The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 4, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1897
Page 3
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TftK ' BAttlT OeTOtBBR4, 1897. r\ iMiiiiTifgnmo^ MODEL MARKET .... IB always cool, clean *fid nes&t fottf #«fy the frest meats, fish .fm# vsgetft1>W; ami orders taken "there art acctifately filled attd protopffy? tHUvered. That's tb(T condition of affairs a* / j. s. Cox, SR. 147 Street. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Prior wfn occupy rftonra in tho Mechera house on Greet) fttreot dDriflf the Winter. Tho postTtiaster-genwal haa iaened ftn forbiddiajf the rooting ot b*Mtfl» Jn po?to®c6C-fet. rtfe wttBttttttly receiving mmt>!ainto from patents that ttelf A>na and daughters ate catfryifig oft ft rfnnde^ stiwe correspondence by ineaiiR of the private lettpr bax. &to<t the* 'there are olb*r« who nre not mirtora wtro- tf&e the private box for the satne purpose. «rdt0 The'pe&mit trust is tho latest, Meeting of the K. P. lodge .this Mrs. Wm, Blankenhorn is.'Mt the sidk Tlio drouth is the wosji., Hi twenty years. "", x ^ x ", Regular meeting of K. O. T. S M, Tuee- day evening, <" Do not refuse to buy ft ticket for tjio Star lecture course. The w»i*»ther for lo\\pr Michigan—fnir tonight and Tuesday. JSvery citizen in Marshall should .vote "yea" on Thursday next. " Night falls but it does not break, it's only the day that breaks. The concrete walk an, front of tho oast ward school is being repaired. Meeting of Lafayette ttoapter'Tuesday •tiight for work on M M degree. Twenty-eight tickets we're sold for tho , &. & M, excursion to Toledo Sunday. John Powell has purchased John Houston's residence On west State atrebt. . Chas. 'Francis is in jail from Battle Creek on charge of 'drunk and disorderly. Mrs. Pamelia Mana was seriously ill yesterday, She is .reported niuch better today. The, flower street fair Will be a feature,.'nover seen in 14' cu '8 an before, Battle Creek Journal: - Mrs. Flora Day has accepted a position at tho Manufacturer's Retail store. .Any person voting "no"' on Thursday votes against his own interest UB well us the interest of tlrf city. Vote "yes" next ThuisjMy and have the water rates so low,that you cannot afford to keep your pump in repair., ""-Doting 'yea" ivest .Thursday means niore~WarJk for the lal>oring man for the next year than, they hav« Iwid fof years, past. "- ,^ Do riot forget that .Ch«. cantata, the "Mystic Midgets, will be presented at the opera house by local tal<-»t, Oct. V«.i.A.ti* Pelt fhe New York Athletic Club's annual awd,i track *thWta«s' games were held on tfee Trovers Island (grounds Saturday. For a second time this year ft dual meet was arranged UMween the "tttercary foot" experts and the CbJteBRo ftthletea, and for ft second time tho Western men had to put up with » clean do- feat'bv a stfrre of $ }•£ points to 3^£. TJbe tnoai sensational finish of the day Was that between Townsendf, of Chicago, stud of the local ctttb. Town«pnd ted frota the tftart with t^Bgo'nly twofeefi behind liito. Towasead Increased > liis le.adfttrli|e,oti the far turn, but as they rounded into the stretch long overhauled hind and the Now Yorker tnade a wonderful -effort at the head of the stretch and the two men raced like a team as they neared tho. finish. Each of them was nih out-within a yard of the worsted and both fell across it simul- tenequsly, each receiving a nasty fall. The titne' -51 seconds -.was nothing out of the ordinary, but as "the men were watching each other closely and out- Bprinted their stamina in the IjiBt fifty jftirds, the titno of -the race- cannot be considered when such a tlniah was tho result. After the ruen had.beeni revived th<*y.tosfled up a coin, and aa Towneend won the toss he j?ot' the gold medal and tho silver one, while their respective clubs scored a half a pointeaeh., i l>jirade at the > Kulaniazo Three men wi»o drove over from Bellevue yesterday had occtision to water their" horse at the west ertd fount&in.. They removed the bridal, and th« horse, sniffing the air of freedom, started off down State street at a cuor« -than rapid gait. Tho top of the carriage was left near Dr. Marshall's, one wheel became 'detached in front of B. G. Brewer's dry goods <8tore, and the