The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on October 4, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
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Monday, October 4, 1897
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-• •-• •--'"'- ---" '— --JJ —• R6y*I tt**«i «r« iood jsurt AbvoiutMyPtir* *»l BMftWt MWWSB C». ( >*W VftftH.' "* ^Watsoa havlT tlie newest T Tats, Sftilors/ Bicycle , H School Caps. West styles id Wrtlki* Htttfl and Chltdr State Stteet. ^ . - Vacation !>«>'». In the lake regions of Wisconsin, Northera Michigan, Minnefiotn, Iow» and South Dakota, along the lines of the Chicago, Mil woukee & St. Paul aallwaj', arc hundreds of charming localities preeminently fitted for summer homes, nearly nli of which are located on or near lakes which have not been fished out. These resorts range in TO- rietyfrom the "full dross for dinner" to th« flannel shirt costume li/r every meal. Among the list ara.namf * lanUiiar to many of our reader's ft? the perfection of northern gumer resorts. "Nearly all o of the Wisconsin points of 5n>en>st are within a short tnnce from Chicago or Milwaukee, and none of them are so far rfWtty fro-n the "busy marts'of civilization" that they cannot be rehcRcfl in a few hoursof travel,by frequent tri>in9,6»er the finest road in the nsttlwvestr*- theChicago, Milwaukee*St.P«ul Hailway. Send a two cent stomp for a copy of ''Vacation P ys*' giving a desoriE 1 ion of *he principal resorts, and a list of tsuijnnor hotol* nnJ boarding houson, and rates for boa«d, to Geo. H. Hentlord, General Passenger \gont." (Shicn'RO, 111. Ostaologist 19 the Big Man !n the Celebrated Chicago Wife- Murder Case. "' fdwnd t*t« ^utH^St cahal, *nd that .nettled the point that It was the , loitfei* eild o/ A hart botfc, and Dr. "Mer- .Wlftt af tfet« time agreed with Mm, and the disacunelan.of \t& identity was at an *ncl. it was during; this dtscussioti that learned the ban* , was pOtBlfg CLAIM AGAIN DISPUTED, * left A»d not H fight fine, and admitted »n the Matttf that t»r. Anpor-t film "on itt&t point. The bones Ate all • ' ' A f Fariii Property Insured. prepared to insure furni property at one per cent for three years in a good first clues company doing business under licenso from the state insurance com- (uissionor. . This is bcittcr than the Mutual companies, ' Agent. , Xotieo. , I am prepared to do ladies' and children's fthanip°x>in{,: at their homest : ljeave orders fit Clark's bafb«r shop, or at 35 eaatC x'e» str'cot. Mtts. N, W.CLAKK. M!U-ui;c Tickets. pA new form 'of Thousand-Milo Ticket, the result, of careful tronaid^ration and discussion bctwwn thi> railronds and their principal |>atrons, will be placed on sale Sept. l&t, nt all iut^ortant Michigan Central ticket offices. Th« ticket is sold for ®30.00 with a rebate to tho purchaser of igtO.iK)* when used up in compliance with t its conditions. and ia accepted on all the linos in the frnfcHsors ftorjlM* the'Stftt*'* £ollcctlo« «rf Bono* a Jo.rj - AitiBgc't, Temporal Pone a • Osseous Staff, 8» to Spe«U~Flg1«l to Go AH This Wc*h-i-Comirtent on the ftvl- rtcnc* So Par (liven. , r Chicago, Oct. 4,—The «&G86 of the sixth week of the celeferated trial of Adolpii 1>. T.uetgert for^the alleged rour- «te*"<of his wife showed the case /ar from eotnjptetiWi, Lttetgert'a *tor/ ha* hot,been heard. The Blgf sausagemaker may bfe oft the witness l stand a Week. It will take him oyer ofte court day to tell his story tinder the lead of his counsel. Then will come the