The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on February 3, 1969 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1969
Page 15
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^ ri ^ _ Monday, February 3, 1969 8t>» lagtonm 6u« 1| Don't Throw It Away, It Might Bring Cash-Sun Classified 31. AHlcios For Sato PIANO, MFMMIKATO* - Uory «** dark Djony. •xcollenl condition u». C E. H 14. refrigerator, ISO. JB» Llv* (X* olt«r i p.m., oil doy jq>. INCBEASC1 MAMMHIF TRUCKS FOM CAS BANOB — O'KOO** «M ftUrltt, Beautiful copjjortor*, call, corn* by for o look, 4M-Q711. USED AUTO FA«TS, Late modols thiouoh IW7, windshield* Included (InstoTkd OIM». 575-1504. STORAGE BOXES AVAILABLE __ Calendar refill* avalloW*. All oft Ice sop- plles you'll noed to start 1M» right. MATHERNE'S Qt U7-U« W«»t >*orc». ADDING MACHINES - CASH TERS - TYPEWRITERS Solo*, ,»man Servlc*. AH mok**. electric and manual BLOOM SALES. MBS Mortal. 477-XHa AS ALWAYS -Your wa*lor at Noool* Work and CroHi. MCDONALD NEEDLE ARTS Bob Smith Rood. 477-12/1 MATTRESS — Firm, full tlu, Mwty CARPETlNa — Thro* roomt of nylon corpeling In excellent condition, 14x24', Hx'5'. 11x14', and hall, 414-7*51. ANTIQUE WARDROBE, $45. Lor** re- Irlgerator Ireeier, S150; Cabinet sewing machlna. US; vooth bed 140. 424-«7S6. REFRIGERATOR — Excolknt condition, 3-ytort old. 9.2 cu. ft. local (or couple. WC. 427-S497. USED — CoMtB*4 M*n«oratar Frouor. Very good condition. Coll 422-4»l2 after 5 p.m. DOOR, PIANO — Parlor Brand Hone, 5300. New oumlnum scrotn door, All hordwr*. S^.OO. Phone 422-MM. OMlt* Set, (25.00; Vinyl Couch, UO.OO. Phone 422-557S. 1 -iniu, WIK* and while, modol, SoO. Call 424-7431. GRAVES WAREHOUSE AnllQue Wood Bed Bross Bed Arllque Settee Bulif-m Oven New 0. E. Washer New G. E. Electric Dryer 5 Piece Dinette Kroehler 2-P)leca Living Room Suite Apartment Stov% Kew 34 Inch Rano* New M In Electrk RontK And Cabinet Gas Dryer New Sink Foucetj Double Sin* New Commod* Good Usod Refrloerator New Poly'oam Box Spring And Mattress - 2U W. Moln OLD PELLY 15.00 25.00 15.00 Jv.-O 159.50 •29.95 22.50 65. DC 115.00 I24.5C 135.0C 15.00 24.535.00 S 4? JO GAS RAMOE — Coldwot , couch lawnmower, healer, olr condition^ tf. 408 E. Ook. HlohlorHh. 42a-n79. CE KeFKIGtHATOK-FHEEZER — "M by side, no frost. 10 months old new 1530. soc-lflre W2S. 472-4ISI. NEW fosWon color, or* Su*'i aelkaht. She k«os her carpet colors brlghl — with Blue Lustre! Rent eleclrlc shompooer 11. BAYTOWN HARDWARE. Old Baylown AIR CONDITIONER — H.MO BTU'S, 1 veor old, SU5. GE AUTOMATIC WASH LK— J75. Call Curtis at 4M-I2SI, I to S:M STONES CUT - MOUNTED — Ollta, c*r- amlcj. jUDoMM Watch and lewelrv repairs. DAYSHORE ROCK. SHOP, 5SW Shepherd Rd.. (Between Garth and John Martin Rd.) 575-1471. DOORS — Ftv«, 1 ft. - I In. fcy * (t.-«la. ln<lde doors, most hardware, perfect con- tflilcn. 17.50 «ach. »2« W. Main across horn Peoolei Bank. 422-5511 after 4 p.m. KIRBY — It.ll montn, rebuilt with at- lorh-ne-t«. «»«, Eloctrolux, «?.00, 313 N. Moln. 427-SCM. TV SALE — 1 Mh >M each. T<*4« m*4- el 150. 1 set liO, ) color set 1M. Others S25 up. Shoo repairs. WORLD TV, 1311 S Main. 427-143*. ELECTROLUX — ••ewtttiH now mo«*l; srtampooer, floor wo«er. Sales and Service 422-9944 aftor 3:30. 51' Harv*y. START IMt wrth all b*okk**t>hio mf- p:iei you n*cd. Call MATHERNE'S at 427-1719 tor Immediate delivery trom largest stock In Baytown oreo. PARTIM'S USED FURNITURE Bendlx Home Ironer SI9.90 Four-drawer Maple Ch*st 125.00 Rccklna Hors* 1 3.9S Clothes Wardrob* 117.50 "Anllqulsh" Bedroom Suit* 145.00 Old Style High Back Upholstered Rocker * e -JS New Box and Inner spring Set ... 149.50 O'Kttft and Merrill Rang* U5.00 Dearborn, cool lop, 5 radiant 122.50 6 Drawer Double Sink, Kllchen Cabinet *25.00 425 W. Moln Old Pelly 422-5049 V-BELTS AND PULLEYS ««r refrlooro- tors, olr conditioners, pump*, compressors, washers, attic ond window fans. 3. 000 bells In »tock. MASSEY ELECTRIC. »23 S. Pruett. 422-7281. FIGURING YOUR INCOME TAXTT Rent or buy an adding machln* from Baytown Typewriter Exchange MB N. Main, OT-MTT Take odvonfop* of our reduced prlai on oil exMin* mochln** In stock. CULPEPPER'S Warehouse Showroom Dixie White and Gold Triple Dresser With Mirror * K.95 Dixie Wnlfe and Gold Chair- Back King Headboard With Frames » 69.96 Koylon Foam Kino Mattress Unit . J7.I9.95 Bi&vhlll Walnut Bookcase S 39.95 lee's 15x12 Beloe Carpet Remnant til9.00 Fiullwood French Coffe* Table ...S 29.95 NEW-USED FURNITURE Ml* Market TRUCKS FOR RENT Equipped with Iryoroullc IMI |*tot. We Sell Custom Hitches BAYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, 411-M11 (Next to KHgoro's Reody-Mbtf NEW PERMA-POWER Radio Ceotrol Oaraa* Door Openers BEVILLS 2-WAY RADIO, Phone 427-Xm FABULOUS VALUES On Color TV's Gene's Hi-Fi 127 E. Taxa* 422-HJ* 31-B Building Material SPECIAL ON ROOFING "40 Pound Sett Seal Rooflno. While only. S7.SO per sauore. BRITTON-CRAVENS LUMBER, 2609 Mkt. 422-6265. ALUMINUM SHEET* — S -In. by loin high grade, .009 In. thickness. Ideal IOT insulation, roofing, siding, S.25 each Can bo seen at Ihe Baytown Sun, 1)01 Memorial Drlv*. CLAM SHELL REPUBLIC SHELL On Hlottwoy 144 At Cedar Boyov PHONE 31-C Musical Instruments BALDWIN PIANOS—ORGANS House Of Music S!» Pork Ptl. 427-M14 I Upright ComotoMr roBoilt owtd roflnhAod. Piano Small^U Fww M4M> M^fMfW itM!