The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 4, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1897
Page 2
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UAtttY CttttOtflCOl* WCmfcA"NV OC^OBBB 4, .TJH<; CHttOHIGLEL «t thron^JPthe mMft a\ I* itMte Ott I*. O., *4.V *»** wc*k. #et«ett%rl £1 the offloe <y? ,1 Wioati'on. 164 KAet St«le rtreet. r •''"- •$. S, .ttetieHs able to fofc ont > Irving tJdf 11 left today fa* Ellsworth, Greek on V,'.;~ - -"r Jr* ;, SottBfl* left lot Gtrtirid Rapids , Foots made ft passional trip to .„ A*.W* Palmer madft a business trip to Jackson tfei* nffcerlioon. ol Two Women And Five Children Burn to Death in a Manitoba STOP tJiprtt JSTd Chan^ft to «ft*'i»p«* • tftfl l*V>tn -1 ItoiTrifrte I>fev»»*iUlt>ii l»y, the- CoJtflnsffitfon -• town -Stuck ««<! Or»ln Swept Aw»y— IliUIw&y ° tVrcck in Colowulo Co«t« Iwu t/1 veu, "Winnipeg 1 , Man., Oct. 4.«— The pfalrte fire' •which raged alt over the country Saturday, fcelngr fanned and, driven \jy a gate of wind, died out during tfie and' yesterday motnlhg's aun r upon a terrlbie scene of death arid dfi^" vastatlrn. Farm houses^ Implemenw, cropH and llv^ stocte were evftrywhcre' consunfed, and many farmers lost their all. A mosl Iftjftentable atory come» jCrotn Bi s aufs(>jour, ftirty miles cast of this city, where two women and flve children named Moreafci -^'ere burned to dt&th. -Fire -came upon their house, which \V»s In the woods, from two dV« rret.ians simultaneously, and, shut" off all means of fescape. Only a few chatred rertiaJnfi Were found yesterday morning:. There \voro many narrow escapes. oasscji of horses, cattle" a%d"~sheejJ v lying all over the district, and & nUirthfr <if fomili^s nf forei^nfers are homeless^ and utterly destitute. One. Town ?J«vrly Wiped Out. At Bapc.t, seventy •-miles west, tht raiiadlcin Pa<iflo rallfoad tttati<in and r« ji \m carp, 'th»- Dominion Grain com* ItinyV t- IP vat nt with 20,000 busnels of A- hvit. ra\viie's stni*, HiSRlnbotharn's, lAt U'H .'tiul Ifuokajian's utilities, a cold k'ti>'-ai?i- ivaniiousc and Partner Wald- n r,V f<u:m l>undin^8 and crops,, wer f t»t illy dc*trojid. Thp little town t •!-- firactiVijiiy wiped out of ex- i-Uj.ti', At Homy Mountain fire ran ii|> 1» tin- Canadian Pacific rnilf<nd ji'nti un v. lit rf, liy de.-iifrate effort-, lt-« un,(frt'8$ >wis stnyed. MUctvhuy and grain >Vas ivni-'umt.-f] Jn this, dlstriet. In liir L.iko l'\uwL^ district northwest i,f the i.'ity • thert; ; was also '.txtV.nMv» 0«-- ;.ti in Hun^-'if oropa. A vounar farmer _ ^MavJjham was t<»rri'>lv burr*"] v. li U> ti>intf to s-ave his property. . l-'urm l''rt»tMTl>v'LH» Slntk <>aimv>. At Oakland, on the T'ortage brat_f th(^ Nortlit'rn 1'aciflc at 11 ltiir.r>i^d coids of wood, and tluniHan^n o{ tons pf -hay "werjc- licked up", .lust f-< utliwcst <if this city there ia a )HV K *. hay }pmuh. arid fire was driven over titU-, i-uiisuminfirpvarything In Its ,,Ni:nly « v«ry, farmer lost his hay i>!an> -alsH'i lost their grain and wple.