The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 3, 1969 · Page 16
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 16

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1969
Page 16
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14 Vaytmnn *«« Monday. February 3, 1969 TONIGHT ON TV I PM • tt CD NSW* (C) O What 1 ! Newf — Florida Evsr- |Ude* and Roaaoke ULtad ffl VOJM* to *• Bottsai « out SCB (R) S3 I Love taejr (R) <:M PM O t Dr«*n <* Jeawtle (C) Jetnnlt misunderstands Tooy'» order not lo let anyone see the house and make* it Invisible O The World We Uve 10 — Hydrology — man's study of water—Is :he subject and It covers evaporation, desalinizatinn and pollution fO Gummottf (C) Flames of Civil War hatreds are rekindled when a respected rancher is revealed to be the notorious commandant of a prison camo: NeJiemiah Persol/ quests 09 Avengent (C) Strange love-in symptoms strike top executives of a classified Installation, making them fall in love with the first person they see S3 Lost la Space (C) (R) Bungling space magician ruins a trip to earth 7 PM e Rovraa * Marna's Lasgh.Ia (C) Guest Don Rlcktes appears as an embattled teacher, the Dutch boy at the dike and a chorus boy O Music Maken of the Bloe Rkdge (R) Farmers, shopkeepers and hunters of western North Carolina dance and sing to lively Appalachian Mountain music OS My Favorite Martias (R) Martin's study of humans plays havoc with Tim's love life 1:»PM CD Here'i Lacy (C) Would you believe the safety of the entire free world depends on Lucy when she i« unexpectedly entrusted with a secret formula desperately wanted by enemy agents? (B Peyton Place (C) Series shrinks to one episode a week as Lew asks questions .ibout his father's conversation with Sgt Walker, Carolyn rebuffs Jeff, Maggie meets Tom and Carolyn refuses to help her father B0 Man From UNCLE (C) (R) Ruthless Thrush plots to be first on the moon 2) Movie (C) "Hero's Island" (1962) James Masco, Neville Brand, Rip Tom; family inherits an Island 8 PM O Movte (C) "Follow That Dream" (1962) Elvis Presley; musical comedy about roving family O NTET Journal (C) Something old, something new is the lot of islanders of Pago Pago where American influence challenges the traditional order of tribal society and gives rise to the question "American Samoa: Paradise Lost?" tD Mayberry EFD (C) 'Howard, a ?oin collector, is eager to share hob- Dies with his new girlfriend—until he learzis she is a sky diver O The Outcast* (C) Sari and Jemal, with a prisoner in tow, take on the job of delivering nltroglycerin to a mine where men are trapped and en route they encounter the small son of one of the trapped miners; Jack Elam, Ezekiel Williams guest 8:» PM ID Family Affair (C) The twins Innocently "bug" French and Cissy which angers Uncle Bill who subsequently discovers his own office £s being bugged by a rival (D 12 O'clock Riga (R) New navigator has disturbing personality problems 9 PM O Bridge With J«ui Cox — Scoring, the overcall and responses ID Can] Burnett (C) Guests are Vince Edwards, Chita Rivera CD Big Valley (C) Heath, wounded In a scuffle on the trail, stumbles into the town of Midas where 23 men recently were killed in a mine disaster for which the Barkleya are . held responsible; Anne Baxter, Gary Beban guest Q3 Boxing (C) George Chuvalo vs Buster Ma I Ins in a 12-round heavyweight fight 9:3» PM O Gorman Playhouse — Wealthy countess creates problems at the hole!; 10 Sign Off 03 Western Star Theatre (R) 10 Sign OH 10 PM SO CD News (C) 6D Perry Mawm (R) 11:15 PM O News (C) 1»:3» PM tD Movie (C) "Joe Butterfly" (1957) Audio Murphy, George Nader, Keenan Wynn, John Agar, Burgess Meredith: five GIs are ordered lo turn out first edition of "Yank on Japanese Soil"; 12:15 Sign Off iQD Joey Bishop (C) Jan Murray, Roberta Sherwood 10:15 PM O Tonight (C) Flip Wilson guest host to EIke Sommer, Anthony and the Imperials, Biff Rose 11 PM S3 TV Partyiine (C) Faron Young 11:» PM 03 News (C) 12 Sign Off MIDNIGHT O News (C) 12:05 La«t H'ord '.C) 1:05 Sign Off CD Musical Treasures (C) 12:15 AM (B Movie — "Monster