*!!' AM^WM IfrMAfrl* •» >«(uneH» of llo. Potty guoronhMd for 32. Arttetos Fot «UBt Fix^Up-Paint Up United* Ro^tAiiT Travel Trailer Rental* FOR RENT POAl Mvlft tttEVEEEBTft „ _ UHMly TraMn Track* We Rent Most Everything BAYTOWN 4EMTM.S Ready-Mi* m-tni 40. Real Estate Wanted ,M HEAL ESTATE fCLLIM* -lf» IM RESULTS MMl COUNTI s>M •*» Hw OWYS wfcf_«t Ktt •» <ULTI. SPARKY ANt> PAT MNOI <«n«tir M Mvrt«p4* LkNikf torvic* Sparky Bond, Realtor m ». NCBD Beverly Realty Co. MLS 40-1711, m47» 42. Aereoge For Sole TWO ACMES - On E. James St. _ down payment, aood financing. Complete details. CALL GRIFFITH REALTY, 422-2t>4« or 427-1WJ. TEN ACRES -Off TRI-C1TY BEACH ROAD — Goad Investment with best terms In town, so call today. Oearq* Whltaker, 422-WM or DAVID ROGERS, BUILDER-REALTOR, 427-1773. FOB INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND RANCHES, CALL OTIS GRAHAM. Realtor, 422-4711. 33. Sporting Goods DAY LAKE FISHINO CLUE — FkoMl ishlna and complno, 2 mites of beautl- ul lake front. Limited membership open, key to got*. $25 por year. 4B-7277. KOVEU KAMf>«« - • 3 model. Clearance and mshJe lH?947t °P or * cto< « «* makf «***•• PISTOLS — SAW and Rugors, .J t* * mags, used rifles and (hot guns, gun re Jalrs and scope mounting. HOLZAEP ELS FUN SHOP, 15 W. Cleveland. SUN jsed 100 Automatic Ion, HOLLYWOOD BOAT, 14 Fl. — 4* HP Viercurv, big wheel trailer, 2 aas tanks, -34S wide bed pickup cover with latou lo windows, SSI. 575-'434. Excellent bull. 1225. PINEMONT [Including aluminum' sandblasting nil. 7001 Docker. 424-5546. ENTERPRISES - Welding point- OUN REPAIRS 'redslon barr*l ond chamber work. Apex, Ooualat and Ackley Barrels. Hand noders supplies. 404 E. Jack —HUNTER'S DEN—Baytowr THE ONE'S YOU'VE WAITED FOR 1967 Tandem 18 and 20 ft. Mobile Scouts Compiettly solt contained gold compor wlht window owning, factory air con- dttionod, slews 4, «o«M* boltt* butane, electric brakvs, all the "extras." These are absolutely Ik* new. HURRYI HURRYI HURRYI They'll •* Fast! Dan Hutchins Motors IM-71J4 Highway 144 at T«xas USED TRAVEL TRAILERS 17-l*-»-n., salt contained. On* 1M1 model In nice condltio* tad. It Ms • commode tool Bar*«l*) Buy* Tttut Wll ftO-O Foot! Dan Hutchins Motors Highway '«• at Texas 4n-71S* NOTICE SPORTSMEN M«w Oftor. Only Oo. Doc mikM Mdo, 22 mMt long In Nochot Rlvor Bottom, MB lako*. r»oc«, thKkod. •eer, Wok, »>d twkoy, good lOTtdrro > 2 ptmWMfTr WVtdMMft' M*M wit*, oH minor cMldren lint II* tor at first year. S3B yoarty dues second yoat Sept. 1, IMt. •uorantood ron« ' ' $uldo4 toon our o«ic*, each Sol Sun., 1 p.m. Writ* for lull dotolli or com* to Eos Texoi WUdlfte Office. J»5 N. 3rd M. SMsboo, Tnos 77iS» Phono EV S-44n SMALL — »*autH»1 w«idU Iract. Located, In Crosby. Baytown Aroa. HUGHES REALTY, 422-*U*. 4Z7-3M9 and ORCHARD ACMES — PorHct konottim. On* half, threo-foiirths, or on* acr* roctl. US down, S20 monthly Call CHARLIE RAMSEY, 424-0521 for detail*. M-4-J- ACR« TRACTS — LOW «OW» paymont, long term financing boaotlful, vooded land, Agent, H. E. Rlokowikl, T51-22S5, oltor «, 136-6300, Dayton. INVESTMENT — Good iAComo producing properly. 7.2 acres with 3 rent houses on RtOdeHI Rood. Reasonablo term*. STEELE MCDONALD and ASSOCIATES. Ronn Haddox, 427-22M. 14 ACRE; — Gunsmoke (^ PHONE J7J-»41t MOOT Moot «*ivi*« CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS — 4t7-7»O =IVE ACRES — Fronta** on Code* Bayou. Hloti and woll dnrino*. - " cblra Coll F. Tbatnon, 411-O4SS WALKER REALTY FORTY ACRE TRACT — OrlnM* Covrty Sprint fod or***, hoavlly woodod. La*>s frontna*: on Mock lo*> road. «B por acr* \Vt hour* o< Bejytow*. 424-SSM *417 Bayway Or. 424-IM4 CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS — 4Z7-7M1 FIVE ACRES—Frontage M Cedar Bayou High and woll dratnod. CaN CWr* F. Tbaman, 42*44*! 42-A. Oat of Town Prop. 132 ACRES — Pasture tamt witti door, >1 nil. S. of Gonzales, Texas, 1147.50 acre. E-nonuel Knlppa, Yokum, Texas, 293-4461. 43. Business Property J0« FT. ON BAKER RO. — N*xl I* Star Ing School, IdeaJ for business (many possibilities!) Coll lor further Information, George Whltaker. 422-WM or DAVID ROGERS, Realtor-Builder, 427-1773. 43-A. Waterfront Prop. TRhCITY BEACH RO. — 4*3 ft. road .rontooe, 4J«« FT. WATERFRONTI All enced with 2 water wells. Old but live- able home with 3 bedrooms and large den. This is me most desirable property In Savtown. Call tor mare Information. Gearo* Whltahcr, 423-93M or DAVID KOGERS. REALTOR-BUILDER, 427-1773. SAN JACINTO RIVER LOTS — Tre._. itreets. utilities, bench, good boating, la My, ftshlno. 