cross-ex- amlnatlon. t-uetgert will be carried throu&hdpthe history of hla life, fcaet- gert has all along expressed art Intensfe desire to talk. Me has repeatedly declared that he wanted to tell history to the Jury. Saturday was a field day for the defense and If weight of evidence Is number of witnesses "the state has no human bones In Us collection. x Depend* 6w the S»'«aino'l<l Itone. Three other- osteologlsts entered the arena, and they fluted the Identity of the femur, the alleged rib and the supposititious temporal bone as something else than human. The only thing Isft then In the state's collection c>f bones- whlcth they did not positively Identify as something tslste than the remnant yt a Jiutnan bcljiff svos the sesainoid. None of them, however, said the sesamoid was human. They left its ancestry in a (shadow of doubt from which It m,ay *> e difficult to lift it. According lo their testimony .'It- will be as easy to Ijelleve It is a knee cap of a . little dogora gesamoid from the hind foot of a hog aa it is to'conclude >it Is a bouts that grew on the bunion Joint of a woman >vhose >vhereabo\itB, living- or dead/ ls~ art uii-. settled, question. , AIlo£f<( Illb Trnr«)<l to Its Hump. * Twti of the experts were. veterinarians —Dr. ti, A. Merillat and Pr. J. Hughes, the third was.Dr.- W. T. Kekley, professor of antltomy, connected with the Northwestern University. The most important part of tlie osteologieat combat was where Dr. Li. A..Merlllat recognized the i alleged rib. That queer looking piece of bone which was called a rib from' n human was trailed,to Its lair by Dr.'-MerlHat : and there it was found IP the foot of an ox, which he-said was Its prbjver abiding place 'ever since the first ox. This piece of bqne he named ths navicular bone. Dr. Hughes'agreed exactly with Dr. Merillat. and Dr. Ec-k- lt>y declared that he could not possibly place the alleged-rib In any particular •animal, adding that "It would require the" most extravagant speculation to- do 6«." -The court ordt'rcd this strlckeft out. > Alleged IMec« of Temporal IJoiie. Possibly the fight ha* rsig'ed' around the Identity o.f the that & left at >th,e' 8t«to'« the .>«»«*(, f*fofee»or» Jt«lue and Longt b*Mre completely beaten ddfrw the chent* leal theory. RMw* made over 100 v*$&r- 'imenis under th« conditions prescribed by tlM state as those In which Mrs, liuetgoft's body wa* destroyed and couldn't get a result that the state had proved. a . A • Profeslsor> I^ons and he i3enionstr«teA < "- unfess the state ha& '-'something up its steeve",— 'that It was absolutely Impossible to dispose of & .human body as the state said Tjutgert hat! and obtain residuum MmHir to that of the plate. O«P of^ the most important polritd estab- llahed *«• U'v/uul^seefn by the Vottt OwtBT Sfevmi Stryfhirtfte. ' Oct. 4-— A Bp'eclal to Bee from. Schujfler, hielx, s*y«: During ye«terday af^rnooii Fratifc haailly in, fr&m ^'h^U, Cr^ek 4*fte ifalles nortttwc-st, 16, summon a pfey- Wclaft to Ihe hohie of ' A«sf>ciation,' forty* ftve in iiuratjier and, covering a vast extent $t country. ' ° No rntltwtgp book has yet beeo and«> advantageous to tho holders. Every oce who • is- JiktiJhf jLp' travel « thousand mileis in a ycai; should avail L lKJne as hotly as any other state exhibit. All the. experts for the defense declared that • it lacked t'harae- , that would place it anywhere and .that it is the temporal tSihe /r of nothing, but simply a lot of bones fused ' together. This ia why Dr, MvrtUat rts-, jects 'it aa human: "The chief