- -jcm.-Ht'ft, Tnffp were large banda of nnrf eattle pasturlngf on the • ~~aQd^ the charred carcasses of animals rtot the ground every few t Ja?k rafihits and prairie chick- ( ens vVMe a)j«) d^lroyed. The people . in tlvN city were anxious for'atone hours, ns it wtt*^ f -nred that the fite- would rnnii' Ii4to the Kuhurbs wh^re many ' valuable H-tklt-nres are locat«Hlv A" wind aver tod, this Mr* and Mtu'Wai. Dow&tt havfe re* turned from thoir wedding trip. Mf. «nd Mfe. 0. ft. tfhflfnfM , Mf. «nd Mfe. 0. ft. hotn^fron* a tlsft iikEfattM tfreek, iTftmes BtHler, of H^edo; to' ,in He exacts to teifi<J(V6 hefo Aitomej Wife, «rf Battle Creek; ^ejfelia returned ,tHs noon from a few days' "visit ia tee Mifla Nftu fioyntott has charge of the Mulvatiey school near Olivet for the fall term, , 'Frank 3?4 mer sp^ Stmday with his wJfeyCtfBo' ts fi^Htfr/jsonitsnintu at Battld Waltpn fioynton returned (Saturday eniiig from a trip to Chicago, Kansas City and Denver, \ Will Gary has a position .with J. V. Fatwelt &jCj>.,of Chicago, ^fire', Cary left for that,elty today. \ , I. ft. La Grange, stenographer at the Koynl Cycle works, returned Sunday from a visit iti Baltimore, Md. Mr. .T. Hart and Miss. Mary Hart, of Battle Cr ek, who were guests at S. Riley'fl returned home Sunday, Mrs. W.D. Thompson returned to her home in Jackson Saturday. She was $fae guest of Mrs, Pamelja Mann. MXand-Mrs. George Van Tuyle and son returned to their home in Battle Creek .Surxjny after a week's visit with Mrs. S. Bileyx Mrs. MoMauusof Chicago arrived this pfternoou for a visit with her daughter Mrs. John Cronin, .Mrs. McManus has passed her 89th birthday, Where ,0nr Money (re* s. ~ As the tirfiQ for paying takes ii* almost hero and every one is interested toknow how public money is expanded we 7 gtye a tabulated 4 ist of the state money ap^ portioned to Calhowa county by jth'e various acis of legislation as follows: Ueivarwiyj <tec. 1. act'IU, 1M». . , t g UnivBMliy, e«-e. 2, aut )SM, Jrf»7 University! See, ^Actl'_S, 1897 State Noiiuiil school, Sue. 3, aoi 1P1, '97 Central Mich, formal school, Sac. », aot«B, 1(R»7..,. .;,....„ •Agrlmiltural col(i»Ke, See. i!, aol 807, Sff AKrlc-jHnral collet*', Seo, li. not 910. '97 Miftb. rollej;e of mince. Hoc, 6. act 874 W Mteh. slate prtHOn, SP'C. S, act «»5, '97. . Stale, houeo correction at leaia, tece 3, actSIC, W97 .„ 2J1« State home corm-ilon and Branch prison, bee-.8, act Itrt, 18W......-'.•..» . 97 W Iiulnstrlal Bchuol for boy r,. Sue. a, act 3»«. 1H7. I.74SUO Iinjiiw rial honn for girl*, 8 r. 4,~acE »», Mk-b, acyhiin {or lucane, S o. A, act IB", Ci'p?r i>in'u«ula bo«pital (or Ifisape, Sec. 5,217,18&7 ..,...?, Asylum for dang^rnug aud criui n»l in- «auc. Sax 8, act 107,18W.. ,'. ....... Home far foebio mfoded, 8»:e. It, act , - 21-1.JBB7 ,.,... 