12250. Term, trad*. JA 3-5022. 171 S. Bwnet — Boytront homo, 4 bod- rooms, 1 baths, loparal* don, living ivlng room, control air and Neat. Larg* acr* woadod lot. Reel and Rod Repairs ClM Rtpairs — THE OUTOOORSMAN 1*7 I. Main, HlgMar-H Converse "CHUCK TAYLOR" Star Basketball Shoo* Us* price 1U.H w.n Jim Nelson Sporting Goods 42HIT7 Free Parking IM N- Mob, 35. Good Eating PLENTY certified oyiters ond tret* at llsh, Capt. Osgood'i, 427-1437. FRESH FROZEN SHRIMP CRAB AND FISH. E & L WINFP.EE SEAFOOD! FM 565 (Cove) 573-15BO. 39 Business Opportunity BUILDING TO MOVE — All equipment, bulldlna and awnings. To be moved. The Moll Shop, 1501 Alexander Dr. Will sell separate or together. 427-2624 or 477-436J. ASSOCIATE WANTED Wntern Stoles WhoUMta Confection Supply Company, looking reliable por son lo become a part *4 our NEW o, AMAZING distributor program In ow automatic mercnendising deportment—vending machine. Routes Estobllshedl EARN MOO.M OR MORE A MONTH PART TIME . . . MORE FULL TIME! You must hovt the necessary capital of ttrtSo.Bt to >2,n).M. good car, and excellent reference*. Y*v n-ust bo abl* te devote at I earn t live hour* weekly. Write: SPEED VENDOR, P. O. Box 5*4. Solt Lake City, Utah. Pleas* Include PHONE NUMBER ana* some personal particulars. 40. Real Estate Wanted Dean King And Son Realty Days call 414-5O41 or 424-5544 Nlahti call 4M-7U4 LARGE WOODED LOT—ON TRINITY BAY 3AYCREST REALTY CO. 1M-S7B* — Offic* Nljints 434-M7*, 573-IBM 45. Lots For Sato HIGHLANDS REALTY CO. Sg'X30»' WATERFRONT lot on San Jo clnlo River. Goad camp house and oa rage. Worth more than asking price. I2f X181-5 wooded lol. Restricted. Owner financed. A. W. HAMM. Realtor, 115 S. Main 426-2411 or 42i-3464. KNOWLTON RD. — 7*' X US', doad end street, good hameslle or mobile ham** All utilities, ready to build. »2t»5. 422-456J LARGE HOME SITES SCHOOL TERRACE Subdivision TERMS AVAILABLE, HOWELL LAND CO. - 422-2117. HAROIN ROAD — sale by owner, f:oll 427-4277. ocre for ACRE LOTS GILBERT MANOR — CEDAR BAYOU PARK EAST. Coll Georg* Whltokcr 4H-rM>. David Rogers, Roaltar-Bulldor 427-177J. LYNCHBURG AREA 1 beautiful wooded lots. NIne-htnrhs acr* each. Each lot has 13* F!. trwiloe* (CIfoor* Av*. Dean Kinq ond Son Realty Days call 4M-SM1 or 434-5544 Nlahti call 4M-7M4 CHOICE HOMESITES CEDAR BAYOU PARK EAST Opt* S*»vr*oy OT 47. Houses For Sole MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE MLS places your property In the hand* or 44 SALESMEN Coll a Member today. STONEKINGE, IK — Beautiful W' Forest. 4 bedroom Old English home 'Ire place plus all the extras for 104,500 GL 5-0271, GL 3-MM HAVE BUYERS — NEED LISTINGS WOODRUFF REALTY — <0 Years In Business. MEMBER MLS 427-1450 — 422-1430. HIGHEST CASH FOR YOUR EQUITY! Buy, Set) or Trod*, Residential or Commercial Real Estate. INSURANCE ANC LOANS- JOHN M. SHKARER REALTY PHONE 472-4S17 or 42J-40M. LUTHER T. LEA MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE IfW Washington, 422-7tt7 Real Estate Ent. inc. HERMAN SALINAS — 434-7113, 41M7S» WRIGHT, 4B» E. —. Two-bodreom, sope- rotr olning room. Trees. ISOO down, SH pr-- monlh. Will Improve — no closln cost. HUGHES REALTY. 427-Slgv. 427-334C ROSELAND DR., 11 — Four-bedroom* 2 baths, situated on beautiful half acr wooded lot. CHATEAU REALTY, 417 3257 or 424-5604. EQUITY BUY — 3J» Groanbrlar, J-be* rooms, panel den, double garaae. Lafc wood. STARETT LUMBER CO., 33M N Main, 422-7121 or 437-7X9. CkusifM Display BAYTOWN SUN CLASSIFIED RATES Effective- October 1. U Ad or Cued, ft PJ»- D*y Before—•£• >vm.-MxMB<Uy-Clo«c Saturday NMB. Ad 3 -410)8. Words To 15 15-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-60 | Lines | 1 Rate | 1 3 | 1 4 | J 5 | 1 6 | 1 7 1 1 8 | 1 9 | 1 10 | 1 11 1 1 12 I i i a 36 36 1.08 | 2.1b 1.44 1.80 2.16 252 2.88 3.60 4.32 5.04 238 | 5.76 3.24 | 6.48 3.60 3.% 4.32 7.20 7.92 8.64 3 34 3.06 4.08 5.10 6.12 7.14 8.16 9.18 10.20 11.22 12.24 4 29 3.48 4.64 5.80 6.96 8.12 9.28 10.44 11.60 12.76 13.92 1 5 | 26 | 3.90 | 5.20 | 6.50 | 7.80 | 9.10 | 10.40 | 11.70 | 13.00 | 14.30 | 15.60 1 6 I .24 | 4.32 ! 5.76 | 7.20 I 8.64 | 10.08 1 11.52 1 12.96 | 14.40 I 15.84 [ 17.28 CONTRACT AND CLASSIFIED DISFUAV KATES ON REQUEST. PHONE 4224324—422-8323 47. HOUMS For Sal* OBURN, 3U — »»,!*•. Brick 1 bod- ooms, I&DO down, S95 month, Includes axes and Insurances. 6610345- HOREACRES — 411 Forest, 3-1-2 Brtck, verslzed lot; access to pier at yacht : u b, 117JOO. 471-214*. 4tM COUNT ul 1 b Ail In* el •aulty. App ST 'ARKWAY, 1101—NIC* J bodroom bom*. ill new paint InslJe, now being palmed ulslde. Boraaln, for aulcfc sole. ALLEN aOOTKE, REALTOR., 4i4-«5SO, 414-5972. .LABAMA, 14M — Bargain prkod, t- bedrooms, family room, central heat, ful- y fenced. Total price. 