The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 10, 1960 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1960
Page 5
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PIRATES TAKE THIRD, 5-2 THE MRIS NEWS, MONDAY, OCT. 10, NEW YORK (AD—Elroy Fane Hie rescue for Pittsburgh again today and the Pirates whipped Hie New York Yankees 5-2 for a 3-2 lead in the World Series. The alert Pirates look quick advantage of an error in Ihe second inning to score three runs, two of them on Bill Mazeroski's double. FIRST INNING PIRATES — Vector, fouled to Howard, Groat filed to Cerv. Kubek threw out Clemente. Ditmar needed only five pitches lo retire the side. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. YANKEES - Hoak come in fast for a barehanded pickup of McDougald's bunt and threw him out. Mazeroski tossed out Maris. Cerv beat out a slow roller and continued to second when Hoak, throwing off balance, heaved past first for an error. Mantle was in- tentionally passed. Skowron struck out. No runs, one hit, one error, two left. SECOND INNING PIRATES — Stuart singled between third and short. Cimnli bounced to Richardson, who lagged Stuart coming into second. Burgess doubled, Cimoli stopping at third. .Kubek fiele Hoak's grouner and threw to McDougald at third trying to get Burgess. McDougald dropped the throw for an error and Burgess slid in safely. Hoak went to second on the error as Cimoli scored. It was a run batted in /or Hoak. Mazeroski doubled over McDougald's head, scoring Burgess and Hoak lo increase the Pirate lead to 3-0. Luis Arroyo replaced Ditmar for the Yanks. Haddix struck out. McDougald reached into the field boxes behind third for a gloved hand catch of Virdon's foul. Three runs, three hits, one error, one left. (One run earned). YANKEES — Howard doubled to right. Richardson grounded out Mazeroski to Haddix, covering first, as Howard moved to third. •Kubek's grounder bounced off the first base bag but stuart grabbed the ball in time for the unassisted puloul as Howard scored. Groat field Arroyo's slow hopper over the mound and threw him out on a close play. One run, one hit, no errors, none Icil. SUNDAY SKIRMISH Pirates Knot Series At 2- THIRD INNING PIRATES-Groat doubled into SEVENTH INNING PIRATES Hoak struck out. Mazeroski flied to Cerv. Haddix beat out a high bounder to Richardson. Virdon's smash went for NEW YORK (API-It is hard lo believe that the Bouncing Bucs, so thoroughly humiliated by two successive one-sided defeats, were all even today with New York Yankees at two victories apiece in the best-of-seven series for the wodd championship. It is even harder to believe that the same pitiful Pirates of two BOX SCORE NEW YORK (AP)—The official box score of the fourth game of the 1960 World Series: Pittsburgh (N) Virdon cf Groal ss Clemente rt Stuart Ib Cimoli If Burgess c Oldis c Hoak 3b iMftzeroski 2b Law p Face p AB R H BI 0 A 0122 0 0 0 i 1 0 4 0 0 12 41100 31005 00000 40101 30102 312 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 ..Totals .31 3 1 3 2" 11 New York (A) Cerv If Kubek ss Maris rf Mantle cf Berra c Skowron Ib McDougald 3b Richardson 2b c-Long Terry p Shantz p a-Blancharc' b-Demaestri Coates p AB R II BI 0 A 1010 1002 0 0 00000 00030 00070 2131 1011 302163 100000 200003 000000 i o i i) 0 0 00 0000 o n o a 1 1 ..Totals 3'! .Z. .8..2 27 11 a—Singled for Shantz in 7th. b—Ran for Blanchard in 7th. c— Flied out for Richardson in 9th. Pittsburgh (N'> 000 030 000—3 New York (A) 000.100 100—2 E—None. DP—Hoak and Stuart. LOB—Pittsburgh IN) 6, New York (A) 6. 2B—Kubek, Richardson, Law, Skowron. HR—Skowron. S—Mazeroski. IP II R Ett Terry (L) 61-36 3 3 Shantz 2-30 0 Coates 2 10 Law tVV) 61-3S 2 Face 22-30 0 days ago, who apparently were on the way to four straight likings following their opening game triumph, actually are in better shape than their Yankee tormentors. True, the odds-makers continue- to make the Yankees a strong 9-5 favorite to capture the Series despite the Pirates' comeback 3-2 victory before 67,812 Yankee Stadium fans. New York is an 8 to 5 choice to win today's fifth game. But the odds-makers are not reckoning with these hard, cold facts: 1. The Pirates must be conceded an edge on the mound today with their veteran southpaw Harvey Haddix, an 11-game winner during the regular season opposed by rookie right-hander Bill Stafford, who had a 3-1 record following his promotion from the Yankees' Richmond farm last summer. Pittsburgh still has the edge even if Casey Stengel switched to Art Ditmar, as he indicated he might. Ditmar failed to last an inning in the first game. 2. No matter what happened today, the Pirates were assured of returning to Forbes Field, where they've won 52 of 77 regular season games this year, for the sixth game on Wednesday. And should the Series go all the way, the deciding game also will be played in the Pirates' home den on Thursday. 