The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on June 5, 1969 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1969
Page 18
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Stc. U Thursday, June 5, 1969 ftt Shop Here For A Better Second Family Car gsa. et>OM» TRUCK - IMe Chevrolet, e-cy Blinder with JVj yard b«d. Has 1W7 mo- tfor. tiaco. cull 416'tvtt. — IWi flit F«f« pldiua oor« cubic V-l motor oltitr ports. ^CHEVROLET — IHJ Vt ton truck. SW», £o»Mr bed, *-CYllnd«r, jtlcX. Air condition g«f, n«w llr«. Call PICKUP TKUCKS — HoH taa . toch. Or* pole (In* [roller ond om i;po)» lln« truck, 4M-tM». | FORD PICKUP K F-10» tiV-a. GM4 Inttrlor. Good body. Alt Htl> Struck »e*di li • h«m«. I $575 $ Lumus Baytown Dodge || USED CAR LOT o 'Tii 4!' p ' m - ""'*"' '* Fridar - 14* It E. Ftylt «MJM Work Cars PLYMOUTH, IWf — ««. l after 5 p.m. I 54. Aatonobitet VALIANT mi — 4 deer air rendition *d radio ond healer. 300 or (rode for State top pool lotlt. 424-7597. ^VOLKSWAGENS — 1N4 Buf J7W; fIVW Bus tllOO. Indlvlduo). fi Call 477-4357. H VOLKSWAGEN, 1M7 - Like new. & Factory olr, S:.;Call 4225623 after 5:30. i Classified Display 54. Automobiles DRIVE BY 1M1 N. Main. (ee lt>e nice selection o( 1»W Amerkon Metori AutomoellM. McPHAIL Motort. VOLKSWAGFN, IMl — SIM. uiavet Furnllurt, ]I4 W. Main, 42I-471X RAMBLBk — down, 159.41 montti. McPHAiL MOTORS, 1»1 N- Main. mi PONTIAC Banlttvlll* C**v*rtlvl«. El- cellenl condition, all power and air, Wile's cor. S»5. Coll 2SI-SS07. Doytoo. FORD, 1*s> — Air ututltiened, new lint, molar |utt overhauled, (200 427-4247. im — Oalanle 4 6oar, radie. air, new sea! covers excellent tires. 714 Lloyd Lane 422-5247. PONTIAC 1t<7 FIREBIRD — TW«-ae«r coupe, air, om—Im radio. Coll oiler £ p.m. JacK Sheppord, 4«-9»i9. OOOCE CHARGER, IHt— Mutt tell, ae<. ting married. See, George Mullins Humble Station, SIB Park. FORD, 1N4 — Air canditiMid, new tires, lull reealnted, 1750. Phone 437-3I31. TWO CARS — 'il Rombler, t-cyllnaer &to)lonwagon, in excellent condition, 1475 cosh; '56 Plymouth oood dependable work car J12S cosh. Call 4J7-2475. 54. AutoraokilM S4. AvtomobUsw $4. Aatomobltes 54. AutomobUM S4, AatesnoMlM , 54. A FALCON IMS — Few • «aar i«d««. tac- fory oir, oufomolic, new point, new white wall Ifruv Call 427-20*5. FORO WAGOMN IK] — Falrl«M Mt, air conditioned, 5700. Call 4J7-4«3. CORVAIR, IM) — 4-l»aad, r»*e, hMMT, runt Bood, U25; 1943 COMET »tonoWd ihllt radio heater teK. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISES UOO N. Main, ocrois Iro-n O'Brl«fl'«. 427-»731. NUMBER 1 PEALER IN BAVTOWN BAYTOWN MOTORS, INC. W W. Tt«a» — Phone 4H4UI BUICK, 1M7 — Electro, bkK* VW»I N«, power, air, lilt wheel, AM-FM tlereo. 