The Paris News from Paris, Texas on October 10, 1960 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1960
Page 4
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THE PARIS, TEXAS, NEWS MON'DAY, OCT. 10, 1960 Man, How This Modern Living Keeps Changing Things Up Around the House something to Remember You're On TV About the time folks were getting used to the hazards of modern Hving. along came some geniuses who changed everything. It seems like only 20 years ago when the little woman, her hair in curlers, put on the coffee pot and, after she got the old grouch off to earn his pay check, she'd work like a dog all day, and then get a big dinner for the old man. Nowadays her hair is permanently frizzled and doesn't look so bad even in the morning. Coffee is started by an ek-ctric clock before she gels out of bed. Hois sec! canine is for the We've all been robbed of talk about. And another "for example" is that long distance calls are just nothing. It used to be that when the phone rang there was a thrill when the operator said. "Dallas is calling/' You'd guess that Cousin Joe was in jail, or what was worse, coming for a visit. Now you answer and hear Cousin Joe \vish you "Happy Halloween. When you call long distance you don't have the important feeling that came when you told the operator, ''I want to talk to IXhibifion 0-0000 in Los Angeles.'' You simply dial with a few extra twists, like you were call- birds with appliances and detergents, wash- ing up a friend to borrow a' fin. ing is automatic and the evening meal comes naif-cocked and frozen from supermarket. Xoi that anybody complains, but it's hard to get used to these things. The voids are hard to fill. When the little woman went to market in the old days, she'd let the neighbors know about it by grinding the car gears. The family bus sounded like a rivet gun and hopped down the street like a jack rabbit. Today there is no clutch and shifting gears is automatic. Those harrowing Sunday drives dis- the appeared with the advent of the turnpike. No slow drivers queue up traffic, no traffic signals, no pedestrians, no cross roads, no sharp turns. You have less worries than when the engine ate oats. You don't need initiative anymore. Everything is preplanned, precooked, electronic or automatic. That's wliy outdoor barbecues are so popular. They give a man a chance to build'a fire all by himself. With an electric fire starter, of course. On Transienfs, Alcohol, Good Citizens... meanderings on the Paris Monday scene. ... We have heard recent complaints of fly-by-night tree "surgeons" and trimmers in neighboring towns, and at least one locally. It's that time of year. Parisians should be especially careful when dealing with transient tree men, magazine salesmen, pest control organizations and others who make their rounds. There are many reputable firms in such business, some local and others who travel but conduct their affairs in the proper manner. If your suspicions are aroused, check up before you allow them to do work for you, or before you sign anything. And the best policy is to use your local workmen and businesses. . . . We are pleased to see the start of a Paris Council on Alcoholism. Although you may not realize it, Paris has problems in alcohol as do virtually all Texas cities. The Council can be of great assistance to these persons with whom alcohol has become an illness. Some of you will be asked to serve on this Council". Think twice before saying no. ... Paris can use some more newcomers like Dr. Bill