Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on October 31, 1961 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 6
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6 Wft PAMPA BAIL* TUESDAY, OCfdBfcK St. »Kt x World On Doorstep' >rt» Study For Baptist Units Circles of the First Baptist Union met for mission study recently with the following reports: HARRIETTS KING CIRCLE met with Mrs. C. V. Forsman with opening prayer by Mrs. W. B. Franklin, Mrs. Charles Bailey, circle chairman, presided during a business meeting followed by mission book study "Hands Across the Sea, taught by Mrs. Wes Langham. Mrs. Bailey offered closing prayer. Mrs. Alvin Adams Was welcomed as a new member. Eight, members were present. The next meeting will be witli Mrs. Wes. Langham, 2116 N. Christy on Nov. 7. DORENE HAWKINS CIRCLE met with Mrs. Gene -Fort, 233 N. Sumner with opening prayer by Mrs. W. F. Yeager. Mrs. W. R. Morrison. president, conducted the business meeting followed by mission book study, "The World 'On Our Doorstep" led by Mrs. N. J. Ellis. Eight members were present. WINNIE TRENT CIRCLE met with, Mrs. W. C. Ht'tcka y, 1318 with Mrs. W. C. Huckaby, 1318 Terrace with Mrs. Harold Cradduck offering opening prayer. Mrs. G. E, Gromnger conducted the business meeting, "The World On Our Doorstep'* was mission study led by Mrs. D, A. .Caldwe.ll, program leader. Mrs. Harold Thornhilt offered closing prayer. Mrs. Thonihill and Mrs. Audell Swafford were welcomed as guests. 10 members were present, The next meeting will be with Mrs. 0. V. vBatson, 1012 Buckler on Nov, 8. ANNE MITCHELL CIRCLE the home of Mrs. E. Douglas Carver, 1708 Charles with opening prayer-by Mrs. Carver. "The World On our Doorstep" was mission study taught by Mrs. T, M, Knox following the business meeting conducted by Mrs. R. L. McDonald, chairman. Mrs. McDonald dismissed the group with prayer. Eight members were present. KATHRYN WHITE CIRCLE HALLOWEEN! 9:00 P.M. — 9:00 P.M. — 9:00 P.M. 2 SCARY FEATURES SHOWS' OVER AT ,12:00 P.M. WHEN IT m FLIES... SOMEONE ,^ BB8Z3S ^^ SVINCENT PRICE AGNES DIES! ! When someone i screams... : It will ba lYOU! NOTICE TO PARENTS: All late shows are under the supervision of the manager and other adult personnel. Drinking is riot alowed and usually a uniformed policeman is on duty. TONIGHT ONLY! 9:00 P.M. Only 10c Concession Coupon MO 4-- 2569 (HIGHEST RATIN€) "Brother, what a story! And what a field day for Bardot! By comparison, 'And Bod Created Woman' is a fable for children in school." •«' Ntw TPrk rttntt pi? "A FILM YOU SHOULD NOT MISS! One of the rarities, a serious film which is also entertaining and sensational. A happy wedding of sexy, sensational Bardot with the intellectual vigor of Clouzot," —Ar(h»r W/nil«n y N. r. fott ••^^^^^^•^^^^^BMBMBBB! ^^^P^^^ ^^f^^f ^^^M ^^^P|^ ^!0P^ . ijJjJF 'the truth' jnM k| teari-gtifi® clowt»a r»ul ] Iwy STARTS WiBNESBAY-laVlSTA met wilh Mrs. John Gikas, 1301 Mary Ellen with sentence pray* ers offered by Mrs. P. G. Turner, Mrs. J, B. Davis, Mrs. Cora Patterson, Mrs. C. F, Pennington. Mrs." Turner presided during the business meeting. "The World On Our Doorstep" study was led by Mrs. Ed Cailtrell. Clbsing prayer was by Mrs. Lnmon Stovall. Mrs. W. A. Goss 6f Dallas was welcomed as a guest, Mrs. Can- troll will be hostess for the Nov. 8 meeting in her home, 1613 Duncan. 12 members were present. VADA WALDRON CIRCLE met with Mrs. Margie Grouse, 1324 Williston with opening prayer by Mrs, G. C. Rutherford. Mrs. S. E. Waters conducted a business meeting, and the study of "The World On Our Doorstep." Closing prayer was by. Mrs. 0. A. Davis, Mrs, H. L. Humphrey was wel corned as a visitor. Mrs, Davis will be hostess for the Nov. 8 meeting in her home 709 S. Barnes. 