reasoir for arriving ^«t tbjs conclusion is UMjt ,we hav« on the upper border • or this specimen a compact tissue between two ' layers of .cawttllate.d.. tissue.' ^raw, there no mien .thing in the ort&Lntaatiun of .'animal— ft layer of compact tissue lying between two layers of .cancellated: tlaeue-^no such aa. t^taiajiie.constMiuefit- |y U 6 not-* tiwevia'^fijiiaapttan. In a& der to 'identify this aa a temporal JKJHB. I should such ... , - N theclalm that tfie state's hotter'areMrs. t,tiet8ert r s -^whether they're humftn ot not—accord- Ing to the stated own theory Is Ihatjlhe bones of 1 a body actually dissolved* In eajistle potash "Save the articulations entirely destroyed and only the shaft re- maJnlhfft while -those the s»late presents have the articulating portions. *The defense has nl.«() made soap as Ltietjsert said he did and obtained the.satne res!* duum 8-S the .stale presents as part ot Mrs. Luetger^'f" cerpus delicti, CUJSE OF"TH"E 'BASE BALL SEASON. Boston Flics Old Fennnht wllh a Lend of FlfNien rnltitH lit Perrentajfe. Chicago, Oct. 4.—Atter an exceedingly close contest for the latter end of th* 8ca«efi Scfiton- carr-lcd away the pennant' ot tlie National Hase Ball League with a lead of fifteen points over the champions of 1836, and the base ball season Is closed! F»r weeks previous to the end It was evident that, the pennant would go either to Boston pr fcaltimore and the latter seemt'd to have the best chance of winning up<to two ueeks ago,. It took the last week to dec-fde which would win, however, and : that was dotte when Baltimore' lost a game to Washington/ Tlie closing schedule Is given" below: Played. Won. Lost P. C. Boston .1. 132 Baltimore ...,..,180 New York.......m Cincinnati "......;j32 Cleveland ..121 Brooklyn .......132 . Washington .....132 Plttsburg ...,i..m Chicago 132' Philadelphia ..,.132 Lonlsvllle .......130 St. £ouls .... ....131 Following arc the (Inal League sc, At Plttsbu,rg—Cleveland 4, Pittsburgh; at Louisville—Cincinnati—9, IjOuisvUle 8; at St. Louisa-Chicago 8. St. Louis 2; at New York—Philadelphia 18. New York 5; at Baltimore—Washington,*. Baltimore 3; at, Brooklyn—Bostoili 8, Brooklyn 1& This is the last gapfe for a Brooklyn club,'as wh^n nejtr season opens Brooklyn w}li be part of JN6w York. (Sunday) At Lo^svllle—Cincinnati 9, Louisville 7; at" St. Louis—Chicago 9. St. Louis 10; (second game) Chicago 7, St. Loiils ^ ' / At Indianapolis the home team beat Columbus In theKree PE«5sa : -cupseriesfor the '^yestern league by a s^orfe of 13 ta ^ r i_ -, .. . , ,- .. Folumhus; O., Oct. 4.—Columbus won /ne gam? in the Fr< e Prefti cup; series here ygsterd^y'—41 to 3. / y $100 Reward $100. / The readers of this paper will be phased to. fcHtrn that there to »t loaet one dreaded disease that science has bceo able to cure in all its stage* and that is catarrh. Ball's Catarrh cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh facing a constitutional disease requires A ppnatitutiooal treatment. : Hall'i Catanh aure !