Harden. He's the kind of .fellow who does something besides talk when he sees something that needs doing. Take the Little League baseball situation. Paris had only one park. It needed another. Dr. Hayden saw this need, and personally touched off a campaign that resulted in the construction of Norton Field. More recently, he noted the need for more lights at Noyes Stadium. He got busy, recruited some help, and the result was a campaign which brought a new row of lights on each side of the field. This relatively new Parisian has done a lot more for the city during his residence here than most folks have done in a lifetime. He's to be' commended. . . . * # BACKWARD^RGLANCES •X # (From the Scrapbooks of the late A. W. Neville, Editor of The Pom News', 1936-1956) were no public schools but many dealh I private schools and colleges. The John T. Webster, for years a prom-1 following year. 1873, under Re- October 17, 193i Some vears before hLs ineni citizen of Paris, wrote for his neighbor. Mrs. .John W. Gr;iy, something of the early days in publican, or carpetbag nile, was (he first public free school in the Graham school build- Paris, based on his activities since [ iiifi on Graham strecet taught by arrival here. I am privileged to j Miss Alice Bean as principal and copy this and believe it will be ! Miss McKinney assistant. The of interest to many of the younger | school board at this time was comas we!! a=: older citizens of Paris. I posed of 0. C. Connor, John W. .Mr. Websier said: "Accompanied by i Broad and John Faulkner." T. IJ Craig! Continuation of Mr. Webster's we left Selnui, Ala., May 4. \K7'>, ! siory will be given in the next per steamer on the Alabama river ! issue of The News. to Mobile, thence by rail to .New Orleans, from there up Red river to Jefferson, Texas, arriving there the niglu of May 12, We stopped in Jefferson four days to secure , horses for our prospecting irip ' ! over Texss, leaving Jefferson in 73 YEARS AGO mm *#%£?_._ McXiujhi Sriidkitt, The Paris News is an independent Democratic newspaper, supporting what is believes to be right and opposing what it believes to be wrong, publishing the news fairly and impartially at all times. * ... ._.. ' ' ' INSIDE WASHINGTON GEORGE D/XON Overtime Game on Rebuttals Now Being Ployed in Politics Fridny, October 10, 1917 R. M Cooler of DeKalb was jthe afternoon of the 15th and spoilt : picture;!, piano .spraying Red Riv| our first night in Lamar. County in . cr bottnmbnd cotton with a now | he home of Captain Ed Junes so ', ai-rm! defoliant. ' of the present town of Blossom. ! This was May 17. 1372. ; Street p,-ir;nle was held herald"From there we rode to Shock- : \ n g UK- f;iil rodeo at N! o r r i s ey's prairie to visit friends and • Kimboll's K-Bar Ranch rodeo rode into Paris Friday afternoon, J west of town. May 'li, spent the night at the! MeLecxj hotel' and the following: Fifty-two wonion had rcgislcreil (iay rode So Ladonia where we had i relatives, and this town being our i objective headquarters we had our trunks forwarded from Jefferson j by 'Ox Team Express' to Honey j j Grove, the nearest point on (he ' i highway. After resting (our days I at. Ladonia we started on o u r i prospering trip via slier[ man, McKinney. to Dallas, then I back through Kaufman county via j Greenville' and on back to Laj donia. At this time it was not conj sidered prudent to so further \ve:>t i lhan I have outlined above as the i Indians had only recently raided for the Amateur Flower S h o w school, conducted by the Card e n Club here. Bible Thought us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.