From the Surf" (1966) Jon Hall, Sue Casey, Waller Edmiston; young girl at a California surf nnd dance party is murdered; 1:55 Sign Off TUESDAY (C) Color; (R) Repeat C AM (D Sunrise Semester (C) 6:36 AM ID Captain Kangaroo (C) © Owlet Doe (C) For children 6:35 AM D PanI Harvey Comments (C) 7 AM 8 Today (O 7:25, 8:25 News (C) OQ News (C) 7:» AM O» CBS News (C) 7:55 WcaU*r, Mirfing, Fishing (C) IB Cad* Don (C> Continued 8 AM ffl Morning Show (O 8:3* AM ID Kitlrik'd Karrowiel (C) 8:45 AM O From Franklin lo Frwrt i AM & Snap Judgment (C) S:« NBC News (C) ID Locy Show (C) (K) (D I>»ve II U> Beaver (R) S:2» AM O OIK* Upon t Printing Prewi t:» AM O CooccntrattOB (O 0 Beverly HJBbUJle. (R) (D DtaUnt; for Dollan (Q »:« AM O from Fraakltn to Froal II AM O PenovaJty (C) ID Andy Griff)* (O (R) 1«:2» AM O !»:» AM •*Bj»*ss' Ssaara* (C) Dtek Van Djrke (R) (C) ls:U AM O Fran Frank** to Frart 11 AM •I Jeopardy (C) LAV« o( Lite (C) 11:14 New* (C) <D Bewitched (C) (R) 11 :M AM O Stops*** late Melody 11:» AM What's Mr Uaer (C) D Search for Tomorrow (C) ID Fnaay You Should Ask (C) 11:» Children 1 * Doctor (C) 11:45 AM O From Fraaka* U Fraal New* (C) Pat Brawn NOON Midday (C) Thelma and Larry New* at Nooa (C) (B Dream Boon (C) S3 Rocky and BO* Friend* (C) (R) 12:3* PM O Hode* Face* (C) Drama ID As the World Tan* (C) Drama 09 Let'* Make a'Dot (C) Bomper Room (O 1 PM D Day* of Ow Live* (C) Drama ID Love I* a Masy Sptondored TUag (C) Drama IB Eon lor Yo»r Ufa (C) (R) 33 Hiefcard DUmoad (R) PM Q From FraaUIji t* Fro*t 1:» PM Ttaclon (C) Drama Guiding Light (C) Drama 63 Take St With Marijsne (C) K PM 0 DtoOQWffVg SdMMO 2 PM World (C) Drama (D Secret Storm (C) Drama <D General Hospital (C) Drama ffi) Do* aid OTiMii (C) Gens Hackman, Stu GUllam, Dick Kal- Iraan, Ruta Lee, Janl Gardner PM O From Frmnkia to Frast 2:» PM Yo« Don't Say (C) G) Edge of Night (C) Drama (D OM Life to Uve (O Dranm Z:» PM O World Geography Z:U PM (D Cartoon Cvtop* (C) I PM O Match Game (C) i:V> NBC New* (C) _ Uokletter Show (C) Jeanne Horn, Eric Shea, S'isan Otooo; l:9( News ffi) <B KlUrlk'B Karroowl (C) IB Movte (C) "Yank in Ermine" (1952) Peter Thompson Noelle Middleton. Harold Lloyd Jr, Diana 3ecker; American airman inherits English title ... comedy Maverick (R) J:K PM O Mythology 3:M PM O Merv Grirfin (C) Dr Billy Gralam, Bob Melvln, Marsha Wallace, VIerry Butler, Slappy White, FVank Sinatra Jr O Movte (C) "Lady From Texas" (1951) Howard DuH, Mona Freeman, Josephine Hull, Craig Stevens, Ed Begley; ranch lady talks to birds IB Dark Shadow* (C) Drama PM (B Movie (C) '"Hie Truth About Spring" (1965) Haley Mills, David Tomllnson, John Mills, James MacArthur; girl is reared aboard decrepit fishing boat operated by her slippery father in Caribbean when aeophyta lawyer ships aboard for kicks . . . nicely paced romance €Q BOM the Ctowa (C) «:» PM ID No No the Clown (Q S> Monster* (R) 5 PM Chris Chandler (O O Mbterogen' Neighborhood (C) (D B«al McCoy* (R) CD FBaMosw* (C) (R) Cartoons 5:» PM O HssafeHMnUsr News (O O Friendly Gins* ID Walter CronUte New* (C) (D Frank Beyaobb New* (C) 03 Onto and Harriet (R) ED Batman (C) (R) 5:41 PM O Mertia the Magictoa CANDY SALE winners at St. Joseph's School were, left to right, Elizabeth Rice, first; Laurie Zamora, second; Mike Estes, third; and Paul Tarski, fourth. They are shown with their prizes. Proceeds from the sale will finance library books and science equipment for the school Elizabeth Rice Candy Contest Winner lili/.abetli Kice is winner of ihe iiimual candy sale concluded Jan. 2U al Si. Joseph's School. .Si. Joseph's students sell candy bars and boxes of chocolates each year lo purchase science oquipinenl and library books for Hit, 1 school, Elizabeth won a television set, lor selling $410 worth of the candy. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kice, KM Lazy Lane. Second place winner is Laurie Zamora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Zamora of 3404 Wisconsin. Laurie won a radio phonograph for her sale of $304 worth of candy. Mike Kstes, whose sales totaled $17-1, won a phonograph as third prize. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Keo Estes of 509 Midway. Haul Tarski won fourth place. He sold $88.50 worth of candy, and won a transistor radio. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Tarski ol ^417 Missouri. Grade winners in fifth through seventh grades also won transistor radios. These were Kenneth Giroir, fifth grade, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Girori, 1904 Caroline; Michael Sobotik, sixth grade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sobelik, 1800 Utah; Ann Krizak, seventh grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Krizak, 1200 NEW TUG IN OPERATION RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The first of two Brazilian-built tugboats ordered by the government-owned Petrobras oil refinery from EMAC shipbuilding company has been launched here. The "Apollo," with 2,360 b.h.p., has two dieset motors, controlling propellers, radar and equipment to combat fire. Memorial; Eileen MacKinnon, eighth grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. MacKinnon, 2004 Colby; Tim Wendel, ninth grade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Wendel, 5005 Fairway; Robert Gillespie, 10th grade, son of Mrs. Adeline Gillespie, 1105 Beech Street; Jim Bradshaw, 11th grade,. t son of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Bradshaw, 712 Meadow- glen; Becky Brockelman, 12th grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Brockelman, 708 W. Cleveland The goal of $6,000 in sales was reached, with five rooms going over their room goals. These rooms were Mrs. Mildred Smith's first grade, Mrs. W. J. Wells' third grade, Sister Margarita Monohan's fifth grade. Sister Beth Boerne's sixth grade, and Mrs. K. P. Swofford's seventh grade. Assistant Chief Of USS Public Relations Named HOUSTON (Sp) - The appointment of Franc* C. O'Keeffe as assktant director of U.S. Steel's Public Relations in the Gulf-Southwest District, with headquarters in Houston, has been announced by D. Sloan Hill, Gulf-Southwest District director. The appointment'is effective Feb. 1. O'Keeffe succeeds R. Clay Bailey, who is retiring from U.S. Steel after-more than 17 years of service. A - native of New York, O'Keeffe comes to Houston from Chicago, where he has served for the past six years, first as public relations representative and since 1966 as assistant to the director of public relations. . He began his service with U.S. Steel in 1942 in New York, and in 1961 was transferred to the corporation's Fairless Works in Pennsylvania when construction of that yean later, he was appointed aasistant public relation* representative for the plant and In 1966 was promoted to field representative for the Phiklaelphia Public Relations district. A year later, O'Keeffe moved to the Pittsburgh area in a similar capacity before going to Chicago. I O'Keeffe has been a member of the Chicago Press Club, the Navy League and has been active in Boy Scout, Junior Achievement and Chamber of .Commerce work. He is married and the father of two children. The corporation's Gulf-Southwest District office in Houston, to which he is being transferred, is responsible for U.S. Steel's public relations affairs in five Southwestern states, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Louisiana. . Bailey, who has served as assistant director of Public Relations in.Houston since 1961 a native of Oklahoma and holds degree* from BsTrnlnfham-Soo them College, Birmingham, Ala., and the Unrferatty of Texas. Prior to coming to UJS. Steel in 1961, he had been chairman of the English Department at Allen Military Academy, Bryan, and had worked as music and theatre critic on the Dallas Times Herald and as radio TV editor on the Dallas Morning News. Bailey U well known in this area as an authority on Italian opera, has served as program annotator on Italian opera, Houston Grand Opera Association. He also to past president Friends of the Houston Public Library, and the Friends of Texas Libraries, and twke president of Friends of the Library, Houston Baptist College. In 1962 he