12 members were present. KEZZIE MAE SEARIGHT met with Mrs. Alvin Day, 817 N. Rus .sell. Mrs. Warren Woodward offered opening prayer. Mrs, L, V. Hopp presided at the business meeting followed by the mission study "The World On Our Doorstep" led by Mrs. Charlie Miller, who', also, dismissed the group with prayer. Nine members' were present. The next meeting will be with Mrs. L. H. Green, 510 N. Somerville on Nov. 8. JACKIE SHAW CIRCLE met with Mrs. Arthur Bullock, 1320 N. Starkweather. Mrs. J.'A, McLain led opening prayer .followed by the business meeting conducted by Mrs. Jerry Lunsford, chairman. "The World On Our Doorstep" study was led by Mrs. G. L. Wilson, circle chairman. Mrs. George Henderson offered closing prayer. Mrs. Jack Clark was welcomed as a new member and Mrs. Everett Hullo as a guest. ]0 members were present. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Tommy Burns, 1148 Starkweather on Nov 8. .'.-." 00 I X/ E - I IN Ooen 6:43 — Tomirht Onlv CAR NIGHT AT: 6:45 MONSTER of ri* FUTURE! Also Cartoon & News Open 6:45 • Ends Tonight AT; 9:15 'KING 0 ' -THE STORY OF ARNQIQ RQTHSTEIN AT: 7:37 AN ALLIED ARTIST? KEIEASE Also Cartoon & News Open 1:43 f Now-Wed. FEATUHES TODAY ONLY 2:30. 4:51. 7:12 Francis QPUSSIS! COLO* fry 0$ LUX* Also Cartoon & News a ^ Trim Christmas L/sf Before Trimming By AfilSAlL VAN DEAR ABBY: How de you slop swapping Christmas gifts with people whom ybu hardly ever see? Our Christfrtas list includes people we haven't seen in years- it is expensive, and takes a lot of my time- We aro remembered with a gift from them, too, but I wduld rather get off the hook and not have to send them one. Is there an Inoffensive way to ter* minate this lype of pointless gift- giving? SINCERE DEAR SINCERE: Yes. Write them a note around Thanksgiving time and tell them you • are "thankful" for friends with whom you can be perfectly candid. Explain that you are trimming your Christmas gift list, and are -sending them a card instead of a gift this year'.' Unless they are very unreas6nable people, they will appreciate your good sense, and will reciprocate accordingly. DEAR ABBY: Do you believe there is any such thing as a confirmed bachelor? THE GIRLS AT: PRUDENTIAL DEAR GIRLS: Yes. He's a man who thinks that the only thoroughly justified marriage was the one that produced him- DEAR ABBY: I don't know what to do about my son- He is 29, and was married last June to a fine young woman (a school teacher) after a courtship of three years. Since their marriage he has left her and come home three times. Each time I sent him back. He is accustomed to my cooking and housekeeping, and his wife doesn't do .things the way I did. He tells me that he is much happier at home with me. (I am a widow, and raised him alone since he was 3.) I blame .myself be- Ladies' Class Meets For Study LEFORS (Spl) — Ladies of the church of Christ met in the church recently for Bible Study.^ Dole Hajrris, minister of the church, conducted Ihe sludy from First Corinthians the fifth chapter. '•.'"• Allending were Mmes. Tollie Jinks, Sr.; Carl Wall, Doyle Harris and Melita, John Roberts and Laura Gail; W. G.' Hughes, Charles Roberts and Jan; W. W- Bratcher, Harley Lewis and Kevin, Ed Brock. Cora Harding, B u r 1 Davis, Charles Weese, Tom Gee, and C- E. Fenno and Wyatt. cause h§ never \vas as crazy about this girl as she was about him, but 1 persuaded him to mar* ry her for his own good- What should 1 do now? A YOUNG MAN'S MOTHER D'EAR MOTHER: Your son is not emotionally ready for marriage- And he may never be. without professional help. Urge him to talk to a doctor. Your 29 • year- old "baby" is about to strangle 6rV his mother's umbilical cord. '' CONFIDENTIAL TO IOWA GIRL: Your corfscience is a thousand witnesses. Consider first your, baby and you will never re- 'gret it. Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply,, write to Abby in care of this paper. Enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif- Cassini Returns Curves To Milady's Fashioni 8y GAV PAULfeY NEW YORK (UPl)-The design er whose creations fill White House closets brings curves anew to women's fashions in his spring 1962 collections. Oleg Cassini is the designer's name, Much of his fame rests with the boost given when Mrs. John F. Kennedy chose him as her personal designer after the presidential election. It was a new Cassini personality at his fashion opening Wednesday afternoon—apparently because of his role as chief designer for the First Lady. But it was a familiar Cassini "look," as the designer tossed aside all those relaxed* over- blouse silhouettes which have reigned in the past few seasons in the fashion world. He revived what used to be called the Casini trademark—curves. 