3. The Pirates -appear in much better shape for pitching during the balance of the Series. They have Bob Friend, their 18-game winner, primed for the sixth game. Friend was fairly effective in the second game before bowing out for a pinch hitter in the fourth inning, if a seventh game is needed, Vern Law, who has turned in both Pittsburgh victories undoubtedly will try to become the first three-game winner since Lew Burdette lamed the Yankees in 1957. the left field corner. Clemente singled to left, scoring Groat. Bill Stafford, a right-hander, replaced Arroyo. Stuart popped to McDougald. Cimoli flied to Maris. Richardson tossed out Burgess. 0--2 run, two hits, no errors, &ne left. YANKEES — Had dix snared Dougald's smash lo his left and threw him out. Maris hit a home run into the third deck of the right field stands to narrow Pittsburgh's lead to 4-2. Mazeroski threw out Cerv. Mantle walked on a 3-2 pitch. Skowron flied to Clemente. One run, one hit, no errors, one lest. FOURTH INNING PIRATES — Hoak smashed a single off Kubek's chest. Mazeroski forced Hoak at second, McDougald to Richardson. Haddix rapped into a double play, Stafford to Kubek to Skowron. No runs, one hit, no errors, none left. YANKEES — Howard grounded to Groat but was safe when the shortstop's high throw pulled Stuart off the bag for an error. Mazeroski stabbed Richardson's liner to the right of second base and threw to Stuart, doubling Howard off first base. Kubek .struck out but reached first safely when the ball eluded Burgess and rolled .to the backstop. It was ruled a strikeout for Haddix and a passed ball for Burgess. Stafford struck out. BOX SCORE NEW YORK CAP) — The official box score of the fifth game of the 1960 World Series: Pittsburgh (N) Virdon c£ Groat Clemente rf Stuart Ib Nelson Cimoli If Burgess c c-Christopher Oldis c Hoak 3b Mazeroski 2b Haddix p Face p Totals . ABR H BIO A 50 1010 411034 401130 411080 000020 400000 412060 010000 000000 412211 401225 301011 100000 37 5 10 5 27 11 New York (A) AB R H BI PO A 400022 411110 401040 100010 400080 3 1 I'O 6 0 100020 400022 401115 C 0 0 0 0 0 100000 100001 101000 000001 i o' o o o o .33 2 5 Z 27 11 a double, Haddix moving to third. Groat filed to Cerv. No runs, two hits, no errors:; two left. YANKEES—Richardson lined to Hoak. Kubek singled over second. Hector Lopez, a right-handed hitter, batted for Stafford and singled to Bright, Kubek stopping at second. Danny Murtaugh signaled for Elroy Face to replace Haddix. McDougald grounded to Groat who flipped to Mazeroski forcing Lopez at second hut McDougald was safe at first when Mazeroski's relay pulled Stuart of the bag, Kubek advancing to third. No error on the play. Maris struck out. No runs, two hits, no errors, two left. EIGHTH INNING PIRATES—Ryne Duren, a right- hander,. went in to pitch for the Yankees. Clemente struck out. Stuart flied to Cerv. Cimoli was called out on strikes. • No runs, no hits, no errors, none McDougald 3b Maris rf Cerv If Mantle cf Skowron Ib Howard c b-Berra c Richardson 2b Kubek ss Ditmar p Arroyo p Stafford p a-Lopez Duren p d-Blanchard Totals a—Singled for Stafford in 7th; b—Grounded out for Howard in 8th; c—Ran for Burgess in 9th; d—Flied out for Duren in 9th. Pittsburgh (N) New York (A) 031 000 001—5 OU 000 000—2 No runs, no h'ls, one error, one left. FIFTH INNING PIRATES — The passed ball charged to Burgess in the fourth was his third, a series record. Richardson threw out Virdon. Kubek threw out Groat and Clemente No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. YANKEES — McDougald flied to Clemente. Maris popped to Croat. Cerv struck out. No runs, no hits, no none left. errors. SIXTH INNING PIRATES — McDougald threw out Stuart. Cimoli struck out Burgess fliea to Mantle. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. YANKEES — Mantle struck out. Groat threw out Skowron. Howard was called out on strikes. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. E — Hoak, McDougald, Groat, Cerv. DP — Stafford, Kubek and Skowron; Mazeroski and Stuart. LOB — Pittsburgh (N) 5, New York (A) 7. 2B — Burgess, Mazeroski, Howard, Groat, Virdon. HR — Maris. Ditmar (L) x-Arroyo Stafford Duren Haddix (W) Face IP 11-3 3 2-3 2 2 2 6 1-3 5 R ER 3 1 1 1 30 0 .1 1 2 2 22-30 0 0 left. YANKEES — The attendance .was announced as 62,753. Rocky Nelson went to first base for the Pirates, replacing Stuart. Cerv flied to - Virdon in deep center. Mantle walked. Skowron, after, lining a-drive foul Mo the left- fie.ld stands, popped lo Groat. Yogi Berra batted for Howard. Mazeroski threw out Berra. No runs, no hits, no errors, one left. NINTH INNING PIRATES — Berra went in to catch for the Yankees. Burgess singled to left and took second when Cerv fumbled the ball for an error. Joe Christopher ran for Burgess. Christopher went lo third on a ••wild pitch. Hoak singled through the box, scoring Christopher. .Mazeroski struck out. Face bunted foul on third strike for a strikeout. Duren threw out Virdon. One run, two hits, one error, one left. YANKEES—Bob Oldis catching for the Pirates. Groat threw out Richardson. Kubek popped to Groat. John Blanchard batted for Duren. Blanchard flied deep to Clemente. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left. YANKEES HEROES— Trio of Yankees were all smiles in dressing room at Yankee Stadium after defeating the Pirates 10 to Ojn the third game of the World Series. Bobby Richardson, who blasted a first inning grand slam homer, is flanked by Mickey Mantle, left, and hurler Whitey Ford. Whiteyhurled a four- hit shutout. Mantle got four hits including a fourth inning home run. (AP Wire- photo) x-Faced 2 batters in third. BB—Haddix 2 (Mantle 2), Face 1 (Mantle). SO—Arroyo 1 (Haddix), Stafford 2 (Cimoli, Hoak), Duren 4 (Clemente, Cimoli, Mazeroski, Face\ Haddix 6 (Skowron, Kubek, Stafford, Cerv, Mantle, Howard), Face 1 (Maris). \VP—Duren. PB — Burgess. U — Boggess (N) plate, Stevens (A) first base, JackowskL (N) second base, Chylak (A) third base, Landes (N) left field, Honochkk (A) right field. T—2:32. A—62,753. SERIES FACTS, FIGURES Facts and Figures By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS VV.. L,. New York 2 2 Pittsburgh 2 2 First Game New York . 100 100 002—4 13 2 Ditmar, Coates (1), Maas <5), Duren (7) and Berra; Law, Face (8) and Burgess. W—Law. L — Ditmar. Home runs — New York, Maris, Howard. Pittsburgh —Mazeroski. Second Game New York 02127301—1619 1 Pittsburgh 000 100 002—3 13 1 Turley, Shantz (9 arid Howard; Friend, Green (5), Labine (6), Witt (6), Gibbon (7), Cheney (9 and Burgess. W — Turley. ,L — Friend. . Home runs—New York, Mantle 2. Third Game Pittsburgh 000 000 000-04 Mizell, Labine (1), Green , (1), Witt (4), Cheney (6), Gibbon (8 and Smith; Ford and Howard. W—Ford. L-^Mizell. Home runs- New York, Richardson, Mantle. Fourth Game Pittsburgh .. 000 030 000—3 7 0 New York 000 100 100—2 8 0 Law, Face (7 and Burg ess, Oldis (9); Terry, Shantz (7>, Coates <8), and Berra. W—Law. L—Terry. Home run—New York, Skowron. Schedule Monday, Oct. 10—at New York Tuesday, Oct. 11—Open .date. Wednesday, Oct. 12 —at Pittsburgh Thursday, Oct. 13 — at Pittsburgh .(if seventh game necessary) -..;.','.. Financial Facts Fourth Game Attendance—67,812. .New York 600 400 OOx—10 16 11 Total receipts (net)—$431,925:60 Commissioner's share — $64,788.84 . : , Player pool-? 220,282.06 Pittsburgh club's share — $36,713.68 . : "•'..'. New York club's share —$36,713.68 !;:•;: National-League 1 * share —$36,713, 67. American League's share $36,« 713.67 • ' •.-.:-• Four Game Totals ,.•• Attendance-r-211,797. Total, receipts net — $1,337,« 583.85 ' Commissioner's share — $200,630.83 Player pool—$662,144.82 Pittsburgh club's share — $11S, 690.81 . New York club'j share—1133,« 690.81 : ' National League's share—$113,690.79 ; American League's < h a r *— $113,690.79 H I C K M A N INSURANCE AGENCY So-jnd Insurance Counsel and Protection Since 1925 !3 S. E. 1st Dial SU4-4G35 AUTO INSURANCE for Everybody . . . 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