4.0J507 &t.lm»«* hojne, sec. S. act 131,1R if, , 2 50t> ar iiLl - faoand to the festival of 4 Mountain and" Plain at Denvet-. lKtt{e esatetnenf aritf ii«f wrecKaire, as th* tratri was run* very -sJowiy. The r&tfroad company furolshca th* tollowtng list of asauitlos: Th«» rJead— Mrs. F, «B< Jtte- ntyre, SHverton, <5olo.j F. ^W, Seyl^n %)clnn&ti, leas cruSmqd, <lted on the to the hospital. Serfttusiy —MfB. RoWnSon, of Deltr, Irs. jMtary J<>hn»3n, of; TeHtortde» right houlder injured; FretuS K. ASam^ of 'eHuride, cut about ,hfea<1; 'Missi Ada Crornpton, at ,, Delta, Jnjvt'fea » on. ettd; Mrs. Saundprs, of JJ«tUd», cut on p and left shoulder. A flozen! w w<n-& ecclvfld irtor.6 of less painful injuries, iut Were not eerloupiy hurt. Mrs. Me- ntyre was In Tower berih No. 4 in the orward sleeper arid was ?%>um1 fitter the reck lying dead on the ground opposite icr toerth window. She was fcaiUy rushed, Seyler was. standing on the latWrtn between the two coaches when he wreck occurred. He wa» bai-Hv rushecl, Ijttt wag con^Ioua to the Jnst. the Injured 'the death of Mrs. Rotiih- on, or pelta, only is Cleveland, Oct. 4.~In n the Nickel Plate railroad at WUkmgh- y, O. (i yerterday. EnstaPer • ChnrU>« 3rp%vn, of Bellevuf 1 , was ' kilUVli and «ven ears loaded witji grain and gtoek were demollebed. THKEK OF A FAMJ1.3? lother Iltisltcx into u Hurnliic Il,nisn and Two of Ufcr 8on» Follow says: The home of George -aught fire'from a v chimney.'' Mrs. JrownlOe, her husband and two sons— Thomas, aged 21, arsd James, iiKPd ia-~. scttped in their night robes, but Mr^_ Mtnvnlee and- J(ier scjn Thftmas \\«<w> a ew minutes later burned In the- bulld- •i Mrs, Brownlee, hfr head, ushed back Into, the house, thinking' her *>ns-~had rial: 't-ome out. Thomas ushed after her t,o ^ave ihe'r. and Jamci« fter Thomas. The mother and the elder' at\ were overcome, .while Jame" gotTv«T, ibj was burned BO severely, that he died . 73* BMW 1.9iJ TV 448.11 8OT 8J 111 13 I, W> M» -483 4J A Curt- for ItiUou* Colic. Soreven Co., .—I have teen s'uhjtcl to attacks of "bilious colic for Bevt'ral years, ChamberGfin'a Colic, OholciM and Diivrrhoea Ilemedy fe> the only sure relief. It acts like« charm. One dMe of it gives Belief when all other mix flies fail.' / G. D. SHAHI-, For atle at C»reen«*8 Drug. J. 11. HHliday Sr. „ Two doors east of pout qffoe, Marshall, Mich.", ia tfea pli^ you are iooking tot ' jf you waat liaroefflVilahkete, rob^, whips, -i»Mi-y combs, bruehes, speat-pade, 41y- i« Beds oi,K ttpte leather, shoe feSp)»«, e&<& nails, your harness, boots and shoegnedd re- lairing br*»ig 't^jem in (of myjn'ices are reasonable!, • All work, guaranteed. 78720 aw so fn . nut Mich.ioTtoolfor W.ud. Sea. i.act 170. '97 Mlcli. school for dcaf-gec. 4, act I«0'a7 State board of nab 001 ' ' ' '" " 8, nctsiiij isur. . y. 8,153 15 is m) *<r t > wvy *»wj »«»»» .^». ». •» • . r.*. . . . . *. . **..• Mich, uatloual eumd, See. SOU, act I US, IW« ....................... ,.., ........ auto navel t»ig«de, Scq. su, & t m, '«5 Copying t toot els ia adiotant gaieral'* offl *.8*e. 3, Mttft, UW,...., ..... i 101 «? State library, «en l.,actai, IbO?.. ..... , JO* 97 SUtu faortuultnral »octaty, Sec. 4, act i»J, 1W,, .,, ........ .... ............. State baud of h«» tb, ttco i, act H41. '81 St»ie board of Health., act, I IS, "W a t«i* weather Berftee.^oc. V act 2tfl. 'W D« aod P004 pew , 8*«.1«, act, »M, . «& at Beet i Belief ft.e fi wtiB, ,. 5, act 161, W 6M W a^tJt ....... ,,.,,.: .......... .. This sum of »62,lH3,45 is Calhoun county's apjiortjonment of the grand total &37»,90T.3$ the amount that ia quir«d to ran 1 the state for one About 00 pej- cent of this twg* ue«d for salaries of «tate offifliats and h|r« t iff TowContef . whp ihae beeo lauck for Mr. H. J. ,Peck for the ibrtw >'6ar* has engaged himself to Mr. Eugwi* liosltzel iu the sai$e * b> buying flour, graham, -weal aad mill at ^ % _-~jGr. A, CJa^siKssi'ft MQI. . wd try. AH; feinds ol griadifltf done. ings' on Saturday 'next and d«rin« the ButSceediDg wetk » fljae ifi^ 61 jl ftad $1.50 tfimpaeq Get your ' Thorn who believe ehroniB diarrhoea to be incurable should road wh«t MT, P. i!. on thp subject, vi?t: ferer from «hrooUi 4iajrrlioe» eyer- UMJ war and have tried alikiad# that eJef«it«d a oure and thai waa Cham"- b^EbiTi 3 » CoUc, Oholera aad Diarrhoea Beraedy." Thin medicine cuvn always he " SF& dyseotery and diarrhoea. It ia pleaisaiit to tftheand never f»il# toeffpet ^ {ind oOceat ais»8 forwleat dr.ujf stoj». > . - ./" "- tuw* beeij b«ililiug to th<* J. Cia> boru,: AN tort 4. —tin*, person r jiottl artV Jhtf Ihe r* a wreck on th<? iVnVer 1 and narrow gaits? at wo mllps weM of iPu^bW, at e'clook yesterday ntcwning 1 , caused by fe ef the The train uras? the first *ectf«m >f No. « front over MarsRat pass, aM~ - alowtnsf dowft to take Eho sldlngr \VhH0 raonin^r at ten a.^ottfaal OH the ffear truck* the first day coach bfoke* Tltfe <?«r ovef oit ft> jgfQjL^ft&d' <5f8-f?fS t -*d *?ith it, AH- ^the ektts toehlritf-another ftoacTi, two. -fjleeoers awf the compfttty'8 terurlst .coaches^ the • ^tf!ft6»' all <t the nfst E<>, Tfe15(TWri63 on QUR WN A"\i Vti DR. HOLMAN S, With One Length of 8tOV6|Pipd j . < ' r t^fWe fltade.tbe patterns "for, this cook stove andf.reco- meiid itlo themtblic* We miamfttee it to batt^ with two ^:ir,ks* of • \YOod! We also, aave stoves T |4*- leess^. - *^ stove cerrs o«r name cast in the huatth* W, E. BOSLEY&SOIVL Ma&s.. Oct, 4. —A special o The Union fi'om' fcast lx>hg Meadow A NEW PEAL Lewis K. Cook Having purchased the 0rocery Business of Chas. P. Cook, will continue the same at the old stand, where you will always find a Complete lane of STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES At ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. I wijl not be un \ \ - . * • dersold. Come and see me. A feVweeks ago the editor was taken ivith a vesy severe cold that.eaused hinP to ue in a ihoat miserable wndition. It was undpubii&dly a bad «aso of 'la trripp^ nd recognizingsit as dangerous ho tot^k mmedinte steps to^ bring about a speedy jure. Prom the \ advertisement of 