nag succeeded in freeing itself, from tho remainder of the vchicleln the neighborhood of the post- office. Runaways are of frequent occur- once near tho west end fountain from tho fact that the bridal is removed Wlien watering horses. ot SleCartif ftftfl HAfify Arrcst<M}rt«f«l n Londof CJooih Bwrty^^t. . een brtr#1nVi*!iaf? etfunty fot nomo twoniilessotith They wi>ro first #. farmcirwho He and A ftfiigti* and officer? from notiffied. The t Bert«vne officers' found the nteft wti«?re IfteyiiatlL stopped toleod and took them to BeU«- vtie. Deputies Beckwith" and Mai» brotigth to Wfa city today together with the much talfed offiorrol mare and platform'Bprin)? wagon. The wsgoti won well loaded- BIX} • cofc&inod. articte.of, every dcstt«lptiOB f it was in fact an oltl cutrldeity shop. The list .included knives,,, farm fettles }H were B(>l!«»vtJe $nm!my. by Mf. Vfiu Koc their description. bdr followed the'rn, forks, spoxmtf, eostere, platws • cups «nd ettftfeftf^ lamps, clock, wltehee, chamber lets, toilet eases, silver ware of all descriptions, razors,, collars ftnd 9UfTs, jewel- ery, a Revolver, clothing ol #11. Irinds, boots And shoes, parts of harness, 'and vou can think «?•• tfhe list ISO articles' besides a, nnfnber " of bundles of clothing Wefe flot" cotittted fcfcpqtrately, Woods were klerHttled which Wore taken from 'Joel Houston, John I^ountalrt^rank Carver andHtram TAte. Tfe» tflte*ea • a te good • looking, welt, dressed young ni»n, t -McCarty boiug 6nly° I0,oittd liockwood two or three years olden ' • • , . • . SheKf* Stone w«rt a Battle ,Crwk thia, afternoon and fonad Johh &. Stage's tool chest which was stolen^from Mr. Stage's residence in;i|nwhitll township Sept. 24th, by these sattfe men, and-gold The buBglars ;tml probably lie arraigned tomorrow, •' • , L. K. Codfhandles Cream of Ce«al, I PC per pacftage. • , ' M. pc'R. K will sell tickets to Albion and/*}turn Oct. 5th to 9th .inclusive fpr forty cents on account of Albion fair. Tickets good to return Oct. 9th. - C. 'E. Gttvaiiv, t Tkt. Agt. Watson Sc Watson announce their fall opening for Thursday, October 14. •' Stove Pipe, Elbows, Delivered to any part of city. . Bostfev's DR..'H.'S/MAHN. Office nfc ~ Sirtifh jsj-'tfticjihono' Jrtwn 7 «. ttt. tr>!» p, m. at »<ij MftphonF fir vW* city, i# all V. S. #lag tt>f ft Label, Qti twmo* 1 , «olrt on merit. A Great ft Center, fiw them wad uhow yenr dealer that you know, when you g« ( stuohe. ' They ar&iHSdo by E». T, , of this (jity „ GEORGE INCER80LL, GENERAL hid, elehteeft years Judge of Profeata will £iv« *p«cl»I attention In pfnctlce 10 Probate Coart*. Parties bittm* b««1ne*» in probate con«« as* find it to th<Mr fiitereat to ftonenlt him. WILLS, Deeds, Mortgages and / ." . . . Other Legal Papers' Gareftdly Drawn. Titles to Real Estate Will aitfettd to tbe pnrabai«6 and BH!O of rnul estate, payment of t*so<Voto. Lootie Oti retti entate ri&gotiated'. " .A Age»H f or a good line of.tlfe itdd Uto tfisur airee/ijoHipanloa, < / OFFICE At lOEftlDENGE,/ Corner Mimslbis"ftnd Otaod Sts. ,/ Mich. A CENEROUS OFFCM that th$ wiBfc man, as well AB thf k ci-o onp will appreciate, we are W«**t in war offpr to tttflbe ft in^ dither fall or winter wtelghfc, in the fluwfc dtetlngue stylft, and most ab1*^rtt, flftfeh«d iia att frr»ni$20'trt f*». We have tho Wtbrt thing out !n brndsomw fobrioft Vienna coatings. J. DO YOU WANT New Fall Hat SO C!A£t AT "Western's Who will give you n Stylifth TrimmecJ Hat froth St,0O «P to *i.50-rteve» > ftdld before for less than S3.O&. .This ttkte, will l«8t until ' ' Children's Tarns x/ In all colors at JHfc / * OUt* Pirde. Wings / ' store isopeft for 6OO. Walkittg'Hats, Sailor—Ifttest Feath6ra at youf own pri«3o.