The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 26, 1961 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1961
Page 2
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*b» Thursday. January 26, 1961 INTERNATIONAL SPENDING DEFICIT WILL BE LOWER NEW YORK (APi—The United far fears about the c-A'.? Sutt-s ;s hiding into its fourth '• strength—mvv drop by ::^r.- year of red ink in its international. one-half :.-us >SA.- »vin-.-^.r«:-: finances. But the deficit—a prime : j^?J's V'Oms'xr:'? drair.. reason for our Jos? o' goM aivj The=* -re- •&$ views of a :rr • of eoixvomisis and leqal Battle Over Uranium Promoter Rages :-: ;:»• "iV::i:s Edwin : ;vi? c-r-.:^ $7. COO Ln r r>.*;"ur>^ s.' 7 c.i: •>j sAir.u .-.< .-.»: ;•-".-.: <v expect; .-•....".-."• -\- •:;=. • croc .'•* tW —.:'.:.•:".• =r: porations dang L^terr.i'_:•,:•.'.-;I her.- f:.px*r> •. nosy. They iwecaft th.« ;• esr'j 'Ssirr.e ;•_« £2.2 billion. A* t^ii? 5«tr7U-- time .s-^xT't ; >r.'--^r"> ers in Britain—a ns-'.'~ ;hat p: ir. the ;x*~*'sr ;.--irs — ro:r:= •:••. . . -;; ta'se J9CO .-.•.:!-;«•.. it.-: *.-•..- -i-.rj-.-h 2:50 vas wanted in last ;-esr. ;-". rer-'.Ti? c-r Ph>'r..x snd St. Louis. rvv. ;~~* sakJ the bonds found K.rsds were identified as par: ; BJ: so..rr^r £3 i *-;i3 i>; group s?:o-2-. « y?*r. ;:::••- a :wi aitC:- '.* capita: o-f J2.3 b;l^ot. f-T capita.: of SI. 2 iv •res.** :•«• o: F0V- ^ i;-\r $-! 7 -•:" '-•;> k>3? taken Oct. 2. IKu. ir. •>. rx^ary of the Oak Creek Val-' .-:;• Bank at Valparaiso. Neb. Th? e-xact amount was nr-ver established, but v.-as bciieve-3 ;•• "DALLAS TAP'-The ;*^:i :>="> Involving uranium promoter Joan Mihr/n AfkJsson roiiick'-.-J through erraw-n?—<o}d of oarMOiS. ill*.'CO"' ""more or less" arsa wound up in Anotrjrr v, itne&ii—a;so for the impeachment by a !*5>3 ir..:.L;:oa. e grand total outflow tfciLs ; comes fe £S.3 b:ilk>n. down S*X< 'rn:ii;on from 1360. ' 'cashed SW.OQO worth of boras c e group thirJcs this decrease, or ;.~ oc'ilsr outflow will i>? <fce in Tne agent said Hir<<~h p.-.tKnent a d m i t t i'n e * a •the deficits and the grr-.-d a:x3 do!- lar dr-ain a: any time. The latest, the Daily Express ir; London, says i»rM?nev=7 PresiG-rnt Kennedy's advisers wish they <^n cut spend:.ig or "rni.'itsry projects abroad arw on economic axi 3ve resin TO a big drop in the out- to fore;;?! comtnes.'' Th* paper •. Sow of private short-term capital, said he holds warrants irvi-wini: ssys that's what is causing inejwh-cfa caused much of the gold Hirsch is charged ir, Phc-:r. : ''. v.-,th; drain and it adds. "financial aid | troubles late in 1993. Also it lore-, possession of S5.0M in no'r-n gov-i h? t-Ktered a Laredo I". S. Marshal A. drop of SI billion in pri-' ermnen: bcmds an-i a fr.reerv an y,y, t _.X V r-rT defers? artor-;rare'y h?:ps the country that re-leasts a eeives it." Jt say's, BOW. that Brit-ivste investment abroad. passing of a pair of Cve associates ars- a;n should have stood "on her own! But it thicks our imports will men: bonds, and is d two fee-" ; rise because of "inventory rebuild- Louis with forsirs srxi pp. And is Washington it is report-;ing. cominued prosperous buss- a 5500 government bon-1 that the President has ordered' ; ness cc«fiticKs and' a sustained Fed«ra! records show three 2 sl'jdj- of our overseas military! strong sa»es eifort on the cart oi have been convicted in the spen-di^E 33 it fits into the mis-i Earopean and Japanese export- braska burgjary. sue age. ;ers." : But pm-aie mdustiys study! While it is sending S29.3 billion j group—the Balance o! Payments i abroad, the United "states is ex-! Group of the National Foreign j pected to take in S27.4 billion. Addison and charged with mail fraud, corspir- acj' and «olst?or.s a' -Tie Fe<k=ral Securities Art. Inc^ded in the 24- 'ea count :»iictrr.