17,200. BAYTOWN REALTY, 2817 N. Main, 422-2139, 422-2320 COUNTRY CLUB OAKS — 5011 Asbwood, out -bedroom brick, Wi bathi, llvlng-dln- ng room, panelled d«n; ftreplac*. bullt- kllchcn. Carpets, central hoot and ulr. 2-car garage. Fenced yard. RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC., 2201 Market, 27-17*4; nights. Glen Erwln, 427-7167. LET'S TRADE. RIDCEWAY, lit — MMt money I This fine 3-bedroom, 2 baths, rick horn* Is located on beautiful tree- haded lot. Central heat, window air con- i'knlna. Terrazzo floors. Low monthly jaymonTs. Call Sparky or Pat Bond. PARKY BOND, REALTOR, 907 S. Main, 27-1759, 477-1807, 427-4S7I. MEMBER MLS. ARGE 4 bedroom executive boma with vtry conceivable extra. Perfectly moin- .inrd, beaullfully landscaped. ALLEN 1OOTHE, Realtor, 424-*550, 424-5972. RESTMONT, 4*9 — Throo-bedroom brick, baths, built-in kitchen, paneled den, 3ifcaklast aiea, carpels, drapes, central Mat and air, 2-car oarage. Purchase gully or make new loon. RAYBORN JOHNSON, INC., 2201 Market, 437-1784; nights Glen Erwln, 424-7847. Kountry Klub Village "Spanish" 'Olo" will b* your expression when you flow rhK exciting now 2-Siory Spanish lame with its "Plaza Do Sol" court yard, ealurino Spanish style reof, arc hot, .umlnous Coiirt Lamps, and hand-forged tales. This 3-bedroom, JVVboth home iffers a rustic pedestal, wood-burning trcplace, gas air conditioning, all gas ullt-im, carpeHng, and pur* walnut paneling. Like Spanish dowuls and arches? This lovely horn* features on xcltlng entry foyer with Spanish arches and hand carved dowels planned to give you the touch of Spanish elegance you tavc be*n searching for. Total price, TS-VSt, UN total move In cost. Also FHA. Coll 427-3471, 432-H12, across Baker from Country Club. CRESHAM ST., 1»—Two-bedroom home, enced yard, near new hlah school. 1400 move In, 174 per month, 422-2430. SPACIOUS HOME — 2*3 Missouri, oroe 2-bedroomc, private dining, olr conditioned, control heat, 2-car garage. Lo caled on oversized lot with bay frontage uniJ concrete bulkhead. For full Informa Ion and dentils call GRIFFITH REALTY, 22-2049 or 427-1933. REPOSSESSED — Two-bedroom home it Cedar Bavou. LLINOIS, 3129 — Large house, with furnished oarage apartment corner lot. Income from garage apartment will mokt monthly notes 1350 down, U4 month Coil WOODRUFF REALTY CO., 427-1450 Mollck, 422-2430. EQUITY BUY — t PERCENT. 1W9 Korcllle, 3-bedroom, 2-both, brick, large den, built-in range, central air and heat. WYN ng Octal ns, livlng-diH- LUMWOOD SECTION IV — By Jo* <Wlor. Visit our furnished model home. 315 Sherwood. 15 new homes under con- structtoi. 42J-S770 or 422-2960 NARCILLE, 13M — >-b*4rooms, t baths, orgo den, built-in ron^e, centra) air- heal, 118.500. 4 por cent loan, equity 14,500. 422-5033. MAIN, 1>. business/ Ai baths, WRIGHT, 401 E. — Unuiual older home. = ine condition. Corner, 3 bedrooms, I"/i jnths. real fireplace. Detached garage. Only J13.9SO. For further In.'ormallon call EJdlc. EDDIE COX, Realtor, 424-7221 or after 5 p.m., weekends, 424-5040. NOTICE CM! — II acres with 3-bed room brick home, central air and heal, IMn range. Plenty trees, cheap taxes. Turn off Highway 321 (between Dayton and Cleveland) at Baptist Church, on Gavlor Lake Rd. NEW HOMES — Rlverbend. East end of nwood, lust off Columbia, will consider frodes. T. W. WILKS, 422-413* or 427-32*0. HAZEL, Mil — Brick 1 bedrooms, 1 bclhs, bullt-lns, central air and hea oubfe oarage. Low equity, assume 4 per cent loon. 4^4-7001 after 4 p.m, WHISPERING PINES, MIS — 1 bed- oo-ns, 2 baths, brick, all bullt-lns, central air, neat, real wood-burnlni llre- oloce, I oroe, wooded lot. 575-10-14. SHEPHERD, lit* S. — Corner, l-bed- roams, lovely carpet, central heat ond olr conditioned. Really o nice ho-ne and In Qood condition. Call for full descrlp- tion. GRIFFITH 427-1933. REALTY, 422-2049 or CUSTOM BUILT HOMES By B. w. Erhrlda* °lan Servk* AvnllaWo. ' Pork St., 427-2O4* SO EASY TO MOVE INTO — A new . bedroom. 2 bald brick with central heat ond air. Carpets, built-in kitchen. For further Information call George Whltaker 42J-93M or DAVID ROGERS, REALTOR BUILDER, 427-1773. Hearing Completion IN COUNTRY CLUB 4804 ST. ANDREWS STREET. Spanish In design. Four bedrooms, 2'/3 baths, den separate living and dining room, utllll room, numerous closets, many bullt-lns CALL DAN SAVELL, BUILDER, 422-7249 MOCKINGBIRD LANE, XW4 — Assume 4 per cent loan. Equity 14500. Four bed rr.oms, 2Vj bams, bullt-lns. central air and hrat. «49-44S9 or Dial 1-757-4101. STEWART REALTY II N. AUibel IBS E. Nazr* — From* residence. In good condition, 2 bedrooms, bath, living room kitchen on-I dinette, garage ond carport an MxlTO Ft. lot with several trees. FHA COMMITMENT: Approximately IMO will move you In; pay ou) like rent Call 427-7497 FOR DEPENDABLE MOVING SERVICf Local on* Long Dtstortc*—Coll 427-7BBT Hasty Transfer & Storage North America* Van Linos Agency Classified Display 47. Houses For Sale REALTY M Ashbel Phono 427-7497 CARTER H. MILLER Realtors — etll oaraa* sTjf Propor CIOM Bston. Chon»T industries Trad* Ins welcome. Claire F. Thaman, 422-MSS Roseland Oaks XECUTIVE HOME. Beautiful "Spanish *nori!a" on wooded Vi acr*. Access to roc private patio from any port of the houi*. Sunken bath leads to private sun torch. Mexican floor lile, two fireplaces, w spacious bedrooms with thro* baths, at bar. Other features loo numerous te Teiition. Excellent financing available. ECKER MCKIM REALTORS, Call Jerry ilpatrick far appointment, GR 1-45*8 * CR 4-2131. Plumwood Section V STARETT LUMBER CO. Now homos ready for occupancy. Others waring completion. Tolol electric — *-< :earoom». FHA ond VA Loans 422-71J1 or 427-7M* BETTER BARGAINS ARE HARD TO FIND! LLINOIS, U05 — Good income property >uplex apartment, and large garoge apartment. Good loan available o cod to sell at Sf.SOO. Excellent area near refinery. Call Eddie tor otiier proper! le*. EDDIE COX, Realtor 414-7121 or 424-MM nights and weekends II Ashbel Phone 427-74V7 UNBELIEVABLE EVA MAUD — Immaculate larae 3-bed- roam, IW-bath, brick homo wllh every quality feature at an UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICE — Central air, heat, built-in cllchen, oversized oarage, covered patio, iuill-ln and storage space galore, etc. Let us show you this excellent buy. CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS, 477-7143 or Claire F. Thaman, 4I2-44SS Trade* Accepted EDDIE COX. REALTOR 'BEST SALESMAN IN TOWN ' ELTON, DI2, Three acres, large horn* or Cedar Bayou. Plenty pecan and lrui< rets. Good fishing, boating, skllni round. Drive by, take a look. Call * complete Information EDDIE COX, REALTOR 424-7221 Nights and WeeKencs 474-SMC ng yeoi EDDIE Kountry Klub Village "New England" Hove you been looking for a horn* with a larne family room and no living room? Search no more. This lovely 3-bedroom home was designed to give an extra larg* family room with the comfort of a masslv* wood-burning fireplace. You 'lit really enlay the warmth ot antique brick throughout the family room and Mtchen, which also features brick arches bar, old fashioned walk-In cupboard and "different" Cape Cod windows. You'l discover a feeling of "home" as you •nler a charming foyer with Its "old lime" built-in hat rack and Hanging Captains Lamp. This horn* has every thing, 3 bedrooms, gas air conditioning nntf all gas built-in kitchen and loads o charm. Total price, S23,a«>. G.I. SIM tofcl move In cost. Also FHA. Call 417 1471, 422-5112. Acress Baker Rd. from Country Club. STEWART REALTY It N. Ashbel 2703 BELVEDERE — Real nice brick veneer, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, large family room, kitchen with oil bulll-ins, 5-car garage, utility room, central air and heat, carpet. On Wxioo let with shrubbery. This place Is only < years old. Uuy owner's equity and assume loan < tVi percent. Call 427-7497 Kountry Klub Village "Ships Haven" worm I That's the feeling you'll hav when you visit this comfortable Cape Cot home located in the fabulous new Kountr Klub Village. This home and many ottv crs Nave been designed to give you lha "Something extra" that you can't fin in most homes being bull! today. Thi lovely 3-bedroom home Is Irulv Cape Coc with Us bay wintfows, bannlslers on rails, rustic wood burning fireplace "tjning room mural and Cape Cod liqh flx'ures, 3 bedrooms, 1 full baths, doubl detached garage. Gas air conditioning all gas bullt-lns, and carpeting. Tata price, S25.9SO. G.I. Slot total move ' colt, also FHA. Call 477-3471, 422-511 Across Baker Rd. from Country Club. Classified Display Balance due $295 Halbert Music Co. 4>» I. TO 32 Articles For Bent "••T MTItL ROVIPMtNT choirs, portent llftv bod*, option to buy, Modtcoro quottlon* onswered, cMrn* (Hod. Trl City Phormocy, 422-r2»l. BUY OR HINT •r»Niile«*< i solnclni equipment Ircm A TO Z RENTAL CENTER, uio N. Main, 427-M9. Roos«n«»l« 4U Percent Loan Who says you have lo pay I n FHA7 SPARKY BOND MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICF 902 Ivkt Lee — Exceptionally nice 3-bed- bom, 2-batii Brick Home in Bowie Addl- on near Bowie Elementary School. Citchen Bullt-lns; Nice Paneled Family com with Real Woodburning Fireplace! entral Heat and Air, 2-Car Garage. ovely Yard. Reasonably Priced. Buy •quiry or Ro-flnanco. Sparky Bond, Realtor Mr S. Main Call Day or Night 27-17S1 ' Nights, 4J7-1BI7, 427-4*71 For Something Really EXCEPTIONAL You Must Come See Classified Display Kountry Club Village (Located on ltok«r Rd. ACFOM From Country Oub) Phone 427-3471 or 12 $23,850 TO $27,950 VETERANS $100 TOTAL MOVE »N FHA AVAILABLE nw . f«r » cantor. Tkfa BB Bcrrovrs LUOESV Baa FlrepUc« Of* Air B««rtlf»jl Walnut CWi Palibanks AH OM Built-in Kiteh«m Underfroand Utflttle* 7. Houses For Sale 47. Houses Por Sato 47-A. Houses To Be Moved J. 0. BELL BUILDER OLD ENGLISH L«V«IV brick threo-oodVoom KWIW wlttt r*c*»od parlor, Btomoretn curved Miry foyer, spacious roceuod family WM. HMrkllna. walnut cablnoH with rone* tor. HUM walk-In clotets, evorslitd *«|M nook, control olr and heal, all 001 bullt- ln«. lll.HO. COACHMAN HOMES, 4Z7-MM, 494-7131, 4n-S*ll. ELM, >4tt — 4-room IroiM, -ncved or lorn down, UOO. 42a-K>n. 472-I5O4, 57S-W70. 