- Call early, owr HATCH BLOCK Over Statesman Office, and 16, '~~~' | ^The Civil-Philanthropic ,O,>nfereU!i<> Any Ujidn who votes agaiut»t the purchase of the water works should be i placed on record as boing opposed to thecitj's progress. A tuoall boy while gathering nute the other dfty fell out of j» tr*-e. a He didu't dp a thing but, break both iiriUH and one leg and lose hie glass eye. It is probwble that the, Michigan Con> tral will have, a cheap rite excursion tu phydtciana ' participating, iPhumday, Chicago October,^ Chit«go d»y. f 'J^he qet, 14, will be Civic 0»y,'Wlth Ho», will have a Hve day limit. - ,. | c. Sf^bury prosidiBg, ^Municipal eoar- Kev. J. M. Oetchell and wife left Hon-j itiea, tho condition of the poor and un- Accident to a Marshall Matt. Win, Conway, of thisN^ty met with an accident at Battle Creek Saturday afternoon about four o'clock. WhiW coupling cars on the D, T. & M. railroad he smashed the first finger oi nia loft hand and it was found necessary to amputate it att.hw first joint. The D. T. & M. physician at Battle Creek attended hint. will VBoetjit the Cbngreganional church, Battle Gredk, Qctobdr 12 to 17,1897, at which prominent wen and women will present papers and give, addresses on social, hygienic and philanthropic questions. Wednesday, Oct. 13, will t>e4<j> voted to health and hygiene public u«&'lth and 6«:hool hygiene,-with Dr.*J. fi. Ke,«0g, M. J>., Subt. Ifattle Sanitariu«i prcseidiug and' day for Laaeing to '-attain! the state con- 0niversaligt«. Rev.- Getchell a pit^er before the meetiui; Wed- Mrs. Mary 3, J?ejr- ty, foy tt^uy y«(alr& r a leading milliner of thia aectiou, died at .an early hour today. She had fcieea j.hei-e for nearly •tfc-cftott^fy' utttf known thraHghout The members 01 tbe J-iadier- Aid 89 f Trinity ehurch at thehomftsi^jMtra. Geocgo toa to^uv>rh»w afwaoon sat A *Uli attfi>Wm:t' is i» to , on ag|>licajtion, ' S- salariwa of rnar& naiijistutti i mop txwtht-n tiuui any other two Datura! ageuei«5. ^ Tbe Ora»g» Judd farmer in .ite fiwal ^fttfJwat* of tti^ year's wheat that 3%urea based on^ actual ii ^. _ '^ > ! a : which 37^,5*) OQD bushels ®$m~ bttshete spring employetl aud other queationa will considered this <4»y. A aii^sioft'wili be toueiyerflity settleuients for the benefit ol the "uongeeted. population^ «l the poor in citiee, with President Henry Wade Rogers, >L, U J>., of thfy No*th. wester^ uaiverfialt^, presiding. The ten.- eujont house<iue«ti<«i, free bathA and Via- Having sold ray stock of goods to L. K. Cook all persons owing mo «re requested to please ca)l and settle. / • i CJtiAftr ,P. COOK. ll ^ ... r ..__ l _._ l . ll .. frn .. M ^ [ ..,,,,^ t - *1 Notice. Whornas, my wife, Margaret Smith", having left ray bed ^nd board I hereby notify all persons from trustu|g her on my account after this date. Marahall, Sept. 2!l, 1807. THOMAS SMII'H, Br, i .-•-.• \ - Mr0.-ti. Pealing returned from Chicago last ovpnipg where she tan been attending millinery openings of the pronjir nent wholesalo houwsja and also buying th^ latest things in njilMnery. \ Asbosttis is the best because It is only one-half the cost of -ehingles. It can be applied on flat or steep roofa. It is fire proof. Anybody can put it on, BOGEY'S Hardware. Atteutl* 11. John Cuzzins has reccaved through H It. Day &Son a car-of the "Hercules" brand of German Portland cea»ent, and is prepared to put down the bent walks and guarantee it to stand with any other comoot on the market »t will All ehurchea and charitable eoeieties and ijjB^i ttttiooft are invited toseud deltjgatos, Will b& maikd ' bi . the sccre-- Mich. Cured, cbildren a siwdaifef af. Teas fioia l^cto poaad; coffee frotu I5c to 35c, If you 'fX»t&»ptote the purehaae of a Ml for ihe mil, eall on Mrs. Merrill sate fey , and dioa»i«i relating thereto I h«ve opened a Flour and F store iu, thy liuilaiog vacated CLOAKS! SEE THE STYLES /• \ \/ K^ &j T>-_ ^n*Y'\ ti'Jt'f. im / v% Right g^rinents, right in length, ftti fabrics them.' The^tdces arc Hurprisiuglv luw, in fact 1 ° A Come and see Our Dress Good stock new st 'so date. surprisingly low, m met lower timn ever. \JUI.WG** vT<»»m BUck anc} Colored Serges and beautiful Dre v ss Patterns in .SEE O( 35c They can't be ; tet. ; Our Btlatk ? aad Blue Storm Series, all wool, 45 inch wlde^ at 5&c per yard is -a groat bargain, Just received a lull line of Press -Skirts*, jam Mill li»ve a .toil atocifc of Floor, for OTIS C. PERRIN. O f the i«a,y or. FRUIT, of Paeey "Jo •« ¥4 v, iuui |p J. Stojara Cream of Cereal. . KOJI »*, •» ( Ju«t receke4 another case of ladies' Underwear^ wo^tli 50cf have only to see them to be coavineed^-extra sizes, a 25e. Yov * t j**^^ 1e Linen -Napkins - to OUTING •.-.FLANNELS per y®&> We carry tb© W» B, Corset, alwatyt f^ff^ci fitting. far roo» we will close o»t our |ia« of Carjiets at iferj low *.

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