-?r.t is -a charge that yM ats associates co:- n-:orp iha.n S1.500.0iW teen throushcpui ihr cxs:ntr> p as *"BTi'estm€ ; .":ts" ir iheir uraiuun: and mining operations. Jofm Haiss of RayniofKhilSe. Rio Grande Vaiiey farrrier. test; fled in U5. Darrlct Conn that: merely tries to forecast thejar.ced. Uncle Sam will be out $1.9 . DETROIT (-U 3 )—Somenne =to'-='; i gave tern JiiO.OOO-OTore or.^anjoiiRt of this year's outiaj-s. |billion the group says-oroviding. 'Qarence Archktnbeau's cost wh : i-i „ , less~i a not real Kire. tte,sarc ; It puts the 1K1 outflow of dol-jof course, government policies! h° he'd interviews nVs o?fi^ i school courses during a in retnrn ne was to get oiiiy i'J ; ars j^j way: Corsiaercial rm- don't chanse and business ira-i Arch^r^N=su per cent interest. ..... . . . i ..^. .....,,.. Hfllrap vIHtC! . a: Trad- Council - doesn't cstssiderj gain of ECO nuiJion o\-er 19»'. ; sts- . the reasons for fee spending.! When the books are finally bal-S ' has ::.:ijce. su?-i , to get w-y iO:; ars -hij way: Coramerciaj rm- don't chanse. . Ip-orts of goods sad raw materials I proves miJdly later this year as 'peels. He's a paroi'e officer aridi Dr< get 1 per|g-i!l reach S15 billJon. up S300 mil- 1 genially forecast i interviewed 50 paro ; ee«"thaf d=v | logical ~~ — • - — - • "Bat I was also to get 1 per cent in royalties for each S5.0J3 I gave in gratitude for ray extraordinary friendship," he added on direct examination. Hahn said "John Addison never told me anything that wasn't true." Defense attorney Lamar Holley* earlier threatened to impeach' Twyman H, Devr, Dallas bus dri% - - • er." By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS [ These cats have poor attention.i There may be a dense belt ... "Did j-ou tell a reporter for_the A superior head, heavenly dust | little or no aggressive or defen-idust circling the earth atout 4.CO3 3rts en-jsive actions when challenged, no miles above sea level, a ohvsicist Any pupil who plays hookey from Alta- trw* "Hffh" it bound to get hij f*«t wefi Floating High School Offers Far More Than Just Smooth Sailing By HUNIOJN JOHNSON Cenirai Press Association Correspondent DAEXEN, Conn.—Much of U. S. education may be "at sea," awash with Hooding earoliiaents, but one .school oelag launched here actuary involves a 90-foot long, steel-hulled brigantice that ia one of the last two dozen seagoing sailing vessels in the world. The school also Involves a husband-wife team with Ph.D. and M.D. degrees that acts as dual headmasters and skippers, and a "crew" o' 20 of the potentially luckiest scholastics in the wcrld. The student body of this most unique school Is "signing on" now. How would you like to take sophomore or junior year high school courses during a full year before the mast on a 25,000- mile voyage through the South Seas? Christopher B. Sheldon, alumnus of the .Princeton Theo- SCIENTISTS 1 STUDY SHOW INSECT'S HEAD SUPERIOR 0! Seminary with a doctorate from the University of Madrid, and hia wife, Dr. N. Alice Sheldon, a Wellesley graduate with Phi Beta Kappa honors and an M.D. from Cornell, stress that it will not be just a lark by any means. All applicants get this blunt warning: "There are several important points which wa must emphasize. There will be three long sea passages of approxi-. mately 3,500 miles each. j $4,000 for the year, but it cov- "This means that the Alba-jars everything, including food trosa will be at sea 25 days or | and "dormitory." more without seeing land on: Servtag „ a .. campus .