3hainborlain,'s Cough^Rciiiedy and the ecoinmendations included therein,, we joucluded to make ajfrsjt trial of tlja nedicine. To say that 'it was 'eatisfac ory-JH its rusuita, is putting ibyrrymild- y, indeed. It acted Ijko maK^^nd Ihe •ouult was a speedy and permanent cure. rVe have no hesitancy in rei:omrncindinj; .his excellent Cough Remedy to am one afltio^ed with, a tiough or cfild in "any 1 brm.t- ; The Banner of .Liberty, Libert}town, Maryland. The SJT» and «">0 cent sizes for sale at Greene's drug The Suushlne Stntx-, l» the title of a generously illustrated pnm phlet of six'een pftges in je(eroiti.t) to South Dakota, the reading matter, iu which was written ,,by ao enthu»iastic South Dakota tfra. Stella Hoamer Arnoldr-who has been B reai'dent of the fiunshme State for over 10 years." A copy mailed to ttieaddreea of any farmer or far,oe*V wi'fe. f sent at once to Harry M^l-cer, Mk>bi|rau foaaengor A»r«n), Chioego, Milwaufete & 8t, " ' * ?oU«ay, Fort street, W., Detroit •want a gooff "ca^feit 3»H on Cfc&rge Aley. i will guarantee A good walk. , Buy your stationery at the M«naioii«tru*)t»,a 4«&y taut, 'Pttto le vffiao, A wjitable rewajrtt 7 RESTORES VITALITY. thte U duw>l»8d, Vru&oh BMW. iriocaealn* »»ld firm. AceoiiJjta »*iug to Kiekatt, ft ftaaeh • »r« to bo paid to Vnisab lira* did all donmwJ* aw O8T-Ts«enJ»y uoau betweap, the buiWiogandfbeWhtt* mlU a pair of bowad iw'M- ytofler iJe^B, leSte at R. SHEFHERD BEST ME ATS ol the oity^ but 4oae. thing neat and clean, wemitiiway, M$t<K>ef am, n»< iron o O'<ilu«k° ». C>- »BUI H 9'«taol(; u, w, iw aaJ4> day, for ,tha porpsseof «4StaouiUaff t$s ntt«r a«4Jb&«4 M^rji, *inw whiA wiwiofl H -nlMOi jo^, 33c per box (25 ia » boy), W'^^W^^Jw. Jw^w wff w ^PWp^^^BC^^^IWv^W fawasecl nt A. O. HYO« Cutting from the of Mrsu W. We Iwigb, 411 fir uit 4ir(* f row or C ASTORIA " and Typ«wrtiua, . KM '«««.»*» Jflt •*P* I| P* ! IL? li ^ *6L«lNfe a* once. Three Opinions: " M \ "The CH/CAOO RECORD Is & model newspaper in .every sense of-4he word.'' ~ Harr/sburg (Pa<) Call. "• ' S \ . \ •>. • ' •".'•.•- i . \ - '• •• -•-.-' \/ ' 'There is no paper published in Americtt that so nearly approaches the true journalistic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD."From "Newspaperdom" (New York). 1 1 s "I have come to the firm conclusion, after a ~Iong iesT~and after a wide con par /son with the Journals of many cities and court/ \ries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes being the ideal dally journal as we some time Hkeiy to find on. thesz shores."