The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 4, 1952 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE "4- THE BAYTOWN SUN. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 4, 1952 jEpsiion Sigma Alpha Has {Installation Of Officers I New officers of Epsilon Sigma its annual style show to be given t Alpha were'installed last night at August 25 and for a picnic at the ^a meeting of the sorority in the Little Shamrock on June 21. Community House. 1 Mrs. Wendell Boyce took office ^as president, Miss Edra Joy Han• sen became corresponding secretary and Mrs. Bob Payne was in' stalled as treasurer. Mrs. Dorothy Willis was installed as director. •» Mrs. David Clark, newly-elected \-5ce president a.nd, Mrs. \V, L. Camp, who has been elected re- A A /AI kfast cording secretary, were absent and will be installed at a latter meet- "ing- ** The business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Boyce. She appointed standing comrcittees. Mrs, P. L.- LaFosse was named "social and membership chairman, Peggy Joy Campbell was the hbnoree Tuesday at a come-as-you are breakfast given by Mrs. J. C. Dodd, 200 Forrest. Miss Campbell is a recent Robert E. Lee graduate. The guests ate around a table centered with a mirror surrounded LcROY HAFER MRS. QUID A CARTER Mrs, Carter, HaferTo Take Eastern Star Posts Mrs. Morrow Is Top Garden Club Ribbon Winner Mrs. E. Morrow had the most blue ribbons of the year in the Baytown Garden club, it was revealed Tuesday at a club coffee in' : the home of Mrs. Max Altman, 311 Marion. Films were shown of all the winners of the year. The serving table was covered ^''/j/fljs^ with a linen cutwork cloth. Pink tf •&•"•',-;'X<5& an d white gladioli were arranged/ as the centerpiece. ^ ' " Mrs. Morrow was at* the silver service, pouring coffee and tea, at one end'of the table, and Mrs. F. C. Saxon served mixed fruit from a basket cut from a cantelope. Doughnuts were also served. In the den was an arrangement of zinnias with evergreens The living room held two identical arrangements of yellow gladioli, placed at either end of the divan. Day lillies were on the table by the picture window. Guests at the coffee were Mrs. Silas Moore, Mrs. Leon Cox, Mrs. Miss Florence Rowland was named bv wa ved leaves and cape jasmine Members of the Cedar Bayou Travis, warder; Mrs. Ellis Card- "Mrs. M. E Schiller, Mrs. R. J. by waxed iea\es ana cape jasmine. Q ^^ Qf £astem star wm have ner> sen tinel. Lawrence, Mrs. Malcolm •ways and means chairman, Mrs. Ancel Boswell contact chairman the mirror _ a bluc their installation at 8 p.m. Thurs- Installing officer will be Mrs. Jones, F. Pfennig, Mrs. C. H. Bone. and Mrs B R. Snead publicity covered crystal bowl surrounded <j ay i n the Cedar Bayou Masonic Cuba Greer; marshal, Mrs. Evelyn Mrs. C. L. Woods, Mrs. W. C. Ro- chairman. Miss Stancil Norton by deep red roses. A doll dressed hall. Hafer; organist, Mrs. Maevance -gers. and Mrs. C. H. Anderson, will serve as parliamentarian and . d standin* The installation is open to the Millican; chaplain, Mrs. Lyda Mae ».t u v.u±* •*•»>* o ^" • -*~ ~~ ~ t, Jennings" assistant secretary Mrs. PU _, 1C : _ ., .„ , ... . ... . 'AlafaVkinnaird; registrar,' Mrs! S" Iar meeting of the club until The hostess sprved iced pine- Mrs Ouida Carter is to be m- Rub HefUn _ apple juice spiced with a stemmed stalled as worthy matron and Le- Rov Hafer will be installed as Miss Wibna Schroeder as historian. The sorority discussed plans for b >' the rneke-beheve pond. Honored at the coffee were the secretary, Mrs. nrjw officers. This \vas the last re- September. ^1 Select Your Summer Sportswear at - ' Irene's First tn Faihlon Finc»t In Qu Baytowrt'i Exclusive Store* for Wotnen 115 EAST TEXAS .3207 MINNESOTA sausage tidbits, bacon rolls, hot chocolate and coffee. chery, buttered waffles with syrup, w< ^ y P atron Other new officers are Mrs. Apnie DeBruhl associate mat ron; Miss Campbell was presented Dick Lo ngt associate patron; Mrs. with a gardenia corsage, and her ]viarvis Johnson, secretary; Mrs. mother, Mrs. Milton Campbell, re- }{aualene Harmon, treasurer; Mrs. ceived a sweetheart rose corsage Ellcn Gardner, conductress; Mrs. from the hostess. Edith Meryl Smith, associate con- Arrangements of roses, gladioli, ductress; Mrs. Mary Cunningham, and golden glow were on the chaplain; Mrs. Louise Himes, mantle, registry, desk and coffee marshal; Mrs. Dorothy Harrison, table. organist. Guests were Patsy Miles, Wanda And Mrs. Neva Moler, Ruth: Gunter, Dolly Barker, Dorothy