573-12«2. FALCON, 1M1—Rodlo, llatit blue, clean, good tires, new brakes U50. •!24-»57J. MERCURY, ItU — 1 nearly new tfret, Flr» Line. Tlrts »7S, cor Irec. 4aO Scott; 472-5S39. VOLKSWAGEN, 1NJ — Seaareen, rod*o. clean. 1875. Call 4224433, 122-??X. CORTINA, 1M7 — F»ur-a«or tedan. Good runnlno condition. Priced to tell. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Phone 422-1102. CHEVROLET, tMI — Imaata 4 doer, standard shift, 6 cytlnrier. low mileage, cold air, like new tires, 1475 cash. Call 424-4161. FORO, 1MI — Galixte joe, air, rr.allc, a nice cor crt »S50. Call 424-4161. auta- CHEVROLET, It57 — BelAIr, radle, automatic transmission, V-l, oood shape W»J. *1-_oav> FORD — IMS Tudor hardtop. J»» engirt* air conditioner. Perfect condition. Prione MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE, IH4 — H,2«S; 19« FALCON Futura, V-», outo- mallc, air conditioned power steering S139J. THADEWINDS CHEVROLET, 4273141, 4Z2-311I. doMifi»d Display VOLKSWAGEN, 1«M — Automatic, radio heo4vr Low mlleoge and tike new,. 51,795 CLYDE JONES MOT.ORS IMS N Main 472-78M . FORD im — Tw» o«ar. Nice c*r, tits Coll BUI Klmbraug>i 427-1121. Classified Display FULLER'S Economy Buys! portcars In Warranty One Gray-One Red 1966 Volvo 2 Door Sedan Air • Automatic 1966 Datsun 4 Door 1961 Chevy PICKUP Vz Ton FULLER'S DATSUN-VOLVO J9I2 Market WOULD YOU BEUEYE? MOTOR HOME, That is economical, compact, ! and efficient, has the famous super centered frame with the Mor / rycle suspension, Diesel engine, gets iipproxi- mutely 25 miles to the gallon, | 4-spe«l transmission, 62 miles per hour, and $4,000 LESS | THAN ANY OTHER COMPETITOR. WATCH FOR THE OFFICIAL SHOWING DATE OF FAN MOTQR HOME NEAL DICKENS MOTOR CO. —Under The Big Shed— I Hwy. 146 Phone 427-4165 1966 Volkswagen Air conaVNoMa'. la aaad c««*tle«. 1967 Volkswagen Wild tun root Cltliem NotteMl Bo«k, Jl» W. T*M -tve., 4I7-n»l. BUY FROM Intepentenl AutanwWk AuaclMlta MomMrtl '65 Buick Eleclra 225 FOUR DOOR HARDTOP Beautiful belt* In c»l*r. on* local owiwr. Factory air, 1tnl»d ilaii, radio, white wall llnefc power (leering, power Brake* and Bayshore Motors, Inc. LINCOLN MERCURY DEALER 4tt4ttl !H) Morfc«t "Quality Not OiMittUy 1968 Lincoln Continental FOUR DOOR SEDAN Every paulbi* lectory occetwry. »,»»I actual mll«. Sport Mv*r out of trunk. I Fu4l i yaan, UMt mile warraMy In I Hfer.t. SMId Mack wltli Mack vinyl r»al ( end Imcwrtad block leather Marlar. SERVING iAYTOWN OVER * YEARS | OpMI 'til * p.m. Page Dittman Motors CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DEALER Hwy. 14* At E. Fnyl« — PhOfl* 4J2I1H Classified Display T-ilHD, )li] — Meeds point, »W before comolele, MM I I J-B Motor Co. Mil Alexander Driv* ph«M 417-11M '68 PONTIAC FIREBIRD Reolly taw mileaae and Mill In warranty Iwltti book), Beautiful gold finKh wit* white vinyl lap. Air conditioned, and oil IM other