* r taken interoally, acting directly upon the 1 blood and mueoua eurfaeea of the Mfetona, thereby d««trey»iig M»» firtindfttiou of the, disease, ,and giving the patient strength by building up 4 {he constitution where Be said the jvhble poi&oned. Dn Sl*BH hastened but found four ot th« ^evfeii chttdren in th« fa^ritty ain3 -their mother dead, .a -fifth chfM Iff ft dying conrdlWoiu, andhd siJttr victim nick. Divls and- his! eldest so* went" away <?ar,ly in the mornlttg, leaving before the rest of the family breafc- fasten 1 . When -tfie meat was prepared" all sikt down ftn^ early In the *G>iris« 'of the meal Mrs.. Divls made anme such remark a*9: "Rat A good 'breakfast, and tre'll All go together." An okter eotflt mind was affected, by the remark to the exWnt that he did not appease his appetite. A younger than the fe6n; atftef " "" ~ 'aticnit half "a "cup" ol~c6fTee tsecamg and vomited- , The' rest cf the fawiily continued the morning meal, although the children made wrjr faces and -sa}<l the coffee did not taste goo*. Strychnine had been put ln«the coffee, which 4vtin showed Its effects, wheti those not prostrated spread the a alarm, but not soon enough to avoid the fatal effects noted. Thft i^af Ititttre is bijj with He trlio would 1ceef> jxwteil pe#«««s the daily newspaper. ftffiily fthdtt ieM the , Vety best Jit doftnectlon with their JEver needftii local paper, is your subscription* , t Nothing gained by waiting Evening News— -10 eeftta-ft Want fttrthet* info«afttk»», YELLOW JACK IS PROGRESSING. Kew Ca»c» an«l ilfiitlm, ff'nwover, no Not 'Alnotint to n ta<oiif£t>. New Orleans, Oct. 4.— Tlu state board of lieoith .officials say: During -'the twenty-four Jiours eruled at 9 p. m. Sunday, Oct. 3, there Averp — uttacs fif yelV>tv lever, 31; deaths, if; tiital cases tn dat,e, 217; total deaths, 38; total case? absolutely recovered, 93; total caeca under treatment, 188. Following la the report . from Other cities: Mobile T- Four new cases, no deaths.,' Edwards-^Fourteeh new' cases, two deaths'; there have been but twelve deaths In a total of 317 cases here. ScrftntotK— Many new cftseis, two deaths. Blloxl— New cases, 2£, deaths, 2. i Lewes, Del., Oct. 4, — The Norwegian it, undehouW cousult the rieateet Micbigaq Central ticket agent. ' All accounts dne the tete tota of Per- ,ifin Hi Biabee are due Had payable to I, it Bisbeti. - - ' 0 _ ' HUMPHREYS' WITOH HAZEL OIL eatd, SOiM ur. CM? piles, or Hemorrhoids Fissures ,<&c Fistulas. & Scalds. ,Th.*re has wten ft, good ',d«ai of talk about defence witnesses contradicting ajtch otber and ifceiiiatilveg, and Waat tct the local papers Ijaveixplttlltd these alleged ttmtradicUon* Proftseur E»omy, In nuifonlng wp th« r«ault of Saturday'* ^li-ii«»^.saJd' ih«,chte/ iKitJi itwde was v> nen JDr. MefiHat -«ftkd tbe femur wa* tbe lower ifnd, - He admHtevi, howtver, that Di a f Aiip^rt and HeWJiat agreed that it waa 4 b<^# femur, but he «aid D»-, Aiiport ftwserted it la be tht head of C*. Btertltet said it wa» the low<?r' bBd- It was Profoaaur Dor- te«ttif»g(0.jf tbat:lt wa» the upper * &!»»$» ferawr wl»e» jtte Dr- Allptert ejwpbatieally fth ^«t»^^ *$£*•• ««*!*• i.a* b h« ha4 ever said it the be»d of a f«n>ur, ««a rtferrtd to toe jrteuo»raBhtc record, whlc-1) eub- his assertion, 'JTJb^n he toM .the Itusids -Btury at the of tie powe. Pafore Pro- had testified cc*ct?ritl«|; It it wf«s wfa^wjj to aloi foe tine d««t*«5, 1*ey ««r« to to ibe tiuj« *l»ar«ct«y .of tfcw £>?> Mer- Uiat were «knvinc«d it v« not ' qteatrie'r .John "W'ilison, ten days Bocas del Torn, Colombia, arrly^a at pelaware Bi'eakwater quaratiMne . at noon yestcrdayywlth her Hag^'at half mast. When . ine quar&ntln^] physician Irfoardea her Ira found the brfay- of Chief Engineer /Charles Peterson, agf d 37 years, ofiBerRen, Norv^iy; w.ho died on the pa.«spgo Friday last of yellow fever. Ij^dlun QdMr««l JRnnilto In Muriler. undcm r WlBy/ . 4.