48. Mobile ROOM** MOBILE HOME — 1M7 T*wn owl CWM- try, 60'xlJ'. Will Mil tquity or will trod* for eoulfy In home, 427-teSt offer 6. 4817 BURNINGTREE Exclutfv* Country Club llvfno. with oasy occ«s to Ih* golf court*. Four bod- rooms, 1 bolus, don with flroploce, living room, dinMfl room, lore* gam* room, all the extras. Just rlehl lor your tamlly. BAYCREST REALTY CO. 4M-57M, OfftC* NI9MI, 424-4471, J71-10M, 427-1157 SPANISH" Thr*o-bo<irooni model homo foohirMH rustic arch«« and sunken tamlly room All gas bttllt-lM. Doubto oorooe. Prolo*. slonolly landKoped with full arowtti *4 St. Auguttln* •rms and shruabory. Total price, i17,fM. G.I. tlM total move In. FHA MIS moves you In. Phone 4J7-J471, 4M-7UX «n-Stll. COACHMAN HOMES. LOTS OF LIVING In IM* t-bodroom, 4-batti homo. Call in for more details. Shorty Tharp, Realtor (MLS) Coll day or nlghl, 4J4-U71 HOLLY HILLS New homo*, F.H.A. ond G.I. Eatt ond of Olive SI. T. R. McKoo, 421-73M, 42I-7M2. MOBILE HOME, 12x4« ft. Two-podrooms. See 2940 McKlnney, 472-9233. STAR MOBILE HOME — ItxM I bedrooms, central air and neat, new condition, 427-3105 before 2 p.m. MOBILE HOME — IMS "Liberty", 1 bod- room, SO x 10 Ft. 1175 and fake ovw loan. Payments, »45 month. Inquire 1MB H. Main, Highland*. SPECIAL EXTENDED FREE, 4? 110 BONUS STAMP BOOKS give* wltk each Mobil* Horn* Mid. Four Bedroom, 1V> Baths "HOMETTE. 1 Sorty American turnttur*, only U.Wk with UtS Down. SEE US TODAYI WF TAKE TRADESI Archer Mobile Homes INt N. Main, Highlands Ptl. 4M-1U* 48-A Travel Trailers 54. AtttOfDObOM MS COBVAIR, COUM, radio, Imtor, «4r, :-sp*ed, new tlr«$. »7»S. 965 DODGE CORONET. ?-door standard hilt, radio, heater, factory air, U9S. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISES, }i» N. Main, icross Irom O'Briens, 42J-W31 :HEVROI iver -Tike POMTIAC. 1>*4 — ColollrMk 1 4»or IwreV lop. Power steering, power brakes, VERY CLEAN. tlOM. 424-3770, CHEVROLET, - i<j**r t*«rt. M7 '• OH i! «& '*{* - ***** air, 39,000 mile*. Citizens Bank, 427-7301. PLYMOUTH, 1M7 — Very dependable, aood 427-15H. AK looking, $230. FORD, IMi — ectaxie, }-d*M- hard***, v->, radio, healer, ilondard transmlulon. TO BUY - IMMMS CM6VIIO- LET, V-«, oulomallc, olr. muil hove good no rusl. 4i7-<A35 after J p.m. body, BUICK, IMS — Klviora, fully veryclean. new tires, JIW5. 424-1770 or 4K-3774. YELLOWSTONE TRAILER, M Ft. — Good condition, (2,700. Phort* 575-1567. MAKE AN OFFER OWNER SAYS MUST SELL SOON 3111 Indiana, extra clean 3-bedroom home with garage apartment. Good investment. Check this good buy and call today. Dean King and Son Realty Days call 424-JM1 or 424-5544 Nights coll 424-7X4 ASSUMPTION PERCENT 402 PAMELA bedroom, 1-bath, central heat, window nit air. Ready for you te move In! Dean King and Son Realty Days call 424-SUI or 424-SS44 Nlghrt call 424-7114 Room To Breath Beautiful 1-bedroom, 1-bath home! This is raol living with extra large den, (real fireplace), air conditioned gam* room (separate from homo). Well cared fat and spaciously set en a wooded acre Call Georg* Whitaker 422-flH or DAVID ROGERS, Realtor-Builder. 427-1773. Home—Shop Building Nice bride, 1 bedrooms, living extra largo den, 2 baths. 2-cor garaga. Includes M'x4«' brick Mock building. Ap- piaximately IVi acres. Cedar Bayou. CARTER H. MILLER REALTORS — 427-7M3 Kenneth McNulty, 422-4714 otter i p.m ARCHER ROAD, 414 — 3-b*droom, living room, dining room, kitchen, IVi baths, window air, 1-ocre ground, 11,750. BAYCREST REALTY CO. Night, 424-570*, oific*; 4244471, J7J-1000, 427-I1S7 SPARKY BOND MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 2102 Buchanan St. — Lovely brick ham* In Baytown's popular Plumwood Addltleni This one has everyrhinj — 1 bedroom*, 2 bathi, beautifully panelod family room with e^thearal celling, large living room, separate dlninq room, kitchen complete with built-ins, breakfast area, wall-to-wall carp*l, central heat and air, patla, 2-car garoge. Buy equity and assume loan. Sparky Bond, Realtor 907 S. Main Call Day or Night 427-17J» 427-4171 427-1107 A BEAUTIFUL HOME n a desirable location, near James Bowie school. Boy Plata shopping, walking dls- cnce to churches. This "Livable" and LevaMe" 1-bedroom, 2-bath horn* has many doslrobl* features you'd find In Ih* Upporclass Homes"! Den with rugged earn fireplace, all waJk-ln closets (extra ocmy), buill-ins ond many, many more eatures. Cell George Whltaker, 422-93S8 r DAVID ROGERS, REALTOR-BUILD, 