—Ecclesiaslcs 12:13. | into Cooke comity. WASHINGTON — No fans of; The Republicans counter-counterd ! man.-hip throw a buuita! at the urn- j about July 1 in quest of a house' either side are being permitted i that the activities of Mr. Nixon • pire. ^o^^hef^Sb^ov^l— "> ^ <»«»* -* *«• . _ ... . .,, ._ • ^Mave a loving reverence for : God and seek His will for your | lift, it means. Our souls are rest"Having visited many places we | less lln *'' we tome into ihat posi- decided on Paris as the best town lion - Rlit when God reigns within, to embark in business so returned lliere ' s rest and peace. asked the GOP's Mr. The i ancj ' A ' h 'Ie looking out for a placet /"•-.„_ r*L • [of business. A. Barnett. the only! Company Chairman at n^r • kAsj,, U „, ~ / j. r I ! X H ° Ve L ° St 5 ° /e Is Peiping, Moscow Power Fight Motive in Red UN Gatherings? B.T HEXRV CATHCAKT Central Press Association Washington Writer time game of "Rebuttal, Rebuttal, ': v ' ay ^arry Truman seized the steei I what reserves he had io throw in I Who's Got the Rebuttal?" is be-; , , ... . . i , ; . , T . . , - . i " —• 1V< •** • n.i'-vit- i >•" *• • *~* *i..n-* v , \_ «i it . --I i — t\ news* ing played m violent secrecy this | This one i.s m the Democratic; p'ay. He voiced tne pious hope ; ate;y launched into a general drv i man waitin" to interview rim-ipe p f. ™. n» 1^ If VPSt* f ~ — — — — — t 1 :__. _. i . i ' T K/i .-»••, F-*I n -i< r^i \\ An' b \ *• r- \ »• Vi -i 4 1 mi -< i rtr* *-. J -. 1_ ....'.. i . * 4 '"" 1 lc l'H-l"\jIlcillt.S In the game a caught foul isn out. H just means a rebuttal. The _ foul-hitter then lashes out with a | ' " n ' n S to re-rebutting. It's! time." he explained. | if the Democrats rere-rc-re'd this I We traded with him and immedi- SAN DIEGO. Calif <-Ti - A new., : pay ' He "««d tne pious hope lately launched into a general dry man waiting to interview Charles i process of being counter-counter-;'"<? Same wouldn t last that long, soods business under the name of! H. Kcllestadt board chairman of ;n- t ! countered, after which the Repub-1 "Rebuttals in 'Rebuttal. Rebut- Webster & Craig. \Ve continued : Sears, Roc-buck & Co in a rhejiicans doubtless will devote anital. Who's Got the Rebuttal?' take 'j several years when J sold my in-i panv'office horn n-; 1 -^ a c^™" re-rebuttal, which is counte r e d i enough to make a hater of game-i mercifully, with a re-rerebuttal, after which j ——i—™™_«« 0 ^_^—«_ both sides start over again with a buttal. .. time, j Iere3t to Cra 'S and he, in a few | pany office here asked a secre- runmng out. No coin was tossed for who'd may be to strengthen the hand of grab of South Korea, the R us-!bat first, but the Republicans beat Xikita Khrushchev in the upcom-' ing power struggle with Red Chi- WASHINGTON — Goings-on be- j na. sians have generally exerted a re-! the Democrats to'the plate. The • straining influence on the R e d j Republican Congressional Com | Chinese. 