Mrs. Opal Orms, Adad; Mrs. j Daniels, Janet Pyle. Margaf'et Agnes- Haynes, Esther; Mrs. i Chaddick Garrett, and Mary Ann Dorothy Jones, Martha; Mrs. Susie 1 Gr&y. Just Folks Reluctance of several Baytonians for publicity of their charitable acts has delayed the printing of several stories of the Foster Parents' Plan for .War Children. This reluctance is understandable on their part, but it would be a. shame not to tell you of this•;plan, which at least thrce^Baytonians are using to help these unhappy arid unfortunate children. The Foster Parents' Plan for,War Children does not do mass relief; each child is treated as an individual. A "parent" contributes $15 monthly toward the support of a child, without regard to race^or creed and who may be a member of one of 14 different nationalities. The "adoption" is financial, not Mae Jones. Electa; Mrs. Louise Jegal . In return the foster parents dustries a [ Texas A and M college receives a photograph and brief The mgn are Q j HOWELLp L history of the child and correspon- ^ FANESTIEL C. W. BATES dence through the Plan office is -yr. P. NANCE, E. J. PRATT ^.ND encouraged. SHERMAN ' S. SHAFFER. Dr. Though' the war in Europe has Shaffer, staff associate, gave the been over -for six years, it has, keynote addres at the meeting. never ceased for these children. His subject was "Organization of Instrumentation Department in Six men from the Baytown Refinery this week are attending the seventh annnual symposioum on Some Typical Process Industries." instrumentation in the process in- 8&PW Club Plans To Erect Emblem On Highway The Business and Professional Women's club of Baytown plans to erect a road emblem sign in the club's name on Decker drive. MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. MILLER of Akron, Ohio, are here vi^- iting their parents, MR. AND MRS. W. A. MILLER, 2817- Market, and MR. AND MRS. ALBERT COOKE of Coady. They will be here for -about two weeks. The younger Millers moved to Ohio from here last November. . MRS. GERTRUDE MONTGOMERY of Beaumont is here visiting in the W. B. MONTGOMERY Plans to buy the sign and' fin- home - She came especially to attend the REL graduation exercises in which her granddaughter; SANDRA, received her diploma. MRS. BOB McDONALD of San fhe washer that gives_yo,u these former Miss Alta Dell Wajker, a "49 graduate of Cedar Bayou. Mrs. McDonald received ^her bachelor's degree from Trinity university this spring. BOBBYE; GLENN LANGHAM: ® SHAMPOOS the clothes. o NEW, softer action, washes cleaner. * NEW, exclusive rinsing action. © EASIER on the clothes. O QUIET, smoother performance. • FEWER working parts. 5 ® EXCLUSIVE Spin-AVe eJamp-drying. The gentf est, yet the most amazingly thorough washing action ever devised ! Sfarts like a hairdresser's shampoo, with little water, rich, thick, dirt-dissolving /cfner.' Full washing action then gently RUBS and FORCES suds through dothes..v 3-stage rinse leaves clothes beautifully clean... Spm-Aire damp-dries—off aufomaffcaJ/y -'' ance it were discussed Tuesday night at a meeting of the club in the lounge of the Community House. Mrs. Zenobia Booth was presiding for the last time over the^biisi- Antonio is here visiting her par- 'ness meeting. The club will install cuts';'MR.- AND MRS. E. L- WAL- new officers at'its dinner meeting KER of Cedar Bayou. She-is the June 17 and Miss Eva Scranton will become president- Mrs. Blanche Duplantis'reported on the business scholarship which the club awarded to Mary Sue Parker-and Mrs. Marjorie Morse reported on the nursing scholarship that was awarded Norma has re'turned home after graduat- Cline, who is now working at ing from Abilene Christian college Baytown hospital. Both' scholar- where honor upon honor has been ship recipients are spring gradur bestowed upon her. She was senior ates of Robert E. Lee. class beauty, runner-up for all The scholarships were financed school beauty, president of the Kit- through the Christmas cedar chest ten Klub pep organization, and project that Is conducted annually -queen and most valuable member fay the club. " O f the Kittens, a member of the Mrs. Robbie C. Burch was elect-. GATA social club, a member of the ed a new member of the club and string quartet and Future Teach.'Mrs. .Celestine Hays' resignation ers of America, was accepted.'" _ a • " Convention reports were" given - CHILE KELLEY was the hon- by Miss Beulah Mae Jackson, Miss" oree last weekend at a swimming Eva Scranton, Mrs. Bea Horton. party at the Houston Country Miss Sylvia McKinstry, Mrs. club. She is a recent REL gradu- Blanche Duplantis, -Mrs. Kathryn ate. Hill, Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Ola Kren- Hostesses were MRS. FRANK ick, Mr?. Anna Mae Johnston and SPUHLER, MRS. RICH CLARK Miss LaVerne McCullough. and MRS. W. W. HARRIS. Eight Hostesses Mrs. Booth and Miss other girls were entertained. Scranton served refreshments. , ' ^ • Stork Shower Honors * Mrs. Davidson To Mrs. W. C. Hoiiingshead Have Student Recital Mrs." W. C. Hoiiingshead was the _ Mrs ' S - ?