427-1773 ond ask about the house Morning Drive. Country Club Oaks 'AIRWAY, 5007 — A lovely oil brick ome. 3-beoVooms, 1 baths, living room lining room combination, den, large lichen, buill-lns. Centrol air ond heot. 3AYCREST REALTY CO. 424-5700, Office Nights 414-1471, 57 J-1080, 427-1157 002 LARGO ST. — Neat frame home ust off Highway 144 near Bay Plain hopping center. Living room with dining omblnatlon, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and iolh. Assume loon or re-finance. Call parky or Pat for details. MEMBER MLS. 5PARKY BOND, Realtor K>7 S. Main — Col) Day or Night B-17S» 427-4(71 427-1107 ROSELAND OAKS A custom bultt home In a choic* subdivision. Situated on • wooded landscaped half acre. In-lawn living with the quiet atmosphere and seclusion of the country. Among the many uniqu* features of this large 3-bod- room, 1-bath home or* flagston* floors, cathedral celling, fireplace In den. These are lusl a few of the unusuol aisoctt of this horn* Including a deep water well ter Inexpensive lawn care or future swlmmlnq pool. Call CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS, or Claire F. Thaman for appointment to see this property. Trades Accepted 4:7-7J43 422-4455 Architectural Artistry An exciting entry foyer occtnls a carpal td parlor and roomy family room In thH iew }-bedroom brick home. Two lora* baths, an old-fashlonod walk-In pantry, •ma a complet* line of gas bullt-ins odd r<uch to the llvablllty of this home. Contra! air and heat, full Insulation, double naroge. Prlc* tlf.JDO. G.I. SIN total mov* in. Also FHA. Phono 477-M71, 424-7132, 422-5*12 COACHMAN HOMES The Starcraft Campers Have Arrived!!! Stop by and view ItM mo*f practical ond convenient way of camping tod^y. J-B MOTOR CO. 2C12 Alexander Pbon* 427-11M 49. Automotive Servk WINDSHIELDS INSTALLED. CompteU auto body work, Paint and Vinyl root* HOOPER PAINT AND BODY SHOP, 427-1605 Rent o Stall ond Tools lo Fix your Cor. TED'S SUPPLY, INC. Do-lt-YeursoM Rental Plo» 51. Cor* Wanted URGENT cars. Top -I need . m. TOM SALES, 2601 Hwy 0 I.A.O.A. . clean. _. SLACK AUTO 144, 422-4544, member CASH FOR YOUR CAR SEE HONEST JIM Jim Carter Motor Co. 412-HM, corner Pru«tt ond Texas Membor B.I.A.O.A. 52. Tmckr CHEVROLET, 1*7 _ | moo la. 4 door mlleooe. v-3, automatic, oow- alr> )mm ocul°'* con- TEMPEST, 1**J _ door, rodlo, heotw. I L, 0 " John Wiesner Chevrolet li E. Texot _ __ 4JJ-MM 1968 Oldsmobile 98 Every extra Including automatic, white with and matching Interior. Mock vinyl air, top WILL TRADE — 1M7 Chevrolet step side pickup. 11,195. Phone 575-1142. FORD ECONOLINE, CAMPER IfM — S1500 or 1500 eaultv and pickup notes at J74.77. 422-5845. PICKUP, CAMPER — Factory mod* over- need plckuo camper and air conditioned pickup 58». 422-7547. $3295 QUALITY MOTORS 427-W17 70* E. Texas BUY FROM Baytown Independent Automobile 0*a!*r Association Member 11 '64 Chevrolet CHEVROLET, 1944 —V-l engine, long vlieel base with camper, 34.000 miles. 427 3-185 after 6 p.m. or weekends. 4-Bedroom Model Home FOR SALE IN GLENMEADOW — A dis linctively Early American 4 bcdrcom orick. with tamlly sliod don <1M2*>. Deep walk-In closets, Hollywood bath, dressing oreo with vanity. Central olr and leal, carpeting, hug* wolk-ln-aaiilry, gas built-in appliances, decorative bay win dews and two car garage art among thr homes convenient features. PRICED, Sl»,»50. G.I. SIM total mov* In. Also FHA. Phone 424-7232, 427-3471, 421-JB11 COACHMAN HOMES EVA MAUD ADDITION Taken In Trade ASSUME o% LOAN 1906 McFarland Corner lot. landtcopod - Ideal location. Real alee ]-bedrooms. 2 til* baths. Beautiful hardwood Hoars, with 19 ft. master bedroom, newly carpeted. Just palntoe) outside. Inside Immaculate. Buy Equity—Assume 6 per cent Loan. Payments Under $165. JUST COMPLETED 2109 KIPLING TNroo-bcdrooms, electric bulll-ins, txtr. fancy lighting fixture* and special foa- :IMS throughout. This one Is really pretty SH ITI 2207 Kipling Dr. Juv: completed — Four-bedroom*, 2V> ba'hs. colonial d«!Mgn. A>! electric kltdl MI orapori**. carpets. OPEN 2204 Morning Dr. "New" four-bedroom homo with total eleclrlc kitchen. A stum* low Interest loom, buy equity. Other Homo* Undor Construction. 6.F. LUQUIRE, Builder 422*411 422-7W1 GOOD BUSINESS AND/OR RESIDENCE — 13(1 N. Pruell, on almost a full acre Beautiful 1-bedraom, 2-balh ham*. Bob Kalbitz, INSURANCE AGENCY 40-2712 — 427-MM CHEVROLET 1»*1 — Mall Ion, SWB style side, i cylinder standard, 53.000 miles, 1795, 108 Harold. INTERNATIONAL SCOUT — 1941 — 4 wheel drive, new brakes, pood tires. UOO. <!24-7222 alter 4 p.m. Dan Hutchins Motors Highway 144 Q| Texas 422-71M CHEVROLET, 19«S — Ono-tOn, rig with 194{ Lincoln machine, 4K-2972 before S P.M. DODGE 1949 — Winch truck, Call 422-2<J72 before 5 p.m. FORD, :>44 — 1 hree-auorter ton oickuo 422-2972 before S p.m. S3. Work Cars FORO mission,' 42.