- ls a different occasions. If you | new ^ novel ro , 6 for ^ e not tblnk that you will en- j ^^ vessel ^ dowa ^ . a v B bv " r « Du -rh ,' „ 1021 . San Antonio Light that you cher-.and tons of earthly reports ished the thought o* waltzing Ad-j gage scientists' attention: j response to pleasurable stimula-• suggests. " joy sailing and shipboard life! dison around the green and tear-i Heady Tale jtion. They are mute, lack facial the dust beit rr.av be r*=spon-! thoroughly, it would be better' ing him apart?" Ho;ley asked! ^ insect's head is better than : expression, and show a sort oi sible for sweeping away sorr.e oi i not to apply" ^ • T j-j - - TV^, r~* i none ' ^ ma:1 >' ^y* St is better j ^^-pP'o^y activity - con- the hr-avy atomic part'iriw—pro-) The seagoing schoolmasters, . , , "No sar. I didn't,' Dew replied, j than man's, suggests Dr. R. E. tonally wandenng sruffmg and tons-from the radiation belt i-n! point out toat "every person is "Do you deny that you said from isnodgrass of the Smithsonian lit-i*** 0 *^-**. *««* ^^ w ere that area, says Pro:. S. Fred ^ xvorldL^re-vmeVvbe-•T' •£ APTER a career bucking the the witness stand at AMson's'j^^. ;hajang MucHations Si^er of the University of Mary-1 ^ Ot ^^^*^^ !j rough North Sea lanes, ^AJ- k his head off, U : ^™^^te L & variety: Penns> . lvania researchers. V due i 'Sokar Medicine i ment is di ^ d intc toree j Sf°G .*" aTs g 5 h- ' led a to sensoo- deprivation and has a Son=ir — the ;:!trason!o device : watches . and eaca person has' relationship to the effects o£ sen- that helps locs-e submarines" hid-i four ^ou 13 °n duty and eight j has a vsri :s that can suck, on what it is i -» h -J^f*^i rieaCenly"^ you you got a «**«*'" . „ [changed "Yes, I do deny it." niprt? n^nriins' Holley then indicated he would ifjES!; oe ' jenaing ftttempt to impeach Dew with a iie ^ * 17-page statement *e bus driver; ^^^ . n had made to the Securities a*d\.J? ^metimos <=ound Exchange Commission on July 1, ; ;., " ', .' j j Lnlike man. the insect doesn 11 i have to bite into something to see j 'if it likes the taste. Taste organs! . are located outside the mouth, i i sometimes on the feet. Root of Behavior There is new evidence how our I senses — our perception of the i world around us — greatly mflu- i ence our behavior. < Unusual behavior has been produced in cats by wvering nerve i bundles in the brain, in effect i disconnecting the senses from the 'thinking part of the brain. son- isolation in human.?. PORT NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY THE GRASS IS U.S. Buffering From Extreme Cold den in ocean cfrp-hs— now is be- i °* f - During his four-hour cay | ing used to spot hidden tumors; watch, each crew member is! hu-; expected to carry out all the • of . '<**"** '- e , d servlce By PRESS na- Doesn't Ike's Hunt to interfere with his quail shoot- THE ASSOCIATED An ice storm pe!t< the southeastern half of the tion today and n-.ore snov.