— A tragedy oc- red recentlj^atnong the Indian tribe lear . here wnleh has just; b^en made public. Joseph Waukekon and. James Hardhead became Involved in . a quarrel, In/which Hardhead was struck by Waufe'ekon andl .knocked down, AB W^uVekon was walking to his tent Hardhead picked up a rifle and fired, at Waukekon, killing;, htm Instantly. The murderer Is still at large." The 'belief Is that further trouble will follow, as the Indian's have" taken! sides for and againat the dead man. .The I'o»U>flioe JJellelt. Washington. Oct. 4,— Henry A. Caatle, auditor of the postofllee department, liaa closed the booka of the postaf service for the fiscal year ended June 30 last. Receipts increased UQS.254 for „ the year, txpenditured increased »3.470,746, while the defjclt was tncreaeed by 't3.8D4.4Q1j. For 1895 the deficit waa 111,431.579. ot Miracles? BENEFACTORS Of THE BAOE, ' Office of "Kl»JO«8H«BTniB9'' I KIHiRfisbflr. Okl»., DOC. 12,'fle.f OsvTUircN:4<l believe it my dirty to write yon- I lino In rega W to the beneftalol eOoet of Phelps' "Four C Rerpedy," so far its I am personally oon- Mined. A/*cek &RO Just Thursday, I was taken with a ftnirere attack of la grippe and ,lu a abort time bKiAttw so hoarw I could not gpeaV above A whisper. The nl«h.t ^previous ,1 bad cough«d tht; Just before WtlrinK I took entire iilght assweetly «earfy the entire nig t B MMMIUWUCMIfBIUUOmUlt DfJWMVlB.V «U^M' ur ever I did In my life, not Coughing < /(btirely relieved before taking ono bo' Dough, Cold and Croup Core should I was, Phelpu: In every , louwhold in tbe land. I send you this wholly unsolicited by anyone, f tit you are benefactors of (he race in giving it the antidote: tar some of the worn afflictions to wblob It is beir. ' A MIRACLE. _ Kansas City, Kansas, Deo. fii, <91 tart PrWay, Deo: 10, my attending physician rtated unless I was better by morning be could lo uothlntr for my relief. That nlaht f cora- nenoed tsfclnR PhaJp's "Rour O" remedy, stonped '111 other mBdlclne*, Tbe first dose stoppeasny lough: slept and rested well; a few more doses •emoved all soreness frota my lunas; tbe second lay I was up; tbe third day I was out on the ;orob and to-day was tip town purchasing bolidsjL loodt. Miss JBHWIB BASSBT, Washington Ave, and Summit St. CROUR-OUREP. . One dose of Phelps' Coudb, CoM and Croup 3ure, eave ray child instant relief when attacked pith tbe croup. W. E. Mooa«, of Moore Bros., Orooers. Arkansas City , KaaflM. UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. J. B. HUUHO. Malinger, i Office Commercial Printing Co , V 196 S6uth Clark St. \ • n * « t . « „ CbiCftKO, Mov. 24, '94 R. ft. Phelps, Esq., City. •- DBAS SIR;—I wish to bcnr teetiinony to th( great efficacy of your "if Ait C" remfeUy in throu »nd Itinc atlraentB. As a rule I have been «kcp Jtool of tbe merits of proprietary medicines, tm Davo to oonfcsi that a test of your "Four C" t- convincing that at least one ready niado rcmctt' IB worthy of nee. Sty obiktrcn all take it wit!> out the least objection, (rum oldest'.to younges- audit Js partlcoilarly noticeablethat benefit Is almost immcdtMe. A Motile dofie will ctii-c? moattjoughs in their btglnuhig; Hgivt-H an un hroketr teat at night. JiiTHV faniiiy "Four O* ttntl I rcoommend it m> ours, J. B. HULINO. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Chicago, Sfept a>, '86 For ytars bank vaoh winter i have, suflerpd with aouto Laryngitis. Lasl winter wns . . loould npt lenrve my room tor two weeks or cpvi above a whicper. 