1 miltee opened the series by whiz- j hind the. machinations of th c j \yjth every passing month, it be-1 The time may be soon at hand, j zing over a hot offering called Kremlin are, in the apt phrase of comes more and more evident that i however, when Russia may no j "Speech Kit." Winston Churchill, "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma"—and nothing illustrates this more plainly than the super- spectscular at the United Nations. ON YOUR SCREEN MONDAY-TUESDAY TELEVISION KRLD-TV, Channel 4—Dallas j weeks afterwards, having been I chosen as assistant cashier of the i Farmers and .Merchants bank. *old ., ,, i back to me the dry goods business, i avallabic - j v.hich I carried on alone for some i r J 'tne. ! "In the fall of iS 72 the busines, men o: Paris, headed by Willett Babcock. organized a volunteer tary for a Sears catalog to scan as he waited. That's right, there wasn't one COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — In 1932, Charles Jones carved his Red China is the Frankenstein's j longer be able to do this- Khrush-i This Kit contained more than monster created by the Soviet Un-ichev's U.N. visit is, according ion. The monster is growing more j to one interpretation, an effort to and more restive and is now chal- j solidify the Communist world be- lenging its master for leaders h ip \ hind him in his coming round of probable—that the real motive be hind the gathering of Iron Curtain chieftains such as Khrushchev of Russia. Tito of Yugoslavia, Kadar cf Hungary and the others, p 1 as j speeches, however. It contained' replies to challenges that hadn't' been made, and answers to questions that hadn't been asked. ' The Kit was thrown into the 1 outcome may rest the chances for j occur not long after the U. N. ses- game by the GOP Committee's It is possible—perhaps even| 0 f the Communist world. Upon the j conferences in Peiping. which will world peace. If the Red Chinese ;sion in finished. win, the results could be app3l- j Jing. u t uun 6 a*jr aim nic uuici 3, jJ l u^ •. rp^g j^ g[ j C n i nesc WCTC in the V(l_'ArtKC-L, DSlWeCn MOSCOW the unprecedented presence of ] O f te n-stated opinion of 'the late! and Peiping is, on the surface, a Red-oriented countries like Castro; Secretary of state of state J o hn • di/ference in interpretation of 01 Cuba and Nasser of Egypt — Foster rhilips a "far "i-patpr" • Marxist doctrine. The Russian chief publicist, Paul Theis, who 1 is now hailed in rebuttal circles , THE OSTENSIBLE CAUSE OT\ss "Oh, you kit!!" The Kit-tenish | |THE QUARREL between Moscow M f - Theis supplied a kit to every j Republican member of the House ! of Representatives and every Re-1 MONDAT 110-30 6:00 News & Weather i i°;3^ 6:15 Doug Ed'.varcii ! jj^j/i 6:30 To Tell the Truth! 12 : CO 7:00 Pete i.- Gladys I 7:30 Bringing Up 7:45 Buddy 8:00 Danny Thomss E:30 Andv Griffith 3:00 Chas. L. Sullivan 9:30 Pres. Countd9v.'n •"•"• Rcws * Fuiinv- World 10:11 10:30 'Elephant flcv Sign Off rUESHAT sign On Cartnoru News 8:15 Cap! Kancaroo 9:30 Jack Lclanne 9:30 Video Village lOiOfr I [jO VC .IICV •*-="ner ! 10:30 Clear Horizon People & Places I 1] :UO Love ol Ule 7:23 7:30 3:00 ii:3o Search tomorrow i 12:00 News f:0» Full Circle 1:30 ^ar;j 2: Of' J.!i!!ionalre 2 :'.>•! VorfJici U Vours J:0" BriRiiier Day 3:15 The Stcrci Storm 3:30 Edge of Nlaht 4:00 Movie 5:15 Party Time near here Rccemlv ™° "When we came to Paris there was Jones said he a wars WBAP-TV Channel 5—Fort Worth Beatniks Get Lift On Society Page ST U T T GART, Ark. (AP > — ( Beatniks achieved a respeciabili- j of I Foster Dulles, a "far greater threat to world peace than the. „ ,. Russians. "The Chinese C o m-i tlons can 'co-exist'-Hive) peace- publican running against a Dem- j view being that Communist na- ocratic Representative. Naturally, you can't bat things munists are dizzy with success," Dulles stated over and again on numerous public over | occa ably with capitalist countries un- j til ''the final victory of Commun- like that around without some be-1 ing caught