- fell across broad areas to the north. Wet weather was reported in nearly half the country as winter's doneest and most severe cold I wave showed only slight modera- jtion. Below-zero temperatures i stung Northern states again. j again, marking more than a week icf frigid weather. ; A bolt of freezing rain and sleet jsiicked highways and streets ' across broad areas from southern and eastern Texas through northern parts of the Gulf states, Tennessee and the Car- or other forpign mR?«?« in th man eye. | An ultrasonoscope using high . fretjuc-nc> r sound to de'ect condi- j tions =«ch as a dc 1 .ifh e *i retina: •or oth<=r disorders has bet-n de-} | signed by an PiPrtronic? firm, i (Genera! Precision Eo^jpmenr j ; Corp. ' ; It also designed ?.n' ld>?vice which acrarateh- meas-; 'ures the tiny mwrmc-nts of the' the eve. carry activities of sailing taining ship." and main- ire sti!! reapmz th«? • . har\'est of the Internstional Geo-; r-hv^i -•.'• V'-flr <i!~'-":'-ne tons of i facts about rhe earth, sea. airj and space. They'll be at it for; yean; to come. ' Reports from the Antarctic now total more than 15 tons. 30.000 scientists from fi6 nations cooperated in the 18-month THE " SAILING" involves )t only the romance o! han- the 5,000 square feet of canvas, but also "such jobs as sanding, chipping, painting, etc." In the worsting crew besides the Sheldona will be faculty members to teach English ar.d mathematics. Dr. Sheldon instructs Spanish and navigation, and is captain. Mrs. Sheldon teaches three biology- course, and iji ship's physician with a fully outfitted la.boratory and an emergency operating room aboard. South Atlantic ports. Li 1949 the Albatross was back in Dutch hands as a training vessel for ship officers. Novelist Ernest K. Gajm bought her in 1954 and refitted her entirely Jor 'JO.OOO miles of "getting away from it all" so he could write. The Academy acquired the vessel in 3959, and already has logged 20.000 miles. Now she has a Diesel auxiliary engine capable of 2,000 cruising miles to augment her sails. A complete electrical system has been installed and radio telephone keeps contact • land thousands of miles away so that anxious parents never are out of touch. Also she has deep freeze lockers ar.d other appointments HELD OVER •y Popular D*mmtd 3 MORE BIG DAYS THRU SATCKDAY is the spice tf LOVE! 1HF GRASS IS GREENER —HIT XO. »— —HIT XO i"THE HOUND OF THE lASKERVILLES" <TS COLOR) . , All roads Despite sub-freezing tempera- of Georgia Woman-ln-Soace Beains X.M. tesfs d'-sim^-d i are suitable .ALBUQUERQUE. A series of research to find out if worn? ed at Lovelace Foundation. A eroup of 20 women, all <f-a- sroned fliers, have been selfctf-tl. in the northern half .. ,._ were ordered closed !tures he arranged to take to the'by state police because of the •field this afternoon for the fourth hazardous driving conditions, iday in a row. .Schools in much of the Georgia I George M. Humphrey is corning storm belt, includine thoso in At- ifrom Thomasvi!ie. Ga.. to shoot -lanta, were closed. Traffic also i birds with Eisenhower. Humphrey : was halted on many roads in ; served as Eisenhower's first sec- northern Alabama. 'retary of the Treasury and Ersen- ; "The ice storms, which broke out TrK-ir as«s rsnc" from 23 to >. 