PI VE AND ) V. 06 VOU 7 FIGURE THAT??? FORGET IT MV WALLET- HELP YOURSELF THAT'S MV CONFUSE AND CONQUER - ECHNIQUE PFANU'fS / IT SAYS HERE 'THAT THE HAWAIIAN WORD FOR "SWCH" 15 "OPU::, 10-10 THAT5 VERVM TINS.. J ^ VOU KNOti), T TH006HT I GJA5 SETTING FAT, BUT I 60S55 I'M NOT... IN FACT, I THINK I LOOK PRETTY 1 600D_ OPOWI5E,THATI5/ y ACROSS I. Hawaiian cloth 5. Poisonous jnakc 8. Converse" informally 12. Scent 13. Possessive pronoun 14. Mellow 15. A surface of cloth 16. Blackbird 17. Different 18. Rock 20. Imagines 22. Horns of » deer 14. Cobine monkey 27. Draw game 28. Intends J2. Inner wall of protective ditch 34. Dissipate 35. In what place 3G. Front 37. Plaything 38. In good season 41. Gives counsel 44. Keen 48. Outer garment 49. Catch 51. Silkworm 52. Small body of land 53. Personality 54. Raise 55. Ruminant animal ^6. Beverage 57. Richest parts DOWN 1. Summits Solution of Saturday'* Puzzle 2. Entrance 3. Horseback game 4. Scene or action 5. Sunken fence 6. Elderly 7. Vainglory 8. Marks made by folding IS •fa 13 JJf 16 25" 23" /* n Zl 'O tr PAX TIME 34 MIN. IO-10 9. Sword handle 10. Part of a church 11. English river 19. Dinner courses 21. Weasel-lik* animals 23. Gratuity 24. Work wilh a needle 25. Residue from burning 26. Chill 29. Dexterou* 30. New: comb, form 31.Crafty 33. Umpire 34. Barrier 36. Countenance 39. Creed 40. Ledge 41. Sour 42. Prescribed quantity 43. Valley 45. Ancient Asiatic region 46. Cleft 4-7. Gentle blows 50. Serpent Today V Laugh ft *y *V<* <** SO/TO] 'Well, if it isn't Spike Moran—you haven't changed s bit in 10 years!" OFF THE RECORD -Ed Reed "Son, I want you to subscribe to the traditions of old "U" — However, try and get an education also." JOE PALOOKA BUZ SAWYER A KIP'S MODEL 0-TH' \ MlWCtE-POWEKEP FU6HTM V FLIES OKAY OH RUBBER- \GOOO QUESTION. JEKKYL .— . BUT PLEASE REMEMBER ' 71 EANP POWER..BUT WILL 1VENUSIA VALE AND ~ IT W01K WIT'MUSCLES?.' SURPRISE FROM J.8.TOGGS FOR BUPPY PAUXJKA'S FIRST PUMPINS PEOALS/ SMITTY 1RENDA STARR FACE, m/JDA CIWS TO Xf HUG'S DAM OBJECT APPEARS 'OUT OF TrIB PWAND MlST TM7 6WROUUOS THE SURVIVORS Or WE ILL-fAJEO WHALSK-

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