1 tried tVory ki/owi) couu preparation frort oongh drops u\> and down witli no relief, then in desperation I was induced ta tn »»» uhnir,'. i>ffn,,n»;" tphe flr«t dose relifved tb« flrst x night's rest fiu to try my cough, civlnR me tl .. weeks. Half tht; bottle oui-cd me.' I have boon without this wonderful rt-mfdy fiticc. Ui? as different from ether like romudles as molasses from vinegar or sugar from sund. „ > . Mtts. Joaern E Gnuna. 5313 MttUlaou Ave. * IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckard, IE? Railroad Correspondent of the Neodaaha Kansas Register, hauthis to say of "foot C." "Pbelp* h having » wc.r- dertui sate o| bis Caugb and Cold Bcmetly. Wo personally know it Is Just what it is represent- edtone. Too much CUD », bo aald ia its ptaiep, It is a miracle. TO DRUQaiSTS AND THE PL JC. ~ CONTRACT^-Druggists are authorized in ALL CASES TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, if the Four-C R«roedy (P,helt>s'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) fails* R. R, PHELPS, 118 53d Meet, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, T. PRATTR. satur* ia Thfl propriotgrs hftve BO TOOflh f*ith in eurttire powart that tWey offer onfi .bundr • d dollwifo* any ou» that it failt tooqre. SenlforlUtof twtiwani*)*. Adanm, J. CHKJIBY « C0 BxoUt«rlu>ad J^etiire County The lecture and entertainment course by (he United BroUterhooa of the Church will open Tfrd object oC the *»arse is to off era mHaiea. {a aBnoundng the eo^rje for 97 9|8| TrftJUav* tbfi greatest cauAdatMiB in it« ability togleaiaj Qodiaatruet. foljowing attraefcianu Are offered: . 24^ Caroline BarxlettiCnine, "tale's it KlecU York, tyct. 4.-^The Incorporatora of the American Malting company., th> no-called "Malt Trust." Saturday elect ed these ofOcars: Prualdent. A. M. Cursa; secretary, John L. Treacy. i Oil Clotto Patterns. ! The moat handeame patterns in the city; 27 patterns, a)} different, to select frokn. Hardware, It Saves the Crortpy CklMree. , have » apl«n4id a&le 04 ehanlberlaifi'e Coufeti Kemody; and our customers far a»d ofetoun if Chamber* -' " * - ^ iven. The 50 wot «isnwfor sale at She U»ucl»f th* tisgrt, Btire the «ua*>tto|»» afld L T 1st,. Hillsdale itala Quartette 0n6 ahpe dr«eeii!;f for tan and black ^Ve^te^yM'^lfci!, Sole ttgcot. Ptdla Burn >es. ' Cprderte. , & I «r«jat Miwk Offer. . .Send «J8 tfe* B»BM» s«wi three or more j*wfj»merg Qn. the or organ tcujethei w^t) t«j cenja in silver of 11 of &e pana and Addnm: Welabach Lights Always Give SausfacUon, f oti»i. & Sores. Boile & Twrnoira. ' . & Eruption*. Salt Rheum (Swries was pr^eat, atue' as a be «ttv(4 h* tbaujsoi ft bone. ^Tfae r^ft«oG h^ g»v* for i say tag that was that i&&» wese ao nsaay lep^iwws -flfte in . tb,.n «ld U wke tbe tibia or •bin bone et « hasi, and a «loa betweeo blnji «9<t Dr. Ailjtort t«| wiWc* they ia ^^^ was tae tmeUk. • «AS STOVES! Roducf ion in Prices on All Apparatus. /' Gaa Ranges $jUXpO, $|8.0Q, |5,QO »»4 W.B .00 $1, to.$6. according to «ze WSL8BAOH a The great,Ftttir-CEein£Jy isdblng worfc whferev«r introduced as nearly m'u^putoor"; as it ever falls to the lojbwany human agency to do (1 wilr e& 2em it a favor for any one Interested to write the persons whose names appear belo* or anyone whose name may appear /among these testimonials.) tfcpubl INCANDESCENT - OAS - LIGHT From S2.25 to S2.00 each Tbia IW5l«de» fated shade and chiaaaey* §eate pxtra for dpi»e a^d protectiau slwde, (See cuta,) Very Brilil.rtJ. THEMA1SHALL U5HT CO. ly l^r^flwRP _. BPH^^^B^^^BJI^S^^^^^^WBWiP' ^^Pl^^^y^P^ ^P ^^ W'v i t • ^^^^^^,tA^^^^^^^^^,"If^^^»^^MXiSii:^&!^'&^M^^

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