'hou-pf has hunted on the Hum-'in Texas parlic-r this week, were Five have completed th<? risro:- phrey plantation in the past blamed for at least eii?ht deaths,-ous mental and physira! tp<ts. Dr. Humphrey and bis wife were in-,including seven in Texas and one \V. Randolph Lovehre II, fo>mda- \-ited to lunch at the plantation '" Georgia. lion director. ;wid. near here of W. Alton Jo-ne?. North of the ice belt, snow and, He said no results of the tests where Eisenhower is a guest. snow Hurries fell in ;he central will bo revealed until ;ill have fin- Eisenhower Wednesday ignored a /^ Upper Mississippi Vaiiey, the ished the training. He said th- a bone-chilling rain to hunt for Upper Great I^ak>-s region, the i la test graduate had completed the two hours on the plantation near, c " n!r < 1 ' and nonhern Plains, the tests last week. Newton. 25 miles away, of Robert eastern Great Lakes and the Lovelace emphasised the pro\V. Woodruff. " northern Rockies. Light snow and gram is purely a research pro- Eisenhower bagged five quai! freezing drizzle was reported in sram and has no connection with and Woodruff three. eastern U'^ton and Oregon. !he National Aeronautics and Meanwhile, not much relief was Space Aarncy, the Air Force or immediately from the the Navy. bitter cold Ln the eastern two- He said the tests arc to corn- thirds of the nation. pare women with men for some Tne Weather Bureau forecast possible future role as crew mem- colder weather in the Upper Mis- bers on space flights. sissippi Valley and parts of the; ' ~ northern and west central Plains. area.s hit by temperatures of more than 30 degrees below this Called the Ocean Academy, j which make school life not too the school prepares its students ! arduous. After all, there naa for examinations at the schools | to be time for classes and the to which they return for reg-J- j inevitable cramming for exam- lar degrees, or for college en- inations with an occasional raid trance examinations. Tuition is' on the Ice box! Armv Successful In Missile Firing CAPS CANAVERAL. F;r<. 'AP> —The Army has successfully ?:re<i a f!:::e-o;:irr.:;)'j IV-.-^hin^ missile on a 3#)-mi.'e flight riosvn the Atlantic missile ranso. OJfifials reppned the ?A-t<Ml rof.'k-'f \Vi'-fin r '-sc; i .v nicrh' achievr 1 all test objectives in its ninth s'lirvf-ss in " since the t°st procrrr months ago T5;<^ Pershins. whi .cs-twnd of fixed stars. Officials 'ermine the prci-i^e position and (i|iUouf* m A|| :.l <'Cn4ll(~ll VlOUit f ICTTj Of Aircraft Carrier js f •••inET eld \vap- JACKSr/NVILLE. on \vith a nuclear rar^e o! OCCKCV NOW SHOWING 2—ACTION HITS—2 7::00 P.>t THUNDER IN CAROLINA*^ RORY CALHOUN%ft ——fT A-x-D NOW THRU SHOWING SATURDAY COLOR CANDY MOORE BEN JOHNSON JESSE WHfTE lAYTOWN'S ED PARKER operational early next year. Fifteen fibres wcrr? at'achcri !o the second si/'ice ^nd nose, cone-'.'.:<'} :•'«•.-;•''. Near thr O r , n( , i.,,; top of the ,),,..,. q a sh'-- .;„',.. " ..... " !' r,r. r i '" sUitiorx just sr-'.-n "or laundiicL' u:vl on an nircr.'ift (iilson Oinip Diiiiv C-,:-/H-.-i n-,;in first who time of pi. Some moderation was indicated in parts o! Te>:a.s and the eastern Gulf as well as in the lower and eastern Upper Great Lakes. But the cold air this moraine again dipped deep into the South. with the 30s and lower reported in the Rio Grand? Valley, alons the Gulf Coast to western Florida -ind southern Georgia and along the Carolina coast. Warmest w*>.ither was in southern P.orida. with 70 reported in Miami and Key West. ! Burned Child's Tn I«VP Fnds In Death LAS VEGAS. Nev. fAPi—Julia the grievously burned rhild desperate need of blood nationwide response, is the flares a^'/ii ;il! the I'jii.i'i wc'l-beha'.'e'J carrier, was asKM ] nf T^]f j [J'p<''rrt ti 1 );} K)5. roporter-ph^toi;- •• Daiiv Nr-^s .:r/i in Rio de Jar,. -•... ; ••',f'.'