'The Cassini personality long has been famous with press and buy- era as one. of madcap antics and double-entendre remarks during his fashion shows. Wednesday Casini. emceeing his Show as usual, kept remiridirig himself albud, "back to dignity. 1 * He forgot his dignity only once -to do a perfect imitation of a mannequin parading through a showroom, flat chest thrown back, pelvis pushed forward. The imitation brought down the house, The Cassini clbtnes also brought Flora! Arranging Shown By Student Guests at a garden tour on Sunday afternoon, Oct- 15, sponsored by the Garden Club of Columbia, Mo. received instruction on flower arrangement during a visit to five gardens in Columbia. Miss Carol tripplehorn, a Stehens College student, gave demonstrations in flower arranging' at of different homes; Miss Tripplehorn, daughter Mr. and Mrs. .Bob Tripplehorn, clothing fashion major, was lected from her Floriculture Class to design and demonstrate ious arrangements. applause for their stress 6n bu.«t* line, waistline and hipline sinnfe tattebusly. Wide insets 6f fabrj g at the waist fitted snugly, help i show the curve of the figure abo- i and bias cut'of fabric on mat daytime and late day.,dress gave a clinging line to .the.whc costume. , • ' - ,: One dress which,,the ^ called "just crazy endugh to b| sensational" probably will be cotje ied all over the fashion-markei It was a late day-dress, in r$ crepe, fitted for a two-part rol* The basic garment was a sheati but covering it like a Coat -fro 1 shoulder to hem were free-swin, ing vertical strings of fabric., He) ° in with a belt, the dress • ooktf' dignified enough for a diplomatf reception. Unbelted, the dress ws|U something out, of a Marilyn.Mor?| roe movie. Cassini threw in som8.,shquld and neckline bareness, in. his co[ i Class Of '52 Has Reunion LEFORS (Spl) — Following th,e homecoming activities and barbeque recently the class of 1952 met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dickerson for a reunion. The men played "42" while the women visited. Chips, dips, cokes and coffee were served to 13 adults, eleven of whom were 1952 graduates. Present were Mrs. Bill Morse, Messrs, and Mmes. Burly Bigham, Gordon Rutledge; Joe Archer Jo- j dy, Don and Philip; Wayne Sims, i Jerry Pattie and Teresa; J- M. I McPherson, Jan and Kim; and 1 Ray Dickerson, Terri and Lori. SOCIAL CAlfcNDAR THURSDAY 2:30 — Senior Citircns Center, i Lovett Memorial Library, Birthday Party for November honor- ces. 5:45 —'Business Women's Circle, First Baptist Church. 7:00 — Las Cresas Club with Miss Martha Price, 1032 S- Hobart. 7:30 — American Legion Auxiliary in the home of Mrs, Bessie Foster, 1815 Hamilton- 7:30 — Pampa Rebekah Lodge, IOOF Hall. 800 E. Foster. FRIDAY 9:30 — Metanet Quilting Club with Mrs. J. B. Jones, 1018 S- Hobart. 2:30 — Worthwhile Home Demonstration Club with Mrs. L- M. Bryant, south of the city. SATURDAY 10:00 — Christmas Bazaar, St- St. Paul Methodist Church. 511 N. Hobart. To keep kitchen plumbing up to par, pour a quarter of a pound of concentrated sal soda (down the drain weekly and run I the hot water slowly until the granules dissolve. It will not, with repeated use, harm plumbing or septic tanks. USDA I PORK ROAST OPEN Daily 8 am to 8 pm OPEN Saturday 8 am to 9 pm I Fresh, Lean Shoulder A C O N S A U S A G E Decker's Korn Kist L B P K G Top Hand Pure Pork 1 B P K G 59 Kelley's BUTTERMILK V* ,... 39 Kelley's Cottage Cheese 12.01. cm. 19 1 COFFEE Maryland Club Corn Meal Aunt Jemima, White 12-oz. Pkg. EGGS Grade A Medium Doz. 39 TUNA Cloverleaf,'Grated"- ? Fanialy Size""- Lbs. MILK Kimbell's Tall Cans Gateway Farms,, Large Box INSTANT POTATOES Hunt's Halves, 2>/z Cans Duncan Mines Regular Flavors Reg. Size Boxes Large Box Best Value-Roll' 5 AVOCADOS Fresh Firm Eaeh LETTUCE Fresh Tender Head CABBAGE Solid Fresh Lb. TOMATOES Home Grown Fresh Lb. RED POTATOES U.S. No. Read the News Classified Adi

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