by the other side. Dem- sions ty of sorts on the social page the Stuttgart Daily Leader. Writing about a far-out party at' S1ANS the country club, the newspaper's socie-iy editor referred to the merrymakers as "beatniques." Ambition Blistered ism." The Red C h i n e s e view, iocrats fielded so many GOP kits, which has been pushed with j and were stung to such rebut- more and more insistence, is thatjment, they put the best team they i "war is inevitable" between Com-j could muster into the field, head- iip Avn U-C-RP RL jmunist and capitalist nations. fed by their old muster man. Rep. ARb—A?,D \\ERt-— to i 7-}^ sooner Communist nations i Chet Holifield of California. HONDAS 6:00 News fj. Wcatlier 6:lo Iluntley-Brinkley 6:30 7:30 Wells Fargo 8:00 Klondike 8:30 Dante 9:00 Barbara 9:15 Stanwyck 5:30 Bov.-ling 9:45 With Berle 10:33 12:00 12:05 12:10 12:45 Slsrn Of! Jack Paar News Almanac News MlcSnt. Mystery deal with, the Kremlin has _ been | gel on with the war, in the eyes of! Belting on a muster plaster, far less reckless than the Red Chinese. On more than once occasion, the grim Red Chinese view, the Chet began belting 'em back. Soon 10:25 News Final 10:30 SporU 5:55 A 1 in a p. a c News 6:00 Coiit'l. Clafsr'm. 7:00 Dave Garro'.vay 7:25 Wea.-. Garrov.'ay 8:25 News; Garroway 9:00 Dough Re Ml G-ncentratiori Truth or Conqs. (I Could Be You F EV E R 9:30 Plav Vour Hunch 10:00 Price IE Righl ' 5:55 | 10-30 11:00 11:30 12:00 News j 12:30 Mldnqon Mystery j 12:35 Dateline j 1:00 Jan Murray Show J 1:30 Ixiretta Youns 2:00 Dr Malone 2:30 fhese Rnoti 3:00 Room for Daddy 3:3<J Here's Jlollywoo'd j 4:00 Pamllv Thcat.-e ' S:3fl Popeyc Almanac News KCMC-TV, Channel 6—Texarkana sooner — war is begun and won,; he was batting more re-rebuttals; wnen Red Chinese actions have|[ he sooner {hc v . or]d win j^ won ! than (here were rebuttals. J threatened war, Dulles and other j for Communism. ! Holi/ied called his squad the! American foreign policy officials j To Westerners, who don't take' "Democratic Study Group"- for TOLEDO, Ohio <-\P> —A troop i ne stron S remonstrances to So-, their theoretical politics v e ry! purposes of deception, I suppose. -- - - • ... -'-jviet Foreign Minister ' MONDAY ( 10:45 MGM i 6:00 News li Weather ' of 10 Boy Scouts coilected 80i V. ^ .Mo- 1 seriously (who can tell any real In response to a Republican siz- blisters on a 250-mile m a r c h ] lotov r Pointing out that the Chinese | Difference between a Republican Uler that it was a good thing for- from Cincinnati to Toledo. Be- i Ccmmunist Policies, if persisted j an< j a Democrat, for instance?), eign policymaking had been taken 6:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Surftide Six 8:30 Adv. in Paradise 9:20 Peter Gunn 10:00 Person to Person 10:30 News 4i Weattie: Playhouse 7:00 QranO Ole QDTTT 7:30 News .*.: Weather 7:45 Matinee 9:30 As World Turns 10:00 Dr. Hurfsori 10:30 Edge fjf Night 11:00 Morninn Court 11:30 Love That Bob 12:00 12:;il> 12.45 !:(;'> 1:30 2-00 2:30 3-00 3:30 4:00 5:30 The Texan Farm Diqest New? & Weather About Faces Queen for a Day Dav In Cmir> Gale Storm Seat the Clock VsTir, You Trust Arn Handstand Hin Tin Tin fore we started we had planned; 1 '"- would lead to '• var several longer hikes, but I imag-i Except for the Korean War, this struggle seems very remote and unreal. The thought that any ine our ambitions may be some- which seems to have been started j country would deliberately start what curtailed now," said Richardson the mistaken USSR-Red C h i- Applegate, scoutmaster of Troop | nese assumption that the United 15, Portsmouth, Ohio. States would not fight to resist an atomic world war because of a theoretical political idea is incomprehensible. TheylLDo Jt Every Time .