-f sirpris.'ivjiy ind wr!!-tralnr>d." years old. '"™ on ™ r(l . ^ Lll^ unc Art A&ked Bv MIC M3HCV »J dr*?w d-vid . 2> n ^^pncy irannfuwon of ran- P-^^atiyp type blood. The rnild had "' Ipn into sweral comas overnieht and her hmrt had slopp*vl fhrep times. Julia, daughter of Marino Staff *'•?• m <l Mrs. Gilbert Howe of the j^ k( ., , N!f ., ;id M ,, rin( , Ba ^ sr ( hrr T/V: ^vrtnirc /»n* t- J»c5ors Wi she would have a LOS ANGELES <AP> - Lp to better chance if she got blood now, a doctor reports, women un- frorr. persons who also had been dergwne nas»! plastir surgery seriously burned. Despite the Jim- usually have asked for a no** like it*d mimfxr of potential donors a movio Mar's. -(iffers e;,rr ; ,. from ai! over the B<i? rw.v. ho says, fhf first iady cotjntry- »fter Mr cnse w,i* pub- many of them think of is the first llri/M. Jar fie ri«rv-;f, Mrs. Jf.i!,n F. r^ T o >, O^ar J. B*vkAr, prof^sor at th« I..niv P nitv is. WKJ at a mw)ira! mw>r- that the mo «t popu- of th" pa«t ftmonc plas- rgen- potiArt« h.T.e of Myrra I/iy HHv Grar«. h>!ly ORAI - VACCINE KANSAS OP,- <AP - Th' m^ri^an Arar^mv of General .,,,.,, has endorsed the of ora) ]j v «.. v inis polio var. s it h^.^^ avai |. j>hysinnns I' was srrior.t; 1°, health nr%*rim- "But now." h*> said, "me yrwna tions comprising a committee that womwi are astcing for a profile concluded a cofifprence in AUan- iite that o( IhtPrwidwt't wH«."|ta on polio control. 7,0no WITH SUM PORTABLE ALL-NEW SLIM PORTABLE TV WITH HANDCRAFTED StaUCC GREATER OPERATING DEPENDABILITY Full transformer pow*r«d hsrrtlcrafted S«rvice Sauer Ch3»s;« ?or fewer sevctng heidaches. Spotlrte Dial. Sunshine* 1 P;C*ur« Tube, Ci"elen»* Picture Glass, J9" overall dia. p'Cture mca«'j-e. i7? sc ;n rec Jangular oiclure area. In grained Wj'fu; co'sr or grimed Mahogany color Th« ARROWHEAD Mcdel C2102 Sale 179* "W6 SERVICE WHAT WE SELL" KOVAR'S TV CENTER 221 E. TEXAS JU 2-5004 SERVE BETFER MEAIS RS? AND SAVE! HOFFPAUIRS GROCERY and MARKET OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK lAYTOWN'S CERTIFIED GROCERY CERTIFIED GROCERY Food Stcret trc the ooly Indepen- tfeot 9tom in B*.Ttnwii wlio own their own W»r*bou»«- They bny dtirect from tile m»/ia- tfteturen, HOURS 8 A.M.'TIL 9 P.M. Specials Good: WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY January 26-27-28-29 901 W. MAIN JU 2-2124 FRESH DRESSED GOV. INSP. FRYERS 29 LEAN FRESH SALT JOWL RIB JASMiNE PURE PORK GOOD FRESH FRESH LEAN SHOULDER SIRLOIN PORK CHOPS . 59 CHITTERLING 2.- 59 BACON . 29 STEW MEAT , 35' FRANKS , 39' SAUSAGE 2- 69' BOLOGNA . 39' PICNIC HAMS , 29' PIGS FEET ,19' PORK ROAST „ 45' ROAST ,45' STEAK „ 69' 4 POTATOES T TEXAS CRISP 4LETTUCE 2 L FRESH \ GREEN CABBAGE 10. 39' 25' 5c HEADS Lb. i LOUISIANA COMMERCIAL 'YAMS 3 i*. 29c CAGED MEDIUM EGGS D . 49c SANITARY BUTTERMILK , e . 40c PLYING JEB BREADED SHRIMP . 39c BREAST-O-CHICKEN TUNA L± 4 Cans 99c DEL MONTE CATSUP ffi« DEL MONTE PEACHES 2 Bo " of I?', Jr Super , 41c Aft Boxes .UU BUTTERNUT MILK SHAKE^AYDAY , ,„„ 6 „„, 19c DRISTAN COLD TABLETS m .„ „. 79c ALKRTO RINSE AWAY .„ _

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