--B27: ntlc trons- fgood, M5. If55 OLDSMOBILE S100. Crosby, 579-3110. ENGLISH FORD, It41 — $50. 427-/.S88 after 5 p.m. 54. Automobile* MERCURY, im — Capri, olr conditioned, automatic, Excellent condition. 1962 Chevrolet slotlan • wagon, automatic, air, goad tires, cood condition. J26-3482. IMPALA, 1941 — Sport Coupe, clean, dependable transportation. Excellent buy for student. 424-1455. FALCON, 1?U — I door, standard shift, air conditioned, real clean, 1 owner. 1963 FORO, XL, automatic, 2 door hardtop. Air, power, oractlcallv new malor, transmission ond tires. BARGAIN! I 427-20*5. JEEP, ltd — 2ft Ford engine, NEW paint, 6 ply tires, top, upholstery, hubs. Also winch Included, 11,750, or pest offer, 426-2041. PONTIAC, 1H4 GTO — Mist blue With black bucket seat Interior. Standard transmission, Trl-powcr engine. Must sell, gone 10 service. Reduced to V350. Call after 5:30, 424-5469. NICE Two — (or 3) bedroom house wttt- asbestos siding. Priced lust !*,$•*. CARTER H. MILLER ASSOCIATE REALTORS — 427-7341 KENNETH McNULTY — 421-4714 EDDIE COX. Realtor "Best Solnmon In Town" JUST LISTED — Crosby 10 acres, lfl»0 Ramsey Rd. IM story, 4-bodroomt, lomllv room, 7 baths, all electric kitchen, control air, heat, S31,*S«. Call Eddie . . . 4?<-7221 Nights and Weekends 424-SBM CREATIVt HOMES BoytowH Coll: 424-5*14 or 434-7*1*. Classified Display BOWIE HOMES "Prices Ar* »orn Here ond KeHod Elsewhere" >ACK HARTT, 422-7M4 Kountry Klub Village "Ye Olde English" 'Rustic and warm." This will b* your impression as you stand In Ih* lamlly room of this larg* 4-bodroom home and view the masclvp woodburnlng fireplace, brick walls, rustic ceiling booms and wood trimmed bay windows. II you like tru* Ola* English, you'll be thrilled when you so* this curved antique brick foyer wltk bannisters, and coachlike lamp placed on a turned-column post. This lovely homo offers you all you'v* boen scorching (or, all brick, 4 bedrooms, 2 brtttu, living room, dining room, large morning roam, bay windows, all gas air conditioning. Total price, S77 *M. Gl 110« Total move in cost, also F (A. Coll 4273471, 422-U12. Across Baker Rd. from Country Club. Classified Display PONTIAC, 1»M — LeMans, red with white too and red Interior. Loaded with power and air. Ho equity, pick up notes. Com- oany furnished new car. Phono 422-6004. COURTESY FORD Of Baytown 122 W. T*xns Av*. 422-4131 "BAYTOWN'S MO. 1 VOLUME DEALER" Late Model and Demo Sale! 1949 DATSUN domo, 1-door. 19U DATSUN station wagon. 1»«1 DATSUN sport cor, Model 140CC, I,M* ml let. still In warranty. 19*7 DATSUN STATION WACOM. 19*7 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4-doar s*dan. PULLERS DATSUN—VOLVO 2m Market Phono 4H-MM EUICK, tM4 — Electro 2tt, LOADED, air and power. PRICED TO SELL!! 4M-74M '67 Buick Riviera A Rotplondontly Beautiful Luxurl*vs Automobile mat "you" will be pro*d to drive, eun metal grey In color with black vinyl lap and matching black Interior. All power, factory air, AM-FM stereo, and mag wheels. Neal Dickens Motor Co. Hwy. 14*— Under The Big Shod—«Z7-414S "Where Quollry Is Atwo-ys Consistent" Sayshore Motors, Inc. LINCOLN — MERCURY — COUGAR "Quality Not Quantity" 2113 Market 4I2-«M1 1966 Chevrolet Caprice Four-doer hortflop, potar whit*. Mock vinyl root and matching vinyl Interior. Factory air, power steoring, power brakes, local one-owner cor. Low mileage. 1966 Mercury Montclair Four-door sedan, fawn with Grecian gold top and matching Interior. Power stowing, power brakes, factory air, local car. Classified Display Mr*t* ItlNO MAGMZXW IW» PAGE DITTMAN MOTORS Chrysler-Plymouth Hwy. 148 At Faylc 422-8258 LIGHT FIXTURES COMPLETE SELECTION By STARLIGHT Premium AI Styles AH Sizes DENMAN PAINT 4 RDWE. US C. TMOM 4SS-mi BZSTOWJTS LARGEST HOME BUILDEB, • •*«« gl7AOO-9UJOI» f 100 Total Mot* 1st AlsoFBA Classified Display House Of Hardtops SPECIALS .$ 995 .$2488 .$1988 .$2198 .$1488 .$1888 .$ 988 .$1288 .$ 795 988 895 988 988 '64 Mercury HI, air. . '67 Chrysler "300" conv., air '66 Starfire, like new . '66 Olds lux. sed. load. '66 Malibu Spt. Cpe. '66 Chrysler Spt. Cpe. '66 Rambler 4 dr., air '65 Impala Cpe., air . '64 Dodge Dart 4 dr. '66 Mustang V-8 $1388 '66 Cyclone GT, air ...$1688 '66. Charger, 4-spd., air. $1688 '65 Opel wagon, air ...$ 988 '65 LTD Hardtop, air...$1388 '64 Ford hardtop Cp».. .$ 688 '65 Valiarif wagon $ '64 Mercury, air $ '64 Olds conv. nice....$ '64 Wildcat Conv $ '64 Olds wagon, air. ...$1095 '64 Continental, loaded $1488 '57 Dodge 4-dr., clean..$ 288 '51 Olds, 4-dr., good...$ ,?98 '68 VW, 12,000 $1588 '66 VW, clean $1088 '64 VW $ 788 '63 VW $ 688 '62 VW $ 488 '66 Dafsun wagon $ 888 '66 Datsun, 4-door $ 888 '65 Simca, 4-door $ 688 '63 Pontiac $ 288 '67 VW. like new $1395 '62 Dodge, 4-door $ 188 8 1953 to 1968 pickups House Of Hardtops 4M N. AtexuMier Dr. Phone 42Z-*fT3

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