*. By Jimmy Hatlo LOOK W«0 J S WAV DOWM FRONT.'.' AMD HER HUSBAND A .250 HITTER// I'M CERTAINLV GOING TO SHE TO IT THAT MV OTTO GETS ME BETTER SEATS TOMORROW/.' AND CASSlE LAMEV/IN6 NEXT TO HER// HER HUSBAND HASN'T LASTED MORE THAN THREE INNINGS SfNCE APRIL 24ST/ PROM WHAT I HEARXTHEY 6ET JEAUDUS IP SMElL B£ BACK /N THE OWE PLAYER HAS A CUBES LEA6UE WITH AoWER NUMBER OH IR OTTO NEXT xT\ H(S BACK THAN THEIR SEASON »• r-^srS-x OLD MAN — /m IT'S TWE SAME IN Y IF YOU THINK THIS EVERY RACKET-MV \CAUSES HEAD ACHES/ DOLL KICKS BECAUSE I HOW ABOUT WEN THE k HER MINK HAS SHORTER/ 6AlSREAD>lBOur SLEEVES THAN MY/THE BiOATEO SALARIES PARTNER'S f>THE OTHER GLT/S ARE BARRACUDA/ m HAPPY DAYS AT THE WORLD SERIES- OR VVHC/S srrriN6 WHERE? 7VAHXAHD A TIP Of •HATLO'HAT 70 MiKE'CHAPPEL, COLLEGE., lfl-16' away from the Democrats, the Holi/ielders rifled back the rebuttal that- the GOP foreign policymakers had added little to Roosevelt-Truman policies except bad Republicans rerebutted that they had added one thing—Peace. The Republicans then rebutted a charge the Democrats couldn't recall making. The GOP announced it desired to "correct the record" that the national debt was higher under the Republicans than ever before in history, $285 billion. "Ninety-six percent of this," rebutted Team Captain Theis, "was incurred under the Democrats." By this time it was a good thing there weren't spectators, or they'd have swivelled their heads off. The Democrats razzed the Republicans as the high cost of liv i n g party. The Republicans rebutted that the cost of living went up fifty percent under Truman "jn<! only eleven percent under Eisenhower. The Democrats re-rebut- led, "Ha!! Ha!!" The Republicans grabbed credit for settling the steel strike. T )i e Democrats countered that the role played by Vice President Ri c hard M. Nixon was clear indication of Republican manipulation of labor-manage m c n t controversies. KLTV-TV, Channef 7—Tyler MONDAT 6:00 News 6:16 Sports 6: Is Huntlcy-Brinkley 6:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Surfside Six 8:30 . Dsnte 0:00 Klondike 9:30 Bov.'ling 9:45 With Berlc 10-.00 News 10:15 Radar Report 10:25 Sports 10:35 Jac Paar 10:55 E-Texas Report 11:00 l?.:Cn 12:15 7:00 7:25 8:00 S:25 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 Jack Paar Tomnr tidllnes Sign Off TUFSOAT Dove Garroway E-Texss Report Dave Garroway E-Tcxss Report Dave Garroway Dough Re All Play Your Hunch Price Is RlRht 10:30 Concentration 11:00 Love of Life 11:30 It Could Be You 12:00 Open House 12:11 News. Weather, 12:20 and Sports 12:20 Queen for a Day 1:00 Jan Murray 1:30 Loretta Young 2:00 Dr Malone 2:3r. These Rontt 3:00 Room for Daddy :i::!0 Here's Hollywood 4:0(1 Am. Bandstand 4:25 Weather 4:31 Am. Bandstand 5:00 Big Picture 5:30 Hi-Diddle-Dirldle 5:50 Nat'I. Headlines 5:55 Radar Report Equal time is this year's campaign rule -t »• Lyndon Johnson calls Nixon a "great misjudge,-." In fact T * xon hadn't misjudged the vote .ppcal of Catot ij, e he vo.ld have picked Lodge for President _ an d a LodgeAKon ticket would have won in a landslide. V * * Khrushchev promised to bring th e top brass of Communism knucks 8 U ' S a Ci " Ch ' le hr0 " g ' l! all ' his to Liille known geography: Tuerlo Rit-o between the Hudson and East Rivers. a large island WFAA-TV, Channel 8—Dallas