— Prof. J. T. Hatfle/d it The Evftnston (tit.) index. "* by newsletter $ everywhere/and subscriptions Cjfl* ti«» AfHIct«»t Alter all otl- hlHlinvc yisitsfyow fifty eyctyjifour i, re|;ttlariy, aad will continue to dtt Partf#l Het of disease treated. • , dull, I ma of scalp. toeot», both of ^ fhe »#?til Sffepftr tff n<-Klecte«l or rcfit«d cases, producing WaftaBw of fiod* >ra!ti, d'Kzlnwtf, failing memory. loM *ltBl[ty. lack of energy ^nd confidence, Tartoocsle, gleet. pstn* »od other di«tre«Binf( eyrnptoms. oufitUmc one lor study, b^sinefs.or enjoyment ofl.le. Ear. Alt dK-cwps of tha oa», o£ whateTer name or naUire; cured, if cUrable ttDywh»?ro. Throat. Catawbal sar» throat, mc&te and chroulc pharyngitis, onlarRocl torjsllHIs am] pnl- itc, hoarKDOpj and loss of voloe, thick phloem (a throat, causing hawking. . JLunga Cdnsumptlon in the first and second w»zeH,litraofrljft^9s aufi chronic bronchitis, dry inrf liosfcfe cough, paint In cheat, (lifflciiltT hv bieathing, hepitizaUons, asthma, etc. HeaM!i Brain and Nerves. Ifytmbav* » . dfzslneas of th» hcsd and palpitation of the wart, difficult brfftt Hint; and snfflcming feelihg, »ulln€S-)0( the head, a Ured, irrlt.ble, rllaoon- tentcd reell'JK and f«ar of tuipebd.'ne danger, or pHtp, a drcail 6f ticiojf alont^, or tuc reverse— t-eire-tQhq alono, 11 your memory is falii gaud ou ^aro clooByr and ois|)ond«ut, or if you <troam niiB anil ortcttj^qd fee? an nyei- iOtr to Rudely, • yon arj niiCforincrtiMmv, serious d.tca-te of tfie ncrvea brain ahd bewK-^ Voa havo no Mwo to 'Mo "'1)1 at oiicu and e>ue«)t thtft emir.ent apcciailBt. \^^ ! Kldueys. Innammtttion c ( tb^ ^kjdncrtt itah 's insenati, riit-betia, congestion of tlw kld- r-eyis, awamla, urarel, stone, ait joientifltMffir,, and aucoBgef ally treated. A ^^ Bladder. Iiidammution. ojstltln. cyftorrhwi catarrh of the bladder The di»t-eef>lnK dl«- a«c8 jnv rlnbly yield to his system Of trwit- njont. btomaoh. Catairli. ulocratlon and n$ld<\ff- icpala, Indl«eiitlon; roln and ful'noas After oat-- nst, heartburn, water braab. and dlflicolty ia / Liver, BtJleen. Ail di8ca«es of (he ll/er «l>lt»eD, bowas, all narvf nsoesa and reflex dtaor- tiers, rjicnm»tlf in ond all Hk!n discacra, 4oxem* «nd wilt rbnnm, ring worm, Wp Joint dlK-nee, old lores, f«v«r sore*, ntllt joint? diseaso/olc! t<t>lnal rrlt&tiou, ntfvons prostration. / Rupture, PH*>«, fistul*. and ail gwclllogs and ofldbufiies'qulofly cured withorft pftln orueten- oii from liudlnia'a. - / _ __ / Diseases 01 Women. If yon »re suAerlifg friitn any (ittlio disiiasiut pioullur to yum to-x, HUd> M-f»Ut«K or di^ptaccmf nt of the woral>, In- llamifatttlon <* nlooratlop, bloatinp, hsadacUBB, •pitttt! wrafcooKg. call or write to nfm and he will tell you jnitt what Can be done tor you. If you cannot call on JDr, 'Humphrey write to him for question liat. Ho will then uneUsratind your' condition Mittt* oughly imd tell 'you^candldly wheth'eKor opt hO'Cao treat x you successfully. H«n course of treatment ia^a edoStiflo one, peculiarly his own, whereby the patient receives, treatment and medicine applied to Bujji'the case, that otherwise would be impossible.' 1 day every four weeks at Boyal hotel. ' OFFICE n ATE Of next \teit Thursday Oct. CRPC 'CONSULTATION FREKTO rncf. ALL. T8 FOUND, ETC, Twenty c«pt« »1M«*tor ^ach notice not ei edine fir* Uttw, No chaajje tea* (hut conta. • , -

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