extras. Leofci "" new. Quality Motors 47MV17 7M f, Texot CtoMifled Display '68 PONTIAC Bonneville t«»a»d. TKb baoutMul faw-oa*r with atve vinyl re*>. On. >»fal wmwr. Dan Hutchinj Motors tn-7IM Hrwoy \U at T*X« 1 Display HAZARDOUS WORK!! MINISTERING TO SICK PEOPLE . . . P«opl« with Dodge F«v«d! Long Hours, Hard Work, F«w Will Succeed ... but thos* who do will make 'good money and have opportunity for promotion plus driving a new Dodge Dem* onitrafor. Weak-Hearted One*, Please Do Not Apply CONTACT JIMMY LUMUS Lumus Baytown Dodge 2800 Market Old Baytown CHEVROLET 1MI — IMMta, Ci»*M*> Coupe. V-l engine, Air Conditioned* Automatic, Power Stre*ing, Power brakev Coll 427-KOJ. ClaMiited Display BUICK, 1*41 — WUdcal, Alrcondllloned and healer, 1*00. 42J-I644. S4. MutTiJta eo*iv€RTi»L«, m» —. «g, v-», radio, e-ipead, «>tra deon II IK. Coll m-IWl • GUARANTEED All U Pob* Bkf ety PerfMMuMtt Totted. W« U*% To lUpeir «' R«pUe« MeehABieeJ Pmrte For Flnt M teyt «r !,«• milee. CLYDE NIX Sales Representative Now Associated With The Used Car Dept. of Buick, Inc. Busby 518 W, Texas ft• f% VOLKSWAGEN Cedan, beta* "bug" r juiomalk VnH trinwnlMloo, air, radio, 17,000 mll«i. Still In mu w»rr»nty. Nlce-Nke. .,.- 1969volkiwa«ensedanbrandnew<feliveredbaytown,tcx.,fl861 1967 VOLKSWAGEN Sedan. Dark b1u« "bus," ATr conditioned, low mlteafle. ......,,..,.. $1495 122-55*4 Hi*f »» A *>rr» r«y OMI or ou* A» coMomoNto USED CARS 1967 Oldsmobile 98 4 door hardtop, loaded, 1 owner. $2495 1968 BUICK Electra 4 door ledjn, loaded I I owner, new tirn, Vinyl top. $3895 1966 VOLKSWAGEN Air, 1 owner. $1395 1965 EL CAMINO Automatic, air, V-«, perfect con dition. $1295 1965 COMET Cyclone 2 door hardtop, 4 ip««d| air, new tires, 1 own*r. $1595 1964 PONTIAC Starchief 4 ittir tedin, »Ir, power, 4 new •4 ply fi ply rating tiree. $1095 1964 BUICK £lectra 225 Loaded, 1 owner. $1295 Used C^r Dept. Gene Campbell—Sales Manager Joha Reeve*, Clyde Nix—Swies Representatives BUSBY BUICK, INC. 518 W. Texas Phone 422-5564 VACATION SPECIALS TIME 10 TRADE AND •SAVE Chubby Gilb«rt--Lawrenc« Cooper--D. V. Ot+--Warren AnoWrton tM« CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1MB DODGE CHARGER .. 1>6« PONTIAC LE MANS 1»«7 PONTIAC LC MANS 19«7 BUICK WILDCAT .. tMC BUICK L«»ABRE . .. $Z775 $2795 $1795 $1995 $2295 $1795 This Week's Special $795 1969volkswB4{ensedanbrandnewdeUveredbaytown 1 tex,,J1861 «Af A VOLKSWAGEN Sedan. Dark green, air ccndi- f, m f^f^m |YOO >K " 1ed ' *-'P« d ' » lck . white tlrti •* I Of 9 1969volkswagenscdanbrandnewdeHveredbaytown,tex.,$lS6I. mftlO VOLKSWAGEN Sedan. Black vinyl, radio, heal- dt««VAf I TOO "•• *""'« tlr « • 51795 l»eevoBuwafe«n&edanbr»,ndn*wd«liveredba\1own l tei. r Jlft€l. 1965 MUSTANG 1964 BUICK RIVIERA 1967 DODGE OT 1967 CHEVROLET PICKUP 1968 CHEVROLET