KONDAT 6:00 News fi:15 Weather 6:23 Sports 6:30 Chevenne 7:30 Surfsidc Six 8:.10 Adv. in Paradise 9:30 Peter Gunn 10:00 Channel 8 Renort 10:15 Weather 10:25 Snorts 10:30 Tombstone Trty. 11:00 Ch-in S Tlieatra 11:30 "Magnificent 12:00 Doll" 12:30 Sign OH TDESIMY 7:21 Devoflnnal 7:30 Almanac 7:.W News fl:00 Felix the Cat R.30 Showcase 10:00 Julie Qenell 31:00 ' Morning Court 11:30 Love That Bob 12:11 The Tcxa?! 1":30 Queen for a Day 1:00 Ahoul Faces 1:30 Highway Patrol 2:00 Da> 'n Court 2:30 Reality 3:00 Beat the Clock 3:30 Who Vou Trust 4-00 Am Bandstand 5:00 Robin Hr>"rl 5:HO Rin Tin Tin A Jaw requiring that pub 1 i c schools be established in every town of 50 families or more was passer! in 1M7 in the Massachu- seU.5 Bay Colony. KTEN-TV, Channel 10—Ada MONDAY 6:00 News A: Weather 6:15 John Daly fi:30 Cheyenne V:30 Surfside Six • 3:30 Adv. in Paradise 9:30 Peter Gunn 10:00 Wells Fargo 10:30 News &: Weather 10:15 The NlfJht Snow 10:45 NlRht Show 10:30 Morning Show 11:00 Morninz Crttirt 11 :'M Love That Bob 12:00 The Texan 12:30 Queen for a Day 1:00 About Faces 1:30 Afternoon Show 2:(H' Day In Courl 2:30 Gale Storm 3:0d Bea< ,thr Clock 3:30 Who You Trust 4:00 Am. Bandstand 5:30 Action Strip KXII-TV—Channel 12, Sherman Denison, Ardmore , MONDAT? 15:00 News tt Weather 6:15 ttuntley-Brinhlcy 7:30 Wells Fargo S-.fX) Klondike B:3fl Shotgun Slade P:00 Barbara ,fl:15 Stanv/yck n:30 Jackpot Bowllnr 10:00 K'.m. 50:17 Wt»th«r 10:25 Snorlf 10:30 Jack Paar 12:00 Sign Off TUESDAS 3:(K) DoiiRh Rt M! 0:31) Play Youi Hunch 1(1:00 Price Is Right 10:,1o Concentration 11:00 Truth or Cnnr,t;x. 11:30 H Could Bo You 12:00 Newsroom; Wet, 12:15 Industry Parade 12:30 12 Acres 1:00 Women's World l:3u Loretta Young 2:00 Dr Malone 2:30 These Roots 3:00 Room for Daddv 3:3fl Here's Hctlvwood 4:00 Ilka Chase 4:M This la Answer ,VUO Klddlnc Korntr 5:3d) Current Sports cars are getting sn .smiDI. one (own has Imposed SaO fine for running under pedestrians — KNEBEL. FLETCHER (A.MD THE DINNER HORN) THE NORTH TEXAS PUBLISHING COMPANY. PARIS, TEXAS Published Dully Excrpl SiiUird.n- W. W. Bnssano Publisher Bill Thompson, Managring Editor EUlon Ellis £. Cox . nircctor of Adv. CirculnOon SUBSCRIPTION HATES-TEXAS AMI OKLAHOMA By Mail— One Month ----- $ 1..TO Delivered by Carrier By M,fl-Thr«. Month,.... 3 .50 '" C " V ^^ Outsit By Mall— SU Monlhs ...... 650 fr,"- v 2 ° no .......... ' Mc By Man-One Year ........ „,.«, S OUTSIDE TEXAS AND OKIAIIOM\ By Mall-One Month ...... R v Mail-SU Monlli. By Mall-Three Months .... 3.75 By M!!!I-O». Ve"r .. t 700 S Pubishc» u An> crroncoug reflccUon upon the clmrncter, stsndlng or reputation or corporallon vMucli may appear in the ;olumns corrected upon bclnR brouRlit to attention of the The Paris News Is not responsible for the return nf unsolicited manuscrlpls or photoflrnphs. Tl)« Pnrls Newa L S - ?£!. . r ,^ p ? n -)i ,' or copy °' T 'irs, typosrnphlcnl errors or any uninicntlonnl r-rrors that rnny nccur In ndvcrtlstnR other than In correct In next Issue after It Is brought to their attention. All ndvcrtlslnf; orders nrc ncecntcd on this Oasis oniv. MEMItEIl OK THK ASSOOIATEn t'KKSS, T'iSXAS A _ S SOO.ATION, _ SOUTH RUN. .NKWSPAI'EH vv UKUSHBKS AND AUDIT HUHKAO NEWSPAPER . ASSOCIATION, TEXAS QUALITY r*EWSP.tPKflS OI' OIRCUI.ATION. The Associated i'rejs 1^ cntltJed cxcluslvrly to use for rcpuhllcjillon of ail local ncv/s- printed In this paper as well as nil AP news dispatches. A—- THE PARIS NEWS, MONDAY, OCT. 10, 1960

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