• Davidson will present honoree at a stork shower Tues- P lano *£**** ln , S *™ day in'the home'of Mrs. H. E. S p.m. Thursday, m the AUTOMATIC WASHER AUTOMATIC LEVELING A • -self-leveling device that corr,peft«cf« for: the difference tn fToo 1 ' level, uermitirig wether, -to sfend firmly. No boifmj down. SIGNAL LIGHT Uflhr indicator - is on when machine is ;in op- c.-atio.-». Goes off when cycte is ccmpkfed,-Scvps "many steps to- Scundry room. GEARLESS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Amazirvgry simple design and engi n e c r i n g, for cuief, trowfole-free cper- ond fewer TOP LOADING Vo steeping or bending —drop clothes In from ' fop—cnildreri can't reoch it—super safe . . . •when lid is 'ifted action stops. Singletary of Coady. ' The" refreshment table was covered with a lace 'cloth and cen- house. A second recital will be presented in the • Community house next tered with caladiums. Punch, cake Monday, Students of the sixth and. mints were served. Hostesses were Mrs. Singletary, Mrs. A- C. Hitt and Mrs. E. E. Atteberry. The registry table was decorated with figurines. grade will perform. Friends of the students are into attend. On the first program are Sandra Lyijn Anderson, Carol Anderson, Janerie Buchanek, Ann Bridges, Guests Present were Mrs. Paul Carol Bootb> Helen Joyce Bow . ^ratten r Mrs, C. H. Kellj, ^rs. Bettv Ann Covev Yvonne L E. Rhoden Mrs. T A. James ' * Douglas, Nancy Lee Mrs. Calvin MU. Mrs Chajrtra De p 0 isier.-Wendell Erwin, Eula Miertschen, Mrs Eddie Foate., Gri DavJd ™ s - g e ?.^ e . H °I ll ^f!f?L £J Cfeaslin, Mahlon Htiile, Barbara J. B. Hoiiingshead, Mrs. Jacn Og- _ » Martin Carole Mevers ;en, Mrs. I. J. Offard, ™™ w T.' ^^ST ^ u ^ martin, tjaroie weyers, Askew, Og- \r« Mrs. mother- Presbyterian Circles Have Latin Programs AT YOUR NEAREST LACK'S APPLIANCE STORE N.Na!n s 2300 H; NA1H-AT-5193 7126 Lawndale - YlJ-5414 ^r§nggs;M--LY ! ;4191 I^^^^^PI^^5^i&^r^ci^ -"- ~~* />/•>-'-'- ^ -.- -'-•-. , "- 8810 Humble Rd ." MU-9971 6701 Lyons Ave ,....OR-606I 2607 Jenson Dr • - v - FA r 6977 6701 Harrisburg /. ,WE-6396 2103 -Yale Sfreef 131 E Sterling, Pasadena 2118 Olnfon'Or., Galena >ark-v. 15825 Marked Sf. Rd M Channelview, . .: GU2-2767 Norma Padgett, _ „_ _.. . .-. ,. T ___ juytc Paulson, Don Padgett, Bobby Brace Warner, Mrs. Leslie James p ^,, Jud y Robinso °. Sa rbar l SihSSrS*^* jJSi'-Sd R.chardksh2, y Sheffield, Naomi Mr , Annie Kulafc, the h onor ee' S ^^^lie WeeS.^ ^^ Performers on the second pro- gram will be Helen Joyce Bowers/ Sandra Lynn Anderson, Janelle Buchanek, Betty Ann Cover, Page Douglas, Wendell Erwin, • Marfne Grimes, Carole Myers, - Naomi All circles of the First Presby- Pryor, Don -Padgett, Barbara terian church had a program .on Richards, Naomi Saase, Winnie "Christian Effect and Church Ef- Katherine Singletary and Margie fectiveness in Latin America" Week. Monday. "* 'Circle 5 met in the home of . , Mrs, George Ferguson in Lake- [,630116$ • woodl " ** Mrs. R. L. Parker was program T/v Dp \\p\A limp 19 leader. Nine women were present. !U u ^ NtJU JUIIC I £: Mrs. N. F. Chamberlain, 2100 _ 't.-v.* * East Fayle, .was the hostess for K«t semi-annual art exhibit of Circle 6 v " * - e Art L** 1 ? 116 of Baytown will be Seven'members heard Mrs. Paul fro ,?* 7 tc » J P->"- Jun « " in the Lee .-Nevil give the program talkL Mrs. c °»eg:e gallery. Chamberlain took the Bible study Exhibitors are reminded to have from John. . ' ,- , their pictures at the gallery by The hostess served punch and noon, and to remove them by 10 cookies following a short business p.m. that night, meeting. * The public is invited. Circle 4 met with Circle 2 to Next regular meeting of the club hear Rev.' Albert Joaquin streak will be at 7 r>.m. Monday in the about South Ap-"~" " - . "~—'•on Jr^ ter DIAL 5913 411 N. COMMERCE You Fill Your B<sgs With These aving Specials, TEXSUN GRAPEFRUIT ROTEL SOLID PACK SHOP IN COOL COMFORT GRADE A VEAL SHOULDER ....LB.

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