PICKUP 1967 CHEVROLET I PICKUP |ie^S;:« 1965 MUSTANG J plui 2 1964 CHEVROLET SS $1495 $1495 $1095 $1595 $1795 -MPEST 196? PLYMOUTH 1963 VOLKSWAGEN 19G2 RAMBLER 1967 FORD Futrlane V-8, station wagon, low mileage, solid. Radio, Kood tlre«. Special price $1495 1969v olkswagensedanbrandnewdeUveredbaytown.tex-.Jiaei m Af O I 7QQ VOLKSWAGEN BOX, (7 paiKngcr bui). Blue white top, ritffo, 'ull warranty ................. , 1969\'o)kswagenscdanbrandnewdelivcredbaytown,t(>x.,?1861 m J W VOLKSWAGEN Blue bug tedan, Z-door, radio. » 1 •> AP 1 |YO/ Fu " 3ad:| i' warranty ........................... 5 I J 7 1) Home Of "The Cleanest Cars"! WARREN ANDERSON MOTORS 700 E. Texas 1969volkswagensedanbrandnewc!eliveredbaytown,tex.,$186i $1795 VOLKSWAGEN Fait back, pvwdcr blu<, black vinyl Interior, radio, new motor, ( month "Our UMM! Buf»—Dont Have Any Buf»" Texas Motor Volkswagen, Inc Phone 422-6815 606E. Tt BATTOWV PK 422-1113 OPEN 8 P.M. DAILY Except Saturdays Until 5 P.M. BRAND NEW CONCEPT SELLINC NEW CARS PHONE 427-7474 2800 Market Old Boytown JIMMIE LUMUS MINI-STICKER -SAVE TIME- s succism KTM ma tun I CHRYSLER Every Automobile Dealer has a window sticker price on each new car-and-an actual price that he can take for the unit. JIMIvUE LUMUS CAN SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME. SHOE LEATHER, AND GASOLINE-and-also take the time consuming "Horse Trading" aspect out of your new car purchase. HOW CAN THIS BE DONE? By The NEW JIMMIE LUMUS MINI-STICKER! Why is there a variation in your cost of the same car at various dealerships? This is due to good management control and keeping the cost of selling the new car at a ^minimum. Actually it is controlling overhead. OUR OVERHEAD IS MUCH LESS than Ijthe metropolitan dealer, therefore we ca n sell for less! You can buy at the LOW MINI^STICKER PRICE ON A STRAIGHT SALE BASIS OR BY TAKING OUR PRICE. AND SUB- tACTING THE ACTUAL CASH VALUE OF YOUR CAR FROM THE MINI - STCCKER PRICE. It's just that simple - so hurry out. Jimmie Lumus " ""•*" "* > " 1 HAKT?.ACJ, XSSY LUHliS B*YTC'.-7; DOtXlI SASTOS'TKAS ' uiyus avi'Tci'i DODGE ?3r>o m?*.i7 srsiiT 9A?TC' N Tb v *S XK'e. C.-iASSiS S JDCOa HARDTOP THL fC^lC'flKS ITtKS C.- =;.IP1E«T tj& STWDiM E'll.'IPX-KT CN T.-:! 1 ) XCDEtl EurtET SiiTS LLtCTSIC CLCCK, VISVL 73IX, F3CS7 AIR FCW SHISj. H. 3r rc^5ICS*BA?S, S'>*Y~BAi " ' v;iTt m: spiciiL-vKH visn aoor COSSOLi ~z^:3Ln.::i. rs^ssr-issrcri US CIO i.'iOir'i 8 CV— J-BBL. AtiL ^»T:C j.7i/?.76 i>C«1S STti-.INO VIXVL "CCr-BLACK J38.M S-.-'.S 206.30 . 357.65 61.55 100.00 A • -'- tH.^ Oodge -MAKE YOUR OWN DEAL--' 2800 Mart.** — OM loytewn 427-7474 — Open Til S P.M. Exctpt Sotw^ays Jimmie Lumus' MINI • STICKER $ 3745 -Read These And Your Own Deal In 3 Minutes

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