was presented the Italian Cultural Award by Italy's foreign office. He has served as guest lecturer, SMU School of Journalism, lecturer in critical writing. F. C. O'KEEFFE R. C. BAILEY Did You Know? As U.S. Grant delivered his inaugural address, his small daughter broke from her mother's grasp and dashed to his side. He held the girl's hand until he finished, and the crowd cheered them both. Kay Biscayne, Fla., a virtually uninhabited island only 25 years ago, now is home for 3,000 ycar- ound and 4.000 winter residents. font A C*r Swvlc* Coortecr of COUnESV FORD c*ui North Texas State University, and is a member of the Press Chib of Houston. Married to the former Light D'Albergo of Galveston, Bailey lives at 3714 Westerman in Houston. WORLD ALMANAC FACT! Some of our most common words are acronyms or pronounceable words made from the first letter or letters of a long name or phrase. Coined in this fashion, The World Almanac notes, are radar {radio detecting and ranging), snafu (situation normal all fouled up) and VISTA (Volunteers in Service to . America). AMAZING PSORIASIS STORY Ktuburth, F*. — "Doctored tot psoriuix 30 y«»n. Spent much a«Mey 10 no avail. Then used GHt Oinlnrnt and Tablets (or 2 weeks. Scalet disappeared as U by magic. In 6 week* skin completely cleared and clean. Fint time in 30 year*. Thanlu for your marvelous product!." This'nuch ab- brevialed report tells of • user'* cue- ecu wilh a dual treatment for the outward symptoms of psorUsit, Full information and details of • 14 day tiiil plan from Canam Co^ £•**• Kockport, Man. 01*64. 379-J Ex-BH Resident Guest Of Honor Benjamin William Barber, "ormer resident of Mont Belvieu, was honored recently at the home of his daughter and son- n-law, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peterson, at Lake Jackson where he makes his home. The honoree will be 80 years of age on February 15. As a small boy he moved to Mont Jelvieu (then called Barbers Hill) with his parents, Mr. and vlrs. John Mosley Barber in a covered wagon. He grew up in barbers Hill and raised his two daughters, Mrs. Willie Mae Fondren of Houston and Mrs. Peterson, there. His grandfather was Benjamin Barber and his sjreat-grandfather was Samuel Barber, two of the earliest settlers of Barbers Hill. Honoring Barber were Mrs. Lois Steadham, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Banks, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Steadham and son, James David, Mrs. Lois Andress, Mrs. Iva Martin and his two daughters and Peterson. B. W. BARBER WE'RE CONTINUING...ONE MORE WEEK OUR SAVE MONEY OFF OUR REGULAR PRICES French Provincial Frultwood Finish END TABLE French Provincial Frultwood Finish COFFEE TABLE o Price NOW 59" Now French Provincial SIDE CHAIR OurKec Price 9* NOW French Provincial ARM CHAIR .Our R«C. Price French Provincial SERVING WAGON ourB*, Pri« 149* NOW Traditional SOFA 88" Heavy Gold Fabric Traditional SOFA 1415 NORTH PRUETT PH. 427-5631 OPEN DAILY 9:00-6:00 OPEN LATE THURSDAYS TIL 8:00 7 Piece Set-6 Chain, One Lea/, i*" Plastic Top SPANISH TABLE Re, 219* Slightly Damaced 7 Piece Set-4r Plastic Top, One Leaf TABLE and CHAIRS 119" 100 Inch Lawwm (in Pumpkin UCHM) SOFA Our Bee- Price Blue Linen Paint CRESENT SOFA — Our Her. Price Green Fabric MODERN SOFA Green Nylon Modern Tall Back CHAIR ... .Our Re*. Price 469" 314" ................. Our Re». Price * Quilted Fabric (Avocado, Cmaary, Taflf*ri»e) Occasional Our Rer. Price 9 CHAIR In Gold Damask Our R«f. Price our Beg. Prie* 249* 420 09 NOW Gold Textured or Beige Leaf Patterned Contemmporary CHAIR °mr. Our Her Price 10T Loose Pillow Back (Gold or Green M»tUa*e Fabric) Traditional ^JLC 0 * ........................ o«r Her. Price MB* Beautiful Tall Back (Beige Floral Pattern) Occasional CHAIR ..................... Our Rec. Price 206 Now Now Now 169* 299* 74" 175" 125" CHECK THESE LISTINGS THESE ARE JUST A FEW... EVERYTHING IN OUR STORE IS NOW ON SALE Soft Green Velvet Transitional SOFA Our Be,. Pri~ 405°* Gold Velvet Frultwood Finish FRENCH SOFA ou. 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